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"Remember the importance of patience, the predators of the jungle have mastered this tactic and to survive and so too must you. A mistimed attack can be the difference between life and death. Trust your brothers, strike when the time is right, and you shall rarely know defeat. "
— Senior Brother of the Midnight Suns chapter explaining fundamentals of Ambush Tactics to Neophytes

The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun are a loyalist Space Marine Chapter that was formed around the ill-fated 21st Founding, the so-called 'Cursed Founding', on the feral jungle planet of Xibalba. Though they claim lineage from the Blood Angels and the noble Primarch Sanguinius, their gene-seed has been tainted by the touch of the murderous Night Lords though the Chapter vehemently denies this.

On their dangerous jungle home, the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun continue to improve their ambush tactics believing that swift unexpected strikes can end conflicts quickly before they can get out of control. In truth, this method is to prevent their brutal and sadistic traits of their genetic forebearers from surfacing. As further proof to their Night Lords lineage, they prefer to perform these assaults under the cover of darkness, lying in wait like nocturnal predators waiting for the most opportune chance to strike instilling damage on their opponents both physically and psychologically.


As with many Chapters created during the 21st Founding, the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun begins in the laboratories buried deep on the planet Inculaba where Magos Biologis attempted to recreate the Emperor's genius by reinventing the transhuman warriors known as the Astartes and reintroduce them to the Imperium. The Brotherhood arose from the attempts to cure the twin curses that plagues the chapters sired from the genes of the Primarch Sanguinius. Unfortunately, most of the evidence that could link the chapter to this event is a degraded vid-log of one Genetor Franz Stein:

Badge Inquisition.png


Input Security Clearance: Processing...

Database Error: #099810Ψ


Greetings Inquisitor,

The information which you are attempting to access is classified. Your service record and citizen number have been logged and recorded, any further interest in this subject on your behalf may result in the unfortunate early termination of your career and subsequent mind-scrub. You have been warned.

Thought for the Day: 'A questioning servant is more dangerous than an ignorant heretic.'

Source: Personal log of Magos Biologis Stein.

Author: Magos Biologis Franz Stein

Vid-Log Transcript:

It is a great honor to be chosen for such an enormous undertaking as the Homo Sapiens Novus Project. Just as our Mechanicus brothers build perfection from metal, we shall build perfection from the flesh, perfection that has not been seen since the days of the Emperor himself. Archmagos [REDACTED] has tasked me with curing the genetic ailments of Blood Angels, and while I am not the only Magos to work on this genotype, I willingly take this challenge head on to prove my superior intellect. Although we have been provided with ample equipment and supplies, I’m afraid they are not compatible with my plans to cure the genetic malady. As such I have requested transfer to a new facility, if all goes well, I should be moving my laboratory to

[Vid-log cuts out.]

While initial lack of evidence suggested Franz’s request was never granted and he continued to work on Inculaba, this is entirely untrue as it appeared Franz had connections to a Rogue Trader known as Alejandro Cordoba who was able to transport him off world. Documents the Inquisition obtained centuries later from Cordoba’s ship the Eternal Dawn indicated Franz among the crew roster at one point and cargo manifests showing the ship had transported large amounts of chemicals and medical equipment that were commonly used to cultivate and transplant gene seeds. The Inquisition’s investigation eventually led them to Xibalba where the Brotherhood came under scrutiny by the Ordo Hereticus. With the Chapters help the Inquisition discovered Stein’s laboratory deep in a section of the planet known as the Demons Glade named for the large number of genetic aberrations found in the native wildlife, most likely due to Magos Steins research. The forest had long reclaimed the laboratory overgrowing much of the facility and it appeared all of the technology had long since degraded beyond recovery. Unable to gleam any evidence from the facility, the Inquisition turned their attention to the Brotherhood as they could be hiding records to prevent their Chapter’s eradication but a thorough parsing of their Librarius, no such evidence could be found. In truth, the Brotherhood was never truly aware of their genesis as Magos Franz entrusted all of his surviving records to the Cordoba after an event known as the Aak'ab k'i'ik'el.

Deep in a vault on an uncharted world known as Teloka, Cordoba stashed the vid-logs and data files detailing the work or Magos Stein and his experiments on the astartes gene seed as he knew his involvement with Stein could lead to repercussions with the Ecchlesiarcy and the Inquisition. These records while degraded, detail the Magos’s progress throughout his endeavor. For example, personal logs detail that while Magos Stein was able to make progress in stabilizing the Red Thirst though he was unable to make a reliable solution for quite some time.

Badge Inquisition.png


Input Security Clearance: Processing...


Thought for the Day: 'The Emperor bestows upon us the gift of intolerance.'

Source: Personal log of Magos Biologis Stein.

Author: Magos Biologis Franz Stein

Vid-Log Transcript:

At first, I believed the cure lie deep in the recesses of this accursed jungle as the humors of the native flora are renowned for alleviating ailments of the flesh, regenerating tissues, and fortifying the body. While initial experimentation proved hopeful, genetic cohesion becomes highly unstable during the final phases of gene seed implantation leading to total cellular degradation or rampant mutation. Unfortunately, the erratic nature of the twin curses makes the astartes DNA highly unstable causing them to eventually reject the genes I have introduced leading to this failure. They just need a catalyst to act as a stabilizing agent long enough and the therapy can take hold. I have a theory that while the cells of the Blood Angels are unable to accept the gene segments by themselves, maybe with the aid of another genetic template I can force the stabilization and create a cure.

I have reached out to my connections both within the Adeptus Mechanicus and my "alternative" channels and am eagerly awaiting response. In the meantime, I have occupied myself with smaller side projects on experimenting on the native fauna in hopes of uncovering other biological wonders this planet holds for the greater use by the Imperium. Addendum: Reminder I must have the Skitarii investigate these "Trogs" the natives keep mumbling about, if these subterranean humanoids do exist, their physiology may hold some interesting data that I could use for future endeavors, especially in engineering more efficient miners.

According to the records, while waiting for assistance, Stein spent most of his time not only modifying the local fauna but he spent a great deal of time into studying the Trogs which the natives claimed were demons that would abduct villagers and take them deep into the caverns during the dead of night. After capturing a proper specimen, Stein would discover them to be an abhuman mutation. The Magos theorized that for some unknown reason as humanity spread across the face of Xibalba they diverged into two separate species with the Trogs adapting to the subterranean environment and standard humans devolving into uneducated savages.

Aak'ab k'i'ik'el

Solar eclipses are a rare event on Xibalba due to its moon’s irregular orbit, thus they occur every 500 years and last for a full three days. During these periods, the Trogs (who usually only come to the surface during particularly dark nights) emerge from their cave homes en masse to ransack villages for food and captives. The Aak'ab k'i'ik'el, is an anomaly even amongst these rare eclipses as instead of shrouding the world in darkness it was instead bathed it in a red haze and was dubbed the Midnight Sun. This red light had an unusual effect on the Trogs making them more barbaric and bold attacking everything, even the large creatures they would usually avoid during their umbral sojourns. It was during this time at large group of Trogs attacked Magos Stein’s compound overrunning the defenses and massacring most of Stein’s cadre of allies that he had accumulated to help him on his project. Stein was able to lock himself in his chambers and released his experiments in hopes they would deter his attackers while he sent out a distress signal. These experiments included the latest batch of astartes he had created with the chimeric genotype in hopes for curing the twin curses. While they were far from perfect as some were suffering from either of the curses, they were able to stave off the Trogs. Help eventually came through in the form of Cordoba and his crew. Franz feeling his experiments were ultimately a failure, decided to return to the general safety of the Adeptus Mechanicus entrusting his surviving records to Cordoba. Though the Ecchlesiarcy eventually founded the Brotherhood’s chapter on the belief that they were another successor of the Blood Angels, neither they nor the Brotherhood were never fully aware of the chapter’s connection to the Homo Sapiens Novus Project. It is there deep in the vault on Tekola that Magos Stein's final report hints at chapters link to a darker origin.

Badge Inquisition.png


Input Security Clearance: Processing...


Thought for the Day: 'The ends always justify the means.'

Subject: Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun Astartes Chapter.

Source: Personal log of Magos Biologis Stein.

Author: Magos Biologis Franz Stein

Vid-Log Transcript:

[Final report]

This my final log regarding the Homo Sapiens Novus Project. Let it be known in the eyes of the Emperor in the beginning I had the fullest confidence in my abilities to rectify the maladies that plagued the Astartes genome, but as time progressed I began to realize how difficult it was to mold even the slightest of genetic sequences it to my specific designs. Though my resources and facilities are less than ideal, I believe the struggle of manipulating the Astartes DNA was a countermeasure implemented by the Emperor to prevent others from perverting his great work.

Regardless, I persevered and was able to make leeway with my research with realizing that a sample from another chapter would help the Sanguinius genes. I reached out for suppliers for a sample so I could test my hypothesis though unfortunately the Adeptus Mechanicus was not able to supply me with a sample, so my only resort was to turn to more unsavory elements. I received contact from a Druhkari who was willing to trade a stock of pure gene-seed he had "acquired" for several vials of poison of the Jitaka a dangerous animal that roams the jungles of the planet. Though I was loathed to work with the despotic xenos I was out of options and consoled myself in the fact that this was not the first time the Adeptus Mechanicus had bargained with the Drukhari.

During the transaction I examined the gene-seed only to find they were of the foul [REDACTED] Chapter, though it was pure with no traces of chaotic corruption to be found. I was not sure what surprised me more, the gene seed I was forced to work with or that a Druhkari was true to its word, regardless I concluded my transaction and continued my work with renewed vigor. Thankfully, my theory had proven successful as the Sanguinius DNA stabilized enough to respond to the therapy. I rejoiced as the instances of Red Thirst significantly dropped and those that did succumb only required minimal amounts of blood to return them to a normal state.

Unfortunately, while they Red Thirst reduced, it appeared that there was an unforeseen synergy between the [REDACTED] gene-seed and the Black Rage. As their eyes turn black their need to shed blood elevates quickly, however unlike their Blood Angel progenitors while they are violent, they are not as mentally unstable and seem to have a more sinister intent. While I attempted to study this new revelation in hopes of curing it as well my work was unfortunately cut short due to the unusual astronomical event* (Article 7 Sub-section Sigma).

In a last ditch effort to save my research I released my astartes subjects, who over the next 3 days defended the facility driving off the invaders. Though those subjects afflicted with the Black Rage chased the invaders deep into the jungles we were able to locate and subdue them due to the subdermal tracking devices I implanted in them, usually at some grisly scene with bodies dismembered and strewn up into the trees. My compound is damaged beyond recovery and I have sent a request for immediate extraction as I feel I am unable to continue my work. I have made preparations to ensure that my work will survive in some capacity in hopes that maybe in the future the research I have aggregated can be used to finally expunge the heirs of Sanguinius of their curses.

Along with this record are several data logs detailing subjects from the project:

Badge Inquisition.png


Input Security Clearance: Processing...


Thought for the Day: 'The ends always justify the means.'

Subject: Xba-112114175

Source: Subject summary dictated by Magos Biologis Franz Stein.

Author: Magos Biologis Franz Stein

Vid-Log Transcript:

Subject has shown genetic idiosyncrasies similar to [REDACTED] marines including oculus niger, and a lightening of cutaneous pigment though reduction in melanin though still not as noticeable as it’s progenitor. The Flaw of Sanguinius has been confirmed as subject brutally eviscerated several servitor units during routine physical examination and escaped into the facility screaming the name of the traitor Primarch Horus. While security was deployed to eliminate the subject, he showed unusual cunning hiding quietly in dimly lit areas and ambushing patrols in a flurry of rage and destruction.

Observations from ocular feeds from Skiitari units showed that while it immediately dispatched our brothers who had given themselves fully to the Omnissiah, he seemed to take his time killing those who still had organic pieces remaining. Showing that there was some form of intellect there I made a gambit and released Subject Hun-116821, Xba-112114175's fraternal twin, along with several mercenary units hired for additional protection to capture the subject.

Subject Xba-112114175 brutally killed many of the mercenaries usually by separating them stalking the individual to heighten their sense of fear before delivering the killing blow all the while mumbling in high gothic and mentioning Horus’s name several times. Subject Hun-116821 was eventually able to corner and capture his brother by forcing him to consume extract from the Theobeatitudine plant that was being studied in the labs for its use in neutralizing poisons. The tincture seemed to calm down Xba-112114175 and he became more compliant as we subdued and locked him in a containment cell, though it appears this calm was only temporary as he reverted back to his aggressive behavior less than an hour later.

I have slated a regiment of tests on Theobeatitudine as the chemicals in this plant do seem to have varying effects on the human neurological system and while it seems it cannot fully suppress the Black Rage it may be a useful tool in helping to study the curse in hopes of a cure.

Notable Battles

Battle of Tellimor

The Brotherhood’s 5th company reinforced the Ultramarines to prevent the Hive World of Tellimor from an assault by the Sons of Damnation chaos warband emboldened into taking the world by the manifestation of a bloodthirster in their ranks known as S’arasvish. While defending the planetary capital during a particularly vicious assault, Company Captain Pasay of the Brotherhood notices that the left side of the warband is not particularly well defended and that attacking from that side could quickly turn the tide of the battle. His plan while noted, is refused by the Ultramarines commander stating that such a maneuver is dangerous and that it could potentially be a trap and reducing their defensive numbers for such an unnecessary risk. Regardless, during the height of the battle, Captain Pasay leaves with half of his company to preform the strike while the Ultramarines are occupied. Thankfully, the maneuver works and the disarray cause by the strike allows Imperial forces to ultimately win the battle. The Ultramarines commander reprimands Captain Pasay for disregarding orders and the argument between the two ultimately leads to animosity between the chapters for the rest of the campaign. To this day the Ultramarines do not fully trust the reliability of the Brotherhood and keep a constant watch on them whenever the two chapters must work together.

Massacre on the Qu'anush

A particularly dangerous T'au Kir'shasvre destroyer known as the Qu’anush had ambushed one of the Chapters escort ships known as the Serpent’s Tongue while it was on route to assist the Brotherhoods 3rd company as it struggled with an Ork invasion. Unable to outgun their attackers, the ship launched a squad of their Death Company adorned in terminator armor to board the ship and buy them as much time as they could. The Serpent’s Tongue avoided the T’au ship as much as they could though they became crippled by ion fire. Though things seemed grim for the Escort the Qu’anush stopped and for several hours drifted aimlessly in the void of space. More boarding parties were sent to the Qu’anush only to find the ship a xenos mass grave with decks littered with T’au and Kroot bodies and painted in blood. The surviving terminators were found on the ships bridge slowly impaling the captain on a power sword so they could hear his screams of pain. They were extracted and the ship was destroyed, though official records state that the tactical genius of the Serpent's Tongue's Captain and the will of the Emperor is what brought the T’au ship down.

Chapter Homeworld

Departmento Cartographicae pict-file of the verdant death world of Xibalba, Chapter home world of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun.

Located in the Yucata System deep in Segmentum Tempestus, Xibalba is a verdant world that rivals the famous Catachan in both beauty and danger. The planet is blanketed in a dense tropical rainforest that spans the entire planet, it is this flora that traps heat and moisture close to the planet making it unnaturally hot and humid as well as aiding in the creation of torrential rainstorms that occur nearly once every week. Though the planet receives a significant amount of rainfall, fresh water is hard to come by due to the fact that any water that does not evaporate is quickly absorbed by the surrounding flora or the planet’s porous sediment layers. Aside from collecting water from large leaves the only reliable source of water comes from Cenotes. These natural sink holes collect rainwater to form massive freshwater basins and while vital, are considered one of most dangerous places on the planet’s surface. This is due to the fact that not only do many of the large apex predators of the planet claim these areas as their hunting grounds, but for the fact that many Cenotes lead to the underground cave system that spans the planet. For the native humans, the duty of collecting water from these basins garners the same respect as their hunters and warriors in terms of bravery as many who are sent to these oases are either taken by the forest or worse, dragged into the caves by their denizens.


The hardships endured in the sunless cave system of Xibalba makes the the surface seem like a pleasure planet. Numerous caverns pocket the mantle of Xibalba some are singular and isolated, while others are linked by a series of underground tunnels both natural and unnatural. The size of these caves ranges from several meters to several kilometers and it has been speculated that only a small number of the caves have actually been discovered and documented. Light is barely present in the caverns except for those with openings leading to the surface or the caves that house bioluminescent fungus and mosses. Most animals that inhabit the caves live solitary lives feeding on whatever they can. This in turn creates voracious predators like the Mole-Scorpion and one must tread carefully as swarms of these pests can reduce a creature to bone in minutes. To add to the danger, over a third of the known caverns are completely flooded with water that has collected there over the millennia making them impossible to traverse by conventional means. Many of the known caves are labeled as Houses and are given names after prominent features that have been observed. Documented ones include:

  • House of Razors This cavern is covered in stalactites and stalagmites of pure obsidian that flense flesh at the slightest touch
  • House of Blood Known for a stream that flows through the cavern filled with diluted minerals and an unknown substance that gives it a red tinge that can be seen even in the pitch blackness
  • House of Pale Light a huge cavern filled with a forest of bioluminescent fungi
  • 'House of Fangs home to a 10-meter-long Mole-Scorpion known as Scream Eater, some believe it to be a remnant of Magos Steins experiments. It is left alone as it only consumes those foolish enough to wander into its den.
  • House of the Grim Vigil Home of Death’s Gate Outpost where the Brotherhood’s Death Company is stationed, tasked with monitoring and quelling the large population of Trogs that roams this massive cave and preventing them from attempting to reach the surface through the cave’s mouth.

Cave Inhabitants

The Trogs are a mutant branch of the human population that lives exclusively in Xibalba’s cave system. Diverging from the planets original human colonists who moved into the cave system for shelter they adapted to their subterranean homes and became the dominant species of this terrain aside from the occasional apex predator such as Scream Eater. Trogs have a build similar to humans though they are slightly lankier, though this is deceiving as Trogs have been proven to be as strong if not stronger than their surface bound kin. Due to lack of exposure to the sun their skin is pale white or translucent and while they appear to lack hair, closer inspection reveals small filament hair covering their body which help them detect vibrations in the air and changes in temperature and pressure. While they were initially though to be blind, the eye of a Trog is actually more complex than a humans containing small microcrystals that amplify ambient light that allow them to see on both the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. While they are capable of seeing the regular spectrum, when exposed to normal ambient light the creatures seem to recoil in pain when exposed to light barely above the luminosity of a basic torch. While it does not actually cause them physical pain, the Trogs seem to have a psychological scar that wracks them with agony when exposed to it.

It is not known what the Trogs exactly use for food as the lack of reliable sustenance in the caves could not support the large populations found in the larger caverns. While the Trogs do make nightly hunts to gather food it is surmised that larger populations resort to cannibalism of their weaker members or that they conquer smaller tribes and the victors eat those that are slain during battle and those they choose not to assimilate into their group. Trog intelligence varies, while most of the time they act like savage animals they have formed a primitive society making use of primitive stone tools and housing from scavenged surface materials as well as construct tunnels to other cave complexes. Though they have not shown the savagery seen during the events of Aak'ab k'i'ik'el they still launch nighttime raids on villages. The fear that if the Trogs were to rally under a single banner they would decimate the surface population has forced the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun to intervene. In caverns where large populations of Trogs are found the chapter has established outposts known as “Gates”, it is here the Chapter defends against large incursions by Trogs and helps train their members in operating in environments with little illumination.


A wide variety of flora and fauna span Xibalba and all have adapted to living in this harsh environment. Flowers and ferns and trees of various chromatic hues can be found throughout the forest and Magos studying these plants have been able to extract numerous chemicals and stimulants that have aided the advancement of many fields of Imperial tech. Extracts from Xibalba’s forests have been used in the production of Bio-lubricants, neuro stimulants and suppressors, tissue regenerators and some chemicals have been known to temporarily enhance psychic powers. Unfortunately, the process of finding and obtaining many of these chemicals is arduous and dangerous. For example, enzymes of the Gullet Plant are a highly acidic compound that can be utilized in corrosive rounds that have been especially effective against Tyranid carapaces. Unfortunately, extracting the compound is dangerous as the plants outer layer is durable enough to resist even bolter fire and requires one to get into it’s man sized pitcher to gather a proper sample all the while being warry as any stimuli can cause the plant to clamp down on it’s victim quickly dissolving them in their enzymes before help can be administered.

The most successful of Imperial cultivation of Xibalba’s flora is the Theobeatitudine plant. Seeds from this plant contain high quantities of potent chemicals that are used as medical stimulants, anticoagulants, and vasodilators. While widespread in production of apothecary and medicae tinctures, the Brotherhood have a special connection to the plant as an aid in calming the Black Rage. Similar to the natives of Xibalba, the Brotherhood dries seeds from Theobeatitudine and then grind them into a fine powder and burn them as an incense which the Chapter calls Sanguinius Breath. While in a normal human inhalation of the fumes very in results from hallucinations to enhanced sensory awareness, in marines of the Midnight Sun they are instilled with an intense feeling of serenity. Unfortunately, the incense is not a cure for the Primarch’s Curse and while it may give a marine a moment of clarity the effects are only temporary.


The fauna of Xibalba is as various as the flora with inhabitants evolving specializations that allow them to survive the unforgiving wilderness. From the miniscule Volt Ants which collectively discharge massive amounts of electricity to immobilize prey to the massive Galthula, a large ape-like sloth that can easily lift and throw a predator tank, the animals of Xibalba are respected for their power and tenacity. While the beasts of the planet all hold some regard with the natives there are 2 notable species strike particular fear into the hearts of the planet’s inhabitants.

First is the Cozquix a large avian predator that will regularly hunt dangerous animals including humans on a regular basis. On average a Cozquix is 3.6 meters long with a 4.5-meter wingspan with the females being slightly smaller than males though both genders share the same blood red plumage. Cozquix have powerful curved beaks are strong enough to crack a Space Marine helmet with ease and have been known to bend even metals as sturdy as adamantium. Their serrated talons are just as dangerous as their beaks, lined with tiny hook-like grooves allowing them to hold on to struggling prey or shear through their flesh. Though physically impressive, the Cozquix also display an unusual intelligence that some believe borderlines sentience. Cozquix are capable of using complex hunting tactics to flush out prey and have been even been known to use tools during these encounters such as dropping rocks on particularly fast prey to pin them or knock them out.

Another tactic they use is mimicry, as the birds complex vocal cords are capable of copying sounds created by other organisms, and a common cautionary tale amongst the native population is an unsuspecting villager lured out by a Cozquix mimicking the voice of a child in danger only to be swooped on by the winged horror. As such any hunter able to take down these predators is highly revered by their village donning feathers as a sign of their triumph. This extends to the Brotherhood as well with members who have preformed great feats in the name of the chapter being adorned with this plumage as well.

A notable Cozquix is Sun Wing a golden plumed bird who nests at the the Brotherhood’s fortress monastery Tikalpa. Unlike its kin, Sun Wing has formed a bond with the Astartes of the chapter ever since it was tamed by the Chapters Beast Master long ago (though many believe the creatures was psychically subdued by a Librarian). Sun Wing aids the chapter by hunting creatures that threaten local villages or serves as a form of execution, being fed individuals who have committed heinous crimes.

The other creature of note that prowls Xibalba is the Jitaka. A six-legged repto-mammal, these creatures are known for stalking prey for miles attacking when their prey least expects it with their deadly poison tail. Though covered in a thin layer light yellow or black fur these creatures share more characteristics with early Terran reptilians than they do with mammals. Though their claws can rip through standard imperial armor and their jaws can crush bone it is their long tail that is their most dangerous characteristic. Though their body is 2.4 meters in length, their long tail nearly doubles it to almost 4 meters and ends with a long, barbed spine tipped with a deadly venom used to put the prey into an agonizing paralysis. This long tail allows them to strike from different angles and ensures that if their prey retaliates only their tail is damaged which they can regenerate later. A common hunting tactic of the beasts is to hide up in trees near Cenotes that contain water and to spear their tails down at prey that are too distracted on obtaining these precious fluids.


The Ecchlesiarcy deemed that bringing civility to these widely dispersed tribes that occupy Xibalba as a waste of resources, so the natives have been left to their own devices or delegation by the Brotherhood. Many of these populations are found in the form of small primitive huts and wooden structures usually nestled between the roots of a large tree or in rare clearings that occasionally occur in the jungle. These villages usually consist of tightly knit communities barely reaching over 100 individuals but sometimes large clans of several hundred individuals are formed when a warlike or charismatic chief emerges. Aside from their chieftains, the tribes regard the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun as the final authority for all their disputes. The astartes are seen as wise protectors who hold back the demons of the underworld and thus all matters a tribe is unable to handle are brought before the Chapter and any judgement that is passed is honored unquestionably. An unusual trait of the human population of Xibalba is the high birth of twins both fraternal and identical. While many biologis believe it is an adaptation to offset the high mortality rate in the harsh environment, the reason for the births being twins instead of a just a higher fertility rate is unknown. As such, there are several members within the Brotherhood who have a twin also serving the chapter, whether as a battle brother or as a serf this further strengthens the bonds within the Brotherhood’s ranks.


Much like many Chapters who claim feral worlds as their home, Astartes are usually selected from the sons of the warriors, hunters, and those sent to find fresh water as their progeny tend to inherit their father’s strength and resilience. In the case of twins, it is determined on the population size of the village, as future hunters and warriors are vital, removing a child could hamper the future of the village. So only if the population is relatively sizeable and able to survive without these children will both be taken, otherwise only one boy is taken.

A neophytes training is harsh as throughout the implantation of his gene seed he is also subjected to various venoms, toxins and psychological agents that can be found throughout Xibalba’s ecosystem to improve his immunity to such elements during his training. In addition, he is constantly exposed to rigorous training regiments both below and above ground. In the forest many common tests such as hunting specific prey, eluding senior marines sent to track them in the forest, and urban combat routines in the ruined city above their Fortress Monastery. Below ground the fledgling astartes learns to hone his senses in near perpetual darkness and a common training routine is placing one in a specific cave known as the Barren House. The Barren House is known for its severe lack of resources making a neophyte rely on his training, ingenuity, or his devotion to the Chapter to survive.

Another longstanding exercise for marines is the game known as Pitz combining both recreation and training. In Pitz, the Chapter gathers at a large Cenote known as the Chi’Boox a natural depression whose entire floor is covered in obsidian. The men break off into two teams with each team controlling one side of the Cenote. A ball is placed in the middle and the objective is to throw it into a ring on the opposing team’s side while the defending team must do anything, they can to stop the opponents. While use of weapons are prohibited the defending team may use whatever physical force, they can to remove the ball. The competition is grueling and due to the large number of sharp obsidian stalagmites that line the field injuries and deaths are not unheard of. Senior members of the Brotherhood witness this event observing the players ability to work together as well as individuals who show tremendous skill, strength and agility. Those seen to have potential are considered for specific roles in the Chapter’s hierarchy or are selected for specific assignments the Brotherhood may carry out.


Those who find the Brotherhood’s Fortress Monastery of Tikalpa may not even realize they are trespassing on the Chapters sacred grounds at all. Deep in the heart of Xibalba’s jungle one may stumble the remains of first and only city of the early humans who tried to settle the planet. Though it appears abandoned and dilapidated this is merely a façade as this is the location of the Chapters Fortress Monastery. Just below the surface, accessed via hidden entrances, is a cavern that spans the length of the entire city. It is here that the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun have established their headquarters acting as an eternal shadow to the ruins above. Though there are enclosed sections used to house more sensitive areas such as the Librarius and Reliquary, much of Tikalpa is bare to the environment of the grotto. By constantly exposing neophytes to the cave the Chapter helps to hone their tactics in stealth as well as their ability to function in low light environments. While the Brotherhood spends much of its time in cavern below, they do utilize the ruins above not just for training in urban warfare, but also for recreation and study.

Though much of the crumbled city and its ancient technology has long since faded past its usefulness, the Chapter has been able to restore several key locations at the heart of the city. Two locations that hold significant importance to the Chapter are found here. First is the Sanctum Silva a former park established by the colony that has been converted into a private forest where the animals tamed by the Chapters Beast Master (such as Sun Wing) reside. It also serves as the Chapters Terrarium for the Apothecaries and also serves as a quiet location where marines can relax and contemplate their purpose in the Chapter. The other location is the Stella Oculus, once believed to be an amphitheater for the arts, it’s structure and location are perfect for astronomy, so the Chapter converted it into an observatory where many brothers study astronomy and stellar cartography a favored recreational activity of the Brotherhood. Though the ruined city only has crumbling walls to defend it, the deserted appearance, location, and general lack of interest by locals (including the Trogs) is usually enough to keep trespassers from entering the city, but if one were foolish enough to enter they would soon find themselves being stalked by marines who patrol the ruins. Emissaries or delegations from other Imperial Forces rarely see the city as well only allowing those who either have the proper authority or have garnered the Chapters respect to glimpse at the Brotherhood’s more intimate locations.

Chapter Organisation

While lacking the proper numbers, the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun tries to be as Codex compliant as possible as they believe strict adherence to the structure and organization of the Codex Astartes helps one stave off the curse of the Black Rage. A unique trait of the Chapters hierarchy is the power veteran battle brothers hold. Living on Xibalba the chapter understands the harsh and grim future they face and as such realize that those who have survived in the chapter long enough should be venerated for their wisdom and experience. While these individuals may never rise to positions of power their input is valued by the Chapters hierarchy so much so that when applicable, a Captain must consult with a group of veteran battle brothers before making certain decisions in the campaign. In rare cases if the veterans feel a course of action is to costly or foolish the group can vote to overrule the Captains order forcing him to make a new stratagem though they must have majority to supersede him.

Officer Ranks

  • Bacab (Chapter Master)
  • Chakmool (Captain)
  • Kan (Lieutenant)

Specialist Ranks

  • Beast Master A rare rank amongst the Brotherhood this Astartes has the unique affinity with the animals of Xibalba and is able to command them in combat. Every few centuries a battle brother will begin to express an empathetic bond with the animals that roam the jungles of Xibalba. While the wildlife is usually as hostile to marines as they would be to any human living on Xibalba, the Beast Master is able to placate these creatures’ instincts making them docile to others around them while the Astartes is in their presence. While the Brotherhood’s Librarians theorize this is some latent psyker ability these marines possess, it is difficult to prove as psychically attuned individuals are unable to sense that the marine has these abilities at all, leading some to theorize this is a natural occurrence unaffected by the powers of the warp at all. A Beast Master’s companions are outfitted for combat and aide him on the battlefield in various capacities such as scouting, ambushing targets, and brute force. While in combat the Astartes gives his animal companions limited directions most preforming their duties without command like an extension of the marine and while many point this as the Beast Master giving the animals psychic commands, most Beast Masters deny this claim stating his companions are like his battle brothers except nature has taught them their roles instead of the Chapter.

    While a Beast Master controls a variety of animals at a time, he will always have one he has a specific link to which is referred to as his Tonal. A Tonal benefits the most from being in the presence of the Beast Master expressing abilities they never exhibited in the wild such as regeneration, increase in size and strength and even some psychic abilities and some of the legendary Tonal of the Chapter have been able to stand against the likes of greater daemons. However, there are downsides to this relationship as the death of either the Beast Master or Tonal affecting the surviving companion including wounds one suffered during their death appearing on the other, unbridled rage and madness, or outright death. If the Beast Master dies on the field of battle any creatures he controls outside of his Tonal revert back to their savage uncontrolled state and it is usually the duty of the Chapter to track down and eliminate these now feral animals. The only exception to this rule is Sun Wing who has witness the death of many a Beast Master throughout it’s unnaturally long life, though some believe it is due to the fact Sun Wing’s intelligence has reached that of a human and realizes the benefits of it’s relationship to the Chapter.

Line Ranks

  • Peek’ (Sergeant)
  • Keeh (Battle-Brother)

Specialist Formations

  • Chuwen: The veteran scout squads of the Chapter, known for their incredible agility and dexterity that far surpass even their brothers. These astartes are constantly trained in the canopies of Xibalba’s jungle instilling them with the abilities to traverse treacherous environments that could not normally support the weight of a standard battle brother. In combat Chuwen usually find elevated areas to ambush their enemies from locations without fear of retaliation, and even if the enemies do get the advantage in combat, they can easily relocate and continue their assault until reinforcements arrive.
  • Sootz': The jump pack squads of the Brotherhood whose highly modified Camazotz pattern Jump Packs that allow for near silent propulsion. While their equipment has a high degree of stealth, they are more often used in open assaults and warfare acting as the primary vanguard force. While these brothers are trained in the basic combat tactics as most marines, Sootz are also trained to utilize sniper rifles during midflight or while hovering, and much like Chuwen and scout marines and are capable of deploying as sniper units who can reach difficult locations when Chuwen are not available. When not utilized as snipers, a common tactic used by these squads is to perch on tall buildings or terrain and fall upon unsuspecting patrols or platoons striking fast and silently leaving causing confusion so their fellow astartes can reach optimal ambush position. Of all the members of the Brotherhood, Sootz’ also tend to be the ones who suffer the Black Rage in the most malevolent sense, as their ability to pick off individuals quietly instills fear and confusion amongst the enemies and seems to fuel the Black Rages more sadistic tendencies. Sootz’ members of the Death Company have been known to silently abduct enemies from patrols or platoons one by one only to rain the entrails of such victims upon their enemies later or pin the corpses or wounded individuals in hard to reach places in full view of their enemies before they fully engage them. As their behavior is unnerving and borderline heretical, these units are closely monitored by the Chapter and if it is felt that they are beyond recovery, it is not unheard of for entire squads of the Death Company Sootz’ to be given the Emperors Mercy even if they survive the campaign.


1st Hun Company

2st Ka'a Company

3st Óox Company

4st Kanh Company

5st Ho Company

6st 'Wak Company

7st Uk Company

8st Waxak Company

Specialised Vehicles

  • Kukulkan Pattern Thunderhawk: Highly modified by the Adeptus Mechanicus, these vehicles retain a smoother and streamlined shape as opposed to those models found in other Chapters. Emphasizing speed, stealth and maneuverability these Thunderhawks are not as heavily armored as their counterparts but are very capable in rapidly deploying and recovering the Chapters forces undetected.
  • Gukumatz Pattern Thunderhawk: Somewhat similar in design to the Kukulkan, the Gukumatz is primarily used as a bomber and fighter usually striking enemy forces to establish a distraction so a company can move into position for ambush or flanking tactics.
  • Yum Kaax Pattern Tactical Vehicle: A recent addition to the Chapters arsenal with the introduction of the Primaris, these six wheeled vehicles are just barely smaller than a Leman Russ tank and is capable of moving through difficult terrain that would impede the movement of heavier vehicles. While not as heavily armored their maneuverability and ability to load heavy weapons found on heavy vehicles makes them flexible to fill a variety of roles.
  • Cabrakan Pattern Predator: Also known as Mountain Breakers, these vehicles serve to break heavy fortifications and heavily armored vehicles. The Zipacna Pattern Cannons these vehicles wield are able to fire specialized charged shells that upon impact release a high frequency shockwave that destabilize the molecules of the hardest alloys either outright destroying the material or distorting its structure enough that it becomes brittle and unusable. The frequency generated by these impacts have varying effects on other defenses as well and have also been known to destabilize energy shields for short periods. As such these Predators are usually found on the forefront of most of the Chapters sieges of enemy encampments.
  • Kinich Ahau Pattern Predator: A variant of the Infernus Pattern Predators, these were initially used to by the Chapter in an attempt to clear land for their Fortress Monastery before they settled in Tikalpa. Unfortunately, the Chapter was unprepared for the rate at which the forest regrew and how resilient it became even to their attempts to clear it. They were then repurposed to help expand the cave complex of their Fortress Monastery with the Tech Priests replacing the Firestorm Flamers with experimental White Star Plasma Throwers which were capable of melting the rock and durable minerals that lined the caverns walls. Though the Chapter still uses them in construction projects of their Monastery, these Predators have proven themselves on the field of battle and are commonly used by the Chapter against the Tyranids, Orks and Necrons as the plasma flames work well at hinder their regeneration and cleanse areas of the most miniscule amounts of biomass or the most elusive nanites. Unfortunately, the White Star Plasma Throwers can become highly unstable if pushed beyond it’s limits causing it to explode in a brilliant prominence that can vaporize all matter in a 3km radius and as such are used within reason by the Chapter.
  • Buluc Chabtan Pattern Dreadnought: The Chapter specific Dreadnoughts of the Brotherhood, these goliaths tend to be adorned with decorations bearing patterns of dangerous jungle animals such as spots or scales. Two weapons unique to this pattern of Dreadnough, first is a Heavy Quad-Autogun a four barreled weapon capable of sending burning flechette that allow for maximum penetration of closely grouped or heavily armored troops. The second unique weapon is the Power Fasces a heavy shield mounted on the distal side of the arm while the proximal side contains a heavy cleaving axe offering both offensive and defensive options. While the weight of a Power Fasces has been sometimes known to disrupt a Dreadnoughts equilibrium, the Aseptus Mechanicus has stepped in by adding gyroceptors that allow for automatic correction giving these machines an unusual sense of balance not seen in other pattern dreadnoughts.
  • Cizin Pattern Dreadnought: A unique variant of the Chapters Death Company Dreadnought an internal thermal coil allows the Dreadnought to superheat their bladed weapons (though their favored weapon is heated Blood Fists or Power Claws) that can sear flesh and melt armor. While the Night Lord taint can allow the Dreadnought to thoroughly enjoy the sound of an opponent’s sizzling flesh and their anguished screams as they burn alive, the astartes usually uses this ability to remove any form of protection so he can enjoy slowly crushing an enemies bones or rip off their limbs.
  • Axe of Chaac: Arguably the Chapters most powerful vehicle a tank of unknown design reaching the size comparable to the Baneblade or Grav Tank. It is unknown how the Chapter was able to get a hold of this model and while many claim it is from the Age of Technology and was reclaimed by the Chapter from the ruined city they now make as part of their home (a claim the Chapter denies as vehemently as their chimeric bloodline), their lack of numbers and use provide detractors with little evidence. The four treaded vehicle supports a large battery of weapons and heavy armor but its most prominent feature is a large Grav Cannon used as it’s primary weapon. The Brotherhood claims it only has 3 of these vehicles available and that the complex nature of the machine makes it difficult to maintain let alone reproduce and as such the weapon is only fielded in dire consequences.

Chapter Specific Equipment

Hun Batz Pattern Armor

One of the few times the Chapter diverges from the combat doctrine of the Scout Marines is the utilization of this specialized armor utilized by the Chuwen Scout Marines. Developed to maximize the ability of a marine to stealth and agility the Chapter has modified standard scout armor to aid their elite scouts in fulfilling their duties undetected. Modifications include the substitution of Jadoxene instead of Ceramite layers. Jadoxene is a green tinged mineral only found in one cave known as the House of the Emerald Anvil. The mineral forms when rainwater slowly diffuses down into the cave dripping minute deposits of the mineral onto a massive rounded stalagmite found in the center of the cavern dubbed the Emerald Anvil. The Jadoxene is harvested ceremoniously to forge weapons armor and decorations but only sparingly as the rock formation grows slowly, gaining only a few inches every hundred years. Jadoxene is more durable and lightweight than normal Ceramite and is used to make the latticework of the armor. The armor is also sprayed with a thin layer of chemicals taken from the glands of a Mercury Slug a gastropod whose secretions can refract light allowing it to reflect the surface of plants and other surfaces. These secretions serve several purposes first and foremost, it gives the armor a mirror sheen refracting light and aiding in camouflage. The other benefit is that the coat is able to neutralize certain acids and bio-chemicals and its hydrophobic composition allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. In addition, Hun Batz pattern armor also tend to be modified with shoulder mounted or wrist mounted grappling guns allowing for rapid ascent of vertical terrain.

Camazotz Pattern Jump Packs

Created to minimize the amount of noise generated by the standard jump packs, the Camazotz Jump Pack allows for near silent movement giving assault squads the ability to silently move around the battlefield before striking their foes. In addition to their capacity for stealth, the Camazotz jump packs are capable of hovering in midair for several minutes though they lose all forward momentum when they do this. This hovering ability is used to assess locations an assault squad can set up ambushes or for midair sniping when applicable.

Atlatl Pattern Missile Launcher

Created for movement in the dense jungles of Xibalba, these compact missile launchers have proven their worth on several campaigns over a variety of terrains. In addition to its smaller design the Adeptus Mechanicus has provided unique ammunition for weapon including the Swift Fire Magazine which can be loaded onto the launcher allowing for rapid fire of several smaller (yet no less effective) rockets in quick succession

Awilix Pattern Dart Pistol

A modified bolter pistol used by the Chuwen scout squads or by Marines in covert missions. This weapon utilizes highly compressed gasses to silently fire poison laden darts at enemies. These darts can contain a number of concoctions but the most common is from the War Paint Frog a crimson splotched amphibian found on Xibalba whose toxins easily permeate the skin and liquify muscle and bone. These weapons have also found there way into all four groups of the Officio Assassinorum , and while it is unknown how these weapons were obtained, many scholars believe these weapons were gifted to the Temples as a form of respect the Chapter has for each clades ability to instill fear in their enemies before silently and brutally dispatching them.

Shadowdust Grenades

"It was as if the void of space was somehow contained in the grenade, I saw the smoke diffuse out in an unnatural plume as if it were alive trying to greedily devour all the light around it. Then I saw the Astartes walk into the smoke, while I couldn’t see the muzzle flare of their bolters, I could hear the shots and screams coming from inside the cloud. When the dust settled all that remained was the viscera of the heretics splattered all-over the terrain and no sign of the Space Marines, though we were informed later that they had moved on to another objective. I’m not sure what scared me more, what the Marines did in that smoke or the fact we didn’t know where they were for the rest of the battle."
— Interview with Private Davit of 22nd Azerma Cavalry

These grenades are filled with a specially treated powdered obsidian. When thrown the dust absorbs all ambient light creating an unnatural darkness that even those with night vision capabilities or the ability to see on different light wavelengths have difficulty seeing in the cloud though the Brotherhood seems to be unhindered by the weapon.

Chuah Xocolatl Drink

"Not bad. It’s strong, but a little to sweet for my tastes."
— Space Wolves Astartes on imbibing some Chuah Xocolatl

Though Theobeatitudine is used as an incense to alleviate the Black Rage momentarily, it is more commonly used as a popular drink amongst the Brotherhood known as Chuah Xocolatl. Depending upon how it is prepared the drinks can serve several purposes including forcing emesis, vasodilation and as a neurostimulator but the most common (and favored) use is to induce intoxication. Much like Fenrisian Ale, Chuah Xocolatl is able to temporarily inhibit the Oolitic Kidney long enough for the Marine to become intoxicated. While Chuah Xocolatl usually has a sweet aftertaste, it can come in variety of flavors as several different fruits and spices native to Xibalba allow one to modify the flavor to their specific tastes.

Chapter Beliefs

The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun adhere to the belief that tactics that employ stealth and quick decisive action can end battle quickly preventing unnecessary casualties. In reality this code of conduct is to help limit their exposure to the greater Imperium. Much like their Blood Angel forebearers the Chapter is reluctant to reveal the nature of their twin curses to their brothers in arms and as such prefer to keep their presence on the battlefield as limited as necessary. However, while the Brotherhood is unaware of their chimeric gene seed, they know their curse is more unique than that of their sibling Chapters especially in the case of the unpredictability of their Black Rage. It is the fear that their sadistic nature may incur the ire of the Inquisition and the ultimate destruction of their Chapter so the Brotherhood does whatever it can to regulate the knowledge of the inner workings of their Chapter. While secretive, the Brotherhood knows there are situations where their usual tactics cannot work and fully embrace open assault when no other options are available, however after a campaign is finished, the Chapter does what it can to prevent further investigations into them. These actions include recovering or disposing of corpses and equipment, altering Imperial records and even swearing other Chapters to secrecy should they discover their brutal nature. As of now, these tactics have worked and while Imperial records do document the Brotherhood of the Midnight Suns participation in several major campaigns, most contributions or glorious achievements that could be attributed to the Brotherhood are either redacted or altered to give the honor to other Imperial forces. Those tales that do make it into the greater Imperium are usually edited by scribes adding to the air of secrecy that surrounds the Chapter.

Death Company

While the altered Red Thirst has become dictated to a venerated ritual, it is the violent Black Rage that is of the greatest concern for the Brotherhood. While most sons of Sanguinius struggle with the Black Rage, for the Brotherhood the unpredictable nature of their curse causes them to lash out wildly at others and mercilessly torture and murder both enemy and innocent alike during the full swing of the defect making them a liability. However due to the effectiveness of their Death Company during campaigns and the attachment the Chapter has for these Brothers, they tend to be consigned to last resorts or suicide missions. While the Theobeatitudine vapor known as Sanguinius’s Breath can bring a Death Company member back from the brink of insanity getting a Marine to stay still long enough to inhale the smoke long enough for it to take effect is a daunting task. In addition, as an Astartes will eventually build a resistance to the medication and stronger doses are needed to placate him until eventually he is immune and is lost to the Black Rage completely at which time he is either given the Emperor’s Mercy or is sent on a mission he can never comeback from. When not employed in combat the Death Company is consigned to facilities known as Gates which are located at the entrances of dangerous caverns on Xibalba. Sanguinius’s Breath wafts heavily in the air of these facilities where the Marines meditate on trying to combat their darker side or are let loose to eliminate dangerous subterranean threats such as massive Trog populations.


An unusual quirk the Astartes possess is a fascination with celestial bodies. While the Librarians will use the movement of stars in planets in making predictions of events, all Astartes in the Chapter have an unusual fascination in the field of Astronomy, charting and observing objects in space from the Stella Oculus. Even when on other worlds, the members of the Brotherhood will take moments to observe the planets sky for identifiable objects both out of the potential need for navigation and out of curiosity.


A brutal ritual of The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun is the sacrifice of enemies. Usually done at the end of the campaign the Chapter tries to capture high ranking individuals of the enemy army alive or severely incapacitated though if this is impossible the ritual does not happen. Consigning the sins of their entire army on these individuals the Brotherhood will decapitate these commanders with a ritualistic power axe known as the Retribution of Flesh and claim their heads as compensation or trophies. The heads are taken back to Xibalba where they are given one of two fates. The first fate is that they are thrown into a spiked pit in Tikalpa known as the Cenote of Damnation (even though this pit was made by the Chapter and not naturally) where they eternally rot. The second fate is that the head is drained of its blood and fluids used to fertilize special Theobeatitudine plants that are harvested to create Chuah Xocolatl for elaborate celebrations or to make Sanguinius’s Breath for members of the Death Company who have preformed incredible feats. Usually heads whose fluids are unfit or unable to be consume such as members of Chaos, Necrons and Tyranids are thrown in the Cenote while all other heads are used to feed the Chapters gardens.

Chapter Gene-Seed

Due to the modifications made by Magos Franz Stein their curses have been altered to different extremes. The Red Thirst thankfully has been greatly reduced where a Marine suffering from the Curse will be required to feed around twice a year and do not require as much blood as other Chapters. The Chapter has turned this curse into a venerated bonding ceremony as other Astartes will offer some of their own blood to provide their brothers with the necessary blood meal helping to alleviate the burden.

In contrast, however the Black Rage has become highly unstable due to the brutal touch of the Night Haunter. Not only do these unfortunate Astartes succumb to unbridled rage, it is tinged with the Night Lords malicious tendencies such as prolonging an opponent’s suffering. Whether it be through debilitating wounds that keep the opponent alive to prolong the battle or by psychologically terrorizing them by making an opponent think they have the upper hand only to turnabout and easily overpower them. One of the more the favored tactics of those afflicted is letting an opponent flee and hunting them from the shadows while maniacally taunting and laughing at them. It seems that even Sanguinius’s psychic memory for the Black Rage has been altered by the Night Lord gene as accounts from individuals all claim that the imagery depicts Sanguinius defeating Horus and slowly making him suffer by chopping off limbs and repeatedly stabbing the traitor but never killing him as punishment for betraying the Imperium.

Combat Doctrine

The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun tend to asses their opponents and location before engaging them, looking for opportune moments to establish ambushes. The Chapter emphasizes at striking when they have the greatest advantage sometimes letting entire enemy platoons pass looking for high priority targets before engaging them. When they do strike from their hiding positions, they hit with everything they can, hoping to either capture or eliminate the target and escape in the ensuing confusion then returning to harass the enemy force as it struggles to establish order. If they are discovered or in the cases where they are unable to rely on stealth, they utilize basic assault tactics or fall back to a safe position to establish a new strategy. In campaigns in which they cannot ambush at all they follow Codex compliant tactics regarding the enemy they are facing. When paired with other Imperial Forces they will usually abide by the orders of the commanding personnel, however, they are opportunists and if they strongly believe that a specific strategy will work they will defer to it even if it conflicts with approved stratagems. As such this has caused strained relationships with some of the more stringent Imperial forces and while this has caused conflict between the Brotherhood and other Chapters in the past the Brotherhood does not usually dwell upon these disagreements (even if the campaign ended in defeat) unless it is brought up by their compatriots.

Deathwatch Service

The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun contributed to the Deathwatch in the past, but after an incident where one of their contributed Marines became unaccounted for after a massacre on an Imperial Space Station which also claimed the lives of several other Deathwatch members, the Chapter no longer contributes to the organization.

Notable Members

Xbalanque and Hun Hunahpu

Two of the earliest Battle Brothers (also known as Xba-112114175 and Hun-116821 from Magos Stein’s report) these Marines had long and dedicated careers until they eventually fell in combat were both finally entombed in Dreadnoughts with Xbalanque being placed in a Death Company Cizin Pattern and Hun Hunaphu being encased in a Buluc Chabtan Pattern. Their final battle was against a Tyranid incursion. Eventually the planet was too corrupted by Tyranid biomass to be saved and was targeted for Exterminatus. Though the Death Company helped hold off the Tyranids while the rest of the Chapter evacuated, eventually only Xbalanque remained to hold the swarm back. Though Exterminatus was deemed the Emperors mercy for Xbalanque, Hun Hunaphu could not abandon his twin and with the companies Captain’s blessing was allowed to fight by his brother’s side. In an unusual moment of clarity unaided by Theobeatitudine, Xbalanque welcomed his brother and the two dreadnoughts continued to fight side by side as the planet was consumed in the burning explosion of a barrage of Cyclonic Torpedoes.

Bacab Janta Pacal

One of the earliest Chapter Masters of the Brotherhood and while a respected military leader, he is best known for establishing the Pitz ceremony during a tumultuous time in the Chapters history that threatened to rip the Chapter apart as marines recruited from different tribes were not willing to work together and would even go as far to sabotage their kin during training. With the dissolution of the Chapter looming over him, Pacal formed Pitz based on a game played in his native village and while it was initially met with resistance it eventually provided a trust and stability that would unify the Chapter and enforce trust between fledgling Brothers that would carry over into battle.

Captain Rodrigo

One of the few Astartes not native to Xibalba, Rodrigo was the only survivor as a ship carrying his family crashed into Xibalba as it was knocked out of the Immaterium during a violent warp storm. Only a child, Rodrigo was able to survive on Xibalba for several days before a native tribe found him and turned him over to the Brotherhood. Impressed with his survival skills, the Chapter accepted him, and he eventually rose to the rank of Captain of Óox Company.

Chapter Relics

Skull of Kes

A skull made of a pure translucent crystal, it is unknown where this relic came from or if it is even of Imperial origin. The Skull was found in an abandoned Blood Angel facility on the planet of Kes and was able to emanate immense psychic energy. Though Librarians who use the skull have their powers amplified nearly tenfold, they see visions of an unidentifiable Blood Angel Librarian muttering in an unknown tongue. It is believed that the Skull may have been the downfall of the facility and as such is placed deep in the Chapters Reliquary until its nature is finally discerned.

The End Seer

A golden disk with numerous concentric rings carved into it. At its center is the Imperial Skull carved in the center with 4 arrows emerging from it in the 4 cardinal directions. On each of the rings are carved numerous symbols and the rings are able to be rotated to change the pattern on the disk. When it was first discovered and studied by the chapter, the disk projected an image of the Milky Way galaxy. As time progressed the image showed stars slowly fading with entire Segmentum eventually disappearing or being consumed by an unknown pale light, culminating in a bright explosion emanating from the center of the galaxy. While some say the artifact is able to predict the eventual death of the galaxy others believe that the device merely shows simulations with specific criteria and that further study is required.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun Chapter iconography.

The armor of the Chapter is pure black with Turquoise highlights a common sight is a band of Turquoise paint along eyes of a marine’s helmet. In addition, the Chapter will adorn their armor with necklaces or symbols made of the green Jadoxene harvested from the Emerald Anvil. Veteran or esteemed members will also wear red feathers taken from the Cozquix usually attached to the helmet with a Jadoxene or Turquoise fixing. In addition to Cozquix feathers these individuals will mark themselves usually piercing their nasal septum with a needle of bone or metal.

Chapter Badge

The symbol of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun is a a skull in the center of the Midnight Sun with the Blood Angel's trademark blood drop engraved on the skulls forehead.

Chapter Relations


Though the Ultramarines do not fully trust the Chapter due to past experiences, the feeling is one sided. Though the Brotherhood feels the Ultramarines are to strict, they do not return this sentiment unless provoked, feeling only to dwell on the present and not the past.




Notable Quotes

By the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

"Come monsters, come and face the twin sons of the Red Angel, let us be your guides to the underworld."
— Final words of Hun Hunaphu in his last stand with his brother Xbalanque

About the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

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