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The Assault on the Howling Fortress was an Imperial castigation campaign carried out by the merciless Warmachines Space Marine Chapter against the forces of the vile Cacodominu during lamentable event known as The Howling.


The Catalexis Heresy, instigated by the Cacodominus, an Alien Cyborg of prodigious Psychic might. The War was eventually won by the Black Templars Chapter, but they were not the only Chapter engaged in the campaign, and the Warmachines played pivotal roles in capturing enemy strongholds and putting to the sword the mind controlled thralls of the Cacodominus. With brutal efficiency the Warmachines bombarded fortress after fortress, tearing down the walls and purging those within.

The task was tireless, as the mind shackled slaves refused to surrender or fall to fear, and each and every one had to be put purged utterly in order to stop their obsessive, unrelenting resistance. As the War swung to a close, the death of the Cacodominus at the hands of the Black Templars resulted in the death of every Warmachine Librarian in the sector as they, alongside all other psykers, suffered the devastating psychic backlash of the creatures death shriek. It would take several centuries and assistance from the Chapters other companies to rebuild the Librarius that was lost.

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