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"Sons of Jeras, Warriors of the Emperor! Triumph in His Glorious Name for through Him, mankind shall rule the galaxy! Hear O' Brothers! The Emperor our God is with us!"
— Speech of Chapter Master Yaacov Mordechai, before the Tarradin Campaign

The Storm Zealots are a loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter  created from the proud lineage of the stalwart Imperial Fists during the 23rd Founding, the so-called 'Sentinel Founding'. They were created under commendation of the High Lords of Terra as a Successor Chapter of the highly vaunted Imperial Fists as an additional defense to the Eastern Fringe against the Forces of Chaos from the Warp anomaly known as the Maelstorm, the emergent Tau Empire, the tendrils of encroaching Hive Fleets and to preserve the lives of Imperial citizens on the rich desert world of Jeras. All members of this Chapter are solely recruited from Jeras, a civilized world known for its religious citizens who are devoted to the love of their planet and the Emperor. Unlike most Space Marines that follow the Imperial Cult, the Storm Zealots and their people, the Jerasians as a whole, are also defined by their adherence to a variation of the Imperial Cult called the Jerasian Ark whose teachings espouse the veneration of the Emperor as God, Messiah, and Lawgiver to them. The Chapter is known to posses Centurion Devastator Warsuit more than any other chapters as well as a strong xenophobic tendency against the aliens of the Tau Empire.  

Chapter History

The Storm Zealots history dates back over four millennia earlier when the High Lords of Terra called for the raising of the 23rd Founding, also known as the 'Sentinel Founding', which occurred in the latter part of M37. This particular Founding is believed by Imperial scholars to have been one of a series of linked Foundings that took place during this tumultuous period in Imperial history, intended to repair the power and reach of the Adeptus Astartes that had suffered considerable losses in the preceding millennia. According to the Requiem Malesent of Saint Kybra, no fewer than 57 Space Marine Chapters had been destroyed, turned Renegade or declared lost in the Warp during this troubled period. The era had been marked by such calamities as the Age of Apostasy, the disastrous 21st 'Cursed' Founding, attacks by the Forces of Chaos and a rampage of Orks which ran almost unchecked along the Imperium of Man's frontiers.

The Storm Zealots were created at the express order of the High Lords of Terra in order to counter a myriad of threats along the Eastern Fringe, specifically, the Forces of Chaos which often raided Imperial worlds from the warp anomaly known as the Maelstrom. They were also charged with defending this volatile region of the galaxy from the emergent Tau Empire, which continued to encroach upon Imperial territory, as well as forming part of a bulwark of Chapters to defend the Imperium from the all-consuming Hive Fleets of the Tyranids. The newly Founded Chapter was initially raised from the hardy gene-stock of the people of the Imperial desert world of Jeras. They were found to be free of Chaotic taint and genetic mutation and possessed a extreme adherence to the Imperial Cult, although in a more debased and primitive form. Their physical prowess and zealous faith in the God-Emperor made them for ideal genetic stock from the newly raised Adeptus Astartes Chapter. The Storm Zealots were then charged with the guardianship of the Imperial citizens of Jeras and granted this arid world and the worlds of the surrounding system as their demesne. Unlike many of their fellow Chapter the Storm Zealots have continued to maintain their strict adherence to their home world's variation of the Imperial Cult known as the Jerasian Ark, which preaches that the Emperor is to be venerated as God, Messiah, and Lawgiver.

This Chapter share both traits of Imperial Fist and the Salamanders. Like the Salamanders, the Storm Zealots are unusually concerned with civilian casualties compared to most other Space Marines and believe that one of their most important duties is to protect the lives of the Emperor of Mankind's innocent subjects whenever and wherever possible. This trait can be seen through each of their missions, evacuations, as well as search-and-rescue operations conducted in most of their battles and campaigns. Even though the Chapter share the human trait of compassion similar to the Salamanders, their gene-seed and their combat doctrines are proof that their founding father originates from the stoic Primarch Rogal Dorn.

For many centuries the Storm Zealot have defended their planets as well as neighboring Imperial planets from Tyranid Hive Fleets, Dark Eldar raiding parties and the expedition forces of the Tau Empire. Due to the Chapter's constant vigilance on the frontiers of the Eastern Fringe, the Storm Zealots almost never compete during the centennial competition known as the 'Feast of Blades' that is held between the Imperial Fists and their fellow Successor Chapters, due to the Storm Zealots' vital need for every Battle-Brother to maintain their sacred duty of standing sentinel over this region of the galaxy.

Chapter Home World

Jeras is a civilised desert world located on the eastern edges of the Ultima Segmentum on the borderline between the Imperium of Man ( Realms of Ultramar) and the Tau Empire. The population of the planet is nearly 25 billion.

About 70% of the planet consists of deserts, canyons, and badlands while 30% of it are covered with water from the Gesharet Sea. The surroundings of the sea are covered with scrubs, savanna, deserts, and canyons. The planet's time is similar to a Terran day but due to difference between the time and space of Jeras and Terra, 1 year in Jeras is equivalent to 10 years in Terra. Jeras also has arid climates with temperatures tending to rise as hot as 60 degrees celcius and will drop by -5 degree celcius at night. The canyons of Jeras are rich with ceramites and lead. These two raw resources are the potential heart of Jerasian military. Due to the system being rich with raw minerals, Jeras is commonly attacked by Dark Eldar raiding parties, Chaos warbands and outrider forces of the Tau Empire. Such a coveted world is often raided and invaded by various xenos and heretics alike. The planet's locals, with the aid of the Imperium, often play a more defensive role in order to preserve humanity and the valuable planet itself. The constant Imperial Navy patrols and its defensive systems are made so the enemy won't be able to take Jeras from its rightful owner - humanity.

The Recruitment Process

The process of recruitment for the Storm Zealots is nearly the same as many other Chapters. Recruits are chosen from amongst the best warriors or from men with military talents, be they settlement militia, orphans, sons from low- to middle-class families, potential recruits from the local Astra Militarum regiments, sons from Jerasian Nobilities, street vermin, and even underground gangs. Amongst the most valued traits in a recruit are aggression, martial arts prowess, excellent marksmanship, a high sense of justice and psychotic-level killer instinct.

The age of the recruits is varied from as young as 14 year old to as old as 25. Thus an old preserved technology that dates back to the 31st Millenia named "Ferrum Plantae" is used to enhance all of the Astartes organ to fit inside the body of a 20 to 25 years old aspirants. During their training, aspirants are more focused in range combat practice, each aspirant should be able to fire their boltgun with extreme precision. They should be able to field strip, maintain, and assemble their boltgun without the assistance of Chapter Serfs nor Tech-priest. Each recruit should be able to fire accurately ranging from 600 - 900 meters. Once the mastery of Boltgun is finished, each aspirants should be able to operate in magnificent performance of at least three heavy weapons of their choice. Alternatively The aspirants should be able to operate and maintain a M40/A1 Pattern Sniper Rifle. Though more focused in range combat, the chapter never neglect the practice of melee combat, hand to hand combat, endurance, combat tactics, agility, and spiritual education.

After receiving several tasks to carry out, these Aspirants are tasked to survive in the wilderness of Jeras for 3 years, utilising their cunning, adaptability and will to survive. They then must slay and bring back the skull of a mighty Tyrodon, a vicious saurian creature similar to Terra's long extinct tyrannosaurus rex, with an aggressive predatory nature capable of gliding, swimming and blending in with the surrounding terrain. Another optional task that is necessary, is to hunt and bring back the skull of two Werehemoth, another aggressive creature the size of a Leman Russ battle tank and capable of spitting a corrosive acid very similar to a Tyranid Spitter. If the Aspirant succeeds in one of these chosen tasks, then they will ascend to become a Scout Marine, and given the first of many Adeptus Astartes implants as a gift from their Chapter.

Should the Aspirants fail any part of this process they will continue to serve the Chapter as a Chapter Serf, and are treated most humanely and with the utmost respect by their transhuman masters. Some Chapter Serfs came voluntarily from rescued civilians.

Notable Campaigns, Wars and Conflicts

First Jerasian War (Unknown Date.M41)

Jeras was invaded by the notorious Chaos warband, the Blood Reapers, commanded by the Chaos Lord Belgor Skulltaker. The Chaos Lord believe that Jeras was a planet fresh for the slaughter with rich ceramite worthy for his warband. Rather than influence the natives with the whispers of Chaos, the Chaos Lord instead launched a massive invasion upon the planet, destroying the newly constructed planetary defences with ease. The 1st Company, under the leadership of Captain Benjamin Mendel, led the entire Veteran Company to fend off the assault of the Blood Reapers Berzerkers.

First Captain Mendel managed to duel the Chaos Lord Belgor, but with one mighty chop to his neck with his deadly Chaos-blessed blade, Captain Mendel was slain. With the death of the First Captain, this final act of ritual sacrifice caused the Chaos Lord to immediately transform into a Daemon Prince of Khorne. The news of the valiant First Captain's death brings great consternation amongst the Storm Zealots, and during this grim hour a Sternguard Veteran by the name David, is ready to take up arms and challenge the Daemons of Khorne himself. Within the charred ruins of the town of Beit Aldin, Sternguard Veteran David met the Daemon Prince.

After nearly 7 hours of battle, the Daemon Prince's mortal form was weakened by the relentless bolter fire of the brave Sternguard. Morally wounded, the foul creature finally met its end through a decapitation strike by the ordinary Sternguard. Sternguard David then carried the head of the Daemon Prince towards his fellow battle-brothers, as he screamed in glorious victory, "Hear o' Brothers, the Emperor our God, is one! He is with us and we are invincible!" With his shout, the once bloodthirsty Berzerkers and Chaos Space Marines retreated in fear at the sight of their slain master, as the Storm Zealots, alongside the 48th Jerasian Defenders, sallied forth and charged the enemy, to slay hem all. Many Blood Reapers cultists and Traitor Astartes fell to their knees at the sight of the vengeful Space Marines, and were slaughtered to a man.

In honor of his valorous actions, Sternguard David was promoted to lead the 1st Company by the Chapter Master and lauded by the Planetary Governor for his bravery. First Captain David then received a gift from the Chapter Master himself - a master-crafted Nemesis Power Sword capable of killing daemons or any other creature of the warp with ease, known as the 'King's Bane'.The Black colored sword is rumored to contain the shard of the Black Sword that is wielded by the Emperor's Champion of the Black Templars chapter.

Necromundan Cannabis Incident (Unknown Date.M41)

Necromundan Cannabis is a dangerous narcotic plant that was used by the Necromundan hive gangsters as a painkiller drug and recreational opiod. The dried plant also caused a brief enhancement both in speed and agility as well as a deadly side effect on the lung's cells which caused blackened growths of necrotic sores and dangerous rotting tumours to those that used this drugs. This addictive 'herb' was found on Jeras from a smuggler container that was confiscated from a lower hive city gang.

Notable consumers of the Necromundan Cannabis was the 5th Company Captain Ben Niman, who had become addicted to this powerful opiod after suffering ghastly wounds during the 151.M41 - The 12th Black Crusade in 151.M41 while fighting against the infamous Black Legion. Suffering from near constant pain that affected Captain Niman's combat effectiveness, the Chapter Master was forced to temporarily remove him from command until he could adequately heal. Desperate for a cure, the convalescing Captain requested a temporary sabbatical to seek out relief for his painful wounds. He eventually stumbled upon Necromundan Cannabis, and after finally gaining relief for his condition, was able to come back to his Chapter and was granted command status once again. Seeing the powerful plant as a miraculous 'cure-all', the Captain had secretly begun to distribute the cannabis amongst the warriors of 5th company without consulting his Company's Apothecary. Soon nearly the entirety of the 5th Company began to suffer from the dangerous side-effects of the deadly plant which caused even the superhuman physiology of an Astartes to falter at critical moments in the heat of battle.

The only squad who despised the use of this foul plant were battle-brothers of the 8th Devastator Squad, under leadership of Sergeant Arden Rosenberg. Sergeant Arden reported the illegal use of this drug to the Chapter's Apothecarion as well as the Reclusiarch, fearing for his fellow brothers' possible spiritual corruption. Chapter Master Yaacov then requested Captain Niman to be brought before him to face a formal inquiry, but instead, the Captain and the whole of 5th Company, with the exception of the 8th Devastator Squad, left the fortress-monastery and departed Jeras. When a group of the Chapter's command cadre were assigned to investigate the actions of the errant Captain and his Company, they were tasked to find anything related to this case. Amongst the 5th Company's armoury they discovered a malefic book filled with Chaotic mantras and vile chants that praised the Plague God Nurgle.

The Chapter Master finally gave Sergeant Arden tactic approval to lead the censure against his erstwhile former brethren of the now renegade 5th Company, and to purge them with bolter and flame. Sergeant Arden was to receive help in prosecuting his mission in the form of the 2nd and 4th Companies. The censure host of Storm Zealots tracked their renegade brethren across the width and breadth of the Eastern Fringe, until they finally trapped them upon a nameless, lifeless moon. By now, the traitorous 5th Company had almost all of devolved into willing adherents of the Plague God and were granted the 'gift' of their foul deity by being transformed into vile Plague Marines. Thousands of Nurglings and Rot Flies had also been gifted to this foul servants of the Plague God. The opposing Storm Zealots forces clashed in a titanic battle. At the height of this epic struggle, the fallen Captain Niman was finally slain by Sergeant Arden with a mighty cut to his torso with his master-crafted chainsword, which bisected the Traitor Astartes from shoulder to hip. For completing this dire task, Sergeant Arden was recognised for his actions and commitment to the Chapter, and was promoted to Captain of the 5th Company. Following his promotion, many crates of Necromundan Cannabis as well as other narcotic plants were collected and destroyed.

Kyrata Campaign (Unknown Date, M41)

When a warp storm falls on Kyrata system, many Space Marine Chapter and other Imperial Forces are quickly dispatch into the system. One of them is the 1st Company under leadership of Captain David. Kyrata system consist of 3 planets with most of them covered with mountains, cliffs, chilly hailstorms, and eternal snow. Expecting a Chaos presence upon the planet, the forces of the Imperium had received reinforcements from the Inquisition. But upon making a planetfall on Kyrata III the Forces of Imperium fought more that they expect.

A massive Tyranid Hive Fleet had detect their presence when low orbit, under leadership of a Flying Hive Tyrant code name: Brood Dragon, the Imperium face a massive Tyranid horde capable to blend on Kyrata's Terrain. For almost 2 years the Imperium tried to conquer both Kyrata I and II but failed miserably. Suffering near moderate casualties, the valiant 1st Company decide to perform a deep strike within the Tyranid lairs on the mountains of Yarluang on Kyrata I. A night before the operation. 5 Drop pods have landed 600 meters from the Zealot's outpost. The Spectrals Wolves under leadership of Claw Lord Siggurd Torrygson had come to aid the 1st Company on reclaiming Kyrata I.

The Storm Zealots with the aid of the Spectral Wolves and the Thousand Blade had successfully conquered Kyrata I. Upon destroying the Tyranid lair, Both Captain David and the Claw Lord Siggurd Torrygson learned that the Tyranids on Kyrata had been abandoned by the Hive Fleet yet they stay strong and united under leadership of the Brood Dragon. The Claw Lord, energized by the existence of such powerful Hive Tyrant, decide to challenge Captain David to hunt the Brood Dragon on Kyrata II. Captain David agreed as the Forces of the Imperium stabilize both Kyrata I and III, the Storm Zealots 1st Company and the Spectral Wolves descent upon the Ice world of Kyrata II.

Records are unsure about what happen at Kyrata II. But the rumors of a Space Marine Captain and Spectral Wolves Wolf Claw Lord return to Kyrata III with 6 gigantic heads of a Tyranids began to spread. Later it was confirmed that the 1st Company Captain and the Spectral Wolves Claw Lord had hunted down Carnivexes, Hierrophants, and the Flying Hive Tyrant itself. The Claw Lord and his men suddenly disappeared without a trace as the Storm Zealots, Thousand Blades, and many others are honored by Terra representatives and the System claimed in the Emperor's name.

Tau Invasion (996.M41)

The invasion of Kroot mercenaries, Kauyon Troops and Tallerian Auxiliaries on Jeras under orders of renegade Tau Commander Shas'o Kalsa begins in 996.M41. The newly promoted valiant Captain Zachariah leads his 2nd Company in the defence of their home world. For two years the Tau tried to seize the Hive City of Tel Chaim but failed, thanks to the heavily defended fortifications, the zealous 2nd Company, and the bravery of the 48>sup>th Jerasian Defenders that caused tens of thousands killed amongst the Tau forces. Amongst them were Tau Commander Shas'o Kalsa that was slain by Captain Zachariah in combat.

Enraged by the death of his once close comrades Commander Duskblade, with the permission from the Ethereals, gathered a massive army of the Dal'Shia Sept and led a retribution invasion to Jeras. Three years since the Battle of Rafalah, a massive Tau Fleet arrived at Jeras. The Fleet of Dal'Shia sept Fire Caste warriors to capture Jeras and avenge the death of Commander Duskblade.

Second Jerasian War (996.M41)

The Second Jerasian War began at the end of 996.M41, and would last for the next four years. To avenge the death of Commander Shas'o Kalsa, Commander Duskblade led a massive army in a retribution invasion of Jeras. With the aid of the Storm Zealots 8th Assault Company's air support of Stormtalon and Stormraven gunships, the 2nd and 4th Companies led a near successful defence with minimum casualties.

Due to his deep personal hatred of humans and in contradiction to the values of the Greater Good, commander Duskblade decided to burn down settlements, small towns and slaughtered Jeras' citizen for a week straight to avenge his comrades as well as to lure the Storm Zealots out of their defensive positions. Following the fourth year of conflict, both Captains Zachariah and Shoshanim were able to drive the Tau away from the hive city, leading them to evacuated mining villages by the nearby canyons.

At the end of the final battle, Tau Commander Duskblade was slain by Captain Zachariah in a deadly contested melee combat. His decapitated head was shown to the rest of the Tau force and the invading armies soon trembled in fear as they retreated in mass confusion back to their vessels in orbit and made a quick departure as their rear guard forces were mercilessly slaughtered by the 2nd and 4th Companies. Having suffered nearly 97% casualties, the Tau, including the wounded Kroot Shaper Gortakto, boarded their Kass'l ('Orca')-class Gunship and departed Jeras.

Flayed Head Kabal Raids (996.M41)

A massive invasion of a Dark Eldar Corsair raiding party, under the leadership of Archon Kaviel of the Kabal of the Flayed Head, which terrorised the citizen of Tel Akko on Jeras. Captain Jeremiah Chaim along with his 3rd Company led his Assault Marines in a counter-strike on the raider fleets. After fending off the attack Captain Jeremiah, alongside Sergeant Avishai ben Zion, led the rest of the 3rd Company to strike the Dark Eldar command slave skimmer to free the Jerasian from the captivity. Unfortunately the Captain was mortally wounded by a stray Disintegrator Cannon shot from the Dark Eldar. Upon his dying breath Captain Jeremiah ordered Avishai to assume command and take his place as Captain.

A day after the incident that killed his mentor and former Captain, with great fury and vengeance, newly promoted Captain Avishai led a suicidal rescue mission with half of his 3rd Company to board the Dark Eldar Corsair flagship The Great Flayer that was hovering above Jeras' skies. With the support of Stormraven gunships by the 8th Company, the 3rd Company successfully boarded the flagship, and once inside, a vicious, bloody battle erupted between the Storm Zealots and the Flayed Head Cabal. The casualties on both sides were heavy, as the Dark Eldar, used to wanton slaughter and torture, were massacred by the Astartes' slashing chainswords, force-axes, and power swords.

Captain Avishai and the 3rd Company successfully freed the human prisoners inside the flagship and managed to destroy it by placing explosive charges inside the ship's engine core. The ruins of The Great Flayer still lie half-buried beneath the sands of the Great Western Desert, as a stark warning to the Dark Eldar - this fate also awaits you. Hailed on thousands of vox channels across city of Tel Akko, the 3rd Company were glorified for their successful defence and rescue of its citizens, and Captain Avishai were officially honoured by the Chapter Master and the Planetary Governor.

Battle of New Mectra (Unknown Date.M41)

Storm Zealots receive a distress call for aid from a Desert World of New Mectra. Once they made a planet fall, the Storm Zealot under leadership of Chapter Master Mordechai himself found that the planet is heavily infested with warp daemons of Tzeentch. Later during the briefing, the Planetary General told the brave Chapter Master and his captains of the 2nd 3rd , and the 6th Company that an ancient artifact rumored to be taken from the Black Library was hidden deep inside a small town of Gezin.

While the Chapter Master and the 3rd , and 6th Company tried to push away the Daemon invasion, Captain Zachariah alongside Librarian Lievinsky with 3 squads from the 2nd Company push deep within the fortified town of Gezin. It was there that they were ambushed by a horde of Rubricaes and Exalted Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons. Even though the 2nd Company failed to recover the artifacts, Captain Zachariah manage to slay a Chaos Sorcerer Achmet and the infamous Hell Brute Lokar the Undefeated with his Thunder Hammer. After the Thousand Sons recovered the artifact, an unknown powerful Sorcerer ordered the Thousand Sons to retreat back to the warp. Soon a once crowded town became silent as nearly 16 men of the 2nd Company perished surrounded by hails of magic and gunfire.

The daemons of Tzeentch had been successfully destroyed as the Captain Avishai manage to duel and slay a Chaos Sorcerer Morakhai. The planet is liberated after 13 days with cost of the 61 Storm Zealot Space Marines alongside nearly 12,000 PDF.

Battle for New Shilla (997.M41)

When news of Dark Eldar mass raids of New Shilla spread across the Imperium, the Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots sent a demi-company of the 3rd Company Sayeret Lehavah under leadership of Captain Avishai to suppress the Dark Eldar invasion. New Shilla is a Mining World located between Ultima Segmentum and Segmentum Tempestus that is well known for its rich ceramite, plasteel, and gold. Later on their way, Captain Avishai is briefed by the Chapter Master that the old Planetary Governor whom loyal to the Imperium were tortured to death by one of the well influenced Kabals in the Dark City of Commorragh, Archon Andolemar the Slaver. Upon near orbit, the Strike Cruiser Storm Avenger deployed the whole demi-company upon the outskirts of the Hive City.

The Laughing Skulls Chapter, came to aid the Zealots upon the next day as the great battle to liberate New Shilla from Dark Eldar invasion begins. Upon their way into the hive city, the Zealots and the Laughing Skulls had encountered horrors done by the Dark Eldar upon local PDF and civilians. Many corpses were skinned, crucified and burned, and even children were not spared by the armies of the Flayer. In just few weeks, Captain Avishai and Akhmad Deidran Shun have faced many ambushes and surprise charges by the Dark Eldar, but their bravery and tactical geniuses are able to turn the tide of combat. Many warriors, jet-bikes, and wyches died by combine assaults of these brave chapters.

The role of Assault Marines were dominant in this war. As the brave Space Marines pushed through the lines of fire, killing many wyches, xenos hounds and Dark Eldar warriors alike. In less than a year, New Shilla was cleansed of the Dark Eldar, as the Slaver Archon laid dead, slain by the brave Akhmad Deidran Shun on the spire of the hive city of Hanseong, after two hours of constant dueling. The remaining civilians that were taken captive by the Kabal were quickly liberated by the Storm Zealots. Thousands were rescued while the remaining unfortunate human slaves that were taken by two slaver ships, retreated into the webway gates. New Shilla was liberated as fresh Astra Militarum troops arrived to secure New Shilla and new fortifications were built to ensure they could withstand any further xenos raids upon the rich mining world.

Dargosa Crusade (Unknown Date.M41)

A distress call was received from the hive world of Dargosa. It had been invaded by a mass army of Chaos Space Marines, daemons, and their cultist followers under the leadership of the Chaos Lord and Champion of Nurgle known as Gangrius. After receiving the distress signal, the Storm Zealots' Chapter Master then assigned the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Company as well as Knight House Orenstein to aid Dargosa alongside two other Space Marine Chapters, the Space Naga under Captains Gupte and Vidanam of the 2nd and 6th Company, and Thousand Blades under Captain Sikorski of the 3rd Company.

The Imperial strike force, composed of the three Space Marine Chapters, alongside local Planetary Defence Forces and the 90 Dargosan Rangers launched a lightning assault upon the beleaguered world, battling and defending every layer of the stricken Hive City capital. Thanks to the defence craft of the Storm Zealots, powerful psykers of the Space Naga and the Thousand Blades' fast-attacks comprised of a combination of Bike Squads and Stormtalon gunships, the Hive City of Dargosa was able to hold out against the Forces of Chaos.

It was then in the 6th year of the Dargosa Crusade that the Imperium finally managed to break through the third layer, cleanse the dead with fire and proceed through. During the process, Captain Zachariah and Captain Avishai encountered the remnants of the traitorous former 5th Company present on the battlefield, led by a new Champion of Nurgle, Abe Farren. He was an ex-Sergeant of the 5th Company's 2nd Tactical Squad, who had somehow rose through the ranks amongst the traitor forces. Farren manage to ambush Captain Zachariah's squad but the bravery and finesse of the Storm Zealots were able to turn the tide of battle. During the conflict, the Chaos Champion somehow manage to elude his former brethren and make good his escape.

The war waged for almost 7 years, with casualties rising into the billions on both sides. The death of Lord Gangrius marked the end of this brutal conflict. His skull was shattered and his tainted soul was absorbed by the psyker-enhanced Force Mace wielded by Captain Gupte of the Space Naga, in retribution for the death of Captain Vidanam. Although the Nurgle Champion Farren escape through a warp gate, his remaining forces were purged with bolter and flame by Captains Zachariah and Avishai, though the world was liberated at great personal cost.

Xenos Hunt at New Sogdia (996.M41)

For Captain Shoshanim of the 4th Company, slaying monstrous creatures is his lifetime thrill of the hunt. While other recruits manage to slay one Tyrodon, Jonah Shoshanim had slain three of such creature with a combat knives and a hand grenade. His skill later put up to good use and saw his meteoric rise from an ordinary battle-brother to the rank of Captain. Realizing such gift, Chapter Master Mordechai sent him to the newly colonized planet of New Sogdia where local PDF were struggling fighting thousands of arachnid xenos known as Gatanids. Though the chapter master advise him to bring his demi-company, Captain Shoshanim disagreed and only descended to the planet's surface with only two squads and four Whirlwinds to New Sogdia.

Once he arrived at the local hive city, Captain Shoshanim ordered all of his men to aid the local PDF to build a great impregnable defenses. New Sogdia is a lush jungle planet filled with vicious predatory creatures, beautiful waterfalls, and deadly xenos. The Gatanids, though numbering in the thousands, possess incredible agility, poisonous fangs, and a body the size of a Tyranid Carnifex. Knowing that this planet was a prominent hunting ground to glorify the God-Emperor, the Space Marine Captain decided to enter the jungles alone and hunt down every last Gatanid he could find.

For nearly eight months the Captain hunt every last Gatanid inside the lush jungles. He destroyed their nest with precision orbital bombardments, and hacked every last Gatanid he could find. With power axe and combi-flamer the population of Gatanids soon approached near-extinction, while his men fought to defend the hive city from retaliation. With their nest destroyed, the xenos eggs burned, and thousands of Gatanids heads piled up at their nest, the planet was finally purged from xenos, and no trace of living Gatanids could be found on New Sogdia. Continuous searches were conducted for nearly two more months.

The Space Marine Captain returned to the Hive City with only a scar in his helmet dragging a gigantic skull of a Gatanid Matriachs. Soon the captain and his men bid farewell to the Planetary Governor as the 4th Company returned to Jeras, bringing the skull of the slain xenos to be presented to the Chapter Master.

Sol'tak War (997.M41)

Sol'tak War was a conflict between the Storm Zealots and the Tau Empire forces of Sol'vos Sept that occurred in 997.M41. The war was a retaliation conquest after the infamous Damocles Crusade in which the volcanic mining world of Solata was conquered by the Tau Empire and many of Imperial Citizens were either slain or lived under the banners of the so-called 'Greater Good'. Realizing that the Sol'tak was turned into a fortress world by the Tau Empire, the Storm Zealots sent a Gladius Strike Cruiser with a force comprised of both the 2nd and 6th Companies, as well as Knight House Orenstein, under the leadership of Second Captain Zachariah, to destroy any Tau forces and reclaim the planet in the name of the God-Emperor.

As the proud scions of the stoic Rogal Dorn, no fortress planet was unbreachable and a horrific fate would be enacted upon Sol'tak. Hundreds and thousands of Sol'vos Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits were destroyed and slain by the notorious Captain Zachariah and his Space Marine. Within 3 months, the planet was reconquered and the Tau forces devastated. But another problem began to arise as the Sol'vos reinforcement from the Tau Empire and its commander return to Sol'tak, ensuing continuous war for another 2 months, led by Commander Beamshrike. The war didn't just hit the surface but also underground, for a large catacombs glared with green lights were discovered by Tau expedition team and the Tau soon embarked their forces underground to strike the Zealots from within the planet itself. It was in the catacomb where Commander Beamshrike discovered an ancient alien essence and as the Tau commander took the essence inside its battlesuit, the unknown essence began to manifest the Battle Suits and soon the Tau commander's suit began to glow and fires of an unknown beam gauss, deadly enough to destroy a Rhino Transport. The Sol'vos Sept began to think that the Greater Good favored them as they were able to breach the defenses and even slay a Knight of House Orenstein.

Unknown to the Sol'vos Sept, a Necron Vargard of the Nautekh Dynasty had come from an eternity gate from within the deepest catacombs. Thousands of Necron Warriors, Wraiths and Tomb Spyders marched and glided across the vast catacombs, ready to strike any low race who had taken the shard of their ruling C'tan. While the main forces began their assault on Sol'tak Fortress Walls, the Necrons slaughtered the Tau rearguard, tearing apart every Kroot and Tau in their way. The Storm Zealots, recognizing through the servo skulls that Solata was once a Tomb World, begin to rally his men, encouraging them that the their enemy was caught up in a fight they couldn't win, thus, by slaughtering their main army, the enemy xenos would surely tear apart their rearguard forces and awaken the unliving Necron forces. And so the Storm Zealots and House Orenstein begin their offensives in destroying the Tau Forces and spread fear among the Sol'vos Sept. The Zealots also cut off all the surface escape routes, forcing the Tau Forces to retreat underground where they were forced to fight the Necrons. With 3 rhinos, 2 tactical squads and a Storm Commando Squad, Captain Zachariah proceeded to the underground, herding the retreating Tau forces into taking deeper route while destroying their main entrance from the surface.

The catacombs were filled with a massive lake of blue blood and corpses. Many Tau and Kroots were slaughtered and their battlesuits becoming shredded scraps, scarred and shot by necrodermic claws and gauss rifles. In the midst of the corpses stood Tau Commander Beamshrike and his Crisis Suit bodyguards, shooting and burning every last necron, in a final, desperate last stand. The Captain and his Storm Commandos charged through the mountains of corpses. With his formidable relic weapon, Duskbreaker, lifted in the air, the Space Marine Captain landed a shattering blow on the XV46 Battle Suit's hands, destroying their flamers and missile pods while the Tau Commander landed a kick to the Space Marine Captain. An intense duel commenced for over an hour until Captain Zachariah punched through the Battle Suit, and forcefully pulled the Tau Commander out of it. With his dying breath, the Tau Commander Beamshrike swore that the entire Tau Empire would destroy Jeras and the Storm Zealots. Captain Zachariah than snapped the neck of the fallen Tau Commander, winning the duel.

At the moment of victory, a Fire Warrior Shas'ui began to aim his pulse rifle directly at the Space Marine Captain's head, until suddenly, a Necrontyr Staff impaled the Shas'ui, killing him before he could shoot the captain. From the darkness of the catacombs, a Necron Vargard walked towards the field of dead aliens. While the Storm Commandos aimed their bolter towards the Necron, Captain Zachariah ordered them to lower their weapons. The Vargard silently showed them a gesture that he did not wish to fight the Space Marine, but to take and collect the essence of the C'tan from the XV46 Battlesuits of Commander Beamshrike. The Space Marine Captain and his men backed off from the dead Tau Commander as the Vargard collected the essence of the C'tan shard and left the corpses piled high as all of the Necron warriors suddenly vanished in a flash of green light, teleported by a sudden surge of power, and before the Necron Vargard returned to the portal gate he spoke slowly, "Until we meet again, Space Marine".

The Necron Catacombs fell silent with nothing but vox chattering of 30 Space Marines and the drills of the Narthecium performed by Apothecary Kevin ben Aaron on his fallen Brothers Ezra and Ali. The Storm Zealots, though sustaining heavy casualties, stood triumphant over the planet Solata as fresh Astra Militarum troops deployed to Solata and new citizens from the Imperium began to immigrate to the once-fortress planet, returning it into a valuable mining world.

Shazaran War (997.M41)

The Shazaran War is a conflict that occurred in the end of 997.M41, when the Storm Zealots received a distress call from the neighboring system of Shazaran. The entire 1st, 5th, 6th, and 8th Companies were dispatched alongside knight House Orenstein, 48th Jerasian Defenders and four squads of Jerasian Storm Troopers, the "Sayeret Gadol", to cleanse both Shazaran Prime and Shazaran Secundus from the pandemic of Nurgle.

Upon arrival on Shazaran Prime the Storm Zealots and the Sayeret Gadol were surprised to see the hive city is filled with pollution, corpulent stench of death and poisonous odour filled the air. The Space Marines and the Storm Troopers were quickly briefed by both Planetary Governor Owangge and Commissar Oluwashegun. The combined forces of the Imperium were executing rescue missions as well as defending the Hive City from falling to a daemonic invasion of Nurgle.

Three years into the conflict, a sudden orbital bombardment was conducted upon surface of Shazaran Prime directly at the Imperial Cathedral where a large group of survivors were supposed to be rescued. Captain David raged at such a callous and dishonourable act, and decided to vox the Battle-Barge responsible for committing such a heinous action. He was surprised to find out that another Chapter, the notoriously violent Marines Malevolent, under the leadership of Captain Hanniyeh, were conducting the orbital bombardment upon Shazaran Prime in order to purge the unclean.

Soon, harsh words and recriminations devolved into an outright conflict between the two opposing Chapters, which lasted for five whole days. The battle was only halted when an Inquisition flagship arrived. The Inquisitor ordered a cease in hostilities between the two Chapters. He then ordered the Storm Zealots and Planetary Governor Owangge to push back the marauding abominations and find the source of infestation within two years. Failure to do so would result in the Inquisition enacting Exterminatus upon both the affected planets.

As promised, within two years Shazaran Prime was contained. The infestation was stopped after Captain Yehezkiel of the 8th Company slew a Nurgle Pox Sorcerer with his Power Sword, halting his malefic spell that had been summoning the never-ending throng of daemons of Nurgle from the Warp. The 80% population of Shazaran Prime was destroyed, having been infected by the Nurgle's deadly plagues, or destroyed by massive orbital bombardments by the command of Captain Hanniyeh. It would take at least a century for Shazaran Prime to be rebuilt back to its former glory. As for Shazaran Secundus, thanks to the evacuation process, all civilians and the remaining Imperial Guardsmen were evacuated from the planet before being subjected to Exterminatus by the Inquisition.

Mictlan War (997.M41)

Mictlan is a border world between the Imperium of Man and the upstart Tau Empire. When the Sol'vos Sept suffers a heavy defeat by the Storm Zealots at the mining worlds of Sol'tak or Solata, Tau Commander Shining Star led a retaliation strike against the Storm Zealots on a highly toxic world of Mictlan. Upon this volcanic world filled with toxic air a 20 man 2nd Company squad and a battalion of 48th Jerasian Defenders led by Devastator Sergeant Firman Al Masseh face Kauyon tactics deployed by Commander Shining Star. Even though the Imperial forces succeed in reaching the Fort Station Zigma and sent for a distress signal, the Sol'vos Sept continue to bombard the Fort using the Tau'nar super-heavy battlesuit.

Within less than an hour, the main 2nd Company led by Captain Zachariah himself finally arrived at Mictlan right behind the Tau advanced lines. The captain quickly ordered a lightning charge towards the Sol'vos Sept. The battle rages for more than three days, with a righteous fury and tactical precision, Captain Zachariah and his forces succeed on inflicting a massive casualties against the Tau. The Tau Commander Shining Spear initialized a tactical retreat following the destruction of the Tau'nar super-heavy battlesuit by Sergeant Al Masseh's Twin Lascannon.

Berenggrad Crusade (997.M41 - 998.M41)

Planet Berenggrad is a civilized ice world located at the Eastern borders of the Ultima Segmentum. The planet has been constantly invaded by a Splinter Hive Fleet called Hive Fleet Zilant. The local PDF the Berenggrad Partizans couldn't hold the Hive City much longer and so they sent a distress call that were answered by the Storm Zealots and the 89th Panther Kavalier. Under leadership of Captain Zachariah of the 2nd Company and Captain - Commissar Jason Orphinick of the 89th Panther Kavalier, the two joint forces sought to liberate Berenggrad from the tendrils of the Hive Fleet Zilant.

The entire 2nd Company led by the Captain himself landed on the shore of Kingsgrad and within 20 hours they have established a fortress monastery, ready to destroy the Hive Fleet from the South. Meanwhile about 30 Valkyries have landed on the Hive City of Berenggrad, the Captain Commissar were surprised to saw that the local PDF Commissar had sought to evacuate the city rather than stand and fight the tyranid horde. Enrage by such action, the Captain Commissar executed the PDF Commissar by himself and he quickly assume control of the Berenggrad Partizans, together with the 89th Panther Kavalier and the Storm Zealots they slain and drive every Tyranid back to their main lairs.

At the beginning of 998.M41, planet Berenggrad is totally liberated from the Tyranids, with the death of the Hive Tyrant, the Hive Fleet soon began to flee, the remaining tyranid swarm were paralyzed through inaction and lay about lifelessly. Though with heavy cost, the planet were saved and both the Space Marine Captain and Commissar Jason were honored by local governor.

Assassination of Warboss BoneChoppa (998.M41)

While other Space Marine Captains face their enemy head on, Captain Hans Menachem preferred to stay hidden in the shadows and silently assassinate the enemy commander, piercing his lightning claw deep within the enemy's skull. Through his expertise in hand to hand combat, stealth, and marksmanship he rise from an ordinary Scout to the ranks of Captain of the 6th Company Sayeret Tsalal, Storm Zealots. His skill in operating twin Lightning Claws is well known to nearly rival to the stoic Raven Guard Astartes. When a massive ork horde invaded the forge world of Svarog, the 6th Company were sent to deal with the marauding orks. The Warboss came to Svarog simply to steal a Titan Canon from an ancient Warlord-class Titan, Terra Victrix.

The Warboss and his horde of boyz and nobz are able to inflict a heavy casualties among Skitarii defenders of planet Svarog. With the arrival of the Storm Zealots, there is a light of hope in the eyes of the defenders. Captain Menachem quickly order his men to muster defenses and defend the central Forge from the Orkz. The 6th Company brings with them heavy artillery armaments and air support, taking with them eight tactical squads, four Whirlwinds, four Vindicators, two Storm Raven gunships, three Dreadnoughts and an Imperial Knight Crusader from House Orenstein. While his men defend the Central Forge. Captain Menachem with a squad of tactical marines equipped with silenced bolter, infiltrated behind enemy lines.

Striking silently and swiftly, the Captain and his men finally arrived at the Ork command center. For the next hour the Storm Zealots, without suffering a casualties, successfully and silently slew every last greenskin on the makeshift command center, killing every Nob and gretchin alike. Through their communication lines, the Space Marines learned that the Warboss was at a different location. Once they arrived a few miles from the Warboss, the Space Marine posted a sentry while Captain Menachem climbed higher ground, ready to leap and slay the Warboss.

As soon as BoneChoppa raised his head as he disembarked a War Truck, his severed head went flying lifelessly as Captain Hans quickly assassinated the Warboss alongside his three bodyguard with swift strikes of his lightning claws. The Orks, realizing their Warbss was dead, began to flee, and soon the Skitarii aided by the Storm Zealots artillery strike and air support, began to sweep and hunt down every last one of them. The forge world of Svarog was finally liberated from the orks. Captain Menachem was honoured by the local Archmagos, who gifted to him a strange looking lightning claw with an attached silenced storm bolter mounted on top of it.

Indravari War (999.M41)

In the beginning of 999.M41, a massive Tyranid invasion codified Hive Fleet Gehenna threatened the Indravari System. In honour of the alliance between the Storm Zealots, Space Naga and Thousand Blades, the Storm Zealots entire 2nd, 4th and 9th Companies were sent to Indravari I to help deal with the Tyranid Swarms. Reinforcement from the Thousand Blades came thereafter, four years into the conflict. Under Captain and Master of the Fleet Skrzetuski of the 4th Company, the Thousand Blades with their Strike Cruisers and Battle-Barges fought the Tyranid Hive fleet in space.

Through the psychic prognostications of Chief Librarian Ramdev and Librarian Alexander did the Space Marines learn the existence of the Hive Tyrants, a landed Norn Queen, and two gigantic Hierophants within the caverns of Indravari II, within the southern mountains of Kalas. The mission was only successful through the valiant sacrifice of Chief Librarian Ramdev and Captain Laksmana of the 8th Company. After the death of both the Norn Queen and the Hive Tyrant, the remaining tyranid swarm were paralysed through inaction and lay about lifelessly. The Hive Fleet was wholly destroyed and the husks of their bioships floated lifelessly in space. Many tyranid bio forms continued to rot as they slowly died on the planet's surface. The Indravari System had been saved.

Vor'dos War (999.M41)

Vor'dos, once called Vardas, was an icy world located at the border of the Tau Empire. It was conquered by the Tau following the end of the Damocles Gulf Crusade. Since then, the Tau used the planet as a forward base to launch a series of attacks against the Imperium. In retaliation, and to reunify Vardas, the Storm Zealots Chapter Master Mordechai ordered Captain Zachariah and his 2nd Company to lead the attacks and laid waste of the alien empire and reclaim Vardas back to the hands of the Imperium.

In the middle of year 999.M41, the 2nd Company alongside Knights from House Orenstein decent upon Vardas after 23 hours of intense void battle against the Tau fleet and their orbital defenses. The 2nd Company and House Orenstein faced thousands of defenders, raining plasma and missiles upon the icy cliffs of Myrmidea, but under Chaplain Roth's rally and the leadership of Captain Zachariah, the Storm Zealots were able to stand a chance against the gray-skinned Fire Warriors and Breacher Teams, during the four hour firefight that ensued, the Tau Strike Forces decide to retreat back to their cities and the Storm Zealots managed to successfully make planetfall, resupply, and build a forward operating base. The next day, during the deep night, the Zealots successfully made a breach and surged into the city of Or'Shodas, ambushing the Tau and Kroot forces and destroying their defensive turrets and battlesuits. There, the Tau Ethereal was slain by Chaplain Roth with only a single swing from his Crozius Arcanum.

Upon hearing that the city of Or'Shodas had fallen, Tau Commander Shas O' Zortas assembled his crisis team armada and rallied the remaining Tau forces to surround the city and lay siege to free Or'Shodas from the Imperium. The Storm Zealots quickly built a mass fortifications, garrison every Predator Tanks, Vindicator, and Thunderfire Cannons on the walls of the city. Facing an enemy at 8-to-1 odds, Captain Zachariah, along with a squad of Storm Commandos and a Land Raider, decided to penetrate behind the enemy lines while Chaplain Roth and Librarian Alexander rallied and empowered the Zealots and House Orenstein Knights to defend the city. They focused the enemy attacks on the city while the Captain penetrated deep into the heart of the alien commander's stronghold.

Piloted by the Machine Spirit, the Land Raider throttled it's way through the icy canyons and tundra straight to a Tau Coalition Center where the Tau Commander O'Zortas stood. The Tau Commander, surprised by the attack, alerted all of the defenders to destroy the Land Raider, but lacking men, the remaining Fire Warriors and Stealth Teams were easily wiped out by the Storm Commandos. The Space Marine Captain wielding his Thunder Hammer, proceed inside the Coalition Center, killing every Shas'ui Bodyguards and Vespids. After an hour, a missile barrage was rained down upon the Tau forces on the fields outside the city of Or'Shodas, destroying every Fire Warrior, Kroot, and battlesuit alike. Suffering near heavy casualties, the Storm Zealots and House Orenstein stood triumphant over the Tau forces. Chaplain Roth then rallied his men to slaughter and clean up every last remaining Tau while the Captain and his commandos returned to the city with the head of the slain Tau Commander O'Zortas now hanging on a pike of the city gates. An old closed shrine to the God-Emperor was reconsecrated and within three days, fresh Astra Militarum troops arrived in the millions alongside Imperial constructors, servitors, and refugees from destroyed planets, ready to make Vardas great again as part of the Imperium.

Mortas Incident (999.M41)

Rebellion sparks upon the Hive World of Mortas, led by Cardinal Hamzah, near half of the population of the Hive World were turn into the service of Chaos. Realizing that planet Mortas is falling, the Planetary Governor and the PDF as well as the remaining citizens stand up and fight against the heretic forces. The Storm Zealot 8th Company under lead Captain Yehezkiel Naphtali were decent upon Mortas and within two months successfully purge every last heretic and those who turn their back from the Light of the Emperor. Captain Yehezkiel and Librarian Maor Levit manage to slay the heretic Cardinal Hamzah and a Daemonhost.

As the remaining heretic were gunned down by the Storm Zealots and the PDF forces of Mortas, suddenly an armada of sunburst yellow painted Stormtalon and Stormraven gunship decent upon Mortas, carpet bombing every civilians, PDF and Storm Zealots alike. The Storm Zealots replied this forces by firing the Hunter Killer Missiles and Krak Launchers right unto the incoming Space Marine gunship. When the Zealots try to apprehend the survivors of a fallen Stormraven gunship, the survivor quickly wielding his chainsword and try to attack one of the Storm Zealot squads. Soon a large vox announcement are coming from a Thunderhawk calling all residents of Mortas to be purged by fire. Enraged by such dishonorable act, Captain Yegezkiel rally his men and the PDF to wage war upon the Marines Malevolent whom in their accounts had committed atrocities against their own subject, the citizens of the Imperium.

The three day war between forces of the Imperium cause the Salamanders Chapter and the Inquisition to intervene. Soon a military court were established upon an orbital fortress and both Captain Naphtali of the Storm Zealots and Chaplain Yassen of the Marines Malevolent were judged by the Inquisition. With the intervention of Chaplain Shar'tac of the Salamanders, the Storm Zealots are freed from being marked Excommunicate Traitoris by the Inquisition and Mortas saved from Exterminatus even though the Marines Malevolent received no penance crusade nor punishment from the Inquisition.

Mortas is saved but it couldn't save the Storm Zealot from being hounded by the Inquisition since then.

New Bhaltavia Civil War (999.M41)

New Bhaltavia is a hive world located at the southern end of the Eastern Fringe. The planet political system of democracy and rejection of slavery had been well known to the Eastern Fringe for thousand years. But in 998.M41, chaos erupted during the campaign for the seat of Planetary Governor as the term of rulership had finally reached its pointed end. A struggle between candidate of Imperial Ambassador Vhasuki and Chancellor Rasheed for the seat of planetary governor threw the planet into complete chaos. The radical supporters of Chancellor Rasheed managed to kill the local civilians loyal to the Ambassador Vhasuki as the local PDF loyal to the previous government and the Ambassador managed to secure the fourth layer of the city. Losing power to their opposition, the enraged Chancellor Rasheed began to seek power from a Genestealer Cult of the Void Hive from the promethium mines located at the east side of the Hive City. The Chancellor, and soon his entire supporters, began to leave the light of the Emperor over the worship of the 'Four-Armed God' that would cleanse the galaxy and bring their worshipers over the great journey to glory.

Soon a small scale anarchic revolts began to escalate into a full-scale war. The radical supporters of Chancellor Rasyid began to steal the armaments of the local PDF, raising their own armies loyal to the Genestealer Patriarch and to the Chancellor himself. Realising a threat that was coming, Ambassador Vhasuki and Vice Ambassador Shaiful sent a distress call to nearby planets requesting aid against the marauding Genestealer Cult.

A Gladius Strike Force consisting of elements of the 5th and 8th Companies under the leadership of Captain Arden Rosenberg and a Strike Force of Spectral Wolves under the leadership of Claw Lord Ivar descended upon New Bhaltavia. Upon making planetfall, the Space Marines discovered that a mass army of corrupted genestealer hybrid guardsman and full genestealers were trying to breach the second layer of the city. The loyalist PDF, armed militia loyal to the Ambassador were forming an impregnable defence line, gunning down every rebel charge. Captain Arden and Claw Lord Ivar were both surprised that even Ambassador Vhasuki and Vice Ambassador Shaiful were fighting on the front-lines alongside their loyal men. After a short debrief by the Vice Ambassador, the brave Storm Zealots embarked upon their mission of rescuing trapped civilians within the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth layers while the rest of the Gladius Strike Force and the Space Marines of the Spectral Wolves under the leadership of Claw Lord Ivar himself led the charge to drive out the Genestealer Cult Army.

Unfortunately, the rebel forces of the Genestealer Cult proved to be too powerful. The Genestealer Patriarch Unos with all of his powers had successfully recruited many civilians to rally under Chancellor Rasheed's banner. Worse, Patriarch Unos and the Brood Lord, in a very short time, had called Hive Fleet Ziqris, a splinter Hive Fleet from Hive Fleet Behemoth. Realizing the planet could not be saved, ambassador Vasuki and Shaiful decided to evacuate the planet. The Storm Zealots, the Garuda Auxiliary PDF and the Spectral Wolves would fend off the attacks while the civilians evacuated New Bhaltavia. The evacuation went successful as the Strike Cruiser Pride of Hjalmar and Strike Cruiser Lance of Ehud performed an orbital bombardment and the remaining Imperium forces left the sector, triumphant over both Chancellor Rasheed and the armies of Tyranids.

Though Ambassador Vhasuki and Vice Ambassador Shaiful lost control over New Bhaltavia, they won the citizen's hearts, for hundreds of thousands of rescued Bhaltavians praised and honoured both ambassadors for such great action in protecting, preserving and leading the Imperium against the xenos threat.

Tarradin Campaign (999.M41)

The Tarradin Campaign is one of the bloodiest unrecorded campaign in the Imperial History. The conflict started when a renegade Tau fleet are committing atrocities by carpet bombing many Imperial planets. Among them were Jeras, Wojtyla, Texxus, and Attila, causing death toll for nearly millions. Tarradin system consist of nine planets, four moons, and an asteroid belt and as their prelude to the Third Sphere Expansions, the Tau Empire had successfully capture the Tarradin system from the Imperium rename it Tro'dan system.

In response the Imperium sent five Space Marine Chapters and three Imperial Guard Regiment to recapture the system from the hands of xeno empire. The five Space Marine Chapters are the Thousand Blades, Storm Zealots, Space Naga, Spectral Wolves, and the Gulf Hawks. The three Imperial Regiments that were sent to Tarradin were the 89th Panther Kavalier, the Armageddon 117th Steel Legion, and the 209th Texxus Rangers. This forces are sworn to liberate Tarradin from the alien empire to prevent the Third Sphere Expansion.

The campaign begin when the Spectral Wolves under command of Claw Lord Hvitserk Raggarson and the entire regiment of the 89th Panther Kavalier made planet- fall upon Tarradin II. In just few hours later, the Gulf Hawks 3rd and 6th Company under leadership of Captain Michel Harland and Captain Tuskegee made planet fall deep within the enemy fort. In a few weeks, Tarradin II were liberated and many Tau outposts, garrisons, and research stationss were destroyed. Soon the Tarradin II fortified moons, the Polux V and Engra III were liberated by the 209th Texxus Rangers and the Gulf Hawks. While the Auxiliary forces were put to the sword in the void by the Thousand Blades 2nd Company fleet under leadership of captain Zymierski and Librarian Bhattia of the Space Naga 4th Company. Meanwhile on a planet nearby the Tarradin System, M'keros. The Storm Zealot 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Company alongside the Thousand Blades 4th, 7th, and 8th Company in retaliation, virus bomb the whole planet, killing the entire alien population in order to lure out the Tau Ethereal Aun Yarel and Commander Skyspear to battle.  

Planet M'keros were depopulated and it will take more than a few years for such planet to be naturally decontaminated. Successfully led a preemptive strike against the Tau, the Storm Zealots and the Thousand Blades return to Tarradin System, landing on recently liberated Tarradin IV and prepared themselves to fight the vast Tau reinforcements led by Commander Fire Spear. Through Commander Fire Spear's brilliant tactics, the Tau flanking detachment had successfully recapture Tarradin V. Just as the two forces are met in the midst of battle at the ash planet of Tarradin IV, a Tyranid Hive Fleet had been sighted at Tarradin IX killing every Tau forces and force the Tau Commander to immediately focus their armies back at the icy world. In a sudden, within an ancient temple of Tarradin IV, a horde of Khorne Berzerkers, Plague Marines, and Chaos Cultists began to poured forth, killing every guardsman and Space Marines alike. Captain Harland decide to initiate tactical retreat back to the moon of Zatros. The Chaos warband were led none other by Chaos Lord Abe Farren and Karazor the Butcher, both sought to sacrifice the whole system and its inhabitants for Chaos Undivided. Another trouble began to appeared, on the orbits of Tarradin VIII, a vast Necron fleet from the Nautekh dynasty had arrived led non other than Phaeron Tutmoteph who sought to claim a shard of C'tan that located deep within the catacombs of desert world of Tarradin VIII. In response, a webway gates long unused suddenly flickered to life and an mass Eldar army from four different craftworld poured forth in order to vanquish the Necrons and destroy the forces of destruction.

The Imperium face more than what they expect. Through formation of the newly form Eastern Council that consist of leaders and commanders, they sought to eradicate every forces that challenge the Imperium. The Gulf Hawks, Storm Zealots and the Thousand Blades are agreed to contribute half of their chapter to win the system from xenos and daemons alike. The Eastern Council sworn in the name of the Emperor of Mankind that while the heretics, daemons, and xeno roam Tarradin there can be no peace, and there is only war.

Forth Sphere Expansion (Unknown Date.M42)

Approximately three Tau Patrol Armada had been dispatched to find out any trace regarding the lost of their expedition fleet at the time of the formation of the Great Rift. Through orders from Reclusiarch Goren, the return 7th Company strike force dispatched to destroy the entire Tau Patrol Armada. Captain Josaphat Bielsky succeed the mission and return to Jeras with a captured Tau Commander O'Ruka and a Water Caste advisor where they was later tortured, interrogated, and executed by the Storm Zealots.

Betrayal at Drisis (Unknown Date.M42)

Following the destruction of Cadia, a new chain of catastrophic Warp Rifts, called the Cicatrix Maledictum, divided the galaxy. A planet named Drisis sent a distress signal to the Golean Heights. Due to the creation of the Great Rift, the light of the Astronomican was blocked and Astropathic communication was rendered impossible. Due to these circumstances, Chapter Master Mordechai with his trusted Honor Guards and a 500 year old Chapter Champion Dovid Skabbian, using the newly created Strike Cruiser Star of the Night, embarked upon Drisis with manual focused radar and navigation aided with the most sanctioned astropaths and psykers. After some time fighting the dangers of the space, the Strike Cruiser made an emergency landing on a warpstorm infested hive world of Drisis. The Chapter Master with his relic armament and his trusted Honor Guard marched towards the Communication Array.

When the Chapter Master and his Honor Guard reached the Gates of Communication Array, they soon realised that the planet was abandoned long ago, discovered through skulls and dusty bones of a dead civilian. The party continued deep inside the Array Tower and soon the group were ambushed by daemons and Chaos spawn, fast daemonettes, to annoying Nurglings. But none of the Chaos Spawn were able to slay a single Space Marine during the ambush. The group proceeded to the main chamber to the top of spire. A Lord of Change descended upon the spire roofs, tearing everything in its path, aimed directly upon the Chapter Master. Surrounded by Pink Horrors, Daemonettes, and Bloodletters; the Space Marines with all of their might, hacked and charged through the lines of daemons, penetrating directly to the Lord of Change that stood in front of the array cogitator. The battle commenced for nearly an hour until the daemonic hordes were destroyed and the Chapter Master stabbed the skull of the bird daemon with his relic blade Death Eater. The Lord of Change burned as its soul was sucked by the Katranite crystal inside the blade and fell from the heights of the Array spire.

Chapter Master Mordechai then proceeded to the cogitator, his curiosity began to rise as he hacked through the security system, and listened to the original message. It was found out that it was none other but his own Champion Dovid Skabbian who made the signal and lured the Chapter Master into a cunning trap. When Yaakov turned back, he was repeatedly stabbed by swords of his own Honour Guard and finally finished with a swing of the Champion's great sword. The Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots lay dead, betrayed by his own trusted warriors and retinue.

Skabbian Heresy (Unknown Date.M42)

(See Main Article: Skabbian Heresy)

Battle of Didgori Secundus (Unknown Date.M42)

Storm Zealots Primaris

A new Primaris Space Marine battle-brother of the 10th Company, 2nd Intercessor Squad

When the Great Rift divide the Imperium, Didgori Secundus was left alone and undefended due to the entire contingent of 13th Didgori Avenger sending aid to Cadia during the infamous Thirteenth Black Crusade. The Chaos Lord Karkhan the Relentless and his warband descended upon the hive world of Kutaish, bringing fury and death to every living Imperial in their sight.

In response the Storm Zealot sent their 7th and 9th Companies led by Primaris Captain Vladim Utmelidze to liberate the planet from the forces of Heretic Astartes. Upon making planetfall, the Storm Zealots were greeted by a hailstorm of autogun and flak launchers. But the bravery of the Emperor's Angels of Death had bested the Heretics, for the Primaris Captain had organized a precisive bombing against the enemy anti-air and infantry guns with Fire Raptors and Stormtalons. Once they safely landed on Didgori Secundus, the Primaris Space Marines and the Scout Marines proceed to the hive city of Didgorii to aid a small contingent of Didgorii Avengers while reinforcements from 48th Jerasian Defenders and Knight House Orenstein arrived the next day.

From the hive city of Didgori, the Forces of the Imperium slowly drove the Heretic Astartes and their cultists through the artillery forces of the 48th Jerasian Defenders, the might of the Imperial Knights, and the fury of the Space Marines. Within eight Terran months, Didgorii Secundus was liberated from the Forces of Chaos, with every Heretic Astartes hunted down by the Storm Zealots and the 48th Jerasian Defenders Kill-Teams. Primaris Captain Utmelidze, alongside Sir William Orenstein and Lord General Ghassan Al Khaldun, received an honourary title from the Planetary Governor in exchange for the severed heads of both Chaos Lord Karkhan the Relentless and the Slaanesh Champion Urkin the Rapist.

Before leaving the hive city of New Mtshketa, Primaris Captain Utmelidze, guided by Codicier Ephraim Eskiel, discovered his ancestry from the records in which he and 30 of the Storm Zealots Primaris Space Marines had originated from Didgori Secundus itself. These records also indicated that back long before the Horus Heresy, Didgori Secundus was one of the recruiting world for the Imperial Fists Legion.

Chapter Organisation

Order of Battle

The following represents the order of battle of the Storm Zealots Chapter at the near end of Skabbian Heresy, M42 as it currently stands:


Chapter Command

Storm Zealot Icon
Chapter Icon of the Storm Zealots
Yonatan Zerubavel , Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots
Chapter Champion Erev Shatawi
Command Squad (Chapter Standard Bearer, Chaplain, Epistolary, Apothecary, Techmarine)
Chapter Serfs
Librarium Reclusiarchy (Rabbinate) Apothecarion Fleet Command Armoury
Librarius Icon
Chief Librarian'''Matisyahu Zovar
5 Epistolaries
5 Codiciers
10 Lexicaniums
3 Acolytum
Chapter Serfs
Reclusium Icon
Reclusiarch Solomon Goren
10 Chaplains
Chapter Serfs
Winged Prime Helix
Chief Apothecary Yitzak Maimonides
10 Apothecaries
Chapter Serfs
'Master of the Fleet ' Seventh Primaris Captain Vladim Utmelidze
2 Battle-Barges (Jeras Invicta & Zealot Invicta)
8 Strike Cruisers
8 Gladius-class Frigates (Escorts)
Thunderhawk Gunships
Thunderhawk Tranports
Machina Opus Techmarine
Master of the Forge Jeremiah Bezalel
20 Techmarines


40 Thunderfire Cannons

20 Vindicators

20 Predators

20 Whirlwinds
5 Land Raiders

2 Fellblade Tank

20 Vindicator Laser Destroyer
8 Legion Sicaran Venator
10 Fire Raptors
8 Stormraven Gunships


Storm Zealot Companies are codex compliant yet had a different varieties and purposes. Primaris Company came to existence following the end of Skabbian Heresy which took place at the 7th and 10th Company. 9th Company served as Scout Company and the 6th and 8th served as a support company, although sometimes the 6th and 8th might act as a battle company under recommendation of both Chapter Master and the Reclusiarch of the chapter.

Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company
Veteran Company (Sayeret Teshuah)
  • First Captain David Shatrio, Master of the Marches
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer, Chaplain Jedediah Cohen, Apothecary Levi Baruch, Company Champion, Liutenant Ehud Kahalani, Liutenant Dotan Eskhanazi, Lexicanium Kniazev)
  • 10 Honour Guards
  • 4 Storm Commando Squad
  • 3 Tartaros Terminator Squads
  • 3 Indomitus Assault Terminator Squads
  • 2 Deredeo and 2 Leviathan Pattern Dreadnoughts
Battle Company (Sayeret Gibor)
  • Second Captain Michael Zachariah, Master of the Arsenal
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Abderachman Avram, Chaplain Gozalius Roth, Apothecary Kevin ben Aaron, Company Champion Yair Alevitz, Liutenant Siemon Cayaphas, Liutenant Solomon Hagatar, Lexicanium Alexander Lievinsky)
  • 1 Storm Commando Squad
  • 4 Tactical Squads
  • 3 Devastator Squads (1 Centurion Devastator, 2 Devastator Squads)
  • 2 Assault Squads
  • Dreadnoughts
Battle Company(Sayeret Lehavah)
  • Third Captain Avishai ben Zion, Lord Executioner
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Yerem Haydar, Chaplain Amos Yarkon, Apothecary Joseph Charazar, Company Champion, Liutenant Elal Brucheim, Liutenant Emir Ahmadi, Lexicanium Harun Bollegraf)
  • 1 Storm Commando Squad
  • 4 Tactical Squads
  • 3 Assault Squads (1 Bike Squad, 2 Assault Squads)
  • 2 Devastator Squads
  • Dreadnoughts
Battle Company (Sayeret Kadosh)
  • Fourth Captain Jonah Shoshanim, Master of the Rites
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Eiran Netanyahu, Chaplain Justinus Shoshanim, Apothecary Tzefanya, Company Champion,Liutenant Siras Ghoz, Liutenant Rechabeam, Lexicanium Bileam Azarya)
  • 1 Storm Commando Squad
  • 4 Tactical Squads
  • 4 Devastator Squads (2 Centurion Devastator Squads, 2 Devastator Squads)
  • 1 Hellblaster Squad
  • Dreadnoughts
Battle Company(Sayeret Marom)
  • Fifth Captain Arden Rosenberg, Master of the Watch
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Ishmael Abdel Kareem, Chaplain Berric Saltiel, Apothecary Matatiah Tovar, Company Champion,Liutenant Muhamet Barzani, Liutenant Solomon Uzi Makonnen, Lexicanium Yehuda Kiel)
  • 1 Storm Commando Squad
  • 4 Tactical Squads
  • 3 Devastator Squads (2 Centurion Devastator Squads, 1 Devastator Squads)
  • 2 Hellblaster Squads
  • Dreadnoughts
Support Companies Scout Company Primaris Company
6st Company 7nd Company 8rd Company 9th Company 10 th Company
SupportCompany (Sayeret Tsalal)
  • Sixth Captain Hans Menachem, Master of the Signal
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Barry Sholomon, Chaplain Garen Weissman, Apothecary Marcus Elias, Company Champion, Liutenant Sigvar Casav, Liutenant Hermann Shomron, Lexicanium Or Trager)
  • 2 Tactical Squads
  • 7 Devastator Squads
  • 1 Hellblaster Squad
  • Dreadnoughts
Primaris Company (Sayeret Neshar)
  • Seventh Primaris Captain Vladim Utmelidze, Master of the Fleet
  • Command Squad (Primaris Ancient Edar Ailan, Chaplain Yahya Amit, Primaris Apothecary Oder Halevi, Liutenant Lior Raz, Liutenant Omri Gur, Primaris Librarian Idan Ygal)
  • 3 Intercessor Squad
  • 4 Hellblaster Squad
  • 2 Reiver Squad
  • 1 Aggessor Squad
  • Dreadnoughts
  • Thunderhawk Gunships
  • Overlord Gunships
Support Company (Sayeret Gehenna)
  • Eight Captain Yehezkiel Naphtali, Master of Relics
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Mehdar Khalid Alam, Chaplain Mousa Kaabiya, Apothecary Rotem Gal, Company Champion, Liutenant Amien Ayoub, Liutenant Ghassan Iroq, Lexicanium Yahya Mahmoud)
  • 2 Tactical Squads
  • 7 Devastator Squads
  • 1 Hellblaster Squad
  • Dreadnoughts
  • Thunderhawk Gunships
  • Storm Talon Gunships
Scout Company (Sayeret Tzamach)
  • Ninth Captain Ram ben Naaman, Master of the Recruits
  • Command Squad (Standard Bearer Shimeon Barzani, Chaplain Yaron Kazenski, Apothecary Uriel Mordechai, Company Champion,Liutenant Mihal Begin, Liutenant Eliezer Mincha, Lexicanium Eyal Teitelbaum)
  • 4 Scout Squads
  • Thunderhawk Gunships
Primaris Company
  • Tenth Captain Timothius Joel Yeguviel
  • Command Squad (Primaris Ancient Yoav Haidon, Chaplain Eitan Aviner, Primaris Apothecary Jamal Ali, Liutenant Yachal Vaiphei, Liutenant Richard Vervuurt, Primaris Librarian Mazer Hadane)
  • Primaris Techmarine Egoz Rosenwald
    • 4 Intercessor Squads
    • 2 Reiver Squads
    • 3 Hellblaster Squads
    • 1 Aggressor Squad
    • 2 Primaris Repulsors

    Special Ranks

    • Storm Commando - The Storm Commandos are the Storm Zealots elite unit, mainly exist in the Veteran and Battle Companies. Among each of Storm Zealot's battle company there is a squad of 10 man Storm Commando. Each squad are armed to the teeth equipped with master crafted bolters, combi weapons, explosive charges, bandolier full of custom rounds, and the iconic power machete. Storm Commandos are often operate independently on the battlefield, these squads were often employed as efficient shock assault troops, tactical rangers and assassins. The individuals assigned to this duty were often willingly to undertake the most dangerous missions from which they were not expected to return. The Storm Commando are chosen among veteran Astartes that at least had survived for almost 190 years of services. The formation of Storm Commando take place after the Dargosa Crusade under commendation of Chapter Master Yaakov Mordechai and Reclusiarch Solomon Goren. The Storm Commando replace the Sternguard and the Vanguard Veteran Space Marines in the veteran company. The Storm Commandos of the 3rd Company are mostly equipped with Jump packs, power weapons and Storm Shield.
    • Specialist - The rank Specialist is a rank in the Tactical Squad that is placed between a Battle Brother and Sergeant. The Specialist task is to lead a 5 man squad if ordered by the squad Sergeant as well as to scan the battlefield of potential threat be it traps, mines, or enemy forces.
    • Honor Guard - Storm Zealot Honor Guards serve as protector for both Chapter Master and Captain of the first Company. Led by a Captain, the Honor Guards of the Storm Zealot only exist within the Chapter Command and Veteran Compan and serve not only as a retinue but also as a secretive agents of unrecorded campaigns and missions. The records regarding their numbers are kept hidden from the Inquisition. There are at least a hundred of Honor Guards exist within the Chapter. After the infamous Skabbian Heresy that mark stain upon the chapter's honor. The number of Storm Zealot Honor Guard diminished to 20 men.

    Chapter Serfs

    Due to their selfless action and willingness to aid and defend the citizens of the Imperium, the Storm Zealots have a vast number of Chapter Serfs numbering near eighty thousands and stationed in the Chapter's Fortress Monastery, Battle Barge, Strike Cruiser, Frigates, and outpost stations. The Chapter Serfs of the Storm Zealots are treated most humanely and with the utmost respect by their transhuman masters like a minor members of the chapter itself. The Chapter Serfs came mostly from failed aspirants and or rescued civilians from Jeras and other planets that wish to accompany and serve their saviours out of gratitude.

    Both men and women who become a chapter serf are allowed to raise their children inside the Fortress Monastery whom all of them are educated and trained to a much higher standard than most other servants of the Imperium in order to fulfill their duties. The Chapter Serfs of the Storm Zealots are mostly armed and well educated as equivalent to the standard Imperial Scribe of Terra. Male Chapter Serfs serve mostly as Chapter Artificers, Sacratium, Frigatesman, and Armed Auxilia, while the Female Chapter Serfs work mostly as a Medicae, Monitors, and Masters of Refectorium.

    During the infamous Skabbian Heresy that occurs in the beginning of M42, more than half of the chapter serfs are indoctrinated and sided with the traitor Chapter Master Dovid Skabbian.

    Combat Doctrine

    The Storm Zealots are experts in ranged and siege combat. They are known to employ mass group of Heavy Support Squad such as Devastators Squads and Hellblasters on the field armed with heavy weapons such as Plasma Incinerators, Lascannons, Missile Launchers, and Heavy Bolters with a very few numbers of Assault Marines, with the exception of 2nd company that employ 2 squad of Assault Marines and the 3rd company that employ 2 squads of Assault Marines and 1 Bike Squad.

    Many of its Tactical Squads have auto-scopes attached to their bolters to increase the accuracy while performing a precision shot on the enemy. The Chapter's Sergeants, both Tactical and Devastators are mostly equipped with combi-bolter, storm bolter and power fist or chainsword for melee combat.

    The Storm Zealots chapter standard issue boltgun is a Mk V. Jezreel Pattern Boltgun. A boltgun that look similar to the Cawl Pattern Bolt Rifle with additional fixed attached Auto Scope and slightly shorter barrel and receiver. Some Mk V. Jezreel Pattern Boltgun come with a stock similar to standard issue Plasma Gun.

    Storm Zealots are also one of the few Space Marine Chapter of a later Founding that employ Centurion Devastator Warsuits in battle instead of the usual vehicles such as Landspeeders. They often focus on infantry, walkers, fast-attack bikes, artillery (Thunderfire Cannons, Vindicators, Whirlwinds, Hunters, and Stalkers) as well as air support from Stormtalon gunships and Stormhawk Interceptors.

    The Storm Zealot Devastator Squads are one of the most feared heavy support infantry in the Ultima Segmentum. The 10 man squad consists of a Sergeant and 9 Heavy Weapon wielding Astartes.

    The Storm Zealots veteran warriors do not wear Service Studs on their forehead as other Chapters do.

    The Chapter's veteran company and a squad in each of the battle company is consist of Storm Commando, the chapters elite veteran special force replacing the Vanguard Veteran and the Sternguard Veteran Space Marines.

    The Chapter's concern for human casualties has led them to perform many daring missions such as search-and-rescue missions inside hostile territory as well as evacuations. Their Thunderhawk transporters are often used not only to carry Marines but also to carry rescued civilians.  

    Storm Zealots are known to despise suicide attack in any form, viewing such attacks as unworthy to be carried to battle and wasteful in battle-brothers' lives.

    At the time of M42, the arrival of Primaris Space Marines under the leadership of Primaris Captain Yeguviel, the Storm Zealots received appoximately 210 Primaris Space Marines at their side. Highly impressed with the Plasma Incinerator, the Storm Zealot 7th and 10th Primaris Company possess more Hellblaster Squads than the other chapter, lacking the existence of Inceptor Squad.

    Shortly after the outbreak of Skabbian Heresy, the chapter had excavated two relic Fellblades and buried deep within the Vaults of Hesperetus at Hesperides Secundus. The chapter decide to bring back such war machine back to live.

    Aside from their expertise in ranged and siege warfare, each Storm Zealots Company had their specialities:

    1st Company: Deep Strike Warfare

    2nd Company: Anti-Battlesuit Warfare

    3rd Company: Jump Pack Close Assault, Anti Skimmer Warfare

    4th Company: Monster/Titanic Slayer

    5th Company: Drop-pod Assault

    6th Company: Kill-Team, Stealth Warfare

    7th Company: Kill-Team, Void Warfare

    8th Company: Mechanized and Air-to-Ground Warfare

    9th Company: Reconnaissance, Stealth Warfare

    10th Company: Anti-Battlesuit Warfare

    Chapter Gene-Seed

    The gene-seed of the Storm Zealots is highly regarded as one of the most stable and possesses a unique characteristics that are expressed in physiological and the behavioral terms, much similar traits to the Imperial Fist. Physiologically, the Chapter has lost an organ particular to Space Marines: the Betcher's Gland, which allows the Marine to produce acidic spittle.

    The gene-seed of Storm Zealots are given to an obsession of highly discipline well organized and determination of perfection in medium to long ranged combat, giving an enhanced speculations and marksman skill when operating boltguns and heavy weapons . There are few physical abnormality registered was the occasional shift in iris colour to reddish brown in some recruits as well as the hardening of the epidermic skin as a result to the Black Carapace which not only allows a Space Marine to interface directly with his Power Armour but also to create a soft armor that could provide extra resistance and protection against a simple shred from an ordinary sharp object.

    Notable Figures

    • Chapter Master Nachman Kahane - Chapter Master Nachman Kahane was the first Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots. He once served as a Battle-Brother of the Imperial Fist, but due to his prolonged service and staunch protector of Imperial civilians, Nachman Kahane was given the rare honour of leading a Successor Chapter, as ordered by the High Lords of Terra to protect the Ultima Segmentum. Chapter Master Kahane passed down the title to 2nd Company Captain Seth Avramson and at the beginning of M39, disappeared without a trace.
    • Chapter Master Seth Avramson - The second Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots, at M40 he passed down the title to the charismatic Captain Ovadia Shaul of the 3rd Company before being interred into Venerable Dreadnought.
    • Chapter Master Ovadia Shaul - The third Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots and a famed mastersmith of the chapter. Ovadia Shaul was a charismatic leader of the Storm Zealots. He created an impregnable defensive tactic called the "Diamond Wall", a defensive formation which consists of Devastators and Tactical Squads as well as Thunderfire Cannons. He died during the disastrous events, known as the Fall of Gassar, where he sacrificed himself to buy some time for both the 1st and 4th Companies to destroy a base infested with genestealers.
    • Chapter Master Yaakov Mordechai - The forth Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots, Yaakov Mordechai was a son of a Terran father and Jerasian mother. He replaced Chapter Ovadia Shaul after the disastrous events known as Fall of Gassar. Promoted to the ranks of Chapter Master after his courageous services as First Captain of the elite 1st Company, Chapter Master Yaakov promoted Sergeant Mendel as the Captain of the 1st Company. Chapter Master Yaakov was known for his chivalry, intelligence and always led by example. He often deployed on Chapter missions or great battles in secret against the myriad of foes of the Imperium. Like his predecessors, Chapter Master Mordechai was often seen wielding a Relic Katranite Blade Death Eater. He was slain and murdered by his own Chapter Champion Dovid Skabbian.
    • Chapter Master Dovid Skabbian - The illegitimate fifth Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots, ruling a short period of only 2 years and 4 months. Dovid Skabbian led his former chapter master to a daemonic infested planet Drisis. There he and the rest of the Honor Guard betrayed the Chapter Master and stabbed him to the death and returned to Jeras claiming the title fifth Chapter Master. He is a master of melee combat known for his ferocity in combat and swordsmanship equal to the infamous Lucius the Eternal, carrying with him a corrupted Great Sword named Gut Biter, a dire weapon he forged using the shard from the blades of a Plague Champion he encountered during his quest to the Plague Stars. He was corrupted by the voices of Nurgle promising him eternal glory and immortality as a ruler of Jeras and the Plague Stars, responsible for the devastation of planet Jeras and the deaths of near ten billion innocent civilians of Jeras, counting with him the Planetary Governor Judah Rivlin and Admiral Eyal Givran of the Imperial Navy. A civil war erupted following his foul deeds of kidnapping, spreading disease, and sacrificing civilians to the Dark Gods. He was betrayed by 80% of the chapter for refusing to betray the Emperor and his Imperium. Even though he received aid from the traitor Chief Librarian Shekar Kapoor from the Space Naga and the traitor Captain Morkas of the 6th Company of the Thousand Blades, the rebellion ended in failure, resulting in his expulsion and the scouring of traitors amongst the three allied chapters. Escaping their way to the Maelstrom and earning their title as Chaos Lords, Skabbian alongside Chaos Lord Devadatta and Lord Berzerker Morkas, from the Thousand Blades, formed a Dread Council, as the ruling embodiment of those dedicated to Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Khorne, forming a Chaos Warband known as the Blight Butchers - sworn to destroy the Storm Zealots, Space Naga, and the Thousand Blades and rule over the Ultima Segmentum.
    • Chapter Master Yonatan Zerubavel - The Sixth and Current Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots. A veteran Storm Commando Sergeant of the 1st Company. A deadly prowess combatant that able to inflict grievous wounds to his former traitor Chapter Master Dovid Skabbian during the end of Skabbian Heresy. He is known to be a man of logic and reason that show a compassion to defend the weak and slay the foes of the Imperium. He recovered Chapter Master Mordechai's Katranite Blade "Death Eater" prior to his promotion as the Chapter Master of the Storm Zealots. Chapter Master Zerubavel wield a legendary Boltgun "Wrath of Shaul" a relic Boltgun with fixed silencers and attached dot sights that fires Doomhammer bolt rounds. A bolt that able to penetrate an adamantium plates with ease.
    • Chief Librarian Matisyahu Zovar - Current Chief Librarian of the Storm Zealots
    • Reclusiarch Marom Elazhari - First Reclusiarch of the Storm Zealots
    • Reclusiarch Harton Naphtali - Fifth Reclusiarch of the Storm Zealots
    • Reclusiarch Solomon Goren - Sixth and Current Reclusiarch of the Storm Zealots.
    • First Captain David Shatrio - Captain of the Storm Zealot 1st Company
    Storm Zealot Cpt

    2nd Company Captain Zachariah

    • Second Captain Michael Zachariah - Captain of the 2nd Company
    • Third Captain Avishai ben Zion - Captain of the 3rd Company
    • Fourth Captain Jonah Shoshanim - Captain of the 4th Company
    • Fifth Captain Arden Rosenberg - Captain of the 5th Company
    • Sixth Captain Hans Menachem - Captain of the 6th Company
    • Seventh Captain Josaphat Bielsky - Captain of the 7th Company died during the infamous Skabbian Heresy
    • Seventh Primaris Captain Vladim Utmelidze - the current Primaris Captain of the 7th Company, one of the very few Astartes that is recruited outside Jeras, Vladim is born on Didgori Secundus shortly after the infamous event known as Betrayal at Calth. He was recruited by the Imperial Fist 90th Company and participate in Battle of Terra against the traitor legion. Following the end of Horus Heresy, Vladim Utmelidze was put into a primaris training program and thus interred into cryo statis and woke up at the beginning of M42 following the return of the primarch Roboute Guilliman. Captain Utmelidze is well known for his dual wielding prowess as well as the one who singlehandedly slay a Greater Daemon Tal'Gorok during the end of Skabbian heresy.
    • Eighth Captain Yehezkiel Naphtali - Captain of the 8th Company
    • Ninth Captain Ram ben Naaman - Captain of the 9th Company.
    • Tenth Primaris Captain Timothius Yoel Yeguviel - Primaris Captain of the recently founded 10th Company, born on Terra during the infamous Horus Heresy, Captain Yoel was put to a primaris training program and thus interred into cryo statis for a millenia and arrived at Jeras at M42 at the peak of Storm Zealot Civil War, Skabbian Heresy. A deadly marksman armed with Stalker Bolt Rifle, he never miss.
    • Librarian Alexander Lievinsky - The current Librarian of the 2nd Company
    • Librarian Yehuda Khiel - The current Librarian of the 5th Company
    • Primaris Librarian Mazer Hadane - Primaris Librarian of the 10th company, a native from Terran region of Hive City Abyssinia. Has the power to conjure great Lightning bolt upon a small forces.
    • Chaplain Gozalius Roth - Chaplain of the 2nd Company
    • Chaplain Justinus Shoshanim - Chaplain of the 4th company
    • Chaplain Yaron Kataev - Chaplain of the 9th Company
    • Primaris Chaplain Eitan Aviner - Primaris Chaplain of the 10th company, born to a Jerasian father and Terran Mother during the Great Scouring, Chaplain Eitan was put to a primaris training program and thus interred into cryo statis for a millenia and arrived at Jeras at M42 at the peak of Storm Zealot Civil War, Skabbian Heresy. An inspiring leader and excel in close combat.
    • Apothecary Levi Baruch - Apothecary of the 1st Company
    • Apothecary Kevin ben Aaron - Apothecary of the 2nd Company
    • Apothecary Matatiah Tovar - Apothecary of the 5th Company
    • Apothecary Marcus Elias - Apothecary of the 6th Company

    Chapter Fleet

    • Jeras Invicta (Battle-Barge) - This Battle-Barges has served the Chapter since it's earliest days.
    • Zealot Invicta (Battle-Barge) - Given to the Chapter after Damocles Crusade
    • Psalm of Might (Strike Cruiser) - Chapter Master Personal Strike Cruiser
    • Sling of David (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser of the 1st Company
    • Hammer of Judah (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser of the 2nd Company
    • Sword of Gideon (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser of the 3rd Company
    • Shield of Jossiah (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser of the 4th Company
    • Lance of Ehud (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser of the 5th Company
    • Firestorm Enigma (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser of the 7th Company

    The Chapter also possess 8 Gladius Frigate.

    Chapter Appearance

    Chapter Colors

    The Storm Zealots primarily wear olive drab coloured power armor, with Calthan brown colours on the left poleyn (knee guard), sabatons (foot armour), and the shoulder guard trim. The Aquila or Imperialis symbol on the chest plate is gold in colour. The black-colored squad specialty insignia (Tactical, Assault, Devastator, or Veteran) is indicated on the right shoulder guard, whilst the Chapter badge/icon is painted on the left shoulder guard. Company colours are designated on the center of the right poleyn. Company Captain and Sergeant wear brown-colored helmets.

    Chapter Badge

    The Storm Zealot Chapter Badge is a Jerasian Star with large white coloured skull centered in the middle. The six-pointed star, or the so-called Jerasian Star, represents hope and devotion of Jerasian to the God Emperor. The skull in the middle represents the Emperor's sacrifice for Humanity that has never, nor should ever, be forgotten.



    IF Armorial

    Armorial of the Imperial Fists

    • Imperial Fists - Storm Zealots have a close ties with their founding Chapter, and can be counted on through the chapters unending devotion and fealty to the Eastern Fringe.  The Imperial Fists have on many occasions complimented the Zealots for their deeply implementation and innovation of long range warfare, and siege craft.
    Salamanders Armorial

    Armorial of the Salamanders

    • Salamanders - The honorable Salamanders had always support the Storm Zealots. The Zealots trait of self sacrifice, duty, honor, and life concern of life of Imperial citizen had win their favor. It was rumored that due to the Zealots honorable deeds, Chapter Master Tu'Shan of the Salamander forged a relic blade "Death Eater" as a gift to Chapter Master Ovadia Shaul. It later passed on to Chapter Master Yaakov Mordechai.
    Space Naga SP

    Armorial of the Space Naga

    • Space Naga - Hailing from the Indravari System, this notable Successor Chapter of the brave Ultramarines, the Space Naga, alongside the Storm Zealots and Thousand Blades, have formed a special bond of brotherhood, guarding the Eastern Fringe and the Maelstrom against the enemies of the Imperium. Following the Indravari Wars, the Storm Zealot aided their fellow brethren at arms in providing reconstruction of defences against xenos invasion, especially the Tyranids. And in return, the Space Naga through their powerful psychic abilities of their formidable Librarians, have provided the Storm Zealots precious intelligence by utilising their prescient foresight to foresee any impending attacks from the Tyranids, Tau Empire or the Forces of Chaos.
    Thousand Blades SP

    Armorial of the Thousand Blades

    • Thousand Blades - Hailing from the Hive world Wojtyla, and a Successor Chapter of the honourable White Scars, the Thousand Blades alongside the Storm Zealots, and the Space Naga have formed a special bond of brotherhood, guarding the Eastern Fringe and the Maelstrom against the enemies of the Imperium. The Thousand Blades, under Chapter Master Janus Kashimir, often aid the Storm Zealots through the use of their aerial superiority, fast attacks, and drop assaults tactics. The Thousand Blades' history of battle-fleet warfare have grown famous within the brotherhood circle and since the Dargosa Crusade, continue to aid the Storm Zealots in large scale warfare where air superiority, drop assault and massed battle-fleets are needed.
    Spectral Wolves SP

    Armorial of the Spectral Wolves

    • Spectral Wolves - Fighting the same threat that came from beyond the Eastern Fringe, the Spectral Wolves will often fight side-by-side with the Storm Zealots. The Spectral Wolves will charge head on, tanking, and slaying their foe as the Storm Zealots move in for the final death blow and gun down their foes. The bond of friendship between these staunchly loyal Chapters have been observed on multiple occasions when they have fought against various Tyranid Hive Fleets.
    Gulf Hawks Armorial

    Armorial of the Gulf Hawks

    • Gulf Hawks - Located at the borders between the Imperium and Tau Empire, both chapters have been known to engage and fend off both the Tau Empire, and the Forces of Chaos. Trading between New Merica and Jeras has been done for more than a few centuries and both planets share the same research and technological levels. Though the Gulf Hawks seldom get involved to aid the Storm Zealots in many conflicts, nevertheless, both chapter show great respect for one other.
    Hyenas Caliban Armorial

    Armorial of the Hyenas of Caliban

    • Hyenas of Caliban - Sharing similarities of using Hellblasters in battle. The Hyenas of Caliban and Storm Zealots stand shoulder to shoulder against the threat of both xenos and forces of immaterium. On some unrecorded missions, Captain Arden Rosenberg aid the Hyenas in pursue of the fallen Dark Angels known as Alchristo, a Fallen who knew the secrets of Hecate.
    • 89th Panther Kavalier - The Storm Zealots had built a great relation with the brave guardsman of the 89th Panther Kavalier, while fighting Hive fleet Zilant at Berenggrad. Since then, the captain commissar Jason Orphinick begin to trust and willingly aid the Storm Zealots in their war notably the Dargosa Crusade. The 89th Panther Kavalier were well respected among the Zealots, prove to be an excellent auxiliary and remarkable heavy support.


    Fire Caste Icon

    Icon of the Tau Empire.

    • Tau Empire - The existence of the Storm Zealots had become a hard thorn in a comfort beds of Ethereals within the alien empire. The Storm Zealots had committed many atrocities against Tau populations, causing human rebellions, virus bombing a planet, and slaying many Tau Commanders and Ethereals during many conflicts. It was said that the Storm Zealots are the cause of all difficulties during the Third and Fourth Sphere Expansion.
    Star of Chaos

    The octed (eight-pointed star) of the Ruinous Powers.

    • Forces of Chaos - Like other Angels of Death that became a light in the darkness. The Storm Zealots will always be the beacon of hope against the sea of darkness. The steadfast and talented Zealot apothecary had created many medicines, antidotes, and serums to counter the corruption and festering wounds cause by the Rotten God himself. The dark stain to the Chapter cause by the 5th Company Captain Ben Niman and the infamous heresy cause by heretic Chapter Master Dovid Skabbian had further push the Chapter to fight the forces of Nurgle with unending fury and zealous faith in the God Emperor.
    Dark eldar icon

    Icon of the Drukhari.

    • Dark Eldar - The Eldar corsairs have raided Jeras and surrounding planets for slaves and minerals. The Storm Zealots are committed to ensure that no xeno corsairs ever threaten Jeras and nearby planets. Under leadership of Third Captain Avishai, the Storm Zealots have fought the xeno pirates even deep through the Dark City of Commorragh itself.
    Tyranid Icon

    Icon of the Tyranids.

    • Tyranids - The Storm Zealots had encounter this extragalactic xeno at planet Gassar. Suffering many casualties and a shameful defeat at Rhudour and Gassar that cause the death of their Chapter Master cause the entire chapter to purge the foul bio-forms in every planet. With the aid of Spectral Wolves, the Space Naga, and the Thousand Blades, the Storm Zealots stand ready to defend and to stand against the myriad foe.
    Marines Malevolent Armorial

    Armorial of the Marines Malevolent.

    • Marines Malevolent - Though they proved loyal to the Imperium, the notorious Marines Malevolent will always be the enemy to the Storm Zealots. The prove of their atrocities during Shazaran War had cause the Storm Zealots to show a cold bitter action to the Marines Malevolent. The Zealots will never welcome the Marines Malevolent and the Chapter may fire a warning shot to ward off any fleet that belongs to this notorious chapter.

    Notable Quotes

    By the Storm Zealot

    "Hear O Brothers, the Emperor our God is One!"
    — Common Storm Zealot Battlecry
    "Man within the Tau Empire. Gue'las as they mockingly called you! Rise up! You are men, you have privilege to live without slavery of alien masters! You are rulers of the galaxy! The Emperor bestows his blessings and protection to all free men! Freedom is not free and cannot be achieved without sacrifice! Rise against your alien leader and claim their city and planet in the Emperor's name. Your true guardian and protection, He is the father of mercy, messiah of technology and the Master of Mankind! He will provide for you, He will protect you, He will never forsake you! Fight against alien slavery! Live your true lives as free men!"
    — Chaplain Gozalius Roth, Sayeret Gibor, Tarradin Campaign
    "We shall be pure in the eyes of the God Emperor! We shall stay true to His path and we shall cleanse the dirt that stain our Chapter! The renegade shall die!"
    — Fifth Captain Arden Rosenberg, Sayeret Marom, Storm Zealot
    "Let every system know that we are the hope of mankind! Let every inhabitants of every planet within the Imperium shout in rejoice! that humanity shall rise! We shall never yield to the xenos nor darkness of the warp itself! We are Men! We are destined to conquer this galaxy in the name of the Emperor our God and we will triumph!"
    — Sergeant Aldo Grintzvaig of the 1st Tactical Squad, 2nd Company Sayeret Gibor, Storm Zealots
    "Strike from the sky brothers! The Angels of Death shall rule this day and prey the weak!"
    — Third Captain Avishai ben Zion of Sayeret Lehavah, Storm Zealots
    "Let every bones and flesh of living being, humans or abhumans worship the Emperor as the Emperor Protect us!"
    — Reclusiarch Solomon Goren
    "Make every shot count! Every bullet that is loaded contains a thousand prayers of every Imperial Citizen of Jeras and the Imperium!"
    — Forth Captain Jonah Shoshanim of Sayeret Kadosh, Storm Zealots
    "Imperial Citizen be it man, ogryns, ratling, or squat is a subject to the God Emperor! Leave no man behind! Reach your hands to them and slay the foe that hunt them! Protect them with all your might!"
    — Second Captain Zachariah of Sayeret Gibor, Storm Zealots
    "There are thirty-two civilians left at the Southern Ruins, sent the 4th Tactical Squad and the Thunderhawk! We will take them home!"
    — Chapter Master Yaakov Mordechai to the 3rd Company Sayeret Lehavah, New Mectra
    "My father was a great man and a devout followers of the God-Emperor. He is a martyr to the Chapter, he fought valiantly for that settlement. We should do the same brother."
    — Captain Yehezkiel Naphtali of the 8th Company, during the Mortas Incident

    About the Storm Zealot

    "My lord, you saved us all! Please allow me and my daughter to serve your Chapter."
    — Rena Zaviel shortly before becoming a Chapter Serf of the Storm Zealots
    "We have never seen Astartes care for our lives. How do we pay your kindness in return, my lord?"
    — Thurgrim Ironbeard, Squat Ceramite Miner during Second Jerasian War
    "It was a noble act to save the life of the Imperium citizens and your chapter is noble indeed Captain Naphtali. I will become your guarantor for you and your chapter should the Marines Malevolent receive their backup from the Inquisition"
    — Chaplain Shar'tac of the Salamanders
    "It is true papa, the Angels of Death are true."
    "They saved me and Regis from that monster papa.
    — Rescued children, Dargosa Crusade
    "We thought we were done for, but the Space Marines, that green Marines with six pointed star, they have come to aid us! By the Emperor we thought we were done for."
    — Local PDF Trooper, New Sogdia
    "The Zealots are crazy, Asgeir. They even managed to rescue the civilians in the heat of battle. They lost a brother in order to save two ladies, an old codger and a young lad in the gunfight. I don't know whether it is foolishness or chivalry, but I have my respect in them."
    — Gunnar Stevigsson, Spectral Wolves Laoch to his fellow Battle-Brothers
    "Like the fury of the Storm, your plasma cannons and missile launchers rain upon them as our bike squads and stormtalons finish off the remaining trash of the Imperium. A powerful formation indeed!"
    — Third Captain Tadeuz Sikorski of the Thousand Blades to the Storm Zealots, Dargosa Crusade
    "We are one with our missions, one with our goals, and one with the Emperors. The Space Naga will always stand beside your chapter. Together we will defend and preserve mankind from both Xeno and Chaos!"
    — (Chapter Master) Nagaraja Vikram Aditya of the Space Naga
    "Some would say they are foolish, putting their limited lives at risk to rescue even a few of the endless citizens of the Imperium. I say it proves they are human."
    — Inquisitor Jacob Flux
    "I swear in the name of the Emperor, that I will found out the proof of heresy conducted by this Storm Zealot! I will hunt and stalk them for the rest of my life and I will not rest until I found the proof of their treachery. And once I found it, I will crush this xenos-loving chapter with the might of the Ecclesiarchy. I will exterminate their homeworlds and slaughter their citizens."
    — Puritan Inquisitor Yassin Amedi of the Ordo Xenos
    "The Radicals are a fool to back the Zealots, working side-by-side with a xenos to destroy another xenos, still counts as an act of heresy! Let our puritan brothers be known, we've got a case to hound of!"
    — Puritan Inquisitor Morrigan Ó Ceallaigh of the Ordo Xenos
    "It's not often that one meets an Astartes Chapter that actually puts the people of the Imperium before their own glory. I hope to serve with them again, as we have much in common."
    — Sir Jacob of Raline