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Balder Redcoat was a Terminator Sergeant within the Space Wolves Legion, and a force to be reckoned with during the Horus Heresy. He turned to the Chaos Blood God Khorne shortly after the Heresy, and helped to form the Bloodborn Wolves. He was the leader of a faction, and was later killed during the Anarchy of the Bloodborn Wolves.


Balder was a Terran-born Space Wolf, a veteran of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, his sheer brute strength putting him above the other Terminators for the rank of Sergeant. He eventually served under Hvarl Red-Blade, in his 4th Great Company. He was present on Prospero when it was being burned and was responsible for dozens of deaths, as despite serving the Emperor, he saw psykers of all kinds as weak, and even killed his own Wolf Priests to avoid serving alongside such weaklings who could spoil his unblemished reputation. He pursued his hated foes throughout the Scouring as well, before running into the Eye to eliminate them. This lead to him falling to the Blood God Khorne, and him being part of the formation of a new warband, the Bloodborn Wolves. During the Anarchy of the Wolves, he lead a faction, attempting to gain more power and spill more blood, but was ultimately killed.


Before his turn, Balder was strong but very angry, even for a Space Wolf. His Terran-born heritage made him a target for people within the Legion that wished to see his saga torn down. He always despised psykers of all kinds, refusing to even fight alongside Wolf Priests and Legions that made use of Librarians, such as the Thousand Sons and the Blood Angels. After his fall, he became invigorated by the blood of his foes once more, and was now able to freely slaughter the sons of Magnus and Sanguinius he hated so much, finding ever new ways to destroy their very soul, even using their own powers against them, and eventually was even blessed by Khorne with a null field, which greatly troubles any psykers around him.


  • Cataphractii Terminator armour - Balder still wore the ancient pattern of armour till his death, the extreme level of protection giving him an edge over the competition.
  • Lightning Claw - Balder has a huge lightning claw, the blades of which are covered in the blood of his foes.
  • Chainaxe - The chainaxe is his 2nd weapon, a popular pick among followers of Khorne for the amount of blood it spills.
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