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Arven Stronos is an ancient and wise battle-brother who currently serves as the Master of the Forge of the Sons of Iron Space Marine Chapter.


If there is but a sole Master of the Forge among all of the Adeptus Astartes who could be the incarnation of all the sourness that can exist within the Space Marines, then Arven Stronos would probably be this man. Indeed this scholar, older than 500 years, never truly accepted the creation and presence of Chaplains into the Chapter he was supposed to operate in, on the order of weak and cowardly larva hiding on Terra while other fought their wars for themselves known as the the High-Lords of Terra. Arven was chosen among the Techmarines who weren't Iron Fathers among the Iron Hands ranks for the lords of the Imperium hoped to prevent his influence on the new Chapter's dogma, an hope which proved only partially true, for he is the greatest of the Iron Remembrancers and his speeches are able to rouse his Brother's hatred toward their foes.

Stronos is a strong opponent of the Parchment of Neimerel, believing them to be nothing more than a crude false. And yet, he has given up on all his hopes to convince his brothers, for he has understood since a long time that his beliefs have become quite unpopular among his Chapter, for even brothers from the Iron Hands now strongly believe in the Neimerel Creed. Because off this fact, the Master of the Forge is but a relic of the past, an Iron Hand clinging to Medusan's beliefs, isolated among the Sons of Iron from Suami. It is maybe the reason which explain why he spends most of his time in his forges, crafting marvels of imperial technology, for Stronos is one of the most talented techmarine when it comes to the creation of Centurion's exoskeletons and even Dreadnought, since he brought the number of those sarcophagus for heroes from 2 to 6 during all those years among the Sons. His prowess, combined with his gifts on the battlefield earned him an immense respect among his brothers, but Arven Stronos couldn't care less about it for he only to achieve apotheosis in the form an hero confined in a Dreadnought, waiting for his brothers to realize the misgivings of their way and flock to him, a beacon of purity and a guide for his Chapter's future...

When Kardan Rauth died, Stronos tried to take control of the Chapter's future, proclaiming proudly that the constraints of the Codex Astartes had to be thrown away. However, he failed to convince his Brothers who favored Tuomas Vahanen, who was elected to the newly renamed-rank of Inflexible.

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