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"With these words, I bind you, devil. With these words I seal you away. Cast you into the darkness, from whence you shall only have the light of the stars you shall come to so desperately crave at the mercy of my will—but never for you shall I have mercy, never for you shall I relent my iron grip; for your evil, your treachery, shall forever be slaved to and overshadowed by my majesty, and once where you sought to tear down all we strove to create, now shall you be used as an instrument to forever move us to a greater glory."
Ka-Djnum the Summoner, upon the shattering and binding of Akada’ramis

The C'tan known as Akada'ramis (Ah-kha-da rom-iss), or simply the Unmaker, was the one to take a personal interest in the Ramkharaj Dynasty early on during its kind's domination of the Necrontyr and transformation of them into the Necrons. After the War in Heaven, its shards would later be collected in totality by the dynasty and imprisoned by them, sealed away only to be used again under the more dire of circumstances.


The Unmaker was among the last of the C'tan to be given bodies of necrodermis. As the Deceiver forged an alliance between their kind and the Necrontyr, the Unmaker took steps to grow its influence over a particular dynasty known as the Ramkharaj. It approached them at distance, making its presence and radiant power known to the dynasty while refusing to draw closer, even as the Ramkharaj fell under its sway and began to beseech it to do so. Its cold distance drove much of the Ramkharaj into a frenzied attempt to draw its attention and favor, and they delved into darker and more twisted means in their attempts as the years passed.

When the time of the Biotransference came it feasted until the life energy of the C'tan alongside its kin. In the wake of the death of the Necrontyr species and the birth of the Necrons, the Unmaker then finally made its approach to the Ramkharaj. It lived up to its namesake of the ancient Necrontyr pantheon by embodying the concept of degradation and destruction. Its very presence eroded the world around it, transforming stone, metal to rust, and flesh to alike into nothing more than disparate particles on the breeze of time.

The pleasure the Unmaker took from this simple act of being was only outmatched by the pleasure it took from active acts of destruction: the sundering of walls and defiance of the very natural laws of the worlds upon which it strode. It's argent-hued Necrodermis body, appearance as if wreathed in mourning veil and death shroud, was quickly learned to be feared by the vassal races of the Old Ones, its presence oft meaning they would soon bear witness to the unmaking of their very world.

The Unmaker's part in the War in Heaven was fairly subdued, as it found itself more content to feed only when necessary and spend the remainder of its time gorging its mental apatite on the suffering of its slaves. It would on occasion join its fellows in battle against the Old Ones and feeding on the lives of the worlds their minions conquered, but was a solitary creature in all other respects.

When the war came to an end and Necrons rebelled against their "gods," the Unmaker's shattered Shards were quickly collected and secured by the Ramkharaj and them alone. Sealed away within the depths of their tombs inside complex tesseract labyrinths, it was the intention of the dynasty that they would never see the light of day again. Even as this would eventually prove to be a false hope, and they would be released as weapons against the enemies of the dynasty in the far future, the Unmaker did not lie dormant in captivity. It raged against its confines as best it could, power seeping out from its prison to break down the world around it. This causes significant damage to the Tomb Worlds of the Ramkharaj over the aeons.

Shards of the Unmaker

The shattered Shards of the Unmaker are the remnants of the star god's power, and so are treated with a great deal of care. They will release these Shards when the situation of war turns against them, but only as a last resort, knowing full well that even the presence of this being is enough to damage them as well. Many of the alchemists and techno-sorcerer's of the dynasty work tirelessly to keep them locked away and out of the hands of those who would use them recklessly. This includes elements within the Ramkharaj itself, such as the Cult of the Unmaker: a Destroyer Cult that still worships the C'tan as a deity just as they did before the Biotransference.

C'tan Shards of the Unmaker are exclusively held by the Ramkharaj Dynasty, and guarded from all others, even their own in the case of the Destroyer Cult of the Unmaker. Battles in which they have been released and used include:

  • During the final battles for the War for the Histren System, Nemesor Koperek the Cruel released four Shards of the Unmaker against the Hive City of Cairne. The Shards were carefully manipulated and directed to ensure they could not fuse into a more powerful being, and then re-contained after their damage was done.


To simulate a model for C'tan Shard of the Unmaker, use a Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief model on a 40mm base.

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