Here on the Warhammer 40K Homebrew Wiki, we DO NOT allow multiple accounts. This includes "sockpuppeting", or purposely using alternate accounts to deceive other users into believing you are more than one person, generally for reasons that benefit the main account, such as adding weight to a user's argument or adding additional votes to a wiki poll. Those who create sock puppet accounts will be dealt with thusly:

  • Permanent ban of the new account. (No appeal)
  • Administrative action will be taken against the original account (Considered a Minor Offence and will be punished accordingly).
  • If a user creates another account to avoid a ban will be punished more severely, as this is considered a Moderate Offence, and the penalties for such actions are more severe.

Each User may have only one editing account on WH40K Homebrew Wiki. If you have lost or forgotten your account password, use the "lost password" feature or, in the event that the feature fails, contact Wikia staff.

Note: Portions of the text here has been copied from the affiliate Warhammer 40K Fanon Wiki under the Fair Use doctrine. No challenge to their status intended.

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