Here on the Warhammer 40K Homebrew Wiki we do allow humour articles. Please keep in mind, these types of articles are NOT to be taken seriously. Also, please keep in mind you cannot give quotes to other fanon articles, utilise such articles in serious roleplays or be extremely offensive. Humor articles are pages written simply for humor reasons, and uses various forms of humor.


1. You must get your humour article/humor series approved by ones of the site's Administrators before post it. They will review it after a link is posted on their Talk Page.

2. It must be spelled correctly, use paragraphs, etc. Basically, it's still abide by quality standards.

3. *Your article must provide a good story and good humour. That means that a story must provide factors of a good story (a good plot, ect.) to be on the site.

4. No cameos of people that actually exists in real life will be allowed. This includes Administrators, other contributors or celebrities. (See:No-Tolerance Policy for Harassment or Flaming)


6. No jokes outside of the Warhammer 40,000 universe are to be utilised in your article.

7. No humour articles that parodies other user's work is allowed. Those that do, will be subjected to administrative action as this is considered harassment as described in the No-Tolerance Policy for Harassment or Flaming.(See:No-Tolerance Policy for Harassment or Flaming)

8. All humour articles must have the humor template displayed prominently at the top of the article, which should be typed like this: {{Humor}} and will appear thusly:

Rainbow Marine.png
This article, Warhammer 40K Homebrew Wiki:Humor Articles Policy, is a non-canonical humour article written for entertainment purposes. It is not to be taken seriously, and does not need to follow any storyline in particular.

9. No humour articles are to be linked to other articles outside the Humour category.

10. For those humour articles that deal with mature, offensive or particularly dark humour which cannot be shown to contributors below the age of 13-years old, a {{Warning}} template must be added to the top of page. This tag will appear thusly:


11. You must put your article in the Humour category.

12. It is at the reviewing admin's discretion as to whether your article is a trollpasta or not. However, if you read the articles in the category, it should be relatively simple to tell the difference.

Deletion Appeal Rules

  1. You must clarify that the article deleted was in fact, a humour article.
  2. You must leave a link to the talk page of the admin who approved and reviewed the article.
  3. If the article did not have the Humour category added, then you cannot use Deletion Appeal.

Note: Portions of the text here has been copied from the affiliate Warhammer 40K Fanon Wiki under the Fair Use doctrine. No challenge to their status intended.

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