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"Lives of Heretics are the scourge of mankind. There is only one resolve for these hideous traitors: Annihilation. When Mankind is free from corruption, only then will we be truly worthy of our Emperor's return."
—Karl Braecker, first Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) of the Crimsonmarines

The Crimsonmarines are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and Successor of the Ultramarines Legion, first intended to be a Fleet-Based chapter. Believed to have been created as a part of the 5th Founding sometime in M33, this ancient and proud Chapter are lenient adherents of the Codex Astartes who consider the writ of the sacred text, penned by their blessed Primarch Roboute Guilliman, to be a divine guide of duty and honor rather than a law book to be strictly following and holding on. They are recorded to have made their own decisions and not have strayed too far from the Codex.

Crimsonmarines are best known for their extreme hatred towards heretics also well known for a hybrid tactic of large arsenals of superweapons combined with various tortuous assault tactics. Even though in possession of advanced weaponry and a large number of marines, having 13 Kompanien (companies) the chapter has usually a small assault force on any mission as the Crimsonmarines are thinned across the wide area of unexplored Wilderness Space throughout Löwenheim.

The Crimsonmarines' virtue and honor are such that they have been held up as an example to other Chapters of what it means to be of the Adeptus Astartes and of Roboute Guillimans bloodline, much like their parent Chapter. They have no known Successor Chapters, at least not officially, but they are believed to have had the honor of their brethren being selected to provide a portion of the gene-seed used in the Founding of several Ultramarines Successor Chapters in the past. However, later in their history dark rumors began to circulate about the Crimsonmaines having accepted renegades into their chapter causing their parent chapter, the Ultramarines to distrust and seclude them from most of their other successors. Only after the 38th Millenium have the Crimsonmarines regained their trust and re-allied themselves with other successors of the Ultramarines.

The Chapter's homeworld of Löwenheim is to be found between the borders of the Ultima Segmentum and the Segmentum Obscurus, a great distance from the Ultramarines' Realm of Ultramar. The region is sparsely populated. The Chapter's sphere of influence and area of operations is very large. The vast tracts of unexplored Wilderness Space around Löwenheim, are host to all manner of ancient threats, nascent alien empires and as-yet-undiscovered lost human colony worlds from the Age of Strife, much the same as their current homeworld of Löwenheim once was before the discovery. As a consequence, the Crimsonmarines have seen action against a wide range of enemies, from terrible Xenos monstrosities to isolationist human realms that refuse to bow to the rule of the Emperor of Mankind. Perhaps partly because the Crimsonmarines operated across such a wide area, the Chapter has very rarely gathered all 13 of its Kompanien (companies) in one place, so active and far-flung are its companies' operations.

As a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines, the Crimsonmarines were able to maintain close links to the present-day Ultramarines and their other Successor Chapters since their re-acceptance during the 38th Millenium. The great distance between Löwenheim and Macragge means that the Chapter is unable to send representatives to the court of Marneus Calgar as often as its brother Chapters, but every Crimsonmarine aspires to make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Primarch on Macragge at least once in his lifetime. Those that have done so traditionally mark the fact by adorning parts of their battle armor with white laurel wreaths, a mark of honor that the Chapter's Scout Marines behold with awe and dream of one day earning for themselves.


Chapter History

"The Imperium is stained with heretics."
— Sammael Poltersinn, Kaplan (Chaplain) of the Crimsonmarines

A Primaris Crimsonmarine having visited the realm of Ultramar marked by adorning parts of his battle armor with white laurel wreaths.

The Crimsonmarines Chapter was based on the Imperium's fringes along the desolate void-wastes to the galactic East-Northeast, between the borders of the Ultima Segmentum and the Segmentum Obscurus as a fleet-based chapter, although in its long history it has been accustomed to great voyages and forlorn quests, having fought the width and breadth of the Imperium in the past. After a long time of crusading, near the closing years of the 35th Millennium the Chapter had made its home on the world of Löwenheim; A newly discovered planet by the chapter with a small population of humans in possession of very advanced technology. After exploring the planet and its population, several artifacts (ancient technology and lost Standard Template Constructs or STCs) were found, tracing back to the dark age of technology explaining the population having advanced technology, which is suspected to be the reason the chapter conquered and established on the newfound world so hastily.

The planet, however, seems to have warp immunities since Psykers, the Bibliothekaren (Librarians) felt a great amount of pain solely in orbit of Löwenheim, it is currently unknown what caused this. The Techniker's (Techmarines) of the Crimsonmarines suspect the presence of a warp negating artifact, however, nothing could be found or proven. Since the planet could cause a great amount of torment to Psykers, the chapter has established another fortress on Knote the outermost moon which is the 4th of Löwenheim. The moon Knote is a rocky Ice moon with a habitable atmosphere also very rich in minerals. Currently unpopulated by any others than the Psykers of the Crimsonmarines. The various findings and research on ancient tech-artifacts have granted a large arsenal of advanced weaponry to the chapter by the Tech-priests who had accompanied the Crimsonmarines to Löwenheim, where they continue to study the various anomalies until the 41 Millenium.

The Crimson Crusade

War-banner of the Crimsonmarines during their crusades.

To understand the nature of the "Crimsonmarines", one must look back to its founder, Karl Braecker. Karl was once of the Ultramarines, noted to be an honored champion and effective tactician. In spite of being permissive towards the Codex Astartes, his acts of glory earned him the honor of founding his very own Chapter. The founded Chapter Titled the Crimsonmarines, was founded Fleet-Based mainly to hunt traitors and heretics during times of The Forging. This hunt by the chapter is later dubbed by their marines as The Crimson Crusade. Establishing Chapter Keeps upon each world they have conquered, to keep watch for treachery, to stage future Purges or Cleanses, and to recruit new Battle-Brothers. The long Imperial Crusade of the Crimsonmarines has seen its warriors entailed in an extensive purging and cleansing of worlds. The traces of their crusade could be found in the histories of many worlds. Having left histories of mass-purgings and many records of hunts for traitor marines everywhere they have been.

It is believed by many within the Inquisition specifically, the Ordo Hereticus who states to have evidence on the Crimsonmarines to have accepted many Renegade Space Marines and members of chapters who were declared Excommunicate Traitoris, who sought redemption and desired to prove their allegiance to the Imperium once more, into their ranks during their crusading times. Knowing this, even when the inquisition conducted a gene-seed purity check on many of their marines, the Crimsonmarines gene-seed seemed to be surprisingly pure, bearing the least evidence of mutation or corruption. However, the rumors of the Crimsonmarines having accepted renegades had spread very quickly and caused other chapters to distrust the Crimsomarines, even their parent chapter the Ultramarines tried to segregate them from their other successor chapters.

It is archived by the Ordo Hereticus to have conducted tests on the Crimsonmarines very often during the 34th to the 36th millennium all of the results proved them to be pure from corruption or mutation. Hower the inquisition still added the Crimsonmarines to their suspicion list justified by some of the marines seem to have tendencies for paranoia and sadistic behaviors displayed by many within the chapter. Some of the Crimsonmarines are proven to thrive in the use of psychological warfare and terror tactics, exemplified by their chapters Fünfte Kompanie (5th Company) who seem to take immense pleasure in seeing the enemies of the golden throne suffer merely for the sheer, sick joy of it. Thus the Inquisition having the Ordo Astartes oversee the Crimsonmarines under very heedful watch.

Discovery of Löwenheim

The Crimsonmarines discovered Löwenheim.

Not much is known on how the Crimsonmarines discovered the planet, it is said within the chapter that the Astronomican light flickered and teetered during their crusade causing the chapter to went adrift for some time until they reemerged into this unknown system. 

The first writings regarding this mysterious planet were documents recorded by their pasts Bibliothekaren (Librarians) subjected to the planet's torment producing abilities towards Psykers and warp energy nullifying effects. Several reports of their explorations indicated a numerous amount of artifacts and relics dating back before even the age of strife (STCs) and a low population estimated to be around 10,500,000 divided into many tribes, all tribes seem to possess a great amount of knowledge on advanced and never before seen technologies. These findings of the chapters scouts only inspired more interest in this newfound star system.

Upon openly making their presence known to the tribes the Crimsonmarines adopted the native name of Löwenheim for the planet in their records. Having to make a decision between forcing the population into submission or simply cleansing the planet of all tribes, the Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) took his most trusted brothers to go explore for one last time, needing more information to effectively base his decisions on.

A low ranking priest of the Xudeus before the anual mass sacrifices.

Unacceptable Traits of Heresy

Many months have passed. The Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) Karl has gained much knowledge on his quest of exploring more regarding various tribes, having heard of a very powerful group of tribes to be hunting other tribes and demanding tributes of humans from other tribes. Karl grew very suspicious over this particular group of tribes calling themselves xudeus. Upon investigation by the Kapitel Meister himself, Karl found out a disturbing truth. The xudeus were physically and spiritually tainted by an unknown chaos entity, very surprised despite the planet being warp negating. Karl also discovered the tribe performing mass sacrifices in the numbers of many hundred-thousands every year from prisoners of won conquests and demanded human tributes in hopes of opening a gateway to their god.

This gave the Chapter Master enough reasons to purge the planet. Calling for aid to all the other Crimsonmarines upon every Keep-Established world attempting to balance out the differences in war equipment against the xudeus, by enticing all his forces to a great "Cleansing" and bringing great honor to the Imperium. A great force of Crimsonmarines was amassed but still not evenly matched against the estimated 1,400,000 Xudeus, aggravated even worse by the fact the Crimsonmarines could not deploy any of their psykers. Being on the disadvantageous side both in numbers and in weaponry Karl being known for his looseness towards the Codex accepted unorthodox methods both in warfare and strategics instead of the honorable and direct methods their predecessors the Ultramarines favored. His tactics relaying mostly upon guerrilla, Infiltration, terror and shock tactics.


Assault Crimsonmarine of the 5th Kompanie (company) in Mark IV Power Armour during the "Cleansing".

The conflict did not take too long to reveal its victor, mostly benefited from the indirect methods used by the Crinsonmarines. Knowing a direct assault would cost the chapter too many losses due to the highly improved weaponry and by the difference in numbers against the Xudeus.

The chapter started by using Infiltration and guerrilla-warfare to get in enemy bases and cities sabotaging and preventing the enemies from holding any solid ground before quickly retreating not giving the Xudeus any chance to counter-attack. Their next stage was Terror, initiating an orbital bombardment in the nights upon strongpoints and impenetrable bases or fortresses which lasted for many solar hours. Following the bombardment, the artificial darkness remained. Soon a heavy downpour thick with chemicals rained upon the fearful defenders from the seeded clouds above. The Crimsonmarines descended from the artificial night sky on jetpacks, butchering any who crossed their paths. The screams of terror and battle echoed through their drug-weakened minds. The Crimsonmarines left the decimated cities before dawn. Repeating and intensifying the above-mentioned processes over and over again.

This is believed to be the first time the Crimsonmarines had used such tactics against an enemy and the begin of their continual utilization and improvement of such tactics over the years. All the other tribes who were once being terrorized by the Xudeus slowly started to side with their new allies the Crimsonmarines, aiding by granting the chapter never before seen weaponry and armor.

In spite of having used indirect methods to win, the chapter still suffered many losses due to the differences in equipment prior to the tribe's support. the conflict ended as a result of the chapter's tactics causing heavy losses by systematically eradicating any possible footing and generating great disorganization to the Xudeus. Shattered and disorganized the Xudeus were hunted and hoarded up for mass executions. Proven to be too many to execute at once the chapter was forced to stay on the planet to continue their purges for many decades. Having won the conflict but not entirely cleansed the planet, Karl decides to end their crusading nature and change their fleet-based ways to use Löwenheim as the chapters homeworld to rebuilt and harness the technologies for the Imperium.

After the Conflict, the Crimsonmarines forced their former allies into the imperial creed and molded them as one under the light of the Emperor. Using Löwenheim as the chapter's primary world of recruitment the chapter slowly absorbed the population's culture, traditions, as well as their unique language which is assumed to be a mix between the main language from the age of technology and an unknown accent of Low Gothic.


"I hunt in the darkness for the light of our emperor."
—Leon Kenner, Fünfte Kompanien Kapitän (5th Company Captain) of the Crimsonmarines

Only in the succeeding years was it revealed by their Fünfte Kompanien Kapitän (5th Company Captain) Leon Kenner known within the chapter for his barbarous and brutal tendencies, who found out who the chaos god the Xudeus worshipped was. Having traced some of the Xudeus to the far north where they were hiding in deep underground cave systems. In his hunt, he went deeper and deeper through the caverns slowly and silently ending their lives one by one in the dark brutally and mercilessly. He found one of the elders who is said to once have glimpsed at their god, instead of ending his life on the spot Leon decided to bring him back to the chapter's headquarters for extraction. 

The far northern lands of Löwenheim.

In the headquarters, Leon interrogated the elder himself, made him describe their god and extracted information on the whereabouts of other cultists. The elder died but before describing their wicked god to be an entity with an always twisting, smiling and an endless number of animal faces. This was enough for the chapter to conclude Tzeentch as the true god of the xudeus.

The Last Xudeus

The Xudeus Elder of Eyes.

Near the extinction of their tribes, the Xudeus consulted their remaining elders for guidance. Having not only lost their planet but also most of their kind, the Xudeus elders had to gather for a consult, planning a final resolve. The confers did take a long time for all the remaining strayed elders to arrive in one place. Originally there were 10 elders titled differently as; the Elder of Heads, The Elder of Arms, The Elder of Body, The Elder of Hands, The Elder of Feet, The Elder of Eyes, The Elder of Instinct, The Elder of Legs and The Elder of Perception. Their titles are believed to be all the gifts their god Tierherr had once given to them. In their secret meeting, only 8 elders were present the other two missing elders are The Elder of Feet and The Elder of Heads. The elder which captain Leon found and interrogated is believed by the Crimsonmarines to be the elder of Heads. The other missing elder suspected to be the elder of Feet believed by the chapter to have died during their purges.

In their conclusion, the Xudeus decided to give their lives to their god by performing a last forbidden ritual kept secret by the elders believed to grant a final gift to the Xudeus called the Ultimatum ritual. The ritual in their beliefs is to give back all the gifts their god had once given to them back to him and requesting a final gift by representing all the elders as each gift once given to them but not being able to offer the other two lost elders it is assumed by the remaining elders to satisfy their god by alternatively sacrificing every last remaining xudeu believing their god would resurrect them to this side after giving their lives to their god. The ritual took place in one of their secret halls kept secret by all the elders calling the place Halle der Ersten Änderung des weges (hall of the first change of way) explaining to be the place Tierherr gifted them with his many gifts.

The Dark Truth and Birth of the Arch-Heretic

In the halls, the sacrifices were carried on starting from the smallest Xudeu to the largest Xudeu who were not elders or priests, followed by their lowest ranking priests to their highest in the Xudeu belief system. Tzeentch originally planned to use the Xudeus to accumulate sufficient soul energy by the annual sacrifices to him in his halls to destroy the planet by transforming the stored soul energies into non-warp based forms through his halls.

Tzeentch could only see the events on the planet when sacrifices were made to him, as a result of the nullifying effects from the planet. Forced to act as he now sees his servants had failed to execute his master-crafted plan as a consequence of the interference from the Crimsonmarines. Tzeentch was forced to use all the stored soul energies within his halls to create a creature powerful enough to end all lives of those who know of the planet, fearing the Imperium might learn to replicate and utilize its abilities to become obstacles for his schemes. The remains of the Xudeus started to slowly melt together forming a wicked and twisted form, Tzeentch baptized it as Jahovay the bringer of change.

The Himmlischer Wille

It is during this time, the psykers of the Crimsonmarines who were on the chapter flagship the Himmlischer Wille (Divine Will) orbiting the far moon of Knote began to feel immense pain which seemed to have originated from the planet it is believed the psykers had bled from their eyes, ears and from their mouths so intense was their torment. On the planet, an electromagnetic storm engulfed Löwenheim rendering all technological devices useless and cutting off all the communications to or on the planet. Currently on the Battle Barge Karl chapter master of the Crimsonmarines went to see his Librarians after having heard of them heavily suffer from warp disturbances. When Karl reached his psykers he was informed by his master librarian whose pain was unbearable and near of collapsing, of a warp presence being manifested upon, telling Karl of the approximated locations from which the warp signatures originated from before he fainted. Karl upon considering what powerful warp creature could have the might to be materialized upon a warp-negating planet, dropped all of his psykers and librarians on Knote to lessen their sufferings and to keep them as far away from both the planet and the warp-presence which are generating torment towards them, knowing the moon has a habitable atmosphere.

Karl took the battle-barge and all available void-ships to bombard the described location. Only being reported later on of the planet's communications being cut off by his crew. The chapter master became very certain after hearing of all the anomalies happening, ordered a full-scale bombardment of the location his psykers described. The bombardment was only able to destroy the halls in which the rituals were made, the creature had already escaped the place. Karl acknowledging he could not confirm the extermination of this being due to all his radars' inability to scan the planet caused by the electromagnetic storms currently engulfing the planet. Karl apprised the Crimsonmarines of a warp-being to have been manifested upon the planet dubbing the abomination as the Arch heretic encouraging his brothers to join in his search to end its life as well as its wicked intentions. The Crimsonmarines and their chapter master landed on the planet via drop pods unable to reach the planet by any other landing methods due to the storm. The only weapons they could have used were bolters and various melee weapons, other tech weapons and vehicles proofed to be useless on the storm engulfed surface.

The Crimsonmarines could only reach Löwenheim via Drop Pods

The Arch Heretics' height and size were described by those who had seen it as to be the same size as an Imperator-class Titan, speculated to have grown from its original size by an ability to grow in size depending on the lives it had taken. Sadly no records or anyone could specifically describe the details of this so-called Arch-Heretic, only being unclearly described as an abomination with many hands holding various items, even its head was unsubtly described to be a hand saluting to Tzeentch.

The Battle Against the Arch-Heretic

It is said the chapter had to use old means of communicating, believed to have used light-based and smoke signals to communicate and amass a force on the planet. The main battle went unrecorded as a result of the many anomalies happening during that time. The chapter estimated the battle to have taken 6 months. The surface of Löwenheim was scared by the battle, oceans have turned into deserts, massive craters so deep as the eye could see only the blackest darkness below were left behind.

The few wastelands on Löwenheim believed to have been caused by the battle.

The numbers of casualties are unknown but it is said the number of the remaining population was only one-third of its former population. The only surviving members of the Crimsonmarines were the Kompanien Kapitäne (company captains) of the 3rd,5th, 6th, and the 9th and only a small number of their battle-brothers respective to their Kompanien (companies), their flagship with most of their void-ships were badly damaged surprisingly only three ships went missing suspected to have crashed on the planet. Not even the fate of their former Kapitel Meister (chapter master) Karl was known, it is believed by the inhabitants of Löwenheim and by most of the Crimsonmarines that he had sacrificed his life in order to end the abominations wicked existence, the only remainings of the chapter master are his severed left arm, his Thunder-Greatsword, the Wahrheit-bringer, and his helmet.

Whatever the truth may uphold the day it is believed to be the day the Crimsonmarines emerged victoriously is nowadays celebrated by Löwenheims' populations. Even the Crimsonmarines hold prayers to the god-emperor the entire day without any interruptions on this particular day called by the inhabitants of Löwenheim as Karmesintag (crimson day). On Karmesintag (crimson day) besides being feasted and celebrated as if it is the day the Crimsonmarines slay the Arch Heretic itself, stage-plays rumored to be the stories based upon the real events of that fateful day are played in every city center to remind the citizens of their saviors selfless sacrifice and their duty to mankind's true and only god the Emperor, the plot of the play is not very convincing or holding much clarity within its details still very interesting as it might contain some facts regarding the true events.

Based Upon a True Event

Karl's sacrifice became the inspiration for many stories and folklores.

In the story, Karl or the chapter master is portrayed as a king in possession of a flying fortress, ruler of Löwenheim under the light of the god-emperor. The Arch Heretic being represented as a great winged beast as big and as powerful as a titan. The story begins with the king noticing a never before seen grotesque winged beast roaming the forests of Löwenheim kidnapping villagers and people of his kingdom before vanishing in a blue mist of thunderstorms, the king seeking to end the beast's tyranny over his people ordered his men to shoot the beast with a firestorm of blazing arrows from his flying fortress upon its lair where it was sleeping after having feasted on its prey, the king destroyed its lair but was not able to end the beasts life, the beast had escaped in its mystical mist of thunders. The beast enraged by the kings' actions rampaged through the kings' realm bringing destruction and loss everywhere it went, trembling with anger and hatred causing earthquakes and terrible waves of disaster.

The king, seeing the ferocity of the beast, decided to confront the beast with bravery and courage accompanied by his crimson armored warriors. The fight is described in the play to have taken a very long time, it is said they have fought until oceans dried and mountains eroded to dust. Near the end of the story when most of the kings' warriors have fallen and his fortress in the sky had burned and lost three large towers, the king concerned he might lose having lost so many of his warriors. The king intentionally let the beast grab him by his left arm, the beast saw this as an opportunity to end the kings' life smashed the king against the ground many times causing the king to bleed and suffer agonizing injuries. The king cut off his own arm while the beast was raising him above its head to smash the king against the ground one more time, the king fell upon the beasts head. With his right arm, he raised his greatsword with all the force he had left spiked his weapon in the beasts head causing the beast to lose its balance and fall to the ground.

The warriors who were still alive, seeing their king's sacrifice, quickly assisted to end the beasts' life. The beast rolled and resisted, the king near his last moments of life still on the beasts head gathered all of his might to spear the beasts head one more time, He lifted his greatsword with all the might he had left impaling the beasts head ending its wicked life. The ending of the story often varies between the king being ascended to the sky by black-winged angels and brought to the god-emperors' side or being cursed by the monstrosity he had slain, driven mad by the curse, broken both in body, mind and soul the king went missing in the same mist of thunderstorms the beast is said to have come from. The ending of the stories seems to depend on the cites the stage-play was played however, it is said the king will one day return for good or for ill no one will ever know for certain.

The Relieving and Expanding Times

Many collossal constructs and statues were built on Löwenheim during these times of expansion.

The Crimsonmarines are believed to have almost been decimated in the battle having only a small number of marines left. The chapter had to recruit mostly and only from Löwenheim which could explain why the chapter had fully absorbed the planet's culture and the unique language of Löwenheim into the culture of the chapter. Having to rebuild and recruit only from one source made the Crimsonmarines a very cultural chapter causing many Löwenheim traditions to enroot themselves deep within the chapter.

After many decades of recruiting and rebuilding under the Crimsonmarines former Fünfte Kompanien Kapitän (5th Company Captain), Leon Kenner who had survived the battle against Jahovay, now elected as their new chapter master sought to fully bring all nearby systems into imperial rule, having located many worlds in nearby systems to be similar to Löwenheim in the means of having human populations who are believed to be descendants from the age of technology on never before discovered worlds.

It was during this time the Crimsonmarines thinned their forces across the vast unexplored voids around Löwenheim for conquest. Having used the same tactics their first Kapitel Meister (chapter master) had laid for them combined by improved equipment constructed from the knowledge obtained from the populations of Löwenheim.

The forces of the Crimsonmarines expanded the territory of the Imperium very rapidly having learned from their failures on Löwenheim and have adjusted their tactics for the usage of experimental weapons constructed from the artifacts (STCs) of their newly titled homeworld with the help of the tech-priest who had assisted the Crimsonmarines since their crusades.

In this particular time in their chapter history was stated to be the beginning for the Crimsonmarines to have used superweapons and experimental devices in their conquests ranging from devices that could devastate entire continents to orbital cannons that could exterminate most lives on a planet. It is stated within the chapter history that during this time the Fortress-Monastery and the Mondlicht fortress on Knote were established.

The Inquisitorial Disaster

News of the various artifacts and STCs found on Löwenheim had reached the Ordo Machinum by the Ordo Astartes of the Inquisition who had closely observed the Crimsonmarines and archived many of the chapter's events. The Ordo Machinum upon hearing of an artifact and STCs rich world feared the many tech-priests who had accompanied the Crimsonmarines to have become greedy and withholding knowledge and information regarding the various discovered artifacts for themselves.

Inquisitor Milgra a radical inquisitor of the minor Ordo Machinum was sent to investigate, escorted by her servants and the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the blue rose, lend by the Ordo Herecticus to aid in her journey and to protect her from the many threads that may await the inquisitor. Upon reaching the outer part of the star-system of Löwenheim, one of the battle-sisters of the Order of the blue rose was revealed to be an Inquisitor of the major Ordo Hereticus, the puritan Inquisitor Siecillah, Siecillah accused Milgra of having committed the heresy of Transgenic Blasphemy, splicing Xenos organs and biological Xenos matter into human subjects. Inquisitor Milgra believing that the ends justify the means tried to explain Siecillah of her experiments of trying to fight fire with fire but Siecillah would not listen and branded Milgra Excommunicate Traitoris. Inquisitor Siecillah revealed to Milgra that the Ordo Hereticus lending their forces to her was all Siecillahs' plan to execute her in the deep voids of unknown space for her heresy by Siecillahs' most trusted forces, the battle-sisters of the Order of the Blue Rose.

Knowing she had been surrounded, Milgra activated an experimental device she had made with the help of her Xanthite allies within the Inquisition which was able to induce others with the help of the immaterium. The possible theory on how the device operates is the fact of the Immaterium being the direct result of the existence of sentience in the universe, the dark reflection of the material universe, the Warp is an ocean of chaotic psychic energy simply raw emotion given physical form. This device being able to strongly influence the immaterium in a small radius for a short time should also be able to manipulate the emotions and sentience of those who are in its radius in the material realm.

Milgra never intended to use such a device on a fellow Inquisitor knowing the risk of maybe gaining unwanted attention from the immaterium, but having tested the device several times convinced her of using it once more as another test to prove the device's capabilities. Whatever the thoughts Milgra wanted to induce Siecillah into believing, using such a device. This proved to be a grave mistake, the device acted not only as a manipulator of the immaterium but could also act as a manipulator of reality with the involvement of warp entities from the immaterium. The device warped the realities of both the material realm and the immaterial realm together on the location the device was activated on for a short period of time opening a bridge between realms long enough for demonic entities to manifest on the Inquisitors transport ship.

The entity which had influenced the gateway to corrupt reality was Slaanesh possibly interested in female warriors to corrupt, clearly elucidated by the demons' physical forms which had the elements of the perverse and unnatural beauty, beguiling and monstrous which had infested the ship. Those who were too close in the device's radius including Milgra and Siecillah disappeared in the warp leaving the other battle-sisters of the Order of the blue rose on an inquisitorial transport ship infested with Slaanesh demons.

The Ketzer

The Battle-Sisters who were not in the radius of the device were quickly overrun and cornered by the demons which had infested the transport. In desperation, the battle sisters reached out to the Crimsonmarines for aid. The sisters fought fiercely in hopes of surviving long enough for the Crimsonmarines to arrive. During their clashes, a mysterious cloaked Astartes looking warrior who fought with only one arm had saved them many times, not really having time to question the aid they had received, accepted his help. The warrior later introduced himself to the sisters as "Ketzer" but did not reveal his face nor what lied beneath his cloak. Short conversations did happen between the sisters and the mysterious warrior, the warriors claimed to be Milgras helper, the sisters did not trust him but as long as he helped them the sisters would not question the warrior.

"My name...Ketzer, I....will help. I...helper me."
—The cloaked warrior (Accidentally recorded by one of the surviving battle-sisters)

Together the battle-sisters of the Order of the blue rose and the cloaked warrior withstood the demon hordes and pushed them back. The warrior, despite fighting only with one arm fought very aggressively he suggested pushing the demons further back in hopes they might find their inquisitor. The sisters did not know of the demise their Inquisitors agreed and followed the warrior having lost many but still wanting to save their master.

—The cloaked warrior (Accidentally recorded by one of the surviving battle-sisters)

Only when they reached the same room the inquisitors were consumed by the warp the warrior showed his true intentions, he immediately rushed for the device Milgra had left behind and activated it. Almost instantly when the device is activated caused the sisters to be enveloped in a light-blue aura, the sisters slowly weakened and fainted.

The Crimsonmarines having never heard or encountered the Adepta Sororitas imputable to the founding of the Adepta Sororitas to have occurred during the Crimsonmarines' times after their battle against the Arch Heretic (36th Millennium), times the Crimsonmarines were disorganized and almost decimated. Thus the Crimsonmarines hastily responded in curiosity, Leon the Kapitel Meister (chapter master) himself went help the battle-sisters of the Order of the blue rose with his 4th and 6th Kompanien (companies) who were present on Löwenheim that time. When Leon arrived, he led his forces to investigate the transport. Slowly fighting his way trough remaining demons. Leon found only the remains of demons and female warriors assuming he might be too late, Leon sought to at least find out what had occurred.

Leon felt as if someone is calling him from afar, he ordered his marines to spread out and search for any survivors while he will be following his instincts and his old habits of hunting alone. Slowly approaching and slaying all the demons in his way. The calling he felt became more powerful in each step Leon took. Finally having reached the source of the calling, he found a cloaked warrior awaiting him with light-blue energy spheres, containing the battle sisters by his side.


Leon did not hesitate to attack the cloaked warrior, but the cloaked one evaded all his attacks before slowly revealing its face. Leon stood still in shock of what he saw, It was Karl his predecessor the first Kapitel Meister (chapter master) who disappeared after the battle against the Arch heretic. Karl with his half chaos twisted face smiled and talked to Leon with two voices the first being the normal voice Leon was familiar with the second being a twisted voice mixed of joy and pain.

Karl with his normal voice started to explain how he survived, the Arch Heretic near its death had split its mind and interjected its wicked consciousness into him while he was also dying from his injuries causing him to become partly possessed by fragments of the Arch Heretic. Its powers caused his body to regrow his lost arm as chaos deformed claw before showing his concealed body part to Leon. The second voice interrupted by laughing in a joyful and twisted way stating this reunion to be all his plan all along. His normal voice continued to explain that he has currently no control over his body so he pleaded Leon to end his life reborn as an abomination. After Karl had finished explaining, his possessed body attacked Leon with his regrown chaos arm while Karl's other voice laughed and screamed with his twisted voice.

In their battle, some of the sisters of battle who were caged in the energy spheres began to wake up and attack Leon while some were still confused about what had happened. Karl with his normal voice pleaded them to leave and explained that his other half had used the device to turn most of the battle sisters to chaos but Leon's interruption had caused some not to fully turn.


Their battle continued on, the battle sisters whose wills were not altered by the device aided Leon in his fight against his former chapter master, while those who were successfully turned attacked Leon and the other sisters mercilessly without any signs of recollection of their sisterhood.

The other battle-brothers of the Crimsonmarines having scoured the transport and discovered the warp engines to have been somehow activated started to warn all the others of the transport preparing to warp jump. Unable to reach their chapter master their Bibliothekaren (Librarians) who were present at that time accumulated their powers to reach out via telekinesis to Leon who was in a brutal confrontation with his possessed predecessor.

Having received the warning of his brothers but unable to answer to his men, Leon due to his communications being damaged in his fight, suggested the unturned battle-sisters for a retreat. The battle-sisters at first disagreed not wanting to leave their sisters behind but realized that the ongoing battle could not be won being badly outnumbered thereupon agreed. In his attempt to cease his fight against his former chapter master and commence their retreat Leon used a blind grenade modified by the chapter to not only blind the enemies sight but also weaken their minds by including a special neurotoxin before he used the grenade he instructed the sisters to start their withdrawal. Leon had to leave his former chapter master behind with the device and the corrupted sisters. Leon and the remaining sisters made their way out of the fray and reached a group of battle-brothers who were searching for him. He ordered an immediate evacuation of all his forces fearing the unknown destination the transport is headed to. After all his forces and the remaining battle sisters had teleported upon the Crimsonmarines ships Leon ordered to fire the transport with plasma warheads directly after arriving. The transport despite being heavily damaged still successfully entered the warp and disappeared.


The secret of their former chapter master assumed to be alive is a dark secret only verbally past down to the succeeding chapter masters of the Crimsonmarines to protect the name and honor of their first chapter master, since Leon never told anyone except his succeeding chapter masters who the cloaked warrior was knowing the battle-sisters were unconscious during his conversations with Karl, Leon did not bother about the chapters' dark secret to be exposed by the sisters.

The remaining battle-sisters blamed the entire event to be Milgras' fault for having invented such a hideous device. Their reports to the Inquisition of the event stated a chaos incursion to be caused by a device created by the heretic Inquisitor Milgra who was instructed to obtain the rediscovered pieces of knowledge from Löwenheim. The sisterhood honored the death of their missing Inquisitor, Siecillah who had known of Milgras' dark deeds and tried to execute her.

Most surviving battle-sisters only discovered later that they had seen visions while they were unconscious their recollection of their visions was very strange for at first, they seemed to have seen nothing but as time goes by strange memories start to fill their heads, visions, and voices giving them an unending nightmare of a realm filled with blue light, faces of a multi-headed beasts and voices so disturbing that only the recollection of those visions can cause great torment to the remaining sisterhood. All of them were mind-wiped and believed to be accepted into the Inquisition as apprentices, their remaining fates are unknown as mysterious as their origins.

Normally the device should only work to shortly influence the battle-sisters to fight for Karl but it is suspected by Leon that his possessed former chapter master might have unholy assistance from the Immaterium to make the effects permanently, Tzeentch is the first of the four gods Leon suspects due to the fractures of the demon prince now possessing his predecessor is one of its disgusting creations. Leon even suspects the whole event to be a well-carried plan laid out by his possessed former leader.

Each time the Inquisition had tried to acquire knowledge of the various STC's or simply tried to reach the planet ended by similar disasters intercepted by chaos entities or simply not re-emerging from the warp. It is speculated by Leon the chapter master of the Crimsonmarines that Karl his possessed predecessor who is under the control of Chaos and leads chaos forces to prevent and destroy all those who try to reach Löwenheim attempting to harness its secrets. Leon also believes them to be plotting to one day destroy the planet of Löwenheim itself, hence he had made patrolling and guarding a very wide area of space as one of the main missions of the chapter during the times of his command.

The Inquisition was very displeased about all that had occurred and were furious about the many failed attempts to reach Löwenheim to collect the knowledge of the rediscovered technologies from the planet. fearing such disasters might transpire again considering the unknown dangers lurking within the unexplored distance to Löwenheim. The inquisition used the authority invested in them to demand the Tech-priest of Löwenheim to come and meet to provide the inquisitorial representatives with their knowledge harvested from Löwenheim upon fortress worlds every Terran decade to ensure their security and interests.

The Crimsonmarines worried about the dangers that might occur to their Tech-priests who are essential for their rediscovery of knowledge and the crafting of their war equipment was forced to escort the Tech-priests. The Tech-priest of Löwenheim will often be escorted by an entire Kompanie (mostly the 13th) and a fleet of warships as if they were on a crusade to ensure their Tech-priests security and to prevent their knowledge not to fall into other hands than those loyal to the Imperium.

Notable Campaigns

  • The Crimson Crusade (Unknown Date.M33) - The detailed history of their long crusade has been long lost all that could tie the Crimsonmarines now to their crusading past are the artifacts and records found on purged worlds. The chapter has stored many artifacts from their crusade in the Bibliothek (Librarium) within the Mondlicht Fortress on Knote. For certain the Crimsonmarines have purged many heretic worlds on their crusade. Recorded in the history of many purged worlds as well as by artifacts in possession of the chapters Reliquienmeister (Master of Relics) of the Crimsonmarines. It is believed by the inquisition that the Crimsonmarines had accepted many Renegade Space Marines into their ranks during this vaguely recorded time in the history of the chapter. 
"Heresy is a pollution to the galaxy."
— Erick Rachenwille, Reliquienmeister (Master of Relics) of the Crimsonmarines
  • Cleansing of Löwenheim (982.M35) - It is unknown how the Crimsonmarines have discovered Löwenheim. Upon their arrival and exploration, they quickly noticed the advanced technology of the local population, the various tribes of Techno-barbarians. Wanting to understand more about the advanced technologies Karl Braecker, Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) of the Crimsonmarines took his most trusted Marines to investigate. They learned of artifacts (believed to be STCs) suspected to be from the dark age of technology and intolerable facts about the populations. Groups of large tribes called by the other tribes as the Xudeus were somehow (first considered impossible due to the warp negating effects of the planet) chaos-tainted and had their own cult called by the members as the Illuminatoren, who were sacrificing hundred thousands of lives every year to their patron god Tierherr (Tzeentch) or sometimes called Herr der wege (Master of ways) by claiming to be one day able to open a gateway to their god. Immediately after learning the horrible truth Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) Karl Braecker ordered a planet-wide genocidal hunt for the Xudeus and convinced the population to the Imperial Truth. The cleansing is recorded by the various local tribes to have lasted many decades. Cities were burnt, altars and temples destroyed with heretics being purged in masses every day. After many decades of constant "cleansing", the remaining populations or tribes are finally united and brought into Imperial rule

An old depiction of Tzeentch found in ruins of the old xudeus halls after the battle

  • Battle against the Arch Heretic (Unknown date.M36) - After Löwenheim being finally united and brought into Imperial rule. The last groups of xudeus led by their remaining elders fearing their extinction gathered in a secret underground hall known as the Halle der Ersten Änderung des weges (hall of the first change of way). The hall was a secret only known to the eldest of all the tribes and was untouched by the constant "cleansing" of the Crimsonmarines. The hall was the only nexus point to the Immaterium on this world the only gateway for Tzeentch to influence Löwenheim in any way, these halls are suspected to be constructed long before the humans from the age of technology to ever colonize the planet. How or by whom is still unknown, it is suspected for the halls to have acted as storage for soul-energies from all the past xudeus sacrifices. In hopes of taking back their world, the last xudeus made one last sacrifice to Tierherr (Tzeentch) begging their God for the eradication of the Crimsonmarines. The powers of the Immaterium, however unable to correctly function on the planet, Tzeentch whose original plan was to harness and store the sacrificed energies in his halls until a sufficient amount is gained, to releasing a non-warp based energy wave to destroy the planet of Löwenheim and all of its artifacts (to Tzeentch the planet and its warp negating effects are a threat to his Grand Schemes). Realized his plans to be endangered by the Crimsonmarines, Tzeentch depleted all the stored sacrificed energy to amalgamate the remains of the sacrificed xudeus into one single immensely powerful being, merely powerful enough for using the powers of the warp on Löwenheim, influencing the planet and its populations on a large-scale (regardless to the warp energies being negated on the planet). The being called itself Jahovay, the bringer of change, the Crimsonmarines however, call this abomination the Arch Heretic.  The Bibliothekaren (Librarians) which could not be deployed for the Cleansing of Löwenheim, were stationed on the chapter's flagship the Himmlischer Wille. For the first time the Bibliothekaren (Librarians) could sense a menacing presence from Löwenheim, despite great pain Immediately reported this anomaly to their Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) Karl Braecker. The Chapter Master of the Crimsonmarines instantly after been reported of a warp presence on the planet, started a bombarding upon the Location which the Librarians believe the warp signatures to be originated from. The halls were destroyed, the battle, however, was unrecorded. It is not known how long or how many gave their lives to defeat the Arch Heretic, Karl Braecker's fate is also unknown believed to have sacrificed himself in order to defeat the Arch Heretic.

    Jahovay or the Arch Heretic. A powerful Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. Created by the amalgamation of remaining xudeus.

  • The Crimson Patron Crusade (458.M36- until now) - Following many years of rebuilding and recruiting the Crimsonmarines

    Current map of the Crimsonmarines Crimson Patron Crusade

    began to crusade anew through the vast tracts of unexplored Wild Space around Löwenheim and patroling a very large area of space the Crimsonmarines had conquered. Aiding all those in need and any call for battle unto this day. All events that have occurred after the beginning of The Crimson Patron Crusade are still considered to be a part of this crusade by the chapter. Sometime before this campaign, the Crimsonmarines had gained the support of the Ecclesiarchy in exchange for services and joining the Imperial cult after being abhorred by their parent and other related chapters for once having accepted renegades.

  • The Pursuit of Pariye Ravolkian (995.M36-013.M37) - The last in a withered but still powerful line of Rogue Traders stretching back to the Age of the Great Crusade, when death came for him at the end of an unnaturally long life eked out through forbidden Xenos lore and dark science, Pariye Ravolkian turned to the Dark Gods to grant him immortality and in doing so was forever damned. Turning his guns on the Imperium's frontier worlds in order to satiate his masters' appetite for sacrifices he became a curse upon the southern sectors of the Segmentum Obscurus. This decade long reign of terror lasted until his ramshackle fleet was finally chased down and cornered by a combined force of Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators, the Imperial Navy and the Crimsonmarines Chapter. In the middle of a grand and thunderous star battle, the Crimsonmarines managed to land boarding parties on Ravolkian's flagship, the Ark of shadows, before it escaped to the Warp. The Crimsonmarines on board, cut off with no hope of rescue or help, were heavily outnumbered and forced to confront both Ravolkian's ghoulish slaves and a Warband of Word Bearers who were the cause of his fall to chaos. With no option of retreat the Crimsonmarines fought with insane zeal, and chamber by chamber they brought the ancient warship under their control until they finally slaughtered Ravolkian with his slaves of chaos and crashed the ship back into realspace in a blaze of aetheric fire. In the aftermath of the battle, the Crimsonmarines took the Ark of shadows as their prize. With the assistance of the archmagi masters of Staub they successfully purged the mighty warship of Chaos taint and refitted it to the Chapter's purposes. In return, the magi were allowed to remove certain relic-technologies from the vessel and were granted free access to the ancient and unique lore stored in its data-tabernacle.

  • One of the Chaos worshipping Bada'gap Xenos.

    The Bada'gap Xenocide (164.M37-170.M37)
    - The Bada'gap Xenocide was an Imperial Crusade carried out by the Crimsonmarines against the foul Bada'gap Xenos from 164.M37 through 170.M37. These bulky ophidian aliens, having damned themselves in the worship of the Ruinous Powers, had risen up to carve out a pocket empire to the galactic north of the Warp anomaly known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath in the Segmentum Ultima. Given their rapid expansion and the massacre of several Imperial colonies and mining outposts in the region, the decision was thereby taken by the Crimsonmarines to scour them from the stars before they could grow into a greater threat. Under the Crimsonmarines' direction, the alien demesnes were systematically blockaded by the chapter. The chapter also supported the numerous Deathwatch Kill-teams which were sent by the Imperium to attack and destroy the isolated Bada'gap outposts and nest-worlds, often employing experimental weaponry granted from the rediscovered STC's found on Löwenheim. Nothing now remains of the Bada'gap's. This campaign is notable for being one of the last missions the Crimsonmarines fought together at full Chapter strength.

  • Kapitän Hardhammer and his newly erected chapter keep.

    Invasion of Dunea (014.M38-016.M38) Dunea, a newly colonized Desert World near the territory of the Crimsonmarines was invaded by Orks led by Warboss Grimbringa and had requested for help. The Crimsonmarines 10th Kompanie (company) arrived and obliterated the planet from the foul green-skinned Xenos by using shock tactics, it is said they have attacked so quickly that not even the always war-ready Orks could respond to their attacks. After the obliteration, Kapitän Hardhammer of the 10th Kompanie had erected a chapter keep for possible recruitments in the future. Making Dunea now one of the many worlds which the Crimsonmarines draw recruits from. Dunea's society over the years had become so focused on sending young aspirants to the Crimsonmarines that the planet's own workforce often deemed insufficient. 

  • Battle of Schneeden (978.M38-011.M39) The feral Ice World of Schneeden, the closest planet in a nearby system to the Crimsonmarines homeworld of

    The forces of chaos bringing death and destruction to the colonist of Schneeden.

    Löwenheim had been invaded by the forces of chaos. For the populations being the colonists from Löwenheim, the Crimsonmarines 5th Kompanie immediately rushed to save the colonists from their dark fate. After their long battle and devastating losses, it was revealed that some of the colonists were the reason for the forces of chaos to find the planet by using a mysterious chaos artifact given by a cloaked tall figure who promised great power to them. Having lost half of the Kompanie (company) the Crimsonmarines mysterious 5th Kompanie Kapitän during that time known as "Grausam" disgusted by the discovery and devastated by his losses purged 90% of the surviving colonists for their foolishness and as a reminder to never fall for the many temptations of chaos again nor ever choose worldly powers above the duties to the God-Emperor of mankind.

  • Exotl'zenas, known as the "Stealer of Fates"

    The Incursion of Tetrahedron (998.M39-023.M40) 
    Tzeentch grants the Lord of Change Exotl'zenas, known as the "Stealer of Fates" a glimpse of a child born upon the world of Tetrahedron who would mature to become a powerful oracle. Exotl'zenas craves the power of this child and uses his magic to open a Warp Rift upon Tetrahedron. For twenty solar days, the daemonic legions he has gathered sweep across the planet seeking the oracle-to-be. After spreading madness and destruction through Tetrahedron's population, Exotl'zenas was slain and the demon incursion brought with him was stopped by three Kompanien (companies) of the Crimsonmarines before he could find and steal the boy's Warp-born abilities of foresight.

  • Damocles Gulf Crusade and Lithesh Sector Crusades (740.M41) - The Crimsonmarines were also involved in the Damocles Gulf Crusade and the Lithesh Sector Crusade -- both conflicts fought by the Imperium against the rapidly expanding T'au Empire. The Crimsonmarines had to eventually retread after other chapters had to withdraw to defend the Imperium from Tyranids. The chapter 2nd Kompanie had lost only 23% of its strength in both conquests.

  • Awakening of Ancient Mechanical Horrors (977.M41) The Crimsonmarines 8th Kompanie (company) under the command of Kapitän (captain) Kael Zweiter rescues survivors from the doomed world of Dartagan, an Imperial Mining World that was also a Necron Tomb World. The Necrons awakened and launched a massive assault upon all life on the planet's surface, while Dartagan's Planetary Defence Force and Imperial Guard regiments proved unable to defeat the hideous cybernetic Xenos. Kael had to lay havoc on the entire planet with one of their superweapons ending the terrors of the cybernetic Xenos after having successfully evacuated the populations to a nearby system.

    The Crimsonmarines ambushing the Necrons, holding back the mechanical horrors while the populaces of Dartagan were evacuating

  • 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) - The Crimsonmarines contributed three full Kompanien (companies) to the defense of the Cadian Sector against the Forces of Chaos during the 13th Black Crusade. The Crimsonmarines 7th Kompanie (Company) was destroyed during the Fall of Cadia by the forces of Chaos while assisting the Cadian Shock Trooper Regiments.

  • Plague Wars (ca. 999.M41-111.M42) - The Crimsonmarines contributed two Kompanien (companies) to the defense of Ultramar during the Plague Wars, a campaign that costed two-thirds of both Kompanien (Companies) sent by the Crimsonmarines attacked by Nurgle's forces.

  • The Vengeance Campaigns (Unknown Date.M42) - The Ultramarines lead a coalition of their Successor Chapters including the Crimsonmarines and the Knight Houses across neighboring star systems. While attempting to free seven worlds from daemonic enslavement, the combined forces utilized hit-and-run campaigns to break a vast Ork force before it can reach the Forge World of Metalica. Using rapid strike attacks, the Space Marines won hundreds of battles, but only manage to slow the rampaging Greenskin hordes as they focus the majority of their efforts on the daemonic legions. Three of the targeted seven planets are saved, but the bulk of the Tartella System remains in the hands of daemon overlords.

  • The Wanderer's Siege (133.M42 - 165.M42) - In a campaign known by the Imperium as The Bloodtide Returns (876.M41), Khorne's forces rampaged through the galaxy, the Blood Legions terrorized many worlds and turned even more others into demon worlds. Led by Kapitän Abelhard of the newly Primaris reinforced 7th Kompanie of the Crimsonmarines, Abelhard sought to reclaim these worlds and end the rampage by the forces of Khorne. After he was successful in obliterating 2 worlds other Primaris Kompanien (companies) of the Crimsonmarines joined Abelhard in his quest to reclaim worlds for the Imperium in hopes of receiving recognition by their forebearers of the old breed. The other Primaris Kompanien who joined the 7th Kompanie (company) included the  2nd,6th,9th, and 11th their losses were great and many worlds could not have been saved, being too heavily tainted by chaos, the Primaris Crimsonmarines had to destroy many in their progress. Having freed 11 worlds and destroyed 5, the Primaris kompanien (companies) earned the recognition they have sought, Kalle the Kapitel Meister (Chapter master) of the Crimsonmarines officially elevated Abelhard into the first Primaris of the Sieger's rank (Champion) for his great service to the Imperium and the glory he had brought to the Crimsonmarines. This campaign is dubbed the Wanderer's siege due to the great distance between the realms they had to travel in order to free the worlds held by the forces of Khorne.

    Abelhard led his Primaris brethren to obliterate worlds held by the forces of Khorne.

Chapter Home World

A Departmento Cartographicae pict-file of the planet of Löwenheim, Chapter home world of the Crimsonmarines Chapter.

The planet of Löwenheim, located in the star system dubbed by the Crimsonmarines with the same name as the Löwenheim system. The planet appears as a blue-green orb enveloped in a white web of clouds. Its surface has vast bodies of water and is covered in snow-capped mountains, with patches of green grassy hills beside the natural beauty of the planet, Löwenheim bears many scars from the battle against the Arch Heretic, uninhabitable Wastelands in the middle of rain forests, extreme deep craters surrounded by mountain ranges and coasts or beaches partly turned into glass. The planet is also well known for its warp negating capabilities making it one of the few safer places in the galaxy.

The vast tracts of unexplored Wilderness Space around Löwenheim.

Löwenheim also has many ruins and structural remains from both the Crimsonmarines "Cleansing" of the Xudeus and many still undiscovered ruins of the population's ancestors from the Dark Age of Technology. The many locations on Löwenheim covered with large amounts of ruins and remaining structures are called by the locals in the Löwenheim native tongue as Ruinenfelder translated roughly as ruin fields in which the tech-priests still explore and establish research outpost to study and perform experiments to this day. 

The Chapter's homeworld of Löwenheim is to be found between the borders of the Ultima Segmentum and the Segmentum Obscurus.

The world of Löwenheim could be specified as a civilized world that has a wide range of societies and a high technology level, but unlike other civilized worlds, Löwenheim does not function as part of a larger Imperial sector. Without any trade links to other Imperial worlds outside the isolated parts near Löwenheim. Contact with other planets and people outside the Crimsonmarines sphere of Influence is relatively uncommon. The people of Löwenheim and other worlds that were pacified by the chapter mostly see themselves as loyal subjects of the greater Imperium.

The population of Löwenheim enjoys a reasonable standard of living (for the 41st Millennium!) but contrasting all other civilized worlds which are having societies, where an infant is more or less guaranteed to reach maturity without becoming the prey to some ravening predatory beast or being enslaved by a rival tribe which makes them less suitable as a recruitment source for the Adeptus Astartes than any other world types, Löwenheim societies despite the vast technological knowledge inherited by the ancestorial tribes, are imbued by a strong warrior code inspired by the many generations of service, rigorously enforced by a ruling military elite. The worlds conquered by the Crimsonmarines are such regions of the Imperium, where despite a reasonable standard of living, every family dreams of having a son accepted into the ranks of the Crimsonmarines, and ensures they are trained to the utmost degree as soon as they are able to walk.

Löwenheim maintaining the most rigid military traditions that are likely to appeal to the Adeptus Astartes as a source for Aspirants. On Löwenheim and other worlds, the Crimsonmarines had conquered, the populations shape the very highest tier of a stratified and regimented society entirely focused on martial pursuits, where all aspire to the example set by the Adeptus Astartes of the Crimsonmarines. On Löwenheim the Chapter's Astartes and civilian staff are fully integrated into a wider system of tradition, obligation, and service. The Crimsonmarines have a strong influence on Löwenheim, unlike other chapters of the Adeptus Astartes the Crimsonmarines openly interfere with the directorates of the populations and play a great part in the planets governing body. This kind of authority is believed to have lasted since the times the Crimsonmarines have brought Löwenheim under Imperial rule after the times of the "Cleansing" which the various tribes began to ally with the chapter.

On Löwenheim, the main population centers tend to be large cities and urban environments based on a self-sufficient economy supported by the planet's own agricultural production. The state of development both technologically and socially varies depending on the region of the planet but mostly above the current Imperial norm. Most adjuncts of the Imperial state will normally have a presence on the planet. Löwenheim has an estimated population of around 15,700,000 slightly above the minimum of the classification guidelines of a civilized world by the Imperium of 15,000,000. 

Löwenheim Culture

Trained and thought how to survive in the various environments and situations, young Löwenheim subjects must prove their tactical knowledge and battle prowess by surpassing numerous hard challenges and almost impossible trials if they are to be judged worthy by the rest of their community. those who fail or were not befitting to the task given, are forced to attempt even harder and more unachievable trials until their worthiness could be determined. Some were so dedicated to achieving the goal of military excellence that they strive for nothing less than the chance to prove their knowledge and war capabilities on the real battlefields. 

The Many Moons of Löwenheim

Eklipse - The Wasteland Moon

Eklipse the wasteland moon

Löwenheim has four large moons The first is the smallest named Eklipse, an unhabitable moon without an atmosphere riddled with tunnels and craters. Remains of colonizations could be found on the moon, it is theorized to have once been an outpost in times of the age of technology many Terran millennia ago. Nowadays the Tech-priests who are assisting the Crimsonmarines had built a shipyard ring for void-ships to repair and maintain their optimal functioning capabilities of the many vessels in possession of the Crimsonmarines the size of the shipyard, however, does not support the building of void ships (only for repair and maintenance). The moon is tidally locked making it easy to locate the moon in situations of urgent needs for repairs.

Tide - The Aquatic Moon

The Ocean moon, Tide

The second is Tide, which is covered in vast amounts of water home to many sea serpents and other sea animals unpopulated due to the lack of landmass and from fear of the many aquatic predatorial animals inhabiting the moon. Even the moons core is presumed to be a solid form of water called Ice VII, instead of a core of molten metal like Löwenheim or any of the other moons. The moon has a habitable atmosphere supporting the existence of many unique animals from giant aquatic avians given the nickname "Fish Eagles" to deep-sea serpents so massive hypothesized to be able to wrap around the entire moon of Tide.

Staub - The "Red Moon"

The Red Moon, Staub

The third moon Staub is also known as the "Red Moon" the Forge moon of the Crimsonmarines, producing vast numbers of weapons, vehicles and other advanced technology for the chapter and its war efforts. Staub is also the headquarters to the Adeptus Mechanicus who had assisted and accompanied the chapter since the times of their crusade. The moon is the center of their research and experiments which is one reason why travel to the Red Moon for Imperial personnel who are not members of the Mechanicus and share its peculiar faith is restricted not even Astartes of the Crimsonmarines are allowed except for a small number of Mechanikers (Tech Marines) of the chapter who are believed to have been granted allowance by the Omnissiah and are allowed to travel to Staub. This sacredness and secrecy of the cult are believed to be the reasons for the shipyard ring to have been constructed on Eklipse instead.

Knote - The Mountainous Blizzard Moon

Knote the mountainous blizzard moon

Knote the fourth moon of Löwenheim the only place for the Psykers of the Crimsonmarines to live within the system without having to suffer the great torment caused by the Planet since all the other moons are not far enough for Psykers to live a normal life without the constant pain generated from Löwenheim. The moon might have a habitable atmosphere but the freezing temperatures and the very high mountains covering the entire moon are the reasons Knote does not have any settlers besides the Psykers. The Psykers of the chapter have built a massive keep called the Mondlicht fortress serving not only as the Crimsonmarines second base but also as the heart of the chapter's communication since all the Astropaths and Navigators could only have their resting places on this particular moon within the system. Its harsh conditions are some of the initial trials for the aspirants of the Crimsonmarines to be mastered.



Karlsburg the Crimsonmarines Fortress-monastery

Prior to the construction of Karlsburg, the chapter had many headquarters spread all over Löwenheim for recruitment and housing the battle-ready warriors from both the Astartes and allying warriors while the chapter flagship functioned as their Fortress-Monastery the main base of operations during the times of the "Cleansing". Currently, the old headquarters on Löwenheim still serve as outposts for recruitment and vaults for weapons and armor while their other fortress on Knote, Mondlicht serves as the headquarters of all the Psykers of the Crimsonmarines, the flagship still functions as a mobile base in conquest outside of their territory.

The location the fortress is built upon was believed to be sacred by the many tribes prior to their unification by the Crimsonmarines, this place was believed to be a place where the mystical beasts in the tell tales of Löwenheim reside. This location is also the very same location where the Crimsonmarines had slain the Arch Heretic, naming the fortress after their missing chapter master honoring him after the battle, built during the relieving and expanding times by the succeeding second chapter master Leon Kenner.

A massive statue of the Emperor near the chapters Fortress Monastery

Only a great ceramite reinforced bridge surrounded by snow-capped mountains leads to the Fortress-monastery's great adamantium gate within the fortress walls. the halls within its marbled walls are heavily hung with a great wealth of trophies taken by the Crimsonmarines heroes from a thousand battlefields. The interior of the fortress contains flowing rivers running through the entire citadel from the nearby glaciers. Karlsburg is the spiritual home of the Crimsonmarines Chapter, and it is truly a formidable and magnificent sight to behold. Karlsburg is also built in a unique native architectural style of Löwenheim.

Like all Astartes fortress-monasteries, Karlsburg is armored and void-shielded to withstand any siege or bombardment that might befall it. Armed to repel attackers from land, air or space, its walls bristle with enough heavy ordnance to flatten a hive city. Every aerial approach to the fortress-monastery is overlooked by Icarus Pattern Lascannons and Macro-lasers which are known to the Crimsonmarines as the Zorn standing like spears of vengeance on top the high twin towers to lance space-borne enemies from the heavens.


Crimsonmarines enter one of the many entrances of the Mondlicht fortress.

Before its construction, the Psykers who were dropped on the moon's surface by Karl had to take shelter in caves and tunnels systems underneath the mountains. It is said that they had to live in the harsh conditions of Knote for many years until their mental wounds fully healed and were able to re-establish contact with the rest of the chapter after the Crimsonmarines battle against the Arch Heretic.

The fortress was built during the same time as Karlsburg while the Crimsonmarines were under command of Leon Kenner who had survived the battle. The construction of Mondlicht took much longer than its counterpart on Löwenheim due to the blizzardous conditions and because of the way the fortress was constructed. The citadel was cut and carved through many of the biggest mountains on Knote connecting the tunnel systems and caves the Psykers had once used as their shelter causing the fortress to have many entrances. Nowadays not only Psykers are stationed on Mondlicht for the fortress does not only serve as the chapters second base, the headquarters for their Psykers, storage for the chapters weaponry for a means of quick and easy transport, a watch outpost or the center of their communications but also as a massive hangar and docking bay.

Mondlicht is vast beyond comprehension and a huge network of tunnels, shafts, and chambers riddle to the highest levels of the peak. Even so, the fortress entirety is dwarfed by the full bulk of the mountains. For the most part, the Psykers dwell underground, their lairs hidden under kilometers of solid rock. Only at the very pinnacle of the mountain, the terminus of the level known as Heaven's gates has artificial structures break the surface in any quantity. It is there that the fortress' landing stages and docking berths had been constructed, clustered around massive towers that thrust from sheer cliffs hundreds of meters tall. Drive mechanisms power service shafts a kilometer deep, hauling war equipment from depots in the heart of the mountain and delivering them to the transports waiting in the hangars. These lifts are always busy, a testament to the restlessness of the Crimsonmarines and their ceaseless voyaging in the unexplored sea of stars near their system.

High up at the summit of the Heaven's gates, spacecraft can blast off from launch platforms and large landing bays where Thunderhawk gunships mingle with the other carriers in possession of the chapter. Here even starships the size of the Chapter fleet's Hunter-class Destroyers and heavily armed variants of the Imperial Navy’s Viper-class Destroyers can dock. Vessels of such size would not normally have been able to dock within a planetary atmosphere, but the sheer altitude of the Heaven's gates landing stages made it possible for them to dock on Knote. The upper reaches of Mondlicht feature Void Shield arrays of incredible strength. Drawing power from the Geothermal Reactors beneath The mountains the Void Shield array is capable of repelling the firepower of entire fleets, making it virtually impossible for an enemy to attack Mondlicht from orbit with any hope of success. Mondlicht's mighty flanks bristle with massive defensive batteries capable of throwing shells, torpedoes and directed energy beams at anything foolish enough to come within its range.

The Himmlischer Wille

The Himmlischer Wille is a highly modified hybrid between an Emperor-class Battleship and a Gloriana-class Battleship that served as the flagship and mobile fortress-monastery of the Crimsonmarines, in times of their Crimson Crusade during the ages of the forging in the late 33rd to the 35th Millennium. The Imperial crew who had accompanied the chapter during their Crimsoncrusade described the scale and power of the Himmlischer Wille as incredible. 

Originally named the Divine Will during the Crimson Crusade, only later on renamed after it was repaired and modified by the rediscovered technologies on Löwenheim as The Himmlischer Wille in the planet's native language after it was critically damaged during the "Cleansing" of Löwenheim. This hybrid Battleship was constructed from a  Standard Template Construct (STC) pattern recovered during the progress of the Great Crusade by the Ultramarines and is believed to have been constructed many decades after the Horus Heresy. The massive warship was originally painted in the Ultramarines chapter colors, with golden laurel wreaths spreading across the light blue hull. Usually, all Capital Battleships of the Imperium have the size of a densely compacted city and accordingly populated by officers, expert crew and servitors. Equipped with the maws of Nova cannons, Mega-lasers, mass-drivers, and torpedo hives encrusted throughout its entire hull, presenting an arsenal comparable to that of a small fleet of lesser vessels.

After the founding of the Crimsonmarines as a fleet-based crusading chapter, Karl was granted this unique vessel from the Ultramarines to aid in his quest against the corrupted enemies of the imperium. Repainted in the colors of the Crimsonmarines Karl led his forces to cleanse the galaxy from heretics. The vessel would remain an important component of the Crimsonmarines chapter as it always was throughout its entire history.

Currently still serving as the chapter's flagship and mobile base for conquests outside of their territory. The Himmlischer Wille is heavily modified to carry many experimental weapons constructed by the many found STC's from Löwenheim. Also equipped with a modified ploughshare prow that makes this battleship surpass even similar vessels with the same size in scale and power. The Himmlischer Wille serves as the spearhead of the Crimsonmarines' fleet.

Chapter Recruitment

Holy declaration of the Emperor of Mankind upon creating the Space marines. The Crimsonmarines accentuated what they belive are their key roles as Astartes.



Near the Crimsonmarines decimation after their battle against the Arch Heretic, the need for fresh recruits in the chapter was great. So much so that the chapter had not been as particular in their gene-seed screening practices and recruit selection processes as they should have been. Combined with their history of having accepted many renegades into the chapter during their crusade resulting in the Crimsonmarines now having many strains of Gene-seed types within the chapter. It is believed by the accompanying Adeptus Mechanicus that their Gene-seed might also have mutated from many of their hasty implants during their relieving and expanding times. The accompanying Adeptus Mechanicus had tried to specify each different strain found within the chapter to explain the Kompanien (companies') different physiology and behavior.

The ordo Astartes of the Inquisition is said to have forced the accompanying Adeptus Mechanicus to conduct tests and monitor the Gene-seed of the chapter very closely following the Crimsonmarines establishment in the Löwenheim system. Their latest tests are conducted sometime during the closing years of the 41st Millenium which are sent to the inquisitorial representatives. According to their research one could divide the Gene-seeds as following.

  • Strain Ultra: considered to be the purest of all Gene-seed variants found within the chapter. This strain is unmistakably from the Ultramarines' genetic stock derived from their Primarch Roboute Guilliman. Currently, 68% of all the Crimsonmarines inherit this Gene-seed including the 1st, 2nd, 4th,6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Kompanie (company), 84% of the numbers of battle-brothers from the 12th Kompanie (company) also have this Gene-seed. This Gene-seed is the standard of the Crimsonmarines, most recruits or aspirants will mostly be implanted with this Gene-seed. 
  • Strain Alpha: those of this particular Gene-seed believe that only thorough planning and decisive coordination could one's ultimate objective be achieved. Astartes who inherit this type of Gene-seed lean to focus on misdirection and other misleading tactics. only a small portion of the 12th Kompanie (company) have this rare Gene-seed. It is believed by the Adeptus Mechanicus for this Gene-seed to be a mutation of the pure strain Ultra. Only 26% of the 12th Kompanie (company) or 1.9% of all the Astartes of the Crimsonmarines have this unique Gene-seed.

    The traits of strain Neurosis exemplified by Rachelond, leutnant (lieutenant) of the 5th Kompanie (company).

  • Strain Neurosis: This Gene-seed is openly known to be from one of the many renegades accepted into the chapter by Karl, the first Kapitel Meister (chapter master) of the Crimsonmarines. 7% of all the Crimsonmarines inherit this Gene-seed. 91% of the 5th Kompanie (company) have this Gene-seed. The traits of this Gene-seed cause the inheritors to have very pale skin and have liquid black eyes, without iris or sclera. Most of those in the 5th Kompanie (company) who inherit this Gene-seed thrive in the usage of psychological warfare and have a very sadistic nature. This Gene-seed is believed to have been derived either from renegade successors of the Raven Guard or from possible mercenaries of the Night Lords. Strangely even if it is well known within the chapter for them to be successors of renegades all of the tests conducted by the Adeptus Mechanicus proofed their Gene-seed to be surprisingly stable and pure of corruption or mutation.
  • Strain Discord: This strain is also a Gene-seed Derived from one of the many Renegades accepted into the chapter by Karl. Only a few who inherit this Gene-seed still exist within the chapter. Only 9% of the 5th Kompanie (company) or 0.69% of all the currently existing battle-brothers within the chapter have this strain. This Gene-seed is believed to have been derived from renegade Astartes who had become mercenaries or pirates. The Adeptus Mechanicus who had conducted the test suspect this Gene-seed to have originated from the Dark Angels chapter.
  • Strain Quasi: Bearers of this Gene-seed prefer close-quarter combat above all tactics. Those with this Gene-seed are highly disciplined and very dutiful. They are noted to bear great hatred towards the enemies of mankind. The estimated numbers of those with this Gene-seed within the chapter are 15.38%. Forming both the entire 3rd and 8th Kompanien (companies) at 100% with this Gene-seed. This is suspected to be another mutation of the pure strain Ultra. However, another theory states this Gene-seed to be a possible mix between the strain Ultra and strain Neurosis since some of this particular Gene-seed have either pale grey skin or liquid grey eyes similar to those of the strain Neurosis who have liquid black eyes and pale white skin.
  • Strain Defensor: All the Astartes who inherit this Gene-seed appear to be somewhat taller than the Crimsonmarines of other Kompanien (companies).Their endurance compared to the other battle-brothers within the chapter are on a different level since they are capable of enduring much more than the regular Astartes within the chapter. Most preferred tactics utilized by those with this gene-seed are very slow but effective defensive tactics combined with other tortuous strategies. Those with this Gene-seed form 7.03% of the entire chapter and 100% of the 13th Kompanie. This Gene-seed is also another mutated strain derived from the strain Ultra.

Primaris Space Marines

Only a few Chapter Masters rejected or viewed these new creations with suspicion or outright hostility, claiming that the Emperor's work should never have been meddled with by mere mortals. Most, though, welcomed their Primaris brethren into their ranks, accepting the new reinforcements gladly. The Crimsonmarines also accepted the reinforcements with great elation but not outright accepted all those who were assigned to them only having accepted these new transhuman warriors to replenish the ranks of badly devastated Kompanien (companies) and suspended the complete consolidation with their new Primaris Space Marines. The reason their current Kapitel Meister (chapter master) Kalle-Ahne Treumann had postponed the full reinforcement from their Primarch maybe because of his concerns of the chapter's looseness towards the Codex and the chapters unorthodox ways to might cause great unease within their new brethren. 

Current insignia of the Primaris Crimsonmarines.

Most of the remaining Primaris who are assigned to the Crimsonmarines chapter still serve in the Ultramarines chapter or in one of the many successors of the Ultramarines, awaiting to be fully introduced to their originally assigned chapter. Those who were accepted to replenish the few depleted Kompanien (companies) seemed to have an agreeable attitude towards the chapters' ways of operations. Even so, Kalle still deems those of the new breed to be unsophisticated and views them as a betrayal to their long-held culture, Kalle will only accept more of this breed into the chapter when in need of reinforcing a Kompanie (company).

Kalle-Ahne Treumann, confident in his brethren of the old breed however still seems to admire this new generation of Astartes for their various improvements and considers to slowly transform the chapter into Primaris chapter by using the new Gene-seed as their primary source for recruitment and using the methods of becoming a Rubicon Primaris to slowly turn his standard Astartes into Primaris. After the first fruitful attempts Kalle now patiently awaits the processes to be perfected and hopes for the new success rates to be higher than 90%. In spite of his disapproval to allow more Primaris to join his chapter, Kalle accepted and prioritized the usage of the Primaris gene-seed as the primary source for new recruits. Currently, 5 full Kompanien (companies) are completely comprised of Primaris including the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 9th, and the 11th.

Rubicon Primaris

After hearing of the many successes of other chapters in turning into Rubicon Primaris, Kalle selected one individual from each of the Crimsonmarines Kompanien (companies) who volunteered to undergo the processes of becoming a Rubicon Primaris. The Adeptus Mechanicus of Staub who once had the opportunity to witness and study the whole procedure of turning Marneus Calgar into the first Rubicon Primaris gladly accepted Kalle's request of transforming the individuals selected by the Kapitel Meister (chapter master) into Rubicon Primaris.

8 of all the 13 individuals have been successfully reborn into Primaris as a result of the combination of their knowledge and experience derived from the many artifacts of Löwenheim. Those who could not be successfully revived are now kept frozen in stasis chambers on the moon Staub in hopes of one day being able to revive the unsuccessful specimen. Currently, 8 Rubicon Primaris Crimsonmarines are within the ranks of the chapter namely as following

  • Bestienhertz the Cruel - He is known for his mercilessness towards his allies and his outright brutality towards his enemies, making his allies bestowing him the title. He was a veteran of the 1st Kompanie, after his rebirth as Primaris, he was elevated into the ranks of the Kreuzritter. He was the first to volunteer into undergoing the process of becoming a Rubicon Primaris. He came from a very influential family on Löwenheim this could explain some of his straight forward nature.
  • Abramelin - The First Psyker of the Crimsonmarines to undergo the process of becoming Primaris. His reasons to volunteer for this project were simply curiosity, desiring to know how a Primaris would feel and if being a Primaris really benefits one with various improvements. His process of becoming Primaris had to be done on Knote unlike most of his brethren which were done on Staub as a result of the insufficient distance from the torment generating planet of Löwenheim. He currently is the Urheber (Epistolary), second only to the Erzweiser (Chief Librarian) both in psychic might and rank. He came from the 10th Kompanie.
  • Kordt the Wicked - A vicious Battle-brother of the 5th Kompanie who seeks to end the lives of the enemies of mankind in the most nefarious ways imaginable. He may be the youngest of all candidates within his Kompanie but his bold reputation had made his Kapitän (captain) recommend him above all the other prospectives. After his successful procedure, he now serves as a Kadett, aspiring to become a Leutnant (lieutenant) intending to aid his Kapitän in the leadership of the Kompanie for the honor he was granted while also desiring to use his future authority to inflict the worst nightmares upon the enemies of mankind.
  • Zsigmond - A ruthless assault Battle-brother of the 4th Kompanie. He is not a descendant of Löwenheim but born from one of the many worlds under the influence of the Crimsonmarines, this is reflected by his unique name. He was the only one who dared to request his candidateship directly from the Kapitel Meister (chapter master) himself after being denied from his Kapitän (captain). He is now the sergeant of the 4th Kompanie 1st assault squad.
  • Shvartzhartz the first Rubicon Primaris Schreckenbringer

    Shvartzhartz the Faithful
     - Descendant of a planet that had rebelled against the Imperium, after the Crimsonmarines had crushed the rebelling aspects of the populaces the planet was left with many war orphans and battle-scarred children. The Crimsonamarines saw their potential and recruited many from the devastated world who were old enough, Shvartzhartz was one of them. Knowing the history of his birth planet he now seeks in using faith, trepidation and terror to prevent treachery from occurring on other planets. He is from the 8th Kompanie and is the most faithful among his Battle-brothers. He is the first and only Rubicon Schreckenbringer of the Crimsonmarines chapter.
  • Volkbart - A proud Battle-brother from the 2nd Kompanie which was heavily devastated during the closing years of the 41st Millenium, after his Kompanie was reinforced with Primaris Crimsonmarines he was one of the few within his Kompanie who were survivors of the old breed. Having Seen the various Improvements of the new breed he deeply desired to fight alongside his new brethren but knowing he could never parallel the might of his Primaris fellows, he only watched them from afar and supported their missions. After the Plague Wars, he was recommended to undergo the procedure by the Primaris Kapitäne (captains) of the many Primaris Kompanies which joined in the Primarchs battle against the forces of Nurgle. He is now a sergeant serving in the 2nd Kompanie 3rd tactical squad.
  • Dieteras - The most notable war hero of the 13th Kompanie who had brought great glory to the chapter and thereby elevated into the ranks of Sieger during the opening years of the 41st Millenium. He volunteered after realizing that the new Primaris could act more effectively and possessed more strength, seeing the opportunity to improve himself he did not hesitate to entrant into the project. Kalle firstly hesitated to grant him his wish but after seeing his determination he had to let him partake. He was the oldest who partook in the project. Currently, he is the only Rubicon Sieger of the Crimsonmarines.
  • Drakkrei - An odd individual from the 12th Kompanie who is an effective strategist and very skillful close-range combatant. He did not volunteer like most other members of the Crimsonmarines but was selected by his Kapitän (captain) who saw great potential for him becoming the next Kapitän leading the Kompanie should he ever fall in battle. Drakkei currently serves as a Wächter (Honour Guard equivalent) guarding the Kapitän of the 12th Kompanie, the very same officer who had chosen him for the project.

Chapter Organisation

The Crimsonmarines almost don't follow the Codex Astartes considering the sacred text to be a divine guide of duty and honor but never as a commandment to be strictly followed, this is very uncommon for those of Roboute Guilliman's bloodline since most will strictly follow the tenets of the text with all their faith. This looseness towards the codex seems to have been originated from Karl, the first Kapitel Meister (chapter master) of the Crimsonmarines who was widely known within the Ultramarines records to have been very permissive towards the codex during his time serving within his parent chapter. Because of this, the organization and structure of the Crimsonmarines are very different from that of other more strictly Codex-oriented Chapters.

This looseness towards the codex combined with the abnormal chapter structure has both many advantages and disadvantages to the Crimsonmarines chapter. On the advantageous side, the chapter is able to utilize more flexible and unconventional ways to gain the upper hand in a conflict while also making it very difficult to effectively counter the Crimsonmarines since their tactics are able to change suddenly in the middle of the conflict. Mostly the chapter is very successful in causing disorganization and confusion to their enemies, preventing their enemies from holding any important positions. On the disadvantageous side, the chapter often confuses allies for their sudden changes in tactics and is often distrusted by other chapters who strictly follow the codex deeming the Crimsonmarines to be undisciplined. Their strategies often require amounts of time to study and acquire information about their enemies to effectively forge a flexible battle plan. To make their advantages outnumber their flaws, the chapter with the help of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Staub had developed many superweapons and experimental devices created from the knowledge obtained from Löwenheim.

A Crimsonmarine Veteran repairing and modifying his battle armor while smoking a Lho-stub.

The Crimsonmarines have many specialists ranks as a result of their many battle tactics and strategies. The chapter even has ranks that were revoked due to various reasons as a result of the chapters ever experimenting nature both in weapons and strategics in pursuit of gaining the upper hand in a conflict. Kompanien (companies) that are completely comprised of Primaris marines have their own specialist and line ranks following the newly revised codex the same way their brothers in the Ultramarines do. While Crimsonmarines of the old breed have their own partly codex-following specialist and line ranks. However, Primaris and regular Astartes mostly share the same commanding hierarchy. Most of the Crimsonmarines in the commanding and specialist ranks designate their high position on their left shoulder plate combining both their rank designation and chapter iconography while the right shoulder plate is often personalized and adorned to their liking. Standard battle-brothers, however, can only have their designations on their right and chapter badge on their left but are also allowed to modify or personalize their battle armor to a restrained level while mostly doing the repairs and maintenance themselves.

Commanding Ranks

  • Kapitel Meister - The Kapitel Meister is the Löwenheim term for Chapter Master. The Kapitel Meister is elected by the Chapters Sieger (Champions) and Kapitäne (Captains) from their ranks upon the death of his forebearer and will remain Kapitel Meister until his bitter end. By his example of true heroism and the superlative command does a Master of the Space Marines awaken great deeds in lesser men, inspiring not only the Astartes under his command but those mortal men and women whom they fight side-by-side with. Being a peer of the Imperium of Man, the Kapitel Meister (chapter master) acts with authority as he sees fit, according to his own counsel and judgment, answerable to no one except his fellow Chapter Masters and the Emperor of Mankind Himself or His representatives, the High Lords of Terra. He holds dominion over 1,300 transhuman Battle-Brothers, willing to fight and die for him at his merest whim, and without question.
  • The right shoulder plate of those of the Sieger's rank.

    Sieger -
    The Crimsonmarines have a special officer rank for their Champions, named in the Löwenheim language as Sieger. Only those who have proved themselves to be true masters in both strategical planning and most forms of combat have the right to earn this rank and can only be given by the Kapitel Meister to those who are approved by all the Kapitäne (Captains) in the chapter. Usually, the Crimsonmarines' most skilled warriors. The Siegers are the most skilled fighters of the Crimsonmarines Chapter. Wielding energized blades in each hand, this unstoppable masters of war are ready to challenge any enemy leader to single combat in his chapter masters stead, and all his life has bent to the goal of annihilating the enemies of mankind. The Sieger also serve roles in the rituals and ceremonies of their Chapter, representing their Battle-Brothers in rites, rituals, and mysteries just as they do in war. Those of this rank additionally act as the Kapitel Meisters (Chapter Masters) most trusted advisors and the deputies within the chapter. The insignia of Sieger's represents an Edelgold flower which only grows on the highest mountains of Löwenheim, on a black background. 
  • The chapter badge of a Kapitän.

    Kapitän -
    The Kapitän is the Crimsonmarines officer who is the equivalent of a standard Space Marine Captain who commands one of the 13 Kompanien (companies) that comprise the chapters' military force. A Kapitän is always accompanied by 4 Wächter (guards) especially loyal to him. As penultimate masters of the battlefield, Kapitäne (plural form) are able to read its ebb and flow and adjust their battlefield formations accordingly. Leading from the front, by his example shall a Kapitän's men know what it is to be an Adeptus Astartes, and from his teachings shall they learn the trade of battle in the Emperor's name. Clad in their personalized heraldry, wielding ancient relic weapons, some of which date back to days of the Horus Heresy itself, Space Marine Captains are amongst the most inspirational figures in the Imperium. Each is a skilled orator and strategic genius who leads his brothers to victory time and again. On the Kapitän's right shoulder plate is his Kompanie (company) heraldry inscribed while his left, the chapter badge is usually decorated with the golden Imperial Laurel and can be accessorized with the various Honour Badges he has earned to indicate his rank and status.
  • A leutnants right shoulder plate.

    - The Leutnant is the Crimsonmarines Lieutenant. In the past this rank was only used in the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy and fell out of use for many years thereafter upon the implementation of the Codex Astartes, Karl had re-inaugurated this rank into the Crimsonmarines long before even the revision of the renewed codex by their awakened Primach, during the times of the Crimson Crusade while Karl was in need to effectively scatter his forces for tactical advantages he had elevated many veteran sergeants into this re-enacted rank. A Leutnant acts as the hands of the Kapitäne (Captains) providing flexibility and helping to direct their battle-brothers in engagements. They will often lead parts of a Kompanie (company) when it is necessary to disperse in order to effectively advance their forces across battle zones. 3-4 Leutnants are assigned to a kompanie, the numbers of leutnant's within a kompanie often depend on the specialty of the Kompanie. Both their shoulder plates are in light grey with a roughly gilded line, their left plate still has their chapter iconography but entirely in black. This is one of the few ranks of which the plates do not have a trim.
  • Chapter badge of the Bischof or Groß Kaplan

    Groß Kaplan or Bischof - 
    is the head of the Chaplaincy of the Crimsonmarines chapter and head of the Chapter Cult, roughly translated from Löwenheim as the Grand chaplain and Bishop respectively. He oversees the duties of all of the other Kaplans and Schrecken Bringers of the Chapter, it is also his most important duty to train the Crimsonmarines Kaplans and Schrecken Bringers, he is usually a master in the arts of inflicting terror and causing psychological defilement. He is known the be the most fanatical worshipper of the Emperor within the chapter. It is widely believed that the Crimsonmarines once did not worship the Emperor as a god but only considered him as the most powerful and most worthy leader of humanity similarly to other space marine chapters, but near their devastation after the battle against the Arch Heretic the remaining members of the chapter led by Leon are believed to have turned to the Ecclesiarchy  for support since they are distrusted from their own parent chapter for having accepted renegades, this is presumed to be the reason Leon was able to reestablish his chapter so quickly and launch his campaigns against nearby worlds, having gained support from the Imperial cult in exchange for joining in the beliefs of the Ecclesiarchy the Crimsonmarines now have become worshippers of the Emperor even those who are known to be successors of renegades within the chapter now fanatically worship him. The Crimsonmarines' acceptance of the Imperial Cult may even be part of why their excessive numbers are tolerated by both the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition. Immediately beneath the Bischof in command is the Reclusiarch, the head of the Reclusiam followed by all the Kaplans and Schrecken Bringers. The left shoulder plate of the Bischof is embedded with a skull with the chapters iconography imprinted upon, on an Imperial Aquilla which was part of the Crozius Arcanum of his predecessor while his right shoulder is often personalized to his liking and adorned with the various honor markings he has earned. The Bischof is one of the few within the chapter which have black trims.
  • Chapter badge of the Erzweiser.

    Erzweiser - 
    The Erzweiser is the strongest and most psychically attuned Bibliothekar (Librarian) of the Crimsonmarines Chapter. Meaning Arch-sage in the Löwenheim native tongue. He is overseer of the Bibliothek (Librarium) on Knote and has full access to otherwise restricted parts of it that house the Chapter's most powerful and dangerous warp imbued relics kept hidden inside the Mondlicht Fortress. His century-long studies and experience, gathered on thousands of battlefields, makes him a crucial advisor to the Crimsonmarines and its commanders. The Erzweiser often leads forces or assists the Kapitel Meister in battle while other Bibliothekare (plural form) aid the Kompanie Kapitäne (company captains). He also holds the overall responsibility for communications on a battlefield as well as scrutinizes battle reports to provide recommendations for honor awards. Immediately beneath the Erzweiser in command is the Urheber (Epistolary),  followed by all the lesser ranks of psykers. Since the planet of Löwenheim is warp negating all psykers of the chapter have to operate either on Knote or aboard the void-ships of the chapter and are mostly drawn from other planets in the influence sphere of the Crimsonmarines chapter, separating them very clearly from the rest of the chapter both traditionally and fundamentally. It is said that the Erzweiser is able to navigate through the warp despite neither having the Navigator Gene or the Warp Eye while also able to use his telepathic powers even more superior to the Astropaths of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica in spite of never having undergone the painful, but necessary process of Soul-Binding. The chapter badge of the Erzweiser is the icon of the Psyker with the third eye encircled in the chapters iconography outer gird crowned by a golden arch representing his mighty psychic powers.
  • Hochapotheker or Heilmeister - Translated as the high apothecary and heal master respectively. Referred to as the Chief Apothecary of a Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter. As the head of the Chapter's Apotheke (Apothecarion), the Heilmeister is responsible for assigning other Apothekers (Apothecaries) to the Chapter's Kompanien, so that they may heal their Battle-Brothers or recover their gene-seed after their deaths. He oversees and ensures that the Chapters gene-seed, both in the gene-banks and in the Space Marines themselves remains genetically pure and free of deleterious mutation through constant testing. Additionally, he oversees the Apothecaries implanting the gene-seeds into the Neophyten (Neophytes). He rarely partakes in the battlefield, he rather acts as a biomedical researcher and occupying himself in the training of Neophyt's (Neophytes) or initiates who have the potential to become new Apothekers.
  • Both of the Schmiedemeister's plates have this iconography.

    - Meaning master smith, equivalent to the Master of the Forge in codex compliant chapters. He is the most senior Techniker (Techmarine) of the Crimsonmarines charged with the maintenance of the Chapter's fleet of armored fighting vehicles, such as RhinosLand Raiders, and Predators. His knowledge of the arcane sciences has been refined over centuries of service and rivals that of the senior Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars. The Schmiedemeister is so skilled that he can tell what is wrong with a vehicle's Machine Spirit at but a glance. Keeper of his Chapter's most ancient and treasured arcane secrets including the great knowledge obtained from Löwenheim, he is the only one with the required skills to rouse the most ancient Dreadnoughts from their slumber or operate potent war equipment whose origin predates that of his Chapter. Both his plates have the chapter iconography and the Machina Opus blended together as a sign of his loyalty to both the chapter and the Cult Mechanicus. His battle armor is the most advanced and most heavily modified version to be found within the chapter while also having Mechadendrites considered numerous even for a Techniker or Tech-priests.

Specialist Ranks

  • Right shoulder plate of a Kadett.

    Kadett - 
    A Kadett is a rank for those who aspire into becoming a Commanding officer. One must at least be a Veteran to request this rank from his respective Kapitän. Those in this rank are required to fight alone and do not lead nor operate in any formation, often send out alone to carry out deadly missions assigned to the individual as trials to prove his worth and capabilities. Kadetten (Plural form) are true masters in reconnaissance and very ruthless infiltration experts, equipped to operate alone in enemy territory for extended periods. Precision and ruthless efficiency are the axioms of the Kadetten, and the silence of death is all that they leave in their wake The Kadett must pass at least 44 deadly missions and serve in this rank for 3 standard years to be accepted into the rank of an officer. Only 26 Kadetten can be in the chapter at any given time 2 assigned to each Kompanie (company). A Kadett is entirely armored in black with Crimson chapter iconography and rank designation.
"I always thought I had the days of trials behind me, I was terribly mistaken."
—Kadett Balduin after his mission which made him lose an arm and one eye.
  • The chapter badge of a Wächter.

    - Meaning Guardian in the Löwenheim tongue, these taciturn and solemn individuals are ferocious and unyielding in the heat of battle. On the battlefield, they serve as the Commanding rank's personal guards, responsible for the safety of their commanders and carrying the Chapter's sacred battle standard into battle. Having performed deeds that lesser men could only dream of, each member of The Crimsonmarines Wächters has received the very highest honors and accolades that his brother Space Marines can bestow. Indeed, it is often said that the most ancient individuals of the Crimsonmarines Wächters have slain more foes over the centuries than a regiment of Imperial Guardsmen will have done in its whole existence. Accordingly, when a Wächter is slain, his companions fight all the harder so that his mortal shell can be recovered, his gene-seed extracted to cement his legacy and his body laid to rest in the Chapter's Halle der Helden (Vault of Heroes). Their right plate is mostly adorned with the various honor badges they have earned. Both their plates are decorated with Aquilla wings while their chapter iconography is enclosed in a shield icon to designate their status. The Wächter's honor the Kompanie which they originate from by bearing the Kompanie number of the Kompanie they came from on their right knee plate.
  • A Kreuzritter in Mark VII armor champion variant holding a relic power-saber.

    Kreuzritter - Equivalent to the rank of Veteran Sergeant in the tenants of the codex. Meaning crusader in Löwenheim's native language, a Kreuzritter is a grizzled veteran of countless campaigns and a Chapter hero who has committed exceptional acts of valor and courage over many solar decades or centuries of service. Normally Leading squads from the 1st company in more codex focused chapters, the Crimsonmarines assigned one Kreuzritter to each Kompanie (company) within the chapter which every Kompanie (company) will greatly benefit from their vast combat experience and their access to more advanced war equipment within the chapters Waffenkammern (armories). Kreuzritters are usually trained in the use of Terminator Armour but are also combat experts in standard power-armor variants. Having received and proudly carrying the Crux Terminatus on their left plate, Kreuzritter's only bear the chapter iconography on their right knee plate and the assigned Kompanie number on their left while their right shoulder plate is double-plated to signify their high position when equipped in normal battle armor. Only the Kreuzritter's are allowed to carry the Crux terminatus in any standard power-armor variants. Kreuzritter's also have statuettes of legendary war heroes of the chapter on their belts to inspire courage to nearby battle-brothers. The Crimsonmarines are one of the few chapters in which the equivalent rank to the Veteran Sergeants do not have a white stripe running from the front along the center to the back of the helm like most successors of the Ultramarines.
  • Designation of the Kaplans.

    - Meaning chaplain in the language of Löwenheim, they are specialist officers of the Adeptus Astartes and serve as the appointed spiritual leader of any Space Marine Chapter. Kaplan's are the warrior-priests that minister to the spiritual well-being of their fellow Battle-Brothers, instilling in them the values and beliefs of the Chapter and promote the veneration or the actual worship of the Emperor of Mankind. Every Kompanie of the Crimsonmarines Chapter has its own Kaplan and Schrecken Bringer. The Kaplan acts as a leader in both devotions and combat and is equal only to the Kompanie Kapitän in rank and is superior to the Schreckenbringer, which have to follow instructions of the Kaplan very strictly. Their religious zeal has a strong practical slant that often horrifies orthodox priests of the Ecclesiarchy, as befits a warrior. In battle, Kaplans are frequently found where the fighting is fiercest. They can be seen chanting the Chapter's battle creeds, ministering to the fallen and granting absolution to the dead. They are also Astartes, which means that they fight with as much savagery as any of their brothers, praising the Emperor through the destruction of His enemies. Kaplan's are a puritanical and sometimes eccentric group. They rejoice in the glorious act of war and exhort their Battle-Brothers to ever-greater deeds of bravery and devotion. They fight alongside their Battle-Brothers, reciting extracts from the Chapter's Creed and Liturgies. Indeed, their dedication adds considerably to the fearsome reputation of the Crimsonmarines. Their inspirational sayings and constant exhortations harden the determination of every Astartes to serve the Emperor. The bond between the Crimsonmariness and their Kaplans is a strong one. Kaplan's preside over each Battle-Brother's indoctrination as a recruit; they teach loyalty to the Chapter, reinforce its precepts through rituals and ceremonies and perform inspiring acts of valor upon the field of battle. Having become worshippers of the Emperor the Kaplans of the chapter also serve as ambassadors to the Ecclesiarchy. Their designation is a metallic skull surrounded by a black laurel.
  • The Schreckenbringers right shoulder plate is adorned with statuettes.

    Schrecken Bringer
    - is a specialist officer unique to the Crimsonmarines chapter which name could be translated as Terror Bringer from the Löwenheim language. They serve in a psychology role mainly to inflict fear and terror to the enemies of mankind. The origins of these horror inflicters is assumed to have derived from Kaplans (chaplains) from the 5th Kompanie, having shown great potential during many conflicts and battles to the chapter against the enemies of mankind, Leon Kenner 2nd chapter master of the Crimsonmarines had formally introduced this rank into the chapter, however, it is believed this rank to have been informally created by his forbearer Karl Breacker during the times of the "Cleansing" when Karl initiated the first recorded utilization of terror tactics of the Crimsonmarines upon the Xudeus. Currently, those of this rank serve as overseers of mass purges enacted on heavily corrupted worlds while also serving as the executioners of their designated Komapnie. Their main task still remains the deliverance of the utmost terrors to the enemies of mankind, systematically decreasing the morale and courage of the opposing factions. The deeds of the Schrecken Bringer's are said to be so unspeakable that it even gave their allying forces terrifying traumas. They always carry a tome of The 444 ways to inspire terror written by Leon Kenner as a reminder to their duty and as a sign of commitment to generate fear and terror towards all who oppose humanity's true and only God, the Emperor of mankind. Those of other chapters might confuse the Schrecken Bringer's with chaplains which is a terrible mistake to make for their purpose was never to maintain spiritual well-being nor inspire courage. The Schrecken Bringers do not have any designation and do not bear the chapter badge but often decorate their right shoulder plate with statuettes according to their liking making it easier for members of the chapter to recognize and distinguish them from Kaplans.
"As I tear you apart I will force all the others in this city to watch and as I rip your faces from your heads I will make your entire planet witness it. Then you all shall realize: There is no other meaning to live but to serve the Emperor, no hope no reason no other desires only your duties to humanities one and only God. Shall your faith in him ever decline again I will rip off every limb and break every bone from the bodies of those who have survived my first punishment"
—Magnull, Schrecken Bringer of the 4th Kompanie spreading dread and mayhem upon the populations of a rebelling planet
  • Weiser or Bibliothekar - Meaning Sage and librarian in the Language of Löwenheim. Weiser's are often estranged from other members of the Chapter, this is usually because the psychic abilities he possesses are what their brother Space Marines are often expected to abhor and purge in most other beings. Weiser's use their abilities to serve the various undertakings of their Chapter; however, their place in the order of battle in a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter which the name of the Crimsonmarines is not one among them. Often allowing the Weiser's to experiment and explore their capabilities themselves and even taking chances of testing their theories and suggestions on the battlefield while also having their respective commanders monitor and test their true allegiance very often. The Weiser's might be clearly separated from the rest of the chapter both in structure and tradition, The Weiser's consider this to be beneficial for them, being separated from the rest of the chapter so that they have more time to study and explore their true potential. The Crimsonamrines may seem very permissive towards the Wiser's, nevertheless, they always have their actions and studies monitored and analyzed to make sure that no Crimsonmarine will ever fall to the allurements of chaos.
  • The designation of the Technickers or Mechanickers.

     or Mechanicker - Meaning technician in the Löwenheimian (also known as a Frater Astrotechnicus in High Gothic) they are Space Marine technicians and engineers as well as full Astartes Battle-Brothers of the Crimsonamrines chapter. They are fully initiated members of both the Cult Mechanicus and the Crimsonmarines Chapter. Unlike most chapters, the Technikers are chosen from the new Neophyt's (Neophytes) of the Crimsonmarines for the affinity with technology from those of Löwenheim. They learn how to divine the rules of engineering and study the liturgy of maintenance.  Aspiring Technikers are send to the Tech-Priest of Staub, training, and learning for many standard years, steeping themselves in rites of activation, maintenance, and repair. Upon returning to their Chapter, they become custodians of the Chapters Wafffenkammer (Armoury). The most critical of the Techniker's tasks is to operate, maintain, and, if necessary, repair the myriad of war machines used by the Crimsonmarines. Every item of technology, from a simple round of ammunition to the Battle Barge, is revered as an instrument of the Emperor's divine will, and the Techniker knows that to neglect such equipment is akin to dereliction of duty and blasphemy. On the battlefield, a Techniker's primary role is to effect repairs of damaged equipment, so that it may return to the fight. Each Techniker of the Crimsonmarines carries a huge range of highly specialized, arcane and often experimental tools, sometimes mounted on a Servo-arm or at the end of a prehensile Mechadendrite. Unlike Techmarines of other chapters, the Technikers of the Crimsonmarines who have interred within a dreadnought are still able to function as a regular Techmarines in the manner of maintenance and repair, mainly because an STC was found by the Tech-priest on Löwenheim which granted them the knowledge to ease the constant torment generated by the neural link of the marine with the Dreadnought's cybernetic systems allowing the Techniker/dreadnought to maintain his focus, logic, controllability and a stable mentality. The Tech-priest of Staub even created an entirely different model for Technikers of the Crimsonmarines who have been fatally wounded and turned into Dreadnoughts, making it easier for them to repair and maintain the equipment for the chapter.
  • Ältester (ancient) Hanael entombed in a heavily modified Hellfire Dreadnought.

     - When the greatest of the Astartes of the Crimsonmarines chapter are crippled in combat the Battle-Brother's body will be repaired and transferred into an armored cyborganic sarcophagus outfitted with extensive life support systems. This sarcophagus is then interred within the heart of the armored body of a Dreadnought if there is even a spark of life left. Dreadnoughts are war incarnate, towering machines that advance forwards with thunderous strides, fiery death roaring from the myriad of heavy weapons mounted on their hulls. They are terrifying foes, fighting with all the skill and ferocity of a Space Marine, but combined with the durability and firepower of a battle tank. The Crimsomarines with the help of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Staub modified many Dreadnoughts and created even more new patterns of these mighty machines/Astartes from the ancient remnants of technological knowledge found on Löwenheim. The chapter often equips experimental and heavy modified weaponry to the Dreadnoughts.

Line Ranks & Designations


  • Sergeants - Every space marine squad is led by a Sergeant, a veteran of hundreds of battles, truly forged in the fires of war, who will lead his squad with an icy calm through the most dangerous of scenarios and emerge victoriously. To become a Sergeant, a Space Marine has to prove himself capable of keeping his nerves through the toughest of warzones, as well as being a formidable fighter. He has to be willing to make difficult decisions based on his instincts, and so only a few Space Marines have the required level of ability to take on this role. Each sergeant takes to the field a different weapon and acts in a different role in battle strategics depending on the type of the squad. The Crimsonmarines rely on the tactical acumen of individual Sergeants to avoid the need for more complex command structures and more complicated communications networks that the chapter already possesses. Like the Kreutzritters who are equivalent to veteran sergeants, the Sergeants of the Crimsonmarines do not have any different designations, markings or colors on their helmets like their predecessors the Ultramarines but only have the rank designation on their right shoulder plate. 
Crimsonmarines sergeant variants
  • Kreuzritters - Equivalent to the rank of Veteran sergeants in other chapters but the chapter considers this rank to be a special rank and has assigned one or two to each Kompanie (company) to benefit from their vast experience and encourage the marines of the assigned kompanien (Companies) to greater deeds of glory set by their examples. They are universal and can lead any type of squad they are assigned to but are specially trained in combat with Terminator armor and are better trained than the regular Terminator Sergeants.
  • Terminator Sergeants - since each kompanie mostly has to operate independently due to the vast area of space the Crimsonmarines have to patrol in their Crimson patron crusade each Kompanie (company) has their own terminator squads. He will lead from 4-9 Marines in a Terminator Squad of each Kompanie. Since there could be only one or two Kreuzritter in each Kompanie Terminator Sergeants have to assist the Kreuzritters in leading terminator squads on the battlefield.
  • Assault Sergeants - Each Leading an Assault squad consisting of up to 9 Battle-Brothers. The Assault Sergeant is an Astartes who has undergone additional special training in leadership and small unit tactics. He may have fought in enough battles for his Chapter to qualify as a Veteran
  • Devastator Sergeants - Each Leading a Devastator squad consisting of up to 9 Battle-Brothers. He has received extra training to equip him for his leadership role. Devastator Sergeants are also experts with all types of Space Marine Heavy Weapons, although they prefer to fight with the standard Sergeant's weapons of a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, or other melee weapons. Their expertise means that a Sergeant can get the maximum tactical advantage from the weaponry he has at his disposal.
  • Tactical Sergeants - Each leading a Tactical Squad. They are grizzled individuals who have thrived through solar decades, or even standard centuries, of hard and brutal campaigning. It is essential that battleline squads be led by a canny and daring individual capable of reading the battle for the opportunities, and it is quite common for such Sergeants to be seconded from the other Kompanien (Companies) of the Chapter. This ensures that all tactical squads of the Crimsonmarines are led by the most experienced of its warriors.
  • Scout Sergeants - since each kompanie mostly has to operate independently due to the vast area of space the Crimsonmarines have to patrol in their Crimson patron crusade each Kompanie has their own scout squads and their own Scout Sergeant to both teach and lead squads of Space Marine Scouts. Passing on their skills and experience to future battle-brothers they are arguably among the more influential members of the Chapter.
"Of the Tactical Space Marine, the bedrock of his Chapter and paragon to his brothers, I shall tell thee. He shall be steeped in the lore of battle and schooled in all manner of weapon and strategy. With combat blade, boltgun and grenade he shall assail the foe. But these are mere tools: a Tactical Space Marine's true weapons are his courage, his wits and his dedication to his brothers. He will bring his foe to battle in a manner and time of his choosing, never himself caught unready or ill-prepared for the task at hand. In defense he shall be stalwart as the mountain, a bulwark stood firm against the enemies of Man. In attack he shall strike with the wrath of the Immortal Emperor, felling the foe without mercy, remorse or fear."
—The teachings of Roboute Guilliman in one of the oldest copies of the Apocrypha of Skaros in possession of the Crimsonmarines.

Honour markings of a tactical Crimsonmarine who has pilgrimaged to the realm of Ultramar

The standard markings of a tactical Crimsonmarine

Honour markings of a tactical Crimsonmarine who has served in the chapter for more than a decade

"You shall descend upon these scourges of humanity as an Agent of Judgement from the heavens. With the jump pack as your wings, and the roar of its engines as a song of purification. Let the chainsword and thunderclaw be your tool of righteousness, You may bring death with every blow. you shall bring bloody retribution to these Heretics. As Assault Marine, you shall be the dread of any foe and the ender of lives. Your armor shall be stained with the blood of the deserving. Your deeds of honors shall bring us all glory."
—Leon Kenner during the "Cleansing" which he later wrote in his tome The 444 ways to inspire terror.
  • Assault Marine or Streik Marine - Assault Marines nicknamed in Lowenheim language as Streiker are powerful melee fighters able to best almost any opponent in the bloody close-quarters melee fighting that is such a common feature of warfare of the Adeptus Astartes. All of the Assault marines excel at close quarters combat, having received additional specialist training and have become highly experienced in melee combat after countless encounters with the Emperor's enemies.
"The Bigger your Weapon the greater the glory"
—A famous quote of Karl Breacker The First Kapitel Meister (Chapter master) of the Crimsonmarines.
  • Devastator Marine or Devastatoren - The Devastator marines have a vital role, for they provide covering fire to their battleline and close support brethren. This could be in the form of the assassination of prime targets, counter-battery volleys, or the destruction of enemy armor. By their target selection, marksmanship, and the timely application of firepower are countless battles won. As primarily long-range support units, Devastators provide their comrades with covering fire whilst also engaging enemy vehicles and other armored foes. Devastator Marines best define a Space Marine task force's reach, for they promise destruction with greater range than any of their Battle-Brothers. Unlike most other Space Marine squads, Devastators operate from a largely static footing, abandoning fixed positions only to advance, fall back or occupy a position with more commanding arcs of fire.


  • Intercessor or Vermittler - Intercessors are reliable and adaptable warriors that can lay down fire while advancing or holding terrain. Capable of leveling overlapping salvos of firepower, Intercessors often form the flexible fighting core of reinforced Kompanies which were devastated during the closing years of the 41st Millenium. Like many other Chapters, the Crimsonmarines are fielding them alongside their Tactical Squads. The recently reinforced Crimsonmarines kompanien (Companies) have found these new warriors fit for a multitude of tasks. Each Intercessor carries some variant of a bolt rifle, the standard version of which has a longer range and greater armor penetration than a bolter. Additionally, each Intercessor also bears a bolt pistol and Frag, Krak or other kinds of grenades suitable to their tasks. This load-out allows Intercessor Squads to dominate any firefight, laying down punishing fire to eliminate all but the most resilient of foes. But Intercessors are not purely ranged specialists. They are capable of punching clean through walls, enduring the heat of raging infernos, and ripping apart Xenos horrors with their gauntleted hands.
  • Infiltrator or Infitratoren - Clad in Mark X Phobos Armour, Infiltrators are responsible for disrupting enemy communications and sabotaging targets of opportunity. Their back-mounted Omni-Scrambler intercept signals across a broad spectrum, scrambling frequencies and shutting down enemy communications. When the time comes for the Infiltrators to fight directly, they emerge from their hiding places under cover of smoke or blind grenades or sometimes even Neurotoxic grenades and cut down their foes with disciplined volleys from their marksman Bolt Carbines. Infiltrators or Infitratoren are drilled extensively in survival and self-sufficiency techniques due to the long lengths of time they spend behind enemy lines.<spanstyle="font-size:11px;">  A typical squad of Infiltrators includes a trained primaris Aphoteker (Apothecary) called Sanitor by the Crimsonmarines also known as Helix Adept in other chapters.
  • <pid="firstHeading" lang="en">Inceptor or Inceptoren - The swiftest of the Primaris Space Marines, Inceptors fill the role of spearhead troops. They hit the enemy in one sudden and overwhelming blow, leaving them reeling as follow-up waves of Space Marines drive home the attack.<spanstyle="font-size:11px;"> Equipped with heavy jump packs and the reinforced Gravis variant of Mark X Power Armour, Inceptors are dropped from low orbit onto the battlefield below. Leaping from the assault bays of low-orbiting attack craft, these daring warriors brave the fury of re-entry. If the enemy detects their approach at all, they will often do so under the misapprehension that the Inceptors are stray warheads or castoff debris from orbital combat. Some squads intentionally make planetfall amidst such falling debris. By the time the foe realizes that they are under attack, the Inceptors are already upon them.<spanstyle="font-size:11px;"> Despite the ground-shattering force with which they land, Inceptors touch down with absolute control, opening fire immediately with the bulky but rapid-firing assault bolters that form their primary armaments, though some instead wield Plasma Incinerators. Servo-equipped boot-plates allow Inceptor Squads to survive landing at intense speeds, and provide an extra boost when they jump from the ground. Often paired with squads deployed by Drop Pods, Inceptors are the perfect troops to blast out a beachhead and then provide fire support to keep it clear. They also slaughter crucial command assets or silence flak batteries before the main Space Marine attack descends.

  • <pid="firstHeading" lang="en">Reiver or Überfäller - A Reiver is a close combat Primaris Space Marine reconnaissance and special operations unit, that wears skull-faced helms and is equipped with silent power armor, that has been adapted for stealth work. These are the guerrilla warfare specialists of the Primaris Crimsonmarines. They are specially trained and equipped to launch effective unexpected assaults. They do so with a sudden fury and shocking violence, for the Reiver Squads fulfill the role of terror troops that sow fear and confusion amongst their foes. Each member of this Primaris squad is outfitted in Mark X Phobos Armour. The suit’s lighter-weight ceramite and streamlined design allows greater mobility, and its servo-motors are engineered to be completely silent. Above all else, Reiver Squads depend on stealth and secrecy to accomplish their missions.

  • <plang="en">Incursor or Einfäller - Incursors fulfill an aggressive, close-quarters gunfighting role within the Crimsonmarines forces. Their mission typically sees them storming defended positions, flanking, or spearheading advances to rapidly knock out key enemy assets such as power generators and communication centers. Key to their roles is the mighty Occulus Bolt Carbines. and the Divinator-class Auspexes that feed directly into their highly advanced transpectral combat visors. This remarkable combination of visual and multi-spectral observation and analysis technology gathers every scrap of data from the wearer's surroundings. It employs a slaved Machine Spirit to collate the findings at a thousand times the speed of human thought and feed the resultant information to the Incursor's field of vision. Armed with this tightly controlled flood of intelligence, Incursors fight in an almost precognitive fashion.

  • Hellblaster - The Hellblasters are the heavy fire support infantry of the Primaris Crimsonmarines. If deployed at the correct point and time, Hellblasters can blunt the thundering assault of an armored spearhead, or lay low even the most titanic Xenos. Harking back to the single-armament specialisms of the Space Marine Legions, these squads are nonetheless strategically versatile. The plasma incinerators carried by Hellblasters are light enough to be fired on the move, while still retaining the stopping power to drop a rampaging Hive Tyrant or Battlewagon with sustained fire.
  • <pid="firstHeading" lang="en">Aggressor - Primaris Aggressors are clad in durable Gravis Pattern Power Armour which despite its appearance keeps them quite mobile, unlike their more heavily armored Centurion cousins. They are quite mobile and able to negotiate rough terrain, making them versatile troops. Often employed in specific circumstances or on certain terrain, Aggressor Squads are used as reserves to plug breaches in gun lines or to spearhead an advance. The range of their weaponry is not too long, but when they get close enough to open fire, the result is a sweeping fusillade of large-caliber bolter shells that can shatter enemy charges.

  • <plang="en">Eliminator - Eliminators utilize an even more stripped-down version of the Mk. X Phobos Armour, allowing them to operate with maximum stealth. These warriors serve as dedicated marksman and fire support specialists that haunt the shadows of the battlefield seeking out targets of opportunity and bringing them down from a range. Their primary armament is the Mk.III Shrike Pattern Bolt Sniper Rifle, Las Fusil, or Instigator Bolt Carbine.

  • <pid="firstHeading" lang="en">Suppressor - Suppressors are fire support warriors clad in Omnis-Pattern Power Armour, itself a variant of the Gravis Pattern of Mk. X Pattern Armour. The Omnis Pattern is lighter than the standard Gravis configuration and equipped with Jump PacksGrav-Chutes, and shock-absorbers. Although they are equipped similarly to Inceptor troops, Suppressors do not strike into battle from low orbit. Instead, they rely on Jump-packs and grav-chute arrays to maneuver into enfilading positions where their Accelerator Autocannons will tear through heavily armored enemies and light vehicles.

Revoked Ranks

  • Polymath - The only individual to be called Polymath was the mysterius Thirteenth chapter master, Aghorius Sanctus whose knowledge is believed to have spanned on a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to win uncountable battles. He became somewhat of a myth within the chapter as many stories regarding him were described very unsubtly. Records of the chapter indicate that he was drawn from the planet Tetrahedron in the Ultima Segmentum after a campaign known to the Imperium as The Incursion of Tetrahedron (998.M39-023.M40), believed to be the child the Lord of Change Exotl'zenas was searching for during the chaos incursion. Raised by the chapter as a servant on the outer moon of knote for his immense psychic powers and was later recruited when he became old enough. He was the first to ever master every style of battle whether if it's psychic or physical and learned everything from how to extract gene-seeds to perform battle rites he truly was the embodiment of possibility itself. He was very versatile and could perform any task one could say that during his prime he was considered to be something entirely new hence a new spacial rank was given to him before he eventually was elected to be the 13th chapter master of the Crimsonmarines. As no one could replace him after his death this rank was later revoked.

Specialist Formations

The Crimsonmarines' order of battle contains several specialist formations not present in other Space Marine Chapters:

  • Annihilator Strike Force - Typically only formed by the

    A Crimsonmarines Land Raider Crusader, essential to the Annihilator Strike force.

    Chapter when fighting enemy formations of infantry that vastly outnumber their own, the Crimsonmarines designed these strike forces with the primary goal of combating mass infantry formations. An Annihilator Strike Force is tasked with halting the advance of an enemy by way of using heavy automatic weapons fire which has served them well in turning back hordes of OrksTyranid swarms and hosts of embodied daemons. In such encounters, these irregular units of Crimsonmarines manage to hold back the large force of numbers with the sheer weight of firepower at their disposal. This firepower is usually supplied by a squadron of Predator Destructors that are led by a Land Raider Crusader. This makeup allows Annihilator Strike Forces to unleash a tremendous rate of firepower that is so overwhelming that the vehicles' and Astartes' gun barrels are glowing white with heat after intense muzzle flashes as withering attacks leave none unscathed. Entire squads of enemy troops are cut down by a single Assault Cannon, yet the firepower of an Annihilator Strike Force is enough to shred entire battalions of the foe. Only the bravest of foes will seek to overwhelm such a dedicated strike force of Crimsonmarines, and even then, the enemy must be prepared to take steep losses and heavy casualties.
  • One of the few Anvillus Dreadclaws of the Crimsonmarines.

    Crimson Claws
     - The Crimsonmarines are one of the few chapters who have Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pods in their possession, very well maintained and kept for the most important of boarding missions. The Anvillus Dreadclaw is mostly used to board enemy spacecraft by attaching itself to the hull and then burning a breach with its Melta-Cutters, allowing the elite Crimsonmarines forces within known as the Crimson Claws to assault the enemy void ships directly, destroying or sabotaging the ships from within. The Anvillus Dreadclaw, and all the other types of Dreadclaws, are mostly no longer used by the military forces of the Imperium in the late 41st Millennium, however, the Crimsonmarines have mastered the arts in the usage of these ancient boarding devices while also tamed the violent nature of their Machine Spirits residing within them with their knowledge of rediscovered artifacts from Löwenheim.
  • Schrecken Tactical Squads - These Crimson and black armored Astartes are executioners. They along with the Schrecken Assault Squads are the main enforcers of the Schreckenbringers enacted to bring the Emperor's retribution on Planetary Governors, recidivist cults and rebels alike with the most dreadful punishment imaginable, where their crimes proved severe enough to have called down the Crimsonmarines' wrath so utterly upon them. When such punishments were intended to be at their most visceral and personal, the Schrecken Squads of the Crimsonmarines were unleashed. Head hunters and torturers, flayers and mutilators; within the ranks of the Schrecken Squads are found both the most coldly dispassionate and darkly imaginative of the Crimsonmarines brethren.
  • Schrecken Assault Squads - The Schrecken Assault Squads were believed to be first utilized by the First Kapitel Meister Karl Braecker to conduct focused decapitation strikes upon specific enemy positions using Schrecken and neurotoxins as their main methods to generate a great loss in morale to the enemies. Far from subtle assassins striking unseen from the shadows, the Schrecken Assault Squads ascended into the very midst of the battlefield, equipped with vicious Lightning Claws and blind grenades that contains a special neurotoxin. These squads were often deployed from the holds of specialized transport vessels such as Storm Eagle Gunships or the Thunderhawks, leaping from great heights to descend upon silenced thrusters of their Jump Packs directly onto the heads of their unsuspecting target. The result of a successful decapitation strike was utter confusion and Schrecken in the ranks of the foe, and the complete breakdown of the enemy's chain of command. Usually, such assault squads are housed within the 5th Kompanie notorious for thriving in the usage of psychological warfare and rumored to have been descended from renegades accepted within the chapter during the times of the Crimsoncrusade.

Order of Battle


Chapter Command
Crimsonmarines chapter command1.png
 Kalle-Ahne Treumann
Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) 
(Chapter Champions)
Natarriem Hellias
Chapter Standard Bearer
Chapter Equerry
750 Official serfs

Waffenkammer (Armourium)

Kapelle (Reclusiam)

Bibliothek (Librarium)

Apotheke (Apothecarion)

Halle der Helden

(Hall of Heroes)

Crimsonmarines Aromorium1.png
(master of the Forge)
Drai Crox
Gigas Dreadnoughts
Thunderfire cannons
Land Raiders
War suits
Land Speeders
Assault & Attack Bikes
Crimsonmarines kapelle.png
(Reclusiarch) Zannadt Kuvare
Primaris Kaplans
Schrecken bringers
Schrecken bringer
Dreadnought Kaplans
Erzweiser (Chief Librarian)  Viviam Ritel
Rubicon Urheber (Epistolary)
Urhebers (Epistolaries)
Codexikars (Codiciers)
Lexikers (Lexicani)
Bibliothekar (Librarian) Dreadnoughts
Prime Helix.png
Zirius Blacke
Sanitäters (Non-Astartes assistants)
Chapter banner.png
Ehreich Hess
45 Wächters
(Honour Guards)
(Veteran Sergeants)
 Crimson Claws
(Elite Boarding Squads)


(Fleet Command)

Crimsonmarines Fleet.png
Überlord Admiral
(master of the Fleet)
Skyré von Viviane
Himmlischer Wille
Chapter Flagship
Unknown class
Ark of Shadows
5th Kompanie
(company) Flagship
Unknown class
4 Battle Barges
Aŋra Mainyu
Avenger Class Grand Cruiser
15 Strike Cruisers
17 Vanguard Class
Light Cruisers
20 Escorts




Erste Kompanie

(1st Company)

Zweite Kompanie

(2nd Company)

Dritte Kompanie

(3rd Company)

Vierte Kompanie

(4th Company)

Fünfte Kompanie

5th Company

Crimsonamrines Erste Kompanie.png
Crimsonmarines Zweite Kompanie.png
Crimsonmarines Dritte Kompanie.png
Crimsonmarines Vierte Kompanie.png
Crimsonamrines Fünfte Kompanie.png
Kompanie (Company) Descriptions 1-5:
  • Erste Kompanie (1st Company) - The most stubborn Kompanie within the Crimsonmarines chapter which still rejects the reinforcing of  Primaris Space Marines into their ranks despite having suffered terrible losses during the closing years of the 41st Millenium. The nature of the Kompanie is best reflected by their banner which is now in a terrible condition, once having the most beautiful banner with the lower parts being an image of Löwenheim, their homeworld. This Kompanie specializes in the usage of Shock tactics and is the least flexible company of the Crimsonmarines.
  • Zweite Kompanie (2nd Company) - A company that was almost destroyed during the closing years of the 41st Millenium and was later reinforced with Primaris Space Marines in the Era Indomitus after the awakening of their gene-father Roboute Guilliman. This Kompanie is now almost entirely composed of Primaris with only several squads and individuals still being from the old breed. Notably, this company has a rubicon primaris stationed namely Volkbart who was a survivor of many campaigns that devastated his Kompanie so heavily. This Kompanie specializes in the usage of conventional warfare and is one of the most Codex-Astartes following Kompanien (companies) within the chapter.
  • Dritte Kompanie (3rd Company) - One of the two Kompanies of the Crimsonmarines chapter who prefer and excel in close-quarters combat, most members of this Kompanie are bold and direct. They are also known within the chapter to be very dutiful and are willing to sacrifice anything to accomplish their goals. Members of this and the 8th kompanie are taller than all other kompanies of the Crimsonmarines. It is theorized that their gene-seed is chimeric, a possible mix between two different gene-seeds.
  • Vierte Kompanie (4th Company) - This Company favors the usage of siege and defensive tactics, proving themselves masters of every aspect of warfare, but in particular they excel at siegecraft, whether on the attack or the defense. They are utterly immovable in defense, and their mastery of the scientific aspects of war makes them peerless as well as dogged when holding a fortified position. The same is true in the attack, identifying weak points the enemy's defenses, and through relentless application of force reduce them to ruins.
  •  Fünfte Kompanie (5th Company) - One of the Oldest Kompanien (companies) that never changed its ways of operation and hugely impacted the entire chapter many times despite being widely known to be mostly successors of renegades the First chapter master of the Crimsonmarines had accepted into his chapter during the Crimsoncrusade. The fifth Kompanie of the Crimsonmarines is known to be the most fanatic worshippers of the God-emperor within the chapter. They are widely known for their brutal and merciless nature, their specialties are terror tactics and Infiltration.


Sechste Kompanie

(6th Company)

Siebte Kompanie

(7th Company)

Achte Kompanie

(8th Company)

Neunte Kompanie

(9th Company)

Zehnte Kompanie

(10th Company)

Crimsonmarines Sechste kompanie.png


Kompanie (Company) Descriptions 6-10:
  • Sechste Kompanie (6th Company) - Another company that was destroyed during the closing years of the 41st Millenium and consists of only Primaris Space Marines. This Kompanie excels at urban warfare and is widely known for its extensive usage of flame weapons while also having a large number of reiver squads.


The chapter also created a system to effectively specify and assign any tactic or doctrine to be used by having each Crimsonmarine remember codes in the Löwenheim numerals for the various tactics to be used within any given situation for example; Code Dreiunddreißig (thirty-three) is short for the initializing of terror tactics while Code Null (zero) is short for the abortion of the specific operation, however the usage of the codes are mostly in long complicated strings of numbers to clearly instruct on what exactly to do and to distinctly specify from whom the order was given and to whom it meant to reach, this prevents outsiders from understanding making it almost impossible for those who aim to sabotage the operation by attempting to give false orders.

The codes are not given too frequently mostly only three sets of codes are used in an entire operation one at the beginning to clearly specify the priorities and assign the missions to the specific squats while also making it clear from whom it was. The next in the middle of any operation if changes in tactics had been made, reassigning each squat to their new priorities and tactics while also stating by whom the change was made. The last is usually a string of numbers to report the status of the operation if it was successful or not. All of the codes follow the chain of command within the chapter. If it is suspected for the codes to have been manipulated in any way the Crimsonmarines simply change the way the codes are transmitted from their standard ways to using the Bibliothekaren (librarians) to telepathically transmit the secret tactical codes.

Combat Doctrine

The Crimsonmarines Chapter stays extremely focused on maintaining the true core intents behind the Codex Astartes but not exactly to the latter or as strictly as other successors of the Ultramarines would. As such, its military approaches are true to their core tenets and ideal for moral behavior but never to what the actual letters inscribe or what is strictly required to be followed accordingly to the Codex.

In passing the centuries, the Chapter has diverged even further from the standard tenets of the Adeptus Astartes. Embracing their faith and acknowledging the God-Emperor's divinity, the Crimsonmarines have developed fanatical zealotry and aggressiveness. This deviation from orthodoxy disturbs many of their fellow Space Marine Chapters, though the Crimsonmarines' dedication to eradicating the enemies of Humanity should not be questioned.

It is noteworthy that the Crimsonmarines are exceptionally willing to offer their assistance to any who need it. Throughout their history, this has included virtually every Imperial Adepta and organization. This includes the Inquisition, the ecclesiarchy, the Departmento Munitorum, and even Rogue Traders. Even more noteworthy is that it has also often included other Space Marine Chapters upon countless occasions despite being once disdained by many chapters for once having accepted renegades into the chapter. The Crimsonmarines have despatched substantial numbers of units to aid the Battle-Brothers of other Chapters in overcoming threats far beyond the boundaries of both the Ultima Segmentum and Segmentum Obscurus.

Once they have prepared themselves and found places to launch an assault that meets their standards, the Crimsonmarines are capable of sudden, shockingly brutal ambushes or unconventional attacks intended to thin the enemy's ranks or simply sow disorganization amongst the foes. In spite of their extensive history of engagements, the Crimsonmarines have successfully maintained a substantially well-equipped Armoury. This includes many pieces of war equipment and numerous vehicles that have been maintained since the time of their founding and various experimental weapons and devices created from the knowledge obtained from Löwenheim. Some of this equipment has been preserved intact and functional since the time of the Crimson crusade. While not all of these are used regularly, their supply of Terminator Armour is sufficient to equip the entirety of the elites of each Kompanie (Companies).

Similarly, the Chapter has a large enough supply of Dreadnoughts that it has been able to preserve the living memories of many of the Chapter's most worthy Battle-Brothers while also being able to develop a method to lessen their pain with the knowledge of the artifacts and relics gathered from Löwenheim refined by the Adeptus Mechanicus of Staub. The Chapter's main forge on Knote continuously spends its time maintaining and reconstructing this reserve, so that it is never found wanting in times of dire need.

In the same way that the Chapter's standard war equipment has been well preserved across the millennia, its collection of war-relics and artifacts has also continuously expanded. Within the hallowed halls of its fortress-monastery, there are hundreds of unique designs collected throughout its history. In times of desperation or to honor a warrior's success, these relics are selectively assigned for field use. Many of these items are beyond the specific scope of the Codex Astartes however the Crimsonmarines usually field those who have earned them with their service to the Imperium and the chapter.

As part of their dedication to the Emperor and their crusade, the Crimsonmarines swear fell oaths of faith and protection. Before a battle, it is considered customary to renew one of these oaths, the individual vow serving as a focus on the particular aspect of the Battle-Brother's duties considered to be necessary to ensure success for the conflicts yet to come.

Chapter Beliefs

The Crimsonmarines believe that it is their right and duty to follow the example set by their Primarch. It is their understanding and firm belief that the only appropriate way to maintain this is by adhering loosely to the dictates of the Codex Astartes and more focus on the planning in tactics, strategies, keen reasoning and by an indomitable will in warfare like Roboute Guilliman had shown through his actions. The sacred texts may represent a beacon for their lives, as it had guided them through many decisions and constantly enables them to act accordingly with their duties but on many occasions, as the Crimsonmarines have faced threats which demanded more flexible approaches in order to emerge victoriously in conflicts the Crimsonmarines looked up to and adopted the ways of keen reasoned intelligence as their Primarch had shown trough his entire lifetime.

Unlike most Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Crimsonmarines are adherents of the Imperial Cult. All Space Marines are renowned for their fervent dedication, but the extent of the Crimsonmarines' faith is often described as fanatical. They seek nothing less than to crush every last enemy of Mankind. The Crimsonmarines have been known to mercilessly wipe out entire planetary populations to expunge the sins of heresy, while the mere presence of a heretic on the battlefield drives them into a zealous fury against which few enemies have any hope of standing. They hold the deepest respect for those Space Marines who have served their Chapter in past eras. 

Those entrusted with the training of a neophyte spend long solar hours passing on their knowledge to the young and supervising endless drills, practice sessions, and trials. The brethren frequently impose upon themselves many hardships, foregoing all but the bare necessities to purify themselves in the eyes of the Emperor and their Primarch. The Crimsonmarines may hold themselves to an impossibly high standard, they are readily accepting of that responsibility. These Battle-Brothers gladly embrace the challenge of perfection, and rigorously accept punishment and perform penance for those times that they fail to achieve it.

During their centuries of service, the Crimsonmarines have fought against countless foes and established a well-respected history of successful endeavors after they have been reaccepted by many chapters who once despised them for their past of accepting renegades. They have served the Imperium in diverse ways, one of their primary focuses has been against the threat of Heresy. Since its founding, the Chapter has preserved a devotion to eliminating all heretics, which dates back to the time of the Crimson Crusade. 

While each Crimsonmarine is inspired by the same crusading drive to utterly crush the enemies of the Emperor, there nonetheless exists a degree of variation within the ranks. Those brethren only recently initiated into the Chapter as full Battle-Brothers might be driven to prove themselves in the eyes of their more experienced peers. Throughout his service as an Initiate, the Battle-Brother gains experience and wisdom, until he may, if he survives long enough and is judged worthy, enters the ranks of a Battle-Brother. These warriors must learn and master the wisdom in warfare.

Deathwatch Service

The Crimsonmarines once having accepted renegades has put them at odds with many parts of the Imperium, especially the Inquisition since the disaster that took two of their members had occurred in the outer parts of their homeworld system, but the many specializations in various aspects regarding combat and strategics combined with their vast knowledge on technology of the Crimsonmarines, impressed even the inquisition. It was during the Bada'gap Xenocide (M37) that the Ordo Xenos saw the potential of the Crimsonmarines who assisted the inquisition in exterminating the Xenos thread and aided in winning back the planets held by the Bada'gaps.

Watch Captain Brecher who vowed to never return to his chapter until all Xenos are wiped out.

The Crimsonmarines only send few to serve in the Deathwatch due to their main objectives are to hunt heretics and traitors, but the Crimsonmarines will ensure the capabilities of all Astartes the chapter will send, by having them pass through the toughest trials and tribulations an Astartes can face. Even if there are only a few Crimsonmarines within the Deathwatch, the Inquisitors who saw their vast potential considered it to be wiser to have them operate in deathwatch kill teams comprised entirely of brethren of the Crimsonmarines or Astartes from chapters using similarly unorthodox methods, for their mastery in the various tactics and special arts of warfare to be fully employed.

The Crimsonmarines brethren are mostly assigned to Fort Excalibrisand Keep Extremisfor these being the nearest Deathwatch Fortresses to their territory, all information regarding the battle-brothers assigned to the Deathwatch are kept secret and the exact details are known only to the Kapitel Meister (chapter master) and senior Siegers. Those who went to serve in the Deathwatch and have returned to the chapter after their successful missions will be most highly regarded within the chapter some were even elevated to ranks as high as Sieger but many who serve in the Deathwatch refuse to return, seeking to ridden humanity from all Xenos threats and will only return to the chapter after having either succeeded or died in freeing the galaxy from Xenos.

A Kill-Team entirely comprised of Crimsonmarines to maximise their efficiency in special warfare.

Notable Members

  • Kapitel Meister Karl Braecker - The founding Kapitel Meister (chapter master) of the Crimsonmarines who led his chapter to great glory from the 33rd to the 36th Millenium, his methods of warfare were very unconventional while his lenient nature led him to accept renegades into his chapter, a mistake his chapter later regretted. Karl had led his chapter on many campaigns and forlorn quests trough the galaxy during his time as chapter master, known to Imperial records as the Crimsoncrusade which began as soon as his chapter was founded. Karl mysteriously vanished after he had sacrificed himself to slay a Deamon Prince of Tzeentch known to the chapter as the Arch Heretic, leaving only his severed arm and Greatsword behind. However, it was later revealed by Leon Kenner his successor, the second Kapitel Meister (chapter master) that he is possessed by fragments of the very same Deamon he had slain and is currently calling himself the Ketzer. This knowledge about him is kept secret to other members of the chapter known and only passed down to the next Kapitel Meisters (chapter masters). The Ketzer's true intentions are currently unknown, but evidence suggests that he is the one stirring rebellions and discord trough the Crimsonmarines territories and areas of operation, haunting them of their demise and seducing many Imperials to chaos. It is believed by Kalle-Ahne the current Kapitel Meister that he may even be the reason how the orcs have found the chapters' mighty Superweapon known as the Star Cannon and were able to eventually destroy it, causing a huge loss to the chapter.
  • Kapitel Meister Leon Kenner - The succeeding Kapitel Meister after Karl also known as the second Kapitel Meister who originally came from the Crimsonmarines infamous 5th Kompanie (company), known for his straightforward brutality and barbarity. He did not willingly succeed Karl, his former chapter master but with him, as the last high ranking member surviving the battle against the Arch Heretic, he could not have declined. He became a legend within the chapter and left legacies and tales of his glorious prime on everything he had touched. He brought great restoration and expansion to the Crimsonmarines during his times, from rebuilding the chapter to full strength to expanding the Crimsonmarines sphere of influence very far into both the Segmentum Ultima and the Segmentum Obscurus. However, during his time in command, the chapter had suffered the repercussions of his predecessor for having accepted renegades into the chapter causing the Ultramarines to distrust and seclude the Crimsonmarines from their other successor chapters. To effectively rebuilt and restore his chapter to full strength, he enjoined the Ecclesiarchy for support in exchange for joining the Imperial cult causing some present-day Crimsonmarines to be religious fanatics. Unbeknownst to his chapter Leon did not truly die but was severely injured during a Chaos incursion on a remote planet and is believed to have been cursed by a Chaos Sorcerer. His body is kept in stasis on Staub also known as the Red Moon of the Adeptus Mechanicus which are desperately attempting to resurrect him. 
  • Kaptitän Vyrn Hess (also known as Grausam) - Among the 5th Kompanie (company) Crimsonmarines, some overstepped the bounds of even what that infamous Kompanie (company) considered sane. One such was the Vyrn Hess, or "Grausam" meaning Cruel in Löwenheimian language the nickname granted him without irony by his chapter and Kompanie. A Löwenheimian by birth and a child of that civilized world's ruling class, Vyrn registered as both highly intelligent and psychologically stable and showed great aptitude and ability for the Crimsonamrines Schreckenbringers. The Crimsonmarines Schreckenbringers were charged with other arts than mere torture; they were needed to oversee interrogations, contrive inventively malignant punishments and keep their "subjects" alive and lucid far longer than they wished to be. Having risen to become the first and only 5th Kompanie kaptitän (company captain) from the ranks of a Schreckenbringer he became a very cruel and heartless leader who committed atrocities to populaces of the Imperium if there were only rumors of falling to heresy or in a declining of faith. He cemented his legacy of brutality after committing purges on an Imperial colony on Schneeden which recently survived a Chaos incursion, for being involved in bringing the forces of chaos to Schneeden with a mysterious chaos artifact in the first place.
  • Sieger Halorianartr Legandr (Halorianart Legendror) - One of the first Crimsonmarines after Leon Kenner's times of becoming the chapter master, to have been born on a foreign planet, other than Löwenheim and have his legacy cemented. A vicious beast on the battlefield while also being a wise tactician at the meetings and gatherings. Later elected to be the first-ever Sieger of the chapter to have been originated from another planet which was very rare at those times of rebuilding and recruiting from a singular source. He fell in battle at the side of his Kapitel Meister (chapter master) Leon while Leon combated the foul chaos champion known to the chapter as Ketzer. Halorianartr earned the most hard-earned honors during his lifetime being an example to many generations of Crimsonmarines trough the ages. his deeds and acts of glory are still praised to this day while his set battlefield records of slaughtering the wicked heretics and crouching Xenos are still unbeaten to even this day.
  • Watch Captain Brecher - Another descendant of Löwenheimian's ruling class and nobility who received the best combat training and lectures in war strategies his family could offer before he could be recruited. After more than 300 hundred standard years in service to the Crimsonmarines, he faced a horror the likes of which none could imagine the Tyranids attacked Stahllus, an allied Astra Militarum regiment homeworld. Most of his battle-brothers were slain, crushed by the vile Xenos while trying to defend non-military refugees being evacuated from their homeworld. After another 15 years of service, he was nominated for service with the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, the Deathwatch. He currently serves as a Watch Captain of the Deathwatch within the Mahatama system in the Segmentum Obscurus. He vows to never return to Löwenheim until the crouching Xenos threads are all but eliminated.
  • Kaptitän Höllenzorn - Sometime during the opening years of the 41st Millennium, Kaptitän Höllenzorn served as a Force Commander for a Crimsonmarines strike force against a Warband of their hated enemies, the Word Bearers and a pack of Daemons, led by the Chaos Lord Zirmundatta, for the control of a Pre-Heresy relic weapon called the Karolinas. Kaptitän Höllenzorn led his Crimsonmarines to the Daemon World of Einchzmann, the homeworld of Zirmundatta, located at the edge of the Eye of Terror. Encountering a large force of daemons led by the Bloodthirster Gnalikoste, a Greater Daemon of Khorne, the Crimsonmarines weathered the storm and defeated the servants of Chaos after banishing Gnalikoste back into the Warp. Opening a Chaos Gate to Zirmundatta's realm, within this hellish dimension the Crimsonmarines located a fortress, the last refuge of Zirmundatta and the remnants of his forces. Kaptitän Höllenzorn personally led his Kompanie (Company) in a long hard-fought battle against the Chaos Lord, which ended with the Word Bearers' death, ending the Crimsonmarines' crusade.
  • Ältester (ancient) Adelbert - A Venerable Dreadnought, Adelbert was a former Kaptitän (Captain) who led the Crimsonmarines in the cleansing of the planet Vrollemia form the forces of the Ork Warboss Krilla Skroull. When he was mortally wounded in battle, he was interred within an adamantium sarcophagus and placed within the shell of a Venerable Dreadnought. He would later go on to defend the shrine world of Mandeta from the invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth. In the aftermath of the invasion, he fought alongside the Crimsonmarines 3rd Kompanie (Company) in reclaiming the northern polar defense fortress/cathedral on Mandeta.
  • Sergeant Ludwig Tanne - Sergeant Ludwig Tanne is the sole survivor on the losing side of a battle between his Crimsonmarines squad and a Dark Eldar raiding force. Tanne is a veteran of lifetimes of war, and his face is covered in deep, biting scars but his eyes are still sharp. A great prize, he was first presented to Archon Zapellatin and his Haemonculus Drenchior, though after the Haemonculus failed to break his will, he was sent to the pits and the care of the Wych Cult of the Broken Blade to die in the arena. His strength and stature are legendary among the denizens of the Nexus, and many Xenos came to watch the warrior fight while buying and selling their slaves. The human slaves of the Broken Blade stand in awe of this giant, and he has become revered as an icon of hope and Imperial might by many of them. Tanne fights so that he does not dishonor his Chapter by accepting defeat, and hopes that one day he might escape and return to his brothers.

Chapter Fleet

Notable Voidships

  • Himmlischer Wille - Translated as the Divine Will. This ship is currently the Crimsonamrines Chapter Flagship. This Hybrid between an Emperor-class Battleship and a Gloriana-class Battleship was originally built from a Standard Template Construct (STC) found during the closing years of the Great Crusade, built many decades after the Horus Heresy. Originally from the Ultramarines chapter and was later given to the Crimsonmarines upon their Founding as a Fleet based Chapter. Equipped with maws of Nova cannons, Mega-lasers, mass-drivers, and torpedo hives encrusted throughout its entire hull, presenting an arsenal comparable to that of a small fleet of lesser vessels. Currently equipped and modified with many Experimental weapons and modifications including a powerful plowshare prow on its front.
  • The Ark of Shadows - In a campaign known to the records of the Imperium as The Pursuit of Pariye Ravolkian (995.M36-013.M37) the Crimsonmarines claimed this gigantic ship of unknown class as their prize after having the archmagi masters of Staub successfully purge the mighty warship of Chaos taint In exchange for the magi to remove certain relic-technologies from the vessel and were granted free access to the ancient and unique lore stored in its data-tabernacle. The Ark of Shadows is swift and heavily-armed with weapon batteries, Lances and fighter launch bays. However, its primary weapons are Macrocannons, which fire large fusion charge shells. They can saturate an area in atomic blasts but only have a short-range. The Ark of Shadows possesses an unusual drive system that creates a disruptive effect with the potential to confuse enemy targetting scanners and protect the Cruiser from direct weapons fire. Later given to the 5th Kompanie (company) as their company Flagship after the 13th Black Crusade to patrol the vast expanses of space surrounding their homeworld.
  • Aŋra Mainyu - (pronounced: Angra Mainyu) An Avenger Class Grand Cruiser, given to the Crimsonmarines after they had shared many Standard Template Construct (STC) discovered on Löwenheim to the distant neighboring Forge World of Goth. As a sign of gratitude from the Adeptus Mechanicus of Goth, they gave this ancient warship of the times since the Great Crusade in return. Its origins are shrouded in mysteries, only its name could be recovered from its millennia-old Cogitators after it was found aimlessly drifting through the void by an Ark Mechanicus of the Forge World of Goth. Like any vessel of the Crimsonmarines, it was heavily modified after it fell into the chapters' possession, the original macro-weapons have been replaced with either longer-range laser batteries or extremely powerful short-ranged macro batteries, guaranteeing the ability of Aŋra Mainyu to crush its foes at any range. In addition, the aft gundecks have been removed and replaced with Titanforge lance turrets. Those foes foolish enough to fight Aŋra Mainyu find a ship able to wreak havoc at long range, but as they close its fire only intensifies until they flee or break up under the punishment. The ship is utterly unsubtle, which seems to fit the Crimsonmarines' way of operations perfectly.

Notable Void Stations

  • Star Cannon - This was a superweapon built by the Adeptus Mechanicus of Staub from 778.M40 trough 002.M41 by the vast knowledge gained from Artifacts and STC's from Löwenheim. It was commissioned by the 12th Kapitel Meister (chapter master), designed by Archmagos Umakar Lethe of Staub, finished and first put to use during the reign of the 13th Kapitel Meister known as Aghorius Sanctus. The Star Cannon is a 13,000-meter-long tube-shaped Void station built above Brylx a planet rich with minerals hidden within thick gas clouds/nebulae. It was a superweapon capable of firing large, Exterminatus projectiles trough the warp and was capable of destroying entire planets. It was also equipped with massive engines and thrusters. Each of these projectiles was capable of traveling through the warp, allowing for traversal of interstellar distances of the Exterminatus projectiles and difficulty in detecting them until the projectiles struck. Upon exiting the warp and homing in on its target, the projectile's disrupting mechanism will initiate blocking any kind of signal or communication. Having reached its target, powered by its own power core, the particle disintegrator warhead explodes, triggering immense nuclear cloud reactions that encircled the targeted world's surface within minutes. The nuclear reactions were sustained until all matter had been converted into energy, effectively wiping the planet and its inhabitants off the face of the galaxy. The current chapter master of the Crimsonmarines noted that the Star Cannon was the most destructive superweapon they ever wielded.  sadly it was destroyed in the mid-period of the 41st Millenium by a massive Ork WHAAAGH and crashed upon the isolated death world of Nacratar in the Segmentum Obscurus. Before its destruction, however, it was able to completely obliterate 4 worlds heavily infested with the green-skinned Xenos ending their rampage. Currently, the Adeptus Mechanicus of Staub puts enormous efforts in scavenging its parts and attempting to reconstruct this superweapon, this proved to be difficult for some of those parts were technological artifacts themselves. It is heavily debated if such rare artifacts could be found again to replace the destroyed parts.
  • Willenskraft - The Willenskraft is a Ramilies-class Starfort utilized by the Crimsonmarines Space Marine Chapter located in the orbit of Canium a death world of the Northarius system, the last system under the chapters' influence and protection. This pre-Horus Heresy Ramilies-class Starfort was found in the unexplored regions near the Maelstrom and was later found by the Crimsonmarines during the Relieving and Expanding Times. The Willenskraft was actually an old outpost during the Great Crusade but was eventually abandoned and left forgotten as the Horus Heresy broke out and was then later rediscovered by the Crimsonmarines chapter during the time of Kapitel Meister (Chapter Master) Leon at the height of his Crimson Patron Crusade as his campaign pushed outwards to the Maelstrom. After the Crimsonmarines asked for their assistance, the Adeptus Mechanicus willingly committed to the significant task of restoring the starfort to its intended glory. In addition to being a potent weapons platform, the Willenskraft is also capable of refitting and resupplying Imperial voidships. Further, it possesses the ability to manufacture a number of crucial components that are otherwise unavailable in this vast area of wilderness space, which makes it of enormous strategic value to the Crimsonmarines and Imperial Navy forces within the sub-sector.

Willenskraft orbiting the Planet of Canium

Chapter Relics

The holds of the Crimsonmarines bases are filled with innumerable prized relics and holy artefacts. Either saved from destruction or recovered from their homeworld, they are preserved by a multitude of Chapter serfs, who meticulously maintain these sacred heirlooms in preparation for the day when they are ready to be carried to war in the Emperor's name.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Chapter Badge




Notable Quotes

By the Crimsonmarines

"Bold to spread heresy in assault-cannon range."
—Unknown Crimsonmarine 77.M35
"We live in crimson and die in crimson"
—Crimsonmarines votive
"Why this desolate sandball? Are we being tested?"
—Kapitän Hardhammer of Crimsonmarines during the Invasion of Dunea (014.M38-016.M38)
"Your death is all the Imperium needs!"
—Unknown Crimsonmarine while the chapter was purging a rebelling planet

About the Crimsonmarines

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