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The Ashes of Hatred was an event in the history of the Omni Legion Space Marine Chapter when they first encountered the Adepta Sororitas, then known as the 'Brides of the Emperor', upon the Imperial world of Pyntear that had fallen into insurrection.


The first time the Chapter met the Adeptus Sororitas was when they were once known as 'The Brides of the Emperor', in an event where the world of Pyntear was thrown into a state of civil war. The IIIrd Company attempted to destroy the resistance, it took mere hours for the rebels to throw down their weapons and surrender to the Legionnaires.

Days later, the Sororitas arrived on the world with additional Imperial Guard support. To the shock and anger of the Astartes they begun slaying every citizen, even those who had never held a weapon as they set hospitals and shelters ablaze. Not allowing a single potential heretic to survive this day.

Furious by this the Captain took to orbit to speak personally to the Canoness about this. He towered over the mortal woman but she wasn't intimidated by the trans-human Astartes. Warned that such a reaction to this situation could make the Ecclesiarch suspect that he was defending the traitors of Goge Vandire, and he could be deemed a heretic himself. Speechless at such a claim, the Captain could do nothing but apologize to the Canoness and turned to leave with his brothers. Considering their reputation with the High Lords the Captain truly feared retaliation for his words and actions, the High Lords capable of having his Chapter and his brothers labeled Excommunicate Traitoris. For a time the Chapter would refer to the Adeptus Sororitas as, Vandire's Vixens.

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