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Jahaziel Koval is currently a member of the Deathwatch, the Chamber Militant of the xenos-hunting Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition. Hailing from the Ebon Knights Chapter, he is a skilled Tactical Marine who surprisingly, refused becoming the Captain of his Chapter's 9th Company, instead choosing to serve in the Deathwatch. As a weapons and tech specialist. Jahaziel is adept in numerous fields and has earned the nickname of "Omni" in recognition of this trait.

He has a love of weaponry, his favorite being his Plasma pistol and his Powersword 'Lion's Bane'. Currently, Jahaziel is serving as a part of Watch Fortress Surgegate in Kill-Team Augustus, led by (Team Leader Name). Having only recently joined the ranks Fort Surgate, he seems taciturn and unremarkable, but his expertise with plasma weaponry and sword makes him as a past master in these deadly arts.

To those with a practiced eye, he is clearly Veteran Marine material even though he bears no honours on his armour and seeks no recognition of his prowess. He is both the youngest and newest member of his Kill-Team and knows he has the least amount of accomplishments amongst them. Despite his inexperience in a Kill-Team, Jahaziel has proven to his teammates that his service in the Deathwatch has had an immediate effect in whatever mission or battle he has fought in. He has already been recorded as a hero of the Deathwatch in the annals of Watch Fortress Suregate.


Jahaziel Koval of the Ebon Knights Chapter serving within the Deathwatch

Even amongst his own Chapter, Jahaziel is a man of few words, but as a man of action who possesses a fearsome reputation as a formidable warrior. His methods, while highly unpopular amongst his fellow Battle-Brothers, have earned his Chapter countless victories. While his unorthodox tactics have been considered eccentric by his fellow Ebon Knights, they are starting to fully be embraced by his squadmates in the Deathwatch.

Jahaziel gained the nickname Omni among the new inductees at Watch Fortress Surgegate, a recognition that he was adept at numerous fields: tech-interface, weapons, vehicles and demolitions.

Notable Campaigns

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