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The Assassination of Warboss BoneChoppa was an Imperial defensive campaign carried out against the Warboss of WAAAGH! BoneChoppa when they invaded the forge world of Svarog in 998.M41.


While other Space Marine Captains face their enemy head on, Captain Hans Menachem preferred to stay hidden in the shadows and silently assassinate the enemy commander, piercing his lightning claw deep within the enemy's skull. Through his expertise in hand to hand combat, stealth, and marksmanship he rise from an ordinary Scout to the ranks of Captain of the 6th Company Sayeret Tsalal, Storm Zealots. His skill in operating twin Lightning Claws is well known to nearly rival to the stoic Raven Guard Astartes. When a massive ork horde invaded the forge world of Svarog, the 6th Company were sent to deal with the marauding orks. The Warboss came to Svarog simply to steal a Titan Canon from an ancient Warlord-class Titan, Terra Victrix.

The Warboss and his horde of boyz and nobz are able to inflict a heavy casualties among Skitarii defenders of planet Svarog. With the arrival of the Storm Zealots, there is a light of hope in the eyes of the defenders. Captain Menachem quickly order his men to muster defenses and defend the central Forge from the Orkz. The 6th Company brings with them heavy artillery armaments and air support, taking with them eight tactical squads, four Whirlwinds, four Vindicators, two Storm Raven gunships, three Dreadnoughts and an Imperial Knight Crusader from House Orenstein. While his men defend the Central Forge. Captain Menachem with a squad of tactical marines equipped with silenced bolter, infiltrated behind enemy lines.

Striking silently and swiftly, the Captain and his men finally arrived at the Ork command center. For the next hour the Storm Zealots, without suffering a casualties, successfully and silently slew every last greenskin on the makeshift command center, killing every Nob and gretchin alike. Through their communication lines, the Space Marines learned that the Warboss was at a different location. Once they arrived a few miles from the Warboss, the Space Marine posted a sentry while Captain Menachem climbed higher ground, ready to leap and slay the Warboss.

As soon as BoneChoppa raised his head as he disembarked a War Truck, his severed head went flying lifelessly as Captain Hans quickly assassinated the Warboss alongside his three bodyguard with swift strikes of his lightning claws. The Orks, realizing their Warbss was dead, began to flee, and soon the Skitarii aided by the Storm Zealots artillery strike and air support, began to sweep and hunt down every last one of them. The forge world of Svarog was finally liberated from the orks. Captain Menachem was honoured by the local Archmagos, who gifted to him a strange looking lightning claw with an attached silenced storm bolter mounted on top of it.

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