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The Karkinos Poleimos is the standard main battle walker used by Mezoan Skitarii forces. It’s wide array of weapons options allow it to be effectively fielded against nearly any enemy the forces of Mezoa might encounter, from Tyranid bio-hordes to Eldar corsairs.


Originally created to be a heavy fire support complement to the Karkinos Metakom, the Karkinos Poleimos sacrifices the Metakom’s transport capacity for the ability to mount heavier weapons and armour. Due to this indirect correlation, a fierce argument has been raging for millenia on whether the Karkinos Poleimos should be considered a variant of the Karkinos Metakom or the standard Karkinos chassis, considering the designs for the Metakom were not consulted when designing the Poleimos. Since its creation, the Poleimos has evolved past it’s original purpose of supporting infantry elements and now has taken the roles of main armoured battle vehicle, tank hunter and even rocket artillery for itself amongst the Mezoan Skitarii cohorts and other users of it.


The Karkinos Poleimos’ main armament comprises a dorsal rotary turret capable of mounting no less than four turret types, three of which can mount multiple weapons systems. The 1st turret can mount Twin-Linked Cognis Autocannon or Cognis Lascannon, the 2nd can mount a Ferrumite Cannon with co-axial Cognis Heavy Stubber or Voltaic Belleros Energy Cannon with Coaxial Cognis Heavy Stubber, the 3rd can mount a Poleimos Storm Launcher or a Poleimos Strike Launcher, and the 4th can mount Twin-Linked Poleimos Gatling Cannon. Along with this substantial Armament, it can also carry the secondary and tertiary armaments available to it’s cousin the Karkinos Metakom. The Poleimos’ secondary armament are a pair of sponson side-turrets, each controlled by a permanently installed servitor-brain, and can each be equipped with a pair of Cognis Autocannons, Heavy Bolters, Heavy Flamers, Hot-shot Volley Guns, Multi-Meltas, Plasma Cannons or Twin-Linked Cognis Heavy Stubbers. The Poleimos can also be equipped with an optional tertiary armament mounted in a frontal gun blister, controlled by another servitor-brain, and can be equipped with a further Heavy Bolter, Cognis Lascannon, Twin-Linked Cognis Heavy Stubber or two Hunter-Killer Missiles. Some Poleimos are further complemented with heavy armour plating, giving them near as much durability as a Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Battlefield Role

Due to it’s similar size, speed, armour and armament to other Imperial tanks like the Leman Russ, Space Marine Predator and Skorpius Disintegrator, the Karkinos Poleimos is assigned similar battlefield roles, and, depending on its main and secondary armaments, can be deployed break masses of enemy infantry, stop armoured charges, provide heavy fire support to allied infantry, and even whittle away at the armour of enemy super-heavy assets.

Known users of the Karkinos Poleimos

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  • Skitarii forces of Forgeworld Mezoa
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