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"I am the last, and I am the first; I am the moons, and I am the suns; I am the end, and I am the beginning; I am Phaeron, and so shall I always be. Those who would challenge my reign shall come to know this, they shall come to fear this, and they shall come to an end. For my armies are as vast as they are eternal, and none amongst the living nor the dead can stand against us. Let the deaths of those who would dare to try and halt our ascension to glory be the first steps built to the monuments of our victory, and let the galaxy be reminded of the power we once held; for we shall come to hold it again, and all creation shall tremble and kneel before us."
— Ka-Djnum the Summoner

Ka-Djnum the Summoner' has ruled the Ramkharaj for millennia now because of the Necrontyr transformation into machines. Even as He slept his consciousness remained linked to that of every servant, vassal and warrior in his dynasty; when He awoke so too did the rest of his Crownworld, the largest simultaneous Necron awakening of the century. The Ramkharaj Phaeron personally directed every campaign and battle against the Adeptus Mechanicus and what allies came to their aid, and after victory was achieved on the three-thousand three-hundred and thirty-third day he returned to his throne and rested while his loyal Overlords and Crypteks set to the deconstruction of the unsightly constructs the lesser species had built on His world, and then begin to spread their influence across a multitude of other worlds


A full decade passed like this before Ka-Djnum had recovered enough to take full command of his dynasty once again, and the Ramkharaj heeds its Phaeron's command once more.


However, Ka-Djnum is not one to wade into combat on his own frequently, and only under the direst of circumstances will he himself set out onto the battlefield.  He rarely engages in battle, despite being more than capable in melee combat, and prefers to lead from the back when he must; even so, he prefers to not see combat at all.  He is not a warlord as much as he is a bureaucrat and architect, and he would much prefer to spend his eternity managing the internal affairs of his Dynasty, especially the overseeing of monument construction, than he would leading armies to war; but such is the age he finds himself in, and his duty to his people overrules his personal desires.


Though unknown why it was granted to Him in the time of the Necrontyr, his appellation, “the Summoner,” has come to be identified with His particular use of Necron phase technology. With but a wave of His hand, He can conjure entire battalions of warriors onto the battlefield or servants to His beck and call, calling them to Him with powerful translocation technologies.  Similarly potent technology also allows Him to teleport from combat and back to Ramahamun, no matter the distance, if He sustains too much damage, securing His survival to continue to lead His dynasty.  This technology is jealously guarded, even from other lords of His dynasty, and only the remaining of His most trusted Crypteks know the secret to reproducing it.


To simulate a model for Ka-Djnum the Summoner, use an Annihilation Barge model on a 70x105mm base.

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