I'm a lore junkie with 17k pts of Space Marines, 6k AdMech and Mech Knights, 3k Guard, 2.1k Sisters of Battle, and 3k Custodes, and nearly a decade's worth of lore (primarily for Imperial factions and regions) that will be uploaded here, but also dabble in Chaos and Xeno factions that gaming buddies of mine give information to me to upload to describe their armies.

I am also developing the Azuran Sector, Conclave Ordinatus, Forge World Ferunus, Arothi Ferric Guard, and House Thoden pages at the moment as well as several characters.

Feel free to ask any formatting, tagging, or quality standards question on my Message Wall or to my discord account (username: Phrosz/Legatus Decimus Aurelian).


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