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Hello, I am a content moderator here and a moderator on the 40k homebrew discord. I write for fun and am currently writing a fantasy novel. My work is usually more on the chaos side of things and I like to write stories to bring my homebrew chapters/convents to life. I tend to write dark stories, fiction/fantasy and psychological thrillers. Free writing is easiest for me. I was introduced to Warhammer 40k by two friends who spontaneously started a role play on an OT thread. These OP characters just could not be beat so I started researching and found Tzeentch, genestealers and the Emperor...Potatocis.

I am fluent in English and French.

That's about it...

If you need anything, feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.

My Short stories

This story follows the recruitment and training of Alessander Vek of the Verum Illuminate. The true allegiance of the Chapter is found out by the main character and his friends.

This story shows the fall of Julia Savant, a Sister Repentia, to the chaos god Slaanesh and the founding of the chaos warband the Sisters of the Night.

A Marine is captured by the Sisters of the Night and is tortured in an attempt to turn him away from the Imperium and into a servant of Slaanesh. We follow him through his captivity and his adventures across the Imperium.

The story of a guardsman who comes face to face with a daemonette in an attempt to help the Order of the Dawn in their quest to destroy the Sisters of the Night.

The story of a Grail Knight from the Red Crusaders and a Grail Sister of the Order of the Dawn who fights the evil sorcerer Pallas in order to save the adepta sororitas' homeworld, Aurora.

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