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The Erendan Pattern Plasma Gun is a type of Imperial Plasma Weapon, manufactured on the Forge World of Erendan in the Levan Sub-Sector of the Mandavi Sector in Segmentum Ultima. Its construction is a closely guarded secret of the Forge World. Numerous offers have been made by the Fabricator-Generals of Ryza to acquire the pattern, each more generous than the last, but the Erendani have seen fit to share the inner workings of the weapon with no one.

The Forges of Erendan produce exactly 40,000 of these weapons a year, no more, no less. 10,000 are shipped to Erendan's allies upon the world of Heb so that each of the 20 Heb Zealous Light Foot Regiments raised that year may carry 500 into battle. Another 10,000 are sent to Erendan's superiors within the Martian Priesthood upon Anuaris, Accatran and Mars. Once the Erendani Skitarii and Magi have taken their pick of the remaining weapons, what is left is offered to the bidding of Imperial Nobels, Rogue Traders, Planetary Governors, and the Departmento Munitorum.

What makes the Erendan Pattern unique from other Imperial Plasma Guns is the Thermal Appeasement Unit on the weapon's rear. The workings of this device are unknown outside of the Erendani branch of the Martian Brotherhood: however, it has the effect of reducing the weapon's fire rate and drastically reducing the incidence of catastrophic overheating that is so common in Imperial Plasma Weaponry.

When an Erendan Pattern Plasma Gun does overheat, the Thermal Appeasement Unit jettisons one of the four inbuilt Thermal Appeasement Cores contained within it. This core carries over 90% of the thermal discharge to a location roughly 4 meters distant from the weapon itself, thus allowing the operator to survive and the weapon to continue functioning. It should be noted, however, that anyone struck by the ejected core, be they friend or foe, is unlikely to survive the experience.

While it is possible to replace spent Thermal Appeasement Cores, this is generally beyond the ability of an Enginseer operating under combat conditions. This limits the weapons to four ejections between refits, after which they begin to suffer from the same faults as other Imperial Plasma Weapons. In spite of this limitation, and the reduced speed operation, the Erendan Pattern Plasma Gun is a formidable weapon, and when used in large numbers, it allows well disciplined infantry force to lay down a slow but relentless wall of armor piercing fire, capable of dissuading even Astartes from a frontal assault.

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