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This page covers knowledge of the long ages of history wreathed in shadows, buried beneath the aeons or simply lost over the expanse of time. Presented here are the ages of history that covers the major events of the of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Many of these events are of great importance to the various factions of which your fan-made homebrews are part of, and as such, some of them will definitely have a great impact over the story of your characters and factions.

Note : All the dates are meant to be the most precise possible, but many of them were lost through history, or are even contradictory between many sources. The contributors of this archive have made the best effort to provide the most precise timeline possible.

Note : All event that happend after the Gathering Storm event and are affected by the Cicatrix Maledictum must be placed after the 13th Black Crusade Section, in the Dark Imperium Section. If an event, such as the War for Armageddon or the Devastation of Baal starts before the appearance of the Great Rift but is affected by it, then all parts that happen after the formation of the Warp Storm must be written in the Dark Imperium Section. This is made to assure the Timeline is as precise as possible.


Any fan of the Warhammer 40.000 Universe knows the history of the lore, but remember that it is not the case of your characters. Only a fraction of the Inquisition knows of events such as the War in Heaven or the Fall of the Aeldari, thanks to the obscurantism of the Imperium that tries his best to hide intels and events to its warriors and population. Such informations would mean nothing for a General of the Astra Militarum or a Commander of the Fire Cast. As well, an Overlord of a Necron Dynasty wouldn't know of the Horus Heresy, considering his people were slumbering in their Tomb World when this event happened. When writing a Homebrew, a Character or playing a Roleplay, you must be sure that your characters logically knows of particular events.

The Ancient Times: From the Birth of the Galaxy to Birth of the Emperor

Note : These bygone times are lost to even the most ancient species of the Galaxy, and no precise records of these events that transpired still exists.

Event Description Picture
Apparition of Life in the Milky Way Galaxy The first lifeforms appear amongst the stars of the Galaxy. Stellar entities take forms and feed on the radiation of stars.
Apparition and Development of the Old Ones The first civilisation, the Old Ones, appears. Thanks to their knowledge and immortality, they become the greatest civilisation of the Galaxy, creating marvels such as the Webway, an array of tunnels through warpspace that connect the worlds of their Empire.
Creation of the Necrontyr Empire Due to the radiation of their sun, the Necrontyr are a weak species with short-lived lives and few aspiration in life. Though they spread throughout the Galaxy and are unified under the rule of the Triarch, the Necrontyr Dynasties fell in civil war. The Silent King understood that, in order to unify his people, he needed a common foe to rally them.
War in Heaven, Phase 1. After the first contact between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr, the Silent King declare war against this civilisation that refuse to give them the knowledge of immortality. Uniting the Dynasties, the Triarch starts the War in Heaven.

Despite their unity and technology, the Old Ones defeat the Necrontyr and banish them to the corners of the Galaxy. After the defeat, the Dynasties waged war against each other again.

First Contact C'tan-Necrontyr During the rule of Szarekh, last of the Silent Kings, the Necrontyr made the greatest discovery of their existence. The archives of Solemnace tells that it was made when a stellar probe approached a dying star. The writings of the Black Library describe that the hatred for life that the Necrontyr held brought upon them the attention of stellar entities.

The creature were named "C'tan", or Star God in the Necrontyr Language. Some Dynasties forged bodies of Living Metal for those entities, comparing them to ancient deities of their pantheon.

One of the C'tan, called the Deceiver by his kin, proposed a bargain to Szarekh. Sharing the hatred of the Old Ones, the Star God proposed to offer immortality to the Necrontyr, in exchange of an alliance against their common foe. After month of debate, the pact was sealed, and the fate of the Necrontyr with it.

The Deceiver.jpg
The Biotransference The C'tan used immense furnace of Living Metal to transform the fragile bodies of the Necrontyr into powerful machines, while the Star Gods fed upon the life energy of the organics.

Despite their new bodies, the Necrontyr felt a great void left by their souls. The price of immortality has been paid, and the Necrontyr were gone, to leave the place to the Necrons.

Visage Nécron.jpg
The War in Heaven, Phase 2. The C'tan, at the head of their new army of killing-machine, assailed the Old One's bastions. The powers of the C'tan over space and time and the infinite numbers of the Necron Legions surpassed the Old Ones advantage of mobility, thanks to the Webway.

To face the Necrons, the Old Ones created several warrior species such as the Aeldari or Kroks, while they themselves unleashed the energies of the Warp against the C'tan, which seems to be the only weakness of the Star Gods.

War in Heaven.jpg
Extinction of the Old Ones

60 million years ago

Throughout the War in Heaven, the C'tan gorged themselves upon the life energy of the dying Old Ones, consuming their numbers. But the fatal blow was dealt by the Old Ones own powers.

The overused of Warp energy shaken the veil between warpspace and realspace, until warp predator, such as the Enslavers, invaded realspace, destroying the last Old Ones, at the heart of their bastion.

The Betrayal of the Silent King

60 million years ago

After the destruction of the Old Ones, the C'tan were triumphant, but weaken by the energies of their now extinct foe. Szarekh used this opportunity to free his people and use devastating weapons created in secret to shatter the Star Gods in millions of shards. The Silent King ordered the Dynasties to secure those Shards within Tesseract Vaults to stop their evil from ever spreading across the Galaxy.

Despite this victory, the Necrons were no match for the ascendant children of the Old Ones, the Aeldari, whose numbers and powers surpassed the weaken legions. The Silent King ordered the Necrons to return to their world, and slumber within giant crypts to wait for the end of the Aeldari.

As for himself, Szarekh choose exil to atone for his crimes, and left the Galaxy to travel within the intergalactic Void.

The Ascension of the Aeldari With the Old Ones extinct and the Necrons gone, the Galaxy was left devastated by the War in Heaven. The Aeldari, being the most advanced and powerful civilisation left by the Old Ones, filled the void as master of the Galaxy and took over their creator's technologies, such as the Webway and Wraithbone.

Their new Empire spread across the Galaxy, unmatch and unstoppable.

Ancient Eldar.jpg
Apparition of Homo Sapiens

20,000 before B.C.

On Earth, the evolution of primate lead to the appearance of Homo Sapien, the modern human. After a few millennia, he masters primitive technologies such as fire.
Modern Human.jpg
Birth of the Emperor

7,000 before B.C.

The Emperor of Mankind estimate his own birth to this date, in unrevealed circumstances. His birth causes a realisation amongst the Ruinous Powers that slumber within the Warp. Although they aren't awaken yet, they consider the "Anathema" as their most powerful foe.
Birth of the Chaos Gods

7.000 before B.C to M2.

"The Chaos Powers sensed the presence of the new Man and his effort to curb their power and growth. Even before they became fully conscious, the Chaos Powers recognised the Emperor as their greatest enemy. Khorne was the first of the Great Powers to awake fully, and an era of wars and conflict raged accross the globe. Tzeentch was the next, and nations and politics grew to adulthood with all their implicit intrigues and double-dealings. Nurgle was third to awake and plagues swept across the continents claiming many souls for the Lord of Decay. By the end of the Middle Ages, all three Chaos Powers had awoken to full consciousness. The Fourth power, Slaanesh, still slumbered."
Four Chaos Gods.jpg

The Dark Age of Technology : M15-M29

Event Description Picture
The Dark Age of Technology


Still limited to conventional technologies for interstellar travel, the Humans colonise many systems around Terra, but cannot forge a united Empire, the travels and communications between planets being too long to be reliable.
Battlefleet-gothic -armada-hd-wallpapers-32808-1968501.jpg
The Emperor's Bargain


The Emperor discover a Warp Portal leading to the Realm of Chaos on the world of Molech. After using it, the Master of Mankind bargain with the Chaos Gods and obtain the knowledge necessary for one of his most important project.
Warp Gate.png
Invention of Warp drive.


The discovery of the Warp, a parallel dimension to ours that allows faster than light travel, and the creation of Warp Drive, which gives any spacecraft an access to it, gives Humanity what they needed to unite their colonies under the rule of Earth. The first contact with alien species are made, and the first alien wars starts.
Warp Drive.jpg
Establishment of Commorragh


The City of Commorragh is build to be the main port of exchange within the Webway. Due to its position, the city is the perfect place for criminals and any that which to avoid the authorities of the Aeldari Empire. Dark organisations and Mad practice are born in there.
The Influence of Commorragh Spreads


From Commorragh, Pleasure Cults, corrupted and depraved, spread their influence throughout the Aeldari Empire, pushing the population to indulge in their most horrific and depraved instincts. Slowly but surely, the Aeldari Empire decay.
Commorragh Underhive.png
Appearance of the Navigators


Amongst Humans, mutants called Navigators develop a third eye that allows them to gaze into the Warp. With their help, ships can travel to much distant stars using Warp Travel.

Navigator Houses became independent entities.

A golden age of technology starts, and the first STC are developed.

Appearance of Psykers


First mentions of Humans using Psychic Powers date back to this period.
Human Psyker.jpg
The Men of Iron rebels


For unknown reason, the Men of Iron, artificial intelligence created to serve Mankind, rebel against their creator. After a bloody conflict, the machines are beaten.

This conflict made Humanity understand the danger of Artificial Intelligence. To replace them, massive scientific efforts are put in the genetic modification field.

Men of Iron UR-025.jpg
Age of Strife


Throughout its vast territories, Mankind develop genetic modification techniques to create sub-races of humans as workers.

Like the Men of Iron, those experience lead to a civil war that plunge Humanity's world into conflict and strife.

The conflict provoque massive Warp Storms which obscurs Mankind's worlds, making Warp travel and communications all but impossible. Many STCs are lost during the conflict, and alien species such as the Orks uses this vulnerability to raid human worlds.

Psykers and Abhumans makes the conflict and cataclysm even worse, putting an end to the Dark Age of Technology.

Age of Strife.jpg
Unification Wars


The Emperor appears upon Earth has a powerful Warlord. The planet is ravaged by conflict between selfish nations and bloodthirsty techno-barbarians.

Leading the first Custodes and Thunder Warriors, the Emperor start to reconquer Earth, and use it as the seed of a new Imperium of Man, but the Warp Storm raging across the Galaxy makes his ambition all but impossible.

Thunder Warriors Ronan Toulhut.jpeg
Warnings and Exodus


Throughout the Worlds of the Aeldari Empire, mysterious Troupes of actors and dancers warn the inhabitants of the danger of their ways and beg them to reconsider their lives. Most answer with hostility, forcing these doomtellers to learn how to defend themselves.

Their message are however listen by few. A first Exodus happened, with many Aeldari leaving the depraved Core Worlds for isolated and pure planets called Maiden Worlds.

Much later, as chaos starts to spread amongst the Aeldari civilisation, a second Exodus happened, with millions leaving the Core Worlds aboard giant spacecraft.


The Great Crusade and Horus Heresy : M30-M31.

Event Description Picture
Fall of the Aeldari

ca 750.M30

Awaken by the hedonism and depravity of the Aeldari Empire, the Fourth of the Ruinous Powers, Slaanesh, God of Excess and Pleasure destroy the Aeldari Empire in its birth cry, with such power that the barrier between warpspace and realspace is shattered, creating the Warp Storm known as the Eye of Terror. Of the Aeldari, only remains the Exodites and Craftworlders, who left the Empire for distant stars, the inhabitants of Commorragh that remained hidden in the Webway and the mysterious doomtellers that tried to prevent the cataclysm in the first place.

The Aeldari Pantheon, who kept the Ruinous Powers in check before, has been weakened by the turn of faith of their people, was destroyed by Slaanesh. The Great Game of the Chaos Gods started anew as Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle saw this new upstart God destroying their enemies and conquer their territories.

Khaine vs Slaanesh.jpg
The Treaty of Mars


The Emperor's reach Mars and make contact with the Machine Cult. By miraculously repairing a Knight by simply touching it, the Emperor gains the respect, and partially, the veneration, of the Cult.

Because the Emperor required the techniques and expertise of the Tech-Priests, he allowed them to retain their autonomy and religion as an ally of the Imperium. This accord is called "the Treaty of Mars".

Techno-prêtre Dominus.jpg
Creation of the Primarchs


Using the knowledge he acquired from the bargain on Molech, the Emperor created 20 Demi-Gods with his genetic materials, to lead his armies in the conquest of the Galaxy. When the embryo are finally ready, the Chaos Gods opened a Warp Rift upon the laboratories of Luna and scatter the yet-to-be born children throughout the Galaxy.
First Founding


Using the genetic material of the Primarch, the Emperor develop the genecraft techniques that will be used in the creation of the Legio Astartes.

Using the genetic materials of the Primarchs brings much instability and genetic flaws into the process.

Neophyte Implants-0.jpg
The Great Crusade


When the Eye of Terror appeared, the Warp Storm that obscured Warp travel between the human colonies vanished. The Emperor, now finally ready, launch his Great Crusade to reclaim the Stars in the name of Mankind.

On the way, the Emperor reunite with his Sons, the Primarchs, and offer each of them to lead a Legio Astartes. They face powerful Xenos species, Techno-barbarians Enclave and many other dangers.

Grande Croisade.jpg
The Horus Heresy


As the Emperor return to Terra, searching for a way to control the Aeldari Webway, the Ruinous Powers manipulates the Primarchs and Legio Astartes to start a chain of event that will lead to the Fall of the Imperium. In the end, half of the Primarchs turn on the Emperor with their Legion, as well as billions of Guardsmens and half of the Mechanicum Empire, and the Webway project if definitively destroyed by their interference.

Horus Lupercal, Warmaster of the Imperium and leader of the Traitor Primarchs leads an assault against Terra, forcing his father to confront him aboard the Vengeful Spirit, Horus's flagship. At the end of the battle, Horus's soul is destroyed, but the Emperor's wounds are so severe and the damage of the Webway Project so important, that the Master of Mankind must be place upon the Golden Throne to protect Terra's from being overrun by Daemons.

The Golden Age of Mankind is over.

Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Sons of Horus.jpg
The Foundation of the Inquisition and Grey Knights Chapter


By the order of the Emperor himself and under the directive of Malcador the Sigillite, a group of uncorruptable and extraordinary individuals amongst both human and Astartes.

From the human elements will be laid the foundations upon which the Inquisition, Guardian of the Imperium, will be created.

From the Astartes elements will be founded the Grey Knight Space Marine Chapter, a special force tasked with hunting and banishing any Daemonic threat against the Imperium.

The Great Scouring


Their spiritual leader dead and their daemonic allies retreating, the Traitor Legion fled into the Eye of Terror, pillaging all worlds on their way.

The Loyalist Legion pursue and fight them until the boarder of the Warp Storm, refusing to enter the hellish realm. There are the Traitors banished and their existence deleted from most of the Imperium's records, as the Emperor's decrees before his enthronement.

As the surviving Traitor Primarchs ascend to Daemonhood within the Eye of Terror, the Loyalist Primarch disappear one by one, either drawn away by mysterious quest or neutralised during conflicts against the Traitor Legions.

Imperial Fist vs Iron Warriors.jpg
The Codex Astartes


As lord Commander of the Imperium, Roboute Guilliman, Son of the Emperor and Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion, seeks a way to forever deny the possibility of another Heresy. He wrote the Codex Astartes, a book about the art of warfare and order the division of the Legio Astartes into Chapters limited to 1000 Marines. The vast majority of the Loyalist Legion applies the Codex Astartes, and the 2nd Founding leads to the creation of hundreds of different independant Chapters.
Second Founding.png
The Legion Wars


In the Eye of Terror, the Traitor Legion, abandoned by their Primarchs, fight against each others in meaningless wars for resources and slaves. During this period, Horus's Legion, the Sons of Horus, is destroyed, leaderless and ashamed by the failure of their Primarch.

Later on, Horus's First Captain, Abbadon, would avenge his Legion by destroying the Canticle City of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion, and defeat a clone of his own Father in single combat. This event would put an end to Legion Wars, and lead to the creation of the Black Legion, Abbadon's own army and the most organised and powerful of the Traitor Legion.

Legion Wars.jpg
The First Black Crusade


Warn by a mysterious human Seer, Abbadon leads the Black Legion out of the Eye of Terror and launch his first Crusade against the Imperium. During the first battle of Cadia, Abbadon kills Sigismund, High-Marshall of the Black Templars, while the forces of Chaos ravage thousands of worlds, until the Imperium's defenders unit to repel them.

According to his plan, Abbadon destroy his most powerful and dangerous rivals during the conflict, and receive the Drach'nyen, the Daemon Blade, as a gift from the Chaos Gods in return.

Thus starts the "Long War" between the forces of Chaos and the Imperium.

Black Legion 5.jpg

Age of the Imperium : M32-M40

Event Description Picture
Battle of the Fang


Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons attack the Fang, the Fortress Monastery of the Space Wolves, using their magic to trick the Space Wolves away of Fenris before launching the attack.

the Venerable Dreadnought Bjorn, ancient friend of Leman Russ himself, was awaken to lead the defense against the servant of the Tzeentch, helding the Fortress long enough for the Chapter to return home and repel the invasion.

But despite this victory, the cure to the Space Wolves's genetic affliction was forever lost to the Chapter, destroying any hope for the Sons of Leman Russ to ever create Successor Chapter.

Foundation of the Adeptus Munistorum


The Temple of the Emperor-Saviour is installed as the official religion of the Imperium of Man, and its church receive the name : Adeptus Munistorum.

Canon Conflict : For other sources, this event happend in M33.

Prêtre du Munistorum.jpg
Foundation of the Black Heart Cult


A half-breed slave known as Vect promised himself to one day rule over the Dark City of Commorragh, even if it requires eons to do so.

Vect found the Cult of the Black Heart, the first organisation to refer itself as "Dark Aeldari" or "Drukhari". He also install the Thirdteenth Foundations of Vengeance, an intricate code of dishonour destined to spread through the Dark City.

Asdrubael Vect.jpg
War of the Beast


An Ork Warboss of a size never matched in the past of the Imperium, gather a Great WAAAGH! against the Imperium.

On Ardamunta, the Orks destroys the Imperial Fist Chapter safe for one of them. The Last Wall protocol, reforming the Imperial Fist Legion with all its successors is enclenched in response.

One of the Beasts Attack Moon arrive in orbit of Terra, but the conflict within the Senatorum Imperialis forces the Adeptus Astartes to act alone against the threat. They succeed in destroying the Attack Moon, but suffers great losses.

The Adeptus Mechanicus locates the Ork Warlord's command center on Ullanor. Lead by a returning Primarch, Vulkan of the Salamanders, the Imperials launch a full-scale assault against the Orks. The Emperor's Sons dissapear in the explosion of the Beast's Gargant, apparently killing the Xenos with him.

The High-Lords of Terra order the creation of special Chapter, the Deathwatch, to combat the remaining Orks, lead by 6 "Prim'Ork". A second Imperial Crusade against Ullanor destroys the Orks threat.

The Beast.jpg
The Beheading


Drakan Vangorich, Grandmaster of the Officio Assassinorum, execute the High-Lords of Terra rule over the Imperium as a dictator for several centuries. As Lord-Commander of the Imperium, Maximus Thane seems to allow the situation.

In 646.M32, Maximus Thane leads elements from the Imperial Fists, Halo Brethren and Sable Sword Chapters on Terra to remove the Tyrant. The Astartes opposed the assassins defending Vangorich, and only Thane survives to kill the Grandmaster.

Agnathio, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines lead an alliance of 50 Chapter Masters to the Senatorum Imperialis to put an end to the conflict between the High-Lords of Terra. When they depart, the Imperium is once again ruled by 12 High-Lords

The Second Black Crusade


Leading a vast armada, Abbadon the Despoiler launched a new Black Crusade against the Cadia Gate. On Nemesis Tessera, Abbadon destroyed the Blackstone Pylons on the planet and released several Daemons trapped on the planet by the Inquisition.

His goal achieved, Abbadon return to the Eye of Terror with his forces.

Black Legion 4.jpg
The Third Black Crusade


The forces of the Black Legion, lead by the Daemon Prince Tallomin, invade Cadia. But the assault is nothing but a diversion for Abbadon's true target, the Shrine-World of Saint Gerstahl, were an ancient Prophet is buried.

On Cadia, the Space Wolves lead 12 Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes against Tallomin, and at the price of millions of Imperial warriors, they banish the Daemon Prince back into the Warp.

By destroying the remains of Saint Gerstahl, Abbadon forever alter the prophecy of the Saint, originally promising the downfall of the Warmaster.

The Third Black Crusade.jpg
The War of the False Primarch


This War ravaged Segmentum Pacificus. Yet, no actual record exists of the events occuring in this period of great conflict, and most battles have become long lost myth.

The War stopped when the High-Lord of Terra summoned 5 Loyalist Chapter (the Red Talons, Death Eagles, Charcharodons, Flesh Eaters and Charnel Guard) to fight 5 Chapter declared Excomunicate Traitoris.

Flesh Tearer 1.jpg
The Fourth Black Crusade


Initially thought to be another attack on Cadia, the forces of Abbadon actually stroke the world of El'Phanor, specifically, the Fortress of Kromarch.

There, Abbadon destroyed the Kromarch's legacy and the monolith they were protecting. But as the forces of Chaos pillage the planet, the Imperium send reinforcements and forces Abbadon to return in the Eye of Terror.

Black Legion 1.jpg
The Howling


The Black Templars slays the Cacodominus, a xenos organism with immense Psychic Powers which enslaved 1 300 planetary system. His death-cry is so powerful that it disturbs the Astronomicon, blinding millions upon millions of ship as they travels through the Warp. The vast majority of them are lost in warpspace, and numerous star systems fall into barbarism as the Adeptus Terra can't guide them anymore.

It is suggested by Imperial Historian that this particular event saw the destruction of all Black Templar Librarian, and since then, the Chapter refused to ever used them again.

Black Templar.jpg
Nova Terra Interregnum


The Ur-Council of Nova Terra denounce the High-Lords of Terra and form a secessionist Empire with the rest of Segmentum Pacificus. For 900 years, the War of the Twin-Empire rages between the two political entities.
The Raid of Commorragh


The Drukhari capture the Salamanders Strike Cruiser Forgehammer. Guided by the Librarian on board, the Salamanders and their allies, the Howling Griffons and Silver Skulls, launch a raid against the Dark City to reclaim the relic.

The Space Marines retreated before the overwhelming number of defenders after the 1st Company of the Salamanders freed Forgehammer and returned to realspace. However, the Webway Portal used to access Commorragh was later destroyed.

In truth, the attack as a stratagem imagined by Asdrubael Vect, in order to eliminate the aristocracy of Commorragh and become the Supreme Overlord of the Drukhari. Replacing the noble houses, the Kabal denied bloodline, in profit of meritocracy.

Salamanders Terminator.jpg
The ascension of Goge Vandire


Goge Vandire, 361th High-Lord of the Administratum, makes his way to the position of Ecclesiarch, using manipulations and threats.
Goge Vandire.jpg
Wars of Vindication


Tziz Jarek, Master of the Callidus Assassin Temple, assassinate the Grand Master of Assassins and takes his place, under the order of Goge Vandire.

However, the Grand Master had anticipated such move, and placed a decoy at his place. He would later gather his loyal assassins and wage war against the usurper, both sides using weapons of mass destruction. The Grand Master would be victorious after his forces entered the Imperial Palace and killed Vandire's agent.

After the conflict, the Inquisition would decide to create the Ordo Sicarus, a way to regulate the members of the Officio Assassinorum.

Callidus Updated.jpg
The Age of Apostasie


Gastaph Hediatrix, Fabricator-General of Mars, accuse Vandire of Heresy after the destruction of the Holy Synod, gathered to judge his suspicious actions. In response, Goge Vandire dissolve the Council of the High-Lords of Terra and launch an attack against the Adeptus Mechanicus and Adeptus Astartes. For that, he used his new army : the Bride of the Emperor, extremely well supplied and equipped fanatical woman who thought Vandire was blessed by the God-Emperor.

Force of the Brides attack several Chapters, such as the Salamanders or the Fire Hawks.

This would lead the Tech-Guard and four Chapters of Space Marine,under the command of the Prophet Sebastian Thor, to lay siege to the Imperial Palace, defended by the Brides, taking a heavy toll on both sides.

The Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes would later escort Alicia Dominica, leader of Vandire's soldiers, to the Chamber of the Golden Throne itself. No records of what happend exists, but when Alicia returned to Vandire, she accused him of Heresy and Treason, before executing him. The civil war ended soon after.

Alicia Dominica.jpg
The reform of the Ecclesiarchy


The High-Lords are reinstalled and judge the allies of Goge Vandire. The new Ecclesiarch declares the Decree Passive, forbidding the Ecclesiarchy to keep Men at Arms. The Brides of the Emperor return to their former names : "Daughter of the Emperor", and form the Adepta Sororita, becoming the militant chamber of the Ecclesiarchy and the Ordo Hereticus.

Sebastian Thor would start a pilgrimmage through the Imperium, preaching the Imperial Creed and dealing with apostasy and heresy on his way.

Adepta Sororita.jpg
Crusade in Segmentum Tempestus


The authority of Segmentum Tempestus, with the approval of Terra, launch a series of Crusades throughout the Segmentum in order to increase the Imperial territory.

The greatest of them would be the Crusade of the Black March, lead by Tempestus-Lord Hal Orpheus, which brought the Orpheus, Eurydice, Haxan and Leyak Sectors under the banner of the Imperium.

Tallarn 4.jpg
Fifth Black Crusade


The Warmaster launches a series of attack throughout the Elysian Sector, attracting the wrath of the Adeptus Astartes.

In their entirety, the Warhawks and Venerators Chapters arrives on Tanith, conquered by Abbadon, but too late to save the 10 millions citizen sacrificed to summon Doombreed, Daemon Prince of Khorne.

The two Chapters are destroyed, and Doombreed is defeated by the sacrifice of a Blood Angel Battle Barge. Satisfied, Abbadon returned to the Eye of Terror.

The Fifth Black Crusade broke the psychic balance of the Sector, increasing the number and intensities of Warp mutations.

The Fifth Black Crusade.jpg
The End of Mont'Au


The Ethereal appears before the belligerent factions of the T'au race and unite them in peace and harmony.

The Greater Good is instaured, and the T'au civilisation start it's evolution.

Sixth Black Crusade


In an effort to deal with his rival, Drecath the Blind of the Sons of Horus, Abbadon ally himself with the Chaos Lord and invade the Forge World of Arkreath. Thoufh the defenders are crushed, Drecath is secretly killed by Abbadon, whose forces joins the Black Legion.
Black Legion 2.jpg
Black Storms


The size of every major Warp Storm in the Galaxy, including the Eye of Terror, increase, soon followed by the numbers of daemonic incursion.

The Tech-Priest maintaining the Astronomicon demand an increase in the number of Psyker to be fed to the Golden Throne. Up to four times as many souls are sacrificed daily to maintain optimal power, requiring an increase of the number of Black Ship.

Eye of Terror.jpg
The Explosion of Maxil Beta


The red giant star in the Maxil Beta system explodes in a cloud of warpflame. Every worlds for hundred of light-years is touched by the warp ; the inhabitants mutating into Possessed. The Imperium mobilizes every military asset within 50 light years, including Grey Knights, a dozen Space Marine Chapter and numerous Adepta Sororita Orders and Imperial Guard regiment.

The disaster is contained with the cost of billions of lives.

Chevalier Gris 3.jpg
First Sphere of Expansion


The T'au Empire launches his first Sphere of Expansion with the hope to bring the philosophy of the Greater Good to distant stars.

533.M37 : Establishement of the first T'au colony : Lu'val.

756.M37 : T'aun becomes the first Sept of the T'au Empire.

Custodian Class Battleship.jpg
Seventh Black Crusade


Also known as the Ghost War, this war started after Chaos fleets bypass the Cadian Gate, before being lost by all Imperial radar. The raids and assault of the Traitor Legions spread paranoia and fear through Imperial defenses, desperate to track down Abbadon.

On Mackan, the Blood Angels, gathering its full might, finally finds Abbadon and launch an attack in the hope to kill the Warmaster.

Only thanks to the Death Company, the Chapter is almost entirely destroyed, the gene-seeds of the fallen taken by the Traitors and offered to Fabius Bile.

Black Legion vs Blood Angels.png
Eigth Black Crusade


The forces of Chaos emerges from the Eye of Terror, attacking numerous world with no coherent strategies or mysterious objectives. Millions are killed throughout Segmentum Obscurus, their bodies placed in a ritualistic position, completing a perfect equation, which pleases Tzeentch. After the slaughter, Abbadon returns to the Eye of Terror.

The achievement, besides spoils of war, of this Crusade are unknown, though the Inquisition fears that Abbadon may have gained the favor of the Architect of Fate through his achievement.

Black Legion Sorcerer.jpg
Ninth Black Crusade


Abbadon launches an assault against the Fortress of the Imperial Navy in Segmentum Obscurus : Cancephalus. When Imperial reinforcements arrives, the world has been destroyed through Cyclonic Torpedoes.

As the Black Legion pillages and destroys the Sector, every survivors of Cancephalus is track down and killed by the Chaos Space Marines. Two Space Marines Chapter are entirely destroyed, and the Lamenters are nearly exterminated.

Many Chaos fleets left the Eye of Terror during this period, for unknown reason and locations.

Black Legion Chaos Lords.jpg
Pact of Pech


The T'au founds the homeworld of the Kroot, Pech, under attack by the Orks. By helping the Carnivores, the Empire acquires the loyalty of savages and skilled Xenos Warriors, though many Kroot simply works as mercenaries for any species.
Tenth Black Crusade


Allied with the Iron Warriors, the Black Legion bypass the Cadian Gate and attack the Helica Sector. While their forces attacks the Sector's Capital, Thracian Primaris, several attack forces ravages the worlds throughout the Sector.

Abbadon personally leads the Vengeful Spirit over Medusa, the homeworld of the Iron Warrior and strongest Chapter near the Eye of Terror.

When reinforcements arrives, the Warmaster returns to the Eye of Terror, knowing much of the Iron Hands protocols and Medusa's defenses.

Black Crusade vs Iron Hands.jpg
Second Sphere of Expansion


Lead by Commander Farsight, this Sphere spread the influence and name of the T'au even further.

During this period, the Ethereal assures the loyalty and allegiance of the Vespids.

Fire Warrior 2.jpg
Eleventh Black Crusade


Due to the failure of its Daemonic Navigator, Abbadon's fleet is spread around the Eye of Terror, before gathering over the Shrine World of Relorria.

On this planet, the Forces of Chaos meets with the Ork Warlord Murgor'Undred Teef and his WAAAGH!. Abbadon used this opportunity to meddle Ork flesh with Warp energy, experimenting the creation of new Xenos warriors. He would retreat with thousands of new Ork test-subjects, to experiment upon in the Eye of Terror.

Chaos vs Orks.jpg

The End Time : M41-???

Event Description Image
Twelfth Black Crusade


On board his new Capital Ship, the Planet Killer, Abadon lead a powerful Chaos Fleet through the Gothic Sector, launching hundreds of invasions against Imperial worlds and many more void battles against the Imperial Navy. Abbadon ceased control over the Hand of Darkness and Eye of Night, two Chaos artefact which lead him to the Six Blackstone Fortresses, ancient alien deviced used by the Imperial Navy as spaceport.

Abbadon activates the true potential of the Blackstone Fortresses, ancient weapons from the War in Heaven. Despite their best effort, an alliance of Aeldari and Imperials cannot save the Blackstone Fortresses, as four are destroyed and two brought into the Eye of Terror by Abbadon.

In 154.M41, the Planet Killer is affirmed to have been destroyed by the Inquisition, though no wreckage is found.

12th Black Crusade.jpg
The Macharian Crusade


The Lord Commander Solar Macharius lead the greatest gathering of Imperial forces since the Great Crusade into the Segmentum Pacificus to spread the light of the God-Emperor and expand the borders of the Imperium. The campaign brought nearly a thousand world into the Imperium and is considered one of the greatest Crusade in Imperial History.

Before the Halo Zone, where the light of the Emperor can no more guides Imperial ships, Macharius's armies refuses to go further. The death of the Lord Commander marks the beginning of the Macharian Heresy.

Lord Solar Macharius.jpg
The Macharian Heresy


The rivalry between the seventh army groups of the Macharian Crusade explodes after the Lord-Commander's death, creating a massive civil war throughout Segmentum Pacificus. The newly conquered territories are separated into smaller Empires, each under the control of one of Macharius's former generals, who decided to oppose the will of the Adeptus Terra and the Imperium.

Even worse, Space Marines Chapters that took parts in the Crusade come to blow over petty disputes, such as the Doom Warriors and Inceptors.

To end this Heresy, the High-Lords send a Crusade under Warmaster Solon consisting of 100 Space Marine Chapters to end the civil wars. After 70 years, the Macharian Heresy comes to an end.

Dark Angel 2.jpg
First War for Armageddon


In the Eye of Terror, the appearance of the Space Hulk Devourer of Star offered the opportunity for Chaos Space Marines to exit their prison and attack Imperial Worlds. The tides of the Warp lead it to the Industrial world of Armageddon, when it was made vulnerable by civilian conflicts.

Led by the Daemonic Primarch Angron, the World Eater, reunited since the Legion Wars, and thousands upon thousands of Beastmens, Mutants and heretics invaded Armageddon, driving half of the PDF to Chaos side.

Logan Grimnar, Great Wolf of the Space Wolves lead his Great Company to Armageddon and reinforced the Imperial Guard against the Blood Legions. Despite their best efforts, Angron and his Bloodthirsters bodyguards smashed through their ranks.

Hope returned when 109 Terminator-clad Grey Knights teleported at the heart of the Daemon army to banish Angron, while the Space Wolves lead a counter-offensive against the Traitors. Though the Imperium won the day, only 30 Grey Knights survived the fight against Angron.

The Inquisition decided to deal with the population of Armageddon, witnesses of the Powers of Chaos, by purging several billions souls from Armageddon and nearby planets. The Space Wolves since hate the Inquisition and the Grey Knights for the destruction of such honorable warriors and so many human lives.

The Tears of the Emperor


Across the Imperium there are visions of the Emperor's tears. From the poorest urchin to the mightiest Chapter Master, all who see the visions know that the Emperor weeps not for himself, but for all mankind.
Le Culte de Ghosar Quintus


Kill Team Cassius is send to investigate the dissapearance of Inquisitor Chaegryn on Ghosar Quintus. The Deathwatch founds the very first case of Genestealer Cult in Imperial records, though they are yet to learn the full extend of the threat.
Kill Team Cassius.PNG
First Contact with the T'au Empire


A Tau probe is discovered in the Koath system. The translated message was a greeting and an invitation to "share the culture, technology, and protection of the Tau Empire.
The War-Council


After a difficult victory over the Titan Legion on Malaxis, the Autarchs and Farseers of the Major Craftworlds gather to meet and discuss the futur of their civilisation.

Despite the advice of the Farseers, the Autarchs concludes that the lesser races must remember their places. The decision spread throughout the Craftworlds and lead thousands to join the Aspect Shrines. Many pacifist Path are abandonned.

Dire Avenger.jpg
The Damocles Crusade


Seeing the ascension of the T'au Empire as a threat within the Eastern Fringies, the Imperium launches a Crusade to exterminate the Xenos. For 3 years, the technology of the T'au barely support the manpower of the Imperium, until the High-Lords order a redeployement of their forces to fight a greater threat.

Due to a lack of transport, several Regiment of the Astra Militarum are left behind, later converted to the Greater Good by the T'au.

The Return of the Silent King


The Last of the Silent King, Szarekh, return from his self-imposed exile after encountering the threat in the Void.

Followed by his Praetorians, the Silent King goes from Tomb World to Tomb World, awakening his people to fight the threat.

First Tyranic War


Hive-Fleet Behemoth, the first Major Hive-Fleet to attack the Milky Way Galaxy, emerges from the Eastern Fringes, forcing the Imperium to focus much power to protect its borders.

The Tyranids invades the Realm of Ultramar, destroying Calth and reaching Maccrage itself, the Homeworld of the Ultramarines. The Xenos are destroyed and the Hive-Fleet shattered, but at the cost of the First Company and Honor Guard, nearly the entire 3th and 7th Compagnies and thousands of Imperial lives.

Though it is shattered, many splinter from Behemoth still continue to attack and destroy worlds throughout Segmentum Ultima.

The Sabbat World Crusade


Known as the greatest military offensive since the Macharian Crusade, the Sabbat World Crusade aims to reconquer the Sabbat Worlds from Chaos.
The Rebellion

of Commander



Commander Farsight recaptures much of the territory the Tau Empire lost in the Damocles Gulf Crusade but refuses the recall order after learning the truth about Chaos and Daemons.

On the world of Arthas Moloch, Farsight found the Dawnblade, a strange artefact that will become his favorite weapon.

He establishes the fortified Farsight Enclaves.

Slaughter of Sanctuary-101


The Adepta Sororita Convent on Sanctuary-101 is entirely destroyed by a mysterious Xenos race, later identified as the Necrons.

This battle is considered to be the first contact between Necron and Imperial forces.

Sanctuary 101.jpg
The Badab War


Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, refuses to donate for the gene-collect of the Administratum and seceed from the Imperium of Man. Several Chapters joins Huron in his Heresy, including the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors.

The Imperium attacks Huron's territories and his allies, until the Astral Claws are repelled into the Maelstrom.

The Badab War.jpg
The Second War for Armageddon


Lead by Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, an immense Ork Waaagh! attacks the world of Armageddon. The planet is swarmed with Greenskins from five different Klan until the Imperial Forces, made of several Astra Militarum Regiment and Space Marine reinforcements from the Blood Angels, Salamanders and Ultramarines Chapters. The main War lasted for two years, but the fighting lasted for 20 years after this.

Despite the best efforts of the Imperium, Ghazghkull survived and escaped Armageddon, learning much of the Imperial strategies and strength.

Blood Angels vs Orks.jpg
Second Tyrannic War


After the invasion of Hive-Fleet Behemoth, a large military forces has been placed by the Imperium to prevent another Tyranid invasion, a decision questionned after 250 years, for many believed the Hive-Fleet's defeat marked the end of the Tyranid threat. Many riots, rebellions and acts of terrorism occured through the Eastern Fringes, later discovered to be Genestealer Cults planted by Hive-Fleet Kraken, another major Tyranid incursion.

The tendrils of Kraken invaded a vast number of world with fast and deadly forces, unlike the hyper-agressive incursion of Behemoth, leading to the attacks throughout Ultima Segmentum.

Battle of Ichar IV : The Imperial victory on Ichar IV, lead by Marneus Calgar himself, opposed the might of Kraken against the Ultramarines and several other Chapter to destroy the bio-ships, and took his revenge on the Swarmlord. But even if victory was claimed, the allies of the Ultramarines, the Scythe of the Emperor and Lamenter were nearly destroyed.

Battle of Iyanden : When Rangers reported the approach of the large Tyranid Hive-Fleet, the Craftworld of Iyanden awoke its long-dead warrior to fight at the side of the living, defending their homeworld with esoteric technologies and psychic powers. Iyanden was saved by the returning Prince Yriel, armed with the Spear of Twilight, but the Craftworld's population would be almost exterminate.

The Third Sphere of Expansion


The Supreme Ethereal Aun'Va decided it was time for the borders of the T'au Empire to be pushed further and for the influence of the Greater Good to grow. Their wars against the Orks transformed T'au society to adapt to period of Total War, making the Empire more capable to handle long and bloody conflict than before.

Lead by Commander Shadowsun, the T'au moved through the Damocles Gulf and attacked Imperial Space, using Gue'Vesa agent to infiltrate and scout the enemy territory before attacking. Many world surrendered before the T'au, but most rejected the Water Cast Diplomats and fought the Xenos. When Shadowsun deployed new weapon prototype, such as the XV104 Riptide Battlesuit, to conquer the Hive-World of Agrellan, renamed Mu'gulath Bay, the Empire took control of a major strategic point to continue its expansion throught the Damocles Gulf.

The Third Tyrannic War


Hive Fleet Leviathan is the largest and greatest Tyranid Hive Fleet to invade the Galaxy. It attacked from the galactic south. Unlike the majority of previous Hive Fleets that attacked from the Eastern Fringe, Leviathan instead skirted under the galactic rim of the galaxy and then pushed upwards through the galactic plane, spreading its forces across a broad front that covered the Ultima Segmentum, Segmentum Tempestus and even into the Segmentum Solar. Leviathan's strategy was to form its forces into two giant tendrils hundreds of light years apart in such a way that it stretched the Shadow in the Warp over the vast distance between the two tendrils, stopping all psychic contact between the trapped worlds and the Imperium and also blocking Imperial reinforcements from navigating the Warp towards the beleaguered worlds.

One of Leviathan's main tendrils, which was on a projected course directly to Terra, was eventually stopped at Tarsis Ultra. However, Leviathan as a whole remained undefeated and continued to assault the galaxy. Leviathan consumed countless worlds. In response, the Imperium is reinforcing entire Systems, raising thousands of armies and dispatching dozens of Space Marine Chapters to troubled areas; meanwhile, several Craftworlds of  Eldar used ancient destructive weaponry to reduce planets to Dead Worlds, and the Tau developed new technologies and weaponry to combat the Tyranids.

Third War for Armageddon


Returning with a newly assembled Waaagh!, Ghazghkull Thraka resumed his assault against Armageddon, warning the Imperium by capturing his nemesis : Commissar Yarrick, and releasing him to warn the Imperium. The Warboss hoped to obtain a better fight against the Imperium this time.

His wish is answered, as a ridiculous amount of Imperial forces are gathered at Armageddon to repel the invasion, with the forces of more than twenty Space Marine Chapters, supported by the Imperial Guard, Adepta Sororita and Collegia Titanica. The war goes on until the Ork Warboss is bored by the stalemate and departs from Armageddon, leaving his generals to continue the fight. When Yarrick learned of this, the Commissar pursued his nemesis with the help of a strike force of Black Templar, and though they cornered him, the Beast of Armageddon escaped.

The Cryptus Campaign


Words of the Fall of the Cryptian Shield reaches Baal, warning the Blood Angels of an oncoming Tyranid attack. Leading a strike force made of the Chapter's 1st and 2nd Company, Commander Dante allies with the Flesh Tearers and heads for the Cryptus System.

The war that follows is extremely violent and bloody, and countless Imperial defenders and xenos die. However, during the battle against the Hive Fleet, the Blood Angels resort in using a powerful and ancient weapon to destroy Cryptus and annihilate the Tyranids.

Even after this effort, Dante retreat to Baal with his forces, knowing Hive Fleet Leviathan would soon attack the Homeworld of the Angels.

Blood Angels Cryptus Campaign.jpg
The Battle of Dûriel


Visions of doom warns the Seers of Craftworld Biel-Tan and Iyanden that their Great Enemy has lead a tendril of Hive Fleet Kraken through the Warp toward the Cardinal World of Valedor, once known as Dûriel and a Maiden World, and a planet on the Path of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Fearing the consequences of the union of the two fleets, the two Craftworld units and request the help of the Harlequins of the Veiled Path to seek the support of Commorragh.

The Kabal of the Black Heart and the Cult of Strife send their forces to join cause with the Asuryani and Harlequins. The united Eldar forces uses an ancient weapon, the Fireheart, to destroy Dûriel, while their fleet destroys the bio-ships of the Tyranids. The battle is won with the sacrifice of countless Eldar.

Deep in the Black Library, the Death of Dûriel opens the Crystal Tome of Cegorach, marking the beginning of Rhana Dandra, the End Time.

The War of Octarius


Using the destruction of specific worlds on the Tyranid's path, Inquisitor Kryptman leads Hive Fleet Leviathan toward the Ork Empire of Octarius, starting a Tyranid-Ork war of unmatched scale.

The Inquisitor has hoped to destroy both threats by making them fight each other, but his plan turn to terrifying consequences. Before the resilience of the Orks, the Tyranids started to create new genetic weapons, while Orks from the entire Galaxy gathered at Octarius to take part in this great fight. Whoever wins will become much more stronger as a result.

The Asuryani of Craftworld Biel-Tan and Saim-Hann, destroys Ork and Imperial worlds around Octarius to weaken the Tyranids and Greenskins, while the Deathwatch prepares a forces to attack the winner when the conflict is settled.

Ork vs Tyranide.png
The Second Agrellan Campaign/Second Battle of Mu'gulath Bay


Determined to put an end to the T'au Expansion, the Imperium gathered its forces and invaded the world of Mu'gulath Bay, from where the Empire could send his fleet in Imperium Space.

Taken by surprise, the T'au were quickly forced to entrenched themselves before the Adeptus Mechanicus, Astra Militarum and Adeptus Astartes forces gathered. Despite Shadowsun's best efforts, the Imperials are resilient and her strategies only brought her temporary set-back, while being incapable to truly weaken the Gue'la.

From the Farsight Enclave, the Traitor Farsight lead his red-clad forces to Mu'gulath Bay, bringing reinforcements to the T'au Empire. His Mon'ka strategies weakened the Imperials, before Shadowsun hit-and-run tactics forces them to retreat. The Imperium send an Execution Force of the Officio Assassinorum to kill the Xenos Commander, failing to kill Farsight and Shadowsun, but claiming the life of Supreme Ethereal Aun'Va.

Despite this, the Imperium retreated from Mu'gulath Bay, as the White Scars 3rd Company abandoned the conflict to reinforce their homeworld. It was decided that the planet would suffer Exterminatus, destroying the planet and forcing the Tau to abandon it.

Farsight Enclave.jpg
The Battle of Port Demesnus


Through his vision with Kysaduras the Anchorite, Eldrad Ulthran is able to see a bright future of the Aeldari, a last fragment of hope as Abbadon is gathering is 13th Black Crusade and the approach of Rhana Dandra. Only through the birth of Ynnead, the God of the Dead, can the Aeldari defeat She-who-thirsts and see their glory rebirth.

Gathering the Cristalised Seers of every Craftworld, Eldrad prepares an ambitious ritual with the help of the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow. The Farseer hopes to use the crystal moon of Coheria to connect the Infinity Matrix of every Craftworld and awaken the dormant entity that resides within.

But Coheria is unique and located in Imperial Space. Luring his allies, Eldrad send the forces of Craftworld Saim-Hanna and Ulthwe against Port Demesnus, above which Coheria is orbiting, while he prepares his own ritual.

The Deathwatch, lead by Captain Artemis, is able to see through the Alien's manipulation and disturbs his ritual despite the resilience of the Harlequins. Eldrad and his allies flee as Coheria explodes.

Battle of Coheria.jpg
The Nights of a Thousand Rebellion


Countless worlds across the Imperium fall into unrest and rebellion. Even worlds once thought secure, such as Enceladus, Darkhold and Minisotira, are affected. The homeworld of the Lions Defiant Chapter is lost to anarchy. Communication is lost with large swathes of Segmentum Pacificus. [DATA LOST]

The 13th Black Crusade : 999.M41-000.M42

This part of the story is told in the Campaign book series Gathering Storm. We have decided to give it it's own detailled section, for the many informations of this particular campaign makes it most important for the futur of Warhammer 40.000. New factions appears, strongholds fell and legends awoke.

Event Description Picture
Battle of Frenerax As the worlds around the Eye of Terror are crippled by several Space Hulks emerging from the Warp Storm, the Chaos vessel known as the Plagueclaw was sighted, spreading pestilence where it goes. Admiral Quarren hunt down the ship to the Frenerax Dust Cloud, but fell in an ambush against the Plague Fleet, lead by the dreadful Terminus Est, flagship of Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle. Though Quarren escaped, the Battle of Frenerax cost dearly to the Imperial Navy, and the worst is yet to come.
Terminus Est.png
The Second Plague of Unbelief Operating in total impunity, the Plague Fleet spread pestilence throughout the Sector, infecting worlds with the Zombie Plague and many other creation of Grand-Father Nurgle.

The desctruction lead to the emergence of countless cult of apocalypse, claiming the Emperor's Wrath was falling over the forsaken Imperium. Crippled by plagues, the authorities were unable to resist the rebellions. Worse, Chaos Space Marine launched raid against the vulnerable worlds of the Imperium. Belis Corona was conquered by Typhus.

On the Imperial World of Lelithar, a leader of the Cults appears, proclaiming himself as the Voice of the Emperor. The Ecclesiarchy battled the heretic, but all attempt at assassination proved unsuccessful.

Chaos Culstist.jpg
The Battle of Tyrok Fields Despite the Chaos taking over the Imperial Defenders, the World of Cadia remained a beacon of stability. Gathering on their homeworld, the Regiment of Cadian Shock Troopers were preparing a counter attack, but were soon betrayed by the revered Volscani Cataphracts, who turned themselves to the worship of Chaos, killing most of Cadian High-Command. As the last skilled commander left alive, Lord Castellan Ursakar E. Creed became Governor of Cadia and assumed command of the remaining Imperial Guard forces. As he prepared his defenses, Creed send a call for help throughout the Imperium, warning them of the Chaos that was taking over the Sector.

As the Imperium was mastering its strength, a Chaos fleet of hundred of warships, Space Hulks and transports emerged from the Eye of Terror, escorting the Blackstone Fortresses taken during the Gothic War.

The 13th Black Crusade had finally begun.

Charge Cadienne 2.jpg
The invasion of the Agripinaa Sector Virtually defenseless, the worlds of the Agripinaa systems were ravaged by the Plague Fleet of Typhus, invading the worlds with his legions of Plague Marines and Nurglite Daemons.

An intervention by the Howling Griffons Chapter, Jouran Dragoons Guardsmen and Legio Astorum Titans prevented the total collapse of Imperial rule in the Sector. Later reinforced by the Death Specter Chapter, the Imperials could even attack Lelithar, defended by Typhus himself.

Howling Griffons.jpg
Rapture through the Scarus Sector Led by Lucius the Eternal, the Emperor's Children butchered the world of Belisar, while the Night Lords moved to the Scarus Sector, spreading fear and terror to the human population.

Later, the Ork Green Kruzade would traverse the Scarus Sector and meet in battle against the Night Lords and the Imperial Defenders.

Night Lords.jpg
The Battle of Medusa Abbadon launched a massive invasion against Medusa, homeworld of the Iron Hands Chapter. The ten Land Behemoth of the Chapter were mobilised to defend the planet, assaulted by the Haradni 13th Traitor Guard, leading to the largest battle of History since the Battle of Tallarn during the Horus Heresy.

Despite many casualties and grievous damages inflicted upon their Behemoth, the Iron Hands were able to decimate the Tanks of the heretics and secure their Homeworld.

Iron Hands 8.png
The Invasion of Cadia Abaddon started his attack against the War World by a terrible orbital bombardment, soon followed by an invasion of mutants, heretic, daemons and traitor Marines. Aided by the Space Wolves legendary 13th Company, the Cadian Shock Troops held firm despite the losses and horrors of the Warp.

Receiving reinforcements from Cypra Mundi, the Imperial Navy, under Admiral Quarren launched a daring counter assault against the Warmaster's fleet, breaking the blockade and allowing Imperial reinforcements to land on the planet.

Creed, supported by the White Scars, launched a counter attack against the invaders from Cadia, engaging the forces of Chaos on several worlds. After long weeks of bloody resistance, the defenders of Cadian Gate received reinforcements from dozens of Loyalist Space Marine Chapter, counting the mighty Grey Knights amongst them. The counter attack would reach Agripinaa, forcing the Warmaster to take a step back.

Cadia Stand.jpg
The Warp Storm Lead by Dark Apostle Erebus, the Word Bearer would start ritual on the world they had conquered, unleashing Warp Storms and hordes of Daemons accross the Sectors outlaying the Eye of Terror. Cut of from aid, those Sectors saw their population slaughtered. When the Astartes reinforcements arrived, the cants of the Word Bearer reached their peaks, and the entire region around the Eye of Terror was attacked by a massive Warp Storm, making impossible for the Imperial forces to travel through the Immaterium.

Typhus used this to his advantage, turning the Agripinaa Sector into pestilent ruins.

Even worse, from the depth of the Eye of Terror, Abaddon would call his flagship, the Planet Killer.

Xenos forces arrive to complicate the situation even further, such as the attack of Hive Fleet Leviathan against Belis Corona or the Green Krusade.

Dark Apostle.jpg
The Fate of the Phalanx Hoping to cross Abaddon, the Daemon Prince Bel'Akor and the Warpsmith Shon'tu board the Phalanx, with the plan to turn its mighty weapons against the Imperial Palace on Terra.

Only defended by the remains of the Imperial Fist 3rd Company, the Phalanx holds long enough for its Warp Engines to activate. By translating into the Warp, Captain Tor Garadon stops the immediate threats against Terra.

As the Imperial Fists makes their last stand, the Legion of the Damned pass through the Gellar Fields of the ship and reinforce the Imperial defenders, exterminating the Iron Warriors and banishing Bel'Akor. But for unknown reason, the Legionnaires don't dissapear after the battle, awaiting simply waiting on board. When the ship receives Cadia's call for help, Tor Garadon's answer.

The birth of Ynnead Though failed, the ritual of Eldrad Ulthran was not without consequences. The God of the Dead, Ynnead, has awaken, and choose his Emissary amongst the Aeldari : Yvraine, a former Craftworlders turned Succubus in Commorragh. As the gladiator is slained, the Newborn entity claims her soul and ascend her as Guide of the Seventh Path.

The overloading of Warp energy shatters the Gate of Khaine, which was keeping Commorragh protected from Daemons. As the Dark City suffers from a massive Dysjunction, Yvraine and her allies escapes the Realm of Commorragh.

The Siege of Fenris Ordered by Abaddon, the Alpha Legion attack the Fenris system and summons several rifts allowing Chaos Daemons to enter realspace. The Sons of Russ mount a mighty defense on each world of the system against the Chaos Space Marines and the Daemonic Hosts, soon supported by the Grey Knights, pushing them back into the Warp after much efforts.

Lead by the Rock and the Invincible Reason, an Imperial forces formed by the Dark Angel arrived to purge the system of the remaining Daemon enclaves, claiming they will not let the Space Wolves fall into damnation. Azrael ordered Fenris itself to be bombarded.

Using the opportunity, the Daemon Primarch, Magnus the Red, returned with his Thousand Sons to take his revenge after the Burning of Prospero during the Horus Heresy. The battle was fierce and bloody, but Logan Grimnar and the Grey Knights were able to banish the Primarch back into the Warp. Asking for revenge, the Great Wolves and his warriors made their way toward the Cadian Gate.

But Magnus's objectives were completed. With the sacrifice of countless lives, the Crimson King teleported the Planet of Sorcerer from the Eye of Terror into the Propero System, bringing with it Tzeentchian Legions and Warp Storms, creating a new base of operation in the middle of Segmentum Solar.

The Siege of Fenris.jpg
The Fracture of Biel-Tan Feeling the newly-born God and his Emissary, the Masque of Slaanesh allies with the Exiled Daemon Skarbrand to attack Craftworld Biel-Tan, homeworld of Yvraine.

Destroying the Maiden World of Ursulia, the Daemon lured the Swordwind near a closed Webway Gate that could lead the Host to the Craftworld. Despite the martiality and strength of the Asuryani, Skarbrand breaks the Gate's protection, allowing a portion of his forces and the Masque's Coterie to attack Biel-Tan. The Aspect Warriors destroys the Gate to limit the incursion.

As Skarbrand battles against the Avatar of Khaine, the Masque infiltrates the Craftworld with her Daemonette and finds the Throne of the Avatar. From their, she infect the Infinity Matrix of Biel-Tan, just a second efore her forces are slaughtered by the Phoenix Lord Jain Zar. Although the incursion is repelled, the souls of Biel-Tan are in peril.

When Yvraine's arrive, Ynnead shows her a way to save the Craftworld, and start the Seventh Path that leads toward the salvation of her people. Using the Crone Sword known as Asu-Var, Yvraine sacrifices the souls of Biel-Tan to Ynnead and summons the Yncarne, his Avatar. The Masque is cast, but the energetic shock destroys Biel-Tan.

Learning of the consequences of his ritual, Eldrad Ulthran allows the Ynnari to journey to Ulthwe. But his action on Coheria draw the wrath of the Seer Council upon him, and he is banished alongside the Ynnari from the Craftworld.

Fracture of Biel-Tan.jpg
The discoveries of Belisarius Cawl On route for Cadia, the Arch-Magos of Mars, Belisarius Cawl, was drawn to the Dead World of Eriad VI, destroyed during the 4th Black Crusade. Their, he reluctantly listenned to the whispers of Shadowseer Sylandri Veilwalker and made archeologic investigation.

The Tech-Priest found ruins of an alien technology similar to the Pylons of Cadia, and realised what Abaddon's has been trying to do since the beginning of the Long War : destroying the array of Pylon around the Eye of Terror to provoque a Warp cataclysm of unmatched destruction to break the Imperium. Hasting for Cadia, the Mechanicum Priest hoped to stop the Despoiler's stratagem before it was too late.

Belisarius Cawl.jpg
The Raid of Belial IV The Seventh Path requires for the five Swords of Morai-Heg, the Crone Sword, to be reunited. With their power, Yvraine hopes to give enough powers to Ynnead, and destroys Slaanesh. For now, the Ynnari hold two Crone Sword : Kha-Vir and Asu-Var. With allies from Biel-Tan and Ulthwe, faithful of Ynnead's ascension, they travels to the Crone World of Belial IV to find another of the legendary weapon.

The Haemonculi of Commorragh, hungering for Yvraine's bodies and willing to experiment on this new entity, ambushes the Ynnari on the Crone World, but when the Yncarne succeed in permanently destroying one of their one, the Dark Eldar retreats, fearing for their lives for the first time in millenia.

Their assault draws the forces of Slaanesh upon the Ynnari, who held firms until the Emissary founds Vilith-Zar, the Crone Sword of Belial IV. As they seems surrounded, the faithful are saved by an expedition from Craftworld Iyanden, which secure a path for them to the nearest Webway Gate.

Harlequin vs Slaanesh.jpg
The Siege of Cadia Secundus As the last remaining bastion of order in the Cadian Gate, the War World becomes the main target of Abaddon's Black Fleet, lead by the Will of Eternity, one of the Blackstone Fortress secured during the Gothic War.

Thanks to its null-array generated by the Pylons, Cadia was protected from the Warp-Beam of the ancient weapon, forcing the Warmaster to ground invasion. After a fearsome orbital bombardment, Chaos Space Marines, Cultists and Daemons lead by Daemon Prince Urkanthos. The Astartes, Guardsmen and Sisters held firm against the invaders, but with each minute, the forces of Chaos gained new ground, and when they breached the Kriegan Gates, all hopes seemed lost for the defenders. Urkanthos was close to destroy the null-array and see Cadia destroyed by the fury of the Will of Eternity.

But the Emperor heard the prayers of his warrior and send St.Celestine, his Living Saint, to aid them. Her light guided more Adepta Sororita's vessel from the Warp Storm, bringing most needed reinforcements. With a fiery sword, she banished Urkanthos back into the Warp.

From the Warp, came the Phalanx. Knowing he may send the ship to its last battle, Tor Garadon attacked the Will of Eternity and unleashed the phenomenal firepower of Dorn's ship upon the Chaos weapon until it's Warp core was shattered, rendering it useless. The Legion of the Damned and Imperial Fist on board of the Phalanx then landed on Cadia to support their allies.

As the Imperium could catch its breath, Belisarius Cawl arrived, bringing with him the knowledge to defeat Abaddon. Should the Despoiler destroy the Pylons on Cadia, the Galaxy would suffer the consequences for eons to come.

The Battle of Iyanden Iyanna Arienal, Spiritseer of Iyanden, had foreseen the awakening of Ynnead, and when Yvraine's forces are located by the Iyandenii on Belial IV, she allows them to the Craftworld despite the Seer Council's doubts, as their homeworld is assailed by the forces of Nurgle.

Lead by the Great Unclean One Gara'gugul'gor, the forces of the Plague God plans to crash a corrupted Space Hulk over the Craftworld to destroy it. Prince Yriel, savior of Iyanden, leads a strike force to detonate the wreckage from the inside. Though he is successful, Yriel is killed, and his body infected with Nurgle's gift.

Though, Iyanna and Yvraine repels the Daemonkin, Yriel's body is recovered. The Emissary enters the quarantine chambers alone, using the powers of Ynnead to kill the disease. Revealing that the Spear of Twilight is one of the Crone Sword, Yvraine's uses the bound between Yriel and the weapon to restore him to life.

As they gather, the heroes of Iyanden and of the Ynnari realises the ascendance of the Powers of Chaos, and their dire need of allies. The Imperium appears to be the only potent candidat, but divided and fractures, the Mon'keigh are powerless against Chaos. Yriel's come to a simple conclusion : they need a leader.

Iyanden Spiritseer.png
The Battle of the Elysion Field The defenders of Cadia gathered at Elysion Field, above the subterrain Pylons. Protected from orbital bombardment by the Phalanx, Cawl and his Tech-adepts started working on the xenos technology. Once again, the Imperium and Chaos clashed in a terrible battle.

This time, Abaddon lead his warriors himself, his simple presence shattering the moral of Guardsmen as Astartes proved incapable to stop him. The Chaos Terminators slaughtered the 8th Cadian Regiment, with Kell sacrifying himself to save his friend and superior Creed.

A saviour came from unexpected corner. The Necron Overlord Trazyn the Infinite, unwilling to see the Galaxy and his collection drowned in Warpfire, helped Cawl to understand the Pylons and used a Tesseract Labyrinth to unleash Imperial warriors from his collection, as Abaddon and his Honor Guard approached the Archmagos. Ancient Heresy-Era Ultramarines, Vostroyan Guardsmen as well as Inquisitor Katarina Greyfax joined the frey, soon followed by Astartes and Sisters reinforcements.

Belisarius Cawl succeeded in activating the Pylon, amplifying the null-array to such power that all Warp entity, servent of Chaos or of the Emperor, vanished, with the exception of the Living Saint vanished.

Celestine battled against Abaddon, and with the help of Inquisitor Greyfax, she nearly killed the Despoiler, forcing him to teleport back to the Vengeful Spirit. The forces of Chaos retreated with their Warmaster.

The War in the Labyrinth The Ynnari set a course for the Cadian Gate through the Webway. Their, they are ambushed by Ahriman and his Thousand Sons. Hearing words of the God of the Dead Powers, Ahriman planned to capture the Ynnari and pledged Yvraine to his will, for in her might lied the power to restore his Legion.

The Ynnari fight valiantly, but the sorceries of Ahriman allows him to capture the Emissary and neutralise the Yncarne. Playing it all for the whole, Yvraine uses her power to restore a dozen of Rubricae to mortal life, reversing the Rubric of Ahriman. In surprise and awe, Ahriman let go of the spells restraining his captives. His surprise allows the Ynnari to repel the Thousand Sons, as the Wraithknight Soulseeker cast the restored Thousand Sons into the Warp, where Ahriman follows them. Freed, the Ynnari continue their path.

The Death of Cadia Though he could not breack the spirit of the Imperium's proud defender, Abbadon knew Cadia's fate was already scealed. As his forces retreated, the Warmaster ordered with Warpsmith onboard of the Will of Eternity's remains to crash upon the planet. Four time the size of the Vengeful Spirit, the fragment shattered the planet's crust, the Pylons failing due to the disturbance. Daemons lashed out of the Warp with blood-lust as Cadia died.

Inquisitor Greyfax ordered the evacuation of the planet, transports going from the surface to the Phalanx and the remaining Imperial ships in orbits, Creed and his Guards buying time for the survivors. He dissapeared with millions when Cadia finally crumbled onto itself.

Cadia Destroyed.jpg
The Alliance of Klaisus From Cadia, the retreat of the Imperium would be marked by anarchy and death, as the Storm broke many ships from the fleet, while covering Abaddon's captains hit-and-run attacks. Celestine ordered the fleet to set a course for the Ice World of Klaisus, as the Emperor commanded it.

On the Ice World, Celestine, Cawl and Greyfax battled the Black Legion in the Blizzard, until they are found by the Ynnari. Yvraine urges the Imperial to follow her into the Webway, and set a course for Maccrage, where the War will continue against their common enemy. Reluctantly, they agreed.

The Ynnari.PNG
The Campaign of Ultramar The Alliance between the Ynnari and Celestinian makes their way to Maccrage, followed by a fleet of the Black Legion, as the Sorcerer Zaraphiston warned Abaddon of their escape, and saw in vision the risk they represented for the Black Crusade. With the growing tides of the Warp, the Black Legion arrives first ant attack Ultramar, along with the aid of numerous Chaos Warbands.

The survivors first emerges from the Webway on the Shrine World of Laphis in the Maccrage System, where the besieged Ultramarine garrison were convinced to escort the Imperial forces and Yvraine to Chapter Master Marneus Calgar. The rest of the Ynnari escapes through the Webway, forbidden to approach Maccrage.

Before the Chapter's highest ranking officers, Belisarius Cawl revealed the task the was given to him millenia ago, after the death of Roboute Guilliman : finding a way to bring him back. Though Cawl believes his prototype of Power Armor could awaken the comatose body of Guilliman and protect him from his wound, he remains powerless against the psychic curse that touches the Primarch. Curses that Yvraine, using the powers of Ynnead, can heal, meaning their combine science and sorcery could return Roboute Guilliman to life. Though they are tempted to kill the Archmagos for his infamy, Chief Librarian Tigurius convinces his brothers to let them try, considering Abaddon's victory on Cadia and the current Warp cataclysm that wreaks through the Galaxy.

As the Black Legion and their allies attacks the Shrine of Guilliman, where the Primarch is entombed, Cawl and Yvraine starts their work. The 3rd Brotherhood of the Grey Knight and Celestinian forces protects the Shrine from the forces of Chaos for many hours, but can't hold the hundreds upon hundreds of Hereticus Astartes. However, they bought enough time for the operation to be completed : the Primarch of the Ultramarines joins the fight and lead the warriors of the Imperium against the Traitors.

After several campaigns to draw the main Chaos forces away from Ultramar, Guilliman adjust to the evolution of the Imperium since the 31st Millenium.

Guilliman returns.jpg
The Terran Crusade Seeing the advantage the Chaos Gods gained by destroying Cadia, Roboute Guilliman gathered the Imperial forces under his command and set a course for Terra, willing to secure the Throne World before the Traitors destroy it.

Forced to use small warp jump to avoid being caught in the current Warp turmoil, Guilliman's fleet is delayed in its progress. When they arrived near the Maelstrom, Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons ambushed the Loyalist, using his psychic powers to pull the Maccrage's Honour and its escort into the Warp Storm. Many vessels were destroyed during the ambush, and others were destroyed by Red Corsairs and Tzeentchian Daemon ambush inside the Maelstrom.

They would have remained trap forever, if not for the assistance of the Aeldari Harlequin Sylandri Veilwalker who showed them the path to freedom. Here, they fell into another surprise attack of the Red Corsairs, who boarded Guilliman's capital ship with the assistance of Kairos Fateweaver. The Lord of Change used his magic to capture the Primarch, forcing his warriors to surrender. For unknown reason, Tzeentch wanted them alive.

They were moved to a Blackstone Fortress, the symbol of Huron Blackheart alliance with Abaddon, under the gaze of Skarbrand and his Khornate Daemon, hungering for the murder of the Primarch. The confusion between the two daemon allowed Veilwalker and the mysterious figure known as Cypher to free the Imperials, who could battle once again with the assistance of their allies. Though the Chaos Daemons had the upper hand, the arrival of the Legion of the Damned allowed the Imperial Fleet to escape through the Webway.

The Battle of Luna Knowing his treacherous brother, Guilliman expected Magnus to be using him to open the Webway Gate on Terra, allowing the Thousand Sons a direct attack against the Imperial Palace, behind the defenses of the Adeptus Custodes.

To deny this, Guilliman asked Sylandri and her Harlequins to guide them to the Webway Portal on Luna, where they were followed by the Crimson King and his ashened sons.

When Guilliman and Magnus duelled, the power of the Daemon Primarch overwhelmed his brother, until Battlefleet Solar brought reinforcements to Terra, including elements of the Silent Sisterhood, whose Pariah abilities disrupted Magnus's spells and psychic powers, allowing Guilliman to force him back into the Warp, just before the Harlequins sealed the Webway Gate, then vanishing.

The direct threat to Terra now repelled, the resurected Primarch entered the Chamber of the Golden Throne, to speak with the Emperor, his Father.

Guilliman vs Magnus the Red.jpg

Dark Imperium : 000.M42-???

Note : With 8th Edition, Games Workshop's authors decided not to mark the date of events, justifying this decision by the time disruption provoqued by the Cicatrix Maledictum. Therefor, the few dates you will see writen in this section are approximations.

Event Description Picture
The Noctis Aeterna


The Warp cataclysm that wreaked across the Galaxy since the destruction of the Cadian Pylons cut the Galaxy in half, causing a disruption of the Astronomicon that send millions of ship into the Warp and start a series of Warpstorm that rages everywhere. Countless worlds are isolated or destroyed by Daemons.

This "Blackness", as many comes to call it, makes Warp travels and communications impossible, breaking the Imperium before the raids, slaughter and invasion of Chaos Daemons and mortal cultist.

The Battle of Lion's Gate


Using the Warp Storm breaking over Terra, the Blood God send 88 cohorts of his daemonic servants to attack the Imperial Palace, lead by 8 Bloodthirster. The Neverborn appears before the Lion Gate, passing through Terra's orbital defenses as if they didn't existed.

Led by Roboute Guilliman, appointed as Lord Commander of the Imperium after he emerged from the Sanctum Imperialis, lead the Adeptus Custodes, Silent Sisterhood and Primaris Space Marines against the Daemons, destroying them before they could reach the Eternity Gate, but at the cost of billions of inhabitants of the Throneworld, and 2000 Custodian Guards.

Although the invasion was repelled, the High Lords of Terra are terrified by the meaning of the attack. Not even the Throneworld was safe from Daemonic incursion.

Battle of Lion's Gate.jpg
The Gate is broken


With the destruction of Cadia and the Blackness, Abaddon the Despoiler lead his massive Black Fleet outside of the Eye of Terror, leaving the War world a broken asteroid field.

Any survivors of Cadia, either for arriving to late from other warzone to witness the destruction of their homeworld or survivors of the Fall, redeployed to the other planets of the Cadian Gate, such as Belis Corona and Agripinaa, currently under invasion from the Warmaster's fleets. Though these worlds still hold, the Chaos fleets are free to leave the Eye and attack anywhere in the Galaxy.

Cadian Shock Trrops.png
The Blood Crusade


To celebrate the new conquest allowed by the Blackness, Khorne send his countless legions in realspace to destroy, slaughter and kill in his name. They split into eight direction and, riding the Warp, they invaded countless world and interfered in countless warzone, as defenders were overwhelmed and taken by surprise.

Notably, they interfered in the Octarius War between Hive-Fleet Leviathan and the Ork Empire, before the Blood Waves took them away.

Entire worlds of the Imperium, Necron Dynasties and even entire Hive-Fleets were destroyed to honor Khorne's name.

Khorne Ost 2.jpg
The Hour of the Damned


During the Blackness, all hopes of survival for the Imperium wasn't lost, as mysterious saviors came to the aid of invaded worlds and confused warzone. The Legion of the Damned emerged from the Warp to battle the forces of Chaos on hundreds of worlds, such as Baal or Armageddon, destroying their foes before dissapearing in warpspace again.
Legion of the Damned 1.jpg
The Light returns

circa 010.M42

At first just a distant blink in warpspace, the rays of the Astronomicon grows in strength until the light of the Emperor pierces through the darkness anew, only to illuminate the horrors of the Blackness, and the wars to come.

Even the light of the Emperor was not capable to pierce, or dissipate, through the major Warp Storm which connects the Eye of Terror, the Maelstrom and the Hadex Anomaly , reaching two corners of the Galaxy. This Cicatrix Maledictum, or Great Rift, separate the Imperium in half, and denied the Emperor's light to the half isolated from Terra. Throughout this "Dark Imperium", the Chaos invasion continued.

Reports of casualties and losses reached Terra when the Astronomicon returned, informing the High-Lords of the destruction of countless systems and of several Chapters of Space Marines, such as the Sky Sentinels. Some barely survived, like the White Consuls.

The Indomitus Crusade


To the Lord Commander of the Imperium, the only way to save the Imperium was to deny its advantage to Chaos before they could use it. Guilliman gathered a new armada, with elements from the Adeptus Custodes, Silent Sisterhood and a vast legion of Primaris Space Marine. Strike-forces of dozen of Space Marine Chapters, lead by the Imperial Fist joined the Armada, along the Martian forces of Belisarius Cawl.

The Primarch travelled to many worlds, bringing reinforcements and rebirth to Imperial defenders and citizens, and fury and death to its enemies. The Indomitus Crusade spread through Imperium Sanctus, breaking the siege and stronghold established by Chaos Cultists and Hereticus Astartes.

As the astropathic array spread the news, the Imperium found the strength to fight back against its foes : a Son of the Emperor had returned to save them.

Indomitus Crusade.jpg
The Stand at Armageddon


When the Noctis Aeterna happend, the forces of the Orks and the Imperium still battled upon the desertic lands of Armageddon. When both sides were cut off from reinforcements or evacuation, they weren't only trap with their old foe, but with a newly arrived Blood Crusade of Khorne, pushing the Orks and Humans to such desperation that some bands allied with eachothers for a time to survive. Such temporary ceasefire never lasted long.

When the Astronomicon returned, Armageddon was still in Imperium Sanctus, but so close to the Great Rift that half the planet is now a Daemon World controlled by Khornate and Tzeentchian Hosts, fighting eachothers for supremacy.

Led by the Salamanders, nine Space Marine Chapter fought their ways through the Daemons to halt a ritual meant to summon Angron, Primarch of the World Eater, back to the planet.

Devastation of Baal


After the sacrifice of the Cryptus System, Commander Dante prepared his defenses on Baal against the coming Tyranid Hive-Fleet. The Sons of Sanguinius, including their numerous Successor Chapter, gathered on Baal, forming an army of 30 000 Astartes against the living armada of the Xenos.

By waves ever and ever larger, the Tyranids attacked Baal and its twin moons, each assault costing hundreds of lives to the Angels, until the few survivors were forced to retreat back to the Fortress Monastery of the Blood Angels.

As they prepared for their last stand, the Cicatrix Maledictum openned and affected the battle in many aspect. The aetheric storms send thousands of Tyranid bio-ships into the Warp, breaking the psychic communion of the alien, and all life on Baal Primus was destroyed.

Even with this, there was enough Tyranids on Baal to kill every last remaining Blood Angel. Dante led his forces against the hives and defeated the Swarmlord in combat. When the Tyranids tried to call for reinforcements, no answer came from their Hive-Fleet, replaced by the armada of the Indomitus Crusade, lead by Roboute Guilliman in person. The Angels were saved, but the fighting was far from over.

On Baal Prime, Scouts founded thousand of alien skulls reshaped to form the rune of their old nemesis : the Bloodthirster Ka'bandha.

Blood Angels Captain.jpg
Terra retaliates


With the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum and the Fall of the Cadian Gate, the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, Trajann Valoris, estimates that his long vigil over the Golden Throne must take another form.

From now on, the Custodian Guards would not only guard the Imperial Palace and defend Holy Terra, but would also send their strike forces to destroy any threat to the Golden Throne before it can reach Terra.

Trajann Valoris.jpg
The Plague Wars


Throughout Ultima Segmentum, a new plague spread across warzones and planets, rising the dead to fight against the living. Each living-dead destroyed releases a swarm of Nurglings, spreading the disease beyond what conventionnal purge can safeguard. Using the Blackness, this plague clames many worlds before the Imperium even knew of its existence.

This bio-weapon lead to the creation of the Scourge Stars, three star systems entirely claimed by Nurgle, and used as a base of operation by the Death Guard Legion for their next plan : the invasion of Ultramar. For this, the Plague Marines and Nurglite Daemons are lead by nonother than Mortarion, Primarch of Nurgle.

As they advance, Hive-World turns into pits of corruption and Agri-World devolved toward pestilential swamp. When Guilliman returned, his abilities as a tactician and Primaris reinforcements allowed the Ultramarines and their Successors to retaliate with the Spear of Espandor, which repelled most of the invasion until Mortarion and Guilliman fought on Iax. Although they could retaliate, the Chaos Daemons and Space Marines dissapear under the cover of a Virus Bomb and abandon the conflict.

Plague War.jpg
The Invasion of the Stygius Sector


Jealous of Khorne and Nurgle's conquest, Tzeentch grew envious of the Stygius Sector, located in the Dark Imperium. The Architect of Fate prepares thousands of schemes and legions of Daemons and mortals to conquer the isolated and broken Sector.

After many Cults uprising and actions of the Changeling, havoc and confusion spread through the sector, the Thousand Sons and the Great Changehost, lead by Magnus the Red and M'Kachen, a Lord of Change, invaded the worlds claimed by Tzeentch, with only the world of Mordia being able to resist the invasion.

The Imperium launched the Stygius Crusade to repel the invaders, but they suffered atrocious casualties and many setbacks. The Imperial were nearly exterminated until a vast Warhost from Craftworld Ulthwe which helped the Crusade to escape. The Seer Council convinced the Crusade's commander that retreating was the only viable option.

Thousand Sons 1.jpg
No Safe Passage


The Imperial Navy discovers a passage through the Cicatrix Maledictum near the Knight World of Dharrovar, in the Nachmund System. The Knights of Dharrovar, under the rule of the Tyrant Kaligus, were thought lost to the Imperium since the Horus Heresy and fell from grace during their isolation.

Kaligus rejected the Imperium and instead made bargain with pirates, mercenaries and renegades and guard the closest Planet to the Nachmund Gauntlet. Many ships attempt to travel through this passage, but many are destroyed in the attempt.

Warp Storm.jpg
The War of Beasts.


Located in the Dark Imperium side of the Nachmund Gauntlet, Vigilus is a strategic position to secure the battles in other side of the Great Rift. Its surface became a hard-fought battlefield after the Indomitus Crusade.

Phase One : The first threat to arrive on Vigilus was the Speedwaaagh! of the Speedlord Krooldakka. Because of the dark influence of the Rift, the Astropath and Psykers of Vigilus didn't foresaw the arrival of the Orks, who landed in the desertic lands between Hivesprawls. At first repelled by the Bastion-class Psychic fields protecting the Hives, the Orks couldn't launch their invasion, but as the warp disturbed the fields, the Orks launched invasion against the Mechanicus, Sororita and Militarum forces.

The Ork invasion revealed another foe, the Genestealer Cult of the Pauper Prince, hidden within the population since before the formation of the Great Rift. Forced to combat because of the Ork savagery, the Cultists started their revolution early, but took the Imperials from behind and by surprise, inflicting devastating sabotage and ambush to the defenders of Vigilus.

Learning of the Planet's strategic priority, Marneus Calgar gathered a crusade force of Astartes to reinforce the planet. The Chapter Master exterminated the ruling Council of Vigilus, infected by the Pauper Prince, and replaced it with a Senat of trusted military commander.

Phase 2 : Lead by vision of their Farseers, the Asuryani of Saim-Hann emerged from the Webway to destroy a Chaos Cult rising on Vigilus. Mistaking the Eldar for their dark kin, the Imperials openned fire and killed many warriors as they escaped. Filled with revenge, the Spiritseer Qelnaris lead a Wraith Host against Calgar's Senate. Though they were repelled, the Asuryani weren't defeated.

At first put to difficulty by the Space Marine counter attack, Genestealers and Orks replicated quickly, rising in ingeniosity and brutality to maintain their advantage. Members of the Inquisition on the planet are worried of a potential Chaos invasion.

Phase 3 : Strange dreams and unknown vox signals anounced the arrival of Chaos forces on Vigilus. The Black Legion, Thousand Sons and Death Guard made planetfall, lead by Haarken Worldclaimer, the Herald of the Apocalypse. Despite a failed attempt at assassinating Calgar, the Chaos Lord claimed that after 80 days, the world of Vigilus would belong to Abaddon.

Genestealer Cult Pauper Prince.jpg
Wake the Dead.jpg
The War of Nightmare


Haarken Worldclaimers and his allies weakenned the defenses of Vigilus, awaiting for their Warmaster to come, while the Alpha Legion turned civilians into Chaos Cultists, creating uprising throughout the hive-sprawls. When several warp-signatures were detected in the border of the Great Rift, Calgar left the command of the Vigilus defense to Pedro Kantor and lead a fleet to intercept the Vengeful's Spirit. But his attempt was turned into a failure when a Keeper of Secret was summoned inside the Laurels of Victory, mortally wounding Calgar and forcing the Imperials to retreat. Upon his return, Calgar decided to abandon Kaelac's bane to the Drukhari and Hive Dirkden to the Genestealer Cultists, to regroup his defenses for the arrival of Abaddon.

Meanwhile, the Chaos vanguard assaulted nearly every position on the planet, both Xenos and Imperials, with forces from several warbands and Traitor Legions. Heretics, Xenos and Loyalist alikes battled to take control of key positions before the Vengeful Spirit could arrived in orbit the planet. Reinforcements from the Space Wolves lead by Krom Dragongaze crippled the Ork Spacehulk Worldsmasha and send it fall over Greenskins positions in the wastelands, while Adeptus Mechanicus Onager Dunecrawlers were able to wound the Grandsire Wurm, Patriarch of the Pauper Princes and forced him to flee the Omnissian Hoist.

When Abaddon's flagship arrived in low orbit, the Warmaster met with the Fallen Angels hidden inside the Vhulian Swirl, where they guarded a powerful gravitic weapon known as the Void Claw. Once activated between Vigilus and its moon, the Void Claw crushed and torn apart Imperial Vessels in its area of effect, while Ork scrap-cities and water supplies were scattered in the wastelands.

To win more time, Calgar reproduced Kryptman's Gambit on a miniature scales, directing the forces of his Xenos foes against the forces of Chaos, especially the Orks of the SpeedWaaagh!.

But even with these, both the Void Claw and Chaos Warbands were dragging Vigilus to its end. Calgar soon realised he would have to lower himself to dishonoring stratagems if he wanted to defeat Abaddon. The Chapter Master met with the Saim-Han Farseer Anvirr Keltoc, who foresaw dire consequences for the Asuryani, should Vigilus fall. Through an unknown secret pact, Calgar obtained the support of the aliens, by offerings the lives of the Aquilarian Council, responsible for the Asuryani's wrath.

Once he obtained the Stealth Ship Vaul's Ghost, Calgar filled it with Deathstrike missiles and two Vortex Missiles. Meanwhile, the Ultramarine Chapter Master challenged the Warmaster at Saint's Haven, to one on one combat.

The duel was of epic scale, but ultimately, Calgar was defeated and nearly killed by Abaddon. However, he lost the battle, but won the war as the Eldar stealth ship crashed upon the Vengeful's Spirit, crippling it and forcing it to make a Warp jump. Before he could finish Calgar, Abaddon teleported back to his flagship, unwilling to see his rival take it away from him. The Victrix Guard recovered Calgar's body, still alive thanks to the Belisarian furnace.

During the duel, the Dark Angels lead an assault against the Void Claw, shutting it down and capturing most of its Fallen defenders.

With the forces of Chaos and the Speedwaaagh! leaderless, the Pauper Prince direly weakenned and the Aeldari, both Craftworlders and Dark Eldar, leaving through the Webway, Vigilus could start the recovering, but the war for the Nachmund Gauntles is far from over.

Haarken Worldclaimer.jpg
Abaddon in Warp transit.png
Vigilus Ablaze.jpg
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