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The Attack on Malochai was a vicious attack carried out by the infamous Sons of Damnation Renegade Chapter against the Deathwatch Watch Station Malochai, in order to steal a power daemonic artefact.


The Sons of Damnation assault Watch Station Malochai, a Deathwatch fortress, which contained a powerful daemonic artefact, known as the Forbidden Book. Utilising their fell sorcery, the Sons of Damnation, and their Chaos Cultist followers erupted from Warp portals deep inside the Watch Station and began their deadly assault. After clearing an entire floor, some of the Chaos Cultist leaders initiated a ritual summoning while their Sons of Damnation overlords began their search for the malefic book. The Sons' forces were soon bolstered by an army of summoned daemons of Khorne. The Sons took advantage of the confusion caused by the conflagration, and made their way towards their objective. But the book was well protected within the Watch Station's vault. However, the Sons were able to bypass the automated defences, and utilising high explosives, blew the vault door open.

Claiming their prize, the Sons began a hasty withdrawal. However, the Renegade Astartes did not count on the Deathwatch being bolstered by a Brotherhood of Grey Knights Space Marines. As the Sons' exited the Watch Station to reach their pickup points to be extracted by their Chapter's gunship transports, their way was blocked by the stalwart defenders of humanity. The ensuing battle between the two opposing forces was bloody in the extreme. Though the Sons took many casualties, they managed to affect their escape after First Captain Ner'zhul and his Terminator elite of the Sons' First Company, teleported amongst the Grey Knights and began to slaughter the loyalist Astartes in a deadly crossfire. But the Grey Knights were not so easily defeated, and soon, using their innate gestalt psychic abilities, quickly turned the tables on the Chaos Terminators. The Sons of Damnation had what they had come for, and Tyrant Kel'thuzad and what was left of his surviving Sons' were able to affect their escape. Ner'zhul and only ten of his warriors managed to survive the encounter with the Grey Knights.

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