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"I will never forget what I saw at Obsidian Station. The bones of five thousand brave men lay scattered around the winding corridors. Their blood was slick upon the walls and floors of the dormitories. Their innards were hung from control panels like grotesque decorations of some insane celebration. But not a single skull was to be found; taken as sick trophies by these despicable attackers."
— Inquisitor Absolvus

A Drukhari Kabalite Warrior.

This is a guide for those who wish to create their own Homebrew Drukhari Kabal, Wych Cult, or Haemonculi Coven.

The Drukhari are, also known as the Dark Eldar, are an ancient xenos species, who splitted from their cousins, the Aeldari, many millennia ago. Unlike the disciplined and emotionally stoic Aeldari, the Drukhari are sadistic and wild, notorious for their act of cruelty to other races. Drukhari are also known for their acts of piracy and pillaging against numerous worlds, belonging to a variety of races, be it Humans, T'au, or others. They bring billions of slaves to their home, the Dark Realm of Commorragh, to be tortured, slaughtered, play with, and used in sick scientific experimentation and monstrous artistry. The Drukhari revels in the despair and suffering of others, for these acts, are the only way for their souls not to be consumed by the Bane of the Aeldari, the Chaos God Slaanesh.



The Dark Genesis : M18-M30

The origins of the Drukhari start a few century prior to the Fall of the Ancient Aeldari Empire, in a period they would call the Age of Dark Genesis amongst themselves, from M18 to M31. At this time, Commorragh was established as the primary nodal port of the Webway, growing larger with each passing decade. Away from the attention of the Aeldari leading councils, the City quickly became a refuges for those wishing to avoid attention. This leads to the formation of the Twilight Cults, hedonistic and and self-indulgent organisation that rise in power as their influence spread accross the Aeldari Empire. Formely hidden in the Webway to avoid the attention of puritains elements of their society, the Pleasure Cult spread the obsession with ever-greater acts of excess. In the Warp, the energies born from the sufferings and pleasures of the Empire merged to slowly nurture one of the Great Power of Chaos. In one apocalyptic instant, those energies give birth to the Dark Prince Slaanesh, and the Aeldari race is shattered as billions of Aeldari dies in an instant. Only the Exodites, Craftworlders and Drukhari survives, the last by hiding in the depth of the Webway.

The Rise of Vect : M32-M35.

In M32, as the Cults continued to control Commorragh, the half-born slaves known as Vect vows to control the Dark City, whatever the efforts and time it would take him to do so. Vect found the Cult of the Black Heart, the first organisation to refer themselves as "Drukhari" or "Dark Eldar". From them spread the fondations of the Thirteen Foundations of Vengeance, a code of dishonour that spread in the society of Commorragh.

During the War of the Sun and the Moon, the solar cults controlling the stolen suns that assure powers and warmth to the Dark Realm rise to power, and declare war upon the noble houses ruling the City itself. During the War, the Cult of the Black Heart become the Kabal of the Black Heart, and is instrumental in the final victories of the Noble Houses. After this victory, Vect triggered the Imperium, by pillaging multiple worlds and stoling an Astartes Strike Cruiser from the Salamander Space Marine Chapter, into attacking the Dark Realm. Three Space Marine Chapter, lead by the Salamanders, are guided to Commorragh by Vect's manipulations, and destroy the noble houses before retreating when the implosion of the Desaderian portal annihilate most of the elements of the Imperial Navy. After this event, Asdrubael Vect become the Supreme Overlord of Commorragh.

Asdrubael Vect, established as the Supreme Leader of Commorragh.

Under the tyrannic rule of Asdrubael Vect, the Drukhari would become the society they are in the 41st Millenium, divided amongst various organisations, such as the Kabals, the Wych Cults and the Haemonculi Coven. From Commorragh, the Drukhari have send countless raids against Imperial and Xenos Worlds alike to raid slaves and pillage ressources, even sometimes dragging entire planets to orbit the Dark Realm for their own amusement. The pain and sufferings that await the slaves are unimaginable by human minds, giving birth to the common saying : "Prey that they don't take you alive".

However, the security of Commorragh would never be complete during those days. Deep inside the Dark City, lies Khaine's Gate, a sealed Portal between Commorragh and the Warp, started to suffer many disturbance during M41, worrying Vect enough so that a contingent of 500 Incubi Warrior would be placed before it to stand guard. But with time passing, voices started to emanate from the Gate, forcing Vect's to place specific defenses before it. Ultimately, even those defenses fails when a Daemon Host emerged from the Gate, shattered by the ascension of the Aeldari known as Yvraine in the Crucibael, the greatest of the Wych Cult Arena. In the confusion, Yvraine espace the grasp of the Kabal of the Black Heart and Daemons invade the Dark City until they are stopped by the Mandrakes and the separation of the infected realms using dimenssional technologies. The sacrified sectors are renamed the Chasm of Woe, and grow larger every decades as the Daemons continue to advance, and as slaves, warriors and territories are stopped.

Commorragh, the Dark City

The Spires of Commorragh, echoing with the cries of pain and agony of the Drukhari's slaves.

Commorragh is a portion of the labyrinthic and intricate dimension known as the Webway entirely controlled by the Dark Eldar. It is an endless nest of architectural contradictions and spatial anomalies. Each of its estates has been over developed to such an extent that their growth has been forced into the vertical plane, the rival regions sprouting upwards like a tangle of needle-plants fighting for as crap of sunlight. Each of the spires and towers is linked to its fellows by hundreds of curved arches and strands, and crested with complex silver structures that glow with stolen energies. Its towering eyries and palaces reach both upward and downward, spiralling into the depths of captive space. With every passing year, the parasitic city seeks to devour ever more of the hidden dimension that acts as its host.

However, Commorragh dispose of several recognisable district that makes navigation possible, though their numbers are beyond counting. Some are densely populated and well-known, and others are mysterious and deadly for those that travelled it. They may take the form of monster-haunted wastelands of vitreous wreckage and ossified remains, or lakes of seething poisons and screaming shadows. The latter will often have suffered dimensional breaches due to the partial or total collapse of the webway around them, and may be bombarded by the light of dying stars, or exist within fields of entropic radiation that wither living creatures to dust in seconds.

Girdling the titanic central spires of the Dark City, Low Commorrag his a hotch potch of shattered ruins and scavenged glories. Once-proud fortress complexes and barter-ports spread out in all directions ,and the black and angular spires of lesser Kabals riddle their extremities with opportunistic growth. Many areas are haunted by packs of Ur-Ghuls and Khymerae,and are twisted beyond recognition by the tremendous up heavals of the Fall and the Great Rift. Their pitch-dark catacombs are prowled by far larger and uglier things than the Drukhari, for in Low Commorragh the lost and the feral thrive like carrion in a graveyard.

A vast swathe of these war-torn ruins form a region known as the Sprawls.Through their bleak streets wander the Parched – cadaverous Drukhari who have fallen far from grace. These ghouls gather on the periphery of others’ fights and misfortunes, vicariously feeding on pain like freezing men flocking to a flame. Another region, known colloquially as Central Corespur, plays host to the torturous bends and falls of the acid-green River Khaïdes. Along this river race Hellions and Reavers, who compete in blisteringly fast aerial duels. The losers are sent spinning to their deaths, their dissolving corpses adding to the potency of the caustic sludge that swills around them.

Further coreward can be found the mercenary district Sec Maegra, more popularly known as Null City–a nation sized shanty town permanently riven by internecine conflict on a scale akin to civil war among the lesser races. A thick mist of poisonous smoke hangs over its roofs, and with every passing minute fresh screams pierce the silence. At night, the scorched streets resound to solid-shot gun fire and the crack-spit of splinter rifles as negotiations turn sour and rivals are assassinated. Alien mercenaries can be found here in profusion,vying fiercely for the lucrative murder-contracts offered by many of the Kabal.

As violent as they are, the districts of Low Commorragh are but playgrounds in comparison to the inner rings that surround the Dark City’s core. Here can be found the oldest noble houses, which have ruled their demesnes with irresistible force for millennia. Their sweeping wings and towering mansions are crested by citadels full of aristocratic Trueborn warriors, each of whom descend from one of the original orchestrators of the Fall.

Among these inner rings, one of the Dark City’s ancient states has literally fallen into shadow. In Aelindrach, shadows thicken and writhe as living things, flowing in to one another and crawling up the legs of those that trespass amongst them. Here amongst the velvet domes the dreaded Mandrakes make their lairs, bathing in the darkness. The outskirts of Aelindrach giveway to the Bone Middens of the Wych Cults, where the skeletal remains of every sentient species in existence can be found, positioned in grim tableaux and mock battles by the Wyches who slew them.

A Dark Alley made of mutated flesh in the Underworld of Commorragh.

Beneath the core of Commorragh hang vast stalagmite-like structures that jut anarchically into the pocket-realities below the city. Inside the seinverted spires lie the labyrinthine lairs of the Haemonculus Covens. Each Coven occupies as prawling territory of cells and laboratories in which they practise their heinous crafts–spiral-edged torture pits, darklight-warded oubliettes,and galleries through which the screaming choirs of the damned endlessly echo. In many places the superstructure of these nightmare chambers contain remnants of past subjects to whom the Haemonculi have denied death through their dark science. Helical stairwells are lit by lamps sewn into the eye sockets of incautious visitors, and the bodies of countless alien species flensed in successive degrees line the walls as living reliefs culptures. The Haemonculus Covens are invaluable to the denizens of Commorragh, dealing in body modification, drug distillation and–most importantly–resurrection of dead flesh. But even the most powerful Kabalites enter the Haemonculi’s realm with caution.

One of the newest regions of the Dark City is also one of the most horrific, for the abyss of sub-dimensions known as the Chasm of Woe seethes with Daemons. The warp-creatures were released when Khaine’s Gate–the long-held dam against the immaterium in the heart of Commorragh–burst open. The vile creations of the Chaos Gods tore through the DarkCity, feeding on the souls of Drukhari, mercenary and slave alike, but they were eventually corralled into the region surrounding the ruptured Khaine’s Gate. Unable to seal up what was now a ragged wound in the fabric of the webway, the Drukhari used their reality bending technologies to create a series of sub-dimensions between Khaine’s Gate and Commorragh proper, transporting dilapidated parts of the city and territories of upstart Archons into the path of the unending Daemon onslaught. In this way, the daemonic incursion is kept from ever reaching the heart of the DarkCity, but everyday dozens more pocket realities must be added to the Chasm before the surging forces of Chaos overflow and devour Commorragh from within.

The Organisations of a Kabal

The Kabals occupy the upper tiers of Commorragh’s power structure, defining the martial aspect of the Drukhari and maintaining a strangle hold on all aspects of the Dark City. Even the most minor Kabals consist of hundreds of Drukhari, though their territories may be confined to hidden locations and scattered hideouts. The largest Kabals comprise millions of skilled warriors. The baleful influence of these monstrous coalitions stretches from one side of the galaxy to the other, plaguing lesser civilizations and inferior races with slave raids and acts of blood-soaked piracy.

The Drukhari of a Kabal, raiding an Imperial World.

In the wake of Vect’s uprising, the fickle Drukhari adopted the Kabalite system with an enthusiasm born of self-preservation. Sensing which way the wind was blowing, even the surviving noble houses reinvented themselves as Kabals. Power is no longer inherited in Commorragh, it must be fought for and taken by force. The authors of the Dark City’s fate are those who wield the sharpest minds and blades, the precarious nature of their position ensuring complacency can never take root. At the top of this hierarchy sits Vect, the Supreme Overlord, his insatiable hunger for power still carving the path for all of Commorragh. Even death cannot undermine his reign, for Vect was able to use his own murder and subsequent resurrection to eliminate his most dangerous rivals in one fell swoop.

In a society as treacherous as that of the Drukhari, a single power-hungry individual soon makes enemies. It is never long before the loner finds a dagger at their throat or feels nerve-searing poison flowing through their veins. Only those affiliated to larger organisations enjoy any degree of security ; there is safety in numbers, they say, and even in the shadow haunted twilight realms of the Dark City this remains true. To kill a Kabalite is to commit a hostile action against their entire Kabal. Regardless of status, sector species, few Commorrites are prepared to make such an influential enemy without good reason, and those who do must ensure they have powerful friends of their own to protect them against the inevitable retribution.

Competition for Kabalite member ship is beyond fierce, despite the varied and often violent initiation rites that must be undergone. The constant supply offresh aspirants means that the Kabals themselves enjoy a kind of loose immortality. Each has the might to make its displeasure keenly felt should it be threatened or slighted. It is unusual for an entire Kabal to be wiped out altogether. Only the Supreme Overlord can visit such a fate upon his enemies without triggering city-wideout rage or inviting punitive violence on a massive scale. Yet Vect ensures that Commorragh is eternally riven by gang warfare, and not a single night goes past in the Dark City without the streets echoing to running battles between Kabalite factions–the Archons of the Kabals do not care for the notion of peers.

Though all Kabals offer a measure of sanctuary–from out side influences, at least–the true prize for the established Kabalite is to take part in a real space raid. The war with the material dimension is a never-ending campaign of extreme violence against every other sentient race in the galaxy. A successful raid offers the victors not only the twin bounties of slaves and a feast of pain, but will also do much for the political standing of those who planned and executed it. As such, successful real space raids are one of the most straight forward ways in which a Drukhari Kabal can rise to prominence over its rivals. The largest and most well respected Kabals launch raids on an almost constant basis, their sleek attack-craft descending upon one hapless world after another to plunder and enslave.

Drukhari of the Kabal of the Black Heart, pillaging a Hive-World defended by the White Scar Space Marine Chapter.

It is extremely rare for an Archon to commit the warriors of their Kabal to a battle they have not already meticulously planned. Kabals employ countless spies, mercenaries and informers whose task it is to scout out potential raiding sites in exhaustive detail. Further, the Covens of the Haemonculi can be prevailed upon to provide stranger means of surveillance, be it whisper glass mirrors, flock sof invisible familiars or parasitic ally invested abductees. These services always come at a price, of course, yet a successful real space raid will normally justify the cost of such bargains tenfold.

Once a raid is launched, Kabalite forces will work to keep the foe on the back foot at all times, using superior technology and local knowledge torn from the minds of captives to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Stand-up fights are never entered intovoluntarily, for the warriors of the Kabals view concepts such as valour or honour as weaknesses to be exploited. Their raiding parties will strike hard and fast where the foe is at its most vulnerable, aiming to cripple command and control structures, undermine logistics and spread terror and confusion. Should an organised response coalesce, the Kabalites will simply fade away and attack elsewhere, aiming above all else to avoid being pinned down in a war of attrition. Ambush, trickery, the turning of foes against one another, and the bloody quest for personal glory–such are the hall marks of a Kabalite hunt.

Hierarchy of a Kabal

Kabal High-Command

  • Overlord: The Leader of the entire Kabal. A millennia Old Drukhari, the Overlord can be of various personalities, secretive, aggressive or boasting, preferring one type of warfare to others. Most of the time, the Kabals tactics and methods are based upon the preferences, origins and taste of their Overlord, and many Kabalites will die to protect their master during a battle.
  • The Overlord's Court: Archons surround themselves with a coterie of favoured retainers and bodyguards. Depending on the personality of the Kabalite lord, these can be as varied as the tools in their torture chamber. However, certain breeds of creatures have proven to be eminently useful to Archons, and are seen frequently by their sides both within the Dark City and upon the battlefield.
  • The Overlord's Retinue: To assure his protections or other duties, the Overlord dispose of a retinue of warrior capable to protect him, and whose loyalty is assured. This can account particularly impressive Trueborn Warrior, Incubi Adepts or deadly creatures such as the Mandrakes.

Shards of the Kabal

A Shard is a military organisation belonging to the Kabal, headed by a subordinate Archon, and disposing of enough military power to confront an army from the lesser species. It is composed of an Archon and his own Court, with less influence than the Overlord, an Armada of Kabalites and super-heavy vessels. Each Shards dispose of a name and influence depending of its victories or reputation.

Splinter of Shards

A Splinter is usually composed of three to twelves units of Kabalite Warriors, each assigned to a separate Raider along heavier vehicle and attack craft.


Along with their own warriors and vehicles, each Splinter may maintain multiple pacts with Commorragh's various mercenary organisations, with which they can supplement their number.

Notorious Kabals

"These are not soldiers, nor warriors. This enemy is the act of murder given flesh, and they will not stop until terror is the only thing that lives."
— Former Astra Militarum Captain Jefta Kull, executed for cowardice
Kabal Name
Kabal Appearance
The Baleful Gaze One of the Great Kabals of the Dark City of Commorragh. There is very little information on this Kabal listed in official Imperial records other than the Dark Eldar incursion, known as the Shadow Hunt, that took place upon the Imperial Industrial World of Durondas II in 626.M41.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Baleful Gaze.

The Bleaksoul Brethren The warriors of this Kabal are known for their twisted sense of humour and shark-like teeth. There is very little information on this Kabal listed in official Imperial records.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Bleaksoul Brethren.

The Black Heart The Kabal of the Black Heart is the oldest and greatest of its kind. It is a vast and sprawling organisation, able to support numerous rival Archons within its hierarchical structure. Each Archon controls a separate faction within the Black Heart, and each vies fiercely with his rivals for the patronage of Supreme Overlord Vect. None brave outright murder, however, for only a fool would blunt one of Asdrubael Vect's favourite tools. So complete is Vect's stranglehold upon Commorragh that none of these highly-placed subordinate Archons dare challenge the Overlord's supremacy in anything but the most private dreams or fantasies. Even then, they do so with caution, for it is said that Vect knows well the scent of treachery, and reads the minds of lesser mortals like an open book. This Kabal's military strength is virtually unassailable. Countless thousands of Kabalite Warriors, Commorrite mercenaries and lethal gunships stand ready to exterminate their foes at the slightest crook of Vect's corpse-white finger. A cast iron bond with the Wych Cult of Strife puts yet more might at the Supreme Overlord's fingertips, providing him with the closest thing the Dark City has seen to genuine allies. Coupled with the impossibly intricate web of spies, informers and agents that Vect has scattered through every stratum of Commorragh, the Kabal of the Black Heart holds more power than several of their largest rivals combined.

Kabalite of the Kabal of the Black Heart.

The Blades of Desire A notable Dark Eldar Kabal, the Kabal of the Blades of Desire were commanded by the battle-hungry warrior-queen Xelian. Known to employ a large number of Wyches within its ranks as well as Hellions and Reaver packs, they took part in many realspace raids. Due to their large abundance of Wyches and slaves, the Blades of Desire operated one of the premiere gladiatorial arenas in the Dark City.
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The Bloodied Claw There is very little information on the Kabal of the Bloodied Claw listed in official Imperial records. Led by the ancient Archon Akhara'Keth, referred to as "Ruler of the Void" by his subordinates, Akhara'Keth has remained in power over his Kabal despite over three hundred assassination attempts. Due to his age, many in Commorragh see him as weak, but his abilities at reading people have always left him one step ahead of any who have attempted to take his life. Because of these assassination attempts, Akhara'Keth is forced to stay secluded within the sanctum of his throne room.
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The Broken Sigil Xerathis is the lord of the Kabal known as the Kabal of the Broken Sigil, this Kabal is synonymous with acts of discord. Lord Xerathis is looked down upon by his rivals for the predictability of his strategies. True enough, his Kabalites are not above sky-writing, blanket-bombing with hallucinogenic gas or hijacking communications channels to ensure their victims are frightened half to death before the invasion starts in earnest. Yet the Kabalites of the Broken Sigil maintain that the price they pay in forewarning the enemy is far outweighed by the rich feast of fear that awaits them when the onslaught begins. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Broken Sigil are amongst the most feared and infamous of the Kabals, especially amongst the worlds of the Imperium.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Broken Sigil.

The Children of Thorns Led by an unknown Archon, this Kabal is comprised of the dregs of Dark Eldar society -- escaped slaves, disgraced nobles, and defeated champions -- the members of the Kabal of the Children of Thorns are ever watchful for opportunities to gain weapons and slaves they can use to fuel their bid for power in Commorragh. Instead of surrendering to the inevitable doom that Commorragh normally visits upon such dregs, the Children of Thorns have determined to reclaim their fate and strike back against their oppressors.
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The Crimson Woe One of two Dark Eldar Kabals operating within the Screaming Vortex within the Calixis Sector. It is surmised by the Hell-Seers of the Vortex that the Dark Eldar gain entry to the region not via the 13th Station of Passage, but by way of the place called the Forbidden Portal. Plenty of humans, as well as other sentient beings, have witnessed the process of the Dark Eldar passing from the Screaming Vortex, for they come to scour the worlds for slaves. The Kabal of the Crimson Woe engages in the ceaseless battle for power within the Dark City. Outwardly, the Kabal swears fealty to Asdrubael Vect, the supremely cruel master of Commorragh, yet some have questioned their objectives in coming to the Screaming Vortex.
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The Dying Sun Those who fight under the sigil of the Dying Sun belong to one of the oldest Kabals, renowned for their overweening pride and disdain for anything that has not endured for millennia. They prefer to raid at sunset, for their leader, Archon Vorl-Xoelanth, is obsessed with the transition from light and hope to darkness and despair. The Kabal's wild claims that they retain the ability to extinguish stars are infamous, though their rivals have never quite managed to explain the deterioration of the sun Echillos during the Aleuthan Persecution. The truth is that the Kabal of the Dying Sun possess ancient fragments of forbidden arcana, heirlooms from the days of the Eldar Empire of old. Their stronghold -- the Pinnacle of Disdain -- is an impenetrable mountain of elegant, buttressed armour and echoing chambers, within which the Kabal hide their darkest secrets.

Kabalite of the Kabal of the Dying Sun

The Fiend Ascendant This Kabal is said to employ many Wych Cults and other kinds of exotic warriors such as Medusae and Harlequins, gorging themselves in murder and slaves all along the Eastern Fringe against both the Imperium and the Tau Empire. There is little other information on this Kabal in official Imperial records.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Fiend Ascendant.

The Flayed Skull The Kabalites of the Flayed Skull are instantly recognisable by the stylised bloodstreaks that they sport upon their snarling faces, echoing the sinister design of their Kabal's symbol. In terms of sheer military force they are second only to Asdrubael Vect's Kabal of the Black Heart. The Flayed Skull's Archon, Lord Vraesque, began his long and dishonourable career as a Reaver, and has since become a master of airborne attacks. As such the Kabal boasts a great many Reavers, Razorwing jetfighters and Voidraven bombers, and competition is fierce to claim the first blood spilt in any raid. The Flayed Skull once famously conquered the world of Thrandium without a single Kabalite setting foot upon the ground.

Kabalite of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull.

The Last Hatred The Kabalites of the Last Hatred have a morbid interest in the forbidden arts. Though they outwardly seek to master the transition between life and death, their aims are far grander than those of petty necromancers. Some say the Last Hatred seek to transcend mortality entirely, others that they wish to exterminate the Eldar race and enslave whatever entity is born from the ashes. Madness this may seem, but any who have looked into their eyes will never truly dismiss their ambition. So it is that they prosecute their kin-strife against the Craftworld Eldar and their Exodite cousins with unmatched fury.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Last Hatred.

Lords of the Iron Thorn Masters of the sub-realm of Pandaimon, embittered remnants of a long-gone aristocracy, the Lords of the Iron Thorn are Commorragh's preeminent weapons crafters. Prowling squadrons of Ravager gunships and sleek-sailed Raiders fill the skies of Pandaimon, sweeping between its spires in great numbers. Long ago, this proud and ancient Kabal were brought to their knees after an ill-fated rebellion against Asdrubael Vect by their then-master, Archon Qu. However, in the centuries since, they have rebuilt their power through ensuring the Kabal of the Black Heart remains well supplied with Iron Thorn war machines.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Lords of the Iron Thorn.

The Obsidian Rose The Kabal of the Obsidian Rose control the greatest swathe of weapon shops in the Dark City. Through the inventive genius of their Archon, Aestra Khromys, they maintain a deathgrip on the Commorrite arms trade. Khromys is an exceptionally skilled artisan in the field of weapons manufacture, and a blade or pistol bearing her signature mark will sell for a huge price in slaves and souls. Yet she was not always the Kabal's leader. Indeed, having failed to bend the knee to the Obsidian Rose's previous master, Archon Vhloriac, Khromys was flung into the Kabal's vast weapons shops to suffer death by ennui. Yet Aestra worked tirelessly to produce perfect weapons until eventually she and her fellow weaponsmiths were called upon to present their work as tribute to Vhloriac himself.

Kabalite of the Obsidian Rose

The Onyx Scar The Kabal of the Onyx Scar are known to operate in the Screaming Vortex located in the Calixis Sector. The Dark Eldar's knowledge of the Webway allows them to come and go throughout many locations in the Screaming Vortex, and Sacgrave is just one such point that the Onyx Scar Kabal frequent. To the humans, their presence is just one more unfathomable whim of the fickle race, and the Onyx Scar prefers to keep it that way.
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Poisoned Tongue The Kabalites of the Poisoned Tongue are universally sharp of wit, with a flair for duplicity so pronounced that they can tie their rivals in knots and dissect them with words alone. They have carved their own niche in the Dark City through constantly misleading and wrong-footing their rivals, and ensuring their "allies" bear the brunt of the fighting during realspace raids whilst they plunge the knife into the foe's delicate underbelly. They even use failure and mischance as weapons, elegantly scapegoating and framing others whenever their plans turn sour. Nobody trusts the forked tongues of this infamously sly Kabal, but seeing as no Dark Eldar trusts another in any case, this isn't much of a handicap. Led by the intellectual she-devil known as Lady Malys, the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue enjoys a position right at the forefront of Commorrite society.

Kabalite of the Poisonned Tongue

The Severed The Severed are a spacebound Kabal that left the Dark City hundreds of Terran years ago. They are more than familiar to the Imperium, as the Severed have plagued the systems of the Ghoroid Strip since time immemorial. The Severed are a force to be reckoned with. With his authority beyond dispute, Archon Ariensis has fought a centuries-long campaign against all who cross his path. His Kabal's pirate fleet -– once a ragtag collection of battle-damaged craft –- has become a sleek flotilla of hundreds. They strike at will, navigating the broader sections of the Webway with peerless skill to strike against worlds across the galaxy and even, on rare occasions, Commorragh itself.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of The Severed.

The Slashed Eye A notable Dark Eldar Kabal led by Archon Cythrax. This Kabal is known for its grudge against Lord Helion Sathonyx, a former noble of the Kabal of the Slashed Eye who was banished by the Archon after bringing an Eldar Farseer into their court. Though a fine prize, it was deemed too dangerous for even the Kabal, who accused Baron Sathonyx of putting the entire Kabal at jeopardy. Captured by the Kabal, Sathonyx was cast into the bowels of Commorragh. Gathering about him an army of exiles, dispossessed and rebels, Sathonyx rose to dominance over the Hellion gangs, and launched a year-long campaign against his former Kabal that nearly brought it to its knees.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Slashed Eye.

The Splintered Talon The Kabal of the Splintered Talon is an exiled Kabal that controls the Nexus of Shadows, a dark and dangerous artificial world the Dark Eldar control and partially developed within the Gaelan Sphere, located within the Webway near the regions of the galaxy known as the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse. The Nexus is in a particularly unstable portion of the Webway, prone to Warp intrusions and reality collapses, and those Dark Eldar in good standing in Commorragh largely avoid it. Their Archon, Zaergarn Kul, was once a favoured son of Commorragh for many long Terran centuries, but eventually the wheel of fortune inevitably turned against him and he angered a number of more powerful factions within the Dark City. He led his Kabal into exile instead of seeing it destroyed, and immediately began seeking a new refuge from which he could consolidate his power. To this end, he sought Salaine Morn, whose Kabal of the Shadowed Thorns had recently uncovered the Gaelan Sphere, and offered her much-needed strength of arms to help claim it.
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The Wraithkind The Kabal of the Wraithkind are a Dark Eldar Kabal that has suffered a unique type of punishment inflicted by the ruling overlord of the Dark City of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect, after a failed attempt to secede from his rule. Once the rulers of the pleasure city Aur-Ilithain, one of the satellite realms of Commorragh within the Labyrinthine Dimension of the Webway, the Wraithkind were extremely powerful until their Archon, the daemon-courting monomaniac Lord Tliensic D'raque, attempted to close his dark paradise off from the rest of Commorragh. By destroying the single hyperspatial bridge that led from the heart of the Dark City to the Cyclops Gate of Aur-Ilithain, D'raque announced his intention to secede from the rule of the Dark City's dictatorial overlord, Asdrubael Vect. But the Kabal of the Black Heart attacked the upstarts, the Wraithkind were forever altered, changed into night-shrouded fiends similar to Mandrakes that can only feed upon the pain and despair of others when they step out of the Webway into the material world. When they do so, the venting of their frustrations upon the "lesser races" of the galaxy is truly shocking to behold.

Kabalite Warrior of the Kabal of the Wraithkind.

Creating your Kabal

Inspiration for your Kabal

All the Kabals are power-structure part of an aristocracy ruling over a portion of Commorragh. Their goals is to augment the power and influence of the Kabal at large, and of the Overlord in a more officious manner.

Though, their ways and methods to accomplish this are very different from one Kabal to another. You can choose many ways, tactics, stratagems and even traditions and rituals to personnify your Kabal.

Naming your Kabal

The various Kabals are named after a metaphoric description of their activities in two words. For exemple :

Kabal Name
Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue This Kabal use infiltrations and spying to extend its influence and battle it's territories, spreading in the Dark City like the toxins of a terribly venomous snake.
Kabal of the Flayed Skull This Kabal is extremely violent and bloodthirsty, even by the Kabal's standard, because of the origins of their Leader from the Wych Cult's Arenas. The name is also a reference to the scars and tatoos weared by the Kabalites.
Kabal of the Obsidian Rose This Kabal seek perfection in all of it's Aspect, be it strategic, military and even in decoration. Their weapons are well decorated and their tactics perfectly oiled to work with perfection.

As you can see, those Kabal's names personnify their traditions and ways by comparing them with a personnification of those traits. Once you have your Kabal main tactics and traditions define, you can choose a name that fit similarly. However, Kabals are militaristic organisations, so remember to make a name that sound relatively dangerous and menacing.

Kabal's Background


Before you devellop your Kabal's attributes and motivations, you'll find it handy to write its history first, so you may know how your Kabal and its members became what and who they are. What important event, battle or period affected them and transformed them during the history of Commorragh. To help you with that, we suggest that you write a Timeline of the Kabal's story, where you can put the various events important to your Kabal with their dates.

As such, you can start by choosing the Kabal's Age. Is it amongst the first created, during the Rise of Vect, around M35), a recent Kabal, created during the Age of Pain from M36 to M41, or a really recent one ,created in M42, during the Age of the Living Muse ?

Remember though, the Kabal of the Black Heart is the first Kabal that was created. There can be no predecessor to it.

Depending of the Age that saw its creation, the Kabals can have various origins.

Remnant of a Noble House

(For Kabals created during the Rise of Vect) This Kabal was build from the remnant of one of the Noble Houses that was destroyed during Vect's takeover.

Their founders, and maybe actual leaders, are descendant from the ancient rulers of Commorragh, and take great prides in their stolen legacy. Though, they may still be seeking vengeance against the Kabal of the Black Heart in the shadow.

Created from Ambition

This Kabal was built by one ambitious man or woman. It took many time and efforts (and many assassinations, death threats and gambit) to accomplish this effort, but in the end, this one individual, maybe from Low Commorragh or from another fraction of the Aeldari species, has become a powerful Overlord with many servants, as well as many enemies.

Spiritual Organisation

This Kabal is closer to a Sect than an actual Kabal. Worshipping one of the Dark Muses revered by the Dark Eldar, or maybe one of the ancient Aeldari God like Khaine or Morai-Heg, the Kabalites are driven by faith as well by sadistic thirst.


This Kabal was built by an exiled, willingly or not, member of another Kabal, who took with him a Shard, or several, from the original Kabals. With times and efforts, this Kabal almost rival the power of its original master, and the former Dracon has become a powerful Overlord, drive by ambition, or vengeance.

The Overlord

The Overlord of your Kabal is a major figure and an important character for its history. He may be the one that founded it, or took it away from it's former leader by force or plot. Maybe your Kabal isn't ruled by only one leader ? Below, you will find many tables that will help find the right leading figure you want for your Kabal.

The Overlord's origins.

Member of the Former Nobility

Character Type
Former Overlord Your Overlord is a heirs of one of the Noble Houses destroyed by the Salamanders when Vect manipulated them to destroy his rivals.
Former Dracon (Subbordinate Archon) Your Overlord took over the control of the Kabal from it's former leader, maybe through assassinations or ritual combat.
Former Slave Your Overlord escalated from a lowly scum in the street and wastelands of low Commorragh, or maybe was an exiled noble or Archon, and climbed the hierarchy to reach it's highest point.
Fallen Craftworlder/Corsair/Exodite A long story of misfortune and corruption lead this former follower of the Path to leave it's Craftworld or Exodite World, and after many travel and time, this one become a Commorrite and reached the seats of powers in the Dark City.
Original Ruling Your Kabal is not ruled by one man. It is maybe ruled by a Council of Dracon, dealing with political conflict between themselves as well as with other Kabals. Or maybe is it ruled by a High-Priest, directing the active worship of one of the Dark Muses, and using Faith to secure the power of the Kabal.

The Overlord's Personality

Type of Personality
Insane The Overlord's mind is twisted and erratic, making him unpredictable for most because of it's illogic.
Calculating The Overlord's abilities to out-plan his rivals and scheme the demise of his ennemies may even rivals the one of the Supreme-Overlord himself.
Delusional This Overlord believe in something that is blatantly false.
Flamboyant This Overlord loves to look gorgeous and magnificent in all of his accomplishements, may it at Commorragh or in Real-space.
Ambitious The Overlord has great plans tha may or may not endangered the Supreme Overlord own control over Commorragh.
Fuelled by Hatred This Overlord is motivated by veangeance and hatred.
Hedonist This Overlord has no other preocupations but to reach the greatest point of excess and pleasure possible, even if it means the greatest destructions and sacrifices.
Tyranical This Overlord has no sympathy for it's servants, even by Drukhari standard, and those that fails him are lucky if they simply die.
Curious This Overlord see Realspace as a strange and wonderful curiosity, and seek artefacts, subjects and stories everytime his Kabal raid a planet.
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