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The Pertinax Smoldering was a castigation campaign conducted by the Ebon Knights Space Marine Chapter against heretical cultists upon the isolated Hive World of Pertinax, where bloody internecine conflict had broken out amongst the populace. The Ebon Knights launched a precision series of attacks to purge these heretical elements and ensure that any Chaos taint was thoroughly eradicated.


A rebellion led by devotees of the heretical Cimmerian Cult engulfed the isolated Hive World of Pertinax, until elements of the Ebon Knights Chapter of Space Marines were dispatched at the request of the Administratum to reclaim Pertinax's industrial output for the Imperium. In a meticulously planned campaign of surgical strikes and scorched earth assaults, the Ebon Knights decimated the cult's ranks, suppressing the Chaos Cultist uprisings and slayed their leaders.