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WH40K Homebrew Galaxy Map

Departmento Cartographicae stellar cartographic map depicting the various homeworlds and fleet-based Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes (circa 999.M41).

(Map courtesy of Achilles Prime)


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Molten Fist Primaris Intercessor

Molten Fists

The Molten Fists are a semi-Codex compliant Space Marine chapter founded during the ill-fated 21st 'Cursed' Founding. They are sons of Primarch Rogal Dorn through the Crimson Fists. Although they have an official homeworld that the chapter returns to at least once every decade, they act mostly in a fleet-based capacity due to its location in the Segmentum Obscurus. Due to their inception during the Cursed Founding, the chapter suffers from a gene-flaw named the 'Internal Flame'. In essence, the marines of the chapter suffer a constant burning pain which they have to manage. However, this does....

Read more or see the archive.

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  • Achieving a New Wiki Milestone - 2,000 Articles!!! - Yes everyone, we have achieved the impossible..we've just recently posted our 2,000th article, here, on the WH40K Homebrew Wiki. This is due to the superb efforts of our contributors, for without you, we would have never been able to achieve this monumental milestone! Thank you everyone!
  • Homebrew Of The Week - Episode 206 - Sons of Iron Greetings fellow WH40K enthusiasts! This week, 40K Theories Youtube channel featuring the Sons of Iron Space Marine Chapter, created by our wiki's very own Urthan. Be sure to check out more videos at their WH40K Theories Youtube Channel. Enjoy!
  • Forge World - Dark Angels Legion Interemptor Squad - Check out these amazing minis, perfect for your Dark Angels army! Forge World presents the Dark Angels Interemptors - infamous even among the brethren of the Dreadwing. They are a grim breed of warrior, dedicated as they are to a singular purpose - the utter annihilation of the enemy. Armed with fearsome plasma burners and plasma incinerators, when the Interemptors attack they leave behind no trace of those they conquer – no bodies, no ruins, nothing.
  • Warhammer Community - White Dwarf #452 Preview - It's March, which means that another edition of White Dwarf, Issue 452, is on its way! The mighty Space Wolves enter the Psychic Awakening later this month, so they grace the magazine's cover (well, it's Harald Deathwolf who steals all the glory, really).
  • Warhammer Community - Space Wolves Lore – Part 2: To Slay a Beast - Earlier in the week, Warhammer Community discussed many of the trials and tribulations that have befallen the Space Wolves in their recent history. Yet thanks to the introduction of Primaris Space Marines into its ranks, the Chapter has recovered much of its strength and is now set to do what it does best once more, take the fight to the enemies of the Allfather. With Saga of the Beast on the horizon, it looks like the Space Wolves have their sights firmly set on the Orks – and one greenskin in particular...
  • Warhammer Community - REVEALED: Warhammer Crime - At last year's Black Library Weekender, the team revealed that they were working on a new range of books and audio dramas – Warhammer Crime. Now, we can bring you a look at just what it is, and the first few releases. Warhammer Crime, like Warhammer Horror before it, is a new range of books that will explore a different side of the Warhammer universes – in this case the grim, dark future of Warhammer 40,000.

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