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The Kabal of the Broken Glass is a Drukhari Kabal that have long been enemies of Craftworld Athirlyn since the Fall of the Eldar. Archon Kaedros is in charge of the Kabal and is the youngest sibling of an Athirlyn Farseer that has risen to command the Craftworld, Elowel Fithann. The Kabal targets them and their allies when possible and the Craftworlders often attack their raids when they find out their targets and also assault them within the webway itself when they can.


Before the Fall

Before coming to Commorragh Kaedros was born on Athirlyn, a fortress world covered in grasslands long lost deep within the Eye of Terror & is now a desert covered daemon world named Zaugntu. It was lead by Farseer Oramar Fithrann and a council of former Autarchs turned Farseers. Oramar had five children, His eldest daughter Meslya who was herself a prominent figure to the planet, his son Lodras who was a skilled Warlock, and his young triplets Kaedros, Laiya, & Elowel. It resisted the hedonistic tendencies that had gripped so much of the old empire, but eventually the planet's population started to go down that dark path of excess. As the Exodites searched the galaxy for a new home system the leaders of the planet enacted brutal purges on the most hedonistic members, before long a grinding war of senseless brutality erupted across the planet as the various pleasure cults waged war on the Craftworld creators and themselves. During this war Meslya was ritualistically sacrificed by one of the pleasure cults as well as Kaedros & Laiya running away into the Webway to reach the city Commorragh. When it was clear that the majority of the planet had fallen to depravity Oramar made the painful decision to abandon the planet to its infighting and would go on to found Craftworld Athirlyn. Millennia later this Craftworld and the Kabal would become the most bitter of enemies.

Commorragh and the Creation of the Kabal

While their homeworld was being burned to ash from infighting, Kaedros & Laiya made it to the Dark City and ended up within the Court of one of the Aristocratic houses that ruled the city at the time, being adopted as secondary children to his originals. Kaedros rose in prominence as one of the most skilled warriors of any of the other children or even the older warriors, but never being seen as more than a pet or bastard child. Eventually Kaedros met and became an ally of an up in coming Asdrubael Vect before his takeover, when Vect enacted his plan that toppled the ruling houses Kaedros betrayed his adoptive family and assumed control and much of their holdings before formally declaring the creation of the Kabal of the Broken Glass and their alliance with Vect. Kaedros has been mostly loyal to Vect ever since with a few usual back dealings expected between the Kabals.

Laiya stayed by his side through all of this until Kaedros traded her to a Haemonculi coven caled the Tainted Few in exchange for their services, it is unknown what horrors were loosed upon her but Kaedros has never cared to inquire about her fate as it cemented their support of his Kabal as a permanent retainer. As for Wych cult allies Kaedros had granted favor to several lesser known cults at once as a way to easier keep them in line with payments and to make them more expendable in battle, though eventually the smaller cults merged together. His personal favorite was the Cult of the Quivering Scream and during a celebration held in his honor, the lesser cults he had shown favor merged with his favored cult to more than triple its numbers.

Realm of Sha'eil

At some point after the Kabals took over Commorragh politics Kaedros lead his forces into the Webway in search of a sub realm he had found out about from his constant research into the Webway. After searching for what feels like weeks his forces find it inhabited by other Eldar and some xenos allies who were very unwilling to lose their home. The fighting takes just a few hours before the main fortress within the Realm is taken, to celebrate the bloody victory Kaedros renames the realm Sha'eil or "Hell" in the Aeldari language. From this realm he launches his realspace raids as well as where the bulk of his discreet research into that of the Webway and the warp itself is done, keeping the forbidden lore secret from even his allies like Vect.

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Notable Kabalites

  • Archon Kaedros Fithann- Powerful warrior that created the Kabal. A staunch enemy of Slaanesh but is considering working with some Slaanesh allied warbands in order to gain resources with the plan to eventually double cross them, currently being treated with hundreds of slaves from them. Has an honor guard of Incubi like many of his rank to protect from enemies within and out, as well as various xenos bodyguards like a pair of Sslyth twins. He has a vast armoury of weapons, including a Djin blade ripped from the body of a rival after reversing a sneak attack and a plethora of other exotic weapons, but his most coveted weapon is a Huskblade that is perfectly balanced to his style. This sword is kept on his person at almost all times, He also has a Blast pistol for ranged combat that is actually part of a paired set, with Ezartaz having the other.
    • Dracon Ezartaz Fithann- Trueborn son of Kaedros and Gae'enshi, he is in charge of his own retinue of loyal Trueborn with Incubi from Kaedros' own bodyguards added to the honor guard. He is arrogant even for a trueborn though his fighting prowess is enough to back it up, he has been trained by both of his parents in all forms of Drukhari combat. He wields a wicked Power sword as his main weapon though an Agonizer and several knives of various styles adorn his body as well. He also has a Blast pistol for ranged combat that is actually part of a paired set, with Kaedros having the other. Recently he was gifted a rare and powerful Djin blade by Khanmaq that he has begun using over his normal sword. Khanmaq did not explain the sentience but its anguished wrath has only made Ezartaz better.
  • Dracon Dradhar- High ranking Trueborn within the Kabal, seen as Kaedros' second in command and general of the Kabalite forces.
  • Baehdhae- Lhamaean courtesan that supplies the toxins used by the Kabal. Gae'enshi and her have a rivalry for Kaedros' attention, a rivalry that he fuels be switching his attention at a whim. Her Shaimeshi Blade is kept hidden within her regal clothing as well as her Stinger pistol.
  • Klaivex Irudazar- Commander of Kaedros' Incubi bodyguards. He is a master in the use of his Demi Klaives. He is not a fan of the other bodyguard units that Kedros keeps like the Sslyth twins, stating that they are less trustworthy.
  • Broku'Sras- One of the Sslyth twins that act as bodyguards in Kaedros. Broku is the leader of the twins and takes his martial skill very seriously.
    • Shias'Sras- One of the Sslyth twins that act as bodyguards in Kaedros. Shias is the more sadistic of the twins and delights in breaking the Archon's prisoners.
  • Meririth- Ace pilot for the Kabal, commander of a squadron of Raven fighters that back up her Ravenwing. She is a Trueborn and is part of the upper aristocratic hierarchy of the Kabal. She spared a Tau pilot that had been good sport but debris shut his engine down mid fight and he had used an escape pod. She wanted to kill him via skill and not blind luck so she pulled her craft in close to a view port so that they were facing each other upside down and gave a playful claw motion with her hand, before powering off and attacking the civilian vessels he had been guarding.

Allies & Others

  • Taintmaester Khanmaq- Leader of the Kabal's Haemonculi coven, the Tainted Few. His main specialty is that of genetics and fleshcraft of all kinds, much of his coven also specializes in this field though a few others are within its membership if they impressed Khanmaq enough. He is also seen as the Lord of Sha'eil when Kaedros in not there as his coven keeps their main research laboratories there.
  • Archite Gae'enshi- The leading Succubus of the Cult of the Quivering Scream following the death of Aezomea and a favored courtesan of Kaedros. She is the mother of his only trueborn son, Ezartaz. Even so Baehdhae and her have a rivalry for Kaedros' attention, a rivalry that he fuels be switching his attention at a whim. She is a master of knives like all Wychs but is especially skilled with the Razorflail. She took over the Cult after the former Succubus was killed ambushing the Archon's runaway daughter.
    • Yzimehra, The Scarred Queen- One of the most skilled wyches within the cult, unlike all other wyches that are vain in the extreme she has scars across most of the exposed skin on her body as well as several slash marks on her face and throat as well as a silent brooding personality. She gained her nickname after her face and much of her torso was injured in an arena fight with her old cult. Though she won the fight her physical looks were deemed sub par and during her next fight she was pitted against a massive horde of xenos beasts and rival wyches as a way for her old cult to execute her for the crowd. What followed is hailed as one of the most violent stands ever taken in the arenas, her body had dozens of new injuries and several toxins coursed through her veins but she made sure to raise her knives in triumph before leaving the arena and collapsing out of the crowds sight. She awoke weeks later, weak but alive. Gae'enshi had taken an interest in the scarred warrior and took her in as a protégé, convincing her to own her scars and make it her persona. This moment has become seared into Yzimehra and she has become truly loyal to her Archite. She is Gae'enshi's personal enforcer and leader of her Bloodbrides.
    • Aezomea (Deceased)- The Succubus of the main Wych cult allied with the Kabal during the time that Corinna was still in the city. When Corinna was near the end of escaping the city Aezomea and her Bloodbrides ambushed her, prompting a violent battle that saw her entire retinue of Bloodbrides killed in front of Aezomea before she herself was killed in single combat.
  • Yl'duin- Heliarch of a Hellion gang and is allied with the Kabal, he is a brash youth who is paid mostly in combat drugs and slaves. His gang is also part of the defense of the Kabal's holdings as they will report any large force entering his domains as well as harass them until Kabalite warriors arrive.
  • Corinna Fithann, the Bladesinger, the Traitor Daughter- Powerful seer of mixed aeldari heritage, her mother was an Exodite that was captured in a Drukhari raid in Athirlyn space and taken as a concubine by the Archon Kaedros. Her mother did what she needed and was able to rise beyond slave to that of a kind of wife, assisting with the cutthroat politics of Commorragh using her abilities but passing it off as natural political skill. When Corinna was born she was brought up as a warrior like many children born into a kabal and took to her lessons well, becoming a top student before her father took over her training directly. Her mother would secretly teach her about her potential as a seer and that of her Athirlyn roots, eventually realizing that she was far more powerful than originally thought. This left the seed that grew into her wanting to leave the Kabal that bloomed when her mother was killed due to having her Seer powers discovered by a rival of Kaedros. Eventually she was able to escape the Dark city in a spacecraft to Athirlyn space but is forever marked to be hunted by the Kabal. In the ambush by Aezomea and her bloodbrides she massacred her attackers with one of the first ever full unleashing of her psyker abilities, the initial telekinetic blast crushing several against walls and follow up lightning blasts frying the last few Hexatrix before facing the Succubus in single combat and claiming her life with a vicious flurry of strikes before engulfing her in warpfire.

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Kabal Organisation

Besides the ample raiding forces of Kabalite warriors they have a long term agreement with Haemonculi and Wych cults to bolster their own. As well as Hellion gangs and other lesser forces like Xenos mercenaries, Kaedros favors Sslyth and Nawl for mercenary forces.

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Cult of the Quivering Scream

Wych cult that receives the most patronage from Kaedros, they were almost wiped out when their most elite members were killed ambushing a fleeing Corinna. After this they rebuilt and were able to hold to the Kabal's patronage by taking in members of lesser cults.

The Tainted Few

Haemonculi coven that is under the control of Khanmaq. It handles the regeneration for all members of the Kabal, ensuring that most of the Kabal's losses are not permanent. They are also in charge of the constant research that Kaedros sponsors into forbidden lore.

Kabal of the Black Heart

Kaedros has been a longtime supporter of Asdrubael Vect, seeing it as being on the side of the winner. For the most part the Kabals have worked well together with only a few of the expected back dealings behind the back of the other. If he ever learned what Kaedros was researching in Sha'eil then it would change the relationship between these Kabals very quickly...

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Craftworld Athirlyn

The planet that produced this Craftworld is also where Kaedros was originally born and ran away from when he went to pursue his own ambitions within the Webway. To this day they are bitter enemies that constantly do what they can to fight each other.

Armorial of the Hussars Sanguine

Hussars Sanguine

The Kabal often raids Walcha and its system for slaves, coming into conflist with the Hussars who call the planet home.

Armorial of the Palatine Vindicators

Palatine Vindicators

While the Vindicators are experts at all manner of warfare against xenos their favored enemy is that of the Drukhari, with the Kabal being a constant threat on the outskirts of the system and beyond.

Armorial of the Void Paladins

Void Paladins

Renegade chapter of Astartes that is allied to Athirlyn and thus has become an enemy of the Kabal as well. The Kabal has made Pueblo and its surrounding systems a favored area to take human slaves and from this the Paladins as well as the Auxila forces of Pueblo constantly on patrol for them.

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