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The Lions Malevolent are a Successor Chapter of the line of Primarch Lion El'Jonson, supposedly created during the 5th Founding sometime during the 33rd Millennium, as they were counted amongst the many Adeptus Astartes Chapters deployed during the Lagomort War fought in 238.M33. As descendants of the Lion they are a part of the Dark Angels Successor Chapters collectively known as the Unforgiven. Like the Dark Angels, they too, formed their own Inner Circle to guard the knowledge of their progenitor's secret shame. This Dark Angels Successor Chapter displays a particular zeal in prosecuting their quest against the Fallen Angels. Nothing can dissuade them from this most sacred of quests, to right the ancient wrongs of their progenitors. Even though the Chapter has proven itself in battle, their help is sometimes refused due to their reputation for acting against orders and on occasion withdrawing from a campaign in order to pursue their own, undisclosed ends.


LM Vet Marine Robe

A Lions Malevolent Veteran Marine. Note: Veteran status and membership into the Chapter's Inner Circle is indicated by the wearing of maroon robes.

As an Astartes Chapter of ancient provenance, the Lions Malevolent have a long and storied history, having fought in numerous campaigns and wars for nearly eight millennia. Though they didn't appear in official Imperial records until the widely recorded Lagomort War in 238.M33, sealed and secured records within the Inquisition's vaults might shed some light on the truth of the origins of this Chapter. The oldest of these ancient treatises on the wars of the Imperium of Man may be found within the pages of the Mythos Angelica Mortis, written by the savant-scribes of the Secretariat Militum of Terra in the late 35th Millennium.

References are made of a Space Marine Chapter identified as the Leonum Malivolus. This text stems from a far older work, now lost, dating back to the mid 32nd or early 33rd Millennia. Within this text, it mentions the Ebon Blade Campaign, an oft-forgotten campaign that took place in the Scarus Sector in 532-542.M32, to cleanse a multitude of Chaos cult uprisings across four sub-sectors. The venerable Dark Angels are known to have taken part in this campaign, but did not make their presence known until the final campaign upon the Hive World of Gudrun. Two Chapters of the Unforgiven are known to have taken part. Though not specifically mentioned, one of these Chapters matched the panoply of the Lions Malevolent Chapter. As for the identity of the other chapter, it had been mysteriously omitted from the official record. This would indicate that the Lions Malevolent might be much older than originally suspected, perhaps founded during the 4th Founding or even as early as the 3rd Founding.

The Lagomort War

Whatever the truth to their origins, the first recorded action of the Lions Malevolent was during the Lagomort War against the Forces of Chaos commanded by Chaos Lord known as the Slaughter King, a fanatical follower of Khorne. During this campaign, the Lions Malevolent were joined by two other Chapters -- the Angels of Vengeance and their progenitors, the Dark Angels themselves. Unknown to any but the Unforgiven, the Lagomort War was in fact a cover for the hunt for a member of the Fallen -- those Dark Angels who followed the Arch-Betrayer Luther, the I Legion's second-in-command, into damnation and resulted in the destruction of the Dark Angels' homeworld of Caliban at the conclusion of the Horus Heresy. These so-called Fallen Angels have been continuously hunted for ten millennia by the Dark Angels and the Chapters of the Unforgiven.

This particular Fallen, known as Brother Luciferus, was well known to the Inner Circle, for he was a true heretic that was utterly devoted to the Ruinous Powers -- a powerful psyker who would appear before the Dark Angels' and the other Unforgiven Chapters' Librarians -- taunting them for their failures and their sad devotion to an Emperor and a Primarch long since gone. He would further insult them by naming himself Lion El'Jonson. He had been hunted for nearly two millennia, but always managed to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. Every time he was cornered by the Unforgiven, he would always somehow manage to effect his escape. Now Luciferus was operating openly on Lagomort IV, and the Dark Angels and their Successors were determined that this time, there would be no escape. The Inner Circle committed all available forces to the war -- three companies from the Dark Angels, one company from the Angels of Vengeance and the entirety of the Lions Malevolent Chapter, launching an all out assault on the Lagomort System. 

While the majority of the Astartes from the three Unforgiven Chapters fought against the massed forces of the Slaughter King, the Dark Angels elite 1st and 2nd companies (the Deathwing and Ravenwing) headed straight for the Fallen who was taking refuge within his stronghold. They would be joined by some of the finest Astartes the Lions Malevolent had to offer -- ten of their most promising recruits who had been chosen right at the start, by the Dark Angels, to form the Lions Malevolent own elite 1st and 2nd companies. Only the Grand Masters, their veteran elite and the Unforgiven Chapters Masters knew the full truth of this war and the Fallen in question. Using all the skill and determination that the Emperor's Astartes are famed for, the Lions Malevolent would prove themselves to be true Sons of the Lion. Brother Luciferus was captured after a long hard fought battle and the Slaughter King and his Khornate hosts were lain by the fury of the Lion-borne.

Turned over to the 'tender' mercies of the Interrogator-Chaplains, soon the prison cells of The Rock resounded with the agonised screams of the Fallen, who would either repent or suffer a long, agonising and drawn out death. The Interrogator-Chaplain chosen for this task would be the first Interrogator-Chaplain raised from the ranks of the Lions Malevolent themselves, Brother Anaziel. He would ultimately fail in his task, for Luciferus was utterly corrupted by the powers of Chaos, therefore he was granted extreme unction for his crimes. Anaziel would go on to become the Chapter's Master of Repentance and would eventually make four Fallen repent during his long and illustrious career, but would forever after be haunted by this failure for the rest of his days.

Noctis Aeterna

Lions Malevolent Primaris

A Lions Malevolent Primaris Space Marine of the 1st 'Lion' Company, 9th Tactical Squad (Battleline).

During this dark period the hopes of trillions was reignited with the return of one of the Emperors loyal sons - the re-awakened Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman and he brought with him the fruits of 10,000 years of research and labour - the Primaris Space Marines. Hearing of this momentous event the entire chapter set course for the Rock immediately to attend the Primarchs Summit where the Son of the Emperor revealed the existance of the Primaris Astartes, the Unforgiven Masters kneelt before Roboute Guilliman and pleged themselves to him and his new Imperium in perpetuity. Soon Primaris Astartes created from the purest gene-seed of the Lion were serving alongside their elder brethren with distinction. The Chapter received not only fully grown and battle-hardened Primaris but also the technology and knowledge to create their own Primaris Space Marines.

The wargear to arm these formidable warriors was also received including 500 suits of Mk X Power Armour in their various Patterns, Hundreds of Cawl and Belisarius Pattern Weapons, four Redemptor Dreadnoughts Chassis, 2 Overlord Gunships and two Repulser Grav Tanks, all of which have been assigned to the newly formed Lion Company. Thanks to this great fortune the Lions Malevolent now prosecute their wars with even greater vigour. The numbers of Primaris Astartes currently serving are unknown but during the battles of the Indomitus Campaign were able to field an entire company. None have yet to be inducted into the Inner Circle, but it is only a matter of time.

Notable Campaigns

  • Ebon Blade Campaign (532-542.M32) - An oft-forgotten decade-long campaign that took place in the Scarus Sector to cleanse a multitude of Chaos cult uprisings across four sub-sectors. Several of these corrupt cults had been largely instigated by Deimos the Defiler and his splinter Alpha Legion warband, The Formless. The Lions Malevolent and an unnamed Unforgiven Chapter began a decade-long campaign beset with many battles to hunt down and slay Deimos. During this time they successfully uprooted many hidden cults and corrupt officials across four sub-sectors. But the wily Chaos Lord always managed to elude his pursuers by staying one step ahead. When they finally cornered Deimos upon the vitally important Hive World of Gudrun, the venerable Dark Angels made their presence known, and took part in the final battle of the campaign. What exactly occurred is not recorded, but the Lions Malevolent were recognised by their progenitors and awarded command of the venerable Chapter Barque, the Undying Vengeance, whilst the other unnamed Unforgiven Chapter faded into obscurity following this campaign.
  • Lagomort War (238.M33) - The first recorded official action of the Lions Malevolent Chapter. This was a joint campaign launched by the Dark Angels and two of the Unforgiven Chapters -- the Angels of Vengeance and the Lions Malevolent -- to quash the incursion of the Chaos Lord known as the Slaughter King and his Khornate war hosts. In reality, the Dark Angels and their Successors had their own secret agenda, and used the war as a cover to seek out and capture a notorious Fallen known as Brother Luciferus. Eluding capture time and again, the Fallen had finally made a mistake when he decided to operate openly on the world of Lagomort IV. While the majority of the three Unforgiven Chapters fought against the massed forces of the Slaughter King, the Dark Angels elite 1st and 2nd companies launched a planetary assault upon Luciferus' stronghold, alongside some of the finest Astartes the Lions Malevolent had to offer. At the campaign's successful conclusion, the Unforgiven succeeded in slaying the Slaughter King and laying waste to his Khornate war hosts. But the Unforgiven's true victory was achieved when they finally managed to capture Brother Luciferus, who was spirited away to the Rock, to be interrogated by the Dark Angels' malevolent Interrogator-Chaplains.
  • The Centurion War (931-954.M41) - This was a brutal campaign launched by the several Adeptus Astartes Chapters to eradicate secessionist forces located in the Centurion Sector of the Segmentum Ultima. The secessionist forces included (sadly) two Renegade Astartes Chapters. The war would later be determined to have been the work of Chaos. The Lions Malevolent and the other Space Marine Chapters eventually pushed the Forces of Chaos to Iterium VI, and broke them in a cataclysmic final battle. One of the Astartes Chapters would be nearly destroyed while the other would fall to Chaos and become known as the Bringers of Change.
  • Invictus War (980.M40) - The Lions Malevolent were called upon by the Segmentum Pacificus command to take part in a series of fleet operations against marauding Eldar Corsairs in the Invictus Asteroid Field. To this day, the dead vessels of the Eldar float lifelessly within the gravitational field of the asteroid field, a grim tableau of a brutal and swift victory.
  • The Trickster of Tzeentch (999.M41) - The Lions Malevolent along with thier progenitors the Dark Angels and other Astartes Chapters arrive in the Fenris system to find it in turmoil, Daemons marauding on every world and the Wulfen revealed, only the intervention of the Grey Knights prevents all out war between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels fleet.

Chapter Homeworld

The Chapter Barque Undying Vengeance serves as the Lions Malevolent's flagship and mobile fortress-monastery. This vessel of ancient provenance, is believed to be pre-Imperial in origin and constructed some time during the Dark Age of Technology. It is recorded to have participated as a vessel of the venerable Ist Legion in numerous Compliance campaigns of the Great Crusade. It is believed that the Lions Malevolent was rewarded the command of the Undying Vengeance by their Progenitors in the distant past, for their diligence and valour for some unrecorded campaign.

Chapter Recruitment

"Your past life is irrelevant. From this day forth, you are simply a son of the Lion -- a Lion Malevolent -- nothing else matters. The Chapter is all that is of consequence."
— Supreme Grand Master Balthasar addressing newly inducted recruits

As a fleet-based Chapter, the Lions Malevolent have no home world to speak of, and instead draw their recruits from a variety of different Imperial planets, mainly those feudal worlds with a pre-industrial level of technology like that of Caliban before the coming of the Emperor. Representatives of the Lions Malevolent visit each recruiting world once within a normal human's lifetime, and take the strongest juveniles from the population. Each Aspirant is thoroughly screened, and from the moment he is accepted into the Chapter as a Neophyte Space Marine, his past becomes irrelevant. Once the recruit is accepted he will undergo the normal rites to become a Space Marine. However, should he fail, his mind will be wiped clean and his body converted into that of a servitor, the mindless cybernetic automatons that carry out the labourious tasks of the Chapter. Unlike other Chapters, the Lions Malevolent do not make use of human Chapter Serfs or bondsmen, only servitors, as they fear that human serfs could be compromised to reveal all of the Chapter's secrets.

Chapter Beliefs

The Lions Malevolent are very close to their progenitor Chapter in both doctrine and temperament.


The Lions Malevolent, like their Progenitors and their fellow Unforgiven, are not organised according to the dictates of the Codex Astartes, instead maintaining their own unique order of battle which is intended primarily to aid their continued hunt for all of the remaining Fallen Angels, and to maximize their secrecy in doing so. The Lions Malevolent are organised exactly the same as their parent Chapter. Their 1st and 2nd Companies are specialist formations known as the Knights of the Lion and the Lions Claws. Both of these specialist companies work closely with their Dark Angels' counterparts -- the Deathwing and Ravenwing, combining their resources in order to hunt far and wide in search of their nemesis, the Fallen.

Following the formation of the Great Rift and the increased need for more Astartes Grand Master Balthasar sought and gained approval from Supreme Grand Master Azrael for the formation of a new Company. The 1st 'Lion' Company, an enlarged and extremely powerful company comprising all of the Chapters Primaris Astartes along with Astartes of the old type. It has been designated for extermination operations to combat the massive number daemonic incursions and the inevitable wave of traitorous worlds and armies.
LM Terminator UpdatedII

1st ('Knights of the Lion') Company Battle-Brother.

Specialist Formations

  • Knights of the Lion - The Lions Malevolents equivilent of the Deathwing, these mighty warriors are clad in Terminator Plate and wielding the mightiest weapons of the Chapter they are relentless in their goal, eliminating every single Fallen, only then can the sons of the Lion be redeemed.

  • Lion Claws - The lightning fast assault force of the Lions Malevolent, every Astartes in this Company is an expert rider and pilot, all the better for their true purpose, the hunting and running down of the Fallen and like the Knights of the Lion they are utterly relentless.

Order of Battle ca.111.M42

The Following is the Disposition of the Lions Malevolent at the time of the Invasion of the Stygius Sector ca.111.M42

Chapter Command
Balthasar Zadakiel
Grand Master
Chapter Master of the Lions Malevolent
5 Honour Guard
Brother Apharan (Chapter Champion)
Ancient Sepharon Banner Bearer of the Lions Malevolent
Chapter Equerries
Unknown Number of Servitor's

Brother Ezekiel
Master of the Forge 
14 Techmarines 109 Tech-Servitors
29 Rhinos 
17 Razorbacks 
14 Predators 
7 Vindicators
5 Whirlwinds
5 Land Raiders
21 Land Speeders
38 Bikes
11 Centurion Suits
11 Stormtalons 
14 Stormravens  2 Stormhawks

Master of the Librarius and Chief Librarian of the Lions Malevolent
3 Epistolaries
2 Codiciers
11 Lexicaniums
15 Aspirants

High Chaplain of the Lions Malevolent
Unknown Number of Interrogator-Chaplains
12 Chaplains

Brother Astoran
Chief Apothecary of the Lions Malevolent
11 Apothecarys

Fleet Command
Brother Razaek
Master of the Fleet
Undying Vengeance (Relic Battleship)
Vengeance of Caliban (Battle Barge)
Absolute Fury (Strike Cruiser)
Unknown (Strike Cruiser)
Unknown (Strike Cruiser)
Repent (Strike Cruiser)
Unknown (Strike Cruiser)
19 Rapid Strike Vessels

1st Company 'Knights of the Lion'
Specialist Formation
Grand Master Belath
Brother Nakir Banner Bearer
Brother-Chaplain Orias
Apothecary Zhrukal
Undisclosed number of Deathwing Knights and Terminators
2 Venerable Dreadnoughts

2nd Company 'The Lions Claws'
Specialist Formation
Grand Master Althalos
Brother Orias Banner Bearer
Brother-Chaplain Nakir
Apothecary Anaximan
Undisclosed number of  Black Knights (Command Squads), Bikes, Land Speeders and Atmospheric Fighters, including Ravenwing Dark Talons and Nephilim Jetfighters

3rd Company 'Defenders of the Lion'
Battle Company
Master Zahariel
Master of the Arsenal
Brother Solon Banner Bearer
Brother Naevius (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Casus
Apothecary Destitutus
1 Command Squad
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
2 Dreadnoughts

4th Company 'The Remorseless'
Battle Company 
Master Abdaziel
Master of the Fleet
Brother Dyloss Banner Bearer
Brother Kletos (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Julius
Apothecary Zenobi
1 Command Squad
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
1 Dreadnought

5th Company 'Sentinels'
Battle Company
Master Zadakiel
Keeper of the Unseen Ritual
Brother Purson Banner Bearer
Brother Baradiel (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Radfael
Apothecary Xerophus
1 Command Squad
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
1 Dreadnought

6th Company 'The Unrelenting'
Reserve Company
Master Nemiel
Master of the Rites
Brother Epathus Banner Bearer
Brother Ixion (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Cornelius
Apothecary Makallan
1 Command Squad
10 Battleline Squads
4 Dreadnoughts

7th Company 'The Unyielding'
Reserve Company
Master Venerari
Master of the Watchers
Brother Kyrin Banner Bearer
Brother Boreas (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Nhemas
Apothecary Tristan
1 Command Squad
10 Battleline Squads
4 Dreadnoughts

8th Company 'Claws of the Lion'
Reserve Company
Master Namaan
Master of Condemnation
Brother Alekto Banner Bearer
Brother Nahum (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Ranaeus
Apothecary Xerophus
1 Command Squad
10 Close Support Squads
1 Dreadnought

9th Company 'Bulwark of Caliban'
Reserve Company
Master Ramiel
Master of Relics
Brother Boreas Banner Bearer
Brother Uzziel (Company Champion)
Brother-Chaplain Corswain Korahael
Apothecary Moddren
1 Command Squad
10 Fire Support Squads
2 Dreadnoughts

10th Company 'The Unseen'
Scout Company
Master Gideon
Master of Scouts
Brother-Chaplain Ezekiah
Apothecary Molochi
10 Scout Squads
104 Unassigned Neophytes/Initiates

The Lion Company 'Fury of the Lionborn'
Battle Company
Master Primaris Merir Grimm
Brother Primaris Althalos Banner Bearer 
Epistolary Primaris Maegos Kohl
Brother-Chaplain Primaris Corswain Alloken
Apothecary Primaris Abdaziel
Brother Primaris Belial Molochia (Company Champion)
2 Lieutenants (Gundahar & Sammael)
3 Command Squads
4 Battleline Squads
1 Close Support Squad
1 Fire Support Squad
2 Reiver Squads
2 Intercessor Squads
1 Inceptor Squad
1 Aggressor Squad
1 Hellblaster Squad
4 Redemptor Dreadnoughts 
2 Repulsers & 1 Astraeus
2 Overlords
7 Primaris Aspirants

Chapter Gene-Seed

As descendants of the Dark Angels, the Lions Malevolent boast one of the purest and non-mutated gene-seed of all the Loyalist Primarchs, they are however, prone to the same stubbornness and resolve as their brother Unforgiven Chapters. The Lions Malevolent are also notably more aggressive than other Unforgiven, and have at times shown a disturbing and callous disregard for the lives of the civilians of the Imperium as long as their mission objectives are obtained.

Primarch's Curse: Dark Nature

Although only the upper echelons of the Chapter are aware of the awful truth of the Dark Angels' past, even those newly recruited are possessed of a secretive, even introverted nature. The idea that outsiders are not to be trusted is drilled into the recruits from an early stage, and they are tested continuously to ensure their compliance until it becomes second nature. After all, a brother who cannot be entirely trusted to keep the Chapter's secrets is unlikely to advance through its ranks. Although the Lions Malevolent have fought beside all of the branches of the Imperium's vast military machine, they prefer to stand beside other Space Marines particularly thier fellow sons of the Lion. Many, even brother Astartes, find the Lions Malevolent aloof and uncommunicative. The Dark Angels, for their part are impatient and unforgiving with strangers who pry into their affairs. In truth, those Lions Malevolent who are aware of the existence of the Fallen are ever watchful for any sign of their activity, and will abandon whatever mission they are about should they gain any clue that one is nearby.

The Lions Malevolent are also notoriously intolerant of non-humans and mutants, even those like Squats, Ogryns or Ratlings who are considered benevolent by the Imperium of Man. They are also highly mistrustful of the Imperial Inquisition, and will refuse to fight alongside any force that incorporates members of the Inquisition, or non-human soldiers, except in the most dire of circumstances. This is due to the fact that they do not want the Inquisition investigating the Chapter or discovering its dark secrets.

Combat Doctrine

Like their Progenitors, the Lions Malevolent follow the standard combat doctrine of the Codex Astartes, but their dogged resistance against overwhelming odds is legendary. The Lions Malevolent will stubbornly stand their ground in combat, refusing to give ground to the enemy, even if it is tactically beneficial to do so.

The primary driving force of the Chapter is the hunt and capture of the remaining Fallen Angels. Only by forcing every single one to repent do the Dark Angels believe they can restore their honour. If a member of the Fallen or someone who may know of the location of one, is present on the battlefield, the Dark Angels will ignore their objective and do all in their power to capture this individual. Everything else is second to the capture of a Fallen Angel, including any other human life. It is not unknown for the Lions Malevolent to fire upon friendly targets in order to prevent them from discovering the secret of the Fallen. Those friendly units that survive are often taken to The Rock to be turned into Servitors, to silence them forever.

Notable Members

  • Grand Master Mortikah - The first Grand Master was originally an Astartes of the Dark Angels, he was chosen to lead the newly Founded Chapter by the then-Supreme Grand Master Alloken of the Dark Angels. He fell some two hundred years later after assuming this position.
  • Grand Master Balthasar - The Current Chapter Master of the Lions Malevolent, he is considered a warrior very much in the mould of Azrael of the Dark Angels, and has led his Chapter in the Hunt for the Fallen for thirty years. He wields an ancient and powerful master-crafted power sword of immense craftsmanship, and in the hands of the Grand Master, it is a deadly weapon.
  • Interrogator-Chaplain Anaziel - First Interrogator-Chaplain drawn from the Lions Malevolent, he is considered the greatest Interrogator-Chaplain in the Chapter's history having made four Fallen repent, earning four black pearls for his Rosarius.
  • Master Primaris Merir Grimm - The Master of the newly formed Lion Company and a Hulking Primaris Astartes, wielding an ancient blade gifted from the Dark Angels he leads his company with skill and courage that ranks amongst the greatest in the Chapters history and the most likely to join the Inner Circle.
  • Lieutenant Gundahar - One of the first Primaris Astartes to join the Lion's Malevolent and first Lieutenat of the 1st Lion Company, he is seen as one of the most promisimg recruits to join the Chapter in many years and along with his Company Master the most likely to join the Inner Circle.

Chapter Fleet

The Lions Malevolent are a fleet based Chapter that comprises the following vessels

  • Undying Vengeance (Chapter Barque)
  • Vengeance of Caliban (Battle Barge)
  • Absolute Fury (Strike Cruiser)
  • Unknown (Strike Cruiser)
  • Unknown (Strike Cruiser)
  • Repent (Strike Cruiser)
  • Unknown (Strike Cruiser)
  • 19 Escorts (Type Unknown)

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Lions Malevolent wear primarily black coloured power armour. The faceplate, chest guard, groin and upper leg armour is green in colour. The Aquila of Imperialis symbol on the chest plate is silver in colour. The specialist formations of the elite 1st and 2nd company also wear wear the same panoply as the rest of their fellow battle-brothers. The white-coloured squad specialty insignia (Tactical, Assault, Devastator, or Veteran) is indicated on the right shoulder guard, whilst the Chapter iconography is painted on the left shoulder guard. Squad designation is indicated by a black-coloured Gothic numeral stenciled on the centre of the squad specialty symbol. Company colours are designated on the centre of the right knee guard.

Like their parent Chapter and fellow Unforgiven, Veteran Lions Malevolent are commonly found wearing crimson-coloured hooded cloaks and tabards; this symbolises their shame over what the Fallen Angels had done near the end of the Great Crusade. Cloaks and hoods are worn by the Veteran Lions Malevolent and the Chapter's Inner Circle because they have learned enough about the Dark Angels' history, and thus their shame, prior to obtaining their rank within the Chapter.

Chapter Badge

The Lions Malevolent's Chapter Badge is a stylised white coloured lion head superimposed over a downward-pointing great sword, centred on a field of sable.

Notable Quotes

By the Lions Malevolent

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"Remember the Fallen is our primary goal, all others are secondary, and if anyone gets in our way..eliminate them."
—Grand Master Althalos, Lion's Claws Captain

About the Lions Malevolent

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"I watched them gun down my brothers who drew too close to their prize. The sons of the Lion are always cold and capricious, but these scum are vile excuses of astartes and no brethren of mine. And come the day they need a friend in the shadows, I will not be there."
—Lophess Ovair of the Obsidian Blades, on the Lions Malevolent.
"To think they were once as brothers to us. They are sycophants to our elder brethren...blindly obeying without question and killing without remorse. They would put an entire world to death if it meant capturing even one of our wayward kin. I am ashamed we share the same bloodline."
— Knight-Sergeant Linus Galatine of the Ebon Knights, on the Lions Malevolent
"Our Brethren believe that the ultimate victory will be found at the repentance of the Fallens' sins. I believe that they shall be sorely disappointed when they arrive at their goal, and look around to see nothing but ashes, all that remains of the Imperium they neglected to defend."
— Zephyer Kize of the Invokers
"You call me Fallen. You are wrong! I have risen from the ashes of Caliban itself! I rode the waves of the Warp on the corpses of hundreds of my so-called Battle-Brothers! What makes you think that you are worthy of anything but my axe at your throat?! You think yourself an Angel? You are nothing but a motherless, bastard-seeded, lap-dog of a betrayer and a whore! Death to you! Death to the Lion! Death to the Imperium of Man!"
— Heshgar the Heathen, Draugar Lord of the Storm Draugar's 7th Storm, as he stands defiant with his forces during the Siege of Aludan against Master Nicodemus of the Lions Malevolent 4th Company
"I usually get along with Unforgiven but not these guys. 'Malevolent' does not belong in a Space Marine Chapter Name or Astartes psychology."
St. Athaliah the Flame