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Little is know about Graug the Great Ridaz' origins, but it is known that - near the beginning - he was a Shoota Boy for the klan he would later lead to greatness: The Monsta Ridaz. Skilled, charasmatic and rather ingenious for an Ork, he had very little trouble becoming the biggest and the baddest among the warbosses of the klan and take the ultimate leadership from his predecessor - an Ork whose identity is unknown to the Imperium.


Rise Through the Ranks

Graug is known to have started within the klan as a Shoota Boy, but any details pertaining to before this time are non-existant. During the wars for survival that plague the Monsta Ridaz Klan, he saw an opportunity to rise above what he was and took it with great enthusiasm and the utmost urgency.

He wuickly rose to become the Warboss of the Beastiez Tribe - the tribe predominantly responsible for breeding the Orkoid creatures the klan used in war. It was during his time as Warboss of this tribe that he gained a reputation for being a great rider and commander of the greater Orkoid creatures including Squiggoths.

War with the Wings

Death and Aftermath



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