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The Ashimar Nova Guard are the Astra Militarum regiments raised from the Civilized World of Ashimar in the Segmentum Pacificus. They are known for being courageous and dependable fighters, utilizing combined arms tactics to execute precise, overwhelming attacks against their enemies. They are also notable for their good-willed, honorable, and outspoken nature, always keeping in mind the common citizens of the Imperium and never hesitating to stand up to other Imperial forces when they feel the well-being of the people on the worlds they fight upon are being neglected. The tactics and organization of the Ashimar Nova Guard have spread throughout the galaxy, as Ashimar Guardsmen frequently help train and advise the PDFs and Guard regiments of worlds they visit.


Ashimar is a Civilized World in the Segmentum Pacificus. Home to around 8 billion people, its capital city is Artamos. The planet has two large continents, separated by an ocean with numerous islands and smaller continents.

Departmento Cartographicae pict-file of Ashimar, homeworld of the elite Ashimar Nova Guard regiments of the Astra Militarum.

Located in a backwater region of Segmentum Pacificus, Ashimar went unnoticed by the Imperium for millennia. The planet was discovered in 394.M41, at a period when Ashimar was under frequent attack by Dark Eldar and Ork raiders. The war was going poorly for Ashimar until an Imperial fleet, part of the Macharian Crusade, arrived in the area and aided Ashimar in fighting off the invaders. Afterwards, Ashimar quickly joined the Imperium and adopted the Imperial Creed as introduced to them by missionaries hailing from the Shrine World of Gielia. The missionaries found Ashimar's predominant local religion surprisingly easy to convert, as they already worshiped a deity they referred to as "the Golden One." This led the missionaries to theorize that perhaps at one point in its distant past, the planet had contact with the Imperium but forgot it over its long millennia of isolation.

Among the Imperial forces were Battle Sisters of the Order of the Eternal Flame as well as several regiments of Cadian Shock Troopers. The Cadians would assist in the training and organization of an Ashimar regiment for the Imperial Guard. Ashimar’s guardsmen would come to be known as the Ashimar Nova Guard.

Regimental History

An Ogryn pressing the attack

The Ashimar 1st Infantry Regiment was ready for battle within a year after Ashimar's induction into the Imperium. The regiment participated in the remainder of the Macharian Crusade, and in 399.M41, when the majority of the Crusade’s soldiers refused to advance into the Halo Zone outside the reach of the Astronomicon, the Ashimar 1st was one of the few units that wished to proceed, eager to continue spreading the Emperor’s light. Following the end of the Crusade and the collapse of Macharius’s newly-conquered territories into petty kingdoms, Ashimar remained loyal to the Imperium and raised three more regiments, including its first armored and artillery regiments, to help crush the Macharian Heresy.

The regiments of the Ashimar Nova Guard continued to serve the Imperium throughout the remainder of the 41st Millenium. However, over the centuries Ashimar was slow to raise more regiments, as it followed the practice of keeping its existing regiments steadily supplied with reinforcements. As a result, new regiments were only raised when the Departmento Munitorum requested them. This changed with the 13th Black Crusade, where the Ashimar 5th Infantry Regiment was one of the regiments lost when the planet Sulara IV fell to Chaos forces. When the news reached Ashimar, the planetary government began creating new Nova Guard regiments at an increased rate, with 150 active regiments following the Siege of Ashimar. There is currently no Ashimar 5th, as it was decided that the "Dauntless Fifth" would not be refounded as a way to honor the memory of the sacrifices its Guardsmen made on Sulara IV.

Ashimar Nova Guard regiments operate primarily in Segmentums Pacificus and Solar. Depending on the needs of the Imperium's myriad war efforts, regiments are also sometimes deployed to other regions of Imperium Sanctus such as Segmentums Tempestus and Ultima.

The Siege of Ashimar

Approximately 50 years after the 13th Black Crusade, Ashimar came under its greatest threat yet. The Grand Hellguard Slaaneshi warband led by the fallen Ashimar officer Kaspar Vektaris and made up of a core of fallen Ashimar Nova Guardsmen, invaded Ashimar, alongside the forces of Hellforge Fornax and other Slaaneshi warbands including the Ashen Maulers and the Unending Chorus, ruled by the Daemon Princes Stekontig and Broken Matthias, respectively. As an emergency measure, Lady General Ludara Kresh was appointed First Marshal of Ashimar and given absolute control over the planet, and many of Ashimar's allies were called to fight in the world's defense. Among them were the Ordinators and Wind Runners chapters of the Adeptus Astartes; the Forge Worlds of Ferunus and Ferrata; the Utania Skystrikers, Arkhan Confederates, Megali Regulators, and Macharian Steelborne regiments of the Astra Militarum; Inquisitor Katryna Vreiken of the Ordo Malleus; and the Order of the Eternal Flame of the Adepta Sororitas. Even a Shield Host of the Adeptus Custodes and a Cadre of Sisters of Silence came to Ashimar's defense. The enemy was eventually repulsed, but at great cost. In the long and difficult battle, countless millions died, and much of Ashimar was devastated by war.

After the Siege

Though Ashimar had survived the horrors of the Siege, it emerged changed. The planet's relative innocence and complacence, a result of being so long sheltered from the horrors of the galaxy, had been irreparably shattered. Ludara Kresh did not relinquish her position as First Marshal and restore control to the civilian planetary government as expected, instead she affirmed military rule, disbanding the civilian government entirely. In the years after the Siege, Ashimar has been militarizing substantially, producing more regiments of Ashimar Nova Guard than ever before. The Ashimar Nova Guard are determined to play a larger role in the Imperium's defense, in order to assure that an event like the Siege of Ashimar is never repeated.

Notable Campaigns

  • Macharian Crusade (395-399.M41) - Following Ashimar’s induction into the Imperium and the creation of the first regiments of the Ashimar Nova Guard, Ashimar participated in the remainder of the Macharian Crusade.
  • Sabbat Worlds Crusade (755-780s.M41)- Many regiments of the Ashimar Nova Guard participated in the campaign to liberate the Sabbat Worlds, located not too far from Ashimar, from the forces of Chaos. The Ashimar 7th Armored, 9th Infantry, and 17th Artillery participated in campaigns on Cociaminus and Fausta under the command of General Delvrus Kresh.
  • Fall of Sulara IIV (999.M41) - The Ashimar 5th Infantry was one of the many Imperial Guard regiments that fought in the defense of Cadian Gate during the 13th Black Crusade. The regiment was one of many present on the fortress world of Sulara IV, mustering as part of an army group bound to reinforce Cadia, when the planet was attacked by the fearsome Chaos warband known as the Predators. The Heretic Astartes' attack was swift, brutal, and overwhelming, and the opening of the Great Rift during the battle summoned forth hordes of daemons and drove many of the planet's defenders to insanity. With the situation untenable, an evacuation was ordered. The Ashimar 5th fought a delaying action which allowed for thousands of Guardsmen and other Imperial personnel to be evacuated from the planet, thought it was destroyed to the last man in the process.
  • Shrine World Crusades (Early M42) - The Ashimar 11th Armored and 43rd Infantry were among the Imperial Guard regiments that operated alongside forces of the Black Templars and the Adepta Sororitas in the defense of Shrine Worlds throughout Segmentum Pacificus following the Fall of Cadia and the formation of the Great Rift.
  • Battle of Kaluga (039.M42) - The Siege of Kaluga is perhaps the crowning moment of the Ashimar 43rd's history. While garrisoned on the Hive World of Kaluga in 039.M42, the Ashimar 43rd almost single-handedly fought off the massive Ork Waaagh! of Warboss Steelklaw. Distinguished heroes from the battle included regimental commander Col. Ulric Tokar, who gave orders from on top of a Leman Russ that he rode throughout the battle, and Sgt. Frideric Rhodes, who slayed Warboss Steelklaw with a well-placed grenade toss into the Ork's mouth. Tokar and Rhodes were both awarded the Star of Terra for their efforts.
  • Kercolla Crusade (047-048.M42) - Lord General Danilus Voltek led the Imperial crusade to reclaim the world of Kercolla from the Tau Empire. The regiments of Army Group Sigma fought alongside forces from the Utania Skystrikers, Macharian Steelborne, Maoshi Hive Grinders, and others.
  • Khaigara Crusade (56.M42) - Army Group Epsilon under General Olin Zarek, participated in the invasion of Port Khaigara, a satellite realm of Commorragh, to rescue millions of humans enslaved by the Dark Eldar. They fought alongside the Ordinators and Star Wardens Space Marine Chapters, the Order of the Coming Dawn, the Cordanian 501st MIR, and Zentos Alaricum, among others.
  • Siege of Ashimar (057-060.M42) - The majority of Ashimar Nova Guard regiments participated in the defense of their homeworld from a Chaos coalition led by the Grand Hellguard.
  • Ashimar Shadow War (060.42-) - Though the Siege of Ashimar was broken and the heretic armies which invaded it were driven off-world, the fighting has not ceased. Large numbers of Hellguard and other heretic forces were left behind in the retreat, and went to ground in order to continue the fight. Under First Marshal Ludara Kresh the Ashimar Nova Guard, PDF, and their allies wage a grueling counter-insurgency campaign against the dug-in heretics in order to rid their world of Chaos once and for all.
  • Paradius Crusade (060.M42-) - Under the command of Lord General Militant Ulric Tokar, the Ashimar Nova Guard has spearheaded the crusade to retake the worlds of the Paradius Sector, a region of space located not far from Ashimar, from the Grand Hellguard. The epicenter of the fighting is on the hive world of Paradius, where the armies of Lord General Militant Ulric Tokar do battle with the Hellguard hordes commanded by Grand Marshal Vai.

Regimental Organization

Regimental Ranks

Officer Ranks

  • First Marshal of Ashimar - The special rank held by Ludara Kresh, the First Marshal of Ashimar is the Supreme Commander of the Ashimar Nova Guard and Governor-Militant of Ashimar.
  • Lord General - Experienced and distinguished Generals will often eventually receive the rank of Lord General. Nine Lord Generals make up Ashimar High Command.
  • General (Gen.) - Generals are strategists and battle leaders who command an Army Group of multiple Ashimar Nova Guard regiments.
  • Colonel (Col.) - The leaders of regiments, Colonels are often grizzled and experienced soldiers, veterans of countless battles.
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.) - As high ranking officers with potential to become regimental commanders, Lieutenant Colonels lead a regiment's brigades. The most senior Lieutenant Colonel in a regiment generally acts as second-in-command to the Colonel.
  • Commander (Cmdr.) - Commanders lead battalions, as well as filling many administrative roles in brigade and regimental HQ staffs.
  • Captain (Capt.) - As company commanders, Captains are the main leaders of front line operations.
  • Lieutenant (Lt.) - The lowest ranking full commissioned officer, Lieutenants are vital for field command as platoon commanders.
  • Junior Lieutenant (JLt.) - A commissioned officer fresh out of one of Ashimar's military academies bears the rank of Junior Lieutenant. They hold this rank until they complete a brief period of service under a full Lieutenant.

Non-Commissioned Officers

  • Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM.) - The most senior NCO in a Nova Guard regiment is the Regimental Sergeant Major, who acts as an advisor to the regimental commander and is the guardian of the regimental standard.
  • Sergeant Major (Sgt. Maj.) - Some of the most experienced and battle-hardened NCOs, Sergeant Majors are part of a battalion's command staff.
  • First Sergeant (1Sgt.) - A First Sergeant is the most senior NCO of a company, leading its company command squad and acting as an advisor to the company commander.
  • Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) - More experienced Sergeants, Staff Sergeants are often found as squad leaders. One also leads a platoon's command squad, acting as an advisor to the platoon commander.
  • Sergeant (Sgt.) - Sergeants are the backbone of the Nova Guard. They serve as a squad leaders and also occupy many specialist roles.
  • Corporal (Cpl.) - Corporals serve as a Sergeant's assistant squad leader.


  • Specialist (Spc.) - Guardsmen who occupy specialist roles such as carrying special weapons, vox operators, technicians, etc. Generally veterans with several years of experience, Specialists are highly skilled and trained in their fields of expertise.
  • Trooper First Class (Tfc.) - The majority of rank and file soldiers of the Ashimar Nova Guard who have survived multiple combat deploymanets hold the rank of Trooper First Class. Nova Guardsmen are typically automatically promoted to Trooper First Class after the conclusion of their first campaign or 18 months of service, whichever comes first.
  • Trooper (Tpr.) - Basic Guardsman.

Infantry Regiment Organization

  • Regiment - 15,000 men, commanded by a Colonel
  • Brigade - 5,000 men, commanded by a Lt. Colonel
  • Battalion - 800 men, commanded by a Commander
  • Company - 220 men, commanded by a Captain
  • Platoon - 55 men, commanded by a Lieutenant
  • Squad - 10 men, commanded by a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant

Like virtually all Imperial Guard infantry regiments, the Squad is the basic unit of an Ashimar Nova Guard infantry regiment. Infantry squads consist of 10 Guardsmen, while heavy weapons squads consist of six Guardsmen split into three heavy weapons teams. Regardless of type, a Squad is led by a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant. Infantry squads have a Corporal as an assistant squad leader. An infantry squad also contains two Specialists; one carries the squad's voxcaster while the other carries a special weapon such as a flamer, grenade launcher, or plasma gun. Alternatively, the Specialist operates a heavy weapon such as a heavy bolter or missile launcher, with another member of the squad acting as an assistant.

Ashimar Nova Guard squads are then organized into Platoons. A Platoon usually consists of five squads, though the exact number can (and often does) vary. At the head of a Platoon is a Platoon Command Squad, consisting of the platoon commander (a Lieutenant) and four Veteran Guardsman. Among the Command Squad is a Staff Sergeant and a Vox Operator. The other two Guardsmen are often weapons specialists or medics.

A Company is made up of four platoons, led by a Captain. The Captain's Company Command Squad is of similar organization to a Platoon Command Squad, though it is instead led by the company's First Sergeant. The company Headquarters Platoon will also contain a medical section, veteran squads, and Militarum Auxilia units.

A Battalion consists of around 4 companies, under a Commander. A battalion has a more extensive command staff than a company, though a Commander will often be accompanied by a Command Squad if they take to the field, led by the battalion's Sergeant Major. A battalion's command staff contains a supply section with quartermasters and armorers, as well as an intelligence unit.

A Brigade, led by a Lieutenant Colonel, typically numbers around 5,000 Guardsmen. Sometimes referred to as "demi-regiments," brigades are intended to act as mini regiments in their own right, carrying out operations delegated to them by the regimental commander. While largely made up of mechanized infantry, each brigade also possesses an armored battalion and an artillery battalion.These forces are primarily geared towards infantry support, with armor deployed usually being in the form of Leman Russ Demolishers, Leman Russ Punishers, and Hellhounds. Artillery deployed is usually in the form of Griffon Mortar Carriers, Wyvern Suppression Tanks, and Hydra Flak Tanks.

A Regiment of Ashimar Nova Guard infantry is commanded by a Colonel and numbers 15,000 Guardsmen divided into three brigades. Regiments may also possess a platoon or more of Ashimar Nova Commando stormtroopers attached to the Regimental HQ.

Armored/Artillery Regiment Organization

  • Regiment - 5,000 men/400 vehicles, commanded by a Colonel
  • Brigade - 200 vehicles, commanded by a Lt. Colonel
  • Battalion - 40 vehicles, commanded by a Commander
  • Company - 10 Vehicles, commanded by a Captain
  • Squadron/Battery - 3 vehicles, commanded by a Lieutenant

A Squadron (known as a Battery in an artillery regiment) is the basic operational unit for Nova Guard vehicles. A Squadron/Battery consists of three vehicles, led by a Lieutenant.

A Company is made up of three Squadrons/Batteries and a command vehicle led by a Captain. There are multiple armored/artillery company subtypes depending on what vehicles are used. A Light Armored Company will consist of 3 Hellhound squadrons. A Medium Armored Company will consist of Leman Russ Battle Tanks, and a Heavy Armored Company will generally consist of a single super-heavy tank like a Baneblade or Macharius. A Light Artillery Company will field Griffon Mortar Carriers or Wyvern Suppression Tanks, while a Medium Artillery Company will field Basilisks. Other, more specialized types of artillery companies also exist, such as the Anti-Aircraft Company, Rocket Artillery Company, or Heavy Rocket Artillery Company. These units field weaponry such as Hydras, Manticores, Praetors, and even on rare occasions the dreaded Deathstrike Missile Launcher.

Like in an infantry regiment, a Battalion is made up of four companies and led by a Commander.

A Brigade in an armored/artillery regiment is smaller than an infantry brigade, numbering around 1,250 men and 200 vehicles. Like infantry brigades, they are led by a Lieutenant Colonel.

A Regiment of armor or artillery numbers 5,000 personnel and 400 vehicles at full strength. It includes two brigades of armor or artillery, depending on the regiment type, as well as one infantry brigade of four battalions and a command HQ numbering at 2,500 men. In armored regiments, attached infantry act as mechanized assault troops to assist the tanks in their operations, while in artillery regiments the purpose of the infantry is defensive to protect the guns, as well as to conduct recon and spot targets.

Regimental Recruitment & Training

The Ashimar Nova Guard is not a conscript force; instead it is made up of volunteers. The Nova Guard is very selective in its recruitment, wanting only the best and most capable soldiers to serve in its ranks. To serve in the Nova Guard, one must first join the Ashimar Defense Force and complete an 18 to 24 month term of service. Following the completion of PDF service, one can opt to join the Nova Guard for a 15 year term of service.

Graduation pict-capture of Cadet Irena Kazarin, 104th Cadet Battalion, Ashimar Youth Cadet Army (approx. 056.M42). The sash indicates Cadet Kazarin's status as a cadet leader and officer candidate. Kazarin would go on to be commissioned as a Lieutenant and serve in the Ashimar 8th Artillery Regiment. She was killed in action during the Siege of Ashimar three years after this image was recorded at the age of 21.

Recruits for the Ashimar Nova Guard are also drawn from the Ashimar Youth Cadet Army. The Youth Cadet Army is a wing of the Ashimar Defense Force which recruits youths and provides them with military training and education starting at the age of 14. Members of the Youth Cadets, upon their graduation from the program at the age of 18, are allowed to bypass the period of mandatory PDF service and join the Nova Guard. Ashimar Nova Guard regiments maintain their own, smaller units of Youth Cadets, made up of the children of active duty Guardsmen who join the regiment once they are of age. Many Nova Guard commanders value Guardsmen who served in the Youth Cadets more than those who joined through the usual channels, viewing them as more disciplined and reliable soldiers.

Both men and women are recruited and serve in mixed-gender units in relatively equal numbers. The slight majority of Nova Guard officers are female, while the slight majority of enlisted Guardsmen are male. Additionally, rear-guard and non-combat roles are occupied primarily by women.

As previously mentioned, Ashimar keeps its Guard regiments steadily supplied with reinforcements, seeing them as standing rather than temporary formations. The frequency at which reinforcements are sent varies based on the distance between the regiment and Ashimar and the current conditions of its deployment. Regardless, Ashimar Nova Guard regiments return home every 15 to 20 years to conduct large-scale recruitment. If a regiment is completely destroyed in the field, it will be refounded, though there are exceptions, such as with the "Fallen Fifth."

Ashimar Nova Commandos

Fashioned after Cadia's Kasrkin, the Ashimar Nova Commandos are the elite stormtroopers of the Ashimar Nova Guard, equipped with carapace armor and hot-shot lasguns. They are often at the spearhead of Ashimar assaults, operating in support of armored and mechanized units. Nova Commandos are also typically found serving as bodyguards to high ranking officers. The average Ashimar Nova Guard regiment is lucky to field a single platoon of Nova Commandos, though some regiments, such as the prestigious Ashimar 1st "Protectors" and elite Ashimar 30th "Hell Hunters" field entire companies of Nova Commandos.

Nova Commandos are trained at Ashimar's Schola Progenium, the Schola Ashimar. However, the Schola Ashimar was destroyed during the Siege of Ashimar by the forces of the Daemon Prince Broken Matthias, and many Nova Commandos were killed over the course of the Siege. In recent years, as the Schola training program has been gradually rebuilding, many Nova Commandos are recruited from the ranks of the Ashimar Nova Guard, with Guardsmen who distinguish themselves being given the opportunity to undergo additional training in order to become Nova Commandos.


Due to its history, the Ashimar Nova Guard uses mostly similar equipment to the Cadian regiments. Ashimar regiments are well-provisioned and equipped, contributing greatly to their battlefield effectiveness.

Standard Regimental Kit

The standard regimental kit for an Ashimar Nova Guardsman is as follows:

  • 1 M36 Lasgun and 4-6 charge packs
  • Laspistol and 2 charge packs
  • Bayonet/combat knife
  • Flak armor
  • 2 frag grenades or 2 krak grenades
  • Uniform
  • Poor weather gear
  • Rucksack
  • Basic toolkit
  • Mess kit and water canteen
  • Blanket and sleeping bag
  • Rechargeable lamp-pack
  • Grooming kit
  • Dog tags
  • Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
  • 2 weeks’ rations
  • Gas mask
  • Micro-bead

Infantry Wargear

Like any regiment of the Imperial Guard, the Ashimar Nova Guard deploys a wide range of special and heavy weapons. Mostly commonly favored by the Nova Guard are lascannons, plasma guns, and grenade launchers.

  • Basic Weapons
    • Lasgun
    • Lascarbine
    • Hot-Shot Lasgun/Hellgun
    • Autogun
    • Combat Shotgun
    • Long-Las
    • Boltgun
  • Pistols
    • Laspistol
    • Hot-Shot Laspistol/Hellpistol
    • Bolt Pistol
    • Plasma Pistol
  • Special Weapons
    • Flamer
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Plasma Gun
    • Meltagun
    • Hot-Shot Volley Gun
  • Heavy Weapons
    • Mortar
    • Heavy Bolter
    • Heavy Stubber
    • Storm Bolter
    • Lascannon
    • Missile Launcher
    • Autocannon
  • Melee Weapons
    • Chainsword
    • Power Sword
    • Power Fist


  • Light Vehicles
    • Chimera
    • Taurox
    • Tauros
      • Tauros Assault Vehicle
      • Tauros Venator
    • Sentinel
      • Scout Sentinel
      • Armored Sentinel
    • Salamander
      • Salamander Scout Vehicle
      • Salamander Command Vehicle
  • Utility Vehicles
    • Trojan Support Vehicle
    • Samaritan Medical Vehicle
    • Atlas Recovery Tank
  • Medium Vehicles
    • Leman Russ
      • Leman Russ Battle Tank
      • Leman Russ Demolisher
      • Leman Russ Executioner
      • Leman Russ Punisher
      • Leman Russ Vanquisher
      • Leman Russ Conqueror
    • Destroyer Tank Hunter
    • Thunderer Siege Tank
  • Artillery
    • Basilisk
    • Griffon Mortar Carrier
    • Wyvern Suppression Tank
    • Hydra Flak Tank
    • Manticore Missile Tank
    • Deathstrike Missile Launcher
    • Praetor Armored Assault Launcher
  • Super-Heavy Vehicles
    • Baneblade
    • Shadowsword
    • Stormlord
    • Macharius
      • Macharius Heavy Tank
      • Macharius Vanquisher
  • Relic Vehicles
    • Malcador Heavy Tank
    • Valdor Tank Hunter

Notable Regiments

  • Ashimar 1st "Protectors" Infantry Regiment: The first regiment of the Ashimar Nova Guard, founded when the planet was brought into the Imperium during the Macharian Crusade in 395.M41. The regiment was known as the "Scions of Cadia" because its initial formation, recruitment, and training was overseen by Cadian advisors, and was originally commanded by Col. Alanta Kresh. It has served with distinction ever since, and being inducted into its ranks is seen as a great honor by the people of Ashimar. However, the regiment has not seen active deployment as a full regiment in many years. Instead, they are garrisoned at Fort Cordis, the principle defensive citadel of Ashimar's capital city, Artamos, and serve as the honor guards for the First Marshal and other high ranking Nova Guard officers. This, combined with their other duty of overseeing many of the defenses of the Ashimar system, lends the regiment its official nickname, the "Protectors." Its current commander is Col. Oskar Adelan.
  • Ashimar 3rd "Ironclads" Armored Regiment: The Ashimar 3rd is the Nova Guard's first and most elite armored regiment, the source of its nickname, the "Ironclads." The tankers of the 3rd are masters of mobile warfare, and their infantry are highly skilled and battle hardened mechanized assault troops.
  • Ashimar 5th "Dauntless Fifth" Infantry Regiment: Destroyed to the last man on Sulara IV during the 13th Black Crusade. In memoriam to the regiment's sacrifice, and because its regimental colors could not be recovered, the Ashimar 5th designation was retired and the regiment has not been refounded.
  • Ashimar 11th "Shrine Warriors" Armored Regiment: The Ashimar 11th has spent much of its existence defending Shrine Worlds throughout Segmentum Pacificus. To this end it frequently works alongside the Black Templars and Sisters of Battle, and wear the Templar Cross on their shoulder pads, an honor awarded by High Marshal Kordhel. The 11th is also notably more religious than the average Ashimar Nova Guard regiment, with an unusually high number of Ministorum personnel such as priests and Crusaders attached to it. Its current commander is Col. Inga Mayern.
  • Ashimar 30th "Hell Hunters" Infantry Regiment: The original incarnation of the Ashimar 30th fell to Slaanesh during the Battle of Vicar IV, becoming the core of the Slaaneshi warbands known as the Ashen Maulers and the Grand Hellguard. Following this, the 30th was refounded as a dedicated anti-Chaos regiment. Known as the "Hell Hunters," Guardsmen of the regiment as specially trained and equipped to combat enemies such as Chaos Cultists, Heretic Astartes, and Daemons. The regiment possesses a higher than average number of Nova Commandos, Psykers, and Commissars. Due to its purpose, the 30th has close ties with the Inquisition and often finds itself in the service of Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus. Its current commander is Col. Jadwyga Oskin.
  • Ashimar 43rd "Blue Devils" Infantry Regiment: In just a little over a century since its founding, the Ashimar 43rd has become one of the most decorated regiments the planet has ever raised, its combat record only matched by the Ashimar 1st. It has produced many great heroes, including Danilus Voltek, Ulric Tokar, and Frideric Rhodes. The Ashimar 43rd has been campaigning almost non-stop for over a century, its battles bringing it into combat with enemies ranging from Orks to Heretic Astartes to Tau. The Ashimar 43rd spent two decades on the Eastern Fringes of Segmentum Ultima, before returning home to participate in the Siege of Ashimar and later the Paradius Crusade. Its current commander is Col. Ulran Maserik.

Notable Guardsmen

  • First Marshal Ludara Kresh - Ludara Kresh is the scion of Ashimar's most prestigious and longest-serving military dynasty and one of the greatest strategic minds the Nova Guard has ever known. Following her graduation from the Kinodia Military Academy, she rose though the ranks to become a Lady General, leading several successful campaigns before becoming the head of Ashimar High Command. During the Siege of Ashimar she was granted the special rank of First Marshal of Ashimar and leads the military regime that has governed Ashimar ever since.
  • Lord General Danilus Voltek - An academy classmate of Ludara Kresh, Danilus Voltek was the original commanding officer of the Ashimar 43rd Infantry and formerly an officer in the Ashimar 42nd Infantry. As a General and later Lord General, Voltek held command of Army Group Sigma and led several Imperial campaigns like the defense of Kaluga and the reclamations of Kercolla and Hegäust. Due to his long and dutiful service across the Imperium, Voltek became known as the “Old Wardog of Ashimar.” He was killed in action during the Siege of Ashimar.
  • Lord General Militant Ulric Tokar - the commanding officer of the Ashimar 43rd from 038.M42 to 059.M42. Known as the "Fist of the 43rd" due to his bellicose demeanor and aggressive tactics, he was promoted to General following the death of Lord General Voltek and assumed command of Voltek's Army Group Sigma. Following the Siege of Ashimar, the rank of Lord General Militant was bestowed upon Tokar, who was tasked with leading the Paradius Crusade to reclaim neighboring worlds still controlled by the Ashen Maulers.
  • General Olin Zarek - One of the Ashimar Nova Guard's foremost armored warfare experts, Olin Zarek was the commander of Army Group Epsilon, which consists of the Ashimar 3rd Armored, 11th Armored, 50th Infantry, 52nd Armored, and 72nd Armored regiments. While a bit of a gloryhound, he is a capable leader and strategist who cares about the safety of the troops under his command. Zarek has an intense hatred of the Eldar, particularly the Dark Eldar, which he developed after being captured during the Khaigara Crusade and spending several years as a prisoner in Commorragh.
  • General Ursula Voltek - Ursula Voltek is the daughter of Danilus Voltek and was Tokar's successor as commander of the Ashimar 43rd. She was promoted to General in 062.M42 and led Army Group Supremis, consisting of eight Ashimar Nova Guard regiments, in the Paradius Crusade.
  • Colonel Alanta Kresh - the first commander of the Ashimar 1st Infantry who led the regiment through its initial campaigns in the Macharian Crusade and Macharian Heresy. Alanta Kresh is one of the Ashimar Nova Guard's most revered commanders and she is the closest thing they have to a patron saint. She is a direct ancestor of Ludara Kresh.
  • Colonel Inga Mayern - the current commanding officer of the Ashimar 11th Armored. Known as the "Angel of the 11th" for her bravery and ability to rally and inspire her troops in even the most desperate of circumstances.
  • Colonel Jadwyga Oskin - the current commanding officer of the Ashimar 30th "Hell Hunters."
  • Captain Frideric Rhodes - the most decorated and battle-hardened soldier of the Ashimar 43rd, famous for killing the Ork Warboss Steelclaw with a grenade.

Regiment Appearance

Ashimar Guardsmen wear Cadian-style uniforms, with navy blue fatigues and grey flak armor. Gloves are standard issue, and in place of a helmet Guardsmen may wear a navy blue field cap or black beret. Per regulations, the "starburst" insignia of the Nova Guard is worn on the right pauldron. Camouflage cloaks and other such variant equipment may be issued based on the environment the regiment is operating in.


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Notable Quotes

By the Ashimar Nova Guard

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About the Ashimar Nova Guard

"These Ashimar Guardsmen have proven themselves courageous and resolute in the face of the misguided forces of the Imperium and its heretical foes. They honor His true vision of humanity’s future. Were it that all of the Astra Militarum held such values and devotion to them."
—Centurio-Praetor Ferox Marius, First Captain of the Ordinators and Warden of Azuran
"They [the Hell Hunters] speak with noble words of the goal we share and the eradication of the False Stones [Heretic Astartes]. But their actions show otherwise. Machines and Wytches is only to take the countenance of the False Stones. Someday, they might find their faith. Until then, I will keep them at arms length."
—Silvia Hastur, Champion of the Emperor Mountain, Toroxian 517th Light, on the Ashimar 30th "Hell Hunters"
"Ashimar... your souls are as unappetizing as your color palette."
—Broken Matthias Requiem the Ever-Living, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, during the Asterion Campaign
"The Ashimar Nova Guard? Fancy words, fancy dress. Adequate performance, what else can I expect from a “soft” world ey? Hmm yeah they can be annoying. “You know combat stims are addictive right? Why are you giving them to your wounded?” “Don’t use gas on them they’re just secessionists.” Ten out of ten would not serve alongside if we were fighting anything that wasn’t an Ork or worse... They’ve got their heart in the right place though, naive as they are at times. They... they just don’t understand what is necessary sometimes. You know the saying “spare the rod spoil the child.”..."
—-Colonel Francis Marinduwa of the Maoshi 242nd Hive Grinders
"I can count myself among those who have been given the rare honor to fight alongside the Ashimar Nova Guard. Smaller in numbers than we Steelborne, with lesser equipment, but I can say without reluctance they are equal if not greater in courage, discipline, and tenacity. If I should die in service to the God-Emperor, I shall be glad to be beside either my fellow Macharians or the Ashimar"
— Colonel Lars Accius, following the Siege of Ashimar.
"They are kind, they are smart, they are Honorable and they are simply... divine. Their screams their pain their tenacity, Slannesh loves all and feeding them to him simply makes me salivate thinking about it. The Ashen Maulers are as well the same blood of the Nova Guard. It is just so fun to break them under my boot."
—Han Liu Ordained Puritans post siege of Ashimar


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