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With a rather unique history, the Necron Tombworld of Aurmenath-Pietus is a fallen forge world in the Western reaches of the Aurum Sector. Led by the radically liberal Necron Lord Menaroth who believes that humans should be accepted as equals, and Archmagos Kaleumask Prime. Aurmenath-Pietus functions both as the center of a small human empire, but also as the crown world of a minor Necron Dynasty.


Rise of the Necrons

During the early days of M41, as the Necrons began to awake across the galaxy, Techpriests from the Forgeworld of Pietus made contact with what they believed to be archaeotech constructs, in actuality, these were Necrons of the Aurmenath dynasty. What made this encounter unique from the countless others of this type going on around the same time, was that the overlord of the Auremanth dynasty, Menaronth the Peacemaker, after investigating the nearby areas of the galaxy using hidden scouts, believed that humanity was the rightful successor to the Necron's galaxy and that his destiny was to aid them down this path.

Geography, Habitability, & Infrastructure

Aurmenath-Pietus is largely covered in radioactive seas, with rocky continents dominated by badlands. Production centres are mostly based in environmentally sealed hive cities or near Blackstone deposits. The main tomb complex opens on the northernmost continent.

Politics, Culture & Dogma

The Twinned symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Necrons

Aurmenath-Pietus is regarded with hostility by both the Imperium of Man and the Adeptus Mechanius due to their close relationship with the Necron Aurmenat Dynasty. Due to these relationships, Aurmenath-Pietus is subjected to constant raiding by both imperial forces and strike teams of Skitarii from other nearby Forgeworlds.

Production Output and Capabilities

As Aurmenath-Pietus is not required to give products over to the imperial war machine, they largely focus on defending their small empire, and as such, allied planets can expect to receive advanced technology using Necron technology adapted for human use.

Military Forces

Aurmenath-Pietus has a large military force with both human and Necron aspects. due to the isolationist practices of this Forgeworld, most of these forces are invested in planetary defense:

  • Skitari
  • Necrons
  • Forgeguard

Combat Doctrine

Personnel of Note

  • Archmagos Kaleumask Prime

Forges, Data-Vaults, & Extraction Sites

  • Tomb Site Alpha - The primary tomb complex of the Auremanth Dynasty, Tomb Site Alpha is located on the northernmost continent of Auremanth-Pietus.
  • Forge-city Primus - Forge-city Primus is the largest hive on Auremanth-Pietus, and holds the planetary capital.
  • Mine Tertius - Largest mine on the planet, and is home to a very large Blackstone vein. Several skirmishes happened here during a recent Genestealer uprising.

Forge World Relations


  • The Aurmenath Dynasty


  • The Imperium of Man
  • The Forces of Chaos
  • The Aldari
  • The Orks

Notable Quotes

About Aurmenath-Pietus

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"These xenos-loving traitors seek their doom"
— Captian Etbeus Deathbringer of 2nd Company, as Skitarii charged the Imperial positions during the Battle of Nuremant Fields


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