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Grav-Muskets were the original type of modified Grav-Weapon created by, and utilised exclusively, by the Void Basilisks Space Marine Chapter. They were created with information learned from researching graviton artefacts on their Chapter homeworld of Caverna Reguli Primus.


The muskets as opposed to standard grav-weapons that use constant streams of graviton particles, use constant short bursts of them which makes the weapons although weaker, more easily and cheaply created. Often used due to the fact that they are a (relatively) nonlethal, detaining variant. The same technology used in Grav-Muskets has been implemented in a starship weapon called the Gravitic Rail Gun famously created by Hermocrates Antipater. Using the same burst-fired graviton particles the weapon shoots torpedoes at incredible speeds. The weapon was created after a strike cruiser was attacked and nearly destroyed by a rogue Tau ship using similar rail guns.



The Musket was originally intended for use solely for the Void Basilisks, however, after hearing of its power an undisclosed amount was stolen by civilians who have then sold them on to several types of people from cultists and bounty hunters to trappers and slavers. The weapons are usually spread out between two segments at once rarely in the same and occasionally in three or more depending on companies movements.


The Grav-Muskets are almost always paired with melee fighters and so there are several tactics using both, however, the first ever use in battle consisted of a combination of muskets and tactical marine bolters.

"Próto Taktikó"

The first set of tactics created by Hermocrates Antipater and used by the Void Basilisks' 1st and 7th companies during The Great Crimean Crusade. The tactic was simple and involved a crouched line of Veterans Wielding the muskets with a standing line of tactical marines with bolters standing behind them. Depending on the targets some of the tactical marines in the back lines would run forward with tactical knifes killing enemies downed by the muskets as they were protected by the remaining bolter fire.

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