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WH40K Homebrew Galaxy Map

Departmento Cartographicae stellar cartographic map depicting the various homeworlds and fleet-based Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes (circa 999.M41).

(Map courtesy of Achilles Prime)


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Lighting Wraiths Tact Marine

Lightning Wraiths

The Lightning Wraiths are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter founded in M37 as a Successor Chapter to the White Scars. As such, the Lightning Wraiths retained some of the White Scars' traditions and combat doctrine. They were created in response to an increase in Chaos activity in the Segmentum Obscurus. A chapter born from shame, hate, and vengeance, the Lightning Wraiths are a reclusive chapter with traditions that derive from various death and warrior cults of their home planet. As such, they are quite autonomous from the Imperium at large...

Read more or see the archive.

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  • Achieving a New Wiki Milestone - 2,000 Articles!!! - Yes everyone, we have achieved the impossible..we've just recently posted our 2,000th article, here, on the WH40K Homebrew Wiki. This is due to the superb efforts of our contributors, for without you, we would have never been able to achieve this monumental milestone! Thank you everyone!
  • Homebrew of the Week - Ep. 190 - Chalice Heralds Greetings fellow WH40K enthusiasts! This week, 40K Theories Youtube channel featuring the Chalice Heralds Space Marine Chapter, created by our wiki's very own Jonah Engle, aka TheChaliceHerald. Be sure to check out more videos at their WH40K Theories Youtube Channel. Enjoy!
  • Warhammer Community - Siege of Terra, the Lost & the Damned - The Siege of Terra continues this week as the battle reaches the soil of the Throneworld in Guy Haley’s The Lost and the Damned. This is the second volume in the epic eight-book series which forms the conclusion to The Horus Heresy, and it’s available to pre-order now in a limited edition format.
  • Warhammer Community - Siege of Terra: The Ultimate Battle Begins - The Siege of Terra is the biggest event to hit Black Library fiction in ten thousand years (or at least as long as there’s been Black Library). The conclusion to the epic Horus Heresy saga, it’s an intricately-plotted 8-book series that will detail the war for the Throneworld and the future of the Imperium. Check for new updates at the Siege of Terra website...
  • Warhammer Commmunity - Codex: Chaos Knights Preview 2 - Dreadblades - Welcome back, Fallen Noble! Today, we’ve got even more goodies from the new Chaos Knights codex to tempt you to the service of the Ruinous Powers, with a look at Dreadblades - Questor Traitoris who operate as lone wolves and mercenaries, offering their immense might in exchange for relics, knowledge or their own dark fiefdoms. Think of them a bit like heretical Freeblades.
  • Warhammer Community - Codex: Chaos Knights Preview 1 - Iconoclast & Infernal Households - Feeling…spiky? In our first preview of the Chaos Knights, we’re looking at just how their households are structured with a peek at the lore and rules for the Infernal and Iconoclast Households! First up – a word from the designers about how they created this tome of shadowy and forbidden lore...

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