"This world was not given to us. We purchased it with our blood, and the blood of our lost brothers. It is ours, and now we belong to it. Nothing and no one will ever remove us from its surface."
— First Chapter Master Garret Calgar after the defeat of the Evil Seed

Oighir is an isolated feral world that is also designated an Adeptus Astartes home world of the Eternal Paladins Space Marine Chapter. Interestingly, this world has also been identified as a Necron Tomb World, a fact that wasn't known when the original Space Marine Chapter, the Bronze Templars, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Following the settlement of the Eternal Paladins Chapter on this planet, they cleansed it of the xenos taint and claimed it as their own.


Oighir is part of the Scead 10 solar system, located near the boundary of the Ultima Segmentum and the region of space known as the Ghoul Stars. The planet boasts a slightly larger circumference than Terra, with slightly longer days, approximately 26 hours in a standard rotation. There are three small moons that orbit the planet.

Oighir is a planet with a small portion of the surface habitable for humans, but still supporting a native population of about 34 million, with large chunks of the world being covered in ice and snow, and the relatively slight axial tilt keeps the seasons stable so that there is little change in the ice coverage. There are a number of different species of fauna that do live and thrive in the cold, however, including a number of large, bear-like predators.

In the long years between the Dark Age of Technology and the time the planet was brought back into the Imperium, the human society had taken several steps back technologically, settling into the Steel Age. The government had reverted into a feudal society centered on strong family clan groups, with a monarch elected by the clan groups. Prior to the arrival of the Bronze Templars, there had been little to no presence by any branch of the Adeptus Terra.

The chapter does not take direct control of the planetary population unless pressed. Rather, they maintain a stewardship, letting a local governor control the day-to-day operations, at least in appearance. They do closely monitor all goings-on, ensuring that nothing threatens their home or recruiting base.

When the chapter first came to Oighir, they were in for an unpleasant surprise. Unknown to anyone, the planet was a Necron Tomb World. The first chapter of the Adeptes Astartes to land on the world, the Bronze Templars, settled on the planet after having spent most of their existence as a fleet based chapter. They lived on the surface for years before they accidentally awoke a portion of the xenos threat, and were wiped out nearly to the man. The Eternal Paladins had a long fight to win their home from the then unknown aliens and their ancient claim.


Mainistir Mara is a large, towering structure built near the northern region of the habitable central continent.

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