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Wallchilla is an Imperial feudal world that is also the Chapter homeworld of the Draconian Impalers Space Marine Chapter.


is a planet made up of lush forests, many lakes, and an abundant ocean system. The wildlife is sparse, and the planet ecosystem contains numerous mutant and hybrid strains of formerly terran breeds. The planet was settled in the Dark Age of Technology, and was barely a colony before the Warp storms cut the entire planet off from contact with the rest of the galaxy. The small number of humans, numbering merely in the thousands left the planet in a tight position. When the planet was rediscovered during the Great Crusade, it was found to be a home to a half feudal half technological people, and while there were no widespread wars or tribes, there were 2 distinct cultures that cohabited the world alongside one another. 

The majority of the people belonged to the several fiefdoms that dotted the surface of the world, with the largest portions being farmers and villagers who had large families and worked from the time they could stand to the time they were to die. The villagers were simple, clothed in simple garments and guided spiritually by shamans, who oversaw daily rituals, assisted in birthings, and baptized the infants in the name of the Gilded Throne, a god like figure who was said to have guided humanity from the shadows. The fiefs were arrayed so that the farmlands would circle around the main citadels, places of learning, religion, politics, and occasionally war. Here the barons would rule their people, each a practical king, taking taxes, making laws, and train for battle. Indeed, were it not for the High King of Wallchilla, these barons would be kings, warring for land and looking to topple their rivals. However, the High King only allowed for territory disputes, land battles to extend the borders a few hundred yards, never allowing full scale war to engulf the planet. The Long Night had deprived the planet of Wallchilla of many STCs and many dark age weapons, meaning that nuclear and biochemical warfare never occurred on the planet. The most advanced technologies were limited to personal carriers, quick building devices, and small arms and rifles. These grouping referred to themselves as oameni obisnuiti, or the common men.

The second grouping of people were the minority, outnumbered 20:1 by the oameni obisnuiti and were not confined to the villages or farms`. They were hunters, dancers, drinkers and storytellers at best. They were thieves, gamblers, seducers, and bandits at worst. They were the Lupii Padurii, or the wolves of the forest. The Lupii Padurii were caravan travelers, often seen on the sides of paths leading from village to village. When they make an appearance in villages, the people are sure to tighten their purse strings and lock their doors extra tight. The Lupii Padurii are good people in the most, merely families travelling the planet’s surface looking for work and providing the people with rare entertainment, as is their culture. But there is a reason they are called wolves, and a reason some towns are prone to attacking them on sight. Some Lupi take the woods as their hideaway, attacking passersby and robbing them, going into villages and stealing precious items and resources while the oameni obisnuiti watch their plays and hear their songs. These lupi were called the lupi negri, or Black Wolves. The lupi negri were the ones who put up the most fight against the Imperium when the Great Crusade was at Wallchilla. For some hundred years, the lupi negri were driven out, destroyed and killed off by space marines. However the peace could not last, and the lupi negri made their return. The Draconian Impalers occasionally go into the woods, and upon finding the lupi negri, take the most aggressive ones back to their fortress monastery to become new marines. The Lupii Padurii as a whole venerate the Draconian Impalers as a manifestation of an ancient God Emperor aspect they call “The Shadow Walker”. It is not unheard of for them to leave some of their people as an offering to the blood drinking marines to curry some kind of blessing.

Portrait of Chapter Founder Vlad Rhapthorne in traditional Wallchillan armor

The planet of Wallchilla is located to the Galactic North of the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath. It was discovered and liberated just before Baal during the Great Crusade. The Wallchillans who joined the ranks of the Revenant Legion found that their feudal world's style of fighting was similar to the Legion's tactics. Soon, however, the Great Angel Sanginius was found and he sought to curb this violence and make noble warriors of his sons. The Old Legion, Vlad Rhapthrone included, attempted to be good for their gene sire, and some successes were had. Rhapthrone and his Wallchillan descended brothers still found themselves in the thick of battle, cutting and slicing with their power kilijes. During the Great Crusade during a one off joint mission between the Blood Angels and the Night Lords, Vlad and his team were seconded to the Night Lords and were disgusted by what they saw there. Following the events during the Siege of Terra, the Wallchillan elements of the Blood Angels were exiled, and later formed the Draconian Impalers chapter on their homeworld of Wallchilla.

The Wallchillan Dragoons

Just as every other Imperial World, Wallchilla maintains a standing army: The Wallchillan Dragoons. However, unlike other PDFs, the Wallchillan Dragoons are highly trained, well equipped and possess a very familiar structure. This is due to the fact that 1000 years before Alexandru Denis became the Chapter Master, the Draconian Impalershelped rescue a Cadian Platoon from an Aeldari siege. In return the Platoon Commander, an honorable man, swore his platoon to Draconian Impalers. The former chapter master, a forward thinking man, asked the Platoon Commander to help refine and better train the Dragoons, who were at the time a loose grouping of 7 companies. The Platoon Commander became the first Duke Commander and began to restructure the PDF regiments. He found that the Wallchillans had a strong, ancient warrior culture, and used this to create a deeply unique military force. The 7 companies became organized, with central command going to the 7 Company Commanders, called the Dukes of Hell. The first Dukes named the Companies after legends and great deeds their warriors had committed. Wallchillan Dragoons quickly evolved their style, the warriors allowed a measure of individuality, such as family crests, animal pelts or gifts given to them by their loved ones. Promotions are earned by great deeds and mighty actions. The commanders are not only called the Dukes, but are actually part of the Wallchillan elite, with 6 of the Dukes being given control over fiefdoms across the planet’s surface. The Prince of Wallchilla also leads a Company, usually the first and oversees military ventures while the High Princess oversees more political affairs. The 7 Dukes are generally considered equally ranked, and when on joint missions, playful rivalries layered with familial cooperation. While the Dragoon do not have the same resources as the Guard, they do possess some of the same gear, including valkyries, Chimeras, Leman Russ, a small number of Baneblades. 

The Dragoons are zealous, proud, and fight to the last man. They share many traits with more famous Guard and Planetary Defense Forces, such as the loyalty of the Krieg, the honor of the Ultramar Auxilia and the undying courage of the Cadian forces. Fierce, vicious and bloodthirsty, the Dragoon are warriors deeply intuned with their ancient primal ways, committed to defending their homes and destroying their enemies. Each of the 7 companies have their own battle style, emphasizing the techniques and strategies native to their regions, such as the Crimson Cavalry using rough riders hit their foes fast and hard, and the Steel Wolves overwhelming foes with tank divisions, reminiscent of the ancient battlewagons used before the coming of the Imperium.

The Seven Companies of the Dragoons

  1. Sons of Perdition led by Prince Boian
  2. The Death Lords led by Duke Sorin
  3. Crimson Cavalry led by Dutchess Daciana
  4. The Swords of Fate led by Duke Kronid
  5. The Unconquerable led by Duke Andre 
  6. The Steel Wolves led by Duke Codrin
  7. The Liliac Riders led by Duke Danut


The fortress-monastery of the Draconian Impalersin the Dark Ridge Mountains

The Fortress-Monastery of the Draconian Impalersis split into 4 separate parts, each the headquarters of the 4 Circles of the Draconian Impalers. The Castelul Bestiei is home to the Circle of Blades and the Chapter leadership, including the Chapter Master and all 10 captains. The Tower of Blood is found offworld, on the Wallchilla's moon and is home to the Circle of Rebirth, and where all Draconian Impalersstart their journey to becoming Astartes. The Circle of Shadows is situated within the Dark Ridge Mountains, in a great tower known as the Pillar of Twin Tragedies and contains many relics. The Crucible is the great and mighty forge, home of the Cog, the techpriesthood of the chapter.

Castelul Bestiei is an ancient castle, once owned by the bygone lords of Wallchilla. Owing inspiration to the designs of castles on Old Terra from before the Dark Age, the Fortress was used by the mortal High Lords of Wallchilla before the Revenant Legion ever stepped foot upon its surface. Following the conquering of the world by the Imperium, the fortress was overseen by the last kings of Wallchilla, of whom would give up their sons to become space marines, an honor owed to them for their allowance of their continued rule. At the Third Founding, Vlad Rhapthorne took his newly founded chapter back to Wallchilla, and invoked his birthright to become the first of the Crimson Impaler kings to rule the world. After this, Castelul Bestiei was refurbished, equipped with massive anti aircraft weapons, and expanded deep underground, where the Draconian Impalersspend their time in between missions, meditating and sparring.

The Tower of Blood, where the Circle of Rebirth is based, is located on Wallchilla's moon. The Tower of Blood is where all Draconian Impalersare born, and kept for their accession before being sent in to Castelul Bestiei. Centered in the thickest part of the Forest of the Damned, the Circle of Rebirth conducts their many rituals, services, and experiments here. Much like their brothers among the Blood Angels, they seek a cure for both Rage of the Janissary and the Dragul's Hunger, but grow no closer to a cure than before.

Tall, obsidian black and with deep end shadows blotting windows, the Pillar of Twin Tragedies houses the many secrets that the Circle of Shadows, including many cursed artifacts and chapter relics. It is here that the Whisperer of the Shadows, Corvinus listens to the Realm Beyond and inscribes the name of Night Lord champions in the Chronicles of Vengeance. Rune carvings and anti warp inscriptions line the walls, growing in number and potency the further one descends into the vaults within the Pillar. At the deepest levels, the chapter's ultimate secret and shame is contained, the unkillable, possessed form of former Lieutenant Tristram, sealed away so that he might never darken the reputation of the Draconian Impalersever again. Other artifacts include cursed weaponry, the remains of armor used by Night Lords and the grimoires of chaos sorcerers. Those who enter the Pillar of Twin Tragedies unprepared are found weighted by an overwhelming sense of grief and despair, the impossible shadows and twisting halls only deepening this dread.

The Pillar of Twin Tragedies, the home of the Circle of Shadows

Deep beneath the surface of the planet's crust, close to the core is the Crucible. It is here that the armory of the Draconian Impalers are maintained and ancient artifacts kept until their are to be used again. The Lord of the Cog oversees the construction of the stakes that Night Lords are captured, as well as the blessing of all vehicles and weapons. The Crucible is a mighty forge, blistering hot and carved directly into the metal rich stone of Wallchilla, the glistening gemstones in the ceiling mirroring the night skies on Terra and the polish marble ground mirroring the night skies of Wallchilla. Several giant chimneys belch smoke and soot into the sky above the Blood Salt Sea, which the Crucible lies under. The entrance to the Crucible rests in the center of the caldera of an extinct volcano, known as the Molten Gate.


A small planet, Wallchilla possesses 3 main continents and a number of islands. Eachby continent is small compared to the continents of Terra, and each an evidence for the theory of terraforming by by some

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