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The Assault of High Tide was a notable castigation campaign conducted by the Ironclad Templars as a part of the much larger Xtramos Crusade against a large force of piratical corsairs while seeking out a new Chapter home world.


Beginning in 829.M32 and lasting nearly two millennia, the Xtramos Crusade was conducted by the Ironclad Templars Space Marine Chapter against the hated Drukhari that had attacked the Chapter's home world of Aevis. This was a brutal xenodical campaign of vengeance against the vile xenos.

In 689.M34, the Ironclad Templars were ambushed by a bunch of pirates and renegades while they were scouting out a new home world. After realizing the strength of the chapter the pirates quickly fled to their base known as High Tide but were swiftly followed by the Ironclad Templars.

The assault was a huge success for the chapter as the resistance from the base was little to none, the chapter quickly cut down the renegades and pirates with ease and those that put up a valiant fight where taken by the chapter and recruited into the ranks of the Ironclad Templars.

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