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The Clovis Rebellion was a lamentable event that occurred in the Clovis Sector when they were invaded by a Black Crusade. System-wide insurrection ensues on five different worlds following the entrance of a large Night Lord Chaos Warband, spreading terror and paranoia amongst these planets' populace. A joint-castigation campaign comprised of three Adeptus Astartes Chapters - including the Blades of Dorn, Blood Vultures, Brazen Lions, and Ebon Knights - are sent to the Clovis Sector to purge the Night Lords, Chaos Cultists and various insurrectionist elements, and bring back Imperial law and order to the sector. Those worlds that refuse to submit, suffer dire and often bloody examples for the price of their rebellion.


When the Forces of Chaos launch a Black Crusade into the Clovis Sector, a joint-Astartes strike force is sent to quell the five worlds that have become overrun by bloody insurrection. The Clovis Rebellion quickly escalates when a large force of Night Lords Heretic Astartes arrived and the Planetary Defence Forces of Clovis Prime crumbled. The Blades of Dorn, Ebon Knights and Blood Vultures launched a counter-attack to secure vital Imperial artefacts before Exterminatus was declared. It takes the three Chapters two more years of brutal conflict to cleanse the rest of the sector's worlds before they are declared free of corruption.