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The War of the Innocents was an Imperial castigation campaign conducted by the Crimson Impalers Space Marine Chapter against the vile forces of the World Eaters Traitor Legion.


A land war between the Crimson Impalers and a large warband of the World Eaters. The War lasted five straight days, with the relentless World Eaters forcing the Crimson Impalers to rotate their forces to avoid depleting their ammunition. It was only after Chapter Master Alexandru Denis killed the Chaos Lord Guraz with his own chainaxe after a 12 hour brawl that the warband fell into a state of frenzy, killing one another and being picked off by the surviving Crimson Impalers.

This conflict was one of the few times the full chapter mobilized against a single enemy. The War of Innocents is known by some of the Crimson Impalers as the War of Orphans, due to the losses sustained by the chapter forcing a large drive to take in recruits from orphans left on the planet they were defending. After these orphans were inducted fully into the chapter, they received special markings on their armor.

Two teardrops mark their left knee pads, one red as the blood they spill for humanity and the other aquamarine blue, representing the tears they shed for their families. These "Vengeful Orphans" had each made a vow to destroy the Forces of Chaos. The hatred felt by the Orphans is particularly incensed by the servants of Khorne, but any who proclaim allegiance to the gods of the warp feel the sting of their wrath.

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