Nyhmthetim Nyhmthetim 13 days ago

Achievement Unlocked

16 FEB 2021 17:51; This blog post was created purely for unlocking an achievement.

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Cornish Moose Cornish Moose 23 days ago

My Goals

Hello there!

I just thought I'd share my intentions for my segment of the wiki to anyone who stumbles onto this user page. Hi, I'm Cornish Moose! I've been Homebrewing in one form or another for close to 20 years. I still occasionally find word documents or note pads with decades old notes for some wacky AM regiment or somesuch which is pretty crazy.

When I first joined this wiki my goal was simply to upload my Nemean Lions and share them with people. shortly after doing so (and after I had fixed some of their many initial flaws) I began to realise that so much was left unsaid. What was their home like? The Sector it was located in? What other forces did the Sector hold? Significant worlds? What conflicts had taken place there? It became cle…

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AspiringGnostic AspiringGnostic 24 January

Starting Stuff


-Template:Free Use


-Warhammer 40,000 Homebrew Wiki:How to Create a Homebrew Chaos Space Marine Warband

-Warhammer 40K Homebrew Wiki:Article Quality Policy


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CanelitoB CanelitoB 17 December 2020

The Impalers Chapter

  • 1 The Crimson Impalers Chapter
  • 2 Chapter Relics
  • 3 The Unique Priesthood of The Impalers 
  • 4 Impalers Unit Organization 
    • 4.1 The Ten Companies 
      • 4.1.1 The First Company “The Blood Spillers”
      • 4.1.2 The Second Company  “The One Hundred Swords”
      • 4.1.3 The Third Company “Lupii De Aur”
      • 4.1.4 The Fifth Company “Rhapthorne’s Claws”
      • 4.1.5 The Sixth Company “Leii Urland”
      • 4.1.6 The Seventh Company “The Kings of Death”
      • 4.1.7 The Eight Company “The Blood Drakes”
      • 4.1.8 The Ninth Company “Seekers of Hope”
      • 4.1.9 The Tenth Company “The Lupi De Wallchilla”
    • 4.2 The Order of the Dragon 
    • 4.3 The Order of the Blade 
    • 4.4 The Circle of Rebirth 
    • 4.5 The Circle of Shadows 
  • 5 The Chapter Culture 
    • 5.1 The Rite of Midnight Clad 
    • 5.2 The Recolta De Lfie
    • 5.3 The Rejecting 
  • 6 Wallchilla: The Impalers Homeworld
    • 6.1 Concer…
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Reditus74 Reditus74 11 December 2020

War Lions and Canon Friendliness

Okay, so I created a renegade space marine chapter called the War Lions. The problem is, they're created from traitor legion gene-seed, the world eaters' specifically, and that's generally a no-no on this wiki unless you have a compelling reason for it. So, the idea I had for the chapter was that they were created as some kind of experiment by the Mechanicus to see if making a chapter from traitor legion stock would work. Of course, they went with a low risk progenitor, one of the legions that was relatively normal before they fell to Chaos. The World Eaters, before they had the Butcher's Nails installed, were fairly brutish (which was how the Emperor designed them considering he wanted to create a legion of expert melee fighters), but othe…

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Captain Octavian Magnea Captain Octavian Magnea 23 November 2020


Hello there, if you have come here, that means you have an interest in me. I thank you for that and I will tell you why I'm doing this. To advertise my articles, to ask you to join Fractured Imperium, and for me to get that shiny award. I like shiny things.

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Mia Pallas Mia Pallas 11 October 2020

Short stories


did you know that we have a collection of short stories? They can be found by writing: Category:Codex Literatus in the search bar of the wiki. We have a little under 20 stories as of now and they vary in length and topic. If you are a writer or an aspiring writer and you have a story to tell, feel free to add to our library. If you like to read, I also suggest you check out our community's stories.

I hope you enjoy,

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Das2Eazy Das2Eazy 9 October 2020

Lightning Wraiths - Beginning to End

Hello, Das2Eazy here. Thought I should write about how my chapter came to be. From it's birth in my sleep-deprived mind to where it is now, ~36K words of lore (O_O). I regret to inform you though, that this will be in parts as life is a pain.

Anyways, let's get started.

I'm not entirely too sure if anyone remembers this, but this chapter's roots began at the old WH40k Fanon wiki. It also was not called 'Lightning Wraiths' at the time. Rather, it went by the name 'Laughing Skull', a White Scar successor as well, but with a touch of Blood Angel. The Laughing Skull was a completely different chapter to it's successor. It had been a Codex-deviant chapter, that operated en masse with no reserve companies. Furthermore, as its name suggested, the L…

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Petrus Tyrannus Petrus Tyrannus 16 July 2020

The Warfather thirsts for blood!

Hey guys. I'm looking for a battle to put in my favorite chaos character (and own creation) the Warfather.

He has no warband of his own as he's simply a crazed beast that can kill anything and survive the process (cute hun?) and can only truly fight under the command of an extraordinarily powerful sorcerer/apostle.

The enemy can be anyone, from IG regiment, chapter,SoB order. Heck, even other warbands or xenos can do the work as well.

Anyway. Contact me in my discord if you like the idea, read a little bit about him as well, and that's it. May the gods watch over your battles brothers.

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Primaris Hive Tyrant Primaris Hive Tyrant 10 July 2020

Sons of Russ Campaign

Hey, I'm looking for a Sons of Russ Chapter, with which my Moonlight Stalkers could go on a Campaign with and later become good allies. Comment or dicord me if your interested. 

Discord: Primaris Hive Tyrant#2533

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Storywriter12 Storywriter12 23 June 2020

What the Shaman Queen story is about.

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Petrus Tyrannus Petrus Tyrannus 20 June 2020

Termination Incident

Hey guys. Soon I'll be creating a military campaign involving several Imperial forces members, including astartes, krights, guards and more. Although I have some characters of my own, I'd like to "use" your, as to better integrate the community in a major project!

I don't want to say much about the campaign the avoid spoilers, but here goes some details: it will take part during the Indomitus Crusade and it will be a planetary siege battle between the Imperium and chaos. Here follows the list of everything I'd need:


  • One Adeptus Custodes shield-captain clad in Aquilon-pattern terminator armor
  • One Grey Knights grand master clad in Aegis-pattern terminator armor
  • One Astartes captain clad in Indomitius-pattern terminator armor (any lineag…
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KomannderHQ KomannderHQ 13 June 2020

Am I wrong or was yesterday still was 2203 articel?

Excuse me,

Am I wrong or was yesterday (12 june 2020) still 2203 articel. Today (13 june 2020) only 2173. Were a a few articel deleted and why or am I wrong? Could me pleas this answer?

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Primaris Hive Tyrant Primaris Hive Tyrant 7 June 2020



I'm looking for some other Chapters or enemies to write a joined story with. I have the Moonlight Stalkers and the Iron Drakes. Is someone open to write a story with those Chapters? Friend or fore, both is cool!


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RagnarVulkus RagnarVulkus 25 May 2020

Fractured Imperium Community Project

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here wanted to get involved in the Fractured Imperium Community Project. Essentially it's set in an Alternate Universe where the Emperor created 40 Primarchs and Legions instead of 20, and the Horus Heresy never happened. Instead, an event called the Fracturing split up the Galaxy with Warp Storms for almost a millennium. After it ended, many Legions decided to ally with other forces, realising the corruptness of the Imperium.
Basically in this project you can create your own Primarch for your Legion, as well as choosing what Faction to ally them with. This means that you can have a Legion allied with Necrons or Tau if you want.
If this sounds interesting please check out the main page in the Community Projects…

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Decimus Aurelian Decimus Aurelian 14 May 2020

The Lost Company of Nayro

He sat upon his Meditation Throne with the bearing of a king. The mind impulse unit wires connected to ports at the base of his skull and he closed his eyes. Within seconds, the world and its detectable presence faded away. He opened his eyes and awoke in the immaterium, shifting nebulae-like horrors with terrifying visages ebbing and flowing as a quartet of warships passed through. From where he perceived himself to be standing - no, more akin to floating - he could not make out anything more than one was built in the era of the Great Crusade and three were more modern Imperial craft. Chasing it perhaps. A cloud-like entity seemed to notice him, though seemingly with great difficulty as the holes that acted as surrogates for eyes narrowed…

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Decimus Aurelian Decimus Aurelian 13 May 2020

Administratum Aestimare Rating from White Dwarf

Originally Posted by Ravager Zero on the Tau Online Forums

After a brief look at the MV WD Dwarf article, my read of it is thus:
Noting that all of these work on a scale of 1-1000, with 1 being the best and 1000 being the worst. I think the scale slides evenly through the letters as well, so a B1 grade world is worth only a little less than an A 1000.

A class planets are vital worlds, essential to the imperium to keep that area/sub-sector etc. They cannot be lost unless something forces them to become useless/destroyed (Warp Storm, Chaos Cult, etc) Examples: Cadia, Terra, Macragge?

B class are hive worlds, forge worlds, or worlds of significant military or strategic importance, but not absolutely vital to the continuation of the imperium. Example…

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RealSuchomimus RealSuchomimus 4 May 2020

40k Novel

I'm looking for names of Space Marine chapters based in Segmentum Pacificus for a novel. If you could help that would be great.

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Mothmanc1967 Mothmanc1967 1 March 2020

I'm brand new to homebrew style affairs and have an idea for Space Marine chapter

I have a little painter program set-up but I was wondering if other stuff exists like something to make my own chapter symbol or something similar. Looking forward to putting all my thoughts together and writing them down officially.

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 18 February 2020

WH40K Homebrew Wiki Reaches 2,000th Article!!!

Great news everyone!

The Warhammer 40k Homebrew Wiki has recently achieved a new milestone with the creation of its 2,000th article (Thank you, Solar Falcons and the Camenox Crusade campaign article)! This means that we now have 2,000 high-quality articles have been added to this wiki since its inception in April 2018. Very well done! This is an extraordinary achievement achieved in just under two years. This is primarily due to the efforts of you - our outstanding contributors - and our staff members.

Thanks to everyone's hard work, creativity and outstanding dedication to the wiki in helping provide a quality and unparalleled experience for our readers, seldom found elsewhere within the 40k fandom.

This achievement deserves the utmost recog…

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Dominus001 Dominus001 31 January 2020

Expanded Universe

Expanded universe.

Army written about is currently facing the Space Marines Chapter "Star Crusaders" in a distant system.

This article introduces you to the "Invictus Dominae" a human enemy of the Imperium.

I will write more articles with the Star Crusaders discussing the various enemies they face on their long voyage, far away from the Imperium - - - - - Killing is easy, but killing the ones you love. It's no small task, especially as a kid.

The Invictus Dominae space shuttle smashes its way through the atmospheric electro storm. Lightning bolts pound shuttle shields as the stealth ship breaks orbit.

Ling Fei and her platoon of eight Death Company commandos, and twenty-four Stormtroopers shake violently on board the forty-seater rapid deployme…

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Dominus001 Dominus001 30 January 2020

Hypothetical Battle

This article is intended as a Hypothetical battle.

We know Guilliman ordered the creation of the Primaris, and the "majority" of Chapters were thankful for their resupply of Marines.

However, two principal situations are brewing in the shadows; some may call it old age, others would say it's intuition and eon's of combat experience. Marneus Calger is getting a little paranoid about the mass influx of "new" troops yet to be fully trusted. He is concerned that other Chapters Master's and Brothers are letting their guard down. Another reason is his role being pushed to the side lines, though he would deny jealousy, and state his loyalty without question, though its human nature.

The other main circumstance is that Calger was right in trusting h…

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TechCaptain TechCaptain 14 January 2020

What Not to do with Astra Militarum Regiments

  • 1 Things NOT to Do When Creating a Homebrew Regiment
    • 1.1 Do NOT claim your Regiment fills a specialty that another Imperial Organization does
      • 1.1.1 Aeronautica Imperialis
      • 1.1.2 Adeptus Astra Telepathica
      • 1.1.3 Militarum Auxilla
      • 1.1.4 Adeptus Ministorum
        • Frateris Militia
      • 1.1.5 Adeptus Mechanicus
      • 1.1.6 Officio Assassinorum
    • 1.2 Do NOT make combined arms Tactical Regiments
    • 1.3 Do not have your regiments handle other organizations support

Here are a few finally things you should NOT do when writing a Homebrew Astra Militarum Regiment:

Astra Militarum are foremost amongst the defenders of humanity, the most numerous of the Emperor of Mankind's warriors. They are human all, but The High Lords and other organizations have placed severe limitations on formations an…

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Thebladeofgold Thebladeofgold 12 November 2019

Astra militarum template update

I have finished it! it is here:

Thebladeofgold (talk) 00:25, November 12, 2019 (UTC)

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Lord Inquisitor Peter Lord Inquisitor Peter 27 October 2019

Ghost ship (Short story)

Begin log… This will be a retelling of my sixth mission as an interrogator.

I was ordered by my mentor to investigate a tech priest suspected of experimenting with the warp, simple enough I thought. We followed the route his ship was expected to use, and by the emperor's grace, after weeks that felt like months of dull searching we found the ship simply drifting not answering our hails. Truth be told I did not like the look of this, my last encounter with a ghost ship was still a very fresh memory. We carefully boarded the ship. As soon as we stepped foot on the ship I got a strange feeling, as if I was being watched. However I simply brushed it off, thought I was being too paranoid because of the previous ghost ship I investigated. The en…

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Thebladeofgold Thebladeofgold 25 October 2019

Astra militarum template

Hey guys, Thebladeofgold here, today I would like to share with you this:

I edited the B&C painter to make it more GIMP friendly.

Thebladeofgold (talk) 00:39, October 25, 2019 (UTC)

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Cerebralpolicy Cerebralpolicy 7 September 2019

Timps der Neus Kandia, Issue 001: Building the Kandien Language

Due to an accident of history, the culture, language, and values of Neus Kandia stand opposite a vast chasm that separates them from the rest of Imperial society. As the opening chapters of Dan Abnett's Horus Rising show, even 5000 years of separation Sixty-Three Nineteen experienced can create a completely separate society

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Warboss grimdakka Warboss grimdakka 10 August 2019

Building the Falcon Brotherhood

Since i'm moving to Leicester soon for university, it means my life is changing in that I now have access to a community of warhammer players in my universities gaming group, and local group at my games workshop. And a sudden change of a Games Workshop store within walking distance, so ive decided to begin my journey into tabletop 40k by collecting the 3rd "Hunter" Company of my Jade knives.

I figure it would be fun to document and share my experience with you all as i go about it over the next three years of my university experience.

So to begin with, lets take a look at the company composition:

Third brotherhood composition

Captain Zuolin- 1 Champion Shangjing- 2 Ancient Gaobei- 3 Apothecary Weishang- 4 chaplain- 5 librarian- 6 veteran…

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TechCaptain TechCaptain 27 July 2019

Ishtar Subsector

  • 1 Damuterr System
    • 1.1 Blüde Seod ( Mining Gas Giant)
    • 1.2 Lunar Sangua (Civilized Moon; Navigator World; Astra Militarum Regiment Homeworld)
    • 1.3 Mjorn ( Forge Moon; III-Tertius Class Forge World)
    • 1.4 Droch Fhiul (Research Station)
    • 1.5 Aigéad Fuil (Astartes Homeworld; Death Hive World)
    • 1.6 Parva Rubrum (Dead World)
    • 1.7 Sleá Fola (Mining Gas Giant)
  • 2 Ishtar Fringe
    • 2.1 Tarakon (Knight World; Fortress World)
    • 2.2 Versliaus ( Schola Moon; Astra Militarum Regiment Homeworld)
  • 3 Ishtar System
    • 3.1 Ishtar ( Subsector/Sector Capital; Hunting Preserve World; Astra Militarum Regiment Homeworld; Civilized Class World)
    • 3.2 Dumizid (Agri World; Astra Militarum Auxilia Regiment Homeworld)
    • 3.3 Suaineach (Agri World; Astra Militarum Auxilia Regiment Homeworld)
  • 4 Cogger System
    • 4.1 Cogger ( Hiv…
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ItsJustDavidson ItsJustDavidson 10 July 2019

plz give feedback

Because my god do I really need it.

Pretty much I have written all of my articles (Argent Leviathans, Ashen Apostles, Foetid Seraphim etc.) with little to no feedback, meaning I have no goddamn idea if people think my stuff is actually good or not and mistakes that could be fixed might still be in there. So pretty much what I'm saying is-

plz give feedback

(Totally didn't do this for the achievement)

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Wolf Lord Vidar Wolf Lord Vidar 8 July 2019

I swear this site hates me

Dear blog, why does this site hate me? I follow all the rules and guides but they never work I have even copied pasted some code from other pages But they never work And the how to create an Article Guide is garbage It didn't help me at all It made me want to die Well then I guess I made a weird poem Welp thank you for the achievement This has been a pro gamer move But still WHY DOES THIS SITE FUCKEN HATE ME AND ALWAYS ERROR IN SOME SORT OF WAY NO MATTER HOW CAREFUL I TRY

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Michael50 Michael50 29 June 2019

New Miniatures

I am currently working on some new minis , Heresy era Mortarion and Jenetia Krole:

i am going to reupload new pictures soon

a quick upload of a picture i took with my phone of my primarch mdels and jenetia krole

Working on constantine valdor

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Urthan Urthan 26 May 2019

I may take a back seat -even more than now


Everything's in the title. And if I'm writing it out, it's because I feel like I need a lifeline.

For the first time in my life, I'm having suicidal thoughts, and this wiki is definitively one of the thing I like the most. Putting roots here may help me.  I think.

But it's possible that I won't even dare update any of my articles or sandboxes in a long time, and I just felt that I owed Algrim, Achilles and whoever else like my articles at least an explanation.

In any case, keeps the articlers flowings, Brothers and Sisters, because I love them !

Urthan (talk) 20:48, May 26, 2019 (UTC)

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The Lost Ithacan The Lost Ithacan 22 May 2019

Mandavi Sector Summery

So, my fannon all centers around the Mandavi Sector. It's west of Ultramar and south of Charadon. It has four sub-sectors, all slightly changed versions of the surnames of professors I had and liked.

  • My two main worlds, Heb and their Mechanicus Allies Erendan, are both in the Levan Sub-Sector.
  • Saint Amyntikós comes from the Conditta Sub-Sector and most worlds there are important (if at all) because of him.
  • The Hamdan Sub-Sector is largely unexplored, although I've mentioned it a couple of times, but there is definitely room to grow.
  • Finally, the Mandavi Sub-Sector itself, mostly just the Mandavi System, features the Sector Capital of Mandavi Prime where the local Inquisition is headquartered, the Cardinal World of Kurtzberg (where I'll be devel…
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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 21 February 2019

WH40K Homebrew Wiki 1,000 Article!!!

Hello everyone!

Great news...the Warhammer 40k Homebrew Wiki has recently achieved a new milestone with the creation of its 1,000th article (Thank you, Void Ravens and the War Without End campaign article)! This means that 1,000 high-quality articles have been added to this wiki since its inception in April 2018. Not too shabby! This is an extraordinary achievement that owes no small debt to the efforts of our outstanding contributors and our staff members.

Everyone's hard work, creativity and proven dedication to this wiki's effort to provide an experience of quality for our readers unparalleled elsewhere on 40k Fandom, deserves recognition, for without everyone's dedication to creating, posting and sharing quality homebrew articles this wi…

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ChapterMasterRex ChapterMasterRex 20 February 2019


sorry for my absence, but things have somewhat leveled off in my life so i'm back now, hope i can be of help.

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ValeriusSpero ValeriusSpero 18 February 2019

Dwelving into the Past!

So, I have decide to pack out the oldest lore of my homebrew, from a time where I just got into homebrewing. This is an old and interesting tidbit that I wish to know if it could fit into the lore of the current Templarii Scientae(If I change some things about it to make it more in line with the modern lore).

Each system of the Imperium has its own dangers, but one of the most obscure ones are the crystal mines of Renascar, multiple, seemingly endless tunnels. Housing powerful, psychic conduiting crystals, they have become a stable of the Scienta Templarii in the use for a lot of arcane technology. Mining operations however are beyond tedious, requiring individual squads, due to the mines being very fragile and not allowing heavy machinery.…

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Decimus Aurelian Decimus Aurelian 28 January 2019

Excerpts from the Ruminations of Ordination

Ruminations of Ordination

"Compassion towards the innocent and loyalty to mankind is the savior of the Adeptus Astartes, as it is for all humanity. It separates us from servants of Chaos, and guides us in the footsteps of the Emperor himself."

"Though the humans of the Adeptus Astartes are the second greatest incarnation of mankind, this does not place the value of an unaltered human any lower than our own. To treat those we are charged to protect as our burden, rather than our sworn wards is to defy the will of the Emperor of Mankind."

"Not even in death does Duty end."

"The fate of the heretic can be naught but merciless purgation."

"The place of the Adeptus Astartes is not to lead mankind, but to protect it - from threats both within and wit…

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Decimus Aurelian Decimus Aurelian 28 January 2019

Decimus Aurelian Full Chapter Fleet

Ordinator Chapter Fleet

Sol-class Battle Barge - (Fire of Sol)
Sol-class Battle Barge - (Paladin)

Azaraia-class Battle Barge - (Harbinger of Absolution)

Purifier-class Strike Cruiser - (Saint Dolan's Fury)
Purifier-class Strike Cruiser - (Herald of the Sacred Light)
Purifier-class Strike Cruiser - (Angel of Wrath)
Purifier-class Strike Cruiser - (Purifier)

Hunter-class Destroyer - (Justiciar)

Hunter-class Destroyer - (Lance of Azuran)

Hunter-class Destroyer - (Nemesis)

Gladius-class Frigate - (Vigilant)
Gladius-class Frigate - (Retribution of Malcador)
Gladius-class Frigate - (Ebon Martyr)
Gladius-class Frigate - (Sunwrath)
Gladius-class Frigate - (Sacred Fire)

Nova-class Frigate - (Protector)
Nova-class Frigate - (Aureus)
Nova-class Frigate - (Contemptor)

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Andrea Andolina Andrea Andolina 24 January 2019

Deletion of the rogue page

To whoever deleted my 4th sandbox page...thank you. I goofed in its creation and i didn't know how to delete it, i think/hope i managed to expand my sandbox without further problems now. Sorry guys i am a bit rusty.

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Andrea Andolina Andrea Andolina 24 January 2019

The fate of Skyrar

Hello Guys, I am writing the draft for the Wild Hunt's chapter master biography. But now i have a doubt, should i allow him to kill Skyrar? (warlord of Skyrar's dark wolves). In the canon wiki there is no mention of his ultimate fate but i want to be as lore abiding as possible.

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Decimus Aurelian Decimus Aurelian 23 January 2019

Daily Rituals of an Ordinator

0400 Morning Prayer

Day is begun with morning prayer and contemplation within the Cohort Chapel, led by the Cohort Pontifex. The Cohort standard and relics are displayed and brethren repeat their oaths of loyalty to the Chapter and the Emperor. At this juncture, the Centurio may choose to address the brethren, issue orders, make any appropriate announcements (such as awards and promotions) and dispense summary punishments as necessary.

0430 Morning Firing Rites

 After prayer is complete the brethren don armor and undertake the first firing rites of the day. A variety of weaponry is used but the emphasis is placed on practice with the Space Marine’s personal weaponry. Awards are made for consistently good marksmanship and punishments are infli…

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Spider40000 Spider40000 22 January 2019

Realistically Surreal


So, there's something that's always been somewhat pushed aside (to great effect) in the universe that is Warhammer 40,000.  Realism.  And that's one of it's greatest strengths!  Stories about thousands of planets being exterminated because daemons decided they would exist are not only bizarre, but considered in-universe to be called "Tuesday".  A once technologically advanced empire that we would consider to be the more common sort of vision for Humanity in science fiction crumbled long ago, and now that empire (if it could be considered the same Empire) is a crumbled shadow of the past.  Humanity forgot how to do all it once did for the sole reason that we decided we didn't have to do it anymore thanks to AI; and after it rebelled…

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Mingyuan Wu2 Mingyuan Wu2 22 January 2019

To get a badge


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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 21 January 2019

WH40K Commandments (Humour)

Here we have some old school WH40K humour I found in some dark corner of the 'interwebs' long ago on a now defunct-40K blog Hope you guys get a good laugh:

  1. Thou shalt not refer to the Adepta Soritas as "Bolter Bitches."
  2. Orks are not "cute."
  3. Thou shalt not make jokes about the Imperial Guard's weapons.
  4. Thou shalt not replace the Librarian's staff with a magic wand.
  5. Thou shalt not tip the Terminators over during battle.
  6. Thou shalt not do Spock impersonations around Eldar.
  7. C-3P0 is not a Necron ambassador.
  8. Thou shalt not pay someone an Imperial to eat that Squig.
  9. No, you cannot "Take the Titan for a spin."
  10. Thou shalt not use thy multi-meltas to light campfires. (in a similar manner, thou shalt not use the Terminator Captain's chainfist to open tins of …

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 21 January 2019

Favorite 40K Humour

Hello again folks,

Thought I'd share some of my favorite 40K humour with y'all. Enjoy!

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 20 January 2019

What Really Happened After the Horus Heresy

So, have you ever wondered what really happened after the Horus Heresy failed? Well fear not! For I possess a rare transcription of the alleged conversation that took place amongst the Traitor Legions as to what actions they should take after epically failing during the Siege of Terra.

(The following is considered apocryphal and quite silly! I take no credit for creating this..only lucked out and stumbled upon it in some lost, dusty old Inquisitorial archive somewhere):

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 20 January 2019

Retro Review - Rogue Trader Space Marines

Greetings everyone!

Just thought I would add to this wiki by doing a blog post. I'd like to bring to you something I call a . First up, I'll be bringing to you, an in-depth look at everyone's favorite defenders of Mankind - the Space Marines. So without further ado, I present the Space Marines in their earliest incarnation - the Imperial Space Marines:


last stand on Rynn's World. It was this seminal piece of artwork that first drew in a lot of fans into the WH40K universe.]]

. A precursor to the later Chaos Space Marines perhaps?]]

in an interesting camo-pattern, taking out an Ork]]

Space Marines doing what they do best - kicking arse and taking names! Love the Marine on the left with the rhino horn on the beak, and the evil grin.]]
Space M…

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Zephrame Zephrame 20 January 2019

Penumbral Hydras

The Penumbral Hydras are a Renegade Space Marine Chapter who come from the stock of the Novus Krakens loyalist Space Marines. They are privy to secrets and information about the original chapter's origins that the Krakens are not. (Figured I'd give this blog thing a try, we'll see how I like it!)

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Achilles Prime Achilles Prime 17 January 2019

Blades of the Lion - Dark Angels Successors

The Blades of the Lion are a 3rd Founding Loyalist Successor Chapter of the lauded and venerable Ebon Knights, whose lineage hails from the ancient Dark Angels Chapter.

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