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The Sons of the Black Impaler are a notoriously savage and horribly violent Chaos Warband that originally hailed from the Loyalist Crimson Impalers Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, as well as traitors from various Blood Angel chapters.

Warband History

Started from the remnants of the Dragons of Blood warband from the Fesertoss rebellions, the Sons of the Black Impaler were started in earnest by the former Blood Priest of the Crimson Impalers Hanibal. Thought lost by his brothers during a botched mission on a space hulk, the Blood Priest and his entourage of terminator armored Fii de Fier were on a relic retrieval mission, when the Space Hulk they were aboard randomly transitioned back into the Warp. Trapped, the team was beset by a band of marines who had been driven truly insane by the ever changing nature of the labyrinthine ship. As their strength continued to wane, the voice of the Blood God began to whisper into the ear of Hanibal, telling him that the Crimson Impalers were false, that the first Chapter Master, Vlad Rhapthorne had promised his chapter to Khorne but had reneged on their deal. Khorne told Hanibal that if he gave his squad’s souls to him, he would make him what he was always meant to be. He would be the true successor to the first Red Dragon and his men would bring vengeance upon the Night Lords and on the Blood Angels for abandoning them. They would drown the stars in blood and pile skulls on the surface of every planet. The Angel had abandoned his sons, his most loyal sons, and so they would take their place in the annals of history through violence. Hanibal took the deal, and so the plot began. Once the Dark Apostle and his marines escaped the Space Hulk, and with his newfound authority, began to gather up those who fell from the bloodline of Sanguinius, foremost the Dragons of Blood. Under the alias The Bloodied Wyrm, Hanibal organized the assault of Wallchilla by manipulating Night Lord warbands into taking revenge on the planet. During the assault, he freed the rapidly mutating form of Tristam. During the escape, the chaos lord sacrificed the mortal souls of eight Crimson Impaler Umbra Shamans and ascended to the coveted rank of Deamon Prince. Not long after his escape and ascent, Tristam was presented the deamon world of Marzetion by his now second in command.

Sons of the Black Impaler Chaos Terminator

The Sons of the Black Impaler leadership is made up of the Dragons of Blood traitors of the Crimson Impalers, but its numbers are rounded out and subsists on those who have fallen into the worship of Khorne from the geneline of the Blood Angels. The warband has played its cards close it's chest since its inception, allowing the wider Imperium to believe it is a splinter of the Night Lords traitor legion, small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. In truth, Tristam allows the Imperium to believe this, as he gathers his power in quiet, leaving worlds drained of blood and impaled on great stakes. Tristam makes great plans, plans of domination, of violence, of hate and of damnation. His army would choke the universe in its own blood as soon as they can, for the Blood God demands no less.

Warband Homeworld

The Deamon World of Marzetion was not always under the iron fist of Tristam, once it was under the law of anarchy. It took it decades of warfare for the deamon prince to subjugate the many feral warbands on the planet. The strange planet calls to those sons of the Blood that fall to Khorne, those who did not have a place or warband to call their home. It thrummed like the beat of a maddened heart, mirroring the heartbeats of the blood starved chaos marines that call the place home. There was no structure, no command and edifices to speak of, only roving bands of mutants and possessed Space Marines. Tristam believed Hanibal a fool at first, thinking the Apostle had feared him rashly but the Wyrm presented the Deamon Prince with Marzetion, the populace no longer wild and feral but laboring in the construction of a grand fortress. Within a century, or whatever passes for a century in the roils of the Warp, the surface of Marzetion was transformed. The world is covered by thousands of brass forges, sparring cages and the villages of the blood maddened mortal cultists. The Blood Angels descendants who fall still feel the call of the Marzetion, but no longer can they roam the reddened peaks doing battle with the deamons of Khorne, instead they are captured, forced into gladiator pits that they might weed out the weak and join the ranks of the Sons. The largest structure is not Necropola de Alama, which Tristam calls his seat of power, but the Gropi de Sange, the ancient battleground where the Deamon Prince himself tests his mettle against all who challenge his right to rule. Of all the structures on the Marzetion, the Gropi de Sange was not built but rather crafted by the hand of its first master, a Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury. The walls of both the Necropola de Alama and the Gropi de Sange are built from the bones of billions upon billions of the sacrificed, even within the Warp, these sites are a locus for the influence of Khorne and river of blood flow from the surface of the planet, all leading to the great moat that surrounds the Necropola de Alama. The Necropla de Alama is modeled similarly to the Castelul Bestiei, another blasphemous parody that the Sons partake in, their hideous pettiness ever present even on their sanctuary. Directly around the massive skeletal keep, a mirror of the Forest of the Damned can be found, the corpses of thousands of mortals, traitors and xenos affixed atop barbed covered spikes, each in various stages of decay and torturous half life.

Base of Operations

The planet of Marzetion itself is a reflection of Wallchilla in a cloudy and broken mirror, the illusion of any righteousness stripped away and the heart of darkness that beats within the chest of all Sons of Sanguinius exposed for all to see. At the northmost pole of the planet stands a dismal sight for all who dread the master of the Deamon World, the castle Necropola de Alama. Carved directly into a mountain of granitelike warp stone and covered in a shell of harvested skulls of a million slain foes, the towers reaching for the heavy black clouds that constantly hang over the demence of the chaos warband. Massive courtyards and terrible dueling pits litter the inside of the fortress, blood spattered murals depicting the twisted history of the warband as they see it., Along the the darkened hallways are runes traced in thick red liquid suppress the powers of pyskers and other chaotic forces, deamonic warriors of Khorne wandering the corridors prepared to ambush and kill the unprepared.

Notable Campaigns

Warband Organisation


Specialist Formations

Cult of the Dragul- Almost feral, cannibalistic, and absolutely devoted to Tristam, to the point of worship, the Cult of the Dragul are the mortal populations of The Marzetion deamon world. Seeing the Undivine deamon prince as the purest manifestation of Khorne, they howl his praises with rapturous delight constantly, before devolving into orgies of violence and bloodshed. Wielding crude weapons such as cudgels and long knives with no understanding of firearms, the Cult wears makeshift armor and gathers in broken ranks, nothing like the Wallchillan Dragoons they want to pit themselves against so much. Their plated flak armor is daubed with symbols of their chaos worship, 8 pointed stars and the sigil of Khorne traced in the blood of their foes, the skins of those same foes pinned on their armor in nails of bone. Maddened and mutated by their lives born in the Warp, the Cult of the Dragul's members are massive, iron cordlike muscles ripping through their leathered skin, their teeth serrated and sharp as knives. Other minor mutations include horns, spines, scales and thick furlike hair all over. Barely controlled except by the most powerful of the Sons, the Cult takes to the battlefield like a whirlwind, killing and burning all infront of them, taking slaves and returning them to the Marzetion to keep them as prizes and servants. There have been attempts by some traitor guardsmen to impose a kind of order unto the Cult, their skins have been made into banners and their bones into ceremonial knives. The Cult grows at an alarming rate, their genetics rewritten almost completely by the chaotic power that surrounds their every waking moment. The Ordo Hereticus has declared the members of the Cult an abhuman strain, and have declared that this strain is to be executed on sight.

Cursed Wyvern of the Sons of the Black Impaler

The Cursed Wyverns - Like the Crimson Impalers they come from, the Sons of the Black Impaler are obsessed with flight, leaping from the Marzetion's peaks and cliffs to soar over the mortal populations who wander it's surface. To this end, many among the Sons become Cursed Wyverns , known among other warbands as Warp Talons. They act very similarly to the Blood Wings of the Crimson Impalers, wielding chainblades and various firearms to deal the most possible damage to those they believe have slighted them. Death and destruction flow in their wake, smoke and fire billowing behind them, rivers of blood flowing into great pools of vitae. Some members of the Cursed Wyverns become Warp Talons, their desire to commit homicide growing to such degrees that their bodies physically mutate that they might better kill those that pit themselves against their might. The Cursed Wyverns will roar into their enemy's lines and forces, shrieking and howling as if possessed by the deamons they fight beside. Within the Sons, the Wyverns are the most numerous and there are several "clans" within this number vying for control over these many warriors. The largest of these clans, known as the Scarlet Host are led by the champion Asmodeus the Leech. While this warrior of Khorne claims allegiance to Tristam the Undivine, he schemes and plots to ever take the deamon prince's throne, believing himself to be the true master of the Sons of the Black Impaler.

The Brotherhood of Punishment- Made up entirely of the terminators who protected Hanibal within the Warp, the Brotherhood of Punishment has become the personal bodyguard of their deamon prince master, Tristam the Undivine. Marked by the same tusked mutations as other Chaos Terminators, the Brotherhood's are actually overgrown fangs, allowing them to drink the blood of their foes as they gore them in their maddened charges. This dark cadre of terminators is referred to as the Brotherhood, but it is not a sense of brotherly compassion that keeps this deadly group together. Instead it is the mutual sense of dangerous distrust that keeps the brotherhood from dissolving, as each member of the Brotherhood is an extremely deadly warrior, with centuries of genocide marked on his armor and etched across his twin hearts. Beside protecting Tristam, Hanibal has also tasked the team with the desecration of the Imperium’s holy sites, for the glory of Khorne. The Brotherhood of Punishment only has one true lord, the deamon prince Tristam, but take orders from the Brotherhood’s master, Simor the Bloodgorger. Simor was once the sergeant in charge of the terminator squad before its fall, and has since proven himself a dangerous and capable champion of Khorne, his right to command proven by the many mutinous slain he has left in his wake.

The Wyrm’s Disciples- the most zealous of the Sons are gathered under the wing of the Bloodied Wyrm, becoming his faithful servants and his blades to keep the warband in line when they choose to disobey his will or the will of Tristam. These servants of Hanibal see him as the voice of Khorne, and will stop at nothing to destroy those that he commands, be it friend or foe. As his ears and his hand, the Disciples would deliver the hate of the Blood God unto the universe that rejects the gospel of slaughter. As the Dark Apostle’s servants, they also assist in the summoning of deamons, sacrifices and the chosen few are given the right to become Possessed, joining the coveted Impaled Cerberus. These zealous servants are the dark mirror to the Blood Priests that guide the Crimson Impalers, but instead of being the heart of purity, the Disciples goad the Sons into deeper and deeper depths of murder and slaughter. Corruption blossoms from their hearts and wraps it's thorny vines around the souls of all the rest of the warband. Because the Hanibal is loathe to give up any power, the Disciples do not wield their own Accursed Crozius but do attempt to mimic them, with bladed power mauls that they personally soaked in the blood of hundreds of innocents.

The Impaled Cerberus- The Possessed of the Sons of the Black Impaler, the Impaled Cerberus are terrifying, monstrous and their bodies mutated nearly beyond recognition. The mutated marines give themselves over body and soul to the deamons that prowl the Warp, allowing the beings normally trapped in the Immaterium to manifest within Real Space and spread their corruption. As with other warbands, the Impaled Cerberus are all different in appearance, each mutated uniquely to the form that the deamon inside desires most, however one thing connects them all. As part of the ritual that invites the daemonic into their physical forms, the Cerberus are taken to the heart of deamonic activity on the deamon world Marzetion and impaled on great ritual spikes, and after the deamon has entered the body, a shard of the spike is left within the possessed chest. This eternal reminder of their loyalty is Daemon Prince Tristam’s leash, his hold on the Possessed channelled through the stake shards.

The Conquering Butchers- While no longer adhering to the rigid rituals of the Crimson Impalers, the Sons warband does have its own variations on the Scarlet Book of Rhapthrone and as such their own rituals require specialist roles to mirror the roles of the Punisher and the Blotter. To this end, punishing the Night Lords needs a group dedicated to oversee the executions and impalements. The Butchers are those overseers, bound to service of Dumah the Blade of Sorrow, and it is under his guidance that they bludgeon the Night Lords to death, drain them of their blood, remove their organs and impale them upon great spires that they leave in their wake. However, unlike their loyalist counterparts, the Butchers do not reserve their violence for just those descended from Konrad Curze, leaving the populations of whole worlds upon stakes. They satisfy their bloodthirst by draining the blood of their victims into the great brass bowls. Drinking deep of the red liquid with no regard to taste, only slaking their eternal thirst. Meat and tendons are cast over massive fires, roasting them for consumption and making rough spines to stab the remains upon to serve as a reminder of their malovance.

Order of Battle



Combat Doctrine


Primarch's Curse: (Red Thirst)

Born of Sanguinius through and through, the Sons of the Black Impaler are afflicted with the Red Thirst but far more potent than any loyal son of the Great Angel. The pact made by Hanibal the Bloodied Wyrm has damned the souls of his brothers, for Khorne would sever the pain of the Black Rage from the souls of every Black Impaler but would increase the Thirst to it's ultimate form. The desire to drink deep of the crimson vitae that flows through the veins of all life drums constantly in the twin hearts of these traitor sons. Like a deep bass pulsing in the minds of the chaos marines, the Thirst sings a guttural chant within the very soul, deafening their reason and pushing them to slake the unquenchable depths that well up within. Despite their deep desire to overcome their blinding thirst, the deep pit that sits in their souls is impossible to fill. The more blood that the Sons consume, the more they hunger for the blood that flows through the hearts of their foes. Some of the more bloodmaddened warriors see blood flow between the stars, hungering to drink the very life energy that runs in the arteries of the universe.

Warband Beliefs

Notable Personnel

Tristam the Undivine

Once a highly respected and feared member of the Crimson Impalers, Tristam had a bright future ahead of him within the space marine chapter. A lieutenant of the 4th company Avenging Angels, and an accomplished warrior, he was slated to one day have a captainship of his own. However this was not to be, for in the year 807.M37, Tristam would join his company alongside the 5th Company Rhapthorne's Claws to do battle with the ever growing chaos forces led by an agent of Abaddon the Despoiler. It was on the field of battle that Tristam would face a most damning test, for while leading his men against a Khornate warband of formerly loyal cousins of an unknown chapter, the lieutenant would be trapped inside a fallen building. While trapped, a deamon of Khorne, known only in the records as the Scourge of the Angel, played upon the Crimson Impaler's Hunger for blood, forcing him to grapple with his most base thirst. Tormented and forced to isolate himself from the mortals who were trapped with him, the deamon came to the quickly maddening marine with a proposal: in exchange for a body of gene forged flesh, the deamon would take away the hunger for good. For several days, the marine resisted the temptations until on a most bloodsoaked day, the Hunger had gnawed away at his iron will and he fell. Exploding from the rubble, covered in the blood of the mortal soldiers, Tristam, possessed and damned, led half of company into the arms of Khorne. Leading his corrupted brothers against the still loyalist elements of his former chapter, the Scourge of the Angel in the flesh of Tristam cut a bloody swath across the face of an unknown world. The now named Dragons of Blood warband were swiftly garnering a dark prevalence among the astropathic messages returning to Wallchilla and the Crimson Impalers sent the 1st and 2nd companies to re enforce those that were already in combat with the growing warband.

It was during these rebellions that Tristam, the deamon forced from his body by an Umbra Shaman, felt great shame and began to commit the atrocities of his volition. He had become obsessed with bloodshed and was driven mad by his possession, coming to believe that the Crimson Impalers were the true traitors, that Vlad Rhapthorne was a servant of Khorne before his treacherous brothers tainted his pure vengeance with loyalty to the Emperor. He made it his mission to restore the Crimson Impalers to this perceived glory, and he would stop at no end to see his goal fulfilled. The ranks of his men swelled, but ultimately the forces of the Crimson Impalers overwhelmed him, and his warband was scattered as he was dragged away in chains. Sealed within the Pillar of Twin Tragedies, the power of Khorne, leaking from a minute hole within the psychic defenses, sustained the dangerous warrior until he could escape during the Blackest Night. When he was freed from the Pillar, Tristam was massively weakened but the chaotic power that had kept him alive began rewriting his very existence and the Chaos Lord's future hung in the balance. With the proper sacrifices, he could become a deamon prince, but should he fail, he would become a dreaded chaos spawn, doomed to death. Rushing through the Pillar, he came across several Keepers of the Scrolls, young librarians left behind during the siege to protect the precious artifacts sealed within the great tower. Though weak, Tristam used what strength he still possessed to slaughter 8 of them and consume their geneseed, the warp infused blood within causing his rapidly mutating form to stabilize. Transformed and changed, the dark son of Sanguinius took the warp to build his warband's strength again. Already, the scattered elements of the Dragons of Blood have begun returning to the Deamon Prince under the new banner of the Sons of the Black Impaler.

Tristam the Undivine’s appearance is terrible and truly mirrors the ancient legends of the vampire. 15 feet tall, the Deamon Prince wears the Damned Plate of Rhapthorne, his warband’s emblem emblazoned on the shoulder in its grisly glory. His dark gray skin is pulled taunt, his evil batlike head bald, his ears long and thin, and his needle like teeth constantly bared. 4 massive hollow fangs for drinking blood protrude from his mouth. The sigil of Khorne blazes molten in middle of his forehead. Clawed feet dig into the ground, his animal like legs thick and muscled, coiled like whipcord. His leanly muscled arms have twin bracers covering his wrists, each made to look like the face of Bloodthirster. Wicked claws top his 8 fingered hands and two wings crest from his back. Looking more like emaciated arms than wings, his flesh growths flap wildly when he takes to flight.

Hanibal the Bloodied Wyrm

The Dark Apostle of the Sons, Hanibal was once a deeply loyal member of the Blood Priesthood of the Crimson Impalers until his last mission into a Space Hulk. He was placed in command alongside an Umbra Shaman named Isaac. It was during this expedition that the Blood Priest was confronted with a horrid dilemma, for when the Space Hulk randomly transitioned back into the Warp, a mad warband of space marines set upon the expedition force. Hounded by these insane cousins, the Space Hulk boarding party was forced further and further into the labyrinthine depths, the predacious marines harrying their every step. Their resources quickly dwindling and their enemy's numbers seemingly infinite, the two leaders of the boarding party were quickly losing themselves deep within the great ship's heart. Every corner and turn looked the same as the last and the enemy found them, trimming their numbers from 35 to 17. Those that survived began to feel the effects of the Black Rage, the strain of the events tearing apart their sanity and forcing them to ever more drastic ends. It was during a lull, with his men writhing under the growing pressure, that Hanibal heard a solution. The voice of Khorne came to the Blood Priest, promising his men freedom in exchange for their souls and a sacrifice. Hanibal was distrustful at first, but the persistent voice continued to wear away his sanity and the trust he had in his battle brother Isaac was worn paper thin. As the voice grew louder and his men began to succumb more and more, Hanibal became desperate, his brother Isaac seemingly doing nothing to staunch the flood of death that followed them. Khorne promised him and his men freedom, demanding only one thing: the death of the Umbra Shaman at the hands of the Blood Priest. Khorne promised Hanibal prestige and power as the true successor to the office of the Red Dragon, in exchange for fratricide. Was this price so high, Hanibal wondered, as he hefted his macelike Crozius, staring at the great spiked skull that topped the weapon. As the Space Hulk continued to hurl through the warp, Hanibal snapped and cut the geneseed from the psychically charged Crimson Impaler, sealing his fate and the fates of his battle brothers. Isaac had been straining his powers, keeping the forces of Chaos at bay, and with his death the energy was released. A swarm of Bloodletters came upon the 16 terminators and made pacts with them. Hanibal himself was possessed by a Herald of Khorne, their twin devotions to the Blood God uniting them in singular cause. The Sons of the Black Impaler had been created in the afterbirth of sin, and their leader, the Bloodied Wyrm would see them to victory.

Seemingly the first since the Gal Vorbak, the Bloodied Wyrm takes the appearance of any other Dark Apostle, subtle mutations along his body and armor, but at the slightest power, he can unleash the Herald that lives within his soul, changing shape and blending flesh, metal and the deamonic to create a swarm of pure hatred and power that sweeps away its foes in blood and its allies in twisted esctasy.

Dumah, Blade of Suffering, The Headsman of Khorne

Wielding his axe, the Orphan's Father and sitting astride his Juggernaut Khul'Drayan surrounded by baying Flesh Hounds, Dumah is a stoic and fearful creature as he stalks the battlefield. Few are capable of bending the massive deamonic steeds of Khorne to their will, and fewer still are capable of reining the beasts' rage in to the degree that the Blade of Suffering does, ambling across chaotic battlefields in search for his prey. Like a hound on the scent of an animal, Dumah and his mount are singleminded in their pursuit, their targets alone concerning them, all others trampled beneath their heavy step like grass neath the foot of man. Dumah hunts, cutting down those that Tristam tells him to, but it is not only his Deamon Prince's quarry he hunts but the enigmatic prizes the Blood God himself demands he butcher. Having torn out his right eye to see the soul strands of his prey, the Master of Executions' blazing eye gleams brightest to those who it seeks, the Warp infused beacon affixed on them no matter where they hide. The sight of his eye has even driven men mad as they escape him once, only to see it in their mind in their constant waking nightmare. Tristam recognizes that while the Blade of Suffering is bound to him, his allegiance is eternally to Khorne, and as such he does not question when the Master of Executions vanishes, knowing that the Blood God has granted Dumah a vision of death he must reap. How his victims view him or why they have attracted the ire of his masters is inconsequential to Dumah, all that matters is that their heads adorn his armor and the armor of Khul'Drayan.

Who Dumah is has become a matter of great mystery, with many noting that he was not part of the original Dragons of Blood, nor was he one of the marines who roamed Marzetion when the Sons came to claim it their own. Instead he merely appeared one day, standing atop the dead of a world Tristam planned to raid. Upon seeing the Master of Executions, the Khornate sigil emblazoned on Tristam's forehead blazed and the Deamon Prince took Dumah in. Since that day, the chaos marines of the Sons both fear and respect the Blade of Suffering, for they worry that one day, his axe will be marked with their blood. They see his calling as the ultimate dedication to Khorne, his single minded pursuit of slaughter and eschewing of all personal glory unimaginable. Legends swirl around this enigmatic figure, some claiming that the Chaos space marine fell during the Horus Heresy, others saying that he is one of the Lost Legions, a figure predating even the fall of the Word Bearers. His collection includes helms taken from every race of xenos and man, but more concerningly, all 20 legions, each incorporated into his armor, a permanent reminder of what he is capable of. The faceplates of the two lost adorn his poleyns, scratched and dented but unmistakably so, the exhaust ports have been wrought with the helms of Death Guard and Emperor's Children. His pauldrons blend together Black Legion, Iron Hands, White Scars, Word Bearers, Ultramarines, Space Wolves, World Eaters and Iron Warriors. The other helmets are welded into his armor all over, creating the impression of screaming faces, save for one. His own helmet is a Blood Angels helmet, mostly uncorrupted, its mouth torn away and its lenses smashed out. In truth this is the only helmet now a trophy of some slain foe but his helmet, from before his fall. While he will never disclose the truth of his origins as the first Blood Angels traitor during the Heresy, Dumah allows the stories to grow around him, to better serve him in the future. To his foes, he is nothing short of an immortal demigod bent on the destruction of life in the name of Khorne.

Dumah earned his epithet The Blade of Suffering from a long forgotten battle with Imperial forces centuries ago, during a hunt for an imperial nobleman who had attempted to go back on a deal with Khorne. The Master of Execution had butchered his way through the planet's hive block, slaughtering thousands to get to his prey, driving a pack of flesh hounds like an ancient fox hunt. Upon reaching the top of the city spire, he found the noble surrounded by dozens of bodyguards, each wielding various high powered weaponry and even some items deemed tech heresy. This show of force did not deter the hunter however and he unleashed his hounds and Juggernaut upon the gathered men. As his rampaging pack cut down his prey's protection, Dumah slowly approached the man, the nobleman's fear appearing pulsing red to his warp infused vision and the blood running from his bloodied face hanging heavy in the air. As he approached the cowardly man, the nobleman accused the Chaos Space marine of being an engine of destruction and death, never creating, never improving. He claimed that while he took power from Khorne, he did so to improve his people, something the Blood God and his "Blade of Suffering" would never understand. Dumah responded by cleaving the man's head off and spilling his blood into the streets below. WIth the death of his prey, the newly dubbed Blade of Suffering left the planet without incident and disappeared back into the Warp, the scent of new prey already in his nostrils.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

Warband Badge

Warband Fleet

Warband Relics

The Fang of the Vampyr- The Fang of the Vampyr is a strange deamon weapon, some say it is a dark mirror of the Bautor de Sange, others say it is a blasphemous mockery. The truth however, is almost impossible to discover. The various mentions of the heavy two handed scimitar within the records of the Crimson Impalers are contradictory at best and nonexistent at the worst. All that can truly be said is that the blade is thirsty for blood, possessed by the greater Deamon of Khorne and obsidian black, the Fang of the Vampyr finds itself in the hands of the Deamon Prince Tristam the Undivine after being stolen from the Tower of Twin Tragedies. The 9 foot long blade is mirrored, etched with various deamonic symbols and a screaming skull sits at the hilt. Purple lightning arches across the wide blade and blood perpetually drips from the eye sockets and mouth at the base of the blade. The earliest known verified records of the weapon being in the hands of the chaos appear to be M35 when it resurfaced after it was stolen, it appeared in the frenzied grasp of a khornate chaos lord. After its identification, the Umbra Shamans sealed it near the heart of the Pillar of Twin Tragedies. The other records of the weapon are brief, barely touching on it's history, the various users unnamed and the situations riddled with holes. A theory among the Crimson Impalers say that someone, afraid of the blade's history sabotaged the records, removing much of its history in the process.

The Damned Cuirass of Rhapthorne- Forged centuries past, the Cuirass was made for Vlad Rhapthorne when he was interred into a Dreadnought after falling in battle against the Night Lords. Originally covered with dozens of purity seals and angelic symbols, the plating was kept in the Pillar of Twin Tragedies by the Umbra Shamans as one of the most sacred artifacts of the chapter. During Tristam's escape during the Blackest Night, the mutating chaos lord knew of his impending ascension and sought both weapon and armor to insult the Crimson Impalers with. On the orders of Hanibal, the Brotherhood of Punishment snatched the Cuirass and the Fang of the Vampyr and carried the gear away with them as they escaped from the Pillar. As the chaos lord ascended to deamonhood, the armor was sucked into the vortex of rapidly evolving energy. As the chaotic warp power shifted, the dreadnought plating was melted, reshaped and reforged, the blessed armor becoming blasphemous and covered in profane symbology. The chestpiece's trim forms into the face of a horrid devilish vistage, the abdomen completing the wide yawning jaw. The back is heavily plated, protecting the wing like growths of the deamon prince. The right shoulder pad is a statuesque carving of the Angel Sanguinius but twisted beyond the scope of holiness, barbed chains wrap around the figure of the Great Angel. The left is but a platform for the the three spikes that stick from the armor, the skulls of the wearer's enemies impaled upon the spikes. The bracers of the armor are forged into the shapes of bloodthirsters, sharp studs wrapping around the trim. A ring of barbed thorns, decaying and brown, wreaths behind the head, a grim mirror of the Iron Halos that crown the armor of loyalist space marines. A black nimbus of light leaks from the armor like a dark halo, the smell of sulphur drapes off the armor like a heavy cloak.

Orphan's Father- Standing 9 feet tall, it's blade easily half its length, the Orphan's Father has earned it's name a thousand times over. Etched with runes that blaze bright red and orange on the battlefield, it reaps soul after soul for Khorne and hungers ever more for death. The blade is permanently speckled with blood and shards of bone hang from it on cords of tendon and skin. Beneath the grime of war, the axe bears signs of its past life, gilded laurels and golden trim shining brass against the now black metal. A winged skull, now mutated and shrieking, opens its mouth wide allowing the blade of the axe to split from it's face. The monstrous wings protruding from the back of the skull swoop back towards the shaft of the weapon, creating a second smaller blade, allowing its master to swing it back and forth should he desire to. The bound soul of a Bloodletter rages inside the Angelsteel, giving the warp infused blade an even keener edge and allowing it to drink the blood that it spills all the better. So changed is the axe that one could not recognize that the blade was once a Glaive Encarmine of the Blood Angels Legion, one of the few signs of Dumah's past life as one of the Sanguinary Guard. The grim name "Orphan's Father" was given to it long after the corruption of the once venerated weapon, and the name was aptly given. The first person to refer to it as the Orphan's Father is rumored to have been the deamon primarch Angron himself, congratulating the Master of Executions for his single minded devotion to murder and saying that the axe had earned the name for the many children it left alone without parents in a cruel universe. Since that day, the Orphan's Father has birthed thousands more broken children.

The Screaming Plate-




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