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Hi! You seem to have stumbled upon my user page, which I assume means you're interested in either talking to me or just learning a bit more about me.

Well, I'm MaliusV, or Borad, whichever works. I've been a longtime fan of Warhammer and am really interested in the creative side of things when I'm not painting my Death Guard or Space Marines. My first Chapter was the Mordekaisers, who have had the honour of being a Homebrew of the Week and being pretty well received by the community. I have since gone on to make a number of homebrews as listed below.

I strive to make homebrews that are as unique as possible and I am always pleased if someone takes the time to read them. Of course, I also welcome criticism and tips on how to improve so, if you feel that my work needs an improvement, by all means tell me.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy my homebrews and, if you are a creator of a homebrew yourself, I look forward to reading it.


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