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The Hussars Sanguine are a Loyalist, albeit secretive, Blood Angels Successor Chapter created during the 3rd Founding in 001.M32. They are a reclusive chapter due to the heavy prevalence of the Red Thirst that greatly afflicts their chapter, while the Black Rage is seemingly less by comparison though still seen and contained within a Death Company.


The chapter has seen many horrors from within and without their chapter from whole clades being lost to the Red Thirst and butchering their own brothers, daemons possessing the fallen members of their Death company to break their morale, their former successor chapter turned chaos warband ambushing them, and a host of unnatural xenos threats not common to most of the Imperium taking roots near their homeworld of Walcha. Aeldari in a myriad of forms, the ever present Forces of Chaos, constant Chukaba infiltrations, Drukhari slavers, mercenary clans of Nawls, a kingdom of Necron Flayed ones as well as their tomb world counterparts, Ork WAAAGH!'s, Tyranid Hive fleets, and a dozen other entities have assaulted Walcha as pirates & destroyer of life for as long as humans have lived there and doubly so since the chapter was founded and made Walcha their homeworld. Through it all the chapter has never lost its nerve and remains a notably brave chapter as a whole.


Chapter Homeworld & Recruitment

Ranian Sector

Small and remote sector located in Segmentum Ultima on the edge of the sinister Ghoul stars near the Bone Kingdom of Drazak, it also contains a small warp rift known as the Pale Vortex that chaos forces have spilled out of for generations. The human populations of this region of space have constantly been fighting off the evil things that have come out of the warp rift as much as the many other things that have plagued the sector long before the chapter was formed. Comprised of over a dozen populated systems with other smaller systems used for resource mining of some kind and just as often by pirates to stage raids also within the sector.

The Pale Vortex

This small but ancient warp rift has existed for eons, predating the humans that eventually populated the region. Besides it's low gothic name it has been called the Vortex Pallius, the Carpaian Scar, the Eye of Blood, and the Vartej Rift to name just a few. The vortex itself resembles a star like sphere of sickly white light with a crimson core deep that appears to both be at the bottom of a whole as well as being under the illuminous pseudo-surface, and is surrounded in a red corona of malignant chaos energy that tapers off into twin tails along the galactic plane. Several dead &/or toxic systems are near the rift itself like Doth, unpopulated save for resource gathering laborers defense forces clearing out the many chaos pirates that try and take up residence in the systems.

Primary Planets of the Sector

  • Walcha- Capital of the Ranian sector as well as the Vartej sub-sector that makes up the center of it surrounding the Pale Vortex. It is an ancient and aristocratic fortress world covered in dark forests that is also the homeworld of the Hussars Sanguine who nominally rule the sector alongside the Governor-Militant of Walcha.
    • Drugea- Hive world of industry and resource processing with large wastes between the various hives.
    • Mollovei- Civilized world of several billion that is home to a tenacious human population that creates equally hard Guard regiments.
  • Bular II- Civilized world that has become a hub for operations in the southeastern part of the sector, the Bular sub-sector.
  • Diod-Signus- Forge world containing a large titan legion known as the Legio Tyrannica, as well as being the primary manufactoria for the numerous guard regiments of the sector and docking point for the sector's battlefleet. It is the capital for the Diod sub-sector in the sector's western region, also containing the Ensiferum and Hanov systems as well as a dozen resource mining systems.
    • Ensiferum- Tundra covered knight world under the control of Diod-Signus, home to House Cuprys and is also a recruiting world for the Iron Myrmidons along with Diod-Signus and Hanov Prime.
    • Hanov Prime- Smaller knight world under the control of Diod-Signus, home of House Wynster.
  • Tralvan- Agri world often given over to food riots during periods of crisis, it is the capital of the Tralvan sub-sector that comprises the northern part of the sector. Currently still heavily under the control of chukaba forces and its population enslaved following the Walcha Uprising.
    • Doth- Troublesome mining planet covered in a crystalized surface that is much closer to the Pale Vortex than any other Imperial held planet, often becoming the target of assaults and used as a forward base when large scale attacks pour out of the warp rift. Currently being used by a nomadic fleet of Nawls to pillage the sector, though its mining population has been fighting a brutal insurgency against the xenos. The Nawls seem to have no alliance with the chukaba on Tralvan as they have been observed fighting them as much as the humans.

Ranian Sector Defense Forces

While each of the populated planets have their own PDF to defend their respective systems part of every PDF in the sector, and a battle hardened Guard regiment from each planet as well, is added to this defense force to aid in safe guarding the sector as a whole. Instead of secondary equipment common to most PDFs, RSDF guardsmen are equipped the same as their Imperial Guard counterparts.

Ranian Honour Guard

The Hussars maintain an oversized squad of veterans seconded to the RSDF, with the Iron Myrmidons and Praetorians of Blood doing the same.

Battlefleet Ranian

The sector naval fleet that assists Imperial forces that deploy anywhere near the sector as much as aiding the sector itself. Currently comprised of around 6 battleships, 10 cruiser squadrons, & 14 escort squadrons as of M42.

Homeworld - Walcha

The sector capital and homeworld of the chapter, Walcha, is an ancient fortress world covered in dark & twisted forests that surround the ice covered peaks of mountain ranges and the many fortress hives of the world built within mountain valleys and other strategic points. Besides the Hussars Sanguine, the planet also produces numerous and well equipped Imperial Guard regiments as well as a very strong PDF. Originally classified as a civilized world when it was added to the Imperium of Man during the Great Crusade, the planet sided with the loyalists and fought a bitter war against heretic forces until the Great Scouring finally swept them out of the system. Following this the planet's elite rebuilt the world to be much harder to assault, to this end their hives were given multiple rings of defense studded with weapon emplacements as well as far more void shielding.

Fortress-Monastery - Brlhan Castle

The Hussars themselves have Brlhan Castle, a dark & foreboding high walled stronghold of immense size with a courtyard big enough to land a dozen Thunderhawks at once, built into a mountainous region of the planet outside the main hive and starport of Bahrest.


When Walcha became the homeworld for the chapter most of the aristocratic families on the planet offered a child to partake in their initiation trials though most ended up dying in the grueling training or became a chapter thrall. They focus on more level headed recruits with strong wills as an initial check against the eventual gene flaws, most still coming from the aristocratic families that donate extra sons and bastards as well as from underhive gangers.

Notable Campaigns

  • Doth Rebellion (366-404.M41): Savage war fought by the entire chapter alongside the entire Iron Myrmidons & Solar Falcons chapters plus smaller elements from a half dozen others, the venerable Titans of the Legio Ensiferum, and two Contingents of the Mauryan Guard against traitor marine warbands like the Plague Ravens & Battleforged who were aided by the Dark Mechanicum and cultists drawn from the populace of the mining world of Doth. The planet's crust is made up almost entirely of crystallized rock with fields of a moss like lichen near the poles that serves as the main oxygen producer of the planet. Doth is located next to the Pale Vortex but much closer to it than Walcha is, subjecting it to constant assault from the denizens of the rift as well as xenos raiders that prey upon the support elements of any fleet they find even to this day as chaos & Drukhari forces still use it as an easy staging point for further raids or simply to gather slaves. Because of the danger of working on the planet the workforce is often made up of penal labor. During this war around 382.M41 in the crystal trenches that scarred the battlefield the Count Primus was lost in combat during a fierce artillery barrage. The only survivors of the shell shocked forces hit by the barrage was the remains of a Solar Falcons command squad and a few other Falcons from destroyed squads, all of who reported never seeing any sign of him after he was hit with a shell along with his entire honor guard and several Solar Falcons that they were assisting. Though some of the Falcons were reported as having their gene-seed extracted by the apothecary in the command squad, who was killed soon afterwards in the withdrawal back to allied trenches but the gene-seed he carried was saved. After his death Alcar was chosen to lead the chapter as the new Count Primus, and has been so ever since.
  • Carmine Heresy (932.M41): This war marks the moment that it became known that the Carmine Reavers had gone to Chaos, starting with an ambush on a Hussars Sanguine task force lead by Count-Primus Alcar himself before being driven off by their parent Chapter's reinforcement fleet. This fleet was surprisingly comprised not only of Hussar voidships but also a sizable detachment of Angels of the Blade, Praetorians of Blood, and Palatine Vindicators that had been with the 5th Clan at a previous war zone and joined them in fighting the traitors. Both sides then fought over the system for weeks as the Reavers & Hussars eventually deployed in their entirety to overtake the other. Combined from all sides almost 900 astartes died by the time the Carmine Reavers fled the system.
  • Tyrannic Invasion of Walcha (998.M41): Near the beginning of the Tyranids making their way toward Baal a small tendril arced off and headed for Walcha, running into not only the Hussars Sanguine but the Praetorians of Blood and a fully mobilized fortress world's PDF and several dozen Walchan Imperial Guard regiments. Luckily the tactics used to starve the Hive Fleet elsewhere caused the tendril to not have the numerical power to take the hardened fortress world from this force, though it did deplete the chapter's numbers as well as stir the unrest that the Chukaba would later exploit.
  • Devastation of Baal (999.M41-Roughly 070.M42): Roughly half of the chapter including the entire 1st Clan, 3rd Clan, 7th Clan, and Death company along with elements from the others arrive to aid in the defense of Baal. by the time the Tyranid siege of the system breaks most of this force is dead including the entire 7th Clan and Death company.
  • Walcha Uprising (999.M41-079.M42): While most of the chapter is busy fighting across several warzones an uprising instigated by the Chukaba, a warp born xenos species that feeds on blood and is capable of shape shifting and mind control, upon Walcha escalates into a full scale war against the loyalist defenders of the planet. the PDF is shattered by many of its senior commanders either being part of the uprising or killed in the initial ambushes. A reprieve comes when a majority of the long allied chapter the Iron Myrmidons answered the distress call sent out in the beginning of the uprising. After the Iron Myrmidons arrived and began to quell the uprising, the rebels were reinforced by a massed legion of the flying Xenos that blot out the sun as the descended upon the hives to feed. In this time several of the other planets under their protection go dark, at least one being completely overrun with Chukaba and their slaves until even the present time. It is not until a large strike force of Void Paladins answering ancient blood oaths of alliance and a few days later the arrival of the survivors of Baal with the new Primaris recruits for both of the loyalist chapters, that they able to launch any real counter attack and take back Walcha or the other planets. It is after this that the Iron Myrmidon's are able to fully take in ther new brothers officially.


Chapter Organization

The chapter is not Codex-compliant at all, with much the same changes seen in the Blood Angels and other successor chapters like the Death Company and extra specialist ranks. Beyond those differences is that the chapter is split into 7 Clans that act as oversized battleline companies as well as that there are no reserve companies or a dedicated scout company, the 7 Clans are all self contained forces with specialists added in an ad hoc nature. The 1st Clan is set up with a larger grouping of Vanguards to Sternguards to match the combat style of chapter and has the most Terminators within their ranks though each Clan has their own veteran and terminator squads.

A unique aspect to the Clan layout involving scouts is that they are added directly to various clades within a Clan and constantly traded around so as to learn from as many different officers before those deemed ready are chosen to fulfill a vacant spot within any clade that they had fought with before. From the clades within a Clan they will elect the best among them as Count, his clade becoming the new command clade.

Unit Formations

  • Clan - The chapter's version of a company, each clan is a singular strike force though multiple clans can be sent to a warzone to reinforce each other as well as fan the flames of competition between the various Hussars. An exception from the use of the term Clan is the Death company.
  • Clade - Term used for a squad, 4-10 marines lead by a Viscount or Sergeant.

Officer Ranks

  • Count Primus - Chapter Master equivalent.
    • Seraphim- These golden warriors are the same as the Sanguinary Guard within the Blood Angels, of the elite winged honor guards only they wear the death mask of the Great Angel. Alcar has kept this formation large with roughly 3 full clades if gathered together.
  • Count - Company Captain equivalent though they command a Clan instead of a single company.
  • Consul - Rank added along with the revisions that accompanied the Primaris, equivalent to a Lieutenant.

Specialist Ranks

  • High Chaplain
    • Erelim- The black clad Chaplains of the Erelim are essentially the same as those within the Blood Angels, though the Erelim number more than 5 and are sometimes seen alongside the Death company or senior Chaplains at the High Chaplain's order. The Erelim guard the High Chaplain but also the damned souls of those brothers who have fallen to far in the Gene flaws, slavering monsters locked away in the deepest dungeons underneath Brlhan castle, along with the Cherim.
    • Nephilim Chaplains - Death company Chaplains.
    • Chaplains
    • Judicars
  • High Sanguinary
    • Cherim- They use ornate white armour and like the Hashim are elite Uhlan hand picked to guard their charges. Part of the Cherim's sacred duty is to guard the chapter's geneseed and to assist the Erelim in dealing with brothers who have fallen to the gene flaws.
    • Sanguinary Priests
    • Sanguinary Novelites
    • Helix Adepts
  • High Librarian
    • Hashim- These blue armoured warriors use warded armour and have a secondary mission to make sure none of the Librarians fall to Chaos and live, as well as being the most skilled in fighting warp entities. Often those chosen are Uhlan that have been shown to be more receptive to the visions granted to the Sons of Sanguinius and are also scholars in their own right.
    • Librarians
    • Vanguard Librarians
  • Techmarines
  • Ancient - Standard Bearer equivalent.
  • Uhlan - Term used for veteran marines, both Vanguard and Sternguard as well as Terminators, that are seen as paragons of the chapter and inspire their brothers to perform the best in hopes of receiving an invite to join the Uhlan someday, the first step to the elite winged guardians of the senior officers: the Cherim, Erelim, Hshim, & the Serephim. Besides the 1st Clan Uhlans there are small Clades of Uhlan in each Clan, like that of company veterans in other chapters.
  • Nephilim - Term used for those afflicted by the Black Rage in the Death Company who are lead by dedicated Nephilim Chaplains.

Line Ranks

  • Viscount - Sergeant equivalent.
  • Clade-Brother
  • Neophyte - Combined term for Scout marines & Vanguard marines.

Non Astartes Personnel

  • Thrall- Term for a general chapter serf and are treated as little more than menial servants by the astartes, those with further training will have a prefix added to denote a specialty and sometimes gain a small measure of respect from their masters for it.
  • Artisan Thralls are the ones that study their whole lives in a single field of art as well as learning several others, things like intricate engraving & script work are seen on the very wargear of the Astartes. They are also the secondary Blood thralls when blood is needed or when treating a large amount of guests like multiple chapter councils.
  • Blood Thralls are very much the same as in the Blood Angels, the personal servants of the astartes that tend to their armour and bring them whatever it is they ask for & secretly also make sure they have a supply of blood when needed to keep the Red Thirst away. While most serfs are treated poorly by the Hussars these thralls are usually treated far better as they are their personal servants for life.
    • Sanguinary Thralls are the revered Blood thralls to the Sanguinary Priests themselves, each is a master surgeon of some kind as well as helping with the various rituals of the chapter.
  • Gun thralls are those that run ammo to front lines and participate in battle either defending the voidcrafts as armsmen or watching over static defensive positions.

Order of Battle


Clans (Companies)

Clan Setup

Each clan can and often will operate as an independent force, fighting where they want and thus each having a varying set up of squads or Clades as the chapter calls them. After the Primaris were added they were used to fill gaps across every Clan made during the Devastation of Baal and the war that engulfed Walcha itself during and after this time. This includes the use of Lieutenants, called Consuls in the chapter, as well with most Clans having both a primaris and a first born Lieutenant. Each Clan has its own depot of vehicles with only the rarest and most powerful being under the direct control of the Master of the Forge and his Techmarines.

  • 1st Clan: The elite Clan of Uhlan is mostly firstborn astartes but about 15 primaris earned a reputation in the jarring introductions to war they received from Baal and Walcha that got them a spot within the veteran company equivalent of the chapter. While the other Lieutenant is the firstborn astartes Marin and he leads his savage command Clade of vanguard assault marines informally known as "the Hatchet".
  • 2nd-5th Clan: Comprised of the normal setup focused on Close Support clades like firstborn Assault marines as well as primaris Inceptors, Incursors, & Reivers with Battleline and Fire Support Clades as a hardened core.
  • 6th Clan: They are the siege masters of the chapter and is the only Clan that does not focus on close range assaults, they instead focus on ranged weaponry nd their Clan Uhlan are all clad in Terminator armour to better deal with the zone Mortalis operations they excel at. All of their Clades bring massive firepower and armoured vehicles of some kind, they do not use normal Rhinos or Repulsors but instead opting for the more heavily armed variants like Razorbacks or Repulsor Executioners even at the cost of troop capacity. Gladiator and Predator variants are commonly used to great effect together. They also have the only Astraeus super heavy tanks currently within the chapter, even the all primaris 7th Clan has only the Gladiator as their largest ground vehicle.
  • 7th Clan: This Clan is made up entirely of Primaris marines following the complete destruction of the former members during the defense of Baal. The Clan's main vehicles are the various Repulsors and Impulsors with Gladiators and various other primaris vehicles as well. With the Intercessors able to switch between assault, normal, and heavy variants it makes this one of the more flexible Clans in the chapter as they can deployed to offset the other clades for any particular mission while the firstborn Clans focus mainly on close support clades around a core of heavier units.

Death Company - The Nephilim

The chapter's Death Company is geared as an all assault marine strike force, each using the winged jump packs common in the chapter and drum fed bolt pistols along with a chain weapon of some kind. Each member is called an Nephilim and are lead by Nephilim Chaplains while the commanding Chaplain of the company is called the Warden of the Rage. While most chapters give the Emperor's mercy to surviving memebrs of the Death Company, the Hussars instead sedate and put them in stasis until they are needed again. Seeing it as more honourable for their brother to allow them to slaughter in Sanguinius' name.

Seraphim, Erelim, Cherim, & Hashim

These are the winged honor guard formations of the Count Primus, High Chaplain, High Sanguinary, and the High Librarian respectively. They all are elite veterans that use arm mounted Angelus Bolters along with winged jump packs and master crafted melee weapons as badges of office. All use a single colored armour of Artificer quality covered in ornate iconography, except the Erelim who forego most iconography for their armour, but all retain the normal chapter colors upon their left pauldron containing the chapter iconography. The largest of these is the Serephim with the Cherim being the second largest formation and almost as big, the Erelim being around a dozen and the Hashim being slightly over that.

Chapter Beliefs

They harbor a general contempt for the baseline humans around them that they protect or work with including their Thralls who are seen as little more than menial servants to the chapter, a step above the servitors. But they would not kill civilians or risk their lives just because and in fact would risk their own life if it were to save just a few, as every loyal human is under the protection of the Emperor and by extension the chapter. The chapter does try its best to carry a regal appearance in their mannerisms and physical looks to offset the predatory nature of the chapter, their skin is as pale as a son of Corax but the long blonde hair and fangs betrays their true lineage.

Blood Toll

Part of how they keep the Red Thirst under control, and one of the main reasons for their secrecy, is by quietly preying on the people of Walcha with the Drukhari and the horrors of the nearby warp rift being a perfect cover. They are even helped by a few of the most powerful families, supplying prisoners and undesirables to the chapter who think their being used for experiments. These captives are brought back to the fortress-monastery and bled dry, their blood being stored in large glass decanters. This blood is then added to several things used by the Hussars like wine and nutrition paste or simply drank straight.

Sanguinary Festival

Every decade a massive tournament, known as the Sanguinary Festival, is held to determine who is the best out of the chapter and is open to any other loyalist chapter but most often frequented by the other sons of Sannguinius. They use a giant gladiatorial arena to test their skills against one another as well as other chapters.

Angel's Feast

Marking the beginning and end of each Sanguinary Festival, this massive feast is held to honor both the dead & living heroes as well as for attending Sons of Sanguinius to indulge in vitae laced wine and meat cooked bloody rare. Few outside the Blood are invited to the Festival and fewer still are allowed to attend these Feasts.

The Sanguinor & the Hussars

Like some of the other successor chapters of the Blood Angels the Hussars mildly worship the Sanguinor as an angelic fragment of Sanguinius himself, having been saved by the entity more than once over their history with the most recent time on Walcha following the Devastation of Baal.

Chapter Doctrine

Like their progenitors they are skilled at aerial assaults of all kinds as well as close range combat though their extreme focus on assault squads over tactical squads sets them apart from other chapters. As opposed to the Flesh Tearers who are the living embodiment of a chainsword, the Hussars Sanguine approach to war is more like that of a dualist blade. Stealth is a major component of their tactics, often using terror tactics to break apart enemy formations and resolve with panic before striking. To offset the lack of ranged firepower some assault marines use a Bolter or some kind of one handed special weapon instead of a Bolt pistol and they often depend on vehicle support to help crack stubborn enemies that can hold back their assaults. With the chapters preference for using jump packs Terminator clades often make use of Teleportation to deep strike targets. The chapter puts a huge focus on martial skill that when combined with the innate ferocity of the Sons of Sanguinius has created some of the best melee fighters in the Adeptus Astartes. Besides transports and lighter assault variants, ground vehicles are used to a minimum, the chapter does still have access to a decent amount of vehicle patterns only found in use by Blood Angels or their successors like Baal Pattern Predators, in favor of the chapters huge aerial depot of Thunderhawks and Storm Eagles or the more commonly available Stormravens.

Dreadnoughts are used but not in the amount normally seen in a chapter, with around 12 in the chapter and half of them being in the Death Company. They are awakened when the chapter needs them and are brought to the battlefield to then charge into whatever enemy the Death Company is butchering, while the non Death company dreadnoughts deploy with their original Clans.

Chapter Gene-Seed

As they are derived from the lineage of Sanguinius share the same physical characteristics seen in most successor chapters, beautiful angelic faces concealing a pair of fangs and blonde hair though the black hair of the Walchan genome is notorious for surviving the implantations and thus many Hussars continue to have jet black hair for many centuries before it starts to lighten.


Like most Sons of Sanguinius the chapter shares the genetic flaws that afflicts so many of them, the Red Thirst and the Black Rage. The Red Thirst in particular hits the chapter hard, pulling many to acts of butchery to satiate their needs until the advent of the Blood Toll on Walcha. While every member feels the massive pull from the Red Thirst the Black Rage is not as hard of a pull on their souls, with its death company standing at less then 5 clades at a given time. Usually it is the Thirst itself that drives its members to fall to the Rage.

Notable Members

  • Count Primus Alcar Terrez, Dark Lord of Brlhan- Skilled warrior that has been the chapter's leader since early M41, in a chapter famed for its skill with melee weapons he is considered the chapter's best swordsman without any contest. Beyond this Alcar is known for his disinterested demeanor and sarcastic personality outside of commanding, having grown tired of the tedious bureaucracy common in the Imperium but more than capable of great heights of wrath and savagery at a moments notice. He wields a relic power sword that was created for the chapter's founding along with an equally relic suit of power armour and a gilded plasma pistol for ranged combat.
  • High Chaplain Eli- Scarred astartes that is older than even Alcar, remembers a time before Dante rising to Lord Commander of the Blood Angels though he was still just a neophyte at that time. His artificer Terminator armour is covered in anti daemonic seals and parchments, His crozius is in the shape of 6 wings and is used alongside his sanctified combi-flamer.
  • High Librarian Ionatan Cutov- Dark and brooding scholar and powerful psyker, gifted with the famous skill of foresight as his gene father along with an array of other warp abilities. Along with Eli is a foremost expert in anything to do with daemonology, in terms of combating & defending against it. Uses his relic force sword named Akelabeth for melee and a bolt pistol for ranged combat when not using his immense psychic powers.
  • High Sanguinary Noacar, Warden of the Chalice- Sanguinary Priest in charge of their blood rites and the other Sanguinary Priests as a whole. Has an unbroken Blood Chalice as his most sacred relic and defends it with his artificer power sword & plasma pistol. The chalice was passed down to the chapter at its founding according to what few records from those times exist.
  • Nephilim Chaplain Rasvan Croditier, Warden of the Rage- Nephilim Chaplain and Warden of the Death company. Uses a crozius held by a relic chainfist opposite a chainsword, often if the chainsword gets clogged in prolonged combat he will discard it for his crozius and use the chainfist fully to continue a dual weapon assault, for ranged combat he carries an inferno pistol and extra grenades. The sight of his chain weapons shredding enemy forces while the crozius cracks anything armoured enough to survive a single chain strike is frightening even to some astartes.
  • Count Octavaen Ojacaru- Second in command of the 1st Clan and is the assumed next in line for the title of Primus should Alcar die or fall to the Flaws, pending final approval at that time by the Chaplaincy and the Sanguinary Priesthood.
  • Count Niko Grozacu (MIA)- Commander of the 4th Clan and due to just returning from war after their fleet left was not part of the Devastation of Baal. He lead a task force comprised of around 100 marines from his Clan and several warships into the Pale Vortex on a mission to investigate a possible lead on the Carmine Reavers, since entering the warp tear he has not been seen or heard from. The chaos of the Walcha uprising and following wars has hampered search efforts as the flotilla sent in to find them has also gone missing. Uses a power sword and a bolt pistol for his offhand weapons, along with a relic power fist as a main weapon and winged artificer power armour to quickly move around a battlefield.
  • Count Marin Vusson- Primaris marine in gravis armour that is in charge of the all primaris 7th Clan. Uses a power sword opposite his boltstorm gauntlet for combat. Lead his newly created Clan as the vanguard in the counterattack during the Walcha uprising that initially broke the enemies stranglehold on the planet.
  • Consul Vasile Marlow - Primaris marine that joined with the chapter at Baal and quickly rose up in the ranks, quickly gaining him the position of a 1st Clan Consul and commander of Primaris forces in the 1st Clan.
  • Consul Oskar Balauru, Wrath of Walcha- Firstborn astartes that embodies the inherit rage of his gene sire like that of the Flesh Tearers, many think it is only a matter of time before he succumbs to the Black rage like many within that infamous chapter. Leads a savage command Clade of vanguard assault marines informally known as "the Hatchet". He is a brutal counterpart to Vasile's tactical mind in the war room. His weapons of choice are a master crafted chainaxe carried in memory of a befriended Space Wolf that fell in battle at his side & a Hesh pattern bolter, both from his time in the Deathwatch.
  • Viscount Thrukuzan- Vanguard assault marine Sergeant that crossed the Rubicon Primaris to become a primaris marine after barely surviving a flesh rotting attack from a plague marine explosive, choosing the Rubicon since he saw himself as having nothing to lose. Uses a power sword & combat knives along with a bolt carbine & heavy bolt pistol for ranged combat, he also has a fully enclosed skull helm like that of Reivers to add to his intimidation factor. He is almost never seen without this helm for under its visage is an even more disturbing one with a lack of skin for much of the cheeks with exposed teeth and discoloured bone visible, his thin hair just patches of dead grey instead of blonde and his voice forever as coarse as gravel. Most of his body is similar though due to being without a helm at the time his head took it the worst.
  • Viscount Gabriel Tavitan of the Cherim- Unrelenting warrior in combat that holds a lighthearted view on life, opposite of the brooding personality common across the chapter. Leads a clade of Cherim that acts as Noacar's honor guard.
  • Mkiail Kilidj, Champion of the Sanguinary Guard: Champion of Alcar's golden honor guard and the chapter as a whole, second only to Alcar himself in swordsmanship within the chapter.
  • Valeran Cojcoar (MIA)- Battle brother of the 4th Clan, 5th Close Support Squad and as such is part of Count Niko's lost taskforce.
  • Nephilim Youri (Deceased)- Former Count that had fallen to the Black Rage and was a part of the Death Company during the Devastation of Baal, being the last one of the Hussar's Nephilim to die in the main Death Company assault against the Tyranid hordes.

Chapter Fleet

The chapter maintains a decently sized voidfleet with it being geared toward the deployment of their enlarged aerial depot of over 30 Thunderhawks, and even more Stormravens as they often prefer the smaller gunship as well as massed drop pods like any astartes chapter. The core of the fleet is 16 Strike Cruisers spread out in the Clans, a squadron of Rapid Strike Vessels escorting each, and 3 battle barges to serve as flagships for larger strike forces. While many of these were lost or damaged following the Devastation of Baal, the primaris reinforcements included new warships and materials as well to help replenish their losses.

  • the Walcha Impala (Battle Barge): Flagship of the chapter and personal transport of the Count-Primus, it was present in the skies over Baal destroying hiveships and conducting lightning assaults once the Hive fleet overran Baal's orbit, and has been present at thousands of other battles over its ancient history. Originally a warship of the Blood Angels Legion that fought in the Horus Heresy, it was given then over to the newly founded chapter as a gift from their parent chapter.
  • the Eternal Victor (Strike Cruiser, MIA): Flagship for Niko and the 4th Clan and thus it has gone missing within the warp, along with a pair of escorts and a company of warriors from his Clan, at some point during the Walcha uprising just before the opening of the Great Rift cut off all contact with his small flotilla.
  • the Reignited Fury (Strike Cruiser): Newly made warship added with the primaris following the Devastation of Baal, and is currently part of the all primaris 7th Clan under the command of Count Marin Vusson as its flagship. A Vanguard light cruiser and several escorts that are all equally new also came with it.
  • the Mesetai (Vanguard Light Cruiser): This warship is part of the Walcha Impala's flotilla, a MkI variant usually found in a scouting role or as a heavy escort with its torpedoes and macrocannons. Until the primaris fleet additions the only cruisers of this class were a pair that was part of the flagship's escort flotilla, though the all primaris 7th Clan have their own as well now. Currently put under the command of Consul Oskar Balauru as part of the final search effort for Count Niko's lost task force, though it was heavily damaged defending Baal and is receiving repairs before departing Walcha. Along with his infamous command Clade and several clades of Primaris specialists, he has the remaining 20 members of Niko's Clan as well as their void assets, consisting of a pair of Gladius frigates with a single Hunter Destroyer and Nova frigate though the 4th Clan's other strike cruiser is not included due to very extensive ongoing repairs.
  • the Blood Hammer (Gladius Frigate, MIA): One of the Eternal Victor's escort vessels lost alongside it within the warp.
  • the Cuorzul (Hunter Destroyer, MIA): One of the Eternal Victor's escort vessels lost alongside it within the warp.


Chapter Relics

  • Akelabeth- Powerful force sword used by Ionatan as his primary combat weapon as well as warp focus, using it to weave spells and cast blasts of arcane energy like warp fire or lightning. Like most force weapons use by the Sons of Sanguinius it glows a crimson red when activated, wreathed in fire during heated combat that ebbs and grows in sync with his emotions.
  • Crimson Chalice- An unbroken Blood Chalice that is held sacred by the chapter and is the badge of office for the High Sanguinary.
  • Doomfist- Power fist used by Count Niko, it has been used as a badge of office for his Clan for millennia.
  • the Embrace of Shadow- A cruel looking suit of Artificer MkIV with an Iron halo and an integrated black winged jump pack, casting a fearsome silhouette in combat. The jump pack is outfitted with vector jets hidden within its spiked feathers to allow it to hover and move very rapidly in flight, it is also buffeted to reduce noise output for more covert use.
  • Taepa- Master crafted Power sword used by Alcar, it was created for the chapter itself using an Archangel's Shard from the broken sword of Sanguinius in its forging. Its crossguard has the fanged skull from the chapter's iconography in the middle in gold with red jeweled eyes, the golden pairs of wings are arched around the skull like a bird about to strike, the rest of the crossguard is a dark iron almost black colored metal with black leather wrapped around the handle. The pommel for the sword is a large red jewel with a gold setting around it etched in fine script. Its matte blade has silver Hexagrammic wards etched all the way down the blade to allow it to easily cleave through warp entities and banish them.
  • the Toothed Gauntlet- This master crafted compact chainfist is made to be used with normal power armour, allowing its user to use some melee weapons with the hand while the underslung chainblade whirs away to add to the damage of its every swing. Even without a weapon in its hand it it is still a Power fist and can smash its way through most armour before factoring in the chainblade. It is currently used by Nephilim Chaplain Rasvan who leads the Death Company with it holding his Crozius.


Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Hussars Sanguine primarily wear black coloured power armour with portions of it painted arterial red, including the backpack, shoulder pad trim and the left poleyn (knee guard). Portions of their battle-plate are also highlighted with silver accents and other minor points of trim. Similar to their Progenitors, the Hussars Sanguine also utilise the same heraldic system, identifying a battle-brother's company assignement through the use of coloured single or dual blood drops.

The following is a list of how each Clan represents itself:

  • 1st Clan (Veteran): A white skull over red background on the right shoulder plate. On Terminator (Tactical Dreadnought) Armour, the left shoulder plate shows the 1st Company's specific heraldry, the right shoulder guard displays the Chapter badge in black (yellow for Sergeants).
  • 2nd Clan (Battle): A single yellow blood drop.
  • 3rd Clan (Battle): A single white blood drop.
  • 4th Clan (Battle): A single green blood drop.
  • 5th Clan (Battle): A single black blood drop.
  • 6th Clan (Siege Reserve): Twin yellow blood drops, side by side.
  • 7th Clan (Primaris Reserve): Twin white blood drops, side by side.

Squad Markings

Squad markings utilised by the Hussars Sanguine.

Like their Progenitors, the Hussars Sanguine also utilise a heraldic system rather than the usual Codex-proscribed markings to designate squad assignment. These markings take the form of a single symbol worn on the right poleyn (knee guard):

  • 1st Squad: A white skull on a black background.
  • 2nd Squad: A white skull on a blue background.
  • 3rd Squad: A red blood drop on a yellow background.
  • 4th Squad: A red blood drop on a black background.
  • 5th Squad: A white X on a black background.
  • 6th Squad: A white X on a blue background.
  • 7th Squad: A yellow lightning bolt on a black background.
  • 8th Squad: A black lightning bolt on a yellow background.
  • 9th Squad: A yellow angelic wing on a black background.
  • 10th Squad: A black angelic wing on a yellow background.

To help distinguish their battle-brothers' assigned squad specialties, they also utilised red coloured squad specialty markings on their right shoulder inset. A small white coloured roman numeral stenciled directly on this central symbol identifies a battle-brother's assigned squad. These Codex symbols and numbers are used to help other Space Marine Chapters with ease of identification.

Following the reorganisation of the Chapter after receiving Primaris Space Marines within their ranks, ten additional squad numbers and icons have been introducted to the Chapter, which now allows more than 100 Battle-Brothers in a company in certain circumstances. These additional squad markings are as follows:

  • 11th Squad: A yellow skull on a black background.
  • 12th Squad: A black skull on a yellow background.
  • 13th Squad: A white blood drop on a black background.
  • 14th Squad: A white blood drop on a blue background.
  • 15th Squad: A red saltire ("X") on a black background.
  • 16th Squad: A red saltire ("X") on a yellow background.
  • 17th Squad: A white lightning bolt on a blue background.
  • 18th Squad: A white lightning bolt on a black background.
  • 19th Squad: A red angelic wing on a black background.
  • 20th Squad: A white angelic wing on a blue background.

Specialist Heraldry

Specialist of the Chapter can be identified by their blood red robes. To further distinguish their roles, Sanguinary Priests and their Novilites paint their helmets and the entirety of the armour of their arms white, with the exception of the left pauldron, which they leave in their Chapter's default colours. Librarians and Techmarines do the same, except they paint their arms and helmets blue and red, respectively, instead of white.

Once an affected battle-brother joins the ranks of The Nephilim (Death Company), his company emblem is replaced with the icons of the doomed brotherhood, including painting the entirety of their battle-plate jet-black and marking parts of their armour with red saltires, which designate the wounds taken by their Primarch Sanguinius during his final confrontation with the Arch-Betrayer, Horus.

Winged Warriors

Chapter iconography of the Hussars Sanguine.

One of the more unique aspects of the Chapter is that all Assault Marines have wings attached to their jump packs like that of the Sanguinary Guard, but far less ornate. Most of the winged jump packs have silver-coloured wings, while Chaplains use black wings to stand out from the others. The entire Death Company uses red-coloured winged jump packs to enhanced the visage of their fury. The elite honor guards of the chapter - the Serephim, Erehim, Cherim, and Hashim - use ornate wings that match their artificer armour.

Chapter Badge

The Hussars Sanguine's Chapter badge takes the form of six silver coloured wings surrounding a red-fanged skull, similar to the original sigil of the ancient Blood Angels Legion's Sanguinary Guard, centered on a a field of black.



Armorial of the Angels of the Blade

Angels of the Blade

This Dark Angels successor chapter is one of the chapters the Hussars mentored during the Idolater Crusades. Since those wars they have remained allies and have fought together several times since then.

Blood Angels & other Sons of Sanguinius

The Hussars are very loyal to any who carry the blood of their primarch in their veins and fight the same gene curses that they do. This goes more so for the Blood Angels themselves, seeing them as the holy warriors of the Primarch, and will follow almost any command given from the Lord-Commander in terms of warzones that they are needed in or when they call for aid like against the Tyranids on Baal.

Armorial of the Iron Myrmidons

Iron Myrmidons

After serving alongside these sons of Dorn they saw perfect synergy with them in combat, the Myrmidon's vehicle & fire support dominance complementing the Hussar's point blank fury and skill. This friendship was cemented when the Myrmidons gifted them 50 power swords complete with Hussars iconography, in return the Hussars gifted them a librarian pattern dreadnought. The Myrmidons were also a main reason Walcha did not fall to Chukaba invasion while most of the chapter was deployed defending Baal or elsewhere.

Armorial of the Palatine Vindicators

Palatine Vindicators

Both chapters have an aristocratic culture full of nobility and art, though each sees the other as second to their own splendor. While the Vindicators have a more outward approach to their greatness with gilded iconography everywhere and outgoing personalities, the Hussars are like a shadow of them with a sinister quality to their dark iconography and an adherence to being reclusive.

Praetorians of Blood

They were close with the firstborn successor chapter and grieved their destruction at the hands of the Carmine Reavers, Alcar himself even pushing for the Primaris revival that was completed following the Indomitus Crusade.

Armorial of the Void Palains

Void Paladins

While the Paladins are now considered a renegade chapter, when they were first founded in mid M32 they were 1 of several new chapters mentored by the Hussars Sanguine. When word of the purge reached the Count-Primus he offered the refugee fleet safe harbor near Walcha and was ready to go to war to defend them if they were asked to, though Abba did not want another loyalist chapter to have a similar fate as his. Recently the Void Paladins were involved with the final battles to end the xenos created Walcha uprising, .



Corsairs and Craftworlders have both been an issue for the chapter, raiding Walcha and ambushing the chapter on several occasions.

Carmine Reavers

The Hussar Sanguine's second Successor Chapter, now a chaos warband that preys on backwater worlds for blood & slaves. This warband even wiped out the firstborn Praetorians of Blood, the other successor of the Hussars Sanguine, following the survivors of the Devastation of Baal returning home to find it long enslaved by the heretics and purged of loyalists.


From bands of pirates to traitor astartes warbands, the forces of Chaos have tried to invade Walcha from the nearby warp tear long before the Great Rift made it easier.


Large bat-like xenos native to the space around Walcha but suspected of being warp born in some way, many are pyskers that use the power to bend the wills of their prey. They feed off of blood and to a lesser degree the guts and meat of the prey, they can also feed off the psychic energies of individuals like those that worship them or via more direct methods. A rare but powerful trait within the Chukaba species is shapeshifting, though those that can are often found grouped up and acting as mercenaries that can be bought temporarily. Reproduces via an infection passed from its blood that will mutate a Human or Eldar or even Tau, no other race is reported as being affected, into several variants of Chukaba. They have plagued the chapter since their founding and were responsible for the latest uprising to befall Walcha.


Walcha and its surrounding systems are constantly raided by the dark eldar and the chapter fights them more than any other faction. Many raiding parties keep hidden bases on the planet to stage long term raids but they are often hunted down by the chapter's scouts during training missions.

Kabal of the Broken Glass

While several Kabals have tried taking slaves from Walcha this Kabal is the most consistent, unknown to the Hussars they are hunting for a long crashed Aeldari starship deep within the planets crust.


A nomadic clan fleet of these beastial but cunning mercenary species have set up on a dead world near the Pale Vortex, and have sent warbands to raid and to take meat back to their Warrens from Walcha an the other systems of the Vrtej sector.


While the chapter has fought Necrons in several warzones, the Bone Kingdom of Drazak is the main Necron threat to the Chapter and Walcha as it sits very close to their borders.


Pirates and raiders of these xenos are a constant threat to Walcha an the chapter has gained much experience fighting them off on multiple occasions, as well as helping the Palatine Vindicators defend their own homeworld of Althria against a full WAAAGH.


After defending Baal and fighting the Great Devourer prior when a tendril wormed its way toward Walcha not long after the Hive Fleet emerged, they have gained a fierce hatred for these vile xenos.

Notable Quotes




"If not for my ill timed internment these improvements would have been found in all Astartes today. These dark times require all of us to adapt or die, now i will hear no more of this, nephew."
—Roboute Guilliman to Alcar Terrez when the latter at first refused the Primaris meant for his chapter



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