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The Assault of Karoth was an Imperial castigation campaign carried out by the newly created Invictors of Mars Space Marine Chapter, alongside Astra Militarum allies, against a nefarious Chaos Warband and it's Warpsmiths, the prevent them from creating malefic creations and daemonic engines. This campaign would establish the Chapter's type of warfare specialty.


Tasked with the annihilation of a Chaos warband whose Warpsmiths had begun constructing fearsome machines and demonic dreadnoughts, the chapter, alongside waves of Astra Militarum, would fight upon the world of Karoth. The chapter would place a web of mines and bombs attached to cliffs in order to dwindle the enemies number without fighting them directly. They later used land raiders as fire support while the guardsmen would immobilize the constructs taking them down one by one. The mission finished in success, with few casualties, that would determine the fate of their warfare speciality.

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