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"No xenos can survive the wrath of the flame! They will not survive! For the emperor! FOR THE FLAME!"
— Huili Thaan, 2nd Company Chaplain, before the Battle of Fortiar.

The Molten Fists are a semi-Codex compliant Space Marine chapter founded during the ill-fated 21st 'Cursed' Founding. They are sons of Primarch Rogal Dorn through the Crimson Fists. Although they call the death world of Fortiar II their homeworld, they mostly use the battle-barge Crown of Rynn as their Fortress-Monastery and mobile base of operations due to their isolated location in the Segmentum Obscurus and the devesation that was wrought upon their home system by Hive Fleet Nidhogg.

Due to their inception during the Cursed Founding, the chapter suffers from a gene-flaw named the 'Internal Flame'. In essence, the marines of the chapter suffer a constant burning pain which they manage through constant meditation. However, this does come at the bonus of having a resistance to heat and flame that rivals that of the Salamanders. A marine's worth in the Chapter is frequently based upon his control of this pain.

The Chapter's gene-flaw means that they make heavy use of melta and flame weaponry, and being gifted with one of these weapons is a great honour in the Chapter.

Chapter History


The Molten Fists were founded in the 21st Founding using the Gene-Seed of the most versatile Crimson Fists in response to the range of increased xenos activity in the Segmentum Obscurus. They were founded with the focus of being versatile and able to counter a large variety of threats. Although their path to their new homeworld was plagued by the Death Guard, most of the chapter arrived safely.

Molten Warrior Suits

Upon arrival to their homeworld, the chapter found an ancient Imperial fortification underneath the surface of the planet. Upon further investigation, it was dated back to the Horus Heresy. Inside the fortification, 20 archaic armour plates were found.

Ten of these suits were all similar, resembling taller, bulkier Mk IV armour, and were dubbed the 'Crusade' Pattern armour. The remaining 10 varied massively in size and strength. The most powerful was called the 'Emperor' Pattern, and the wearer stood over 9 ft. tall. The remaining were named after each of the Loyalist Primarchs. The tallest, the 'Vulkan' Pattern, resembles a taller centurion, and the smallest, the 'Corax' Pattern, resembles Phobos Pattern Amrour.

Though their true origins are unknown, and likely never will be to the Imperium, it is suspected by the Inquisition and Mechanicus that several different Adeptus Mechanicus expeditions between the Horus Heresy and M42 were caught in Warp Storms, and exited them at the same point in time and space above Fortiar II during the Horus Heresy. No evidence of this has been found, but it would explain the resemblances of many suits to modern Mk X armour, particularly in the Khan and Corax Patterns.

Although the suits vary, they all share a few characteristics; increased strength and speed and the ability to manifest psychic powers even when the wearer is not a psyker.

During the Battle of Fortiar, all 20 suits were mobilised for the first time in a single battle, and 5 of the Crusade Pattern suits were destroyed.

Battle of Fortiar

The Battle of Fortiar was a major conflict between the Molten Fists and Hive Fleet Nidhogg in 999.M41. The Splinter Fleet Nidhogg is thought to have used a warp storm to cross from the Ultima Segment to Segmentum Obscurus near to Fortiar II, taking the surrounding systems by surprise and quickly regaining the biomass it lost during its travel through the warp.

Ahead of the Fleets arrival in the Fortiar System, vanguard organisms and genestealer cult insurrections alerted the Molten Fists to the incoming threat. They quickly called for help from nearby Imperial Guard regiments and Astartes chapters. Only 2 regiments arrived before the Shadow in the Warp made travel impossible. In an effort to slow the genestealer cults on the moons of Saturnine Major and Minor, the 4th, 6th and 7th Companies were all but wiped out. The remaining Imperial Forces retreated to Kolasis, where they held out against the innumerable swarms of the Fleet until barely 300 marines and not even a quarter of the Astra Militarum remained.

In the Chapter's hour of greatest need, the Indomitus Crusade arrived, destroying the remnants of the fleet in-system, and providing much needed Primaris Space Marine reinforcements to the Chapter. While they recuperated their strength, the Chapter was inactive for the next 50 years, heavily recruiting from the surrounding systems and those who survived the invasion on Fortiar II.

Notable Campaigns

  • 992.M35-993.M35 - Immediately after the Chapter's founding, during their journey to their homeworld, the Chapter's fleet was attacked by the Death Guard and several Nurgle-devoted Warbands. The Chapter suffered losses, but the majority survived.
  • 024.M36 - 034.M36- The Severed Crusade. The newly formed Chapter, having already determined the power of the Molten Warrior suits, set out on a crusade to counter the advancement of the Necron dynasty called the Empire of the Severed. Using the Emperor, Vulkan, Sanguinus and 5 Crusade Pattern Molten Warrior suits, the Chapter's forces cut a path through the Dynasty, eventually reaching Sarkon, its homeworld. There they engaged in a large battle, where half of the Chapter's forces were trapped and killed to the last man. The remaining marines fought their way back to their fleet, unwilling to take more casualties, but not before the Chapter Master and much of the 1st Company were trapped by a weakened C'Tan shard. Between them they killed it, but the Chapter Master was killed and Raphael Kardova, in the Sanguinus Pattern armour, was mortally injured.
  • 998.M36-010.M37 - The Chapter's 5th and 7th Companies engaged in a long-lasting campaign against the Orks of Dregnuk, where neither side gained much ground.
  • 941.M41 - The Second War for Armageddon. Elements of the Molten Fists' 2nd and 6th Companies, lead by Purphuros Terras, took part in a counter-attack against the Orks in the Armageddon Sector. Not much is known about the Chapter's involvement in the conflict, but the forces involved are known to have took terrible losses in the defence of an important hive.
  • 999.M41 - The Battle for Fortiar.
  • ~100.M42 - Present - The Molten Fists 3rdCompany is undergoing the Purification Crusade, in which they are retracing the path of Hive Fleet Nidhogg and purging all traces of it from existence. As part of this the 3rd Company prevented the destruction of the Lightning Wraiths4th Pillar of Wisdom from destruction at the hands of Nidhogg. THis became known as the Battleof Vectrus.
  • 110.M41 - The Molten Fists 4th Company, with reinforcements from the 9th and 10th Companies, led by the Strike Cruiser Rage of Dorn, attacks an expanding contingent of the Farsight Enclaves. They succeed, but their Captain, Veos Nwe, is severely wounded by a Riptide Battlesuit.
  • ~M42 - At the beginning of M42, the newly reformed 2nd Company of the Molten Fists spearheaded a counter-attack against the advancing forces of the Warband called the Loss of All Hope.
  • 008.M42 - Towards the beginning of M42, the 4th Company engages on a large scale offensive against the Necrons of the Queroth Dynasty to prevent them expanding further.

Chapter Homeworld

Home System

The Molten Fists rule over the Fortiar System in the Segmentum Obscurus, about halfway between the Forge World of Cypra Mundi and Outrenacht, the homeworld of the Legion of Night chapter. The system contains 4 planets; Fortiar I, Fortiar II and the gas giants of Saturnine Major and Minor. They used to recruit from all planets in the system, before they were ravaged by the feeder organisms of Hive Fleet Nidhogg.

Fortiar I is a primarily desert Hive World, smaller than Holy Terra, and is the centremost planet in the system. The orbit of its two moons causes frequent gravity fluctuations. Despite its small size and obvious setbacks, it had a large population and was the one of the primary recruiting worlds for the Molten Fists before its consumption.

Saturnine Major is a gas giant larger than Jupiter in the Sol system. It had over 50 moons of various size and occupation. Though these are primarily industrial in nature, it contains several hive moons. It is the 3rd planet in the system.

Saturnine Minor is similar to its larger brother, Saturnine Major, but it is smaller and has less moons. However, these moons are primarily Agri-moons used to supply the system. This was the most affected by the invasion of Nidhogg, and the damage to its moons was so severe that they will likely never recover. However, those that did are able to supply enough food for the reduced population of the system.

Home Planet

Fortiar II is a volcanic feral death world, and the largest rocky planet in the Fortiar system. It is the homeworld of the Molten Fists, and as such most of its marines are drawn from its inhabitants. The world is split up into multiple continents of varying volcanic and tectonic activity. The most dangerous in the Death Continent, containing Mount Kantor, the world's largest volcano and has no permanent population. The least dangerous is the Olkia Continent, which has the largest permanent population and the only agricultural regions on the planet.

The fauna of Fortiar II is particularly dangerous, with many of the more dangerous specimens inhabiting the Death Continent. Many of these are hunted for food and resources by the inhabitants of Fortiar II.


Formerly, prior to the invasion of Nidhogg, when recruiting new marines contests of strength and skill would be held on each moon and settlement, and the winner of each of these contests is put into training on Fortiar II. The survivors of this intensive training then graduate into scouts, and have their gene-seed implanted into them.

When a scout graduated into a full marine, they underwent a ceremony where they must survive for a year on the Death Continent. Their actions during this year can impact the rest of their career as a marine, and can earn them much respsect among their fellow marines. For example, the 3rd Company Inceptor Squad, the Dragonhunters, only accept those who killed a Fire Drake during their trial. To become a veteran, marines must do a similar trial, but only for 6 months.

Currently, many of the same trials are held on Fortiar II, but the fleet visits the surrounding systems and holds similar trials on an annual basis to make up for the low population in the Fortiar system. Around 60% of those recruited survive the hard training to become one of the Molten Fists Astartes.


The Fortress-Monastery of the Molten Fists is called Kolasis, and is located inside the largest of a chain of volcanoes on the edge of the Death Continent. It is split up into 12, one for each Company, and each 12th contains that Company's relics and an account of its deeds. The Monastery also has a column down the centre containing several large worship halls in which the Chaplains give preaches about controlling the Internal Flame.

When Kolasis is fully occupied, it is considered impenetrable due to its location and amount of firepower inside it.

Chapter Organisation

The Chapter roughly follows the Codex Astartes, but deviates in multiple ways. They maintain 12 Companies, with an extra Battle and battleline support company to aid their tactical flexibility.

Due to the nature of the Molten Fists' gene-flaw, they also have an unusually high number of Chaplains which are used to assist other marines in meditation and controlling the Internal Flame.

The 1st Company remains the veteran company and has an elite group called the Fire Fists formed out of its best members. The Fire Fists are not only the honour guard of the Chapter Master but act as his closest advisors, even more so than the Captains. They are the ones gifted with the honour of wearing the Crusade Pattern Molten Warrior suits. The Fire Fists also act as extensions of the Chapter Masters' will on the battlefield, and are led by the Chapter's Champion.

The 2nd through 6nd Companies are battle companies, and the ones which most commonly use the specialised Molten Warrior suits.

The 7th, 8th and 9th Companies are Battleline Reserve Companies, and are used to back up the majority of engagements. The Battleline reserve companies were created in greater quantities than the Codex Astartes suggested to allow the chapter to better fulfil their goal of defeating a vast quantity of different threats. The 10th Company is an Assualt Reserve Company, and the 11th is the Devestator Reserve Company.

The 12th Company is the scout and vanguard Company, and is larger than in most other chapters. This stems from the belief that scouts were incredibly flexible tactically and were able to fulfil lots of roles that an ordinary Marine could not.


Chapter Command

Molten Fists Armorial.png
Chapter Master Ragnar Vulkus
Chapter Champion Protath Fyir
Fire Fists
(9 other 1st Company Veterans)
Head Librarian, Head Techmarine, Head Apothecary, Head Chaplain
Venerable Dreadnought Raphael Kardova
Librarius Armoury Apothecarion Chaplaincy
Librarius Icon.png
Head Libarian Syphis Corphractis
23 Libarians
7 Company Librarians
Chapter Serfs
Head Techmarine Ogun Faer
7 Company Techmarines
Rhino Amoured Transports
Land Raider Transports
Repulsor Heavy Tanks
Land Speeder Transports
Thunderfire Cannons
Chapter Serfs
Apothecary Prime Helix Icon white.png
Head Apothecary Thera Peftis
23 Apothecaries
7 Company Apothecaries
Chapter Serfs
Reclusium Icon.png
Head Chaplain Iepivac Thux
23 Chaplains
7 Company Chaplains
Chapter Serfs


Veteran Company Battle Company Battle Company Battle Company
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company
1st Captain Pavoc Betas
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
Head Librarian Syphis Corphractis
Head Techmarine Ogun Faer
Head Apothecary Thera Peftis
Head Chaplainn Iepivac Thux
97 Veterans
1 Venerable Pattern Dreadnought
1 Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
1 Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought
10 Indomitus Pattern Terminator Power Armour
2nd Captain Purphuros Terras
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Close Support Squads
1 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
1 Leviathan Siege Pattern Dreadnought
3rd Captain Sol Eternas
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Close Support Squads
1 Primaris Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought
2 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
4th Captain Colt Infernis
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Close Support Squads
1 Primaris Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought
1 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
Battle Company Battle Company Battleline Reserve Company Battleline Reserve Company
5th Company 6th Company 7th Company 8th Company
5th Captain Centos Flammus
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
6th Captain Devisen Flammus
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Close Support Squads
1 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
7th Company Master Veos Nwe
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
10 Battleline Squads
1 Primaris Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought
8th Captain Reh Llior
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
10 Battleline Squads
1 Primaris Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought
1 Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
1 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
Battleline Reserve Company Assault Reserve Company Devestator Reserve Company Scout Company
9th Company 10th Company 11th Company 12th Company
9th Captain Ra Infrus
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
10 Battleline Squads
1 Castaferrum Pattern Dreadnought
10th Captain Rogar Dioramus
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
10 Close Support Squads
2 Primaris Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought
11th Captain Eiwn Furus
2 Lieutenants
Honour Guard
(5 Veterans)
1 Company Ancient
1 Company Champion
10 Fire Support Squads
1 Leviathan Pattern Dreadnought
12th Captain Jagir Hagus
2 Lieutenants
10 Vanguard Squads
~200 Scouts

Unique Units

The Molten Fists used to field a unique squad type that fell in the Fire Support category, called the Hellfire Squad. These were early versions of non-primaris Hellblaster squads which were equipped with a range of Melta weaponry, and were deployed to destroy heavily fortified and armoured enemy structures and units. With the introduction of Primaris marines, the Hellfire squads faded, instead becoming optional loadouts for tactical squads. Techmarines of the chapter have also begun to outfit several Hellblaster squads with Melta guns to replace these old squads, but this is not widely used.

Combat Doctrine

The Molten Fists have an incredible emphasis on tactical flexibility, and therefore use a high number of tactical marines compared to other Chapters. They also use lots of melta and flamer weaponry as a by product of their gene-flaw.

Overall, the Molten Fists prefer to take long-range engagements, making use of the ranged weaponry on their tactical squads to great effect. Their main doctrine uses the principal of, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" and when in a battle will apply overwhelming levels of firepower to the weakest area of an enemy defence, causing the rest to crumble.

Chapter Beliefs

"Today we pray to the God-Emperor that he may guide us from this pain and into battle against His enemies. Through our pain we are closer to the Him than any other. For the Emperor. For the Flame!"

The Chapter strictly follows the Imperial Cult, thought with a couple of deviations. They believe that the Emperor is a God and watches their every move, and also compare their suffering at the hands of the Internal Flame to the God-Emperor's constant pain from the Golden Throne, though they recognise that His is infinitely better. They use their pain in worship to the Emperor.

Chapter Gene-Seed

Primarch's Curse: Internal Flame

The Internal Flame is a gene-flaw that manifested due to their founding in the 21st 'Cursed' Founding. It gives the chapter an extreme resistance to heat and fire, to the extent that to become a full a marine, scouts must submerge themselves in a lava flow. There have also been instances of marines surviving an overloaded plasma gun detonating. This comes at the cost of experiencing a constant burning pain all across their body. This pain can be managed through meditation, and as such most marines spend the vast majority of their time when not on deployment meditating under the guidance of the Chapter's many Chaplains. In addition to a superhuman grasp on tactics, a Lieutenant, Company Master or Veteran's grasp over this pain must be exceptional in order for him to ascend to that role.

With this gene-flaw aside, the Chapter's gene-seed is stable, but suffers from an inactive Bletcher's Gland and Sus-an Membrane like all successors of Dorn. It is not unheard of however for initiates to die when the gene-seed is implanted due to the shock of the sudden pain.

Deathwatch Service

Originally in the time since its founding, the Molten Fists had little to do with the Deathwatch, and only sent their most disgraced members to serve in it. In recent years however, the Chapter has become considerably more active within the Deathwatch, sending many more members to serve the Long Watch. These members are also frequently more elite than before, often originating from the Chapter's 1st Company. This is due to the Deathwatch being part of the relief force sent to Fortiar II as part of the Indomitus Crusade.

Notable Battle-Brothers

Chapter Master Vulkus wearing his Cataphractii Terminator armour

  • Ragnar Vulkus - Current Chapter Master
  • Farador Halios - Chapter Master at time of creation
  • Rapheal Kardova - 1st Company Venerable Dreadnought; Rapheal was part of the original 1000 members of the Molten Fists, and was interred into his Dreadnought after a fight with a Transcendent C'Tan that killed Farador Halios, the Chapter Master at the time, while wearing the Sanguinus Pattern armour. Like most Dreadnoughts, Chapter Masters frequently use his extensive knowledge to inform their decisions. He is the oldest dreadnought in the Chapter.
  • Nereus Markov- Current Deathwatch Seargent.
  • Pavoc Betas - Current 1st Captain
  • Purhuros Terras- Current 2nd Captain
  • Sol Eternas -Current 3rd Captain
  • Colt Infernis- Current 4th Captain
  • Centos Flamus- Current 5th Captain
  • Devisen Flamus- Current 6th Captain
  • Veos Nwe- Current 7th Captain
  • Reh Llior- Current 8th Captain
  • Ra Infrus- Current 9th Captain
  • Rogar Dioramus- Current 10th Captain
  • Eiwn Furus- Current 11th Captain
  • Jagir Hagus- Current 12th Captain

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Chapter's armour is dark grey, with dark red knee pads and chest plate, and orange-red arms, shoulder pads and helmet. The Chapter badge is on the stencilled on the left shoulder pad.

Molten Fists ranks displayed on Primaris Helmets

The squad type and number is on the right shoulder pad, and the marines company is shown through the colour of the aquila on their chest. To show rank, different helmet colours are used, in the following order; Seargent, black helmet; Veteran, red stripe; Veteran Sergeant, black helmet with a red stripe; Lieutenant, black stripe, bordered by 2 red stripes; Company/Chapter Master, Company Colour stripe bordered by 2 black stripes.

Chapter Badge

The Chapter badge is a black clenched fist on a yellow-orange background.

Chapter Fleet

Due to the Chapter's mobile nature, it maintains a large fleet. As of M42, each Company possesses roughly 4 Strike Cruisers, depending on its size, and a range of support ships. However, as most of its fleet was obliterated by the Splinter Fleet Nidhogg, it has relatively few large ships, such as Battle Barges, and most ships it currently maintains are relatively new.

Notable Ships:

  • Crown of Rynn - The Crown of Rynn is a Battle Barge, and the oldest ship that the Molten Fists own. It was originally part of the Crimson Fists arsenal, but was given to the Molten Fists when they were created. It only survived the Battle of Fortiar as it was being repaired outside the system at that time. The Crown of Rynn currently acts as the Molten Fists' Fortress-Monastery in many aspects, as it is used as a base of operations and area of meditation for the Chapter when operating for extended periods of time away from Kolasis.
  • Norn's Bane - The 3rd Company's flagship is a Strike Cruiser called the Norn's Bane, which has led successful attacks on multiple strands of Hive Fleet Nidhogg and Ouroboris. Despite its short lifespan, being made shortly after the Battle of Fortiar, it has already made a name for its self and accrued many battle honours.
  • Hammer of the Emperor - The Hammer of the Emperor is a Strike Cruiser that is commonly used in the 4th Company. It personally led a campaign into the Citrix Maledictum shortly after it was created, where they fought, and destroyed, one of the Flagships of a Chaos Warband called the Loss of All Hope.
  • Rage of Dorn - The Rage of Dorn is a Strike Cruiser of the 4th Company, and has recently been on several successful campaigns against the Farsight Enclaves in the Segmentum Ultima.
  • ~50 other Strike Cruisers
  • ~40 smaller support craft, distributed across the Chapter

Chapter Relics

The Chapter's only notable relics are the Molten Warrior suits, with the exception of the Crown of Rynn and the Aroth Fists. They do possess a small amount of minor xenos and chaos relics, though none of great power or concern.

  • Aroth Fists - The Aroth Fists are a pair of relic powerfists named after the Chapter Master that they were awarded to; Aroth Ypoia. They were crafted by artificers as a gift to the Molten Fists, and each one radiates intense heat around it. This heat allows the wearer to melt through things just by punching them.

The Molten Warrior suits:

  • Crusade Pattern (x5) - The Crusade Pattern armour is the least advanced of the Molten Warrior suits, yet it remains much more powerful than current armour. Visibly, it resembles Mk IV Power Armour, yet it is taller and bulkier. Like all Molten Warrior suits, wearers of the Crusade Pattern armour can manifest psychic powers without being a psyker, although this ability is limited in this pattern.
  • Emperor Pattern (x1) - The Emperor Pattern armour is the most powerful of the 20, and the wearer stands at over 9ft tall. It is armed with a large power sword and a weapon that appears to be a combination of a Storm Bolter and Heavy Melta gun. The wearers strength is magnified such that it has once been observed to crush a renegade Knight's leg with its fist.
  • Vulkan Pattern (x1) - The tallest of the 20, the Vulkan Pattern visibly resembles Centurion armour, but it is much more mobile. Although its psychic capabilities are limited, the dual cannons it wields - Heavy Plasma Cannons and Heavy Bolters combined - are able to output a tremendous amount of punishment on their target.
  • Khan Pattern (x1) - The Khan Pattern is one of the most psychically able of the 20 suits, being able to equal the power of some of the Chapter's most powerful psykers. It is armed with two power swords, which can fire blasts of superheated plasma from their tips. It bears many resemblances to the Mk 10 Gravis armour worn by new Primaris Marines.
  • Sanguinus Pattern (x1) - The Sanguinus Pattern suit is one of the most mobile of the 20 suits, being armed with a jump-pack, a Storm Shield and a Thunder Hammer. Each of these is much more powerful than variants used in M42.
  • El'Johnson Pattern (x1) - The El'Johnson Pattern is as psychically adept as the Khan Pattern, though not as capable in melee combat. It is equipped with Lightning Claws and a Plasma Incinerator. Physically, it is similar in size to modern Primaris, but the armour is bulkier.
  • Russ Pattern (x1) - Although lacking the psychic adeptness that the El'Johnson and Khan patterns have, the strength, size and speed of the Russ Pattern more than make up for that. It has 2 large Chain Axes, which have been seen to split a Drukhari abomination in half, and is 2.5 metres tall.
  • Guilliman Pattern (x1) - The Guilliman Pattern is the most well-rounded suit. It does not excel in any field, but performs capably in all of them. It uses a Power Lance and a Storm Bolter.
  • Manus Pattern (x1) - Equipped with a Grav-gun and a Flamestorm Guantlet, the Manus Pattern excels in close combat, though does not fare as well over longer ranges. It is similar in psychic power to the Guilliman pattern.
  • Dorn Pattern (x1) - The Dorn Pattern lacks hugely in mobility, being much heavier than the other suits. However, the extra weight comes from technology used to power the plasma-grenade launcher it carries. This weapon's power is magnified by the suit's psychic strength.
  • Corax Pattern (x1) - The smallest of the 20 suits, it bears lots of resemblance to the Phobos pattern armour worn by Rievers and Eliminators. It has limited psychic power, though this is used to magnify the wearers accuracy with its primary weapon, a multi-use sniper rifle. The sniper can use a large range of ammunition, and has the ability to fire bolter shells or las-gun shots.



  • Imperium - The Molten Fists are allied with a handful of other Space Marine Chapters that are in the same area, or that they have worked with on several occasions. The most notable of these are the Crimson Fists, Imperial Fists, Legion of Night, Night Watch and Shadows of Sanguinus. In addition, several Astra Militarium regiments in the area have been seen to maintain good relations with the Chapter.

Iron Drakes Armorial.

  • Iron Drakes - The Molten Fists maintain a good relationship with the Iron Drakes like they do with many of Vulkan's sons. This particular friendship stems from the battle of ... in which strike forces of the two chapters worked together to repel and invasion of... .

Lightning Wraiths Armorial.

  • Lightning Wraiths - After the Battle of Vectrus, the Molten Fists - in particular the 3rd Company - retains a close relationship with the Lightning Wraiths.


  • Xenos - Although the Chapter hates all xenos, they bear a particular hatred for the Tyranids and Necrons, in particular Hive Fleet Nidhogg and the Empire of the Severed, as both have had a hand in the Chapter's most major defeats.
  • Imperium - Due to the Chapter's possession of the Molten Warrior suits, and their refusal to hand them over, both the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus heavily dislike the Molten Fists. Although this has never come to conflict between the two, the Chapter's increased use of the suits in recent times has only served to further increase the tension.

Notable Quotes

By the Molten Fists

"You dare try to prosecute us. You dare to try to declare us heretics. We who have served as the Emperor's Fists for over 6 millenia. We who have burnt away countless xenos, heretics and mutants that desecrate His domain. We have done this for longer than you can even fathom, and yet you dare to try to say we have left the Emperor's light. No. We are His loyal servants. We are His Angels of Death. Leave my sight immediately."
—Chapter Master Ragnar Vulkus to an unknown Ordo Astartes Inquisitor, ca 100.M42, after a renewed attempt from the Inquisition to declare the Molten Fists excommunicate traitoris for their use of the Molten Warrior suits.

About the Molten Fists

"These suits? They boost psychic power you say? I say heresy! I shall notify the Inquisition of this foul action and have this Chapter abolished!"
—Fabricator General Zagreus Kane, on the war-suits of the Molten Fists
"I'z gunna rip off dat shiny fist an' shove it down yer throat 'umie! Burn ya like ya burned ma boyz! WAAAA..."
—Last words of Kommanda Pullzpine during the Second War of Armageddon, told to the Molten Fists' 2nd Company Captain, Purphuros Terras

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Unknown Foundings Bulls of RetributionDiamondbacksFatebinders of TyrGolden LionsHoly HospitallersMasonic MarinesPraetorian FistsRetributors
Renegades Privileged

Twenty First 'Cursed' Founding Space Marine Chapters
Dark Angels Successors Angels ImperatusDread KnightsManticores
White Scars Successors Grey HoundsJiangshi RidersLightning
Space Wolves Successors N/A
Imperial Fists Successors Molten Fists
Blood Angels Successors Angels PalatineBrotherhood of the Midnight SunLuna BerserkersSons SanguineSoul Flayers
Iron Hands Successors Corrosive ThornsNeimerel SonsObsidian Talons
Ultramarines Successors Sons of Somnius
Salamanders Successors Ashen DrakesBullfrogsDragonkinIce DragonsSun SerpentsUndertakers
Raven Guard Successors Abyssal RukhsAshen ApostlesNight RavensNightscreamObsidian BladesYearning Ruin
Unknown Lineage Blood WyvernsBlue WidowsCaustic ReachCharybdis LegionGrey OrphansGuardians of OsirisKnights of AryithLycanthropesPhoenix BrethrenShattered StarSolar PhoenixesStorm Dragons


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