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The Karkinos Metakom is the standard APC used by Mezoan Skitarii forces. It’s use of legs as it’s primary propulsion system in lieu of tracks or grav-plates is a specialization allowing it to stride through lava flows and rivers with little damage to its own internal and external systems and the crew and passengers within.


The Karkinos Metakom has been used by the Mezoans ever since the Great Crusade at the least, the Karkinos chassis for much longer. The Karkinos chassis is often used as a hauler and general-purpose transport in and around the mines and spire-anchors on Mezoa’s surface, having been specifically designed to be able to scuttle across a volcanic world’s surface with impunity. Currently three main variants of the Karkinos serve the Mezoan Skitarii Legion, the Karkinos Metakom as it’s primary armoured personnel carrier, the Karkinos Poleimos as its primary armoured battle unit, and the Karkinos Volik as its primary artillery support walker. Despite the Karkinos’ specialization for volcanic environments, it is more than capable of pacing the ubiquitous Chimera APC or even the Space Marine Rhino in more temperate climes.


The Karkinos Metakom’s primary armament is a dorsal rotary turret, controlled by a Skitarii gunner seated next to the driver, and which can be equipped with a Cognis Autocannon, Karkinos Battle Battle Cannon, Metakom Gatling Cannon, Metakom Missile Launcher, Twin-Linked Cognis Autocannon, Twin-Linked Cognis Heavy Stubber, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter or Twin-Linked Heavy Phosphor Blasters. The Metakom’s secondary armament are a pair of sponson side-turrets, each controlled by a permanently installed servitor-brain, and can each be equipped with a pair of Cognis Autocannons, Heavy Bolters, Heavy Flamers, Hot-shot Volley Guns, Multi-Meltas, Plasma Cannons or Twin-Linked Cognis Heavy Stubbers. The Metakom can also be equipped with an optional tertiary armament mounted in a frontal gun blister, controlled by another servitor-brain, and can be equipped with a further Heavy Bolter, Cognis Lascannon, Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber or 2 Launcher Hunter-Killer Missiles.

Battlefield Role

Being comparable in size, speed and armament to other more popular carriers like the Rhino, Razorback, Chimera, Skorpius Dunerider or Taurox, the Metakom is assigned a comparable role in battle as well, being used to ferry up to 10 Skitarii or similar infantry to areas of the frontlines that require them faster than if they had been sent on foot. When equipped with heavier weaponry, the Metakom can also assume a medium to heavy fire support role in smaller engagements.

Known users of the Karkinos Metakom

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  • Skitarii forces of Forgeworld Mezoa


The designs for the Karkinos Metakom has been involved in the development of two(known) Imperial armoured walkers:

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