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The Omegon System Federation is an independent Empire, that welcomes every races and sees it as it's equal. It was founded by humans and a race called the Brix'un. The humans turned their back to the Empire after realising how racist and brutal it is. Because it's a coalition of many races it's technologically more advanced than the Imperium.

The federation is protected by the former Imperial Guard Regiment called the Omegon Harpies and the Renegade Space Marine Chapter the Iron Jaws. The Space Marines kept their armour and weapons, but the Harpies welcomed the new technology and are therefor more advanced than other Regiments. But they are only used for protection, since the Federation welcomes friendly races.


In the beginning there was a Imperial Guard Regiment known as the Omegon Harpies. They were on a Crusade to scout out any enemy races and exterminate them. But when they stumbled upon the nomadic and technologically advanced race, named the Brix'un. When the Lord General received the order to attack the Brix'un he hesitated. After all the new race hadn't done anything to be considered enemies. And so he ignored the order and talked to the race rather than fight them. It turned out they were peaceful and though they had more advanced weapons, they had thew and only for protection. It was then that the Lord General saw how brutal and racist the Imperium was.

But they were soon wanted, as for their disobedience and new connection with xenos, they were considered heretics. And so the Harpies fled alongside the Brix'un to escape the grasp of the Imperium. They came upon an unknown Solar System and made landfall on the middelest planet.

The planet a Jungle Planet and was uninhabited and beautiful. And so, with the combined technology of two races, they started building beautiful cities, without harming the surrounding nature. The Flora and Fauna of the Jungle was maintained, which gives the cities a beautiful touch. After the sun of the system was named Omegon, the new planet was called Omegon Primus.

But the second planet proofed to be more eventful. It was the neighbouring planet and it was covered in most part by a huge swamp. The first troops that were sent into the nature, came back screaming. They said things about huge men, in greenish armour, but they moved like a crocodile, coming out of the water and surprising them. So the Lord General sent in a troop of unarmed men, to try to talk to these strange men. And when the men came back, but with someone new.

It was no crocodile-man, but a Space Marine. He was big, even for Astartes standards. He was cladded in greenish armour, that faded in with the surrounding swamp. The Lord General recognised his Iconography, a crocodile skull. He was from the Renegade Chapter, known as the Iron Jaws. A Chapter known for huge and strong Marines, physically stronger than most other Astartes. They were feared for their ambushes and seemingly unbeatable skill in close combat.

Jet they were Renegades for the same reason as the Federation and had very similar ideals. And so they became the Federations elite combatants. After that the Federation inhabited the other planets of the solar system and started welcoming other races.


Omegon Primus
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Life within the Federation


The life for a simple citizen in the Federation is far more comfortable, safer and generally just better, than life in the Imperium. To become a citizen of the Federation is simpler than in other Empires. One only has to work for the Federation. Which work isn't really important, as long the Federation confirms that it is legal. As a citizen, one has guaranteed protection, a home and food. One has the right to vote and the citizens of the Federation can speak openly. For a citizen money is only needed for extra expenses, since small homes and the needed amount of food is provided to everyone. If one wants a bigger house and more food, one has to pay for it.


The Technology is far more advanced, than that of the Imperium or other Empires. It is a mixture of human, Brix'un, T'au and Aeldari technology. This is used for cities, ships and military equipment. Through this technology the cities of the Federation look beautiful, the ships are safer and better than others and the armour and weapons of the military are far more efficient, than that of the Imperium.


The Omegon System Federation is a republican system.


Omegon Harpies

The Omegon Harpies are a Ex-Imperial Guard Regiment and are the main military force of the Federation. They still have the same ranks and formations, but are technologically way more advanced than other Regiments. Their armour is a mixture of all the races technology, that are part of the Federation. They are specialised in far- to mid-ranged battles and rarely fight in close combat.

Iron Jaws

The Iron Jaws are a Space Marine Chapter, that were renegades before the Federation was even founded. Their armour is a gloomy green, that fades in with the swamps, that they fight in and their iconography is a crocodile skull. Even for Astartes they're considered big and especially strong, rivalled by only a thew other Chapters. They specialise in close-combat and only have guns as ranged weapons. They battle in swamps and jungles. They're at their best in shallow waters, best case scenario the water is muddy and one can't see anything. They use the water to sneak up to their enemy.

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