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The Assault of Esparda was an Imperial castigation campaign conducted by both the Corrosive Thorns Space Marine Chapter and an unnamed Loyalist Imperial Knight House against a Chaos-corrupted, traitor Imperial Knight House on the world of Esparda.


In 441.M39, the Imperial Knight World of Esparda had partially fallen to hidden insidious Chaos Cultist forces, which had steadily been manipulating, and eventually, fully corrupted one of the planet's resident Knight Houses to the worship of the Blood God Khorne. Feeling the time was nigh, the corrupted Knights and their cultist allies launched a campaign of slaughter and anarchy against their own citizens.

Esparda was home to two knightly houses, one of which remained loyal to the Imperium, was all that stood in defence of its citizens against the ravaging Chaos horde. The loyalist house, knowing that a victory couldn't be achieved by themselves, sent an Astropathic distress call which was picked up by the Chapter.

The 1st and 5th Companies were sent to aid world. When the Companies arrived most of the house was wiped out, Only four knights remaining alive. Filled by rage for their late arrival, The Chapter went on a rampage towards the traitors, slaying everyone who came in their tracks. The Marines of the chapter did not care for any tactics which would be slaughters by the tens. In 10 days the Chapter eradicated the traitor but not without the death of the last members of the loyalist house.

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