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Habitat H34 is one of the largest space stations in the Segmentum Ultima. Built during the Great Crusade it serves as a production centre for fuel and starfighter production ruled by a mega-cooperation who dominates nearly entirely the live of the inhabitants although it had to ease drastically the grip on the population. Up until 357.M37, it was known for its criminal underworld, which was even able to overthrow the government, but an intervention from the Hochmeister ended the control of the criminal underworld.


The station was founded during the Great Crusade for supplying the fleet with fuel. There were several reported attacks from Xenos trying to delay so imperial onslaught, but most times the damage was just minimal.

The Horus Heresy laid the foundations for the inevitable rise of the criminal underworld. The criminals sold fuel and fighters to the Warmaster. Because of the smuggling, the heretics were able to build up a significant presence in the sub-sectors around Habitat H34. It is likely that this help helped the Traitors to flee after the Battle of Terra, towards the Eye of Terror.

In the 340s of M37, the criminal underworld started to unite itself around a council of gang leaders. They started to smuggle even more effective goods and started arming and organizing themselves like Imperial Guard regiments, although with lesser discipline, and even a command structure. The councils started even to build a parallel government. In 354.M37, the local authorities started an operation to crush them, but the plan was leaked and the gangs organized defensive positions.

At first the Arbites, Enforcer and several PDF squads were successful in eliminating several strongholds around the machinery which held the station at life. But they failed the criminals' attempt to stop the policing force to reach the "barracks" of the criminals, though heavily armed, the policing force lost most of their elite and veteran forces. The tide turned as 100 squads of criminals began in the liberated areas to raid supply convoys, moving units and recapturing weapons and criminals. The result was a fast-breaking of the front and the capture of most of the populated areas. During the same time, the remaining parts fell through infiltration attacks and shock assaults.

The terror regime/anarchy was ended in 360.M37 as the 1st Company of the Hochmeister Space Marine Chapter assaulted the station and were supported by resistance fighters, cleansing the space station of its criminal taint.


Central Tower

The tower in the centre of Habitat H34, which is formed when looked over it is formed like a "+", is the place for the Command Centre, Astrophat Station, main barracks, government buildings and housing for the rich population. On top of the tower is since M40 a temple for the God-Emperor and for memorials for the Imperial Navy. Only some ten thousand civilians live there. The lower section has several public facilities like a hospital or schools although the entrences to the upper sections are still heavily guarded and few are allowed to pass them.

Centre Point

Beneath the Central Tower lays the Centre Point the oldest part of the station and the core holding all other parts together. In the upper part of this part of the habitat are the main living quarters housing most of the specialist and more important workers. Official there is enough living space for 3.5 million people although the real number of inhabitants lies around 4.5 and 5 millon. Giant storage facilities and transport systems shape the space in the station who are essencial for the maintaining the ability to produce fuels or vehicles.

Arm Amanata

Arm Amanata is one of the four arms of Habitat H34 and is specialised in producing fuel. For protection against the dangers of fuel who can be easily set on fire or explode use the inhabitants several old technologies inspired by Dark Age technology.

Arm Banahta

Arm Banahta is mostly the storage site of resources for the production of fuels and vehicles. Banahta has other smaller manufactories producing parts for starfighters and the maintaince of H34. It is too the location of the starport.

Arm Ceonada

Arm Ceonada is the location of several weapon manifactories. Other branches of industry produce food and specialised fuels. It is the second best amoured arm of Habitat H34. There are plans to expand this arm to house even more people.

Arm Dadarora

Arm Dadarora is fully specialised in the production air vehicles. The hull has extensions allowing an easier transportations of vehicle parts. The Adeptus Mechanicus has a small base at this arm designing new vehicles or upgrades. Rumours say that even Xeno vehicles are probed unter the watchfull eye of the Inquisition.

Bottom Section

The part beneath the sections is just called Bottom Section. It is the place for the generators powering the entire station and plantages supplying the entire population. Smaller sections serve as housing for 40% of the entire population. Since the rebellion of the criminals and their purging the Arbites have built there a fortified station and a small base for PDF units.


Habitat H34 produces fuel for the Imperial Navy and fighters (inclusive weapons and fuel for them). The exact production capacity of fuel is unknown. The starfighter production in a standard month is the following:

  • 700 Fury Interceptors
  • 300 Starhawk Bomber
  • 800 Aquilla Lander
  • 500 Thunderbold Heavy Fighter
  • 200 Mauradeur Bomber
  • 150 Stormtalon Gunships
  • 100 Thunderhawk Transporter
  • 400 local designed Starfighter with atmospheric flight capability.

The industry of H34 produces to civilian vehicles and goods for the locals


The Habitat H34 has as an important target a quite large defence capabilities.

Ground Forces:

  • 1st Security Regiment: 50.000 veteran soldiers who are used because of their training in ship boarding actions regularly as soldiers on vessels. This unit wasn't around during the uprising of the criminals.
  • 2nd Security Regiment: 50.000 soldiers specialized in fighting guerrilla groups, policing actions, and heavy infantry capabilities. This unit was around during the up-rise of the criminal elements and got completely destroyed.
  • 3rd Security Regiment: 50.000 soldiers specialized in fighting in space station and space. Equipped with Grav-Chutes.
  • 4th Security Regiment: 50.000 soldiers strong unit. Act as a light infantry unit.
  • Battle Station Regiment: 35.000 soldier tasked with operating military structures and the weapons of the station

Air force

  • Fighter Regiment "Vultur Cepter": A elite air force regiment with 20.000 soldiers and 5.500 jets. Uses locally designed models of starfighter capable of atmospheric flight.
  • 323rd Starfighter Garrison Regiment: A unit of 20.000 soldiers and 5.500 starfighter. Mixed with bomber

Bases and weapon modules

  • 4 hangar modules
  • 15 barracks modules
  • 45 Deathstrike Macrocannon
  • 45 Mark VI Mars Pattern Macrocannon
  • 12 Torpedo tubes
  • 21 Disruption Macrocannon
  • 2.300 flak cannons

Navy Forces

  • 3 Ironclads
  • 5 Friggatts


The government of Habitat H34 is a mega-cooperation specialized in fuel production. Nearly every shop is owned by it or one of its`s daughter companies. The Gouverneur Titel is President-Commander. Direct beneath him there is the Cooperation Council made of 21 members including 1 Adeptus Mechanikum member. H34 is run like a similar like a company but within a more normal political system, after several riots and because of several other examples in the Imperium who showed that running a planet like a company is an extremely bad idea.

Several groups are vieing for the position of the second influentialst faction, never to be able to scatch at the position of the ruleing mega-cooperation. Actual is the Adeptus Mechanicus the second importanst factions. Rogue Trader House Canossa who provide most ressources and the Caldilda Guilt a sup-sector width operating Guilt specialised in transporting military supplies to the armies.


The inhabitants believe mostly in the God Emperor but many follow the religion of the Adeptus Mechanicum. Even after the destruction of the criminals who were able to size power during the 350s.M37 through the Hochmeister Space Marine Chapter the population includes many criminals. But many from them are petty criminals.

Like many people born on spacestations or vessels the people of H34 admire the Navy members and airmen and many souls join the Imperial Navy. And in the case of H34 join many people the air regiments too.

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