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The Broken Wings were a semi Codex-compliant Chapter descended from the lineage of the heroic Blood Angels. They are an ancient and venerable Chapter who has valiantly served the Emperor of Mankind throughout the existence of the Imperium. Although officially they created as part of the 3rd Founding, they were already an existing Chapter of the old IX Legion that had been assigned to watch over an untamed region of the Galaxy during the final days of the Great Crusade. When the Horus Heresy broke out, the Broken Wings Chapter were unable to return to the Imperium and were effectively cut off due to the formation of the impassable Ruinstorm. When they did return they found that the Emperor had been mortally wounded, and worse, their Primarch Sanguinius had been slain at the hands of the Arch-Traitor Horus!

The Broken Wings became beset by grief, blaming themselves for not being present during the Siege of Terra to aid in the final battle. Although no one damned them or blamed them, the mournful Broken Wings struck out into the stars so that they could avenge Sanguinius and "heal their wings". Based on extant Imperial records, this would indicate that the Broken Wings were possibly created as one of the many 'First Born' Chapters during the 3rd Founding, but due to the scarcity of records from this era, it is not known with any certainty, whether or not they truly were created as a separate Chapter at this time. But their earliest recorded battle campaigns indicate they have served since at least the dawning of M32.

Alas, after millennia of service, the Broken Wings fell on Baal Secundus where they sacrificed themselves to bring down a vast number of a massive Tyranid swarm of Hive Fleet Leviathan. To all who know of the Broken Wings' sacrifice, they regard it as the Chapter's redemption come at last.


Days of Glory

A Blood Angels Legionary of the Angels' Wings Chapter.

Upon taking command of the Legion, Sanguinius gathered his troops and while standing alongside the famed Primarch Horus bent the knee to them, offering them his total loyalty and service without reservation. To the shunned and isolated IX Legion, known by the unflattering epithet, the 'Revenant Legion', this treatment was new and unexpected. He further earned the hearts of his legion at Teghar Pentaurus, where he gave his blood in the maelstrom of combat and came to understand the true nature of his sons after witnessing their bloodlust and hunger. Sanguinius knew that if this path would continue, one day his Legion would become monsters. Yet, he did not despair. He was able to instill a sense of pride in them to replace their desire for carnage and bloodshed. Soon enough fury became tempered by wisdom, and Sanguinius succeeded in his quest to reforge the Blood Angels. They soon not only became noble warriors of their own rights, but also icons across the entire Imperium.

Although all Blood Angels looked up to Sanguinius, one particular Chapter within the Legion idolised him like no other. The 258th Chapter known as the 'Angel's Wings' and, while they were not as well known as Nassir Amit's ferocious 5th Company, nor had the respect as mighty Raldoran, they had garnered a small reputation as admirable assault specialists. But this Chapter were most notable for their utter devotion to their angelic Primarch Sanguinius. Some called it love, while more critical minds labelled it as obsession for how the Angel's Wings were so devoted to the Red Angel. Regardless the Angel's Wings strove to be the best their beloved Primarch needed them to be. When they fought on the same battlefield as he, they would fight on with extreme vigor in an attempt for him to even glance at their direction, and when they fought away from him, they did their utmost to ensure the Angel would hear of their glory.

A New Duty

By the time of the ascension of Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Sons of Horus Legion to the esteemed rank of Warmaster at the dawning of the 31st Millennium, the Angel's Wings had earned a long line of honours as the Great Crusade went on. However, the Imperium was slowly running out of systems to conquer as it spread across the Galaxy, and soon there might've been nothing left to fight. It was then the Angel's Wings found that they were being assigned to root out an insurrection in a newly conquered sector out in the Veiled Region, far from their Legion and the Imperium. Though they were horrified at the notion of leaving their Legion and Primarch, the Angel's Wings resolved to do their duty. They were further inspired when a squad of the Sanguinary Guard of the Legion's elite Orders of the First Sphere was assigned to them, such a thing only occurring as a sign of the Angel's favour.

When they arrived, the 258th Chapter immediately engaged the insurrectionists that gripped the sector. Having been brought into compliance by the destructive and brutal warriors of the XIV Legion, the worlds of the sector saw the Imperium as violent oppressors and rebelled the moment they got the chance. With 500 Astartes, a squad of Sanguinary Guard, other Legion assets and five regiments of the Imperial Army at his command, Archein Caroleon Devincin was confident in suppressing the rebellion. Though the rebels fought fiercely, they were ultimately no match for the Imperium as the Angel's Wings reclaimed the rebel planets one by one. However, all was not well for the Angel's Wings as contact with the Imperium outside the sector became extremely sporadic and even lost for a duration.

Disturbingly some transmissions spoke of treachery, civil war and death. Talk of Horus turning traitor with half the Legiones Astartes in tow, the death of the Iron Hands' Primarch Ferrus Manus and Prospero burning came through in scrambled messages, but what really worried the Angel's Wings was there was little news about the Blood Angels. Although worried for their brothers, the Angel's Wings were unable to leave the sector as the warp had become turbulent and made travel outside the sector impossible. To make matters worse, with Imperial forces dealing with the insurrection, the rebels were suddenly reinforced by unknown creatures that seemed to materialise from the very essence of the warp itself. These creatures quickly made their dangerous nature known as the rebels became insane fanatics. Thus, the Angel's Wings were forced to continue their campaign.

Rage Unleashed

The Angels' Wings attacking the last world of the insurrection.

Forced to fight a war against rebels and these mysterious creatures, reclaiming the sector became a much more difficult task than thought but eventually the Angel's Wings finally came to the rebellion's last planet and launched their attack. Significantly weakened from the fighting, the rebels were on their last legs and their monstrous allies had largely disappeared. The fighting had taken a toll on the Imperials as well; a full third of the Chapter had been killed and the Imperial Army regiments had suffered extremely heavy losses. Even so, the Imperial's resolved to end this campaign and return to the Imperium in the hope it had already crushed Horus's rebellion.

Though the rebels fought desperately against the Imperials, they were slowly being driven back to their palace. Suddenly, much to the Imperials' horror, something happened to the Angel's Wings. It was as if some wave of agony had passed through the Astartes, for all of them keeled over as one, in shock and pain. A moment later every single Astartes went into a bloodthirsty rage never seen before. The insane Astartes tore through the palace's defences and killed every last one of the rebels before falling upon the stunned and horrified Imperialis Auxilia troops. Coming to their senses after some time the Angel's Wings were dismayed to find themselves standing over fields of corpses of their own allies. Though the battle had been won and the insurrection crushed, the foul taste of disgust and confusion haunted the Legionaries as they wondered what had happened. With a bad feeling in his hearts, Captain Devincin ordered that they would make haste for Terra and rendezvous with their Legion.

A Horrific Discovery

Instead of reaching Terra, the warp took the Angel's Wings to their Legion's homeworld of Baal, where they found it had been 20 years since they had set off from the Veiled Region. They were surprised to find that the Legion had become the size of a simple Chapter and a different organisation had replaced the one they knew. On Baal, Archein Devincin and his officers met with Raldoran. They were told that Horus had been slain and the Traitors defeated, but millions of lives had been lost and damage had been inflicted that would take centuries to repair. Even worse, the Emperor of Mankind had been mortally wounded in his duel against Horus Lupercal and thus was interred into the Golden Throne forever. As for Sanguinius, it seemed to Devincin that Raldoran could not quite find the will to utter the words he was trying to say. Losing his patience Devincin shoved him aside and made for Sanguinius's chambers in a fast-paced walk, which soon became a run as he grew more and more desperate. With a mighty push he opened the chamber doors and came across a sight that froze him in his tracks and silenced him.

As his officers entered behind him gasps of shock and even a cry of terror emerged as they all saw what he saw. Before them was the Golden Sarcophagus, where a demi‐god lay in solemn, eternal rest within - Sanguinius the Angel. Raldoran explained, as he tried to hold his grief, that Sanguinius faced the Warmaster Horus and was brutally slain by his former brother. Devincin could not say anything so he simply stared until, suddenly, he fell to his knees and cried out his father's name as tears fell down his face. He wasn't the only one, for his officers either followed him into grief or frantically called into the vox that Sanguinius was dead, spreading the grief and sorrow to the rest of the Angel's Wings. The Chapter who had idealised their father since his reunion with the Legion and did their utmost to be his greatest sons were broken. In his mournful cries Devincin ranted that they had failed him by not being present at his side and would not hear Raldoran's reassurances that there was nothing they could've done. The grieving became so intense that some marines were overwhelmed and fell into the same insanity that overtook them in the Veiled Region.

Eventually the grieving subsided and Devincin learned that the Legion had been split into a number of Chapters at the behest of Roboute Guilliman's Codex Astartes. He was also told of the Black Rage that had gripped the sons of Sanguinius since their father's death which finally gave an answer to the insanity that took them in the Veiled Region. Apparently Devincin then spent three days in thought before emerging and declaring that he and his Chapter must find redemption. Thus, the Angel's Wings departed Baal. The blood red of their Legion changed into mourning black while leaving only the arms red to signify the blood on their hands for failing to be present when Sanguinius needed them most. Deeming themselves unworthy of being angels for their sins, the Chapter became the 'Broken Wings' and exiled themselves to the stars.

Eternal Repentance

The reborn Broken Wings vent their grief on the enemy.

The Broken Wings quickly adjusted to the new state of the Imperium as they cut a bloody swathe through xenos-held space and heretic worlds. Those who fought alongside them, be they a Chapter or other Imperial force, found the Broken Wings to be distant and wrathful allies who threw themselves into battle without a thought for their lives. The Broken Wings also rushed to the defense of beleaguered citizens no matter the importance or power of the enemy. If they weren't able to save Sanguinius then they would at least save those they could. Of course, this headstrong rush into battle had consequences as the Broken Wings incurred heavy losses as they fought battle after battle. What's more, the Chapter seemed to embrace the Black Rage as a form of penance rather than a genetic curse. Those who fell to it were seen as blessed to be able to relive the Battle of Terra and fight with their father. As such, the Death Company wore the red of the Legion so that they could meet their end as Blood Angels and not disgraced Broken Wings. Ultimately the size of the Chapter fell and rarely rose above 500. This did little to stop the Broken Wings who continued their war of penance and the Codex Astartes began to be less important to the Broken Wings as they reorganized to make up for their low strength.

Even though their desire for repentance made them rather unreliable allies in battle, those who fought alongside the Broken Wings nonetheless respected their might and willingness to fight on no matter the odds. Some even praised the Broken Wings for their valour but the Chapter never accepted praise for no matter how hard they fought or how many people they saved, misfortune seemed to afflict the forlorn Chapter.

Wrath of the Bloodied Wings

A Broken Wings Captain engages 3 Kshatriya Astartes.

The Broken Wings were adamant in defending the Imperium's citizens and thus would brook no attack on them, especially from those meant to defend them. That is why in 600.M37 blood was spilled when the Broken Wings met the Kshatriya.

The Kshatriya, officially known as the Destroyers of Worlds, joined a campaign on a rebel world that had been holding off the Imperial Guard liberation forces for a year. Already assisting the campaign were the Broken Wings and the Hounds of the Emperor. With the brutal massed strikes of the Kshatriya, the rapid attacks of the Hounds of the Emperor and the vengeful sky assaults from the Broken Wings, the rebels are swiftly crushed. However, the Kshatriya's rampage did not cease as they began to ravage the world and it's people. Angered by such cruelty the Broken Wings attacked the Kshatriya and another battle began that resulted in blood being shed on both sides. It was only when the Hounds of the Emperor intervened that the two Chapters stood down and parted ways with their dead. Since then, the Kshatriya and Broken Wings held a bitter enmity towards each other and refused to ever fight together again.

Glory Ignored

Tactical Squad Xanthis of 2nd Company navigating a warzone.

For all their efforts at repentance it would seem that the touch of Chaos still crept inside. Moreover it was a Chaplain, the watchers of an Astartes' soul, who was corrupted. Chaplain Galileus spiraled into the clutches of Chaos after happening upon an account of the Signus Campaign that almost doomed the Blood Angles two thousand years ago. Reading the account of how the dreaded Bloodthirster, Ka'Bhanda, tried to sway Sanguinius over to serve Khorne, the Blood God, and in return save his Legion from the genetic curse afflicting them, Galileus fell into a delusion that by spilling blood in Khorne's name would return the Angel back to life and redeem the Broken Wings. Even worse, those who still had not come to terms with the loss of the Angel or were newly forged aspirants heard the corrupted chaplain's words and instantly lapped them up, desperate to see their father take flight one more, his mighty pinions carrying him aloft into the heavens.

In the space of a night more than a quarter of the Broken Wings had turned and the Chapter fleet was thrown into turmoil as the maddened Chaplain preached the word of his corrupted creed. Although the fighting had started so suddenly, those who still retained their sanity and common sense were not taken by surprise and thus reacted swiftly to the traitors. It was clear that Galileus had underestimated the loyalty of his brothers, he did not realise that, though the loss of Sanguinius would forever pain the Chapter, they had accepted his death and that grief fueled every blow they struck. What's more the mere thought of service to the powers that took Sanguinius away from them was insulting to the Broken Wings. At the end of the 12 hours of fighting, Galileus was torn apart by the unleashed Death Company and his followers utterly purged.

The Broken Wings did not celebrate for this event meant that they had failed Sanguinius once again, and now the Chapter was 150 marines short because of it. So it came to pass that Chapter Master Francois declared that they must atone for their sins again. For the next 400 years, the Broken Wings threw themselves into a crusade against the forces of Chaos, barely restraining the rage of the Red Thirst as they vented their wrathful grief. When the last year ended did the Broken Wings declare themselves cleansed but still unredeemed.

Since Galileus' failed coup, the Broken Wings continued their constant war as they raged against the upstart Tau to the hated Forces of Chaos. Their rage did not abate even when their numbers dwindled to critical levels, the Black Rage threatened to consume them and extinction almost claimed them. The Broken Wings endured and constantly rebounded up to strength, though they never reached the full strength of 1,000. They rejected offered honours of recognition and glory from those they fought alongside or saved, knowing they could never accept such things until they were able to right the wrongs they committed ten thousand years ago.

The Devastation of Baal

An Astartes and a Sanguinary Guard of the Broken Wings prepare to sell their lives in the Devastation of Baal.

When the sun began to set on the 41st Millennium, the Broken Wings heeded summons from the Blood Angels to come to the defense of Baal as the tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan slowly encroached upon the home of their progenitors and father. Hearing how their brothers and Primarch were in need, the Broken Wings rushed to Baal. When the Tyranids finally entered the system the Broken Wings were on the first line of defense against the xenos swarm. Taken by rage that these aliens would even dare invade their ancestral homeworld, the Broken Wings threw themselves into the thick of battle and slew many hive ships. Some even undertook boarding actions on the hive ships and destroyed them from within, disrupting the synapse net many times.

Alas, 500 marines can do only so many against untold billions of xenos and casualties were beginning to mount as ships were caught and ripped apart by the grips of hive ships. Finally, the Chapter's Battle Barge and Fortress-Monastery, the Momento Sanguinius, and the last of it's Chapter fleet was surrounded over Baal Secundus. The last of the Chapter fought desperately as the tyranids boarded their ships and tore through the defenders. Countless acts of heroism were made that would only be remembered for a brief moment. Galus, of the Sanguinary Guard single handedly held a passage to the bridge until the ship he was on detonated it's engines and took five hive ships with it. Scout Squad "Blooded", even though they were the last of the 7th, made their stand on the bridge of their ship and exacted a bloody toll on the genestealer hordes before finally dying. Inevitably, however, one by one the ships fell until the Momento Sanguinius itself died as it unleashed one last broadside into a dying hive ship, taking Chapter Master Xavius, the 1st Company and what was left of the Chapter with it. The destroyed remains of the Chapter fleet fell down to Baal Secundus.

The Final Hours

Kept safe from the crash by drop pods and hastily boarded thunderhawks, the survivors of the Broken Wings scattered across Baal Secundus. Many died on the way down, crushed by falling wreckage or caught by flying bioforms while others landed on the surface only to be overrun by Tyranid swarms the moment they touched the ground. By this point, it is estimated that only 100 battle brothers (excluding the Death Company), wounded or not, were still alive.

Numbering only 3 Battle Brothers and a single Dreadnought, the last of the 4th Company make their final stand on Baal. They apparently killed hundreds before finally being overwhelmed.

Of course, this did not stop the Broken Wings from continuing the fight. It is known that Chapter Ancient Tiber and the last of the 3rd Company marched across the region and held off a tyranid swarm until the surviving chapter serfs could get to Imperial lines safely. However, the way was blocked by the masses of mycetic spores dropping onto the world and made escape impossible. Thus the 3rd consigned themselves to a final stand, joined by their serfs who would not flee and instead bravely fought to the last alongside their masters. Across the land the Broken Wings fought and died. With nowhere to go and all hope of surviving lost, it was all they could do. Many names became known for their heroic acts of sacrifice, and one became known above all others.

Alucir, the Seeker of Vengeance, made planetfall alongside what remained of the Death Company. Because the Death Company was larger than most other Blood Angel Chapters, a large number of them still remained; perhaps 300 at most. They watched as pieces of the great Battle Barge rained down above them that were followed by uncountable tides of mycetic spores. Occasionally they would see drop pods of survivors or hear garbled vox transmissions pleading for an answer. Sadly, Alucir was not able to reach any surviving brothers in time before they were overrun by the arriving Tyranids. Unwilling to sit by and allow the tyranids to devour the world of their father and craving vengeance for his lost brothers. Alucir rallied the Death Company and charged into battle, their jet packs screaming in fury as they descended upon the swarms. Even though none of the Death Company Chaplains remained, Alucir guided the insane Astartes through sheer force of will, and had them target the main synapse creatures of the swarms rather than waste time killing the entire horde. Though they reaped a great tally and disrupted many of the tyranid swarms, Alucir soon found himself alone as the Death Company gradually died out. Yet he would not give into despair and pressed forward, diving alone into swarms and eliminating the synapse creatures before escaping.

Alucir, last of the Broken Wings, in his last stand against the Tyranids.

Alone, he fought on for hours until his jump pack finally ran out of fuel and his lightning claws ran low on power. Trapped without fuel or support and surrounded by thousands of tyranids, Alucir accepted his fate. With a roar of defiant rage, he charged towards the wave of ferocious xenos and swung his lightning claws in wild fury as the Red Thirst took him and the wave engulfed him. He swung, stabbed, slashed and gored even when his lightning claws blunted and broke, his armour was breached and his body filled with bio-toxins. Every tyranid dead was in payment for the deaths of his brothers, every shout was a song of vengeance and every blow he took yet endured was a curse on the vile xenos. Alas, Alucir could only hold for so long and he was finally brought to his knees as the tyranids tore him to pieces. Even as claws stabbed into him, Alucir struggled as his life left his body. Finally, throwing his head back to the sky, in his final breath, he cried "Father! Forgive us!" and then lay still. And so the Broken Wings were finished, wiped out amongst the thousands of Astartes who fell in the Devastation of Baal.


Though the Broken Wings, and thousands of Astartes, had perished in the battle, the Devastation of Baal was ultimately won by the Imperium when unexpected reinforcements arrived in the form of Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, and the newly forged Primaris Marines. This new breed of super soldier reinforced the devastated Chapters of the Blood Angels and those that were almost extinct were rebuilt. However, Dante personally stopped the rebuilding of the Broken Wings. His reasoning was that the Broken Wings' had sacrificed themselves in order to save Baal, and by extension Sanguinius, as they were unable to do so thousands of years ago. To bring them back would make their thousands of years of seeking redemption pointless, thus they should finally be allowed to rest in peace.

The Broken Wings died not as failed sons, but as Blood Angels and sons of Sanguinius.

Notable Campaigns

  • The Fateful Departure (Unknown Date.M31) - the 258th "Angel's Wings" Chapter of the Blood Angels Legion is sent to quell an insurrection in the Veiled Region. Though they are reluctant to leave their Legion and Primarch, the 258th accept their task. Though the Chapter makes good progress initially, they are soon bogged down by mysterious foes from the warp who join the rebels and a warp storm also cuts the sector off from the greater Imperium as reports of Warmaster Horus Lupercal and 8 other Primarchs turning traitor emerge. Things get worse when, at the final battle on the last rebel world, the Angel's Wings suddenly come under some sort of berserk rage and completely slaughter the rebels, and the Chapter's Imperial allies. Horrified by what they had done, the Angel's Wings immediately set off for Baal in the hopes of returning to a victorious Imperium and their Legion.
  • Despair of the Angels (034.M31) - The Angel's Wings return to Baal 20 years after they left the Veiled Region and hear of the Horus Heresy and the wounding of the Emperor. Then they are told of Sanguinius. Unwilling to believe their ears, Carolean Devincin, Master of the Angel's Wings, and his officers stormed through the Arx Angelicum and found their Primarch lying in a tomb. Numb with shock, the entire Chapter fell into despair and grief as the news of Sanguinius' death tore through them. When the grief subsided, the Angel's Wings reformed along the lines of the newly introduced Codex Astartes and were reborn as the repentant Broken Wings.
  • Vengeful Wrath (035.M31 - Unknown Date.M32) - The Broken Wings' first act was to join in the Great Scouring. Though many heretics fell to their blades, it was the Sons of Horus, whose father slew Sanguinius, that bore the brunt of the vengeful Chapter's wrath.
  • Defence of Oronos (Unknown Date.M32) - The Broken Wings arrived to Oronos to aid in defending the world from rampaging Orks. It was thanks to the Broken Wings that no greenskin made it into the city and the refuge halls the civilians were hiding in. Once victory is achieved the Broken Wings departed without ceremony.
  • Boris's Folly (Unknown Date.M32) - When the Broken Wings came to the aid of beleaguered Astra Militarum forces on Regadin against the treacherous World Eaters, they were enraged to find that the regiment had been left to their fate by it's commander, Boris Yelt. Bolstering their defences and utilising class bait and trap tactics, the Broken Wings and Imperial Guard led the crazed World Eater warbands into redoubts and mined valleys where they slaughtered them in storms of fire or explosives. When the last warband was slaughtered, Boris finally reemerged from his hidden bunker and attempts to take credit. He was thrown off the cliff by the Broken Wings.
  • Vengeance for the Father (Unknown Date.M35) - A warband of the Black Legion invaded an Imperial sector that the Broken Wings also happened to be in. Always willing to take revenge on the slayers of their father, the Broken Wings engage the Black Legion and bloody and brutal fighting ensues. A month later, the Broken Wings left the sector after slaying every last Black Legionnaire.
  • Wrath of the Bloodied Wings (600.M37) - The Broken Wings, Hounds of the Emperor and the Destroyers of Worlds crush a rebellion on a civilized world. Though the rebels had surrendered, the Destroyers of Worlds continued slaughtering the people. Enraged, the Broken Wings attacked the Destroyers and a bloody battle commenced that resulted in dozens of Astartes dying before the Hounds of the Emperor could intervene. The Broken Wings and Destroyers part ways as bitter enemies.
  • Galileus' Fall (673.M38) - Chaplain Galileus fell to Khorne when he came under the belief that service to the Blood God will bring back Sanguinius. Rallying a full third of the Chapter to his cause, the Broken Wings fell into civil war that only ended when the Death Company was unleashed and tore the insane Chaplain apart.

Broken Wings attacking a Chaos held world.

  • Cleansing the Sins (673.M38 - 824.M38) - Stained by Galileus' betrayal, the Broken Wings underwent a penitent crusade that lasted for 150 years. After the last year, the Broken Wings considered themselves purified and ready to continue their quest for repentance.
  • Vengeful Brothers (Unknown Date.M41) - The Broken Wings encounter a Clergy of the insane Wolves of Retribution Warband. Amongst the horde of zealots is Draculin, a former Blood Angel who was captured and converted to the Wolves of Retribution. Alucir, Seeker of Vengeance, hunts the fallen son of Sanguinius across the battle before finding and slaying him. The Wolves of Retribution are driven away and the honour of the Angel is restored a tiny bit more.

The Broken Wings fighting until the last man on Baal.

  • Devastation of Baal (999.M41) - The Broken Wings rushed to the defence of Baal when it came under attack from Hive Fleet Leviathan. Though they fought valiantly and killed untold thousands of Tyranids, the Chapter Fleet was destroyed and the few survivors scattered on Baal Secundus. Unwilling to go down without a fight, Veteran Alucir led the last of the Death Company against the landing swarms until he was the last one remaining. Ultimately Alucir fought a last stand against a large swarm until he, at last, fell. The Broken Wings were gone, but they died as Angels that earned their redemption at long last.

Chapter Organisation

A Broken Wings Tactical Squad.

At first glance it might seem odd that a Space Marine Legion so proud of its traditions would set aside its individuality, but the events of the Horus Heresy had shaken the Blood Angels to their core. The Blood Angels were thus amongst the first Space Marines to adopt Roboute Guilliman's Codex Astartes. The Broken Wings, however, initially rejected the Codex Astartes as they did not want to be split from the Legion once more. Ultimately Raldoran was able to convince them that it would be better if they accepted it.

The Broken Wings adhered as closely to the Codex Astartes as they could but their flaw and always being under strength forced several changes.

The 1st Company was home to the Chapter's most experienced Veterans -- all of its Battle-Brothers steeped in solar decades, if not Terran centuries, of constant warfare. The 2nd through 5th Companies were the Chapter's backbone, the Battle Companies who formed the core of any strike force. Because they usually numbered around 500 strong, discounting the scout Company, the Broken Wings had no reserve Companies. Broken Wings Companies also had a close combat orientation and thus most squads were equipped for close assault. Finally, the 6th Company was seen by many as the future of the Chapter, for it was here that Scouts honed their skills in the Space Marine way of war. Though the Scouts are not yet fully trained Space Marines, their skills are highly valued. As a result the Broken Wings made great use of Scouts. Though each company could fight as a separate unit, the Broken Wings rarely fought apart.

In addition to the personal armour and weaponry required by its Battle-Brothers, each company, save the 6th, also maintained a host of support vehicles. These ranged from Rhino and Razorback transports to bikes and Land Speeders - such tools were drawn upon whenever the tactical situation required. This allowed even a single Broken Wings company to fulfill a multitude of tactical and strategic roles.

Order of Battle

The Broken Wings followed an Order similar to the Blood Angels except for some differences in organisation due smaller Chapter size. Below is their Order of Battle at the Devastation of Baal where they were destroyed:

Chapter Command

Chapter Command

Broken Wings Armorial.png
Xavius Leon
Sanguinary Guard
29 Sanguinary Guards
Chapter Equerry
Serfs & Servitors
Armoury Reclusium Sanguinary Priesthood
DA Armoury.png
Brother Urialis
Master of the Blade
40 Techmarines
105 Servitors
20 Predators
28 Baal Predators
6 Vindicators
5 Whirlwinds
23 Land Raiders
33 Stormraven Gunships
BA Reclusium Icon.png
High Chaplain of the Broken Wings
18 Chaplains
Sanguinary Priesthood Icon.png
Brother Hypocratus
Keeper of the Red Grail
25 Sanguinary Priests
Librarius Fleet Command Logisticiam
BA Libararius Icon.png
Master of the Librarius and Chief Librarian
4 Librarian Dreadnoughts
Brother Borgus
9 Strike Cruisers
1 Battle Barge (Momento Sanguinius)
20 Rapid Strike Vessels (Escorts)
45 Thunderhawk Gunships
5 Thunderhawk Transporters
Brother Katrin
900 Chapter Equerries
(Chapter Serfs) and Servitors


Mourning Host

Broken Wings Icon 1.png
Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company
"Angels' Rage"
2nd Company
"The Vengeful"
3rd Company
4th Company
"Choir of Baal"
5th Company
"Red Feathers"
Captain Xavius Leon
Seeker of Vengeance
100 Veterans (including Terminators)
8 Furioso Dreadnoughts
2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts

BA 1st Co Livery Shield.png
Captain Alucus
Master of the Watch
6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
3 Dreadnoughts

BA 2nd Co Livery Shield.png
Captain Malurin
Master of Sacrifice
6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
4 Dreadnoughts

BA 3rd Co Livery Shield.png
Captain Seraf
Lord Adjudicator
6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
4 Dreadnoughts

BA 4th Co Livery Shield.png
"Red Feathers"
Battle Company
Captain Venici
Keeper of the Arsenal
6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
3 Dreadnoughts
BA 5th Co Livery Shield.png

Scout Company

Captain Gurios
Master of Recruits
Scout Squads
Unassigned Neophytes

All Broken Wings Neophytes (new initiates of the Chapter) are assigned to the Scout Company until such time they are deemed worthy of being promoted to full battle-brother.

BA 10th Co Livery Shield.png
Death Company

Chaplain Carlius
Warden of the Lost
5 Erelim
700 Death Company Marines

All Broken Wings Space Marines who have succumbed to the madness of the Black Rage serve in the Death Company, including Dreadnoughts.

Chapter Command

The rule of the Broken Wings ultimately always fell to the Chapter Master and his council. Most seats at the high table were taken by the Brother Captains who commanded the Chapter's companies. Some, however, belonged to senior officers whose injuries were too great for continued combat, but whose wisdom still held great value. Such officers commanded the Chapter's vital support institutions, such as the Armoury, the Chapter fleet and the recruitment of fresh Neophytes.

Though ultimate power rested with the Chapter Master, the council was often called upon to act in its master's absence should he be slain. In addition to their role on the council, each officer also had an assigned title and duties necessary for the smooth running of the Chapter. Some such titles, such as Master of the Watch, were drawn from the pages of the Codex Astartes. Others, including the "Shield of the Gate" or the "Vengeful Blade" came from the Broken Wings' traditions.

Many Broken Wings commanders took to the field accompanied by a cadre of Veteran warriors. The Company Command -- known collectively as the Honour Guard -- were seasoned warriors, hand-picked for their skill and tenacity in combat. Fighting at the bleeding edge of the battle, the Company Command supported the Broken Wings' heroes.

Specialist Formations

Death Company

A Broken Wings afflicted Battle-Brother assigned to the ranks of the Death Company.

Unlike most successors of the Blood Angels, who see the Black Rage as a curse, the Broken Wings saw the Black Rage as the ultimate form of penance; the final step to redemption. A warrior who falls to the Black Rage believes himself back on Terra fighting against the Arch-Traitor and his foul legions. While this may be considered horrifying, this was perfect to the Broken Wings for they had been unable to fight at the Siege of Terra alongside their Legion and Primarch. Thus they saw the Black Rage as a second chance, a chance for themselves to fight with the Primarch. As such, every Broken Wings Astartes' goal was to fall to the Black Rage and earn his penance. Of course, they hid the Black Rage from the rest of the Imperium in the knowledge that it might have seen them damned further.

The Broken Wings Death Company wore the blood red of the Blood Angels Legion, symbolising that they were fighting on Terra as part of the Legion as they should have done ten thousand years ago. Death Company Astartes were also treated with the utmost respect and reverence.

The Broken Wings Death Company numbered around 700 marines, which may be why a significant number of them survived the destruction of the Chapter Fleet at the Devastation of Baal and made it onto the planet's surface. Rounded up by Alucir, the Death Company were led on a vengeful rampage across the world until they were utterly wiped out.

Sanguinary Guard

Broken Wings Sanguinary Guard.

When the Angel's Wings were sent out to the Veiled Region, they had five Sanguinary Guard assigned to them. Two of them died in the final battle and three remained to accompany the Chapter back to Baal following the end of the Heresy to out what happened to their Primarch. Being part of Sanguinius' personal guard, the remaining Sanguinary Guard took his loss harder than the rest of the Angel's Wings. As such, in remembrance of the Great Angels, the Sanguinary Guard of the Broken Wings painted their armour the same livery as the rest of the Broken Wings Chapter. They also purposely damaged the wings of their jump packs to represent their failure to protect their gene-sire. Only those battle-brothers who feel the loss of their Primarch more keenly than their brethren and grieve for the loss of the Great Angel more deeply, and possess a vengeful nature, are raised up to the vaunted ranks of the Sanguinary Guard. Each of these individual warriors bear the ancient title of Seraph and are tasked with the protection of the Chapter Master. They are Sanguinius' wrath incarnate, the Great Angel's stern resolve and watchful eyes each given form and purpose. Alas, every single one of them died giving their lives in the Devastation of Baal. Though they and their Chapter were completely destroyed in the battle, they died in the defence of their Primarch and finally carried out the duty they failed to do in the Siege of Terra 10,000 years ago.

Seeker of Vengeance

Alucir, the last Seeker of Vengeance.

The Seeker of Vengeance was a single marine, usually of the veterans, equipped with a jump pack and weaponry of his choice whose task was to soar over the battlefield in search of enemy champions. Once his prey was located the Seeker would descend upon it like an Angel of death and fight, the mournful fury of the Chapter's collective grief fueling his rage. When his foe was slain, the Seeker would fly back into the sky in search of his next enemy.

To be a Seeker of Vengeance was to be considered the greatest warrior in the Chapter that was mightier than those of the Sanguinary Guard. Legend held that their armaments, the Armour of the Vengeful, imbued the wearer with the might of all who previously wore it. Furthermore, the wearer may recall the memories of his predecessors, ensuring the Seekers of Vengeance are never forgotten. The Broken Wings' archives held the legends of Devincin, the First Seeker of Vengeance, Kerathion, the bane of 5,000, Surlius, friend of Domhnall, and Alucir, the Last to Fall.

Broken Wings Librarians

A Broken Wings Librarian.

Like their fellow Astartes Chapters, the Broken Wings also maintained a Librarium of potent psykers who were highly talented and trained to master the power of the Warp at the highest levels. Each Chapter selects its Librarians in its own way, either from seed worlds, as it does with the bulk of its Initiates, or from the ranks of gifted psykers brought to the Scholastica Psykana. Most Chapters train and test chosen psykers following the ancient ways laid out in the Codex Astartes. Librarians of the Blood Angels are trained in this way, and, with few minor traditional variances, have been taught to live by the word of the Codex.

When not devastating the plans of enemy warlords in war zones from Damocles to the Cadian Gate, Librarians have a host of other, less violent, duties to attend to. In addition to testing recruits and tending to their own training, Librarians are responsible for maintaining their Chapter's Librariums. Overseen by the Librarians, each is a silent and sacred place of whispered secrets and hidden truths. Filled with ancient tomes and sacred scrolls, every piece of text laid down by the Chapter, or relevant to its existence, is housed within. Every fortress-monastery will have a Librarium to house the lore, battle records, and certain psychically-active artifacts like Force Weapons. Famous victories, shameful defeats and the legends of the Chapter's heroes are recorded there, and the Librarians are fiercely devoted to their role as keepers of this legacy.

In addition to the main Librarium on a Chapter homeworld, many Battle Barges maintain smaller Librariums for use during their long campaigns. While no two Librariums are exactly the same, they are often built around a central pillar, its racks of books and scrolls spiraling out into antechambers that hold rows of written works, data-slates, chronicle-stones and mnemo-slates recording the accounts of great battles, the final words of its heroes, and the secrets of vanquished foes. The central pillar of the Librarium houses its oldest available copy of the Codex Astartes, held in a stasis-plinth or protected by holo-reflection. Many lords of the Adeptus Astartes visit the quiet, dusty halls of the Librarium to draw their inspiration and resolve from the ancient book in times of darkness.

Psychic Abilities

The Librarians of the Broken Wings had access to several powers: Blood Angels Librarians have a number of unique psychic abilities only used by the psykers of their Chapter:

  • Blood Boil - With a blast of psychic power, the Librarian drives his enemy's blood into a seething frenzy, superheating the target's blood, flash-boiling it and causing it to burst from their eyes, mouth, and ears with explosive finality.
  • Blood Lance - The Librarian conjures a mighty psychic lance, glistening with gore. On a single word of command, the lance flies from his hands, hurling a blazing crimson lance of psychic power that skewers everything in its path.
  • Wrath of the Guilty - Focusing his will, the Broken Wings Librarian utilised the deadly powers of the Immaterium to flow into him, heightening his speed and strength to unimaginable levels and summoning up a deep well of rage to smite the foes of the Emperor.
  • Smite - Lethal bolts of ruby lightning leap from the Librarian's fingertips, tearing his enemies apart.
  • Repentant Fury - Reaching into the minds of his fellows, the Librarian unleashes the savagery formed from the collective guilt within the Broken Wings' psyche.

Chapter Recruitment

Being a fleet based Chapter, the Broken Wings had no homeworld or fixed recruiting worlds. Instead they would recruit from warzones, particularly seeking sons who had lost their fathers or had even fought, conscripted as child soldiers. The selected aspirants would then be taken back to the Chapter flagship, the Momento Sanguinius and escorted to the Great Chapel within.

All the Aspirants were left to observe vigil in the great Chapel of the Chapter, before drinking from the Sanguinary Chalice brought to them by the Sanguinary Priests which contains the viral catalysts that will begin the process of transformation into transhuman Astartes. Slumber soon overtook them and the Aspirants were borne by Servitors to the Apothecarion where the gene-seed of Sanguinius was implanted in their recumbent bodies. From the Apothecarion the Aspirants were taken to the Hall of Sarcophagi and each was placed within a mighty golden sarcophagus.

Life support nodes were attached to them and for the next Terran year they were fed intravenously with a mixture of nutrients and the Blood of Sanguinius while the gene-seed did its work. Many of the Aspirants died at this stage, their bodies unable to cope with the sheer strain of the physical changes that now overtook them. Those who lived grew swift and true, echoing the rapid growth of their Primarch. They put on muscle mass and acquired the extra internal organs that mark a true Space Marine.

At this time too they had strange dreams, for the gene-seed carries within it the memories of Sanguinius. Thus did the Primarch's essence begin to permeate the souls of his warriors. Uniquely for the Broken Wings, whose collective psyche was deeply wounded by Sanguinius' demise, these dreams would be visions of the past where the 258th Chapter was sent from the Legion to quell a rebellion and then returning to find their beloved father dead. Feelings of guilt, failure and despair would assail these aspirants, an unlucky few would be woken prematurely from their slumber and driven insane by the claustrophobia of the Sarcophagus. Those who did survive emerged forever changed. They were tall, strong and superhumanly powerful. Their restructured bodies and features had taken on a beauty that echoed that of their angelic forebear. Their senses were keener and their muscles stronger than tempered steel. They were ready to begin their training as Space Marines.

They are now neophytes of the Broken Wings, though they have only completed the first stage of becoming a full Astartes. However, those who emerged were also left with the guilt that the Broken Wings bore since that fateful day and, though they held the likeness of one, the knowledge that they were not worthy to be angels.

Combat Doctrine

Broken Wings Devastator Brother Raphalus, 2nd Company 10th Squad. Given their long history, the Broken Wings' armoury is full of archaic and relic weaponry from times as old as the Great Crusade. Hence why Raphalus wields an ancient heavy bolter.

The Broken Wings' modus operandi was to charge at an enemy and engage them in melee combat, supported by covering fire from ranged outfitted dreadnoughts or devastators. The Broken Wings also favoured drop assaults or gunship deployments directly onto enemy positions for maximum effect. The deployment of deathstorm drop pods was also common. The companies of the Broken Wings generally fought in a similar fashion as most other Space Marine forces, with a tendency toward aggressive and decisive spaceborne and planetary assault actions utilising highly mobile forces. This usually resulted in actions in which dedicated assault units, including the Death Company, close with the weakest point of the enemy position at the earliest opportunity under covering fire from dreadnoughts or devastators. This then allowed the assault units to carry on into successive enemy positions behind the front line, preventing an organised response, while the rest of the units conducted a mop-up of the remaining enemies and move into positions of support, pinning down the next target with available firepower. It is noted that the Broken Wings had a preference for power weapons, usually a power sword, over chain weapons. The reason for this is unknown.

The Broken Wings held a passion for perfection in all things martial and otherwise which could be seen in their strategic and tactical planning, which was exemplary. However, they could not be counted upon to hold a position in the same disciplined way as the Ultramarines or Dark Angels, as the Black Rage can afflict any Marine in the midst of battle, inciting him to charge forward in an attempt to tear the enemy limb from limb. This often had the benefit of creating victories in the unlikeliest of situations through sheer aggression though the sheer violence was often a worrying sight to Imperial officers.

Chapter Beliefs & Traditions

The Broken Wings were bound to one core belief; the belief that they had failed Sanguinius by not being at his side at the Battle of Terra when he needed them most. It was around this belief that the Broken Wings took an eternal vow of repentance. The Broken Wings also took an oath of vengeance against the treacherous Sons of Horus whose father killed Sanguinius. The ultimate belief that the Broken Wings held is that they would only be redeemed when every last traitor, especially the Black Legion, had been slain.

The Broken Wings also held to the belief of protecting the common Imperial citizen, no matter the odds, from danger. As such they would frequently take rearguard actions and convoy protection as well as defences in order to safeguard civilians. This belief is spurred from their failure to save Sanguinius and thus vowed to never allow an innocent to die if they could prevent it. If they could not save their father, they would save everyone else.

Surprisingly, the dour and often bitter Broken Wings were reputed to be superb practitioners of art. It was said that every Astartes of the Chapter knew how to play the harp or lyre and had voices that were almost angelic in sound. Though their poetry, musical compositions and choir songs were often filled with mournful and saddened lyrics, they were so beautiful that even the most hardened of Astartes even felt something if they heard the songs of the Broken Wings. Even the portraits and paintings created by the Chapter could be described as masterpieces that captured the emotion of a scene perfectly. The artistic style of the Broken Wings was even shown on their armour in the form of intricate patterns and exquisite designs. Thus it could be considered a terrible loss that the voices and songs of the Broken Wings would be heard nevermore when the Chapter met its end at Baal.

The artistic side of the Broken Wings was expressed even in how they named their battles and events. Usually every battle was given a poetic name. Weaponry, dreadnoughts, vehicles and ships were also given poetic titles.

Mournful Devotion

A Broken Wings marine in prayer.

It is known that the Broken Wings were extremely devoted to their Primarch, Sanguinius. When they were the Angel's Wings Chapter in the Legion, they were known for striving to be the warriors the Primarch wanted them to be. Now as the Broken Wings they crusaded eternally to redeem themselves for their failings 10,000 years ago. Their devotion was such that apparently they would react to any perceived insult to Sanguinius with hostility, even more so than any other Chapter of the Blood Angels.


Like all Blood Angels' Successors, the Broken Wings shared many traits with their progenitors, including the 'twin flaws' that afflicts so many of the line of Sanguinius. This curse manifested itself in many different ways, but in the case of the Broken Wings it had led to a fiery, zealous temperament that drove the Chapter to prove themselves in the eyes of their genesire. Like their genetic primogenitors, this Chapter also suffered from both genetic Flaws of the Red Thirst and the Black Rage. Those Broken Wings who were afflicted by the Black Rage were placed in a Death Company similar to that deployed by the Blood Angels.

Primarch's Curse: (Angel's Fury)

Unlike their genetic forebears and their fellow Chapters of the Blood, the Broken Wings were further along in their descent, carrying a heightened version of the flaw which might have spelled their doom within the space of a few short solar decades had they not been annihilated during the defence of Baal. When the Chapter's genetic curse manifested itself in an affected Battle-Brother, it came on in three stages.

  • Stage 1 - Heightened Frenzy - The Battle-Brother completely loses control when he frenzies and finds it almost impossible to claw his way back to reason as long as there are foes to fight and blades drawn. Even when foes are not near, the madness of the Red Thirst grips him and he rages endlessly for battle and blood, howling out his anger and striking the ground with his blade. The Battle-Brother must take care, lest he lose control at any moment. Any time the Battle-Brother takes damage, is confronted with a clear threat, or is put in position of great stress, he must summon all his willpower in order to contain his fury for the duration of an encounter with an enemy.
  • Stage 2 - Blood Rage - The Broken Wing thirsts for the blood of their foes when in the grips of the Red Thirst and longs to see it spilled across the ground in great arcs and gouts. They also crave the feeling of hot blood on their skin and splattering across their armour, staining the dark red battle-plate a darker shade still. The Battle-Brother must engage foes in close combat if possible, either making melee attacks against them or shooting point black with pistols so that their blood spills at his feet. When he downs a foe, he must resist the urge to hack or blast the foe's corpse apart. If the Battle-Brother is attacked by a new foe while he is in this state while hacking at another foe, he will turn his attention to his new attacker instead.
  • Stage 3 - The Beast Within - Near the end, an affected Broken Wing is little more than an animal filled with fury and madness striking out at all those around him. While he may still have lucid moments where he remembers the warrior he once was, these are fleeting and quickly gone to be replaced with only the thought of killing and the thirst for blood, and he will attack the nearest target (friend or foe) if there is more than one to choose from. At this point, the Battle-Brother is completely within the grip of the Black Rage and must be transferred to the Death Company.

Deathwatch Service

Broken Wings Brother Copurnius, assigned to the Deathwatch.

Though the Broken Wing were in a constant state of crusading and fighting, they did not ignore the call for marines to serve the Long Vigil in the Deathwatch. Broken Wings Astartes sent to serve were often useful assets for a Deathwatch Kill-Team due to their preference for close assault and melee combat, however their bloodthirst, dour mood and insistence on protecting any civilians when in battle did lead to friction between them and members of more disciplined Chapters. It is unknown if any Broken Wings Astartes were serving in the Deathwatch when the Chapter was utterly destroyed during the Devastation of Baal. If there are, then they surely continue their service as Blackshields fighting in vengeful rage in the name of their fallen brothers.

Chapter Fleet

The Broken Wings Chapter Fleet was known to contain the following vessels:

  • Momento Sanguinius (Battle Barge/Fortress-Monastery) - The Momento Sanguinius had been the Chapter's flagship since the Great Crusade and underwent significant refit to become the reformed Chapter's fortress monastery, changing from its old name to its one to fit the Broken Wings. It was described as a beautiful ship yet its artwork seemed to convey feelings of mourning and guilt, a true representation of the Broken Wings. Alas, the Momento Sanguinius was destroyed in the Devastation of Baal, taking countless relics and beautiful pieces of art with it.
  • Lamentis (Strike Cruiser) - The Lamentis was the 2nd Company's Strike Cruiser and was almost as old as the Momento Sanguinius. Sadly, it and the entire 2nd were destroyed at Baal.
  • Tears of Grief (Strike Cruiser) - The Strike Cruiser Tears of Grief was said to have claimed a total of 8 hive ship kills in the Devastation of Baal before being overwhelmed.

Chapter Relics

Being a considerably old Chapter the Broken Wings had scores of relics, most of them dating back to the Great Crusade. Sadly, when the Momento Sanguinius was destroyed in the Devastation of Baal, every single relic, pieces of the Imperium's history, was lost. Only one relic is known to survive but it's location is unknown as of now.

The Helm of Alucir.

  • Helm of Alucir - When the Devastation of Baal ended in a pyrrhic Imperial victory, they found the body of Alucir, Vanguard Veteran of the Broken Wings, surrounded by scores of slain tyranids. Although his body and armour was rent and torn, his helm was still intact. Repaired and granted new icons, Alucir's helm became the last remaining piece of the Broken Wings. Yet, this would not be the end. At some point, the helm disappeared from the Blood Angels' armoury and apparently ended up in the hands of a Chapter with a Jackal's head for an icon not long before they came under attack from a large Ork WAAGH! that they were able to utterly decimate. The Chapter attributed it to the helm. Then, the helm apparently disappeared once again. Legends began to rise of a helm falling into the hands of Chapters who were about to be attacked by an overwhelming force, Each time it seems that the helm brings an impossible victory before leaving to another Chapter. The Helm of Alucir is said to be more than a token of luck, those who wear it are said to be imbued with the fighting spirit of Alucir, their aim always holds true and the blows of their sword are filled with might. The Helm of Alucir roams the galaxy to this day, a sign that the Broken Wings serve even in death.
  • Sorrowful Voice - The Sorrowful Voice was a relic blade that was said sing in a mournful voice whenever it was swung. It was a beautiful blade, engraved with jewels and painstakingly engraved murals of grief and sorrow as was typical of the Broken Wings. Sadly it was lost with the Momento Sanguinius as it went down, it was supposedly wielded by Company Champion Leonados until the last moment.
  • Tomb of the Mourner - The Tomb of the Mourner was a master crafted Leviathan Pattern dreadnought sarcophagus that's mighty armour held the most powerful of warriors. It apparently made it down to Baal Secundus after the Momento Sanguinius was destroyed where the raging Leviathan Dreadnought tore through dozens of tyranid swarms before finally falling, it's last act was to detonate it's reactor to destroy it and the tyranid swarm trying to tear it apart.

The Regalia Mortis, a relic suit of Mk I 'Thunder' armour.

  • Regalia Mortis - The Regalia Mortis is an relic suit Mark I 'Thunder' armour, a bygone artefact of the newborn IX Legion when they first took part in the Terran Unification Wars. This relic was handed down to the Broken Wings upon their inception by their Progenitors. Usually stored within the Chapter's reliquarium, it was only brought out for ceremonial occasions. However, once in a generation, a warrior whose valiant deeds and noble bearing that were far and away above any of their peers, would be allowed to don this ancient suit of power armour and take the field of battle - a living manifestation of the ancient IX Legion - to bring the wrath of the Great Angel himself upon the enemies of mankind. By some twist of fate, it was one of the few relics to survive the Chapter's destruction at Baal. The newly incepted Primaris Successor Chapter, the Host Redeemed inherited this sacred relic and modified the suit to be worn by a Primaris Marine. The suit is used for ceremonies but is sometimes worn into battle by only the most worthy of veterans.

Notable Members

Xavius Leon, final Chapter Master of the Broken Wings.

  • Xavius Leon - Xavius was the final Chapter Master of the Broken Wings, having ruled for 800 years by the time of the Devastation of Baal. While he was certainly an impressive leader and superlative warrior, he never really stood out from his predecessors, a fact that ate at him every passing day. It was perhaps due to this desperation to be better than his forebears that he committed every single warrior to the defence of Baal when it came under assault from the tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Furthermore, the Broken Wings were amongst the first line of defence. Even though they slew many Hive Ships, the Chapter was soon cut off and surrounded by the vast fleet of the Tyranids. Eventually it was only the Momento Sanguinius left and on the verge of being overtaken by boarding bioforms. Giving the order for evacuation, Xavius and his Sanguinary Guard stayed behind on his bridge as the Tyranids swarmed in. Whether he died to the Tyranids or when the Battle Barge finally exploded, Xavius fell gloriously and finally stood out from his predecessors.

Alucir, the Seeker of Vengeance.

  • Alucir - Alucir, the "Last to Fall", was the Seeker of Vengeance. A Seeker of Vengeance was tasked with hunting down enemy champions and slaying them in order to offer their blood to Sanguinius' name. His most notable actions include slaying the seven Warbosses of Karkond, wiping out a Drukhari Archon and her retinue and slaying a fallen Blood Angel. At the Devastation of Baal, Alucir was one of the few Astartes who made it down to Baal Secundus after the Chapter Fleet was lost. Leading what remained of the Death Company, Alucir rampaged across Baal Secundus as the wreckage of the Chapter Fleet rained down upon them, seeking synapse creatures in order to disrupt the horde and strike blows of vengeance against the Hive Mind. Eventually he was left alone as the Death Company dwindled away and the scattered groups of marines were wiped out. Refusing to fall into despair he continued his rampage as the Red Thirst began to take him. Eventually his jump pack ran out of fuel and he was surrounded by a large swarm of tyranids. He fought on for 15 minutes as he was engulfed by the tide before he finally fell and was torn apart. With his last breath, he cried out; "Father, forgive us!" before giving into oblivion and joining his Chapter in death. His helm was recovered and made a Chapter Relic that supposedly travels the Galaxy to assist Chapters in their time of need.

Surlius, the Seeker of Vengeance, descending upon his foe.

  • Copurnius - Copurnius was a Broken Wings Astartes who served in the Deathwatch as part of Kill Team Corinth. His skill with a power sword and veteran experience was of great aid to his Kill Team even though conflicts due to the major differences between each Battle Brother were common. When his Vigil ended, Copurnius returned to his Chapter. It is believed that he was present in the Devastation of Baal where he likely met his fate either in the space battle or the desperate last stand on Baal Secundus. Where ever he was, it is without a doubt that he made the tyranids pay for every life they took.
  • Ruthus - Ruthus was a Scout Brother in Scout Squad "Blooded". He and his squad were on the Strike Cruiser Tears of Grief and were the last remaining brothers on the ship as the hordes of Genestealers overran it. Not content to sit idly, Ruthus and his squad made their stand in the barracks where they held for an unknown amount of time before finally being overrun.
  • Surlius - Surlius was a mighty warrior who held the title of Seeker of Vengeance, taking the place of Xeveron. Surlius was renowned for slaying the Murderous Beast and for his actions in the Sevagos Campaign.

Pict-file of Blessed Nuralio, Venerable Dreadnought of the Broken Wings' Death Company.

  • Nuralio - Blessed Nuralio was a Death Company Dreadnought. In a lucid state overtaken by the Black Rage, Nuralio has achieved what many of the Broken Wings seek; constant warfare in what they think to be the Battle of Terra where they can fight alongside Sanguinius as they should have done all those millennia ago. Nuralio was present at the Devastation of Baal where he was last seen surrounded by dozens of Tyranid Bio-Beasts. Although Nuralio would not survive, he ensured a bloody toll was exacted before his fall.

Chapter Appearance

Heraldry of the Host

The Broken Wings adhered to a strict heraldic system, allowing them to recognise what company and squad any given battle-brother belongs to at a glance. The advantages of such swift recognition amid the madness of battle are obvious. More than this, however, these Sons of Sanguinius revered their heraldry, and bore these markings as badges of pride.

The Broken Wings primarily wore black coloured power armour, with red trim the colour of blood. The Imperialis or Aquila worn on the chest guard is gold in colour. Unlike their progenitors, the Broken Wings did not follow the Blood Angels' interpretation of the Codex Astartes in organisation and marking, instead they followed the mainstream guidelines of the Codex Astartes.

Broken Wings Librarians retained the Chapter scheme with patches of blue added.

Broken Wings Sanguinary Priests also retained the Chapter scheme with the left shoulder pad painted white.

Broken Wings company markings differed from those outlined by the Codex Astartes in utilising symbols on the right shoulder plate instead of different colored trim and Imperial Gothic numerals.

The emblem of the 1st Company was a skull while all of the other companies used different coloured blood drops.

Once a brother joined the Death Company, his company emblem were replaced with the icons of the doomed brotherhood.

The following is a list of how each company represented itself:

  • 1st Company (Veteran): A white skull over red background on the right shoulder plate. On Terminator (Tactical Dreadnought) Armour, the left shoulder plate shows the 1st Company's specific heraldry, the right shoulder guard displays the Chapter badge in black (yellow for Sergeants).
  • 2nd Company (Battle): A single yellow blood drop.
  • 3rd Company (Battle): A single white blood drop.
  • 4th Company (Battle): A single green blood drop.
  • 5th Company (Battle): A single black blood drop.
  • 6th Company (Reserve Tactical): Twin yellow blood drops, side by side.
  • 7th Company (Reserve Tactical): Twin white blood drops, side by side.
  • 8th Company (Reserve Assault): Twin green blood drops, side by side.
  • 9th Company (Reserve Devastator): Twin black blood drops, side by side.
  • 10th Company (Scout Marines): The Broken Wings' Scout Company wore a black skull on the right shoulder plate, and the Chapter badge on the left.

The Chapter Master (who was named Host Commander by the Chapter) was accompanied by the Sanguinary Guard who retained the Chapter's colour scheme to symbolise their share in the Broken Wings shame.

Most unusual, the colours of their Death Company were red with black coloured shoulder pauldron insets, but still they bore the blood-red saltires to symbolise the wounds of the Great Angel on parts of their armour that was coloured black.

Honour Scrolls

The scrolls affixed to the armour of many Broken Wings recorded their noblest deeds. This was not vainglory. Should the wearer fall to the Black Rage, such scrolls served as a memorial, a record of the warrior that had been lost.

Broken Wings Chapter iconography.

Armour Decoration

The Broken Wings took great pride in the artistry of their wargear. Some battle-brothers crafted new adornments and decorations onto their own armour. Others inherited suits already heavy with blood drops, golden wings and other emblems. Either way, these flourishes embodied the nobility to which all Scions of the Blood aspire.

Chapter Badge

The Broken Wings Chapter badge is a stylised set of white coloured, bloody angelic wings, The right wing is broken, with some of the feathers falling from their pinion. This symbol was centered upon a field of black.

Chapter Relations

Out of shame of failing Sanguinius by not being at his side on Terra, the Broken Wings' relationship with their progenitor and fellow successors is a distant one. The Broken Wings belief that they were unworthy to be angels meant that they attended few ceremonies or meetings of the Blood Angels save for the most important. However the Blood Angels and successors treat the Broken Wings with respect and understanding, holding no such belief that the Broken Wings were failures.


Blood Angels and Successors

Despite their distant ties, the Broken Wings were still Blood Angels at heart and thus fought by their side many times. The greatest example of this was when the entire Chapter gave their lives to defend Baal, finally redeeming themselves.

Iron Spears Armorial.

Iron Spears

Not only are both Chapters descended from the Primarch Sanguinius, the Broken Wings and Iron Spears forged a strong friendship in the Sevagos Campaign. The Broken Wings also saved the Iron Spears from annihilation during the Battle of Ailinne.


Destroyers of Worlds Armorial.

Destroyers of Worlds

Due to an incident known as the Wrath of the Bloodied Wings that resulted in the two Chapters fighting a bloody battle, the Broken Wings are sworn foes of the Destroyers of Worlds. Since the incident the Kshatriya and Broken Wings never campaigned nor acknowledged each other for fear of more bloodshed. However, when the Broken Wings died out in the Devastation of Baal the Kshatriya was said to have mourned them for 3 days and 3 nights and begged their forgiveness for the bloodshed. For, in the end, the Kshatriya respected their foes.

Black Legion

Of all the Traitor Legions, the Broken Wings hate the Black Legion the most for Horus' brutal slaying of Sanguinius. Now, the Broken Wings violently make war on the traitors at every chance so that they can wipe Horus' legacy from the Galaxy.

Notable Quotes

By the Broken Wings

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"I don't know about you but I'm facing this end with a fight. Now listen, brothers, we may just be mere scouts. Throne, we might be the only scouts left. But is that any excuse to not go down as warriors? As Broken Wings? Would Sanguinius be proud of us if we sat by and let xenos eat us? No! If I shall end up as food then I'm going to be food that bites back! Are you with me?!"
—Scout Brother Ruthus of Squad "Blooded"
"When the Angels' Wings saw their father's tomb, a hole was torn in their hearts that still has not healed to this day. Our grief is matched by few."
—Early Broken Wings saying.
"I stand alone, the remains of my brothers lying across this desert or up with the wreckage of our once proud Chapter Fleet. Lord Leon is gone, fighting until the Momento Sanguinius finally died, the Sanguinary Guard are slain, the Death Company destroyed and probably all but few of the Companies dead. I am proud with the knowledge that not one of them died without a fight but they are still dead, I'm not. I could flee, rush to the Angels Vermillion or the Flesh Tearers. I could pray my Chapter's gene seed is recoverable and rebuilding is possible. But I will not run, the damage is too great for even a slow process of rebuilding. So I must do what my title commands, I will seek vengeance.
These hordes of teeth and claw have all but slain my Chapter. An ocean of death about to sweep me away like a pebble before a flood. This I won't allow easily. I am Alucir, Seeker of Vengeance, of the Broken Wings and, today, I'm not going anywhere.
Father! Forgive us!
—The last words of Alucir, the Seeker of Vengeance and the Last to Fall.

About the Broken Wings

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"The Broken Wings fought in the belief that they were failures, unworthy to be angels. Yet here they stood, fighting to their last dying breath, as angels and true sons of Sanguinius. Their death will be a loss the galaxy will not recover from."
—Lord Commander Dante on the Broken Wings.
"O Broken Wings. Enemies we once were for we shed your blood as you shed ours, we weep for you as your spirits travel to the stars! For our woeful murder of the Rajput, battle brothers, on that sorrowful night we beg your forgiveness as we vow to remember your glory for eternity!"
—Fragment from the Kshatriya mourning song that commemorates the Broken Wings.
"There are men who claim us to be too repentant, too fixated on our mistakes that we may never move past them, to those people I present the Broken Wings, and their valour immeasurable."
—Dragon Emperor Sejong, Jade Knives
"Too bad that my toy died...I liked him."
Luka, Lord of the Screamers band of the Symphony of Screams expressing sorrow towards Alucir's death

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