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Gabriel Avilion is a notorious Tactical Marine from the Blue Flames. Originally part of Jasper Company, Avilion was seconded to the Deathwatch in 992.M41. Immensely skilled with a meltagun, Avilion is known in equal parts for his talent on the battlefield and his enthusiastic, casual personality, which occasionally causes issues with his more serious peers.


Born on the world of Gertlysh, Avilion enjoyed a relatively quiet life in Cidar, his family working for the Nerva Dynasty. After being picked for induction to the Blue Flames, Avilion passed the recruitment trials with flying colours, standing far and ahead of his peers, with the exception of one aspirant: Pygan. This aspirant became Sergeant of Avilion's squad, and the two served proudly alongside each other for years.

Unfortunately, Brother-Sergeant Pygan was misled by forged intelligence, and his squad was separated from the rest of Jasper Company, and slaughtered by T'au fire, with the exception of one marine, who managed to crawl his way out. Avilion would never admit it, but he was forever changed that day, and since then he has greatly emphasised his casual, laid back demeanour, perhaps as a coping mechanism, or perhaps just as a result of reshifted priorities. All else that is clear is that he has become an even more ferocious fighter, with a quick, pragmatic approach to combat and a burning hatred for the T'au.


  • Vulkan Pattern Meltagun 'Mont'au' - Gained during his time in the Deathwatch, Avilion's Meltagun has seen him through many conflicts. Dubbed 'Mont'au' after his sworn enemies' worst nightmare, it has felled many battlesuits and grav-platforms in the name of vengeance for Avilion's lost brothers.
  • Modified Gore Prow Pattern Chainsword - Once belonging to Brother-Sergeant Pygan, Avilion was granted permission by Chapter Master Jubal Osiris to wield his fallen friend's weapon in combat. While the mechanics of the chainsword are the same as that of a regular Gore Prow Chainsword, the mounting of the blade is rather changed, being mounted at a right angle to the handle, the blade being held parallel to the wielder's forearm.
  • Frag & Krak Grenades
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