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"Brothers, there comes a time in all our lives when we must face Death itself, but let us not face Death alone. Let us face it as Brothers! Let us face Death for The Emperor!"
— Captain Astrix Vornus addressing the 4th Company and Astra Militarum forces in a battle against the Necrons and a Chaos Warband at Jamerv Secundus, 787.M41

The Nova Wolves Chapter was formed in the 25th Founding, the so-called 'Bastion Founding', from unknown genetic lineage in 938.M40, with the purpose of defending the Imperium from the threat of both xenos and heretics alike. They specialise in void warfare and ship-to-ship boarding actions, but are no slouches on the ground, as they are masters of ranged assaults against the enemies of Mankind.

Their fortress-monastery is located upon the world of Nexus Prime, a frozen Death World stuck in an eternal Ice Age with a small populace under constant threat from the indigenous wildlife that roams the planet, with those that survive until adolescence becoming prime recruitment material for the Chapter.


Chapter History

Founding (M40)

The Nova Wolves were formed during the 25th Founding, 938.M40, from an unknown gene-seed. They were given the Chapter Designation 954 and were considered to be a young Chapter by the older Astartes Chapters, receiving their training from the Arachnid Warriors Chapter for half a century before they were called into their first true battle. Chapter 954 was tasked by the High Lords of Terra to help defend the Hyperion Sector in the Ultima Segmentum for their first mission while the Chapter home world was still being considered due to logistical errors made by the Administratum. The Sector was of vital importance to the Imperium as the Forge World of Nexus Minor, located in the Novus Sub-Sector, was in the process of retrieving and restoring an ancient Imperator Titan found in the north pole of Nexus Prime, only days after the Chapter was fully founded, when a Mechanicus scouting party discovered the local feral humans praying to the Titan's fallen body as if it were a god during an expedition to the surface.

Battle of Nexus Prime (938.M40)

Soon after receiving word about the Imperator-class Titan, the Nova Wolves were dispatched to Nexus Prime to help defend the Adeptus Mechanicus in their retrieval process. After a week of travel in the Warp, the Nova Wolves arrived to find Nexus Prime under assault by a force of rogue Mechanicum seceding from Forge World Nexus Minor, the Magos leading them wishing to control the ancient Imperator found on the surface. The Loyalist Skitarii Forces on the ground were holding out against all attacks, but the Loyalist Mechanicus Fleet in orbit was obliterated from the surprise attack. The first Chapter Master at the time, Mal Angelo, ordered the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Companies to the planet's surface along with supporting elements from the 6th through 9th Companies.

Meanwhile in orbit, Chapter Master Angelo conducted boarding actions on the Renegade vessels to find the enemy commander, Magos Sigesar, leading the assault, with support from the 1st, and 2nd Companies along with the rest of the 6th through 9th Companies. However, the Renegades morale was not wavering at all despite losing three of their seventeen ships to the Space Marines. Soon enough, Angelo was able to find the Magos leading the assault on the enemies sixth vessel thanks to the efforts of Chief Librarian Janus.

With the command ship finally identified, Chapter Master Angelo ordered the 10th Company into the planets asteroid belt to ambush the Renegade leaders, like a pack of wolves in wait, when they attempted to make planet fall. Meanwhile Reclusiarch Levi and the Terminator Squads of the 1st Company boarded the command ship. After gruesome deck-by deck fighting the Renegade leaders decided to make a hasty retreat planet side and await reinforcements from a fleet of renegade Navy vessels they had made contact with, promising to aid them in their pirate ventures in exchange for help in the battle.

However, as their Arvus Lighter transport was leaving the ship the Nova Wolves of the Scout Company took aim at every vital system outside of the ship and when the order was given the Scouts shot out every vital area they could hit. When the volley was finished, the transport was fully penetrated leaving the pilots and Magos Sigesar dead, it was nothing more than a drifting wreck.

After the mop up of remaining Renegade forces, Chapter 954 became known as the Nova Wolves for their successful zero-G ambush on the Renegade leadership, and although there was great celebration for the Chapters christening in battle and first successful battle there was also great sorrow; At least a quarter of the Chapter (203 Battle-Brothers) was lost. Among these losses were the Captains of 4th, 7th and 9th Companies, who had died to protect the Titan from the Renegades advance.


The aftermath of the Nexus Prime Campaign saw the need to replenish the Chapters extensive losses, both manpower and equipment. The battle had seen to the loss of 203 Battle-Brothers, three of which were Captains, to Renegade Skitarii assaults; along with the losses of multiple armoured vehicles and the crippling of the Strike Cruisers Void Damnation and Zealous Servitude.

Fortress-Monastery, The Nexus

Although that would have to wait as the High Lords of Terra found a new Chapter Homeworld for the new Nova Wolves, a planet in the Segmentum Tempestus called Clausius. However the Chapter Master Angelo had made a request; he had wanted the chapter world to instead be Nexus Prime, for the dual reasons of honouring their fallen Brothers and to ensure the defence of the region of space his brothers had given their lives to defend. Although there was much debate the High Lords agreed to this request. Soon Military Architects from the Imperium came with a vast workforce and set to the Fortress-Monastery's creation in the mountainous regions of the planet which contained the only lava sources on the planet.

The planet's population was also of hardy stock, whom were tested by the harsh and deadly conditions of the planet. The Nova Wolves saw this and decided that the best of the adolescents that survived would become Initiates to help replace the losses sustained. In addition to this, the Forge World of Nexus Minor would also help replace the chapter's ships, vehicles, arms and armour lost in battle as a thanks for their assistance and sacrifice, and also for the continued protection from the Nova Wolves.

WAAAGH! Blud-Stompa (375.M41)

After over 437 years since the Battle of Nexus Prime, and dozens of small skirmishes and battles across the Segmentum; the Nova Wolves First Company fought together in their biggest campaign since the Chapters inception centuries ago. WAAAGH! Blud-Stompa came into full effect when a simple Ork Incursion on the Hive World of Pomus turned into a full scale WAAAGH! in the blink of an eye.

Before Imperial Forces could fully mobilise, the WAAAGH! had already devastated an entire Sub-Sector of the Hyperion Sector and was moving onto the Eesk Sub-Sector. All Astartes Chapters and Guard Regiments nearby were busy already however and the only Forces that could mobilise were the Nova Wolves 1st and 2nd Company along with elements of the 10th Company, all led by the Chapter Master. Also responding were the Astra Militarum's 501st Cadian Shock Troops Regiment, and the main bulk of Battlefleet Hyperion, whom had both just finished a war against rebel forces on the Agri-World of Prius in the neighbouring sub-sector.

After meeting each other on the Battle-Barge Thunder of War, General Edmund Shaw of the 501st, Chapter Master Mal Angelo, and Grand Admiral Vesalius began conducting an ambush for the Ork Warboss and his WAAAGH! in orbit and on the surface of the Hive World Eesk in an attempt to finish off the WAAAGH! in a single strike. Battle-fleet Hyperion and the Space Marine Fleet would lie in wait in the Asteroid Belt of the Planet to ambush the Ork Roks and Cruisers; Meanwhile the 501st Cadian Regiment and the 2nd Company along with support from the 10th and 1st would wait outside of the Primary Hive City housing the Planetary Governor to ambush the Ork Assault. They knew the Orks would come here as all previous Planets that were attack had their Capital and Leadership wiped out first indicating the War-boss had more intellect than previously believed.

Two Days later, when the Ork WAAAGH! finally hit the planet it was met with a Force equal to it. Battlefleet Hyperion and the Nova Wolf Fleet came out of the Asteroid Belt and hammered the Orks at range before engaging at close range for boarding actions. The Ork Fleet wasn't large but it wasn't small either, it contained 30 Roks and over 90 Ork Ships. The opening salvo of the Imperial Fleet destroyed over 11 Roks and 20 Ork Ships before they could retaliate. When they did however, it was in full force.

Warboss Blud-Stompa, who was on the lead Rok, ordered the Ork Ships to form a shield around the Roks defending them from the enemy fleet. This worked and out of the 29 Roks descending onto the planet, only three survived as the rest either burnt up, were shot down, or shattered on impact. The landing however had its desired effect as most of the Roks managed to decimate two entire Hive City's. The three remaining Roks soon began disgorging their load of troops and vehicles and began teleporting more down from orbit, soon enough all three groupings met up and with Blud-Stompa at the lead they charged towards the Capital.

Cadian 501st Shock Troops vs. Ork Speed Freaks outside of Eesk's Primary Hive City.

After 2 Hours of charging they made it to the Capital, on their way they were blasted by minefields, artillery, and the local PDF manning the Hives defences. It wasn't until the vast majority of the Orks and Blud-Stompa himself were right up against the walls of the hive that The Nova Wolves and Cadian 501st Regiment leapt out of hiding and attacked the Ork`s rear lines.

Artillery and Assault squads devastated the confused Ork`s who were attacking anything they could see from the confusion. It wasn't until after five minutes the trap had been sprung that the War-boss rallied his Ork`s and charged the Space Marines and Guardsmen head on. The two forces crashed against each other like two colossal waves of flesh and steel, neither side letting up for even a second. During the middle of the fight, General Shaw and his Command Squad saw Blud-Stompa and engaged him. The Commissar and Priest charged at the War-boss but were killed by his Power Klaw, next the Psyker fell after copping backlash from an Ork Weirdboyz psychic attack on him. All that was left was Shaw and he intended to end the Ork`s life.

After half an hour of gruelling Melee Combat, Shaw was finally bested by Blud-Stompa and was decapitated by a swing of the Power Klaw. The one to witness this was Chapter Master Angelo himself as anger welled up inside of him; he had a great deal of respect for the General and seeing him decapitated by the green skin was enough to send him into a rage of melee attacks on the Warboss.

Angelo vs Blud-Stompa

Despite how hard he tried, Angelo was not able to penetrate Stompa's Shield. Every time he would land an otherwise fatal blow, the Sword would just bounce off of a blue shield and War-boss would just shrug it off and continue exchanging blows with the Chapter Master. After close to an hour of fighting, the Nova Wolves and Guardsmen were slowly being pushed back. Eventually Chapter Master Angelo was duelling the Ork in the middle of his horde. Soon enough enough Angelo noticed that whenever he tried to swing at him with his Klaw he had to lower his Shield as it would interfere. As a last ditch effort to slay the Green skin, Chapter Master Mal Angelo let the War-boss grasp him up in his Power Klaw and just as the Ork prepared to crush the Space Marine he realised his fatal mistake as the Chapter Master pulled out a Vortex Grenade and activated it.

Angelo knew what he was doing full well, and accepted his fate. He was near death anyway from the brutal attacks of the War-boss and if he was to fall, he would take the Ork with him and end this WAAAGH! once and for all.

When the grenade detonated, all life in the surrounding blast radius was either killed or sucked into the Empyrean including Blud-Stompa and Mal Angelo. As suddenly as it appeared it also disappeared leaving the Remains of confused and demoralised Ork Army which was suddenly gunned down by the PDF, Guardsmen, and Nova Wolves. Meanwhile the battle in orbit was all but won by the Imperium when another Battlefleet, Zenith, arrived behind the Ork Fleet and wiped them out in a salvo of heavy weapons fire.

New Chapter Master (375.M41)

The victory at Eesk was widely celebrated by the Navy Battlefleet and Cadian Guardsmen. However, the Nova Wolves did not see a victory like the others did. They only saw a terrible loss, their Chapter Master, and were left without a leader for a period of time, until Castarius Vexes; Captain of the venerated 1st Company stood up and assumed leadership as Chapter Master of the Nova Wolves after he was voted in by the Chapter Council. Not long after the ceremony in honour of Angelo, the Nova Wolves began to make plans for their next battles to come.

Space Hulk Crisis (378.M41)

Several years after the Battle of Eesk, the Chapter was called upon once more to deal with a threat to the entire Sector, a colossal Space Hulk had appeared out of the Warp dangerously close to the Novus Sub-Sector. In response to this new threat, the Chapter gathered its fleet and set out to bombard and destroy it, until the Forge World of Nexus Minor pleaded with Vexes to instead scour the Hulk of any threats and allow the Tech-Priests to recover any Archeo-Tech on board. Reluctantly, the Chapter Master agreed to this and proceeded to send a scouting unit of two Terminator Squads and a Tech-Priest to assess the threats within.

Over nine hours had passed until they received a transmission from the now returning Thunderhawk, which detailed the presence of both Genestealers and an Ork Warband onboard the vessel along with vast amounts of Archeo-Tech at its heart. This information came at a cost however as three Battle-Brothers were lost to a crossfire between the Orks and Genestealers on their way out of the Hulk.

A plan was set in motion to send the 1st Company in behind the Genestealers, and the 2nd and 4th Companies behind the Orks and push both of them towards a large cargo bay before surrounding them in a pincer movement, wiping them out. The plan proved successful as the two forces retreated into the cargo bay and proceeded to fight each other while being shot at by the Astartes that had pursued them throughout the Hulk. In the end the Genestealers and Orks were wiped out and the Adeptus Mechanicus extracted a horde of Archeo-Tech from the Hulks core. As thanks for this the Mechanicus gifted the Nova Wolves with a new Strike Cruiser, with it being blessed by the Master of the Forge and named, The Vengeance of Eternity.

Battle of Jamerv Prime (787.M41)

In the year 547.M41, the Nova Wolves Strike Cruiser, The Vengeance of Eternity, intercepted a distress call from the Jamerv System in the Nijan Sub-Sector, located near the Eastern Fringes close to the T'au Empire, detailing an assault on its worlds from a wave of living steel coming from Jamerv Secundus, a Munitorum Armoury World. However the transmission was cut off and the Nova Wolves were the only ones to intercept it. The Strike Cruiser which was carrying the 4th Company and two squads of First Company Terminator Veterans, led by 4th Company Captain Astrix Vornus, proceeded to travel to the Nijan Sub-Sector with all due haste to help defend it.

Departmento Cartographicae pict-file of Jamerv Secundus.

Upon arriving in orbit of the world the Strike Cruiser came under heavy anti-orbital fire forcing it to retreat, depositing its complement of Astartes planetside to deal with the situation while it retreated to gather reinforcements. Upon making it planetside the 4th Company investigated a seemingly abandoned Imperial Guard communications base, before discovering it housed survivors in the lower levels. After discovering the survivors they came under assault from a Chaos Warband of the Word Bearers, only narrowly escaping thanks to the sacrifice of Assault Sergeant Vidian and his squad.

Once they had returned to their base of operations it was learned from the survivors that their regiment had sent scouts to the world of Jamerv Secundus to investigate strange energy readings two weeks earlier, discovering a force of T'au on the planet studying what appeared to be a large gateway in the side of a mountain. After a brief skirmish with the Xenos, the gateway had opened revealing the world to be an ancient Necron Tomb World. The Necrons quickly set about wiping out the T'au and Imperials, with barely a dozen survivors from both factions making it off-world to retreat. The T'au retreated elsewhere in system to lick their wounds, while the Imperials returned to Jamerv Prime to prepare for the incoming Necron Assault, which smashed into their lines and devastated the Guard, leading some to turn to the powers of Chaos for salvation. A series of rituals led a Warband of the Word Bearers onto the world with a full Traitor Titan Legio as support to combat the Necrons and claim the worlds vast weapon stores for the Gods, with both sides battling it out for the past two weeks.

With this information in hand Captain Vornus set about reuniting the scattered Loyalist forces on the world, assembling a force large enough to retake the Imperial Guard communications base and fortify it against enemy assaults, holding out for over three months, while at the same time conducting hit-and-run raids on enemy forces before reinforcements arrived, the Vengeance of Eternity leading the charge and bringing with it two regiments from Krieg, a regiment of Talarn Desert Raiders, and three Cadian Shock Troop regiments, with additional support in the form of the Legio Celestes from Nexus Minor and the Nova Wolves 5th, 7th, and 9th Companies, all escorted by elements of Battlefleet Hyperion.

After a year long battle on the world against both the forces of the Necrons and Chaos, the Imperial forces routed the enemy in a final decisive battle in the northern hemisphere, the forces of Chaos that hadn't escaped being slaughtered to the last, while the Necrons had died their final deaths thanks to the remains of the T'au strikeforce infiltrating and destroying the Tomb Complex with a plasma bomb, much like the one utilised in the Kronus System.

With the enemy defeated the Imperials had given the T'au a brief thanks for their aid in the battle, and as a sign of respect for them they were allowed to leave the system unharmed while the Imperials set about securing the Armoury World and remaining forces redeployed elsewhere. This event marks the first of many encounters between the Nova Wolves and the T'au Empire.

Siege of Valkyr (797.M41)

The Siege of Valkyr marked the second, and most impactful encounter between the Nova Wolves and the forces of the T'au Empire. In 797.M41 a strikeforce from the T'au Empire attempted to convert the vital Agri World of Valkyr to their xeno ideology, the Greater Good and assimilate it into the T'au Empire.

Despite over 97% of all Imperial citizens on the world going to the side of the Xenos with promises of advanced technology to aid them in day to day life and increase crop yields, a small portion of the Humans on the world, including those members of it's PDF who did not betray the Imperium, began a campaign of rebellion against these invaders, managing to send out a distress call for aid.

In response to this threat the Imperium mobilised the forces of the Cadian 754th Regiment, the Elysian 685th Drop Regiment, and the Mordian 63rd Armoured Regiment to reclaim this world for the Emperor. Deciding to lend their aid to this battle, the Nova Wolves deployed the 2nd and 4th Companies, along with elements of the 1st and 10th to provide support.

What was expected to be a quick campaign soon turned in to a drawn out siege against the forces of the T'au Empire, who had managed to fortify the Agri World in to a near impenetrable stronghold in a short amount of time, and had a constant stream of supplies and troops coming in thanks to their fleet which had managed to protect them from any Imperial assaults.

Soon enough this situation called for the deployment of the rest of the Chapter, and many more Regiments of Imperial Guard, and with the blessings of the Tech-Priests of Forge World Nexus Minor three of their seven battlegroups of Titans were dispatched, including the venerable Imperator-Class Imperator Ira, the same God-Engine that the Nova Wolves had helped them defend and reclaim during the attempted rebellion of Magos Sigesar, and the pride of the Legio. Included with them were the necessary Mechanicus forces to oversee their security and maintenance during the siege, as well as Knights of House Sleipnir.

This siege lasted more than several years, with a series of major battles between armoured forces out in the open plains of the world and urban warfare in the cities fortified by the T'au, eventually leading to a decisive Imperial victory. The final battle taking place in the planetary capital proved to be the most costly, for both Imperials and the retreating T'au. The Chapter suffered over 30% of their casualties from this battle alone, losing many marines to the T'au in long range engagements with their battlesuits and tanks. In a bid to crush the enemies resistance completely and force them to rout a teleport assault was made by the First Company Terminators, led by Captain Varyan Marax and Reclusiarch Levi, on the enemy command center via the Battle Barge Invictus in orbit. This assault led to the almost complete eradication of the enemy leadership, save the Ethereal Aun'El Ke'lshan and Shas'o Tau'Dec, who were in charge of the planets assimilation and defence, who both retreated to an awaiting Orca transport to retreat along with those other surviving elements of their force making their way off-world,

However, as their transport entered orbit around the planet the Nova Wolves of the Scout Company took aim at the ship with high-powered sniper rifles adapted for usage in void combat, being stationed in a debris field the transport had to fly through, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When the opportunity arose they fired a volley that fully penetrated the transport, killing the the pilots, surviving warriors, and the noble Ethereal. Eventually crashing into the drifting hulk of an Imperial Navy Destroyer. Although the Ethereal was dead, Tau`Dec was not. With a great kick the T'au Commander beat down the landing ramp and using his Battlesuits jetpack, escaped the dropship.

Despite being met with a hail of sniper volleys, he retreated to nearest Air Caste vessel, and soon after boarding it he and his warriors made their escape from Valkyr, with the Commander vowing to take revenge on the G'uela who shamed his command and murdered their noble Ethereal.

A vow that was kept later on, much to the misfortune of the Chapter and its allies...

WAAAGH! Grim-Hamma (875.M41)

The Nova Wolves Chapter had sent the the full force of the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 8th Companies along with supporting elements from the 1st and 10th to aid their fellow Chapter, the Omega Knights, and multiple regiments hailing from Cadia, Krieg, Tallarn, Catachan, Armageddon, Elysia, and Vostroya, as well as two Battlefleets from the Imperial Navy, three Titan Legios, and multiple cohorts of Mechanicum Skitarii. This massive Imperial force was tasked with stopping a massive Ork WAAAGH! that had been forming on the inner edges of the Ultima Segmentum near the Segmentum Obscurus. This WAAAGH! spanned two Sectors and ran the risk of spilling out further if it was not contained.

Battling it out with the numberless Orks across dozens of worlds in both Sectors the Imperials had managed to make headway in 877.M41 with Warboss Grim-Hamma being killed by a combined Nova Wolves and Omega knights strikeforce that had boarded his Kill Kroozer in an ambush raid near the Prius Nebula. With Grim-Hamma deceased the Imperials had little problem mopping up the WAAAGH! in the following two years, with the Orks turning on each other, various Warbosses trying to rise and take command of the WAAAGH!.

The WAAAGH! was officially destroyed in 879.M41, with remaining Orks scattered and being hunted down by the Imperial Guard and Navy elements tasked with cleaning up along with the Nova Wolves 5th Company. This campaign marked the first official records of the Nova Wolves and Omega Knights joining forces in battle, forging a strong bond between both Chapters as the Omega Knights had more than proven themselves in battle to their older cousins. It is also in this battle that the Celestial Blade was gifted to the Nova Wolves, and the Dawn Splitter gifted to the Omega Knights by the Nova Wolves, this exchange being both a sign of thanks to each other and a way of honouring the sacrifices made by each Chapter in this conflict.

Purge of the Mortem Damnationis (877.M41)

Almost all records of this event are sealed by order of the Emperor's Most Holy Inquisition, with access restricted to the Chapter Council, those present in the 5th Company, and the Inquisition's Ordo Malleus. What few records that are available describe the rough vents that transpired. The Nova Wolves 5th Company were investigating a Navy Battlegroup's distress signal from a sector sealed off by the Inquisition while enroute back to the Nexus after cleanup operations from WAAAGH! Grim-Hamma. Deciding to investigate they had arrived to the sight of not a Battlegroup but a lone Retribution-Class Battleship, the Mortem Damnationis, a vessel long thought lost since the Gothic War. It is from here the records start to become more and more heavily redacted by the Inquisition, with the only details made out being that the 5th Company had deployed a boarding part of Tactical and Scout squads along with their Techmarines to investigate this vessel. Their were indications the ship had been manned up until several months ago, with further investigation within the vessels cogitator systems revealing the presence of an unknown entity that had claimed the lives of the ships crew upon translation into realspace around the systems sun.

It is at this time that their Strike Cruiser, the Infinita Flamma, detected the Battlegroup near the moon of the systems third planet. Upon arrival to this location all that was seen was a mass starship graveyard. While this was happening the unknown entity made itself known and began to pick off the boarding party one by one, with all attempts to ward it off proving futile, culminating in a three day holdout within the ships Bridge, the only location the entity was unable to enter, all this happening as the Infinita Flamma had determined the Battlegroup had been destroyed by internal sabotage, and the lingering presence of daemonic incursion detected by the Companies Librarian.

Further details on these events are erratic. All that is known is that at this time a Battlegroup from the Ordo Malleus had arrived upon detecting the intrusion of the Astartes and Navy. It was revealed to Captain Audron and his Command Squad that the Sector had been sealed off due to it having a strong connection to the Immaterium and playing host to countless Chaos cults until the Inquisition had purged it three millennia prior due to both the heretical activity and massive daemonic incursions warranting the deployment of two Brotherhoods of the Grey Knights. The Sector was abandoned however as it was revealed the suns of the Sector played host to a new form of daemonic entity that proved all but invulnerable to any attack, even going as far as to prevent the suns they inhabited from damage. It was one of these entities that had destroyed the Battlegroup and murdered the Mortem Damnationis' crew.

With aid from the Inquisition the Nova Wolves managed to make contact with and retrieve the survivors of the boarding party whom they had lost contact with when the entity first attacked, and together were able to set the ancient Battleship on a collision course with the systems sun, bypassing its defences with all power to the gellar fields thanks to the efforts of the Companies Techmarines, allowing the Imperials to destroy this entity and make their escape.

The 5th Company sustained roughly 40% losses from this event, and all further mention of it has been forbidden by the Chapter Master and Inquisition.

Splinter-Fleet Crimson Tide (889.M41)

Decades after the initial arrival of Hive Fleet Behemoth and the First Tyrannic War, a Splinter-Fleet from Behemoth, named Crimson Tide by Imperial forces, began ravaging the the worlds of the Artusia Sector, located relatively close to the Hyperion Sector. In response the full might of the Nova Wolves was brought to bear on this threat, as well as multiple Regiments from the Imperial Guard, the Legio Valamir, Knight House Sleipnir, Skitarii Cohorts, the Adepta Sororitas, and many others due to the threat Crimson Tide presented, if it could reign it's full might by consuming the Artusia Sector, it would rampage across Imperial space, an unacceptable outcome.

The campaign raged across the hundred worlds comprising the Sector, with over a quarter of them lost to Exterminatus or the Tyranids. The most notable battle was over the Sector's Capital, Artusia itself, resulting in heavy losses among the Imperial forces, but also leading to the near total destruction of the Tyranids main force which had assaulted them, paving a path to a crucial counter-attack,

The conflict lasted over a year before the Bioships of the Splinter-Fleet and the majority of the Tyranid bioforms were destroyed by Imperial forces, those few that remained being driven in to hiding and hunted by the Imperials.

Third War for Armageddon (998.M41)

The Nova Wolves had a minor role to play in the Third War for Armageddon, a Demi-Company from the still recovering 5th Company being deployed to the besieged world to aid in it's defence, taking with them the Strike Cruiser Infinita Flamma and two squads from the 10th Company to provide recon support. Arriving at Armageddon the Nova Wolves took it upon themselves to aid in the defence of Hive Acheron, being forced to retreat with other Imperial forces to the Hemlock Cordon after the Hive fell, though relocated to the Imperial defence line outside of Hive Tempestora to aid in containing the Ork threat there. The Nova Wolves were eventually pulled out shortly before the 13th Black Crusade.

13th Black Crusade (999.M41)

During the 13th Black Crusade the Nova Wolves deployed their 3rd and 5th Companies to aid in the defence of the Cadian Gate. Arriving shortly after the Space Wolves they were deployed according to the Great Wolf's strategy, which saw the 5th Company serving as a quick reaction force and deploying across multiple warzones of the Cadian Gate to bolster those Imperial defences most in danger of falling, while the 3rd Company deployed to Cadia itself to help defend the Fortress World. Over the course of the 13th Black Crusade the Nova Wolves fought against the vile forces of the Ruinous Powers alongside their fellow Imperials, despite the odds being stacked highly against them.

As the 5th Company was deployed to aid in the defence of Belis Corona System with other Imperial forces, the 3rd Company was stationed in the Kasr Gerok located in Cadia Secundus in the final months of the 13th Black Crusade, defending it alongside the massed ranks of the Imperial Guard from Black Legion incursions. During the final hours of Cadia, as the Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity slammed into the world, the call for evacuation was sent across the planet. The 3rd Company and those Guardsmen surviving from Kasr Gerok made all due haste to the nearest evacuation point, the 3rd Company choosing to accompany the mortal soldiers out of respect gained for them during the months long siege of the Kasr, rather than evacuate immediately via Thunderhawk dropships. Upon reaching their designated evac zone they found it contested between forces of Chaos Warriors and Cadian Guardsmen, with the arrival of the Astartes granting the Imperials a swift victory and clearing the area for the Landers.

Once the last of the Guardsmen had boarded the Landers they took off, with the Nova Wolves acting as a rearguard force, with the Thunderhawks Nexus Wrath, Void's Howl and Lupus Mortem arriving to carry the remaining Space Marines to the Imperial flotilla in orbit, docking with the badly damaged Lux Et Victoria and beginning their retreat from the Cadia System. Upon reaching the edge of the System under the protection of Phalanx's guns, and beginning the retreat to Belis Corona to link up with the 5th Company. Upon regrouping with the 5th, the surviving Nova Wolves began making their way back to Nexus Prime to regroup with the rest of the Chapter, the journey taking much longer than normal and proving to be far more dangerous due to the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum and the blackout of the Astronomican.

The Great Rift (999.M41)

With the Fall of Cadia came the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Great Rift, and with it a period of confusion and chaos known as the Noctis Aetrna. Across the Hyperion Sector there was outbreaks of open rebellion, and although those were swiftly put down by Imperial forces, they worried the Imperial Commanders within the Sector. In the weeks that followed limited communication was restored and showed similar cases in their neighbouring Sectors, with whispers that Cadia had fallen and the Eye of Terror had spilled out into the galaxy reaching the ears of Sector High Command and the Nova Wolves Chapter Council. Alongside this news however came rumours that a Son of the Emperor, a Primarch, Roboute Guilliman lived once more and had had set out on a Crusade to Holy Terra, and with these rumours, for the first time in weeks, hope began to return among the Imperial forces of the Hyperion Sector.

As communications and FTL travel slowly started to become more available, due to the Sectors distance from the worst of the Great Rift and it's location in the Imperium Sanctus, the Imperials began to reorganise themselves and establish their defences after receiving reports of Chaos and Xenos incursions en masse, preparing to be attacked at any time. The Nova Wolves, who bore their full might barring the 3rd and 5th Companies, set out to secure the most vital worlds of the Sector alongside the Regiments of the Imperial Guard, Battlefleet Hyperion, the forces of the Mechanicus and Imperial Knights, Adepta Sororitas, and three Companies of fellow Astartes, two from the Howling Wolves and the other hailing from the Omega Knights, many of these forces rallying to the Hyperion Sector as it was the closest and most secure Imperial territory in the region.

Alongside these forces came aid from two unexpected allies, the first of which being an Inquistorial Fleet led by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, and the full force of the Arachnid Warriors Renegade Chapter who had come to fight by their old friends in this time of darkness. With this, the Imperials waited with bated breath to see what happened next in this uncertain time.

Hyperion War (999.M41 - 013.M42)

The Hyperion War is the name of the devastating conflict that spanned the entirety of the Hyperion Sector in the days following the opening of the Great Rift, and is among one of the largest conflicts the forces of the Sector have participated in. Starting with probing raids from Chaos warships intercepted by Battlefleet Hyperion, the conflict escalated into an all out war similar to that of the Gothic War during the 12th Black Crusade, eventually expanding to include Xenos forces from the Orks, Aeldari, and T'au. Imperial battlegroups comprising vessels from Battlefleet Hyperion, the Mechanicus, Inquisition, and at least four Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, including the near full force of the Nova Wolves and Arachnid Warriors. The conflict lasted over thirteen standard solar years until reinforcements from neighbouring Sectors arrived, the enemy beaten back, and the Sector secured once more.

Notable Campaigns

  • Battle for Nexus Prime (938.M40) - The first battle the Nova Wolves took part in, reclaiming Nexus Prime from a Renegade Mechanicus assault and secured the ancient Titan buried there. Despite losing a quarter of the Chapter and three Captains, the Nova Wolves secured a major victory in the form of a new Chapter Planet as well as the loyalty of the Sub-Sector and local Forge World.
  • Extermination of the Unorax (307.M41) - A campaign in which the Nova Wolves exterminated the void-faring xeno civilization of the Unorax. Previously a nearly impossible to defeat threat due to the the difficulty of boarding their void-fortresses and defeating the battle-automata within. This led to the development of the Land Raider Perseus, a variant used by the Chapter for assault operations in extreme hostile conditions, with this modification to the standard Land Raider aiding in the defeat of the Unorax.
  • WAAAGH! Blud-Stompa (375.M41) - Nova Wolves Chapter along with other Imperial forces takes on WAAAGH! Blud-Stompa at the Hive World of Eesk in the Hyperion Sector, stopping the growing WAAAGH! in it's tracks and dismantling its leadership, effectively destroying it. Despite a victory against the enemy the Nova Wolves do not celebrate, Chapter Master Angelo and over 100 of their fellow Battle-Brothers having fallen in the battle. 1st Company Captain Castarius Vexes is elevated to the position of Chapter Master after a meeting of the Chapter Council.
  • Space Hulk Crisis (378.M41) - The Space Hulk known as The Invictus Blight translates into realspace from the warp dangerously close to the Novus Sub-Sector. Elements of the Nova Wolves and the Tech-Priests of Nexus Minor board the Hulk and confirm the presence of Xenos infestation. The Hulk is successfully purged of the enemy in an elaborate trap set by the Nova Wolves, and the Mechanicum sets about retrieving a treasure trove of Archeo-Tech, gifting the Nova Wolves with a new Strike Cruiser as thanks.
  • Hunt for the Odotheus (501.M41) - A Red Corsair's raiding party plagued Imperial shipping lanes near the Maelstrom, led by a corrupted Strike Cruiser known as the Odotheus. A Nova Wolves Strikeforce managed to ambush them in a starship graveyard and overwhelm the traitor Astartes, destroying their fleet and capturing the Odotheus, cleansing it and re-christening it as the Infinita Flamma.
  • Battle of Jamerv Prime (787.M41) - Nova Wolves 4th Company respond to a distress call from the Armoury World of Jamerv Prime. Upon arrival it is discovered the world is under assault from Necron and Word Bearer forces. Coordinating with surviving Guard units the 4th Company conduct a series of hit and run raids on the enemy until reinforcements arrive, purging the world of the enemies of Man in a year long conflict, pushing the Word Bearers either back into the Warp or to death, and finally destroying the Necron menace with help from a T'au Recon force that was in system prior.
  • Siege of Valkyr (797.M41) - The Siege of Valkyr marked the second, and most impactful encounter between the Nova Wolves and the forces of the T'au Empire. In 797.M41 a strikeforce from the T'au Empire attempted to convert the vital Agri World of Valkyr to their xeno ideology, the Greater Good and assimilate it into the T'au Empire.
  • WAAAGH! Grim-Hamma (875.M41) - Large Ork WAAAGH! on the border of the Segmentums Ultima and Obscurus, halted thanks to the intervention of the Nova Wolves and Omega Knights.
  • Purge of the Mortem Damnationis (877.M41) - *Data Expunged*
  • Splinter-Fleet Crimson Tide (889.M41) - The Nova Wolves answer a call for aid from the Artusia Sector, engaging the Tyranid Splinter-Fleet Crimson Tide. The campaign is successful and Crimson Tide is annihilated.
  • Third War for Amrageddon (998.M41) - A detachment of the 5th Company is dispatched to aid in the Third War for Armageddon. Arriving at Armageddon the Nova Wolves aid in the defence of Hive Acheron, being forced to retreat with other Imperial forces to the Hemlock Cordon after the Hive fell, though relocated to the Imperial defence line outside of Hive Tempestora to aid in containing the Ork threat there. The 5th Company was eventually pulled out shortly before the 13th Black Crusade.
  • 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) - The 3rd and 5th Companies are deployed to the Cadia Sector to aid in it's defence during the events of the 13th Black Crusade. Defending the worlds of Cadia and Belis Corona, both Companies fought valiantly until Chaos forces eventually started to overrun their positions, falling back with other Imperial forces and undertaking the journey back to the Hyperion Sector.
  • The Great Rift (999.M41) - Upon the onset of the Great Rift the Hyperion Sector is cutoff from the Astronomican, communications and warp-travel being heavily disrupted. Due to the distance from the tear in reality the Sector is relatively secure from major warp incursions. Local Imperial forces rally to the Sector to fortify their territory against an impending invasion by Traitor and Xenos forces reported in by scouts. During this time the Nova Wolves take part in the defence of their home sector, helping to fortify strategic worlds and facilities, with Chapter Master Vexes overseeing the deployment of Imperial forces with the rest of the Sector War Council.
  • Hyperion War (999.M41 - 013.M42) - One of the first major campaigns the near entirety of the Nova Wolves has taken part in since the defeat of Splinter-Fleet Crimson Tide. Chaos and Xenos forces assault the Hyperion Sector en masse, with only he Nova Wolves and their fellow Imperials holding them back for thirteen solar years before reinforcements from the Indomitus Crusade arrive, pushing back the enemy and once again securing the Sector.

Chapter Homeworld

Nexus System - Novus Sub-Sector - Hyperion Sector

Ice Planet of Nexus Prime

  • Nexus Prime: The Chapter Homeworld of the Nova Wolves and their base of operations. It is from this planet that their Fortress-Monastery is based and most of their Aspirants are found. It is a cold, desolate Death World that is almost fully covered in an eternal Ice Age. Feral Human Tribes live upon its surface and have to fight daily to survive the climate and the predators of this world. It is known to have one source of active lava on its surface which surrounds the Nexus (Fortress-Monastery).
  • Nexus Minor: A Forge World belonging to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Constantly under threat from enemies located in the Maelstrom and the Eastern Fringe they require not only the protection of House Sleipnir, Legio Valamir, and Skitarii Legions at their disposal, but the help of the Nova Wolves who normally have a Company on constant standby to assist not only the Forge World but all other worlds in the Sub-Sector. They supply the Nova Wolves with Weapons, Armour, Vehicles, and Ships in exchange for protection and the help in searching for ancient technology.
  • Helios: A nearby Agri-World that provides food to Nexus Prime for the Nova Wolves, and Nagaron. Similar to Ancient Terra, there is not much about it that is interesting.
  • Nagaron: A Hive-World that has a population of over 733 Billion Imperial Citizens within its 9 Hives. It is also notable for the Novus Void Warfare Imperial Guard Regiments it raises, specialising in fighting out in the cold darkness of space and being able to successfully board an array of Xeno and Human vessels, thanks to the combined training with the Nova Wolves 10th Scout Company, these Regiments when not deployed to active war zones will usually serve as the primary defence force of the sub-sector. It is also one of the two main worlds from which the Nova Wolves recruit from. Although they specialise in this, they also have an array of Armoured, Mechanized, and Artillery Regiments that they utilise for Planetary Assaults. This Hive World also produces staggering amounts of resources that are provided to the Mechanicus and the Imperium thanks to the resource-rich asteroid belt surrounding the planet.
  • Gorgon: A Dead World that houses an early warning system that transmits all data of arriving ships to the Imperial Navy and the Space Marine Fleet. It also contains a vast armoury for the Nova Wolves and Guardsmen in the event that the Sub-Sector is ever besieged, constantly ready to deploy its munitions wherever needed.


Initially a Fortress-Monastery on another world in the Segmentum Tempestus called Clausius had been planned after the battle of Nexus Prime, being delayed due to logistical errors on the part of the Administratum, leading the Nova Wolves to utilise the Chapter Barque Invictus as their temporary Fortress-Monastery until the reclamation of Nexus Prime, where Chapter Master Angelo made a personal request to the High Lords for this world to be their new base of operations, wishing to honour the location of their first true battle and the lives of his brothers given in its defence. A request which was granted.

The Nova Wolves Fortress-Monastery is known as the Nexus. It is a large subterranean complex built into the mountain upon which it resides. Its top appears as a large fortress, with the only access to it being a retractable ceramite/adamantium bridge, or by air. The area is littered with hidden bunkers, AA/AT emplacements, mines, trenches, checkpoints, hidden hangars, secret passages, and bastions. Combined with the retractable bridge over the lava lake at its entrance, the Nexus is virtually impossible to assail by land unless the bridge can be controlled.

Should these defences fail, the Nexus itself has many gun emplacements built into it, as well as three layers of void shields to protect from orbital strikes. The Monastery comprises of dozens of ramparts, watchtowers and bastions. Every entrance is sealed with heavy adamantium, ceramite or stone gates, barred by ancient and complex locks, often keyed to the unique genetic code of the Nova Wolves battle-brothers. Covering every entrance and approach, macro-cannon turrets, heavy bolter bunkers and missile batteries scan the horizon for foes. Within its subterranean structure, layers of great security doors layered in adamantium, clusters of turrets, twisting hallways leading to dead ends, and gas vents are but a few of the many defences that protects its heart from an assault.

Past its defences, the Nexus is a sight to behold. At night the lava lakes fires give the Monastery a great glow, complimenting the natural aurora in the skies. Its interior is just as grand, with massive meeting halls, armouries and forges filled with serfs aiding the Techmarines with the forging of new weapons of war, and overseeing the Chapters heavy armour. Its hangar bays alive with pilots and servitors maintaining the Chapters aerial fleet, ready to transport their battle-brothers when need.

Storage silos stacked high with weapons and ammunition sit silently in the heart of the Monastery, silently awaiting use for the next battle. The Apothecarion is stark white and sterile, filled with Apothecaries and Serfs at work studying new biological discoveries, with ranks of heavy bolter turrets silently tracking every moving target, guarding the heavily shielded entrance to the stasis-well, containing the Chapters supply of gene-seed, as well as its future.

The Librarius is filled with countless tomes filled with ancient lore and arcane knowledge, maintained and guarded by the Librarians of the Chapter, and overseen by the Master of the Librarius. All knowledge relevant to the Chapter and it's history is contained within. Deep below the Fortress-Monastery, in the deepest and darkest levels of the Nexus lies the Chapter Crypts. Located between the Librarius and Reclusiam, this holy location is where venerated heroes of the Nova Wolves are laid to rest, each fallen Battle-Brother being returned to the Nexus and entombed within, their Company in attendance to pay respects to the fallen, being led in chants of mourning by their Company Chaplains.

Chapter Gene-Seed

The gene-seed of the Nova Wolves is believed to be drawn from the stocks of the Ultramarines Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, however their true Primarch is still as of yet unknown, so their is the possibility it may come from a different Primarch altogether. Whatever the case is, the gene-seed of the Nova Wolves is regarded as very stable, with few singular or notable physical mutations beyond the expected pattern, with full functionality of implanted organs to projected specifications, and only an eleven percent chance of mutation.

Chapter Recruitment

""To my last breath and beyond I will honour my brethren, my Chapter and my Emperor. To the end of creation itself i shall fight, for Humanity's future to dominate the stars.""
—Nova Wolves Indoctrination OathThe Nova Wolves recruit from the world of Nexus Prime, their Chapter Homeworld, and the Hive World of Nagaron as the Death World produces an extremely hardy type of people that are perfect Aspirant material due to their ability to survive the hellish frozen wastes and its many predators, and the large population of the Hive World means that there is always a ready supply of aspirants that can be drawn from the world.

On occasion however, they may also draw Aspirants from the local Forge World of Nexus Minor and the Agri World of Helios. While they recruit almost exclusively in the Novus Sub-Sector, the Nova Wolves have also been known to draw on Aspirants from war zones they participate in if the Chapter deems them worthy.

No matter where they are drawn from however, all Aspirants are put through the same trials to achieve the status of Neophyte, and eventually, Battle-Brother.

There are three Trials they must pass:

First, they must pass the Trial of Survival. This Trial will send the Aspirant out into the frozen wastes of Nexus Prime with no supplies and only the survival knowledge that they have. Their goal is to make it from the planets equator to the north pole, where the Fortress-Monastery, The Nexus, resides. They must brave kilometres of frozen valleys, oceans of ice, and the deadly predators that stalk the world. For those that come from the worlds that are not Nexus Prime, this challenge proves daunting as they are thrust into an unfamiliar environment and expected to do what should be impossible for them. However, should they succeed, they will have proven their ability to survive harsh conditions such as this.

The second Trial is the Trial of Knowledge. This Trial will have the Aspirants sent to the Dead World of Gorgon, where they will be sealed within an old bunker complex, where they must use their limited skills taught to them by the Librarians and Techmarines to try and escape into a secured command center before a mass decompression occurs, venting them into the airless and dead surface. Should they prove to be able to escape using the limited knowledge given to them, they will have succeeded, and be recovered by the Apothecaries of the Nova Wolves and readied for their final Trial.

The final Trial is a Trial of Strength, in which the Aspirant must hunt down the deadliest predator of Nexus Prime, the Night Stalker, a massive mammalian creature similar to the massive wolves of Fenris. They have the ability to blend in so perfectly that they cannot be seen from a few meters away if hidden, unless using the most advanced of sensors to detect them.

The Aspirant must hunt this creature down with only the clothes on his back, and whatever he can gather from his hunt. If the Aspirant manages to defeat this legendary beast, they must recover the largest and sharpest tooth they can find, before returning to the Fortress-Monastery and presenting it to the Chapter Master to inspect. If it is not a fake, or a tooth from a corpse killed long before the Aspirant began his hunt, then he will be initiated into the Chapter as a Neophyte and begin his training in the 10th, the first step on their way to becoming a full Battle-Brother.

Chapter Culture

The Nova Wolves are a proud Chapter of warriors, dedicated to the preservation of the Imperium and Humanity as a whole. They all share a strong sense of brotherhood among one another despite hailing from different worlds, all bonded together in the same trials they face to fully join the Chapter, seeing the Chapter more as a large extended family than a military force.

They also display remarkably unusual levels of compassion for the common citizens and Imperial Guardsmen of the Imperium, similar to Chapters such as the Salamanders, and will endeavour to protect civilian populations and aid the Imperial Guard wherever and whenever it is possible.

With the coming of the Primaris Space Marines from the Indomitus Crusade however, the Nova Wolves have had some division within their ranks, with a portion of the Chapter viewing these new Primaris Marines with suspicion, seeing them as their replacements, though others in the Chapter see it the other way, viewing these new Brothers as the future of the Astartes and welcoming them with open arms. Regardless of their views on the matter, all Brothers of the Nova Wolves have accepted these new Primaris Marines into their ranks and have learned to rely on them and their firepower they bring to the field.

Chapter Beliefs

The Chapter believes in the Imperial Creed, venerating the Emperor above all others but not worshipping him as an outright God like other organisations in the Imperium do. They believe in a unified Humanity standing triumphant above all Xeno and Heretic scum that dare to challenge Humanities right to rule the galaxy. While they do display xenophobia like much of the rest of the Imperium, they have been known to work alongside Xeno forces on occasions that demanded it, and have even formed a grudging respect for many of their enemies.

Chapter Organization

The Nova Wolves, like many other chapters, are arrayed in a standard Codex-compliant fashion laid out by the Codex Astartes with a few deviations, however, most of them being slight changes in the organisation of the Companies and specialist units. They follow most of the teachings in the Codex in and out of battle, but also act on their own instinct and judgement if they deem it right, which has led them to having some disagreements with the Ultramarines the few times they have served with them in War zones.

Chapter Command

The Nova Wolves is overall commanded by their Chapter Master, Castarius Vexes. However there does exist a council within the Chapter made up of the Chief Apothecary, Master of the Librarius, the Master of Sanctity, Ancient Venerable Dreadnoughts, and Captains. This council exists to advise the Chapter Master on important decisions that affect the entire Chapter, such as where they shall wage war, ancient pacts, trade deals with the Mechanicus, etc;

Command Ranks

  • Chapter Master
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Chief Apothecary
  • Master of Sanctity
  • Reclusiarch
  • Master of the Librarius

Veteran Ranks

  • First Company Veteran
  • Veteran Sergeant
  • Sergeant

Line Formations

  • Tactical Squads
  • Devastator Squads
  • Assault Squads
  • Scout Squads
  • Intercessor Squads
  • Hellblaster Squads
  • Aggressor Squads
  • Inceptor Squads
  • Reiver Squads
  • Vanguard Squads

Specialist Formations

Honour Guard

The Honour Guard of the Nova Wolves Chapter are the sworn guardians of both the Chapter Master and the Chapter Banner, while also enforcing the Chapter Masters will when assigned to other Company's to be the eyes and ears of the Chapter Master.

To become an Honour Guard is to display Courage, Honour, and Loyalty above the normal call in a given combat situation. Each Honour Guard is equipped with ornate Master-Crafted Artificer Power Armour, each possessing a component of the Power Armour worn by past heroes of the Chapter, while they are also given free reign of the Chapter Armoury for their weapons of choice, though most usually settle for dual Master-Crafted Power Swords and a twin Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol set with specialist ammo.

Among the Honour Guard three individuals stand out, the Chapters Ancient, the Chapter Champion, and the Honour Guard Apothecary. The Chapters Ancient is the bearer of the sacred Banner of Nexus Prime, while the Chapter Champion is the mightiest of the Honour Guard often acting as the personal bodyguard of the Chapter Master and also being his envoy, and the Honour Guard Apothecary who has the sole job to see to the physical well being of the Honour Guard so other Apothecaries may tend to the other wounded Battle-Brothers.

Nova Wolves Librarians

Like their fellow Astartes Chapters, the Nova Wolves also maintain a Librarium of potent psykers who are highly talented and trained to master the power of the Warp at the highest levels. Each Chapter selects its Librarians in its own way, either from seed worlds, as it does with the bulk of its Initiates, or from the ranks of gifted psykers brought to the Scholastica Psykana. Most Chapters train and test chosen psykers following the ancient ways laid out in the Codex Astartes. Librarians of the Nova Wolves are trained in this way, and, with some minor variances, have been taught to live by the word of the Codex unless their Judgement and Instinct proves to be sounder.

Order of Battle

Like most Codex Astartes compliant Chapters, the Nova Wolves are divided into 10 companies of 100 Space Marines each. Each company is led by a Captain of the Nova Wolves, who -- in addition to his company command -- is in charge of a particular aspect of the Chapter's logistics. Each Company is also given a Chaplain, Librarian, two Apothecaries, and Techmarines to assist them. A Nova Wolves Company designation is indicated by the numeral of his right knee pad on his Power Armour.


Chapter Command

Nova Wolves Armorial.png
Castarius Vexes
The Young Wolf
Chapter Master of the Nova Wolves
25 Honour Guard
Chapter Equerries
Chapter Serfs & Servitors





Fleet Command

Machina Opus Techmarine.png
Ferros Triros
Master of the Forge
31 Techmarines
135 Tech-Servitors
77 Battle Tanks
13 Land Raiders
30 Gunships
Centurion Warsuits
Land Speeders
Assault Bikes
Attack Bikes
Reclusium Icon.png
Lyros Oriocus
Master of Sanctity
10 Company Chaplains
Winged Prime Helix2.png
Felix Kellen
Chief Apothecary
13 Apothecaries
Chapter Serfs
Librarius Icon.png
 Leorus Varset
Master of the Librarius
4 Epistolaries
7 Codiciers
11 Lexicaniums
2 Acolytes (Neophytes)
Astrix Vornus
Master of the Fleet
4 Battle Barges
17 Strike Cruisers
20 Escort Vessels
70 Thunderhawk Gunships


Veteran Company

Battle Companies

1st Company
"Heroes of Nexus"
2nd Company
"Sentinels of Novus"
3rd Company
"The Void Blades"
4th Company
"Heresies Bane"
5th Company
"The Purgators"
Captain Varyan Marax
Master of the Keep
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
100 Veteran Marines
3 Dreadnoughts
Land Raiders
Captain Alexander Corton
Master of the Watch
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
3 Dreadnoughts
Captain Elyltus Medectus
Master of the Arsenal
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
3 Dreadnoughts
Captain Astrix Vornus
Master of the Fleet
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Dreadnoughts
Captain Seth Audron
Master of the Marches
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
6 Battleline Squad
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Dreadnoughts
Reserve Companies Scout Company
6th Company
"The Armored Wolves"
7th Company
"The Defenders of Hyperion"
8th Company
"The Linebreakers"
9th Company
"The Besiegers"
10th Company
"The Void Wolves"
Captain Torveyr Furio
Master of the Rites
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
10 Battleline Squads
Battle Tanks
3 Dreadnoughts
Captain Haldrann Darox
Chief Victualler
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
10 Battleline Squads
Land Speeders
2 Dreadnoughts
Captain Mason Cordova
Lord Executioner
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
 Company Veterans
10 Close Support Squads
Assault Bikes
Attack Bikes
2 Dreadnoughts
Captain Isaac Anderson
Master of the Relics
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
10 Fire Support Squads
4 Dreadnoughts
Captain Conner Tradon
Master of Recruits
2 Lieutenants
Company Champion
Company Ancient
Company Veterans
Scout Squads
10 Vanguard Squads
Assault Bikes
Land Speeders

Combat Doctrine

The Nova Wolves are masters of Void Warfare, specialising in Ship-Borne Assaults & Boarding Actions (Space Hulk Purgation, Boarding Operations & Line-Breaker Attacks), Conquest and Forced Compliance of Void-Faring Civilizations, and Anti-Piracy Operations, often being found working alongside Imperial Navy elements to deal with Pirate, Rebel, or Xenos vessels. As such the Nova Wolves have extensively modified their armour, weapons, vehicles, and other equipment to be more resilient to Void combat than those of other Astartes Chapters. Of additional note is that unlike most other Chapters the Nova Wolves believe in strength in numbers, with multiple Companies or at times the entire Chapter fighting together in campaigns against the enemies of Mankind.

A tactic the Nova Wolves are famous for using is the Marg Sabl maneuver. The Marg Sabl is where a Nova Wolves vessel turns its hangar bay away from attacking vessels and launches attack craft and boarding vessels unseen where they stay in the ship's visual shadow while they form up and accelerate to attack speed before coming around their ship from all sides, attacking the enemy from every direction at once, quickly overwhelming them.

With the addition of the new Primaris Marines, the Nova Wolves have added onto their current Combat Doctrine to account for these new warriors. Inceptor Squads are used to great effect in assaulting the hulls of enemy ships and stations, weaving in and out of enemy fire with their heavy jump packs and eliminating enemy emplacements with their Plasma to clear the way for boarding parties to follow, while Aggressor Squads charge into the breach first, guns blazing and flamers spewing to clear out a beachhead for their Brothers to follow in close behind, meanwhile Reiver Squads move through the enemy unseen, destroying enemy command centers and de-stabilising the chain of command and the enemies response.

Deathwatch Service

The Nova Wolves, like all other Astartes Chapters, has a history of seconding their warriors to the Deathwatch due to Ancient Oaths. These warriors will often be the most skilled and deadly of their Brothers when it comes to fighting Xenos, and it is seen as a great honour to be sent to serve in the Long Watch by the Chapter.

Due to their young age, the Nova Wolves have sent far less warriors to join the ranks of the Deathwatch compared to their older cousin Chapters, with less than a dozen being sent in total. Those few warriors sent however have more than proven their worth against the countless horrors of the void, and those that return bring back extensive knowledge and wisdom to their parent Chapters from their time in the Long Watch, while also retaining secrets they were sworn to.

Notable Deathwatch Members

  • Chief Apothecary Felix Kellen - The Chief Apothecary of the Nova Wolves was one of the first of his Chapter to be sent for service in the Deathwatch, being chosen after devising a mutagenic virus that managed to infect and devastate an entire Splinter Fleet of Hive Fleet Behemoth after being inserted into the reclamation pools of a number of Capillary Towers. Unfortunately this virus has only proven effective against this particular Splinter Fleet, however despite this his skills in facing off against the Tyranids with his Company were noted alongside his service at the Battle of Jamerv Prime and countless other worlds, and before long he was selected and sent off on a black-hulled Thunderhawk to serve in the Long Watch. There he served for over a century facing off against countless Xenos horrors ranging from Mad Warbosses to Necron Lords, and Eldar Farseers to the horrifying Swarm Lord itself, while also keeping secret the genetic flaws among his cousin marines he has been witness to as a Deathwatch Apothecary. With his return he assumed the mantle of Chief Apothecary of the Nova Wolves, and set about sharing his knowledge and wisdom gained from his time in the Deathwatch with his battle-brothers to aid them in becoming more effective xenos killers.
  • Brother-Sergeant Varus - Brother-Sergeant Varus was seconded to the Deathwatch on 879.M41 after displaying extreme skill in combat against the Ork hordes of WAAAGH! Grim-Hamma. Currently serving in the Jericho Reach he serves in a Veteran Kill-Team with fellow Astartes from other Chapters. His most notable action in the Deathwatch being when he and his Kill-Team hunted down and destroyed a fledgling Genestealer Cult on the Fortress World of Hyperion, Capital World of the Hyperion Sector, headquarters of Battlefleet Hyperion and many regiments of the Novus Void Warfare Imperial Guard.
  • Veteran Kanan - Veteran-Brother Kanan is a 1st Company Terminator seconded to the Deathwatch on 964.M41. Him and his Kill-Team were instrumental in hunting down what was believed to be a Genestealer Cult on the Pleasure World of Risa, though upon investigation it was discovered the Cult had been killed off by a Pleasure Cult dedicated to the Worship of Slaanesh. Attempting to summon Daemons forth into the materium with foul sacrificial rituals, the Kill-Team worked to dismantle them, and with the timely arrival of a Grey Knights Strikeforce the rituals were stopped and the Cult destroyed.

Notable Members

  • Chapter Master Castarius Vexes (Current) - Chapter Master of the Nova Wolves, slayer of the Chaos Lord Arkanon during the Hyperion War.
  • Chapter Master Mal Angelo (Former) - Former Chapter Master of the Nova Wolves, killed during the Battle of Eesk slaying the Ork Warboss.
  • Master of the Forge, Ferros Triros - The Nova Wolves Master of the Forge, designer of the Land Raider Perseus.
  • Master of Sanctity, Lyros Oriocus - The Nova Wolves Master of Sanctity.
  • Chief Apothecary, Felix Kellen - Chief Apothecary of the Nova Wolves, and one of the few within the Chapter to serve multiple Deathwatch Vigils.
  • Master of the Librarius, Leorus Varset - The Chief Librarian of the Nova Wolves.
  • Master of the Fleet, Captain Astrix Vornus - Captain Vornus serves as the Master of the Fleet, commanding the Chapter's naval forces during large scale campaigns. Hero of the battle of Jamerv Prime.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Nova Wolves primarily wear Dark Purple and Black Power Armour, with Golden shoulder trims, and hints of Grey on the power pack. Unlike most other Codex Chapters the Nova Wolves do not indicate Company by the colour of the shoulder trim, but by numerical designation on the right knee-pad, with squad designation placed on the left pauldron. Veterans are denoted by White Helms, and Sergeants are denoted by Red Helms with Veteran Sergeants having a White stripe running down the center of the Helm.

While generally wearing suits of MK.VI and MK.VII Power Armour, examples of MK.II, MK.III, and MK.IV Power Armour have been observed throughout the Chapter, all suits along with few other precious relics taken from a handful of ancient and abandoned Legiones Astartes supply depots that were relatively intact. Usually full suits will be worn by Commanders, Veterans, and Marines who have proven themselves as true warriors of the Chapter, while only fragments such as Helms will be worn by other more standard Battle-Brothers.

Chapter Badge

Nova Wolves Chapter Symbol displayed on a Pauldron

The Nova Wolves Chapter Symbol is that of a Wolves head with glowing, white eyes. The symbol is taken as a wolf looking to the void, with the glow of the stars reflecting in its eyes, much like how it does when the Nova Wolves look out among the stars in pursuit of the enemies of man and glory. It also represents how, much like the wolf, the Nova Wolves will fight by their Brothers together rather than apart, and that no foe is invincible should they fight side by side.

Chapter Fleet

The Space Fleet of the Nova Wolves is slightly larger in comparison to the vast majority of fellow Chapters due to their specialisation in Void Warfare and close relations to the Mechanicus and Imperial Navy, consisting of four Battle Barges, seventeen Strike Cruisers, and numerous Escort-class vessels, though these numbers are ever increasing thanks to the support of the local Forge-World and its shipyard facilities, as well as those of Mars. Each Company of the Chapter has their own dedicated Strike Cruiser for transportation to Warzones as needed, though all ultimately fall under the command of the Master of the Fleet and Chapter Command. The Nova Wolves Fleet shares the protection of the Hyperion Sector with its local Battlefleet, Battlefleet Hyperion. The current Master of the Fleet is 4th Company Captain, Astrix Vornus.

Of special note is that nearly all Nova Wolves vessels are modified to have additional under-slung hangar bays, which may decrease overall hull durability, increases the amount of strike craft the vessel can carry, as well as enable it to perform a Marg Sabl maneuver to full effect.

The Chapter fleet of the Nova Wolves is known to contain the following starships:

  • Invictus (Chapter Barque) - The Invictus serves as the Flagship of the Chapter Fleet, often being found at the forefront of important campaigns where the full might of the Chapter is brought to bear against their enemies.
  • Angelo's Fury (Battle Barge) - The Angelo's Wrath is a Battle Barge commissioned and named in honor of the late Chapter Master Angelo.
  • Nexus' Wrath (Battle Barge)
  • The Vengeance of Eternity (Strike Cruiser) - Gifted to the Nova Wolves by the Tech-Priests of Nexus Minor after aiding in the purging of the Space Hulk that had translated into real space outside the Nexus Sub-Sector many years prior. Currently in use by the 4th Company.
  • Lux Et Victoria (Strike Cruiser) - Strike Cruiser attached to the Nova Wolves 3rd Company.
  • Void Huntress (Vanguard Strike Cruiser) - The Void Huntress is a Vanguard-class Strike Cruiser that was instrumental in hunting down and destroying a fleet of Aeldari Corsairs that had been harassing Imperial Convoys for months in the Novus Sector.
  • Infinita Flamma (Strike Cruiser) - A Strike Cruiser attached to the 5th Company, recovered and cleansed after a skirmish with a Red Corsair raiding party near the Maelstrom.
  • Void Damnation (Strike Cruiser)
  • Zealous Servitude (Strike Cruiser)

Chapter Specific Vehicles & Wargear

  • Land Raider Perseus - The Land Raider Perseus is a Land Raider variant used exclusively by the Nova Wolves. These specialised Land Raiders are modified for use in assault operations in extreme hostile conditions, with heavier armour plating, frag assault launchers, additional life-support and communication systems, remote grappling hooks, and magnetic tracks. In addition to this they are armed with two twin-linked heavy bolters and a forward mounted melta-cutter used for cutting through the armour of fortresses, void stations, and asteroid bases, breaching through armour plating or large barriers and clearing the way for infantry to move in. These specialised war machines are used by the Nova Wolves for assault actions where firepower greater than that of Dreadnoughts needs to be brought to bear, such as the breaching of heavily fortified void fortresses or ground bastions. It was designed by Master of the Forge Ferros Triros in 307.M41 when the Chapter was forced into a stalemate against the void-faring Xeno civilization known as the Unorax whom possessed vast and powerful void fortresses. Each time the Astartes would board these Xeno creations they would be beaten back as they entered by powerful and heavily armoured battle-automata that posed a challenge to even the mighty Dreadnoughts of the Space Marines. Six Land Raiders were modified to the design specifications and deployed against the enemy. Being deployed via Thunderhawk Transports these mighty war machines traversed the hull of the fortress, braving stationary defences and those strike craft not tied up by the Fleet. Upon arriving at their assigned locations they carved their way through and breached the hull, slamming into the heart of the enemy forces and destroying the Xeno battle-automata with ease, while simultaneously disgorging their complement of Astartes. Within two days the fortress was cleansed and destroyed by the Nova Wolves, with the same tactics being employed against the other Unorax void-fortresses, eventually resulting in the extinction of their species. Since then the Perseus-pattern Land Raider has been employed by the Nova Wolves in various hostile environment assaults against a variety of foes and targets, never failing to impress those that witness its awesome power.

Chapter Relics

  • Sword of Genesis - The Sword of Genesis is an ancient Relic Blade wielded by the Chapter Master of the Nova Wolves. The blade is forged from pure adamantium, and the hilt worked from the obsidian of the lava lakes surrounding the Chapters Fortress-Monastery and fashioned into the head of a black wolf, resulting into a weapon of both beauty and death, it's blade glowing a deep purple mirroring the armour of it's wielder. The Sword of Genesis has been in the hands of both Mal Angelo and Castarius Vexes, Chapter Masters of the Nova Wolves, and it has tasted the blood of many a foe on a great many battlefields.
  • Banner of Nexus - The Banner of Nexus is the ancient Battle Standard of the Nova Wolves and considered to be among their most revered relics. It has been present at every major event in the Chapter's History, and has a powerful aura about it that boosts the morale and zeal of all those around it. Of note is that it has the distinct ability to remain intact and receive next to no damage when in battle, somehow surviving everything thrown against it.
  • Nova Blades - Nova Blades are the signature weapon of the Nova Wolves Honour Guard. These weapons take the form of a wide variety of master-worked power weapons forged by the Chapters Artisans. Each weapon has seen countless centuries of combat, and in the hands of the Honour Guard they are used to devastating effect. Each one is fashioned from pure adamantium, and each is capable of carving through even the heavy armour of Terminators thanks to their expert craftsmanship and the powerful energy fields they emit.
  • Celestial Shield - This relic Storm Shield dates back to the Great Crusade, wielded by a Captain of the Word Bearers throughout the Great Crusade, the Horus Heresy, and to the 41st Millennium. Eventually it was taken by the Nova Wolves after Captain Astrix Vornus had killed it's wielder in the final assault on the forces of Chaos at the Battle of Jamerv Prime, taken back to the Nexus where the Chapters Techmarines and Reclusiarch cleansed and reforged this mighty shield. It is currently wielded by the Chapter Champion.
  • Celestial Blade - This mighty relic-blade is a gift from the forges of the Omega Knights after the two Chapters fought against the Ork WAAAGH!!! of Warboss Grim-Hamma. Currently wielded by the Captain of the Nova Wolves 8th Company, Mason Cordova.
  • Hammer of Defiance - This ancient Thunder Hammer was recovered from a battle against a Dark Eldar raiding force on the world of Porphyria VIII. It was found in the hands of a fallen Astartes on the enemy command ship when the Nova Wolves boarded the vessel, the Astartes' armour heraldry ruined by combat and his body destroyed, there was no way of identifying this fallen warrior. Interring him within the Chapter Crypts as the Unknown Warrior, this great weapon was added as a relic of the Chapter, reminding them that despite the odds they shall fight to the end against the enemies of Mankind.


Allied Chapters

Ember Sharks

Ember Sharks armourial

The forces of the Ember sharks are considered to be respected allies of both the Nova Wolves and Omega Knights after the events of WAAAGH! Hed-Killa in the late 41st Millennium, in which forces from all three Chapters fought alongside one another to push the deadly green tide back and annihilate them, preventing the Orkz from spilling over into neighbouring Sectors and wreaking havoc upon the Imperium.

Omega Knights

Omega Knights armourial

The Omega Knights, compared to the Nova Wolves, are a relatively young Chapter only coming into play towards the end of the 41st Millennium. Both Chapters encountered one another when the Nova Wolves dispatched more than half of their Chapter to respond to a call to arms from the Omega Knights, requesting any and all support from their fellow Astartes in stopping a massive Ork WAAAGH! devastating two Sectors, and threatening to spill out to more if not contained and crushed quickly. Working in tandem with other Imperial forces, both Chapters swiftly annihilated the Ork Warbands, leaving the Guard to clean up those few that remained. Since then both Chapters have maintained close ties to one another, forging a strong brotherhood between both Chapters.

Howling Wolves

Howling Wolves armourial

The Howling Wolves are some of the oldest allies of the Nova Wolves, both Chapters first meeting in 598.M41 when the Howling Wolves 4th Company was ambushed in the Segmentum Solar while pursuing a force of Blood Wyvern traitor Astartes. The Nova Wolves 3rd and 5th Companies were nearby to the ambush location after helping suppress a Genestealer Cult uprising in a nearby Sub-Sector, and responded with all due haste to support their fellow Space Marines. The ensuing battle resulted in the near entirety of the Blood Wyvern fleet being wiped out, and the Howling Wolves 4th Company being saved from almost certain destruction. From this moment onward both Chapters have maintained friendly relations, with the Howling Wolves being in the debt of the Nova Wolves for saving their Battle Brothers from an untimely end.

Arachnid Warriors

Arachnid Warriors armourial

Despite their status as a Renegade Chapter, the Arachnid Warriors have continued to maintain close ties to the Nova Wolves in secret over the years, narrowly avoiding detection by the forces of the Inquisition and fellow Chapters on multiple occasions. The Arachnid Warriors had been declared renegade after coming to blows with an Inquisitorial task force seeking to purge the worlds of the Kofi Sector due to rumours of chaotic corruption amongst the Imperial forces of the Sector, something that had angered the Arachnid Warriors

greatly due to them fighting alongside these brave men and women for the past solar year against Drukahri raids. Since then they have operated in secret on the Eastern Fringe, receiving support from the Nova Wolves in the form of deliveries of weapons, armour, equipment, and raw material to continue their fight against the enemies of Mankind, an act that could see to the destruction of both Chapters if ever caught.

For taking such a risk, and because of their close ties since the inception of the Nova Wolves Chapter, the Arachnid Warriors are as close as true Brothers to the Nova Wolves, and were willing to break their years of secrecy to openly aid the Nova Wolves in the defence of the Hyperion Sector at the onset of the Great Rift, regardless of the risk to their own survival.

Conflicting Chapters

Murdering Sons

Murdering Sons armourial

The Murdering Sons are amongst the few Chapters that the Nova Wolves truly despise, exceeding even their hatred for the likes of the Marines Malevolent and the Minotaurs. Despite having relatively few encounters with these pseudo-Night Lords, the Nova Wolves have heard the stories from other Astartes of the atrocities committed by these monsters, and are disgusted that they are sanctioned by the High Lords of Terra. Their opinion of the Murdering Sons completely dropped as soon as both Chapters were operating in the same Warzone, with the Nova Wolves coming to blows with them as soon as they saw the atrocities being committed first hand, with only the timely intervention of the Inquisition stopping the situation from escalating into an all out war. To this day the Murdering Sons are avoided by the Nova Wolves and their allies as much as possible, for they do not know what they would do next if they were to see these monsters operate in a warzone again.

Relations to other Imperial Forces

Astra Militarum & Imperial Navy

The Nova Wolves currently maintain good relations with the forces of the Astra Militarum and Imperial Navy, working closely with both branches of the Imperial military often, whether it be the elite Guardsmen of the Novus Void Warfare Regiments, Cadian Shock Troops

Icon of the Astra Militarum

, Death Korps of Krieg, or Vostroyan Firstborn, and the ships of Imperial Navy Battlefleets such as Battlefleet Hyperion. The Nova Wolves recognise these mortals as true soldiers of the Imperium, working relentlessly to hold back the tide and protect Humanity at the cost of their own lives. As such they are treated with respect by the Nova Wolves, who see them not as faceless masses, but as human beings doing their duty to the Imperium.

Icon of the Adeptus Mechanicus

Adeptus Mechanicus

The Nova Wolves maintain close ties with the Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, more specifically those of Forge World Nexus Minor who have an alliance with the Nova Wolves, providing them with their raw material, weaponry, armour, supplies, etc; in exchange for protection from any invasions, and aid in situations the Tech Priests require the might of the Adeptus Astartes.

Adepta Sororitas

Icon of the Adepta Sororitas

The Astartes of the Nova Wolves have had little contact with the Orders of the Adepta Sororitas, only fighting alongside them on a few occasions. These few battles however have allowed the Sisters of Battle to gain the grudging respect of the Nova Wolves, who admire their dedication to both the Emperor and to the destruction of the enemies of mankind, relentlessly purging the Mutant, Heretic, and Alien alike with Bolter and Chainsword, Fire and Faith.

The Inquisition

Icon of the Imperial Inquisition

The Ordos of the Inquisition, while not hated, are not loved by the Astartes of the Nova Wolves, who dislike the Inquisition for their rather extremist views and actions, seeing heresy wherever they go. The incident that nearly drove the Nova Wolves into a conflict with the Inquisition was the censure of the Arachnid Warriors, a Chapter closer to them than any other that was declared renegade simply for performing their duty defending the citizens of the Imperium from a radical Inquisitor who was convinced the entire Sector had been corrupted by Chaos.

It was only due to the intervention of other Imperial forces with close ties to the Nova Wolves that had convinced them to stand down and begrudgingly accept these events. Since then the Nova Wolves have had a particular dislike for the Ordo Hereticus, though have willingly worked with agents of the Ordo Xenos, whom they have slowly started to develop respect for due to their consistent interactions with them in recent years.

Rouge Traders

The Imperial sigil of the Rogue Traders

The Rouge Traders are met with open distrust and hostility from the Nova Wolves, who themselves have been victims to the treachery of these travelling merchants and explorers when in the late 41st Millennium they attempted to aid a T'au fleet in crippling a Nova Wolves strikeforce by playing the part of a merchant ship under attack before opening fire on the Astartes vessels and allowing the Xenos to swoop in for the kill. This however failed, and resulted in the deaths of both the Rouge Trader but the near entirety of the T'au fleet as well. Since this event the Nova Wolves have been suspicious of Rouge Traders and their motivations.

Relations to Xenos and Traitor Forces

T'au Empire

Icon of the Tau Empire

The forces of the T'au Empire are considered to be the most hated foes of the Nova Wolves, with their first proper recorded contact being in the Valkyr Campaign in 797.M41 in which the Nova Wolves suffered extreme losses to the hands of the T'au, including the deaths of two Captains, resulting in a 23% loss in manpower throughout the Chapter. The forces of the T'au were led by Shas'o Tau'Dec and Ethereal Aun'El Ke'lshan. The ensuing campaign saw to the removal of the T'au forces and the extermination of the Ethereal leading them, with their Commander escaping, vowing vengeance on the Astartes of the Nova Wolves, a vow kept during their invasion of the Hyperion Sector at the onset of the Great Rift in 999.M41.


Icon of the Orks

The Orks are among one of the most common foes of the Nova Wolves, facing no less than five separate WAAAGH!'s since their inception, one of which had claimed the life of their first Chapter Master, Mal Angelo, and an estimated 25% of the Chapter. This event has left within the Nova Wolves a particular hatred for the Greenskins, seeking to purge them wherever they are encountered, leading them to participate in campaigns against numerous WAAAGH!'s even if the threat is considered to be beneath the attention of other Astartes.


Icon of the Tyranids

Due to their location in the Segmentum Ultima and relative closeness to the Eastern Fringe, the Nova Wolves have encountered the Hive Fleets of the Tyrnaids on multiple occasions, the most notable of which being their battle against Splinter-Fleet Crimson Tide in 889.M41. The Nova Wolves have since kept a watchful eye over their region of space, looking for any signs of possible Tyranid invasion, especially after the onset of the Great Rift.


Icon of the Necrons

Out of all the races the Imperium is in conflict with, the ancient and mysterious Necrons are the ones the Nova Wolves have faced the least, along with the Aeldari and Drukahri. Their sole encounter took place on the world of Jamerv Prime, in which the Nova Wolves led a campaign to purge the Armoury World of the forces of the Necrons and Word Bearers after they had invaded it. After this there have been no further encounters since then, although the Nova Wolves are still wary of this ancient threat after seeing their power first hand.

Blood Wyverns

Blood Wyverns armourial

The Blood Wyverns are a renegade Chapter operating mainly in the Segmentum Pacificus, though have been found conducting operations elsewhere in the Imperium. The Nova Wolves first recorded encounter with this Chapter was in the mid M41's, where they aided the Howling Wolves Chapter in defeating a small fleet of these traitors. Since then the Nova Wolves have encountered them on three other occasions near their space, almost all resulting in battle between both forces despite the best efforts of the Blood Wyverns, who still believe they are serving the Imperium and carrying out their duty to purge the Xenos and Traitors. Only on one occasion, which was redacted from all records, did both forces of Astartes fight together to stop a Thousand Sons Warband from conducting a ritual to summon forth Daemons into the Materium, with the Blood Wyverns being allowed to leave out of respect for their actions. Since this event the Nova Wolves have kept an eye for further Blood Wyvern incursions into the Hyperion Sector and the surrounding space.

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  • All artwork of Nova Wolves Marines courtesy of Algrim Whitefang & Achilles Prime.
  • The Marg Sabl maneuver in the Combat Doctrine section is taken from the maneuver of the same name seen in the Star Wars Universe.
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