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The Farhold System is an Imperial system located in the Segmentum Pacificus. It is comprised of four planets named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. All of them have a purpose. They are all interconnected, with their main goal to be to protect Terra from threats outside the galaxy.


the Farhold system should have stayed as a system with nothing special other than a mining world. This changed with the Great Crusade with the Emperor turning it into the first line of defence, to protect terra for threats from outside the galaxy.

After the 13th Great Crusade, Farhold Gamma, is under siege from the Iron Warriors. The soldiers form Farhold Alpha have been sent over to fight back the traitor marines

The iron warriors and skitarii are fighting a war over a potential resource world that may house a STC. The guardsmen from Farhold Alpha have been dispatched to help conquer the planet. The black Templars are on a crusade to cleanse Farhold, after the fall of Farhold alpha to the orks. They believe that Farhold Alpha fell due to a lack of faith in the emperor, and they are cleansing the system to prevent this.


Farhold Alpha

A fortress world, of similar function as Cadia form the bulwark of the sub systems military forces

Farhold Beta

An uninhabited dead world of un remarkable stature. Houses training for many of far holds forces in how to fight in the harshest conditions, but also as a staging ground for the imperial navy in this sector.

Farhold Delta

A gas giant that holds many moons of different sizes. One moon is holds a hive city that is built into its unground that is protected from all solar radiation that lets the surface daily. There is also a city built in the atmosphere of Deltas thick atmosphere.

There is a beautiful moon that houses a paradise world, that is home to Nobles, and is the moon that is closest to Deltas surface. It is being protected by all of the the other moons from many things that space can throw at it.

Farhold Gamma

An Adeptus Mechanicus forge world that produces all of the gear that the Farhold system uses. Mines its resources from the asteroid belt just outside of their orbit.

Notable events

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