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The Arrogance and Chaos was a lamentable Chapter in the history of the Shadow Phantoms Space Marine Chapter. Following their inception sometime in the 36th Millennium, the Shadow Phantoms had begun to swell with pride and hubris over the many victories they achieved during their first few centuries of campaigning. Their pride nearly proved to be their undoing, as the threat of the Ruinous Powers almost saw the Chapter undone.


The centuries of victories and fame had begun to affect the Shadow Phantoms. They began to see themselves as a perfect example of the Emperor's vision of the Adeptus Astartes, as no foe could stand before them. While they remained cordial with other Imperial Forces and Space Marine Chapters, marines of the Shadow Phantoms were noted to hold themselves in a higher regard to their allies and soon began to rely solely on each other. This also had them believe that their own homeworld was immune to being invaded. However, that would later prove to be a fatal mistake in the 37th Millennium.

Unbeknownst to the chapter, a Chaos Cult has slowly begun rising up in the underhive of Wahrheit. While originally seen as riots, when the truth came to light, the cultists had already begun sieging the upper parts of the cities, attacking noble families, industrial facilities and Imperial Guard bastions. That is when the Shadow Phantoms moved in, sending in a few squads to help quell the cultists. It took over three months but the Shadow Phantoms, the Planetary Defense Force and Guardsmen began pushing the cultists back to their base of operations, when they were suddenly assaulted by a large force of Chaos Daemons, along with Chaos Space Marines. The Chaos Marines belonged to the Chaos Warband, Dark Core, who had discovered about Wahrheit's current predicament and wished to cause more discord in the name of their Chaos God, Malice.

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