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The Mokthos Super-Heavy Walker is the primary Super-Heavy vehicle employed by the Mezoan Skitarii Legions both at home and abroad. The Mokthos was specifically designed with Mezoa’s, or perhaps a similar world’s, thin crust and unstable landscape in mind, and so multiple onboard systems have been implemented allowing the Mokthos to make minute adjustments to its stride mid-step, always making sure to step on the most stable ground or shallowest point in a lava flow.


Employed by Mezoan forces going back as far as Old Night, the Mokthos has proved its usefulness and flexibility time and time again, and has seen service against the Mitu Conglomerate, the forces of the Arch-Traitor Horus Lupercal, Ork war tribes of the Grail Abyss, and more recently various daemonic and Chaos-aligned forces that have been seething from the Eye of Terror and The Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath. After the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum and Mezoa and her allies being plunged into the darkness plaguing the rest of the Imperium Nihilus, the Mokthos has seen much greater usage since the Knights of Mezoa’s ancient allies House Hermetika and House Vyronii have been cut off and interstellar travel made even more perilous than before.


The Mokthos’ main weapon options are similar to those of more common super-heavy tanks and walker employed by the Imperium, with the largest portion of Mokthos Super-Heavy Walkers being equipped with the flexible three-barreled Mokthos Plasma Blastgun, though others built for more specialized combat roles can be equipped with the Mokthos siege gun, the Quake Cannon, the Volcano Cannon or the Vulcan Mega Bolter. The Mokthos also has the necessary hardpoints to mount lesser, though still devastating secondary armaments. It can mount powerful and in some cases arcane weaponry to destroy any enemy not suited to or out of sight of its main gun, these include twin-linked heavy bolters, twin-linked cognis lascannons, twin-linked heavy flamers, quad-linked cognis heavy stubbers and even Volkite Culverins. It can mount any of these weapons systems on it’s two sponson side-turrets or its frontal gun blister. It can also mount a hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon, though cannot do so without sacrificing it's considerable transport capacity.

Battlefield Role

The Mokthos chassis can easily assume multiple battlefield roles thanks to its diverse weapons options, and has been used as a titan killer, siege-breaker, horde killer, troop transport, tank killer, and all-purpose super-heavy armour unit.


Mokthos Titan-killer Cohort

The Mokthos Titan killer cohort is composed of 2-5 Mokthos walkers equipped with either Plasma Blast guns or Volcano Cannons. They are deployed against enemy titanic and super-heavy units. A member of a Mokthos Titan-Killer Cohort can be referred to as a "Mokthos Titan-Killer" instead of as a "Mokthos Super-Heavy Walker".

Mokthos Carrier Cohort

The Mokthos carrier cohort is composed of 2-5 Mokthos walkers equipped with either Plasma Blast guns or Vulcan mega-bolters. They are used to ferry large numbers of Skitarii to the frontlines. A member of a Mokthos Carrier Cohort can be referred to as a "Mokthos Carrier" instead of as a "Mokthos Super-Heavy Walker"

Mokthos Siege-breaker Cohort

The Mokthos siege cohort is composed of 2-5 Mokthos walkers equipped with either Mokthos siege cannons or Quake cannons, as well as hull-mounted demolisher cannons. They are used to decimate enemy fortifications and defences. A member of a Mokthos Siege-breaker Cohort can be referred to as a "Mokthos Siege-breaker" instead of as a "Mokthos Super-Heavy Walker".

Known user of the Mokthos Super-Heavy Walker

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  • Skitarii forces of Forgeworld Mezoa

Notable Mokthos Super-Heavy Walkers


Antitor was a Mokthos attached to the Mezoan 4th Macroclade, 1st War Cohort, Beta Battle Maniple during the battle of Mu-VI where they tore through hordes upon hordes of gaunt-genus xenos from Hive Fleet Nidhogg with their Vulcan mega-bolter and quad-linked cognis heavy stubbers until they were eventually overwhelmed by a Carnifex brood.


Olotitas is the only known surviving Mokthos that served in the Mezoan Campaign during the Horus Heresy. His Plasma blast gun, Volkite Culverin and twin-linked heavy bolters were put to good use annihilating traitor Astartes and their armour. To this day he is lovingly maintained by the most skilled tech priests of Mezoa, though he serves a much more symbolic role now and has not seen active service in centuries.

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