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The galaxy is in ruins, fractured beyond comprehension.

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When the Emperor created the 20 Primarchs, he spread them across the galaxy to motivate the newly created Legiones Astartes. Blaming the deed on the Ruinous Powers, humanity embarked on a massive 250 year long Crusade against all of its enemies. Xenos, heretics and all who denied the Imperial Truth were subject to the full might of the Emperor's Legions.

Eventually, all 20 Primarchs were found and reunited with their Legions. Once the final Primarch was located, the Imperium of Man's armies became reinvigorated, and in a single massive push they eliminated the largest of the Ork empires encountered by Mankind; Ullanor. In the aftermath of the Triumph of Ullanor, the Emperor declared that he was retreating to Terra for a secret reason, appointing Tybalt Ulric of the Dusk Knights Legion as Warmaster of the entirety of Man's armies. Back on Terra, the Emperor began work on the Human Webway Project. Within a short space of time the project neared its completion.

Scared of the impact that 20 Primarchs and a fully functional Webway could cause, the 4 Chaos Gods triggered the Fracturing; a series of Galaxy spanning warp storms that plunged humanity back into the Age of Strife, preventing all warp travel. Many of the Legions were able to return to their homeworlds before the Fracturing took full effect, but this was only a minor advantage. For 1,000 years humanity was isolated within pockets of realspace, unable to contact any outside of their own pocket. In the closing years of the Fracturing, the Chaos Gods were able to momentarily put aside their differences and launch a huge daemonic incursion at the Sol System and Terra itself. The entire system was overrun, and the Emperor fell to the daemonic forces.

When the Fracturing lifted, the galaxy was in ruins. Tybalt Ulric called a meeting between the Primarchs to decide how to continue with humanity's future, but many had already fallen to the temptations of Chaos or refused to come, preferring to instead forge their own empires. Eventually, two main factions, those of the Imperium Remnants and the tenuos alliance of the Chaos Enclaves, emerged, with uncountable other groups emerging from the ruins of humanity, many led by a Primarch.

In the 41st Millennium, the warring forces of the galaxy have consolidated their own Empires, fighting constantly to expand and defeat those who fight against them. The first Tyranid Hive Fleets and Necron Dynasties have begun to awaken and arrive in the galaxy, throwing many regions into complete disarray.

In the dark future of the Fractured Imperium, there is only war.

What is it?

The events of Fractured Imperium takes place in an alternate universe in which the Emperor makes significantly more progress with the Webway than in canon, prompting the Chaos Gods to return the galaxy to the Age of Strife for a millennia; an event now called the Fracturing. In the aftermath of the Fracturing, many individual Empires emerged, many led by their own Primarchs.

Fractured Imperium take place from the cessation of the Fracturing in early M32 to the present M41. It describes the power struggles between the new Empires, and the continuous battles between them, as well as the stories of the surviving Legions, xenos races and factions.


Fractured Imperium is a community collaborative project that is set in an alternate timeline where the Horus Heresy did not occur, but an event of equal, perhaps greater, ramifications did. This millennium-long event, called the Fracturing, split up the galaxy into hundreds of small regions. Upon its cessation, several Empires emerged. Though this is an Alternate Universe (AU) community collaborative project which deviates largely from established canon, some ground rules must be put into place in order to maintain a unified vision for this project as well as maintaining a high standard for the quality of content that is expected of our editors here on the Warhammer 40,000 Homebrew Wiki.

Before Beginning

To begin, please ensure that you have read the Fractured Imperium community collaborative project page’s Overview and What is it? sections, in order to familiarize yourself with the project's background and setting. The following sections will give you an understanding about what you can, and cannot, write about when creating a Fanon Space Marine Legion or other faction.
When creating a Space Marine Legion for the Fractured Imperium universe, please ensure you utilise the Infobox FILegion in order to keep your article uniform with other Fractured Imperium Space Marine Legion pages. Also be sure to browse through each of the Faction pages on this article, as there are already some Legions that have been created. There might be one that is similar to one you had in mind to create. Though this is unfortunate, try to ensure that you create something unique and original, as this will avoid problems with being accused of plagiarization.

Which Legion?

Please keep in mind there are only 20 total slots for the Great Legions and Primarchs of Fractured Imperium. If you do not want to make a Space Marine Legion, you can write about the many lesser cults, warbands, mercenary bands and lesser factions that inhabit the galaxy of Fractured Imperium. Examples of these could be Septs in the United Species, Tyranid Hive Fleets, Ork Waaghs or Chaos warbands.


Before you begin the undertaking of writing about a Space Marine Legion, please keep in mind the following rules:

*Size – One of the more important aspects when creating a Space Marine Legion is their size. Typically, most Space Marine Legions numbered anywhere from 7,000 on the low end of the spectrum, all the way to over 250,000 at the peak of the Imperium's technology during the latter years of the Great Crusade. These Legions are massive armies, and the size of each can vary tremendously. Some Legions are very large, while others are not. The size of each Legion is fluid, with the numbers of combat-ready legionaries dependent on the number of new recruits, the inevitable battle-losses, the availability of potential recruits, the administrative skills of the Primarch and his officers and the capabilities of their Empire to support their Legion. Therefore, it has been decided by the community that the following will be put into effect:

**Legions should typically number anywhere from 5,000 to no more than 150,000. Legions who remained faithful to the Imperium and the Imperial Truth are likely to be larger as they have access to more Astartes-specific technology and potentially gene-seed vaults from major Forge Worlds.

*Loyalty – The Faction that your Legion is allied to is very important to its size, weaponry and battle style. There are 3 main loyalties in the universe of Fractured Imperium; Loyal - those who remained loyal to the Imperial Truth and allied with Tybalt Ulric, the Warmaster; Chaos - those who found solace in the Chaos Gods during the Fracturing and allied with them; and Renegade - The Legions who formed their own independent Empires, some of which include multiple Primarchs. Examples of renegade factions are Or'es, Primarch of the First Allies Legion, who are allied with many xenos races as part of the United Species. If you want to join the Empire of another Primarch, please ask the original creator of the Legion. |-| Contributors =






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Captain Octavian Magnea Contributor Creator of the Reapers of Doom, and current leader of the discord server. Active
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Xenos Factions=
Legion Number Primarch Legion Loyalty Iconography
I Kellyn Wrynn Void Rangers Renegade; Nova Terra Empire (To be added)
II (To be added) (To be added) (To be added) (To be added)
III Tybalt Ulric Dusk Knights Imperium (To be added)
IV Leopold von Hildebrandt Ashen Kavaliers Chaos; Nurgle (To be added)
V Clavis Exitor Reapers of Doom Renegade; Vulkanian Empire (check article)
VI Marthraxes Ebon Angels Imperium (To be added)
VII Valen, the Unbroken of Cerberus Chains of Cerberus Imperium (To be added)
VIII Lord of Iron Iron Fiends Chaos; Undivided (To be added)
IX Casimir, the Harbinger of Eternal Hunger The Hollowed Chaos; Malice (To be added)
X Altius the Great Storm Riders Chaos; Slaanesh (To be added)
XI Gue'ron'sha Or'es The First Allies Renegade; United Species (To be added)
XII Agisilaos Karahaliellis Elucidators Renegade; Illuminated Empire (To be added)
XIII Dazmius Mortis Legion Imperium (To be added)
XIV Beneyva Paladins of Halonia Renegade; Ecclesiate of Halonia (To be added)
XV Oberon ap Annwn Sapphire Host Chaos; Tzeentch (To be added)
XVI Erlend Greycloak Grey Wardens Renegade; Nova Terra Empire (To be added)
XVII John Kennington Lone Star Legion Renegade; (To be added) (To be added)
XVIII Jovian Johandara Platinum Stars Chaos; Undivided (To be added)
XIX Marthrexes Osseous Legion Chaos; Khorne (To be added)
XX Tempest Tempestial Heralds Renegade; Tempesta Imperium (To be added)
Name Species Region
United Species Many; Human, Tau, Kroot, Aeldari, many other lesser xenos races Galactic South-east
(To be added) (To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added) (To be added)

Chaos Factions=

Name Loyalty Leader
Revenant Purgers Chaos Undivided (To be added)
Mortis Legion Fragments Nurgle (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added) (To be added)

Articles =

Void RangersDusk KnightsThe First AlliesReapers of DoomChains of Cerberus

Stories =

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